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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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5330 new posts and replies over 484 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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11tVanguard Personal Advisory opinion on Vanguard Total World Index Fund03/21 lostdog03/22 1210sda
20pMerrill Edge sold my ETFs without my consent, SEC, FINRA, CFPB?09:54 cdog99918:20 123
5htrust accounts in dead bank03/21 brandy03/22 123
49cKettlebell Swing experience?03/20 VictoriaF03/22 2015
120tCould all of these "low expected returns over next 10 years" predictions be wrong?03/16 TheBogleWay03/21 2015
4hAmending a return twice with turbo tax2010 Smurf03/21 47Percent
9cAnything I should know about new windows?03/19 z9103/21 4strings
27pMLP Taxation Confusion [Master Limited Partnership]03/13 aburntoutcase11:54 aburntoutcase
143cRe: Where to buy a Vanguard hat? An Update and good news2016 arcticpineapple03/21 abuss368
17cFurniture Protection Plan worth it?11:34 guitarguy15:32 adamthesmythe
0pChanges in American Express Personal Savings Accounts? Should I move my funds?(FSB, American Express National Bank AENB)13:50 adozenroses 
4pTax reporting for Roth IRA recharacterization and conversion2017 russellh03/21 Aerophany
2pTax Software- Inher IRA, donated stocks03/22 togb20:54 Afty
2hChoosing new funds in new 403b, diversify with new IRA/Roth, old 401k23:23 sarahjane0315:36 ajw360
4hHelp fine-tune my overall investment strategy03/20 oneboglehead03/21 ajw360
6hPortfolio Allocation03/11 Baseball5203/21 ajw360
23pDiscovered mistake on 2014 return—owe money03/18 Puppynewf03/21 Alan S.
10pUPDATE: Pay off student loan with mortgage refi?01/18 alerya03/21 alerya
9tHow know whether stock is international?13:29 Yellowhammer18:52 alex_686
93hBest way to short the equity market03/03 b0chatma20:12 alex_686
6tBond question03/21 Kelly03/21 alex_686
42tFacebook's slide cost Mark Zuckerberg $6.06 billion in one day03/19 invst6507:12 alfaspider
4cInfrared Sauna at home14:35 VictoriaF17:40 AllMostThere
1tNew Lyxor Core ETFs announced - 4-12 bps03/22 andypro03/22 AlohaJoe
19cUnderrated places to visit in U.S.?13:51 Kababayan18:55 alpenglow
7hBest utilization of an HSA? Reimbursements?03/22 rayne03/22 alter
12hShould I do this ESPP (with Computershare as the broker)?03/17 Amphian19:18 Amphian
0hTax Loss Harvesting Timing19:26 ARB57 
2926cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt14:06 Artful Dodger
20pelderly mother given 10 days to give IRS *transcript* to health insurance or lose benefits03/19 cas03/21 Artsdoctor
28hImpending market correction03/20 Jon H03/20 asif408
1tSwedroe: Keep calm, and step forward06:33 AtlasShrugged?17:44 asset_chaos
4hPortfolio check-up and lump sum question03/20 alu458903/20 badbreath
65cDrink package on Royal Caribbean, worth it?03/20 ChinchillaWhipl21:24 Bastiat
23hRetirement investing for EU citizen [Slovenia]07/26 ant0n1j412:42 BeBH65
48cNew vs Used Camry vs Accord03/22 oktax14:47 Beehave
21tHold on to your hats, think it is going to get rough07:57 ChinchillaWhipl16:02 BeerMoney
20pHMO vs HSA03/19 michaeljc7003/21 BeneIRA
0pChris Hogan's Retirement Calculator17:42 Berkeley 
5hDiversification with 403B, Roth, Taxable03/21 Bhairston201818:49 Bhairston2018
16pHow to respond to internship offer?03/20 big bang03/21 big bang
2hiShares Corporate Bond Ladder03/21 Always passive03/21 BigOldBear
7hRoth Conversion Taxes Question - 5 Year Rule - Over 59.503/22 billy26923:00 billy269
2hSEP IRA to ROTH or Solo 401K, plus a backdoor ROTH03/18 bird7003/21 bird70
2hIRA options after taxes filed17:59 beached19:04 BL
10hBonds in 401K03/22 LostnUAE13:29 Black Cat
3pMoved at New Year to New State: Taxes and Moving Expense Tax Year03/18 blastoff03/21 blastoff
5pRecharacterizing TSP contributions?03/21 blaugranamd03/22 blaugranamd
54hHelp with 529 Accounts - Son got full scholarship!03/15 NotSoWiseGuy03/21 bltn
148cAnyone Deleting Facebook?03/22 grayfox18:53 bluelight
38pBuy vs rent Boston area?2016 panchilly03/21 bobolinx
13cDoes the value of my home matter?12:21 chrischris19:21 BogleFanGal
193pDo you have an umbrella policy?04/15 F150HD03/21 BogleFanGal
5hBuying at IPO price12:02 vk_21719:08 Boglegrappler
18hHow to handle overcontributing to Solo 401K?2017 serbeer16:38 bogleinvester
14pWhich state to file taxes in?03/22 Goal3322:15 BolderBoy
33pconversation about finances/spending with significant other?03/19 juliewongferra03/21 BradJ
7hReal estate investing/advice/thoughts03/21 Wezzley7719:49 brandy
9hNeed help with Tax Exempt Money Market Fund03/20 BreakfastTaco03/21 BreakfastTaco
5hA Vanguard mutual fund exchange gone awry...03/14 bt303/22 bt3
21pCar Trade-In Question03/21 Andyrunner15:25 bubbadog
71tI’m looking for a word...03/22 Rick Ferri16:31 Call_Me_Op
77tAlternative to Google Finance? [Portfolios feature deprecated]09/26 retire5703/22 CantPassAgain
8hEmergency Fund Better Ideas?03/20 bluerafters03/21 CaptainSegfault
3hRetirement account strategy03/15 captpete17:55 captpete
13pquestions re: govt deferred compensation (457)03/22 mad9q18:57 Carefreeap
9cBest Credit Card for airline tickets05:02 dekecarver16:00 carguyny
1hBuy back state pension with IRA - Taxes?20:36 GreggVA07:18 carolinaman
11pHow do you know when you need a trust?03/21 jgdsss16:34 CAsage
13cOpinions on Azek vs. composite (Trex/Timbertech)?03/16 Casper20:19 Casper
25hPrime Cap Core, Vanguard Health care fund as part of 3 fund plan of diversification03/15 roadracer71103/22 cfs
214tJack Bogle Says ‘Avoid Bitcoin Like the Plague’11/28 TheTimeLord03/21 cfs
3tIndividually and Jointly held stocks and funds03/21 chabil03/21 chabil
9cHow to conduct job search, hi tech industry03/21 sunny_socal16:17 chasingadvice
7hHSA question20:39 chen199113:06 chen1991
11hNeed help with investment planning03/20 chen199103/21 chen1991
19lMaster Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter2015 jghassell05:06 cherijoh
3hHow to fund taxable account? Lump sum or monthly?20:30 ChinchillaWhipl21:00 ChinchillaWhipl
4hOpinions on REET for global REIT fund03/22 ChinchillaWhipl03/22 ChinchillaWhipl
2hAA changed in HSA account?03/20 ChinchillaWhipl03/20 ChinchillaWhipl
36cYour favorite Florida beach??03/21 ugaDAWGS0915:00 Conch55
2pAccountant mistake? Foreign Tax Carryover14:43 Copernicus17:31 Copernicus
2pForeign Tax Carryover Statement20:49 Copernicus11:43 Copernicus
6cPlease help with my moving situation03/22 Cramerica03/22 Cramerica
3pCapital One 360 Joint Account11:26 anonenigma14:08 crit
5hHSA Source03/22 CriticalCareJun21:16 CriticalCareJun
11cCostco delivered a broken bed (threshold delivery)19:52 morpheus195810:17 criticalmass
5pMortgage and Social Security Question03/20 sparkyheim16:26 #Cruncher
10hTreasury Bills vs. I-bonds vs. Intermediate-term tax-exempt muni bonds03/21 ThisJustIn13:07 #Cruncher
5cDeciding on Nissan Rogue: 2017 SL vs 2018 SV with sun/sound package09:54 markcoop18:38 curmudgeon
17pCan I really target to pay 0% Federal Taxes for 12 yrs of Retirement03/22 BigOldBear18:30 curmudgeon
12hSupporting a High Withdrawal Rate for Medical Care03/20 drizzle03/21 curmudgeon
1hGod Bless bogleheads.org03/22 TreadLightly03/22 CyclingDuo
4pEvaluate My Retirement03/21 Cyp01103/21 Cyp011
78tAre we missing recession /bear market beginning03/22 Jimsad10:27 Da5id
26cThoughts on Myrtle Beach03/15 almostretired1903/22 dabrian
189pBought house six months ago - now feeling like we're treading water and can't save money03/17 LiterallyIronic03/22 DaftInvestor
2hSolo 401k As Strategy For Backdoor Roth03/22 Boxtrap21:57 danaht
16pExceeded Roth IRA Contribution, please confirm02/27 DanEmmy03/22 DanEmmy
44c2018 Honda Accord LX ... is this a good deal?03/19 kchico03/21 davidkw
3pBusiness Use of Car - Personal Property Tax03/21 DavidRoseMounta03/21 DavidRoseMounta
37hAffect of Rising Interest Rates on Vanguard Total Bond Index12/21 Prudence13:42 dbr
6hTaxable Account for Downpayment12:45 Mattwillgold113:35 dbr
7hShould I move my SEP IRA from VGSLX to VTSAX? [Vanguard Real Estate to Total Stock Mkt]03/21 socal77703/21 dbr
44tLarry Swedroe: Why Financial Trends Persist03/21 Random Walker18:48 Dead Man Walkin
2tArticle on ETF flows, redemptions, tax management [ Record ETF Inflows Not What They Seem]03/21 lack_ey03/21 desafinado
89lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei15:15 digarei
35pMath question to buy new car: pay full, 0% 36 months, 0.9% 60 months03/21 markcoop03/22 djpeteski
9pWhy can you "spend more" if you buy SPIA?18:43 antiqueman19:30 dknightd
21hShould I sell Wellington Fund Today?11:39 cdu717:59 dknightd
25pBeneficiary Advice03/22 narnceredir13:03 dm200
47cSE Washington DC job - where to live?03/20 curmudgeon11:22 dm200
25pPaying Points on Purchase Mortgage - Worth It?03/21 newtoohere11:17 dm200
14tRising MMkt rate03/22 student517:13 Doc
40tIs it time to dump high yield savings for prime money market?03/20 mbasherp03/22 Doc
5tIRA vs Roth03/19 pkcrafter03/21 Doc
1pTaxability of State Tax Refunds w/ Limit on State Tax Itemized Deductions19:14 Joel19:30 dodecahedron
12cChase Freedom Card 5% - any paypal tricks?03/21 fognyc02:58 donfairplay
79pTo Move or Not To Move - Couldn't be more of a Coinflip! (Help Please)03/09 tarheel03/22 DoTheMath
19hSelf-insuring for healthcare - how would you invest09:08 mak127719:25 Dottie57
5pDeduct estimated property taxes for 2017 tax return03/19 international0003/21 dp70
0hBalancing Commissions & Fund Preferences03/21 dpilecki 
38hHas anyone had problems gifting Vanguard shares to an organization?2017 SRenaeP03/21 drzzzzz
22c"free" ticket w/ miles or pay $?10:07 workingovertime14:33 dsmil
7pHire CPA or do my own Tax03/22 dtn002810:17 dtn0028
4tMega backdoor roth or invest in real estate22:07 henry00118:34 DVMResident
3hBackdoor roth IRA AFTER filing taxes09:27 guliver13:57 Earl Lemongrab
15tIs this tax loss harvesting?03/14 mortalsonofmort03/21 Earl Lemongrab
98pHSA family max contribution lowered to $6850 for 201803/07 toblerone03/21 Easy Rhino
11cReporting fake Sonicare toothbrush heads?03/22 z9112:32 edgeagg
7pLiving in Jupiter FL?03/22 pepperz03/22 englishgirl
11pEmployee Fiduciary Update - 15 months in03/21 ERISA Stone03/22 ERISA Stone
9cDriveway Options03/22 Exafchick10:40 Exafchick
35pMedicare Part B premiums2016 Lynette03/21 Exit105
35cMost Effective Rat Poison07/09 Cruise03/22 F150HD
3pFixing 8606 and basis understanding07:07 Aerophany16:28 FactualFran
8hValic Move03/16 Buster Smith03/22 Faith20879
39pAny lawyers? Got scammed03/21 jehovasfitness03/21 Fallible
68pTrying to transfer a Roth IRA and this Medallion Signature requirement is driving me nuts!2017 41fan03/21 fatgeorge
22cLeast Expensive Way to Comprehensively Learn Law03/19 learner10003/20 FedGuy
1hERISA law and return of 401k contribution11:37 AllAboard17:22 FiveK
1hadditional retirement account advice03/21 marc2149003/21 FiveK
5pCo-mingled IRA > Roth03/21 MN Finance03/21 FiveK
4pOdd, AMT higher with less income03/21 SpideyIndexer03/21 FiveK
33hWrapping my head around bond funds03/16 cresive08:40 Flashes1
4hTax Question: Converted a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, with Post Tax Dollars (could not claim deduction)03/22 Flav03/22 Flav
8p2017 HSA Contribution to reduce magi?03/21 mkmal110:14 Flobes
3pCLOUD Act and the use of Mint/Personal Capital11:15 phisher412:57 FoolMeOnce
7tQuestions about the makeup of index funds03/21 stw20:53 fortyofforty
8pRent vs Buy Dilemma03/21 FPS_dapdap03/21 FPS_dapdap
7cOne month summer vacation with kids age 10 & 1209:25 aprilcpa10:20 FraggleRock
0pDual Status Tax Return with RSU & ESPP Income22:33 freetz 
5cLight Switch Style and Why?18:39 runner919:29 FrugalInvestor
11pWhat is the sentence for laminating a Medicare Card?14:09 bikechuck15:46 FrugalInvestor
5pTax on appreciated mutual fund shares03/20 jjet6503/21 fundseeker
2cDownloading podcast of Mark Simone radio program08:28 dodgy5511:08 furwut
19hHow to think about AA with company stock03/21 oldpondfrog07:55 Gadget
16t"Smart Beta's Foundation Problem"03/21 stlutz19:33 garlandwhizzer
17pCash Balance Defined Benefit Plan2017 AustinAttorney03/22 gasdoc
0pS Corp 2253 Filing Issue03/21 gdubb85 
2tLarry Swedroe: Active Can’t Crack Inefficient Markets08:31 Random Walker17:40 GibsonL6s
46pPower of attorney for a particular asset that supersedes power of attorney listed in will03/22 lthenderson16:19 Gill
5hVanguard stock - impact of merger/acquisition activity03/18 john060803/21 Gill
3hSuggestions for Paying Tax on Annuities with Wife Still Working?03/21 msheald03/21 Gill
91cWSJ Digital Subscription - a bargain!2017 Erwin03/21 gkj
23hSpousal Roth or Traditional IRA - 2017 & 201803/22 G-Money14:44 G-Money
17pPersonal Excess Liability Insurance - Umbrella Insurance03/21 willyd12303/21 golfCaddy
25hNew Boglehead - 401k03/19 NewBogleheadTN03/21 Golf maniac
6cIs Aetna Dental pulling a fast one on me?03/22 rantk8103/22 goodlifer
112cLarge life style creep that was completely worth it03/15 ThankYouJack03/21 goodlifer
2hNJ State tax consequences of Vanguard federal money market10:22 Good Listener15:39 Good Listener
9hDollar Cost Averaging vs Paying Down Mortgage03/15 numbloch03/21 gotester2000
5hLong-Term Treasuries or Municipal Bonds in taxable portfolio (in 35% bracket)?03/21 neolk17108:14 grabiner
12hHow/when to sell high-cost funds with capital gains?03/21 markesquire21:04 grabiner
8hTaxes on IRA/401(K) withdrawal03/21 JD10120:53 grabiner
3hNeed a tax buff who understands TLH'ing03/22 Offshore20:47 grabiner
3hWhich Vanguard bond fund for a taxable account?03/22 sublimisdeus20:40 grabiner
1hDollar Cost Averaging with my Mutual Fund Investments?03/22 Investing8620:31 grabiner
6tthe 10 year treasury, inflation, and the FED - Question03/22 Always passive03/22 grayfox
8cEntrepreneurs - Self Made Success Stories & Book Recommendations03/21 Marjimmy03/22 gretah
158tGrok's Tip #8:Retire Worry-Free with TIPs as a foundation2011 grok8712:31 grok87
133t2018 Hedge Fund contest01/02 BackOfTheNet15:11 Gropes & Ra
6pTips for moving to NYC13:20 Njm884519:29 Grt2bOutdoors
5hI can’t believe I’m asking another TLH question03/22 walkerbait22:13 Grt2bOutdoors
14pWhere to save money to buy a car2016 Calico11:19 guyesmith
11pHow much tax on back-door Roth?03/21 kh60803/22 HAF-VA
76pWhat Budget? Do you keep one?03/22 ad200717:01 harrychan
7h[Edward Jones Guided Solutions - transfer Roth to Vanguard]21:43 Investor_8615:17 HAWK23
24cJob Expenses for contract job. Should I take W2 or 109903/20 AKBTX1403/22 Hayden
16pAm I overpaying for 1120S prep fee?03/16 Cardio03/21 Hayden
37hUSAA- limited options for investments w/ high ER's, but I still feel loyal. Help!03/22 hudsonriverjogg17:32 Helo80
3hThoughts on this ISA s&s allocation using all in one funds? [UK]03/20 Hewkie03/21 Hewkie
20phelp! I want to treat heirs equally03/15 brandy03/21 HIinvestor
18pSaving for a home in 3-4 years -- willing to take risks? Where to keep $$?08:22 doss12:30 hoops777
1pBetterment – how to report foreign-sourced income from dividends?03/21 shelmer1803/21 House Blend
23tPSA: Vanguard Drops The Ball (Cost Basis Issue)03/15 SJR03/21 House Blend
8hTechnical issues with Vanguard03/22 johan85103/22 Howie
10hImmediate annuity bridge to Social Security03/21 karlhall03/21 hudson
2pGifting I-Bonds - who is liable for tax on accumulated interest?17:01 CULater18:19 HueyLD
3pCarryover losses for newly converted rental condo03/21 capitalG03/22 HueyLD
363tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?01/08 willthrill8103/22 Hyperborea
42pAccumulation-Dynamic Decumulation Strategy03/08 icetrap03/21 icetrap
7pNJ muni's, funds or individual03/19 exoilman03/22 Iliketoridemybi
34hCPA not helpful with Form 860613:20 Darth Xanadu18:26 inbox788
62cAmazon Prime Going Sideways/Weird Shipment Problems03/18 Barefootgirl17:48 inbox788
15cOne day car repair is on day 16 - what to do?03/22 Submariner198023:18 inbox788
10cBreaking a car lease - can they charge for miles?03/22 freelancer03/22 inbox788
20cNeed to pull some data off some old 5-1/4" floppy disks03/20 Tamales03/22 inbox788
17tBond Maturity relative to Equity Weighting03/20 JonL03/21 international00
46pAnyone used Zelle?10/12 arsenalfan03/21 investor997
19tScottrade/TD Ameritrade merger - Yuck!03/01 Trader/Investor03/20 investor997
0hAlternatives to Fido Cash Mgmt Acct re Sweeps to Multiple Banks22:04 InvestorThom 
71cBogleheads car buying strategies with new safety technologies03/18 jb314:55 invst65
13hAsset Allocation Review03/20 invstar18:34 invstar
3cSonos Playbase03/21 A44003/21 ionball
2tPopulation declines reported across east and midwest. How should i choose housing?03/21 jayk23803/21 Iridium
0hPortfolio Review and Advice Sought for UK Investor03/21 IsuzuIse 
81pSpoke to a financial advisor yesterday - what do you think he's up to?03/17 rasputin14:35 Jack FFR1846
9pTax deductions for costs of planner for setting up special needs trust07:56 Jackson1212:24 Jackson12
10pLost my wallet few days back. Someone trying to hack me today. What to do?03/21 RL101323:14 jalbert
20tWhen it comes to financial goals, define short term, medium term and long term?03/21 BogleMelon22:35 jalbert
6hPortfolio Review Please03/22 scorp_pccorp03/22 jalbert
132lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner03/22 Jason Librarian
8hMy plan to focus on short and intermediate corporate bonds03/21 delrinson03/21 jazman12
28tBuilding a bridge to Social Security: When to start?03/21 Johnnie08:52 JBTX
508cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir03/22 JBTX
13tDo "dividend dollars" maintain in a market downturn?03/21 younginvestorgu03/22 JBTX
8tReturn on equity – just how dependent is income upon equity?03/19 Virus476203/22 JBTX
28hHelping daughter set up an IRA03/21 Fan2303/22 JD101
30tCAPE in the Context of Real Rates & Inflation, 1880-201803/13 SimpleGift03/22 Jeff Albertson
22pTalk some sense/cents into me- new car purchase16:50 jehovasfitness19:16 jehovasfitness
14hpremium/discount when buying an ETF03/21 fctu03/22 jhfenton
4tVanguard bond mutual fund purchase fee vs ETF03/21 t88503/21 jhfenton
50p"Letter of Final Instructions"2016 Taylor Larimore03/21 Jimi
4tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?03/14 Mel Lindauer03/21 Jiu Jitsu Fight
32hTreasury Bill Rates03/20 cmh12603/21 jjet65
3pBeneficiary of inherited IRA03/20 FlordiaGuy03/20 jjet65
13pTrust attorney changes firms - does trust “move” too?03/20 bayview03/20 jjet65
10pAnother buy decision with early distribution03/22 jk99884603/22 jk998846
5hCriticize My Portfolio and Asset Allocation03/21 jmac0807:10 jmac08
11hSimple investment plan for 80 yr old in assisted living?03/20 guywhogetsit06:15 jn6474
64h50% of my portfolio in FANG - 15% in NVDA01/23 broslami03/22 JoeRetire
35hHow can I start investing when equities and real estate are this much high?03/21 ychousa11:54 John Laurens
3hRMDs - where to take & how to report03/20 goshenBogle03/21 John Z
3ha quick checkup03/22 peterwantstosav20:19 Jon H
0hRetirement - 401K/IRA or Life Insurance ?18:51 jpsc 
7hROTH Conversion and 1040ES estimated tax08:21 Justin Time09:49 Justin Time
10hTiaa versus schwab03/21 palousejohn03/22 Katietsu
24tAre Apartment REITS a better diversifier than VG REIT Index?2008 docneil8803/22 katon
2p401K transfer and 1099-R03/20 kchnew03/20 kchnew
9hHow to Get Started Investing In The Right Direction.03/19 kchumley03/21 kchumley
31cWhat would you do with this car?02/04 ERguy10117:57 keinodoggy
12pDownloadable Social Security Benefit Estimator (repost)11/09 neurosphere03/21 Kelmscott
8cWWYD? Trade Honda CR-V for Lexus RX350?12:27 WorkToLive15:06 Kenkat
148cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?09/23 Dead Man Walkin03/21 kenoryan
79c30-Day Minimalist Challenge02/27 Cycle03/20 kenoryan
2pFinal schedule C for closed LLC03/22 ketanco03/22 ketanco
113tLarry Swedroe’s New Book Available: Reducing Risk Of Black Swans03/05 Random Walker03/22 Kevin K
34hHow to Determine Actual Muni Bond Return?03/19 TreadLightly15:34 Kevin M
90tSharonview FCU 64 month CD - 4%03/02 EvelynTroy14:47 Kevin M
5pMuch gratitude!03/22 AG201303/22 kotsp
6hSmall 403b with large fees - do Roth conversion now?01/23 Krischi03/22 Krischi
10tAQR's three oldest funds: momentum versus Vanguard momentum-free counterparts21:10 nisiprius13:18 lack_ey
10pMoving to overseas and state taxes03/22 JD10119:06 LadyGeek
37lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe18:26 LadyGeek
118pLosing friends/family when wealthy03/22 assistca116:26 LadyGeek
175tWorking till retirement is not a great plan03/22 Snowjob16:21 LadyGeek
3tThe high cost of conflicted advice to retirement savers10:16 FraggleRock16:11 LadyGeek
47hEdward Jones Guided Solutions Fees2017 investor74721:55 LadyGeek
14p[foreign tax credit and income questions]03/20 ketanco03/22 LadyGeek
7pPlease help me fill out my W-4 correctly03/21 LiterallyIronic03/21 LadyGeek
94pCost of College vs Starting Income03/20 dm20003/21 LadyGeek
13pTaxes on bonus03/20 bjames31003/21 LadyGeek
751pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest03/21 LadyGeek
3h$40k Gift03/20 netcord03/21 LadyGeek
46hIs buying $50,000 worth of TSLA at this time advisable?03/20 Cainito03/21 LadyGeek
29cCoffee maker recommendations03/22 bungalow1019:22 lazydavid
1tWired: Beware of Roboadvisors Bearing Low Fees17:19 pcsrini18:37 lazydavid
39cHow can I get a passport?03/21 squirm05:51 lazydavid
18hBuying Treasury Bills: Treasury Direct or Vanguard / Fidelity03/18 ThisJustIn05:22 lazyday
24hRoth 401(k) vs. Roth IRA03/20 JR003/20 lazylarry
14cRolling Lease For Apartment (Condo)03/20 Leesbro6303/22 Leesbro63
15hUPDATED MARCH 22 2018: Holding a junk bond of a company that's spiraling toward bankruptcy12/14 lgs8803/22 lgs88
66pTax reform SALT affecting in Bay Area?02/25 schrute18:46 libralibra
17pCan you validate the tax calculation from my CPA. It doesn't seem right to me03/21 saagar_is_cool03/22 libralibra
55pTerminal illness with small kids03/16 timmy03/22 littlebird
7hTLH help11:13 chabil19:11 livesoft
2pDrop Life Insurance for Long Term Care Insurance?03/21 lodrigj03/21 lodrigj
6pACA subsidy payback- married Dec 201713:32 Lrt1219:23 Lrt12
24cOutdoor Blower03/21 J29503/22 Luke Duke
181cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo14:02 malabargold
3pH&R Block Deluxe: How to report HSA interest/capital gains in CA03/21 mikep20:11 MAR888
11pReimbursement for COBRA considered taxable income?02/21 marcopolo03/22 marcopolo
12t"Retire Secure for Same-Sex Couples" -- A Gem2014 Taylor Larimore08:59 marklearnsbogle
6hBest place to put down payment savings?22:40 JoeChick1015:40 mega317
44hMaxed 401k and Roth IRA questions03/21 HydroMike03/22 mhadden1
11pI have the basics down, now what to prioritize? (401k, student loans, etc)03/21 airborne03/22 mhadden1
7hWhat am I missing? Roth CD investment question03/20 Visitor03/22 mhadden1
37pHelp my wife when I die.03/20 pharmermummles12:51 mhalley
1hTax Loss Harvesting Question03/22 sonosoldi311203/22 mhc
21cCostco Kirkland Brand Liquor13:04 Alexa919:25 michaeljc70
39cCookware Brands - Demeyere?03/11 kwarden1311:09 michaeljc70
7pPresent Value of a FERS Pension with a Spousal Benefit03/20 MichDad09:13 MichDad
11pIs it worth spending $1500 on a Planning Software?03/19 confusedinvesto03/20 Mike Scott
138lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE14:04 Miriam2
0tEUR bonds. Fund return vs Currency fluctuations14:32 mixinvest 
0hHow should I manage post-tax 401a?03/21 mjd0717 
13pPolitics of Internal Promotion & Interviewing at Other Companies20:46 tjhar10:28 MJW
29pTerm, Whole & Disability Insurance: revision questions03/07 Momof203/21 Momof2
39hLump Sum in Taxable Account - Invest all at once or dollar cost average?03/22 sublimisdeus12:39 MotoTrojan
5hShould I change vanguard target retirement VFIFX to one with more bond?03/22 mrplee403/22 MotoTrojan
39cHow much do people budget for annual car maintenance?03/22 wilked19:18 mptfan
28cIs a Model Release normal for wedding videography?03/20 fundseeker03/20 MrMojoRisin
8hSelling farm, what should the family invest the 500k in?03/21 Help_Me_Invest03/22 msk
35hNew AA [Asset Allocation]2013 M_to_the_G02:35 M_to_the_G
13hAsset allocation %03/21 PickitPaul03/22 Munir
20hI am a newbie country hick and20:08 joestout13:15 Murgatroyd
10hFSTVX/ITOT vs SPTM tax loss harvesting, dividend reinvestment and wash sales03/16 terran03/21 Nate79
21hSchwab Intelligent Advisory03/09 Jmh04j03/21 Nate79
5hAfter-tax Returns of Total Bond vs. Intermediate Tax-Exempt on Vanguard Website03/21 neolk17103/21 neolk171
3pEmployer contributing to an HSA for me even after I notified them I'm ineligible?03/16 nerdymarketer23:34 nerdymarketer
11tLarry Swedroe: Alternative Approach To Alts03/05 Random Walker17:57 nisiprius
198tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox03/22 nisiprius
47pAnother reason to steer clear of Bitcoin. As if we need another reason...03/04 arcticpineapple03/22 nisiprius
187pThose with high savings rate: why?03/15 EGARCH03/22 NoD
52p"FREE" Employer Group Life - Really Costs You !02/27 SanityCheck03/22 not4me
5cScottrade to Ameritrade03/19 Nowizard03/21 Nowizard
9pBaby on the way - Will/Trust needed?03/20 Stryker1603/20 Nutmeg
1pHSA contribution limit - partial year family, partial year self03/22 jane103/22 Nuurd
3h401K Stable Value Fund Decision03/21 mikedm03/21 nwffdiver
2pRelocation from NYC to London / green card / tax03/22 nyc88816:38 nyc888
30pTaxable refunds NY/NJ03/07 nyc88803/22 nyc888
7hWhich VG Short Term Bond???03/22 Oak&Elm21:47 NYCwriter
71hREITS and Swedroe03/08 Always passive03/22 NYCwriter
57hIf you knew a recession was coming, what would you do?03/16 jwhitebkny03/22 NYCwriter
9hRoth IRA03/21 RhoRho03/22 oldcomputerguy
7hJump in or Take it Slow03/22 forcecomposer03/22 Olemiss540
20pTrust vs Will Gotchas03/20 jason112203/21 onthecusp
23pCan a friend sign a large check for me?03/22 CULater11:47 Pajamas
1cHario or Bonavita water kettle - which to keep?03/21 htdrag1103/21 Pajamas
2pTravel Nurse - Assistance with Tax Preparation03/21 bhwabeck353303/21 Pajamas
44hEffect of interest rates on my bond funds03/11 Seneca316:33 patrick013
5tMarket valuations: CAPE vs the FED model (used by Buffett)02:43 Lauretta12:51 patrick013
19cBerlin - how many days and where to stay?03/22 Theseus13:24 pejp
0cMiami in early April13:20 pejp 
22cPossible 1 month of unemployment -- how to maximize time off? (non job related)03/21 doss13:16 pejp
20tSkin In The Game [new N. Taleb book]03/13 Ron Scott09:14 pezblanco
2hTarget Date or Admiral - 403B?20:17 Bhairston201822:59 PFInterest
2hWhen to close a muni bond fund03/20 HeadTail03/20 PFInterest
13fFewer Readers Despite Continued Market Volatility02/18 Phineas J. Whoo15:12 Phineas J. Whoo
34t[Federal Reserve hikes interest rate]03/21 patrick01315:08 Phineas J. Whoo
6pTiming of RMD on Inherited IRA03/20 Pigeon03/20 Pigeon
4hJust Starting - Inevitable Bear Market?14:46 Jaredc19:22 pkcrafter
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6pCreating a medical advice website-liability issues2015 coalcracker03/21 pondering
5956tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill19:21 prettybogle
87cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater03/22 prudent
1pHomeowner's insurance: Coverage B07:07 asif40807:15 pshonore
20cDirect TV vs. Cable03/21 dave105403/22 pshonore
12tWhich Cost Basis to Use03/19 Nonam303/21 pshonore
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52tBloomberg commodities index still in contango03/11 grok8703/22 psteinx
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53cWhat have you baked recently?03/20 Elsebet11:52 Radjob4me
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35pFast IRS refund02/24 Spirit Rider14:45 Ren
10hPlease review portfolio for complete overhaul23:46 TreadLightly16:18 retiredjg
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33tThe RBD (Really Bad Days) database2016 kiddoc15:40 robertmcd
4cHawaii accomodations [Honolulu in Jan/Feb]03/21 BeenThere03/21 rongos
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8tTrade wars and international equities17:06 ksleo19:28 RRAAYY3
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1hMoving to 100% Private Practice; some Q's including the ole sep vs. solo401k..03/22 kiva2221:13 Spirit Rider
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0hDiv tax withholding from US REITs on European ETFs11:55 stressed 
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1pCheck Endorsement11:26 tomd3711:28 student
54tDo you Continue to invest even in down market??03/19 OmG Im late07:54 student
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22cBuying 2018 Honda Pilot03/21 Mrxyz10:57 SWBoarder
19tMedicare IRMAA03/06 Bob03/22 Swimmer
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8pTransition to part time or take time off each summer03/21 Tammy8803/21 Tammy88
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12hTools to compare fund performance from a specific date, not just "since inception"?03/21 psxndc03/21 Taylor Larimore
201lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec13:56 Tbonerazor
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17cFuel additives03/22 newbie00320:17 TeamArgo
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18tWhich is the hedge against higher future interest rates and inflation: the house or the mortgage?03/19 letsgobobby03/21 ThriftyPhD
22c5/24 rule for rewards credit cards - bunching applications03/16 michaeljc7003/22 THY4373
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9cKidde Recalls Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms Due to Risk of Failure to Alert Consumers to a Fire03/22 TLC195718:20 TLC1957
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6pRental Investment Property03/20 togb03/21 togb
3pDelayed credit card alerts from USAA Bank03/21 maxq03/21 tomd37
1pQuicken replacement ?05:50 SlowMovingInves06:38 Toons
70pH&R Block vs TurboTax (spoiler: HRB is awful)03/10 The529guy03/22 tractorguy
59pHome equity as part of retirement plan03/20 Miguelito03/22 Trev H
54canonymous financial gift to student / best gift card option02/23 rjbraun03/21 Tribonian
47cWe made the right decision to not purchase a home now, right?03/20 JDP03/21 Tribonian
5hIs this a normal fund/ETF discount or is something else at play?03/22 johnanglemen01:29 triceratop
3cVanguard 403b loan to add to down payment to avoid selling first?03/22 TTGO80821:25 TropikThunder
32tMarket Efficiency - Or Not03/16 tryingmybest16:54 tryingmybest
32pCredit Card Recommendations03/21 jmac0811:53 twoboysmom
63pBuying vs renting - really tough decision to make03/20 TheBogleWay18:18 unclescrooge
11hcan I afford 850K house ?20:17 etguy11:03 Valuethinker
47cLondon Hotels03/18 fortfun08:36 Valuethinker
5hBond choices for Japan investor?03/20 Anjin03/22 Valuethinker
1hNon-US citizen from Costa Rica, what are my options?03/21 clockmer03/22 Valuethinker
50tAnyone exclude emerging markets?03/15 john454603/22 Valuethinker
22hBuy individual stock to maintain my honor?03/21 Dude203/22 VaR
8hMaxing out 401,457 and 403b. Other ideas for pre-tax savings?03/20 Plan4Future03/22 veindoc
14hSpousal Social Security03/21 Leroy Jones03/22 vested1
20pRent or Buy in Miami?03/21 MittensMoney13:57 voodoo72
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9hvehicle for mother-in-law's cash assets03/20 hufflepuff03/21 Watty
92tTSP bonds?03/11 neiderer03/21 Watty
57tBest way to hold cash in retirement accounts??03/18 duffer21:53 welderwannabe
1pCIT 1.55% Premier High Yield vs 1.75 % Money market16:27 Sab369916:32 whodidntante
13pchanging my signature when signing checks and credit card receipts12:44 heartwood15:31 whomever
41cDo I need title insurance?2017 goshenBogle19:21 WhyNotUs
42tMaybe Ramsey is right03/20 RadAudit16:26 willthrill81
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30t"Demographics and equity returns: A far-fetched horror story" by Joe Davis of Vanguard03/05 arcticpineapple03/21 willthrill81
4hNondeductible and Roth IRA's15:08 zdr16:29 zdr
22hHave $800k - What do I do?03/14 zeek12303/21 zeek123

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