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2p Intermediate investor- one book to read?  07:38Sophia188407:43staythecourse
0p IRA "registration error" (?) Roth vs Traditional at American Funds  07:26neurosphere  
1h Funding priority - spousal IRA contributions?  06:53doss07:12aristotelian
3c online storage for small community - dropbox? other?  06:48nick evets07:30stan1
1c Chrome vs. Safari  06:38tennisplyr07:06kjvmartin
2p Taxes on capital gains  06:22m3110w07:17EATaxGuy
2c Paypal Question  05:14LifeIsGood07:42blueman457
1t International correlations hit 20 year low  05:13AlohaJoe07:11afan
0p Top floor condo, water backup/overflow insurance?  04:59msi  
2h How to read this graph comparing mutual funds?  03:41geltman06:39geltman
1h VLXVX  03:27fung04:16david
0h Portfolio Review - Rebalancing Help  03:24ChupaChups  
1p Critique my assumptions in buy vs. rent analysis  02:51aaronl05:57BanquetBeer
2h SEP+SIMPLE+403(b) limits, opting out  01:43FlyingMoose05:50FlyingMoose
0h How do you reinvest dividends in a mutual fund at E*Trade?  01:17*3!4!/5!  
2t Larry Swedroe: Why Small Value Stocks Top VC Funds  01:00Random Walker06:24packer16
1p Excess Rental Car Insurance in Europe  00:25Always passive04:22richardglm
6h Investing small amounts, monthly, wisely. Low income earner humbly seeks advice.  23:02Dittokun07:36Grt2bOutdoors
4t Capital gains question  22:42Incendiary00:23FiveK
2p House down sizing-- building new house  22:35snowx80022:56Watty
4t NY Times - Three Things I Should Have Said About Retirement Planning  22:28jef06:05stats99
0h Investment advice for a newbie?  22:17jschou  
37p Are bitcoins nonsense?  22:09knightrider07:40bberris
3h Medical School Variable vs Fixed  22:04Pacnjig00:12inbox788
9p Green Dot cards are ID fraud!  22:00investingdad06:04Rupert
13c About to buy a rental car, any advice?  21:31BogleMelon07:40bluebolt
1t A thank you to the members of this forum...  20:58MrMojoRisin22:10snarlyjack
4p Did you shop for a title company  20:53omega06:20engineer1969
8h One fund to put 100k taxable in?  20:32ndara201721:28ndara2017
4p Pension lump sum offer (28yo)  20:27Flying Penguin21:05inbox788
5t Too much of portfolio in Vanguard?  20:22goshenBogle07:35azanon
7c locking in kids' [life] insurance status  07/22GMoney07/25rainyday1
2h choosing the best retirement account or a management account  20:02JSS23:30mhalley
2h Choosing Between Roth IRA vs. NYC 457 Roth Options  19:46elegantto19:59Grt2bOutdoors
45c Need Options - Honda Accord Incredibly Uncomfortable Seats  19:38OldSport07:37sunny_socal
11h Dollar Cost Averaging Help  19:33Closer232307:13sixtyforty
7p Do people really buy foreclosures unseen?  19:31knightrider07:42knightrider
2h Cash Transfer from one broker to another  19:24Thbst20:17Thbst
14p Strategy for living off a lump sum severance for one year  18:53tmhudg07:40tmhudg
2p SEP funding question  18:48hoops77721:04hoops777
3h How to I perform automatic investments from joint money market?  18:13JDTHOOSIER21:37welderwannabe
4h Newbie Question - Universal Life policy treatment  18:00SimplepathtoBog23:53Nate79
4c Use Guest wifi for thermostat, Roku, etc.  17:57TomatoTomahto19:33killjoy2012
2h A/A HELP  17:38fusspot07:44retiredjg
7c Cheapest way to fly first class to Hong Kong from San Francisco?  17:14chocolatemuffin23:09chocolatemuffin
7t Settlement time "T+2" in September per Vanguard  17:13ResearchMed21:47ResearchMed
5h Best short term bond fund  16:22ralph124cf19:45ralph124cf
8h Tax implications for a family loan.  16:06CnC19:45Gill
29p Post Nuptial agreement guaranteeing alimony?  16:06notmyhand07:34Jags4186
0p Strategy to attend Bogleheads National Meeting  16:00gasdoc  
13t BASE INVESTMENT or What Your Ruler  15:58itstoomuch21:03Random Walker
1t Larry Swedroe: Killing an Emerging Market Canard  15:24Random Walker16:06james22
1h New, just exercised some options and seeking cash investing advice  15:17gumercindo195919:34CaliJim
20h Emerging market funds  15:14neveragain23:00whodidntante
2h Borrow from 403B to maximize 457?  15:07fuzzball15:29Katietsu
1h Trust Fund Access  15:02sarrettblack01:12Tyler Aspect
26p Grandson just got married. Wants to add wife's name to accts  14:401210sda07:04IowaFarmBoy
22c WiFi Thermostat?  13:57retire1407:43Toons
4t International bond fund foreign tax?  13:51y5a5gdqwty22:51AlohaJoe
7p Eligible for HSA after marriage?  13:50fuzzball17:34Spirit Rider
5t 55 Year Old Rule with Rolled Over 401k  13:39Bogle_Brent15:36willthrill81
7h Can anyone help me by putting some numbers to "tax cost ratio" ?  13:21GaryA50520:50grabiner
7h Cash to Invest  13:16EnzoProvenza15:41SimplicityNow
7p Rental Property - Best Legal Structure?  13:08NomadicExpat14:14dm200
12p Need Advice on Credit Card Debt  13:02gdsumirat16:05Gleops2
1p Help - Buying Retirement Credits  12:58Opal16:17Opal
8h Did I screw up this ISO thing?  12:37mdavis689013:52limeyx
6c Is a kamado grill/smoker worth it?  12:32keystone16:00MI_bogle
2p $500 month - invest, car fund, debt?  12:29TarHeel200214:51JupiterJones
13h Money Market Account  12:11valman15:39onourway
12t Changes in your risk profile  12:01Longdog21:55Top99%
7h New 401k, Investment Choice Help  11:58NightTrain15:28Dottie57
8c DIY Dishwasher Repairs  11:50A44001:04123
15c Rhoombas, Home Mapping and Privacy  11:36URSnshn18:26LadyGeek
8h Inherited taxable account: how to get from there to here  11:30elrobin20:37elrobin
11p Returning to College - Looking for Financing Advice  10:46Fresh Air17:40Fresh Air
4t Bloomberg--Meet the Man Who Is Going to Run Vanguard  10:33MFInvestor22:06Top99%
16h Low risk return over 2.8%? Suggestions?  10:32Fisherman820:55grabiner
15p Late start for college savings  10:23GUtiger07:37WoodSpinner
8t Withdrawal rates  10:04ReadyToRetire13:05willthrill81
27c 2018 Subaru Outback with 3 car seats vs. other car/suv options  09:53tsukune07:22patngordo
21p Life insurance as a tax diversification strategy  09:53doobman00:01Nate79
13t S&P 500 Dividend + Buyback Yield  09:48rmelvey17:38grok87
6t Roth 401K for Dummies (like me)  09:36JCE6617:30Earl Lemongrab
40h Pausing 401k to Pay Debts?  09:33aearq17:38Tyler Aspect
5h Got a e-mail about Vanguard IRA to Vanguard Brokerage?  09:11roninmedia12:48tesuzuki2002
5p tax question about gifting father so he can buy condo  08:59goodenoughinves20:10jimb_fromATL
12h Have a newborn, trying to figure out investments  08:54msarro10:25Frank Grimes
3h Invest in the US - planning to leave after 2-3 years  08:52jeanneigeFr17:26TedSwippet
30p Driveway On Neighbours Land  08:33dpusa15:12pshonore
24p Financial Characteristics of Physicians  08:10gasdoc15:57LadyGeek
5h Retirement advice  07/25DazedandConfuse22:49gordoni2
8h Tax free bonds question  07/25mitchmcc10:50mitchmcc
2h Seeking Flat Fee Advisor for Retirement Planning  07/25jable07/25rakornacki1
3h Is degiro safe?  07/25manos-9407:53DocQuixotic
14h Financial Adviser Free !  07/24limeyx23:48limeyx
7t Alternatives to the Vanguard Total International Fund?  07/24JimmyJammy13:23iceport
3p 250/500/100 auto insurance too little  07/24bogleboy09:03bogleboy
3c Montreal visit in September  07/24sabhen10:45Hyperborea
13h Investing Inheritance at age 24  07/24ishotmybroker15:58t3chiman
25t 5% fee per year to buy s&p500 with principle gaurantee  07/24bigwave205:07ThePrune
1h Making trades in IRA  07/24neveragain07/24jb1
17t Time, not material goods, 'raises happiness'  07/24Silence Dogood07:40North Texas Caj
22t Traditional IRA or ROTH  07/24rusty122:00willthrill81
1h Roth 457b to Roth IRA question  07/24CulchaCity07/24FiveK
4h Retirement withdrawals and the impact on your portfolio  07/24260chrisb07/2422twain
6t "At Midyear, Vanguard on Pace to Break 2016 Inflows"  07/24Taylor Larimore07/25Finance-MD
5h What would be the best way to keep money liquid for 1 year with best return?  07/24ascension07/24thangngo
5h Sum of cash to invest  07/24Broke13:47welderwannabe
13h Roth vs Traditional 403(b) Match  07/24david04:45david
13c How to organize toddler books  07/24newbie_Mo12:02runner3081
3h Giving Stocks as Gifts  07/24alex1107/24av8r316
1h Retirement plan for a small business- Which one should I choose?  07/24JonnyDVM07/24retiredjg
1h Retirement 1099 Misc questions  07/24Pacnjig07/24Spirit Rider
7t Wes Gray on MTUM and discrepancy with Momentum  07/24matjen11:50garlandwhizzer
0p HSA + HDHP [Me] and FSA [Spouse]  07/24fuzzball  
1p 401(k) Conversion to Roth IRA while still in a low tax bracket?  07/24CrownVic07/24retiredjg
30c College student daughter got her car totaled. Advice?  07/24texasdiver13:04gunn_show
4p Put money into SEP or not....  07/24hoops77707/24hoops777
2p Where to get mortgage if buying house out of state?  07/24Derivative07/24Carefreeap
13t A One World, Global Market for Stocks?  07/24Simplegift14:31Simplegift
2t DCA vs. Lump Sum in the age of the Robo-Advisors  07/24buffalo07/24avalpert
4c This credit union pays 2.5% up to 50K  07/24twins201213:27jayjayc
2p LBYM  07/24student07/24student
11h "If You Can"-style Rebalancing  07/24RobLIC07/25engineer1969
22h Why non-US investors prefer iShares when other Irish ETFs have lower TER? [non-US/Europe]  07/24etf_gaucho06:27Valuethinker
3h Need portfolio advice for elderly parent  07/24Sevo07/24delamer
3t Morningstar [Do fund returns net out expenses?]  07/24Roger Maris07/24FiveK
10h [Best Investment to save for a car - European resident]  07/21TM9007/24Valuethinker
2h Help moving towards a 3-fund portfolio  07/24dimkasmir07/24venkman
9p Discover(card) Now Offers Free Social Security Number Alerts  07/24*3!4!/5!07/24student
11t Company refusing to provide prospectus  07/24welderwannabe11:04welderwannabe
12t Ben Carlson on Commodities  07/24analogsavior11:54Valuethinker
13c Apple or AT&T  07/24Cookiegirl19:16Katietsu
42p Pay yourself first.  07/24Keepcalm16:58hightower
2h Fidelity Solo-401k referred to as Keogh?  07/24ERandPeds07/24MikeMak27
12c Cutting the cable - Internet speed requirements  07/24JD196707/24TomatoTomahto
2h Newbie question - How did I earn my first dividend?  07/24NotAnInsomniac07/24NotAnInsomniac
6p How much of savings to spend on house?  07/24GordonG07/25GordonG
20h Investing Windfall - CD's or Bonds or follow AA question  07/24FootballFan554807/24bligh
13c Hypertension with time management.  07/24Keepcalm07/24Palatineman
14p making a first time home purchase w/ other debts  07/24jacktho09:59jacktho
5p Prime MM vs Credit Union acct at .06%  07/24crazyhorse07/24batpot
14p Helping Parents: CFP or Elder Law Attorney  07/24PlayingLife10:53delamer
3p ROTH IRA Question for parents  07/24nyjetfan07/24nyjetfan
17c AB 72: Did California effectively pass single-payer healthcare for provider reimbursement?  07/24grp2c06:56lightheir
8h $1m Windfall, Invest in a Taxable Account?  07/24Chipzndale07/24TomatoTomahto
2h Keep inherited Florida Fixed Fund?  07/24doug9107/24indexonlyplease
23p Company Vehicle - What would you do?  07/24cashisking50007/24killjoy2012
24p Order of Operations (Retirement, Loans, Emergency Fund)  07/24Engineer25013:12seity
15h Help with Inherited IRA Decisions, Early Retirement  07/24changingtimes13:47NancyABQ
33c Golfers - need to ramp up ASAP!  07/24sunny_socal06:13tim1999
53t Living Off Dividends  page: 207/24Stormbringer07:37lazydavid
11c Patio furniture  07/24OnTrack07/25Carl53
6p Spending and Expense  07/24rigoodma07/24yukonjack
0p Downside of Section 179 for work vehicle?  07/24EinAustin  
5p Mega Backdoor Roth IRA Pro-Rata Question  07/24WhippingPost12:57investor997
6p Manufactured Home Listing Agreement & Commission  07/24United200807/24United2008
1h help with putting extra money to good use  07/24Urodoc07/24mega317
23h Rich kid want to transfer stock to parents, good or bad idea ?  07/24whiteoak22:54greybus
5p Vacation rental: to sell or to keep?  07/24windofchanges07/24Carefreeap
3t Today's Treasury Yield Curve  07/24restingonmylaur07/24LadyGeek
1t Admiral shares in TDF-Vanguard answers  07/24CABob07/24pkcrafter
6h Advice on what to do now  07/24GeauxTigersLSU11:44Grt2bOutdoors
12h Vanguard Target 2055 Fund vs 3-Fund Portfolio?  07/24asmith0907/24EnthusiasticLea
7p Foreign Currency Account [US resident wants bank account in Canada]  07/24stefan3iii16:00Valuethinker
9p Tax questions for parents wanting to deed property  07/24cwademba16:17miamivice
15p Selling Rental Property By Ourselves  07/24steelhorse19:06Bulldawg
0p Kid friendly investor materials  07/24huai  
2h Timing of Traditional IRA contributions  07/24AnonJohn07/24AnonJohn
8t S&P Foreign Sales Decline a Bit for 2016  07/24jbranx07/24Simplegift
13p PMI - Why So Much Hate? [Private Mortgage Insurance]  07/24dsmil07/24Mel Lindauer
13p Should I purchase Lake House for Primary  07/24cwademba07/24btenny
2h ESOP Diversification Investing  07/24swied07/24mhc
35h Fidelity Taxable - Tax Exempt Bond Options? Short or Mid Term?  07/24flyersrule06:52njboater74
11c Best Way to Sharpen Tools  07/24fishmonger17:43dratkinson
5c Rust proofing patio furniture and fence  07/24darkhorse09:49foamypirate
26c Italy in August Trip (Rome, Florence, Venice)  07/24nikfleisch13:24Sidney
8h Stock Compensation and AA  07/2477707/24Thesaints
9c 2014 Prius C  07/24Small Law Survi07/24Lars_2013
0p Mortgage Shopping  07/24pdanet  
5h Preparing to Transfer Funds to Vanguard  07/24techszewski07/24Earl Lemongrab
14p After market extended warranty new vehicle - worth it?  07/23letsgobobby07/24letsgobobby
164t John Bogle Has Been Right About Investing In International Stocks  page: 2 3 407/23Taylor Larimore07:09munemaker
76p Another bay area housing thread..  page: 207/23thepicard123:51Bigbonds
4c Bermuda beach hotel recommendation  07/23Rexindex07/23LadyGeek
1h Help with Roth IRA Investment Selections  07/23RegDunlopCPA07/23mortfree
15p Master bathroom remodel- what to spend?  07/23Nectarineman07/24J295
6h Advice needed regarding a duplex for sale  07/23TMCD7507/24mouses
5p Special Needs Sibling and Mom's (deceased) House  07/23CarlZ99307/25mrsbetsy
13c Garage Remodeling  07/23oragne lovre09:57bhchica
50p What's you safety deposit box fee?  page: 207/23island16:01Taylor Larimore
13p Job loss insurance  07/23Meaty07/24Meaty
8c Treadmill Desk  07/23LuigiLikesPizza11:28LuigiLikesPizza
3p My financial needs have changed - looking for advice  07/23Booper07/23Booper
45p How am I doing? (dual physician household)  07/23beezquimby09:51beezquimby
10h Dealing with Expensive 457 Plan Options  07/23Mroberts45b10:42Mroberts45b
11h Pension buyout option  07/23labguy07/24Valuethinker
4t Best way to convert to a brokerage account  07/23Dead Man Walkin07/23celia
17c Suggestions for Lyon, France?  07/23GerryL07/24Hyperborea
3h Can I transfer in kind if I don't have fund minimum?  07/23mikejomike07/24mikejomike
9h Transfer old Roth IRA to vanguard  07/23Trinidiva08:53westrichj312
8t TIPS question - ytm for Jan vs. Jul issues  07/23FIREchief07/24Angst
2h 401k Vesting Question  07/23oinkyboinky07/23runner3081
12h Alternative Investments best use of expensive 401k?  07/23jmk07/24retiredjg
4h What to do with money for house down payment?  07/23jakes07/24aaronl
13h How do I get back to my asset allocation?  07/23sanfran201508:40ruralavalon
15t If markets efficient in local currency why would unhedged foreign equity holding provide adequate return  07/23Osp6211:17alex_686
10c Best value used sailboat 22-27 feet  07/234nwestsaylng07/24btenny
4p DAF and recommendation for tuition  07/23nec07/23nec
6p RIA [Registered Investment Advisor]  07/23Kennyt707/24venkman
13h Low cost Roth IRA contribution  07/23pablolo09:14Epsilon Delta
29p MAGI and Medicare  07/23Beehave07/24retiredjg
8h Should I convert my tIRA to a Roth? (Pro rata rule)  07/23Interpolfanclub07/23Thesaints
32p Investing in an AirBNB unit? ROI?  07/23miamivice04:44miamivice
9c Three credit card scams ATTEMPTED this week  07/23LynnC07/24LynnC
4h Saving for downpayment  07/23Ace7707/23mega317
3t the "correct" PE ratio  07/23matthewmatt07/23dcabler
9h Retired and Lost :( Thrift Savings Plan Question  07/23mattod12207/24prudent
19p 0 Percent CC - how to take advantage  07/23Palatineman11:38MDfive21
3p HSA Contributions w/ Mid-Year Marriage  07/23bandit51008:25Spirit Rider
2t Ameriprise Recommendations  07/23TIAX07/24Portfolio7
10p AXA Structured Variable Annuity - Help me calculate fees/returns  07/23nyjetfan07/23itstoomuch
6h Should I change my cost basis on my vanguard funds?  07/23AntsOnTheMarch07/23AntsOnTheMarch
1h My First Experience Owning Non-US Individual Shares  07/23roh837207/23DetroitRick
12p First-time home buying: New Construction Condo in Atlanta  07/23GMan8207:03Biil McNeal
12t VCIT Year to Date growth? Exactly how is it calculated  07/23cpumechanic07/24Kevin M
4h Roth IRA and Marriage this year  07/23doc4kids06:58doc4kids
106p Investing Education and Mansplaining  page: 2 307/23Small Law Survi18:46*3!4!/5!
6p Is this a good deal for xfinity  07/23skor9907/24MikeG62
2p Fidelity vs Personal Capital  07/23bogleboy07/23Iliketoridemybi
0c Has anyone used Traditional medicare with Kaiser Medicare Cost plan?  07/23dm200  
9h $1,000 for taxable 3-5 year outlook  07/23goofylbj07/23camillus
10h SEP IRA and backdoor Roth  07/23tristanflynn18:06Spirit Rider
8h Stock Options and NQDC strategies  07/23toocold07/24FiveK
4h Should I combine 401k and IRA accounts?  07/23Phonam07/23Phonam
26h 4-6% a year  07/23fblade00708:14fblade007
24c Potential Move to the Upper Valley, NH  07/23tarheel07/25tj218
12h Resident Alien now expatriated need help sorting out my US accounts  07/23NRAExpat07/25TedSwippet
52t Can a TIPS ladder 'fail' ?  page: 207/23Dudley07:38Doc
60t Dividends vs buybacks  page: 207/23selters07/25jbolden1517
31c Would you chase down this possible hit and run lead?  07/23t6015:57runner3081
6t Optimizing asset allocation with backtesting  07/23ozi08:11Cyclesafe
8c help with a new cell phone strategy  07/23camillus07/24camillus
31c Lifetime Tire Alignment  07/22jpa14:27wrongfunds
2h How to use a non-government 457b?  07/22kiddoc07/23retiredjg
16p Can you review our assets and offer suggestions?  07/22miamivice07/23BeBH65
4c How to view internet slideshows on 1 page?  07/22island07/23island
7h 50yo 80/20 AA please evaluate  07/22wcombat191107/23retiredjg
8p When will my wife's RMDs begin?  07/22fourwheelcycle07/23Spirit Rider
7h Business brokerage account: seeking tax efficient, medium risk fund  07/22BusterMcTaco07/23grabiner
21p Any way to avoid capital gains tax (from K-1) using married filing separately?  07/22MisterBill07/24bsteiner
5c Flooring for rental condo  07/22boglerdude07/23Steelersfan
9p Any contractors who get benefits?  07/22neveragain07/23chinto
4h Help transitioning to a Core Four Portfolio.  07/22mrsmith07/23mrsmith
29p Medical malpractice attorney - how to find?  07/22TomatoTomahto07/23LadyGeek
23p What if mother uses daughter's Special Needs Trust for herself?  07/22gensuki07/23bsteiner
34c 2017 Genesis  07/22ralph124cf11:01wrongfunds
93c How much electricity are you using and how expensive it is?  page: 207/22notmyhand15:45Valuethinker
7p Simple question on Donor Advised Fund at Vanguard  07/22Good Listener07/23tj
15h $725,000 Portfolio Review and Suggestions  07/22target432107/23target4321
105c Is Amazon Prime worth it?  page: 2 307/224nwestsaylng17:48steadyeddy
8t Scraping and archiving Vanguard funds characteristics  07/22siamond07/24siamond
24p Teenager taking out loans to establish good credit  07/22anonymousbogleh07/24Carson
10p Helping parents invest IRA  07/22nyjetfan07/23retiredjg
13p should my 22 yr old son have my power of attorney  07/22lomarica0107/24lomarica01
28h When doing retirement planning, do you count your spouse's savings?  07/22doss07/23island
38p Tax Exclusion for living abroad using Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) questions  07/22CodeMaster21:58CodeMaster
15t Fraud???  07/22Dutchgirl07/24Top99%
4h ESOP vs 401k  07/22Illini8707/24inbox788
42t Larry Swedroe: What Drives Municipal Bond Yields  07/22Random Walker07/24Artsdoctor
11h Newbie Trying to catch up.  07/22Frugalnotbroke07/23Frugalnotbroke
116p What's your personal savings rate?  page: 2 307/22Incendiary21:32KlangFool
9p Restricted SS Spousal benifit  07/22jwtietz07/23Chip
16p NYT Medicaid Article  07/22skepticalobserv15:39ncbill
30h help with roth and taxable account  07/22sleevelessjerry20:24sleevelessjerry
25c Home Security System with/without monitoring  07/22dia07:36takeshi
7h Choosing asset allocation for young children  07/22jonathan200107/24KlangFool
35c Healthiest Beer for the Buck  07/22Longtermgrowth07/23sco
21h When to switch from Roth 401k to traditional 401k  07/21StephL21007/23Incendiary
3h Rick Ferri's Bond Portfolio at Fidelity  07/21happyyoda07/24happyyoda
97c Anyone else extremely frugal?  page: 207/21jb107:07VictoriaF
22c Alternatives to Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player  07/21azurekep07/23azurekep
7h Cleaning Up TIRA Basis (Form 8606)  07/21slapfish07/23retiredjg
35p Does anyone set portfolio goals and rewards?  07/21j7se07/24Admiral
33c Am I getting good advice - replace the AC, not the 21 year old furnace  07/21URSnshn11:34jharkin
13h Vanguard AUM can't manage part of friend's portfolio. Understandable but  07/21Jackson1207/23Jackson12
3h Portfolio review and suggestions (~$400k retirement assets)  07/21BusterMcTaco23:42BusterMcTaco
25h Stable value fund vs Vanguard Total Bond Market Index  07/21psmoove12:48Earl Lemongrab
18h Help with allocation  07/21Jf518:40mcraepat9
11h Investing 500K Cash  07/21get2reds07/24dave_k
106t Larry Swedroe: REITs Aren't Special  page: 2 307/21Random Walker22:02Top99%
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