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0c Appealing a bill  09:39Mitchell777  
0c Purchase new, but older model cell phone - Best method?  09:37Saving$  
8h One Fund? Really?  09:10Pax09:35Jack FFR1846
0c Do you have a Billiards Table?  09:07investingdad  
3t Removing the upfront tax deduction for traditional 401(k) contributions?  08:55KATNYC09:13KATNYC
2h Investing my quasi emergency fund  08:37Luke Duke09:04aristotelian
1t What ratio of large:mid:small to approximate Total Stock Market Index?  08:31squarepegs08:44livesoft
7c co-worker had a baby chipping in on gift- how much?  07:58F150HD09:35flamesabers
1p House sale to cover long term care expense  07:58SGM09:28JGoneRiding
12c Car troubles?  07:38kamikazekid09:32kjvmartin
2p Car sharing with neighbors and liability  07:32TheGreyingDuke08:57RudyS
2p Moving to LCOL and Tax Deduction  06:25jb908:05Watty
1h Roth Conversion Question.  06:07Lemonaid5607:01BL
2h New Here - Looking to Get Started  01:18Variant07:37blueman457
10h Advice needed for mother's inheritance/finances.  00:54ndara201709:28aristotelian
7h Fidelity taxable account - which is better ITOT ETF vs FSTVX index fund  00:41foodstamp08:22wolf359
0h Advice for a Newbie- Exchanging Index Funds (Timing?)  00:24Lila8  
0h Bay Area Housing Purchase 2017  23:54pbjung  
2h 23yr portfolio help  23:14Juggernautt88809:09BL
2h Portfolio Review: Early 30s (401k, 457b, 403b)  22:54Bayoufrogg08:11CyclingDuo
4h Single Premium Immediate Annuity  22:01thefoggycity07:50dbr
17t Thinking in real vs. nominal  21:24MoonOrb09:28willthrill81
15h Investing $1M  21:20djtino08:13dbr
29c New job and offer - recruiter sent a wrong $$  20:23biscuit08:48remomnyc
4c Alternate Energy Supply Companies?  20:21Coolstavi08:47NHRATA01
12t Is AA steady state, or unsteady state?  20:20Carbonate2409:35willthrill81
6p As a business owner, what happens if the 401k company I picked goes bankrupt?  20:11gilgamesh06:34gilgamesh
3c Fiberglass batt in basement ceiling  19:25airahcaz20:312comma
9h Retire By 40?  19:10QueenB21:24random_walker_7
7h Help with Retirement Plan  19:09calliecake4709:32calliecake47
1h Understanding 529 State Tax Benefits  18:44burnout45419:53MastersChampion
1p Question on backdoor roth IRA  18:40omega18:44Raryn
1p Social Security Restricted Application Question  18:07ChrisMD20:41Jackson12
3h Mega Backdoor Roth for Independent Contractor?  17:51IC1110120:03danaht
1p Converting from Spousal SS to my SS  17:39ewood80118:23The Wizard
7h 403b vs Roth  17:27Ecorp08:35Ecorp
21h understanding TIAA-CREF  17:10alloykat08:11The Wizard
10h How do I choose and Financial Planner and what can I expect?  16:48Tiredofwork07:05nisiprius
25c DIY Yard Tick Spray?  16:11TRC08:27jebmke
3h Retirement plan for self-employment  15:53mancich21:36LeeMKE
7c Need a "grabber" on a telescoping pole...  15:44Tamales09:09Silk McCue
1p 403 (b) After tax contribution (to a Roth IRA) and backdoor Roth IRA in the same year?  15:27AJLindsay2516:10Duckie
12c I need to rant about ATT Wireless.  15:27Dottie5719:50prudent
3t HSA + Healthcare FSA  15:20radstar16:48nps
9h Thoughts how/why/when to finally move to Bonds/Fixed Income  15:13retireearly09:18aristotelian
13p First Mortgage, need help with financial considerations (15 vs. 30 year)  15:10abs998609:33JGoneRiding
6h Portfolio checkup  15:07warren2609:28warren26
11c Somebody hit my car in a parking lot  14:51sulsj20:44crswvc
4h Taxable Stock Account Question ( again )  14:31BashDash07:37BashDash
3h Vanguard NY MMF vs. Savings Accounts  14:29markbco16:29informal guide
0h May I receive some advice for finding an accountant/financial-planner?  14:29xilex  
2p Tax deferred options for S Corp owner  14:15EinAustin14:39bsteiner
3h TDAmeritrade Rollover Bonus  13:29rjsob5816:21Earl Lemongrab
20c Major appliances - when would you buy/upgrade?  13:25an_asker16:06englishgirl
5h Backdoor roth tax mistake  13:15sparkleme09:25DSInvestor
7t article- "Pro Athletes Need Financial Advice..."  13:00CAMD19:01LadyGeek
17p "Negative points" on mortgage  12:49R2D209:19#Cruncher
9h Retiree Withdrawal Portfolio  12:39EldestUser14:57patrick013
7c Car Donation Experiences  12:16onmyway3323:43newbieboglehead
28h Solo 401k recommendations?  12:04Superorb09:12harvestbook
10h SPY vs. VTI vs. VOO  12:03bfinners2314:34bfinners23
8t Morningstar rating: S&P 5-stars, but TSM 4-stars?  11:51S17C17:57Doc
9h Help with finalizing fund choices  11:45sweetblaze08:33retiredjg
1h Real life saving and investing stories  11:44flyingaway14:27CoAndy
8h Recent transfers to Vanguard, cost-basis success?  11:40FoolMeOnce08:42livesoft
1h TIAA-CREF to Fidelity  11:34sallyann216:20House Blend
88c Will cars be autonomous in three years?  page: 211:06crazygrow09:34bubbly
10c Cost of Estate Planning  11:03Gropes & Ra08:29lthenderson
10h Investing with Vanguard - need help  10:50Janet726214:43jhfenton
14c Administration Professionals Day  10:43kgressler23:52app1
4h What mix should my Brokerage link be?  10:41MikesChevelle13:28bloom2708
15c Best Choices for a Summer Place in the Rockies  10:32WildBill06:58Boulder92
7p Personal Finance Software Quicken 2017 Online Version or PC based] , Personal Capital, Mint, or QuickBooks?  10:02memawfinance08:51DetroitRick
1p "Pulling Money From Your Roth IRA? Read This First"  09:58gkaplan11:37Kevin M
3h is there any restriction on trading bond ETF  09:40Woodlake11:50livesoft
28h Best Place to Park Over $1m in Cash  04/24TheodoreMonit21:50Dontridetheinde
21p Where did you buy your Long Term Disability Insurance ?  04/24confusedinvesto19:37pintail07
7c Sabbatical/year away plans-- what to consider?  04/24chisey14:18flyingbison
5h tIRA rollover to 401k  04/24bhradbh07:26bhradbh
1t Vanguard Long Term Corporate Bond ETF Question  04/24Vanguard Fan 1304/24livesoft
3c Unauthorised Amazon payments  04/24Fzbc2307:52oldcomputerguy
75h Why is Real-Estate so Bad?  page: 204/24tomer75508:53susze
4p Kitces on Social Security- Divorce and the spousal benefit  04/24dwickenh05:46The Wizard
4h What fund to invest spare change in?  04/24AgentHoopla04/24aristotelian
4p Capital One vs Capital One 360  04/24diddleman21:17Brost2355
3h Question about new 401k  04/24ramsfan21:07ruralavalon
4h All world ex US fund needed  04/24Chinabased04/24Chinabased
8p Space X launch in Florida  04/23fastrock09:07HoberMallow
17t Investing with American Funds like betting on Tiger Woods  04/23dwickenh00:08jalbert
4h Portfolio advice needed please  04/23Musculus04/24radiowave
12t foreign tax credit for international stocks  04/23bogleboyz00:26bogleboyz
1h Portfolio Questions  04/23stillers04/23LeeMKE
5h What about a longevity (deferred) annuity with a fixed rate?  04/23Five14:53Five
5c Dimmer Switch  04/23sport04/23123
20t Schwab False Ad (4X Cheaper than VG)  04/23Alexa913:37triceratop
5h mutual fund trade still pending  04/23theplayer1121:21arcticpineapple
6c Laundry closet: Can we convert to stackable washer/dryer?  04/23canderson13:02Twood
17c interesting things to see/do in Victoria and Vancouver, Canada  04/23sabhen23:13123
3t Tilting vs. Asset Allocation...  04/23joo2lo04/23avalpert
21c Orlando Disneyland advice  04/23andyandyandy14:17mmarreco
2p Amended tax return question - what to include?  04/23macaroon04/23sschullo
8p Are relocation expenses deductible if given lump sum from company?  04/23knightrider23:17Watty
7t Reasons to Hold Corporate Bonds vs. Munis, given equal after-tax yield?  04/23venkman15:58Theoretical
0l RTP, NC Chapter Meeting 11:00 AM Sat August 26, 2017  04/23Steve Thorpe  
21p Would You Buy This Home? Please Tell Me Why Not?  04/23Thrift Shop08:23mmmodem
13p Options for downpayment (Good or bad?)  04/23supaflyjae04/24CoAndy
1p Installment Sale of business / Keeping money separate  04/23Mr. Gatti04/23hicabob
4h Investing Priorities (& 401k rollover)  04/23supaflyjae04/24radiowave
8c Cool roof - worth it?  04/23unclescrooge18:17MarvinK
18c Are CCRCs a good deal? [Continuing Care Retirement Community]  04/23MrDogg20:37GuyInFL
6p Before Tax Donations to a Donor Advised Fund?  04/23WoodSpinner04/23chemocean
5h How to invest now for child's downpayment 20y years hence?  04/23jmk04/23itstoomuch
4h A compliment to the forum and its members!  04/23Hef Saf04/23LadyGeek
15t Passive and Active, All the Time?  04/23Copernicus20:20TimeRunner
30c Becoming a homeowner/landlord in a college town?  04/23Barefootgirl09:24WhyNotUs
4h Help with father's investments - fixed income  04/23colddeadfish04/24zuma
7c Any Pale Moon users?  04/23azurekep04/23azurekep
50p Helping adult children  page: 204/23Swimmer09:38Swampy
7p Lowering service price for charity, tax writeoff?  04/23guitarguy04/24jebmke
1h Nondeductible tIRA Limits (Backdoor Roth)  04/23sg042204/23Alan S.
25p Buying a home in the Bay Area  04/23afoolwithmoney15:18fareastwarriors
19p Is this tax deductible?  04/23island15:03an_asker
14p Did you file your taxes with Credit Karma?  04/23John15121:21Longtermgrowth
5h Portfolio Changes (30 years old)  04/23defscott62704/23BL
0p Tax Question: Own S-Corp and moving temporarily  04/23oklasoftwaredev  
4h Portfolio Questions and Review  04/23Pax22:25Pax
12p LLC taxes- discrepancy between Tax preparer instructions and official government form  04/23Jackson1204/24Jackson12
50p how much house can we afford? Boston area.  page: 204/23panchilly09:28B0bL0blawsLawBl
2c Wifi Camera for Google Wifi  04/23Fiat lux04/24takeshi
14h [Should I get an advisor?]  04/23stillers09:59JW-Retired
29p Joint Checking Account - Fidelity CMA vs. Schwab?  04/23totalnoobie23:40JoMoney
37l The next generation of Boglehead authors  04/23timmy13:55Jimmie
31c If you are financially independent, how much monywould you bother to make?  04/23flyingaway06:19flyingaway
16h Question about 403b plan  04/23whitepaws18:46Jagman
20h Truly appreciate your suggestions on my investments  04/23Oracles444404/23nedsaid
44t Is $20K I-Bonds considered cash or bond?  04/23Alto Astral22:16zeugmite
2h How to get kids started on investing?  04/23bighatnohorse04/23brother7
14h Which Vanguard fund for Roth IRA  04/23camsco18104/23Toons
3h Portfolio Suggestion [Canadian ex-pat]  04/23bluehawk9122:17LadyGeek
15p Mortgage at 75 ?  04/23OldTimer04/24mnnice
24c Buying weekend home: suburbs or rural? (yard privacy important)  04/23sevenseas16:10Steve723
2h Retirement Investment Advice?  04/23stillers04/23arcticpineapple
6h Multiple account transfer  04/23scanda04/23Broken Man 1999
7h Investing a windfall  04/23Crshdavs04/24aristotelian
17c USAA 2.5% unlimited Cash back Card - Weird...  04/23WolfgangPauli08:01azanon
6h VG Advisory Services  04/23Offshore04/23nedsaid
12h 403B  04/23Akinyi3504/23Duckie
7p End of car lease calculation  04/22goru104/23FoolStreet
30c Alaska cruise advice  04/22Whakamole13:36alaskantraveler
18p Baby on the way checklist  04/22Gemini20:08pennstater2005
50t Larry Portfolio Equities: What % Each Market?  page: 204/22Lieutenant.Colu08:58avalpert
117p Any regrets living a frugal life for high income/high networth individuals?  page: 2 304/22am18:50J295
7t How would tax bracket changes affect the value of munis?  04/22JonnyDVM04/23Theoretical
6h Fund selection for unmatched 401k  04/22thisPerson04/23grabiner
6p Considering Non-tangible Assets as Part of an Estate  04/22celia04/23JGoneRiding
7h Analysis Paralysis - Extended Market  04/22bhjjk1904/23bhjjk19
16p What is the difference between downloaded and online tax software?  04/22*3!4!/5!04/232015
12t Not enough US market listings?  04/22Ged04/232pedals
10c Aftermarket batteries for cordless tools?  04/22Saving$10:32barnaclebob
5c Any golfers played Bandon Dunes on the Oregon coast?  04/22maxq04/23MarkNYC
2h Explain TIPS funds  04/22Always passive04/22grabiner
33c National Parks in Northern CA  04/22Offshore14:11livesoft
17p please advise- are we on target ?  04/22Jimsad04/23JGoneRiding
14h Small business pre-tax savings vehicle  04/22big bang04/22big bang
18h Just left my company and exercised my options [invest now or DCA?]  04/22Piper200104/23iceport
6p Liability protection for my retirement savings  04/22wish2bCFP04/22wish2bCFP
4p PMI and too much in tax-deferred?  04/22blueman45704/22gclancer
9h Where to Place Bonds (Revisited)  04/22Advaita04/23retiredjg
15p A Little History [from old bank statements]  04/22sport04/23F150HD
29h Rght Bond fund/s when interest rates rise?  04/22Med413:55alex_686
39c Time savers - life on automation  04/22PNW8604/24anonenigma
24p Irrevocable Trust  04/221stWorldproblem04/23Gill
12p Does mom need estate planning?  04/22kjvmartin04/22celia
6t Crazy - but can a CFP get paid on their own assets?  04/223spots04/23celia
24h Relatively "Safe" Place to Earn 2.5%-4%  04/22ABNDOC04/23MSDOGS1976
21c Recommendation for Adults-only All-Inclusive resort/hotel?  04/22toto23804/23JonnyDVM
4h Advice for parents needed.  04/22jbow4404/22delamer
49t Location of SPIAs, which account?  04/22ralph124cf15:02willthrill81
9c Location ideas for month-long sabbatical abroad  04/22welx2304/23Watty
27p typical deductions for retirees  04/22sil201718:08kaneohe
4h safest way to do a TSP60 transfer from Vanguard?  04/22BogleFanGal04/22BogleFanGal
1h Need help with mixed Traditional IRA  04/22NewUSsaver04/22retiredjg
51c Issue With Real Estate Agent (Seller)  page: 204/22Goodman6008:54hand
6h IRA One-Rollover-Per-Year Rule  04/22Inv3st0r04/22Inv3st0r
20p Medigap Insurance Plans  04/22rennman10004/22Zott
3h US citizen living in Canada, looking for advice  04/22twistypencil04/22Peculiar_Invest
5h Vanguard individual Roth 401k employee only?  04/22acdbx04/22acdbx
14p Looking For Advice - Move NY -> Tampa?  04/222Birds1Stone07:54Vanguard Fan 13
1h Help with NRA investment planning - US Vanguard using ETFs, sell before ex-div date  04/22CanadianAviator04/22TedSwippet
4t Chase Private Client brokerage account  04/22alpaca04/22whodidntante
7c Santander $225 bonus... delays?  04/22workingovertime04/22Loik098
8t Are ER for mutual funds < ER for ETF?  04/223spots05:06oldcomputerguy
6p Delayed Mega Backdoor Roth  04/22Aerophany20:58madbrain
12p Torn on whether to close 3rd oldest credit card  04/22lionthens04/22sport
4h Tax sheltered accounts - tax efficiency vs. growth  04/22bowie12304/22grabiner
77c Six pack for barbecue?  page: 204/22radnor15:21CABob
2p Insurance Agent requesting tax returns  04/22Gemini04/22Pajamas
12h Understanding iShares initial investment index differences  04/22twistypencil04/23MikeG62
18p Advice Responding to Layoff Notice while Working Towards Medical School  04/22wrendan04/22Finance-MD
20c Hotel Living  04/22LuigiLikesPizza10:57traveltoomuch
24h A few questions about International... VXUS, VEA, VWO... low returns  04/22Christian NY15:14dbr
10p RMD for 2017?  04/22mark82104/23Alan S.
60p Ally Bank - Savings Account Rate Increased!  page: 204/22soulreapersteve09:18Theoretical
101t Why are pensions revered, but annuities reviled?  page: 2 304/22Stormbringer20:20ruralavalon
19t Tax Deferred vs Taxable Account Calculator?  04/22selters04/23livesoft
14h Hardest invest Q of all [when to retire]  04/22gcinnh04/23Dandy
4h Xfr from ML to Vanguard, when does cost data come over?  04/22Johio20:18Nearly A Moose
10h Hi I'm going to open up a taxable account  04/22Boglerules04/22Boglerules
8h Taxation of Treasury Bills (Question)  04/22Call_Me_Op04/22Call_Me_Op
25c Moving... and U-haul trucks are expensive!  04/22workingovertime04/23wcshaff
5h Fed and newbie boglehead seeking portfolio advice  04/22johnnyringo13:31johnnyringo
8p Mom's Universal Life Insurance – Keep or not?  04/22Viking6504/24Viking65
9h No clue where to start  04/22Akinyi3504/23ruralavalon
39p Should some professions tell people how much they make?  04/22Derivative08:23rocket354
3p Incorrect 401k contribution reported on w-2 box 12a. Ramifications?  04/22sfchris04/22Spirit Rider
10h VPAS Investment Plan Check  04/22WestCoastMounta16:48WestCoastMounta
30c Terminal Cancer Diagnosis for 5 year old: What would you do?  04/22Strayshot04/23jdsize
2p Mortgage recast or higher down payment ?  04/22Prsin04/22cherijoh
2h Help with Personal Rate of Return from  04/21ForeverInvestor04/22House Blend
15h Asset Allocation - easiest way to rebalance?  04/21KATNYC04/23KATNYC
11h What bond index recommendations for $10K in Roth IRA?  04/21S17C04/22ruralavalon
17c 2017 Mazda CX-5 vs. 2017 Honda CRV  04/21CULater04/23dbr
22t Index investing question  04/21HAL 900004/22HAL 9000
27c Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?  04/21lynneny15:15abonder
10h Is an ETFs more "tax fair" than a Mutual Fund in a Taxable Account?  04/21zaplunken04/23tech_arch
13h Help for Dividend Loving Widow  04/21Jos67Z04/22celia
5p New employment- Help with 401K fund selection  04/21Suman04/23Suman
5h Looking for Investing Advice  04/21mtbkerman04/22ruralavalon
27p Need help setting up backdoor Roth IRA  04/21IADFlyer06:20retiredjg
21t White Gold ??? [question about newletter claim]  04/21tetractys04/23Alex Frakt
42p IRS refund today!  04/21Spirit Rider04/22NotWhoYouThink
64c Removing a tree - expensive!!!  page: 204/21dm20017:38Wakefield1
47c My Doctor says I am "unusual" (declining some blood tests)  04/21dm20002:27Phineas J. Whoo
13h Not sure what account to open and with whom  04/21Jf520:14ruralavalon
13p K-1 Distributions of Dividends  04/21Coolstavi04/22Coolstavi
6p job change early retirement health insurance question  04/21inbox78804/22delamer
45c Car Choices  04/21gypsylady04/23amd2135
14p Rent versus Buy in NYC  04/21bingo198004/23rjbraun
18c Strange cable wall jack in home. What is it? (pics included)  04/21mr_breen04/23RCL
21t Schwab Target Index Funds Investor Shares drop (.08%)  04/21Durzo15:19Countermoon
2h Initial purchase of funds  04/21KLDome04/22BolderBoy
69t Single most important investing advice?  page: 204/21thefoggycity13:26Trebor
11t The Skinny on Dividends  04/21JessicaLee12811:03JessicaLee128
14h Portfolio Reallocation Request  04/21The 19th hole04/22The 19th hole
12h Moving from 10 to 2 funds - capital gains?  04/21remomnyc04/22grabiner
23c How much to pay a housekeeper?  04/21Luckywon04/23LarryAllen
9p Child's Debt Consolidation  04/21Mettaman14:25Qwertykid18
4h Neophyte Boglehead Humbly Requests 403(b) Allocation Input  04/21wjthornberry11:37wjthornberry
16h Reached 50% of my "number" today  04/20baw70391604/23Lemonaid56
24c Shopping for a new hot tub  04/20madbrain04/23madbrain
9h Grandparent's Variable Annuity and Edward Jones  04/203CheersforLkyJa20:033CheersforLkyJa
24t LMP-1: P&I article on corporate & public pension plans  04/20grok8707:06grok87
12p Can Power of Attorney override POD designations?  04/20fsrph18:33tinscale
11p Max out 401K OR Pay off Federal Student Loan  04/20floridaguy04/22JGoneRiding
31h Differential aggressiveness for ROTH vs 401K  04/20Finger12304/23Kevin M
191t I don't understand the case for EE bonds  page: 2 3 404/20sometimesinvest09:37dodecahedron
13t Excel Solver for Portfolio Rebalancing across Multiple Accounts  04/20nvkris04/22midareff
34t How inefficient is it to hold Total Bond Index in a taxable account?  04/20S17C04/23Kevin M
24c Best surface for garage, epoxy, polished concrete, something else?  04/20financial.freed21:22chickadee
3p Automatic Increase Benefit Rider  04/20rhodnius04/24rhodnius
13h Euro government bond ETFs vs cash, accumulating REIT ETFs?  04/20finvestor07:24finvestor
12h Advice on Investment plan needed  04/20Danya04/22Danya
37h Grow my taxable index fund, or contribute to a non-matching 403b?  04/20zayd1319:07zayd13
13c Booking united award tickets with 2 accounts  04/20BashDash04/23Cruise
54t Visualizing the devastating impact of fees  page: 204/19Lobster04/22#Cruncher
44p Calling for all the Moms: career and family.  04/19lotofquestions04/24leeks
315t Larry Swedroe says "Goodby."  page: 2 3 4 5 6 704/19Taylor Larimore09:35DartThrower
57h Small cap fund index question  page: 204/19xrayvsn11:17rkhusky
36t A test for when risk factors have positive expected returns  04/19backpacker04/24lazyday
16h Vanguard Institutional Index Fund Institutional Shares - Lacking Small and Mid-Cap  04/19tchasteen04/22NiceUnparticula
28h Periodic Investing and Wanting the Market to Drop  04/19tchasteen04/23jjface
112p Why never speak badly about boss? [Need Bogleheads' wisdom]  page: 2 304/
14h Timing Assets Within Your Portfolio  04/19tchasteen04/22inbox788
43p Should I cancel my whole life policy?  04/19XDark_FenixX04/22inbox788
11h [Should I invest in an IPO?]  04/19loriloo204/22BolderBoy
28t Ally Bank Just Raised 5yr CD to 2.25%  04/19BHUser2704/23Doc
27c Improving my Math Skills  04/19Wings504/22grabiner
19t Selling Mutual Fund shares - watch ETF prices at 3:45pm?  04/19S17C09:53inbox788
7t Vanguard and the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule Modifications  04/18gkaplan04/23triceratop
4l Minnesota Bogleheads Meet May 6, 2017  04/18Fallible04/23Peter Foley
35t Weight loss and investing  04/18corwin12:09Maverick3320
66t What's Wrong With AQR? (Managed Futures)  page: 204/18matjen08:54NiceUnparticula
47h 29 Year old New Investor Needs help- Vanguard Index Funds  04/18jon121204/22LadyGeek
82p Did anything surprise you in your 2016 taxes?  page: 204/18happymob04/22inbox788
31t everywhere we are encouraged to trade and to our detriment  04/18selftalk09:27Wakefield1
16h Unwinding all positions and buy back after French Elections  04/18youcha08:09magicrat
55c How to make best use of lunch with the company president/CEO?  page: 204/18radnor04/23livesoft
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