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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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5455 new posts and replies over 464 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
1hDoes average cost basis get rid of wash sale concerns if overall gain?10:28 userwithconcern10:48 lazynovice
30cFold Flat Seats in a 2019/2020 car05/29 sad210:48 MishkaWorries
11t[How can I teach my young kids about investing?]05/29 BornInCA10:47 F150HD
116pSimple jobs during FATFire?05/26 hammond10:47 TheTimeLord
41pStrategy for 2020 Retirement Admidst Employer CV-19 Issues04/11 fourniks10:47 8foot7
78cFace mask recommendations05/28 ThankYouJack10:47 folkher0
3hPlanning for after death of a parent09:49 homer7710:45 jeff1949
11hLeaving Employer; convert 401k balance to new 401k or roth IRA?12:17 conlaw123410:45 conlaw1234
15tShould I pull out of TIAA Real Estate...?21:54 fatFIRE10:44 tibbitts
12pChase reducing credit card limits03:05 runswithscissor10:41 TravelGeek
41hForget ACA subsidies and Max out Roth conversions early?05/30 Johnsson10:41 retiredjg
200t“WHEN YOU'VE WON the game, stop playing with the money you really need.”05/27 CWRadio10:39 TheTimeLord
17pnorthern Delaware versus southern NJ for retirement05/29 go_mets10:39 go_mets
31hHow do you keep track your investments?23:43 chicagoperson7810:39 acegolfer
0cworth it to upgrade to Wifi 6 router10:38 Tenesmus83 
25cFloor are slanting05/21 Faisal10:37 Chuck107
17hVanguard Personal Advisor vs. Local Advisor05/29 shc498210:37 shc4982
29hOut of market now and need advice on re-entering05/30 shc498210:35 shc4982
5h[Whic bond fund for a taxable account?]21:07 Rajsx10:35 Rajsx
9hVanguard Website05/30 whr1960610:34 ruralavalon
1576pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1110:33 lospecv
3tWhich portfolio allocation is the right one for you?05/09 CULater10:32 Robot Monster
27hM1 or SoFi Customer Service05/30 sp22610:30 TeeDee
13hWhere to save extra income?05/29 mc18210:30 sailaway
20hRoth IRA for a minor child?13:27 dred pirate10:30 Spirit Rider
3hAdvice on switching account to Vanguard09:22 Leanmac6110:29 tibbitts
30pThe risks of using account aggregators (how they access your accounts).05/30 corp_sharecropp10:28 acegolfer
30tEconomy and The Markets05/29 Newtothis9210:27 Robot Monster
13tTax loss harvesting02:44 l1am10:27 JustinR
5tEducating money and investing for kids08:55 jk87610:23 Broken Man 1999
8nNew investor with a couple ETF tax-related questions [Canada ex-pat in Philippines]05/30 yosho10:20 assyadh
52pCareer advice for science PhD student05/26 handle10:19 sd323232
16tiShares 0-3 Month Treasury ETF14:18 petulant10:19 Doc
6hReal Estate Investing00:34 SpaceX10:15 AerialWombat
45pTeaching kids about saving money and investing02/25 Mario222210:14 helloeveryone
42pWhen to deduct HSA from payroll, and when not to?05/10 tomwood10:13 grabiner
100cFalcon 9 Launch to the International Space Station05/27 LadyGeek10:11 LadyGeek
34hPaying off debt with taxable account + EF16:21 home_body10:08 Stinky
8ppassword breach & threatening email09:13 montanagirl10:02 canadianbacon
1cPPP Forgiveness and EIDL questions05/30 andyandyandy09:57 evelynmanley
1fnavigation08:29 KEotSK6609:56 ScubaHogg
5hCD interest disbursement options21:10 blackwhisker09:55 skepticalobserv
3hHelp checking over retirement path plan05/29 berg09:54 berg
38pFL Snowbirds with Second Homes - Give Me Pros/Cons of Owning Our Own vs Renting Seasonal05/29 debrajo6109:53 surfinagin
9hNovice investor advice needed: what should I do with a lump sum in the current environment?01:54 thermo09:50 whereskyle
31hRecommend a China-focused, risk-seeking fund05/23 jajlrajrf09:50 Stick5vw
2cStarting a SaaS09:24 Oh12309:47 Oh123
2pBest resources for first time home buying09:05 theDanimal09:46 runner540
2htwo-year savings plans for home & car funds05/29 rjmack09:42 3funder
29pPros/Cons on Retiring to Florida Gulf Coast & Recommended Areas Input Please03/29 debrajo6109:40 mathwhiz
3tDuration Question08:54 bck6309:40 petulant
52pSell or rent $2m house?05/29 michaeljmroger09:38 geerhardusvos
0hVanguard vs. Fidelity Large Cap Growth Mutual Fund09:36 mam69350 
164pChase Sapphire checking 1000$ offer09/30 BashDash09:36 Nummerkins
1hTIAA - Vanguard - Personal Advisor08:44 jcourv09:36 crefwatch
81tRoth + Time vs Pretax + tax05/22 Superleaf44409:35 joetro29
36pWhat does your budget spreadsheet look like?05/29 AaronScott09:34 toocold
10pIs there a white-collar semi-retired WFH job that doesn't need skills/training?20:06 fatFIRE09:34 mathwhiz
70pFraudulent charges... Getting really tired of the number of times this happens and resulting hassle.05/16 corp_sharecropp09:31 goingup
11tGrowth Does Not Equal Profits20:46 petulant09:24 KlangFool
23hadvice, please: target date fund to index switch / traditional v roth allocations05/14 pewee09:14 pewee
11pConsider wealth tax possibility in pension choices?21:28 tealeaves09:03 LadyGeek
14cI think the dentist broke one of my teeth [Do I have to pay for the extraction?]05/29 montanagirl08:54 Elsebet
2hUsefulness of VNYTX (Vanguard New York Long-Term Tax-Exempt Mutual Fund)02:12 sharppencilinve08:49 mega317
47hHow to invest lots of maturing CDs in this investment climate05/27 protagonist08:44 hudson
8hVandguard/TSP Evaluation05/29 Mjams4708:37 grabiner
18cSuggestions for a comfortable desk chair on a budget18:31 PhysicsTeacher08:29 Sandtrap
5lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam208:28 goblue100
235pAvoiding keeping-up-with-the-joneses w.r.t. private schools05/25 hammond08:28 stoptothink
3pRe-roof or repair?23:45 TTGO80808:24 Sandtrap
5hPortfolio Review... Again - Updates and analysis paralysis05/28 Robo08:23 Robo
53pHow Will Corona Virus affect the Real Estate Market ?03/13 TonyDee08:23 Ralph Furley
161tSwedroe’s Bond Advice - no total bond index05/26 nix4me08:17 KEotSK66
68tWall Street bets international stocks will top US equities in 2020 after a decade-long slump12/07 mathwhiz08:13 best2u
138pAirline refusing to issue refunds03/30 rm08:12 student
23hAn NTSX alternative in taxable?20:08 HEDGEFUNDIE08:10 keith6014
53tInvesting in International Stocks05/21 grayfox08:01 jeffyscott
80hSingle Favorite Mutual Fund2013 TheTimeLord08:01 LookinAround
1tFixed rate annuity question06:31 Kelly07:51 Cyclesafe
1461cBest watch for around $5,000?2008 Petrocelli07:45 LadyGeek
164tSWAN ETF - 10% Leaps / 90% Treasuries2018 Snowjob07:44 snailderby
25tWhat Is the Stock Market Even for Anymore?05/30 dignan07:40 LadyGeek
5hTIPS--Explain please...22:52 poppa2307:28 Elysium
194lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam207:25 NoMo5O
9hcommodities11/10 prk07:20 heyyou
9hRecommendations for bond funds in a cash balance plan05/30 sp22607:19 sp226
7tWill this decade play out like the 1960s?00:14 Dennisl07:14 oldcomputerguy
58tGoldman-Sachs Compares Bitcoin to the Tulip Bubble05/27 Northern Flicke07:12 Forester
33hFavorite initial investor Vanguard mutual index fund; VTSAX05/28 NitaaiDoc07:08 KlangFool
10pRetirement basics for self-employed dummies14:21 neverpanic07:04 smitcat
4pIssue with Dividends after USAA-Schwab transfer14:20 Gnirk07:02 lstone19
9pFraud charges on Netflix using Bofa Card05/19 mystiq06:58 othermike27
12hNewbie Advice (Updated for review)05/12 PastorJ06:49 CyclingDuo
1nDifference between 2 UBS funds03:04 boleva05:43 yosho
87cNew Vehicle: Forester or Rav4 for boglehead couple05/25 cbr shadow05:30 UpperNwGuy
4948tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE03:55 RomeoMustDie
189tWhy not 100% PSLDX?03/04 TeeDee03:26 occambogle
7hconsolidate 401k for early retirement? new 401k plan has admin fee after leaving13:51 casaver02:36 lakpr
22pCalculating Capital Gains Taxable Amount05/25 pascalwager01:19 pascalwager
221cTesla Model Y2019 4nursebee01:07 minimalistmarc
21cNon Fiction books for teenagers05/29 tzukulika01:06 BroIceCream
35hTime for a new house?05/29 thomasbayarea01:01 celia
5tTrying to Understand Equities - Years to pay back all shares.22:52 zie00:53 FiveK
180pAre your personal expenses down during stay home and shelter?04/02 Xrayman6900:49 madbrain
18pHELOC - original mortgage not satisfied05/18 decades00:47 decades
522tI don't understand the case for EE bonds2017 sometimesinvest00:31 Mel Lindauer
164lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei23:42 digarei
3hHelp buying a stock today (saturday)15:08 vanquish23:22 buhlaxtus
2creplacement glass for 3 cup french press23:08 lostcoast23:16 buhlaxtus
9pCOVID-19 and auto insurance03/25 charis2323:13 bacon4retiremen
49t70/30 - Expected Real Return?05/29 Pinotage22:50 willthrill81
1pTaxes on sold property abroad19:09 mapofuniverse22:39 typical.investo
8pSaving money or pay off debt?21:24 Frugalbear22:38 yangtui
11fWhat does OP stand for?05/30 xxsocraticxx22:34 ScubaHogg
1492tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas22:16 BroIceCream
37hTransferring large managed brokerage to Schwab, please help and review my plan!05/10 beckwith22:12 beckwith
36hHave you been following your IPS?05/28 remomnyc21:42 BroIceCream
8nchoices to make by retiring05/30 clango21:40 Beehave
3hMove, reorganize, or reallocate?05/29 MidSizeTexan21:39 MidSizeTexan
24cHow to get back fees paid to telemedicine provider?11:28 BogleMelon21:38 rooms222
22pDoes FICA tax gross income?05/29 tomwood21:36 bayview
6cHow to best utilize my office stipend?05/29 z9121:34 BroIceCream
10hRecommednations for long term fund?05/30 LXEX5521:18 UpperNwGuy
42cUpdate current laptop or buy new one?05/24 anthonyphamy21:16 random_walker_7
56p[IRS tax filing deadline moved to July 15]03/20 jebmke21:01 tooluser
61tHealthcare post COVID-1905/11 Devil's Advocat21:01 Pawpatrol
9pIs my college kid independent and eligible for Education Credits and Stimulus Check05/28 March200921:00 the way
1hHelp with funds for tax loss harvesting20:32 CaptainCustard20:45 retired@50
1pBusiness transaction with Chinese company, best way to dispute?19:04 vveat20:43 David Jay
10tDay trading on TD Ameritrade03/24 snoberdale20:39 sd323232
23cquestion about modems & routers05/29 schmitz20:28 warner25
55lSan Antonio TX Chapter - Master Thread2016 bdrolan20:26 9to5er
5725tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar20:25 TheTimeLord
7pStimulus payment if dependent in 2018 but not 201905/29 dannyboy20:18 FiveK
56cCarolina/Virginia Summer Vacation05/28 Johnny Thinwall20:18 LadyGeek
2980tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb20:13 gamboolman
10tGlobal Market Portfolio05/29 Maestro G20:12 nisiprius
3hIndex Allocation Advice Post COVID19:18 newcatintown20:12 newcatintown
4hWorth it to transfer 2 company stocks to E*Trade?10:57 Cranberry4419:42 BruinBones
34pMove HSA to Fidelity or Elsewhere?05/26 tomwood19:37 aristotelian
15pReplacement Windows in Stucco house05/28 Bb07308419:35 Bb073084
28h401K portfolio allocation05/29 RandomInvestor19:35 lakpr
105tThis article is scaring me. [Roubini predicting depression]05/27 SilverGirl19:31 New Providence
19tJack Bogle....The Legacy Less Traveled.05/08 galawdawg19:27 marklearnsbogle
17pEURUSD rate and options on large transfer04/19 mapofuniverse19:18 Elena
57hAm I panicking or being prudent?05/29 GeoMetry19:08 Fallible
6pAny way to gift a tax-deferred account with same tax treatment as TOD?05/29 spuriousproposa18:49 gretah
12pCapital One Bank bonus $45004/27 sixty4018:41 FedGuy
131tFascinating take on a rebalanced Permanent Portfolio - BreakingTheMarket.com02/12 jimbomahoney18:25 LadyGeek
8nFixed income for French / Euro portfolio: bonds ETFs? Euro fund?04/26 ndfred18:22 ndfred
5nCheaper ETFs?05/30 galeno18:16 galeno
13cSubcompact SUVs/Sedans with Adjustable Pedals Question2018 OnTrack202018:13 anagramopk
11pExcellent Treasury Direct Experience(s)05/07 TheGreyingDuke18:08 KeepingEyesOpen
39cBest home printer/scanner?04/07 HappyJack18:04 TexasPE
1pFinancial Checkup & Evaluation of Housing Options (Single Income, HCOL)17:28 lyner17:59 Watty
3hWhat Does Tag "(Cash)" by a Vangurad MF mean?17:18 essbeer17:36 livesoft
28cNew iPhone SE?? has anyone bought and used one?05/29 TresBelle6517:33 folkher0
21pMedicare Enrollment Help05/26 missris60517:32 FIREchief
13hHow to invest for the next 20 years?05/29 Boulous17:31 hudson
15pDrop in taxes for this biweekly pay period: Social Security Tax and Voluntary Disability Tax05/28 ThisJustIn17:18 ThisJustIn
7tCorrelation of every stock in the S&P with the index itself05/29 Virus476217:15 BJJ_GUY
308pCollege in fall03/29 Calhoon17:11 retired recentl
86tWhat if one rebalanced on March 16, the RBD?04/10 livesoft17:00 JBTX
1923c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir16:51 JonnyDVM
120cTips to stick to a weight loss diet?05/22 Kennedy16:41 stan1
5hAdvice on Mother-In-Law's Portfolio05/29 lionroar2216:40 Stinky
8tPhysical gold ETF vs Physical gold storage05/30 Forester16:35 BJJ_GUY
3hManaging mixed Traditional/Roth 401k balance at Fidelity05/30 MrJedi16:35 bryansmile
10hYour feedback on soon to retire portfolio pls14:34 xxsocraticxx16:35 xxsocraticxx
39tPenalty-free withdrawals from 401(k)s03/26 CashFlo16:24 GeoMetry
88cdoes anyone have a subscription to youtube tv?05/26 schmitz16:07 onourway
9pAlly vs. M1 (One Stop Shop w/ banking & leveraged funds)12:00 BB7615:55 mpsz
184tVanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund12/20 abuss36815:53 sycamore
9hHow to get rid of a few cents in IRA Money Market?05/30 PGR15:52 jebmke
365pThe axe falls and I am prepared. What's next?05/22 KlangFool15:43 Bulldawg
2hFirst time reallocating/re-balancing05/29 azhangli15:31 sycamore
171hWhen Did You Ease Up On Saving Aggressively?08/19 RJC15:29 Pinotage
46pOpinion on Relocating from IL to FL Central Gulf Coast Condo05/19 debrajo6115:18 tnr
17cNecessary to clean the clothes dryer? How? Ticks?05/30 URSnshn15:16 Chicken lady
3p1035? Managing taxes on whole life policy05/01 taxdeferring15:16 petulant
6tWhat percent of value stocks are actually risky?05/05 rkhusky15:15 Elysium
7hMortgage payoff, cap gains, and go for PSLF?05/20 nungjames15:10 petulant
67tVanguard Target Adds TIPS?05/27 gr707014:50 Northern Flicke
60tIs this the end of risk parity?03/09 Investor121214:42 nedsaid
4tInternational Equity Diversification vs TIPS05/29 Northern Flicke14:35 Northern Flicke
35cLifelong New Yorker relocating to Philly for FIRE?05/29 cpan00b14:35 Watty
73cCar shopping PHEV / ICE / or all electric?02/23 RetiredCSProf14:23 RetiredCSProf
10pWill my son be eligible for unemployment in CA05/24 Old Guy14:19 Sandi_k
11hJapanese stocks as an “investment haven”05/28 theorist14:10 nedsaid
21tEffect of being out of the market05/29 rkhusky14:09 arcticpineapple
15hRetirement Portfolio Overhaul - Guidance on Proposed Revised Allocations05/21 kmanjir14:06 lakpr
50h[Is an Investment Policy Statement needed? How do I write one?]05/26 nanameg14:06 nedsaid annual subscription- worth it?05/27 BornInCA14:03 stan1
6tCome on in, the water is fine: My 10-yr BH experience11:06 k6614:03 Elysium
7pCollege tuition- DIY or pay a professional?05/27 guavapure13:57 guavapure
42pPut checking accounts in living revocable trusts?2015 rcjchicity13:45 rixer
18pSelling Boat to people out of State05/24 bg513:39 Sandi_k
343pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan13:36 need403bhelp
1029pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?2019 tomtoms13:35 gr7070
9cWindows 10 May 2020 (Windows 10 version 2004) update is here, slowly rolling out05/29 Peculiar_Invest13:34 02nz
1411lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1613:33 runner540
4pFICA tax on NQSO exercise after retirement10:59 Escapevelocity13:19 Chip
2tBogleheads blog - April 2020 postings05/08 siamond13:17 2pedals
9pRefi from 3.125% 30 yr fxd convo - when now-8/24?05/29 need403bhelp13:17 need403bhelp
4pElderly mother gave scammer SSN and birthdate05/29 DebiT13:09 DebiT
12hUpdate (Single large position in a single stock - Redfin)08/12 dreamjob913:06 FoolMeOnce
13pAnother IRA/Mortgage Payoff Question05/29 Joe3zz13:01 EnjoyIt
22pGetting plane tickets refunded from Virgin05/28 trevorshhh12:59 stocknoob4111
4tAre Long-Term or Short-Term Investments Better?05/29 tvubpwcisla12:58 mega317
8pRoth IRA Overcontribution Questions05/28 milktea7812:56 milktea78
8hMega Backdoor Roth IRA - Minimizing Tax05/15 Brit12:51 retiredjg
1n65/35 funds India. Free lunch for International Diversification.05/22 Anon900112:47 nedsaid
16hStrategy Check05/28 holycow00712:44 ruralavalon
5pPreparing to be a new ophthalmology attending.... Successful job hunting?05/25 Johnsson12:44 folkher0
1hFDPXX12:25 Chronos12:32 anon_investor
93cYet Another Retiring to Florida Thread - Pros/Cons11/29 TresBelle6512:24 makingmistakes
143cPandemic buys that have improved quality of life?05/24 hammond12:12 Colorado Guy
4pIRS announces Form 1040-X electronic filing options05/29 jebmke12:04 Hiker-Biker
4hDid Empower Mess Up My Coronavirus Related Distribution05/29 Outdoorsy11:56 Outdoorsy
165tI don't understand stock buybacks2019 refinedchain11:52 grabiner
618cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger11:42 JAZZISCOOL
127hIs Vanguard's Personal Advisor Service Worth It???05/21 Xav202011:42 retired@50
62hOverpay for the home we love?05/28 redfan1111:39 ruralavalon
472cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL11:37 jebmke
10cBuy, Lease or Wait on a new car: Opinions?05/28 TrustButVerifyi11:20 8foot7
6hHSA investment questions05/29 abhi76411:15 grabiner
76p1:1 salary and stock jobs?05/26 Picasso10:58 HawkeyePierce
86t40m Unemployment Claims - I Don’t Understand Why Markets Seem To Not Care05/26 oscar110:57 MotoTrojan
2p10-year note predates marriage - community or separate?05/28 neverpanic10:56 neverpanic
4tBig Winners Dominating Index Funds. So?05/30 Leesbro6310:56 firebirdparts
1pYodlee users beware!05/30 diyinvestor10:54 Nestegg_User
57pCan my wife and I afford a $600K + house?02/28 totallynotsure10:52 kir_royale
16h[How do I make a 3-fund portfolio for my 401(k)?]05/27 barcelona05/30 ruralavalon
74tAlarming Bid/Ask Spreads on ETFs05/24 nedsaid05/30 grabiner
79tAlly lowers APR on savings from 1.5% to 1.25%05/11 tennisplyr05/30 anon_investor
449pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek05/30 fixer
35tWhy is the market soaring?05/27 PinotGris05/30 rich126
9ppaper tax returns05/30 mouses05/30 mouses
6pEstimated Tax Payment05/30 snoberdale05/30 MarkNYC
2ciPadOS 13.5 Power Management?05/30 jebmke05/30 TravelGeek
20cI'm evaluating Quicken 2019 vs Personal Capital2019 teamDE05/30 kjvmartin
10cXFINITY Mobile new phone SIM swap05/29 3-20Characters05/30 Katietsu
11hBest place to put my cash right now05/29 charged05/30 Rudedog
7hBogleheads APP?2017 tman994005/30 Stinky
81cFirst Time Car Buyer Needs Help. HELP ME PLEASE! Thank you!05/24 greenxspidey05/30 galawdawg
7hInvesting while moving abroad?05/28 pekdubs05/30 Dude2
20pProbationary period for new job05/29 Calhoon05/30 hudson
34hLump sum vs Dollar Cost Averaging during volatile market05/28 abhi76405/30 Randtor
18tIs Buying Fractional Shares a Great Thing??01/30 Winthorpe05/30 anon_investor
6hSchwab and Fractional Shares for ETFs05/11 mindboggling05/30 LadyGeek
18cCondensation line in attic / AC air handler05/29 mancich05/30 Tubes
20hEtrade vs Vanguard05/25 NitaaiDoc05/30 beyou
15hHow many funds are TOO many funds & is it a good idea to invest in a newly reopened fund?05/28 Zillions05/30 Sandtrap
1tFed posts data on bond ETF purchases05/29 Oicuryy05/30 gjlynch17
7tCan you recommend a book for a non-investor? Jill Schlesinger?05/29 international0005/30 MikeG62
9tG Fund no longer keeping pace with inflation03/07 nps05/30 SteadyOne
12hHow are you accounting for T-Bills, Bonds, TIPS, etc?05/28 jajlrajrf05/30 #Cruncher
19hWhat to do when bank CD rate is much lower than promised?05/28 anonyx05/30 mortfree
6pCOVID related charitable contributions05/30 sean.mcgrath05/30 RobLyons
66pSomething Fishy Here?? [CARES payment received via prepaid Visa]05/22 birnhamwood05/30 cheese_breath
223tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest05/30 longinvest
176tUnderstanding using treasury futures for leverage to implement risk parity2019 DonIce05/30 Uncorrelated
52cCar Issues - No Oil05/28 SC Anteater05/30 atikovi
27pmortgage rates05/28 Amarecat05/30 RobLyons
86pEmployer cut 403b contribution to zero05/13 RevFran05/30 Rain
5pCARES Act for college students?05/29 gasdoc05/30 Rain
23hTIAA Annuity Help understanding Contact Language05/20 drzzzzz05/30 macher
8h$20K in I-bonds; sell?05/29 go_mets05/30 dcabler
14hShould we get back into Wellsley and Wellington?05/29 four7s05/30 crefwatch
25hDraftKings?05/29 Radcock1205/30 JonnyDVM
12pNeed help obtaining IRS tax transcripts05/29 XM16E105/30 IRS-Gman
230pCar Dealers not really wanting to make a deal04/16 Crow Hunter05/30 onourway
21pAnother Close or Walk Dilemma04/21 remomnyc05/30 galawdawg
9fPolitical posts05/29 TwoIdenticalInd05/30 Stinky
1h401k investment question05/30 bogglewer05/30 Stinky
17tIB brokers fractional shares12/25 1130Super05/30 Ferdinand2014
27cDel Webb 55+ communities?05/22 TresBelle6505/30 fredflinstone
2hNew investor VTSAX + VBTLX = VBIAX05/29 johnpau05/30 galawdawg
19nNewbie Investor-Switzerland12/27 Scorpion8705/30 Stef
2tYahoo! Finance as a Resource05/29 centennialstate05/30 occambogle
295tWisdomTree 90/60 U.S. Balanced Fund [NTSX]01/29 kevinf05/30 occambogle
18828tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill05/30 Triple digit go
4396cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt05/30 Mr. Rumples
4hre: Should I refinance?05/29 J6shin05/30 J6shin
69pMortgage rates headed lower?05/25 HEDGEFUNDIE05/30 unclescrooge
92cThe "Best of" for Aldi?05/26 Kennedy05/30 Cubicle
16pRefinance appraisal issue05/23 barnburner444405/29 Jeff P
269cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet05/29 Sandi_k
22tFractional Investing05/25 tvubpwcisla05/29 TropikThunder
1pHow to get IRS forms for completing 1099-NEC05/29 Loon1105/29 Spirit Rider
122p16 Weeks Paternity Leave12/09 Kaizen Soze05/29 bottlecap
24tDoes reinvesting TSM dividends artificially inflate one’s position in growth stocks?05/28 Nicolas Perraul05/29 Patzer
30tHas anybody heard of DriverLoan Investor Club?05/23 FinKnight1905/29 willthrill81
35lWestern NY Bogleheads Local Chapter Established2019 Maid of the Mis05/29 Vato
14nOnly tax-advantaged option is a Roth?05/27 GFOX05/29 GFOX
6pUtilize 2020 losses to offset 2019 capital gains05/10 FIPreferred05/29 FIPreferred
195tS&P500 vs World Performance05/17 helloyou05/29 andrige
11hWhy not fund selection based on P/E, P/B?05/29 diabelli05/29 diabelli
4pPre-purchase car inspection services?05/28 jaybee905/29 jaybee9
20hPension: Lump Sum vs. Annuity05/28 totallynotsure05/29 backpacker61
2tWarren Buffet on Diversification05/29 alex12371105/29 theorist
23hSold Stocks to Reduce Portfolio Risk05/27 smartinvestor2005/29 xxsocraticxx
5442cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36805/29 abuss368
8hMobile phone alert apps2013 dt05/29 jrbdmb
27pLand Purchase Possible or Forget About It?2018 trumpet8305/29 WVbaron
38cHBO Max05/26 New Providence05/29 New Providence
13cDo I need to buy a scale to ship stuff?05/29 knightrider05/29 123
4tVanguard Balances & Holdings math errors05/29 statman05/29 livesoft
138cGardening 202003/19 kacang05/29 Lynette
8hBond Fund for 60 year old05/28 whereskyle05/29 Eagle33
13pAm I spending too much on rent?05/29 cnblure05/29 JD2775
15tWhy math, why? [How do I calculate portfolio gain/loss from asset allocation?]05/28 jvini05/29 FactualFran
8pNoob Refinancing Questions05/28 MBster05/29 MBster
9pLease Buyout Negotiation04/28 Ned Nederlander05/29 RetiredCSProf
101pCapital One 360 Savings Promo05/05 LivinGood05/29 HomeStretch
6hDoes is makes sense for me to refinance and do it this way?05/29 Pax05/29 Pax
3pRefinance Advice: 4.5% to a 2.75% on a 30 year loan05/29 YesWeCan71305/29 BrandonBogle
9pInheriting Trust - Best way to do this05/28 ajmokotoff05/29 illumination
10hRoth IRA invested too much?05/28 jl09205/29 MathWizard
2hThrift Savings Plan - RMD's05/29 catdude05/29 catdude
44hQuestion about Edward Jones disapproval05/24 WesAck05/29 Helo80
22hPortfolio for 72 year old couple05/17 tkutzz05/29 HomeStretch
17hExpecting first child: portfolio review request01/19 jackson31305/29 Horton
27pFirst Time Homebuyer - Any Advice?05/29 AaronScott05/29 KlangFool
75hBetterment liquidated my investments without my authorization05/27 GuruNinja05/29 Grt2bOutdoors
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2hPrudent time to exit a taxable concentration on Apple?05/29 sojersey05/29 Stinky
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33pIs Capital One 360 bank account OK?05/28 tc10105/29 billthecat
12tMy idea for a 1-fund Vanguard-only portfolio05/19 jhsu80270105/29 David Jay
2tGood article demonstrating why to avoid single stocks05/29 peterwantstosav05/29 LadyGeek
64pTwo accountants disagree - Bogleheads for the tiebreaker05/29 simplesauce05/29 LadyGeek
11cAuto Insurance Adult Child/gap/Is this legit?05/26 it'smyjob?05/29 PatrickA5
40pSwitching Insurance05/26 PatrickA505/29 PatrickA5
3hAssistance Allocating Retirement Funds Correctly05/29 aredubsacs05/29 bloom2708
24hOne Fidelity Fund Only - Possible?05/22 TImeshare Queen05/29 TImeshare Queen
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15hPaying Off/Down Mortgage vs Investing05/27 lionroar2205/29 lionroar22
14hVanguard Prime Money Market05/29 PastorJ05/29 anon_investor
10hLooking for Help with Portfolio Creation05/27 jbnds05/29 lakpr
94cWhat will you NOT buy online?05/25 tvubpwcisla05/29 jebmke
7pUnreasonably Low Appraisal & Non-MLS Comp05/29 AF_Engineer05/29 carolinaman
10hSell When Down to Avoid Taxes?05/26 fedbogle05/29 retiredjg
13c55+ communities - with or without golf course?05/28 TresBelle6505/29 Dontwasteit
20tFun stock market simulator - educational2015 siamond05/29 occambogle
4nSold higher than asked?05/29 biznerd05/29 cjking
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6cHome Insurance in Denver05/26 krafty8105/29 krafty81
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1pcredit union won't accept paycheck for depost05/29 unknuckle05/29 Flyer24
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3hCan I Do This and Is It Optimal? (Multiple Rollovers)05/28 Kookaburra05/29 aristotelian
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6hDoes it make sense to dollar cost average into a bond fund?05/28 frankie180005/28 pkcrafter
186tSitting on a bunch of cash; what to do with it if I believe we're headed for SPX 1800 and protracted recession?03/29 scintillator05/28 averagedude
3hSettlement Date - Time of day05/28 dcop05/28 dcop
14pSpouse filing for spousal benefits question05/28 URSnshn05/28 Lalamimi
1tC-Fire Sim05/28 alex12371105/28 AlohaJoe
37hSmall Cap Blend vs Small Cap Value2018 Boxtrap05/28 caklim00
2834tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore05/28 Taylor Larimore
26tWhy are 10-20 year treasuries a poor investment now?05/28 Blue45605/28 klaus14
79tBogleheads: What is your largest single stock holding? (if any)05/26 simplesauce05/28 ChrisC
2pPPP extension?05/28 simas05/28 LadyGeek
37pRefinance break even05/21 Abk91105/28 WhatsIRR
68tAt what moment does retirement begin?05/10 tetractys05/28 Bammerman
2hHow Should I View The Allocation of My Overall Portfolio?05/28 Rykoz05/28 livesoft
4hBackdoor Roth - New Spouse05/28 RetireSomeday505/28 lakpr
0tKen French on Rational reminder podcast05/28 jocdoc 
18pCC Points Extraction...What would you do with 1,000,000 points?05/28 mcangelo405/28 02nz
23cHiring a handyman05/28 Triple digit go05/28 wmackey
15tTriggers for AA changes?05/28 TheoLeo05/28 TheoLeo
69tAnyone screwed up timing the market?05/25 TheoLeo05/28 careytilden
1pEIDL / SBA loan repayment terms05/28 Nyarlathotep05/28 Pdxnative
9hMega Backdoor Roth- Voluntary After-tax 401(k)05/27 jpogo105/28 jpogo1
27cBird Nest Forming Under Deck05/27 RJC05/28 Mr. Rumples
2c[“Can't Hurt Me” book opinion]05/28 tvubpwcisla05/28 stoptothink
11pBackdoor Roth IRA process03/19 dakhabarkha0905/28 dakhabarkha09
31cCar won't start05/28 cookieid05/28 Flyer24
2cNut Grinder Recommendation?05/28 RooseveltG05/28 whodidntante
37cHow can I use 6 weeks of vacation in the next 6 months in the Covid era?05/27 jastevenson05/28 Mudpuppy
20pWhat to do with Chase Ultimate Rewards points?05/11 totallynotsure05/28 02nz
19hUsing VGT in portfolio05/27 abhi76405/28 annu
7cHow to grow food indoors05/24 novillero05/28 weltschmerz
9hFirst post - any advice appreciated05/26 jl09205/28 sd323232
2n[How can I invest in a fund which tracks the S&P 500 in US$?]05/28 Islandhopper05/28 DJN
109p$5k - $7k to replace engine, or get something else? (loan on car)05/10 bogler5205/28 bogler52
551cPull-ups and Push-ups2013 Jazztonight05/28 Jazztonight
33tStocks are dirt cheap vs. Bonds05/27 mrspock05/28 garlandwhizzer
2nNonresident Alien Ireland Domiciled ETFs05/27 INVERSIONISTAPR05/28 LadyGeek
186pOptimizing PPP Forgiveness04/18 Stormbringer05/28 MP123
5pEconomic Impact Payment: Wrong Last Name05/27 jminv05/28 CyclingDuo
7pEight 2019 taxes questions - could use some guidance05/26 Aguilar05/28 Aguilar
191tUtilities - worth another look?2019 HEDGEFUNDIE05/28 HEDGEFUNDIE
73cHertz is declaring bankruptcy05/23 gasdoc05/28 xerxes101
11pHow to value "lower than market rate" property tax of your house?05/28 chase_logi05/28 sailaway
4hmoney market05/28 whaler0805/28 arcticpineapple
3hWhen to move Down Payment Savings in Mutual Funds to HYSA05/27 GatorNukes05/28 GatorNukes
3hQuestion re: SS & ORP; answering confusing SS Questions05/27 swimfin05/28 rterickson
223tIs Disney the most tempting value stock?05/04 whereskyle05/28 nigel_ht
5cNon-response from company re: door purchase05/27 Limoncello40205/28 boglegirl
27pLarge Canceled Check - Stop payment + Close Account05/26 Goal3305/28 an_asker
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627pStimulus help for small businesses, sole proprietors, s-corp etc03/28 Theseus05/28 gasdoc
7nInvesting in ETFs from Colombia [with US or Canada ETFs]2019 orpheus184405/28 BogleInvest

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