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Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4789 new posts and replies over 389 topics in last 3 days (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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33hInvesting in an apt complex through a real estate equity firm09/18 new2bogle04:32 bltn
7hAnyone here has more 200k in a single stock ?01:53 vipertom197004:21 vipertom1970
3hFidelity HSA will now offer (as of 10/25/19) Fidelity Money Market for core position12:28 RickBoglehead04:05 dogagility
2hRebalance + Invest and leave alone for few years00:43 mdox04:00 mdox
11hPartial shift from bond funds to CD ladder2018 RickBoglehead03:39 jvini
1hDeciding on what to do with my passive investment12:58 startupmiso03:22 FoolStreet
29hEmp Stock Purchase vs 401k increase09/16 AverageInvestor02:44 thepicard1
19hHas anyone heard of Beta Shield?12:11 Tracker96802:08 Valuethinker
152hVTIAX International fund - should I give up on it?08/26 tomjonesrocks01:38 typical.investo
1hLife insurance policy from the '80s00:27 Spaced Out01:05 frcabot
29hWithdrawal Approach09/18 NearlyRetired01:03 JoinToday
79hSold my Business (2.2 Million)! Where to store proceeds while I think?08/27 Jon_PassiveInve00:36 DonIce
19hDonor-Advised Funds (DAFs)09/18 Invest_Wisely00:34 StealthRabbit
4hLife Cycle fund dropped bonds, how to adjust?22:46 cliffrlp23:31 ivk5
9hTime for a portfolio check-up (55M, $1.5M)09/19 ndpage22:45 ndpage
20hTotal International (VTIAX) in Taxable Acct or 401k for High Tax Bracket?09/17 CoastalWinds22:31 grabiner
9hWhat is the best investment strategy for low(actually ~negative vs inflation) USA interest rate environment for retireme15:52 jdamo22:26 tibbitts
4hWash Sale - Multiple Tax Lots Sold12:48 dcop21:46 grabiner
0h401k with limited options21:35 Battosai28 
6hInsurance Co 4.05% Cash Value07:10 HappyJack21:31 frcabot
20hRecession strategy in a non-boggleheads fashion09/16 masterpresident21:14 frcabot
20hIncome in retirement from stocks/mutual funds09/18 roadracer71121:12 Tyler Aspect
39hHow to Interpret a Zero Coupon Municipal Bond09/17 Manzanita20:03 BuddyJet
14hFidelity Full View recent improvements08/21 ARoseByAnyOther19:53 ThereAreNoGurus
1hcash-out refi, investment interest expense09/20 babystep19:37 lakpr
21hMega Backdoor Roth vs. Taxable - Guideline?10:16 JimmyD19:07 frcabot
6hHeads-up: Vanguard Federal MM higher TEY than Prime/Treasury MM for many09/18 LinusP18:03 bck63
1hAdvice regarding portfolio (3-fund approach)16:40 alexis204417:43 Duckie
8hIs this a good portfolio mix for a retiree?09/19 ricks143317:40 Northern Flicke
6hHow to invest in my 403b09/18 Mdr8717:11 Duckie
24hMath is scary09/16 mikemikemike16:44 GrowthSeeker
11hGet Rid of FA. Create Single Fund Retirement Portfolio09/11 eastreal16:09 InvMoney
21hLaid off at 62; need to move some money to cash from retirement account09/16 Gattina16:02 Gattina
35hUpdate Post Sale of Business! - Pay Off Home or Not?09/18 Jon_PassiveInve15:49 Thegame14
20hRoth IRA - Contributing too much too soon? (21 y/o)09/18 tommy2punch13:32 lakpr
4hRetirement investment plan feedback09/20 booglehadder13:24 HomeStretch
4hAlly CD, funding it few days after opening it12:39 blackwhisker12:58 blackwhisker
3hNew 401k Provider10:15 mara521112:38 ruralavalon
0hQuestion on Triceratop Tax Efficiency Spreadsheet12:10 CoastalWinds 
4hNY 529 income tax at rollver?10:25 Scandium12:06 Scandium
43hRick Ferri Fixed Income Portfolio Funds2018 Boxtrap10:45 elainet7
1hExtended Duration Funds09/19 manusnd110:23 raven15
7hHelp Choosing 403b Investments & HSA09/17 littleredwolf09:49 ruralavalon
46hIs private wealth management worth it?09/16 pennywise8809:42 Jack FFR1846
3hbonds question09/20 homer7709:17 dbr
17hTraditional 401K, Roth 401K, or Both09/18 Smokeybear120908:40 retiredjg
11h403B Allocation09/16 nursenguyen07:09 rkhusky
2h457 Questions...09/19 Prettyfrtnt09/20 Prettyfrtnt
13hAdvice on unwinding a large taxable holding09/19 pokebowl09/19 BuddyJet
5hIs this a good time to add a total bond index to my portfolio09/18 Tenesmus8309/19 retiredflyboy
6hWhere to Move Money From Taxable Account For Potential Use in ~5 Years09/17 Cruz09/19 retiredflyboy
35hType of bond fund to hold for 90/10 AA09/19 atdharris09/19 Elysium
3hChoosing right funds for 45709/19 Jagwsiq09/19 CyclingDuo
30hUGMA vs UTMA09/05 sandysuha09/19 Spirit Rider
53hSIMPLE IRA - Transfer of Funds from Edward Jones to Fidelity (Send help!)07/08 A_Bond09/19 A_Bond
61hDownsides to leaving fixed-income allocation in cash?09/18 GaryA50509/19 vineviz
1hContigent benificiary for our taxable account at Vanguard09/19 spartanap09/19 HomeStretch
35hNewly widowed need investment advice09/19 Herreschoff09/19 Stinky
55hSell individual stocks to buy index funds?2018 rosebud309/19 Malinois000
5hIs it unwise for me to do backdoor Roth (high tax bracket and advancing age)?09/19 natchez09/19 FiveK
38hPlease help me invest a little sentimental mad money09/17 TSmitty09/19 usagi
1hMiddle aged newlyweds seek portfolio advice, GuideStone, USAA to Vanguard09/19 Surfergirl09/19 megabad
14hOne Fund that meets the Bogleheads 3 fund portfolio.09/19 CWRadio09/19 Jacklh
54hNeed help grading my "Fee Only" provider02/25 knot@work09/19 teamDE
48h1Mil$ Dollar-Cost Averaging is a strategy09/18 aramv09/19 magicrat
14hHelp with retirement date?09/19 jpfern1509/19 Watty
15hFidelity Review09/18 SlowMovingInves09/19 StealthRabbit
25hVerge of Retiring, Portfolio Analysis Help09/18 tyjy09/19 tyjy
3hCompany stock sale loss09/18 Eddiecaps198009/19 megabad
7hSwitch to Schwab International?09/17 rex09/19 bgreat
9hShould We Roll Over Our TSP Accounts?09/18 Snowshoe09/19 delamer
20hPrimerica09/18 Thegame1409/19 Stinky
55hWhere should we cut back saving/investing?09/11 daheld09/19 anon_investor
3hcontribute to Traditional & Roth 401K - Question09/19 TN_RetireEarly09/19 retiringwhen
2hVanguard's frequent trading policies09/19 John A. R.09/19 HomeStretch
88hHas the bond bubble finally arrived? If so, is anyone doing anything about it?09/02 fredflinstone09/19 z3r0c00l
15hBackdoor IRA with current IRA09/10 littlej245509/19 Spirit Rider
31hNew member looking for AA and account reallocation advice08/26 Library_Lady09/19 EarningBack
10hRoth and Roth401k limits?09/17 g2morrow09/18 usagi
15hLarge one-time purchase: ETF or Admiral fund?09/18 vrr10609/18 ivk5
8hRetirement Planning09/17 offsite09/18 GuyInFL
23h[Convince Me that Wellesley is the only fund I need in retirement]09/18 flyer39809/18 colodane
7hWhat's the BEST money market fund now?09/16 pennywise8809/18 retiredflyboy
12hPotential slice & dice allocation -- thoughts?09/17 fsh7109/18 pkcrafter
5hWill We Be OK?09/18 OnAwingAndaPray09/18 JBTX
3hFido - Wash Sale or Moving from Index to Index?09/18 rocketsrule09/18 ryman554
5hNew 401k and Old 401k advice (portfolio too)09/18 MoneyKnuckleHea09/18 Brianmcg321
1hAbout to buy first ETF: help me get started on the right foot09/18 CoastalWinds09/18 livesoft
4hHelp with basic investing09/18 Victory198209/18 Wiggums
2hPortfolio review/ advice welcome09/17 robindbee09/18 robindbee
1hRecent Retireee Requesting Portfolio Review09/18 Speckles09/18 peterwantstosav
54hCan you help me clean up my Roth IRA mess?06/23 peterwantstosav09/18 peterwantstosav
8hRecharacterized Roth IRA contribution to Traditional, now receiving unexpected bonus, options?09/18 Ketawa09/18 Ketawa
28hLooking for a More Tax-Efficient Intl Index Fund than Vanguard Total International (VTIAX)?09/16 CoastalWinds09/18 Northern Flicke
3hNew 401k and best investment suggestions09/18 loklav09/18 loklav
5hHelp selecting 403b funds09/17 BackpackB09/18 sawhorse
3hHow to rebalance bonds between taxable brokerage and 401k?09/18 okdan09/18 livesoft
5hWhat else can I be doing to maximize investments?09/16 Saaybogle09/18 Saaybogle
26h401-K versus Social Security09/16 deacon7609/18 JoeRetire
19hAnnuity question09/16 Figuring_it_out09/18 fire5soon
6hTax-advantaged options09/03 irl09/18 irl
2hFannie Mae/Home Path09/18 BradJ09/18 rooms222
8hBrokered CD Question09/18 sport09/18 Wiggums
6hSeries I savings bond09/17 sandysuha09/18 dm27
1hIEP (Icahn Enterprises) in a IRA09/18 BuyandHold3709/18 fabdog
151tWhy does dividend investing not work?02/28 Blendstar04:32 Forester
46tLarry Swedroe: Individual Stock Investing Increases Risk09/19 willthrill8104:32 bpp
11tA gentle alternative to HEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure with 2-Year Treasury Futures16:44 jt404:14 typical.investo
751tUltimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 42009 Trev H03:13 Forester
41tSpike in Repo Rates [Fed Overnight Repurchase agreement]09/17 skepticalobserv02:50 TomCat96
71tAmerican Funds vs Vanguard04/18 Paisley02:13 typical.investo
126tAre TIPS really a good inflation hedge? Pros and Cons09/15 CULater01:49 Northern Flicke
128tWade Pfau: Does The 4% Rule Work In Today’s Markets?09/08 YRT7023:44 willthrill81
45tVanguard said to offer Digital Advisory Service09/18 Dinosaur Dad23:25 Silence Dogood
5tHow do you maximize an IPO purchase?20:10 Bern23:20 Bern
35tFailing at Market Timing & Stock Picking- How to get an Asset Allocation I'm Comfortable With09/17 Slowtraveler23:07 Bluce
4tVanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT) gets some competition14:43 vineviz22:52 Ferdinand2014
265tWhat is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio2016 happysteward22:16 cashboy
20tHow Would Vanguard Total World Have Behaved During the Japanese Bubble/Crash09/19 Small Law Survi22:05 bluquark
24tInterest Rate Risk: Two Views09/18 Horton21:56 typical.investo
13tSmallest market day portfolio change?09/16 Diligent Hands21:54 Random Musings
0teFund: CD Ladder vs High-Yield Savings vs Money Market Fund21:45 AndroAsc 
7twhy buy bonds if interest rates become negative09/19 Tenesmus8321:41 soda_bandit
78tDon't confuse strategy with outcome:09/16 Nowizard21:27 finite_differen
29tUS Bonds reaching negative09/18 Jaxfann21:25 finite_differen
65tSpreadsheets09/16 abuss36821:05 bikechuck
8tJohn C. Bogle: A look back at the life of Vanguard's founder09/19 Bylo Selhi20:45 abuss368
7tIs there a good ESG or SRI Total World Fund?18:51 USinUK20:41 Silk McCue
83tWealthfront now offers 2.51% APY05/28 div19:56 Leemiller
225tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs02/11 EfficientInvest17:37 Lee_WSP
3tSpike in the Repo rate: what does it mean?11:08 CULater14:53 Chicken Little
47tA withdrawal strategy without sequence of return risk (kind of)08/26 Ben Mathew14:40 Ben Mathew
76tWhat do you think about Dan Wiener09/17 lepa7114:28 Scooter57
8tVanguard PAS -- one size fits all?10:46 trueblueky14:04 cas
32tThings you should know about minimum volatility investing02/17 hdas13:18 hdas
26tMarket/Limit Orders09/19 Windylotus13:02 Windylotus
135t2017 Relative Tax Efficiency2018 triceratop12:36 CoastalWinds
16tHow factor in pension with savings goal?09/18 JV11:35 JV
1tExplaining the Stock Market to Big Cat09:42 Dave5511:17 livesoft
11tWhat happens to reinvested dividends' missing money?09/19 HenryPorter10:40 Brianmcg321
16tLevering a portfolio to a 60/40 equivalent2018 birdec10:24 bscully27
914tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE08:37 Walkure
62tDCA vs. Lump Sum- an interesting analysis09/17 Wanderingwheelz07:53 MathIsMyWayr
276tCase study Broker trade executions2015 livesoft09/19 AlohaJoe
53tMortgage Sequence of Returns Risk Example.09/03 Watty09/19 Dude2
116tIs the 60/40 portfolio allocation strategy being killed?09/16 CULater09/19 fortyofforty
10tFactor loadings09/19 UberGrub09/19 pdavi21
2tVanguard Statements09/17 abuss36809/19 abuss368
32tManagement Fees [for an over-]55 Community Reserve Fund09/18 elainet709/19 elainet7
12071tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill09/19 LadyGeek
114tGoogle sheets not pulling stock prices2018 pshonore09/19 Kevin M
86tOil price going to a $100-- time to change your asset allocation??09/15 guyinlaw09/19 pdavi21
285t(NEW) WisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund2018 hdas09/19 NMBob
893tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest09/19 Monel
2tN.Y. Fed Takes $75 Billion of Securities, Treasuries in Repo Op09/19 erik26509/19 AHTFY
22tIndex funds take US lead in assets09/18 typical.investo09/19 abuss368
28tIs avoiding negative bond yields market timing?09/16 termsandconditi09/19 jeffyscott
1tQuestions about Authorized Participants09/19 AlohaJoe09/19 vineviz
23tWhy do long term treasuries diversify an equity/treasury portfolio09/18 glorat09/19 chem6022
60tBeating the stock market requires high risk premium08/14 investor300009/19 investor3000
2tNeed etf/fund equivalent to a Vanguard offering09/18 EvelynTroy09/19 EvelynTroy
216tIndex Funds Bubble? [Michael Burry article]08/28 exarkun09/19 DonIce
11tETFs are getting cheaper. Are there ETF equivalents for everything?09/16 JacobTeach09/18 JacobTeach
15tBest financial books for a new investor.09/18 bubbadog09/18 goodenyou
2428tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb09/18 mtmingus
30tNegative Bond Yields?03/24 ericcohen09/18 Phineas J. Whoo
8tTrevH's 4 Fund Portfolio2017 Razumihin09/18 Trader Joe
3tWill you rather have a high social security income, pension or high networth? Why?09/18 RL101309/18 mighty72
1887tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab09/18 pre
46tPotential usefulness of TIPS to conservative retirees: How to beat a 3% SWR09/17 willthrill8109/18 willthrill81
9tWhat happens to Bond Mutual funds when a recession hits?2012 324709/18 ricqas1324
6tMM vs short term bond index09/18 Kelly09/18 Kelly
72tThe best portfolios when the going gets rough09/14 CULater09/18 beehivehave
6tIs there a Global Bond Index Fund?09/18 Explorer09/18 Explorer
551tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa09/18 UberGrub
22tHypothetical Question for Factorheads09/17 Morse Code09/18 Day9
8tManual auto roll of individual treasuries at Charles Schwab09/17 Hector09/18 Hector
51tVanguard Flagship Services -- Another One Bites the Dust09/11 bhwabeck353309/18 galawdawg
32pDental Insurance for Retirees11:56 robindbee04:52 Sheepdog
4pDonation help - Good will how to properly account tax deduction22:56 elderwise04:37 TexasPE
13pTax form for Seniors.11:49 fru-gal04:30 cherijoh
24pMaking Psychological Shift to High Deductibles, Funded HSA09/19 delrinson03:47 FoolStreet
95pIT compensation comparison09/19 skor9902:41 thepicard1
18pBest way to track / categorize spending?09:02 ThankYouJack02:25 HuckFinn
27pWhat are the rules around signing up for a business credit card?09/17 Bob Sacamano01:54 Northern Flicke
16pEarly retirement - not worry about withdrawal rate, but focus on portfolio size?16:26 ThankYouJack01:15 Watty
0pQuestions about switching homeowners insurance (logistics); also questions re: Amica quotes01:04 mariezzz 
140pHow do you spend money to gain time? (young family)09/17 MrBeaver00:40 financial.freed
52pTax Aid Volunteering for AARP or VITA08/26 louiethelilac23:29 MandyT
21pOpening New Savings Account - Citi (2.36%) vs CIT (2.30%)?08/28 Defiance23:26 Clarice
12pGEICO assigning higher risk driver to more expensive car05/07 kevinpet23:19 Big Dog
4082pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy23:05 ndpage
4pMortgage rate discount: Roll 401k to Traditional IRA during backdoor Roth year?13:49 CalculatedRisk22:55 softwaregeek
97pBofA ShopSafe going away09/05 indexfundfan22:26 GaryA505
2pUL insurance22:02 standupguy22:21 standupguy
8pBe Aware of "Fake" Credit Unions08:59 dm20022:04 softwaregeek
30pHas anyone converted paper I-Bonds to electronic?2013 Browser22:03 Jack FFR1846
114pManaging joint finances when one is a perfectionist09/13 Caduceus21:49 money_bunny
90p2 weeks notice or No Notice ? save 3.5K or Reputation ?09/19 confusedinvesto21:39 confusedinvesto
20pWho is responsible for taking RMDs after death of IRA owner?11:33 piton21:10 cheese_breath
9pSold my S Corp Business - Should I File Unemployment?14:50 Jon_PassiveInve20:13 mgensler
17pForm 709 woes, Assistance Requested04/22 WoodSpinner19:10 WoodSpinner
3pRoth IRA Withdrawals12:17 azianbob18:55 lakpr
20pTake out HELOC or sell bonds for private investment?09:04 financial.freed18:53 GrowthSeeker
9pWhat are some good life insurance policies?10:11 Blue45618:48 Mike83
24pFight with my insurance company for rear-end collision?09/19 MBster18:29 Trader Joe
6pGift Tax Form Required?16:15 Van18:19 Gill
19pShould I see a fee-only financial advisor or keep DIY?14:20 knightrider18:06 tesuzuki2002
5pPlease critique my semi-retirement plan16:40 AerialWombat17:56 AerialWombat
15pShould I contribute to an IRA?09/17 JacobTeach16:39 rkhusky
9pIf accepting counter-offer, strategies to help relationship with manager07:28 B4Xt3r16:21 fabdog
177pTrust Services2017 rigoodma14:17 Pigeye Brewster
1pMy Relatives Have a Pension in Iranian Currency (IRR) - Can They Do Anything to Avoid Risk/Improve Outcomes?14:07 XacTactX14:10 stan1
27pElderly parents in assisted living with new high costs; seeking advice09/18 slee13:31 RetiredArtist
28pShould I actually finance this car?09/19 Utahdogowner12:57 Frank Grimes
8pMarried A/B Trust or Married A Trust09/19 drzzzzz12:52 FIREchief
12pHow do you optimize content consumption?09/19 RL101312:44 Jack FFR1846
13pMedian employee compensation challenge09/19 HEDGEFUNDIE12:26 Horton
5pMortgage Qualification and IRA Assets09/19 ubermax12:23 ubermax
14pCapital One 360 shaking up savings accounts09/19 Ice-912:14 mrmass
24pAny gotchas converting from SEP IRA to Solo 401K?07/15 knightrider12:11 Spirit Rider
339pSelective Colleges08/16 psteinx12:01 psteinx
65pFriend has cancer. What should be the next steps?08/28 haranoth11:46 JPM
3pPayroll processing fraud question10:51 BarbBrooklyn11:08 RickBoglehead
37pBogleheads in Oil and Gas?09/17 BeanCity11:02 Valuethinker
102pTracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 402017 Just_For_Jenna10:47 sd323232
13pHow to Correct RMD to ROTH Rollover09/17 patrickscott10:29 patrickscott
20pFERS credit for Active reserve time2017 Cobra Commander10:02 fish8me
2pSwitching Use of Credit Card from Personal to Business07:44 rynlee09:55 PaddyMac
1pAnyone have experience with TAB Bank or BMO Harris?09/18 robocop09:47 ChicagoBear7
2pneed to do K-1 even if 1041 not required?09/20 SamStone08:48 Gill
80p“Upsizing” are we foolish?05/25 Turkishcoffee08:43 White Coat Inve
1053pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon08:28 snowman
4pSimple HSA Contribution Question09/19 Clarice07:58 Jeep512
8pParents portion of college loan09/19 Mybuterrier07:49 FireHorse
8pDownsizing House to Apartment09/19 BGeste07:45 basspond
230pKitces: The Problem with FIREing at 4% and the Need for Flexible Spending Rules09/05 willthrill8109/20 willthrill81
4pWife awarded SSDI-need advice on next steps.09/19 RMD381909/19 retiredflyboy
7pElements Financial High Interest Checking09/14 Carlsonwebber09/19 Carlsonwebber
470pBay Area teacher saving half my income – why the doubt? (and asking more questions)09/14 Ron Ronnerson09/19 MathIsMyWayr
69pRoth Conversion Conundrum08/09 GeekGal09/19 FiveK
125pPaying off mortgage early - am I thinking about this right?09/03 Variant09/19 EnjoyIt
7pBeneficiary passes, leaves hospital bills, can hospitals get money from her trust fund until paid in full?09/19 Rollo09/19 Gill
1pWould Like to Sell Judgment09/19 letahl09/19 ResearchMed
31pMortgage rate last week09/14 Fingerfish09/19 Golf maniac
3p529 qualified expenses question09/19 tweet73709/19 HomeStretch
58pTax avoidance and estate planning ‘for the rich’?09/17 slalom09/19 psteinx
40pLong Term FAFSA/College Strategy09/18 justsomeguy201809/19 chipperd
41pPrulife life insurance09/12 talnoe09/19 talnoe
6pHelp with employer HSA and dependent FSA09/18 Kendrick3309/19 Kendrick33
15pPlan for 2 Incomes to 1 and Mortgage Payoff09/18 nitrocore2409/19 nitrocore24
19pBest Method to Inherit House09/16 azianbob09/19 azianbob
11pHow is IRMAA determined09/18 Stoic909/19 Stoic9
12pNever assume the banks calculate balances correctly09/18 Planner0109/19 psteinx
470pSelling home- Demanding Buyer (Repairs)05/16 Gardener09/19 Dave55
43pUSAA Auto Premiums Up Exactly 10% in 3 Consecutive Renewals?01/22 Ketawa09/19 tj
10pAfter-tax 401k earnings problem09/18 Skeet09/19 Spirit Rider
15pDo you always buy term life from a broker?09/17 colonialrampage09/19 afan
36pNegotiating Salary out of College09/17 walkthetalk1509/19 orhkaf
0pExpats and Americans Abroad09/18 LeeMKE 
3pMega backdoor roth09/05 MOSTL09/18 Spirit Rider
10pSearching for affordable 401K provider? Guideline? Any comments or suggestions?04/15 ccbay5809/18 TIAX
17pCan I transfer part of a Solo 401(k)?09/15 outlookcapital09/18 sco
13pHelp for mother-in-law: Is NYS retirement income taxable in Colorado?09/17 privateID09/18 privateID
12pCondo HOA in disclosure $35 more than MLS09/18 Cycle09/18 adam1712
1pWork in NY, moving from NY to NJ. What to consider?09/17 petebogle09/18 grabiner
11pMajor home renovations and Recessions... Good or bad?09/18 Ontheupnup09/18 stan1
61pHelping elderly parents manage finances - pros and cons09/12 RickBoglehead09/18 RetiredAL
0pTerm life company downselect?09/18 jaybee9 
4pHow to contribute HSA with carry over of FSA?09/18 Box5phantom09/18 nps
7pSeeking Career Advice, Or, A CPA looking for a career pivot09/18 Texanbybirth09/18 Horton
229pPaying "early" on mortgage may be unwise03/28 dm20009/18 tesuzuki2002
14pMinimizing hard credit pulls when getting mortgage preapproval09/10 robocop09/18 RickBoglehead
2pCan a Christian healthshare be used with an hsa?09/18 Jules409/18 willthrill81
2pMinimizing capital gains taxes09/10 robocop09/18 robocop
35pBuy a house now or in the next 3 years?08/14 robocop09/18 robocop
1pHome Equity Loan vs Traditional Mortgage Refinance09/18 ekarpuz09/18 Clarice
6pWife's Pension - What Age?09/18 FreedomHawk09/18 Stinky
2pHSA expenses09/18 dave105409/18 Flyer24
26pFacing very short gap without health insurance, options09/17 Jackson1209/18 Supurdueper
30p"End of Life" Issues09/17 dm20009/18 LadyGeek
7pLiability vs step-up cost basis09/18 Wyodoc09/18 dbr
11pPerpetual Withdrawal Rate2018 skime09/18 siamond
38pLive in MA, Need 2.5 years health insurance until Medicare09/16 557880yvi09/18 chw
24pMultiple job offers - How to ask for time to evaluate with my BH?09/15 confusedinvesto09/18 confusedinvesto
64pMoving for better public schools?08/15 Dagwood09/18 beehappy
74pPrimer on Paying Taxes With a Credit Card03/24 whodidntante09/18 Leesbro63
10pJob Elimination - questions to ask and steps to take09/17 ThankYouJack09/18 ThankYouJack
6pAdvice on Real Estate Sale Strategy09/14 eagerinvester09/18 eagerinvester
8nBELGIUM - Renting vs Owning04/07 itechead04:06 Schlabba
6nSchwab U.K. seeking consent to move account09/19 boglechris23:10 typical.investo
4nInvesting in Norway for expat09/20 PurpleArc21:29 PurpleArc
8nequal-weighted index fund09:28 chrismckay16:12 BeBH65
0nGerman Resident, investing 40k12:31 Bogle1984 
24nSchwab - U.S. ETFs and ETNs restrictions as of September 1908/14 boglechris12:22 a__
17nComparing VWRA with IWDA+EMIM combination08/13 BeBH6509:54 thibaulthib
13nMy portfolio: seeking advice (new “non- US” template) [China]08/25 GlobalBogle07:04 PurpleArc
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