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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4557 new posts and replies over 465 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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29cAdvise on how to deal with this insurance claim situation09:01 InvestoGuy19:55 runner3081
20tWhat Happened to you during the Financial crisis of 2007–200818:54 AllStarDaniel19:54 dogagility
26cHyatt Legal Plan for Will and Trust12:09 KlangFool19:54 kacang
55tArticle: Your love of index funds is terrible for our economy12/10 mptfan19:54 samsdad
7hIn order to not receive a dividend, what date do I need to SELL a mutual fund on?16:45 slamfire19:53 indexonlyplease
4cTrip to Italy18:29 ThebakerandtheC19:53 aristotelian
4pProperty tax assessments in California (assessors questionnaire)17:13 Wannaretireearl19:53 ladycat
0tWhich Vanguard California Muni fund?19:52 bluquark 
16cGuitar Players -CAGED system12/08 MP17319:51 samsdad
4pobamacare - 2018 taxes (MAGI calculation)07:10 datamonkee19:50 datamonkee
0hNon-brokered CD's available at Vanguard (for retirement accounts)?19:47 MikeT 
19cDonate to homeless?18:07 snackdog19:47 aristotelian
8cBuy Lexus CPO now or wait until end of Dec.?18:17 yolli7119:46 Bmac
1hInvestment Advice for Amateur Investor13:01 Mama_AE19:46 Duckie
0pPension service credit purchase19:45 tibbitts 
4hCD's safer than Bond Funds?19:24 MikeT19:45 MikeT
39hDoes it ever make sense to invest in ROTH IRA before maxing our 401K?11/27 Jesteroftheswam19:44 Bacchus01
8hNewbie looking for allocation thoughts/suggestions2015 gjw8619:44 gjw86
9cFax without a telephone line06:41 edvest19:44 aristotelian
101cTo each his own ( I guess ) [Opinions of traveling in retirement]12/10 Indianrock19:44 Bacchus01
63pRoth IRA for kids01/26 newbie00319:44 Spirit Rider
25hEmployer's Response: 401K Choices12/10 ebrasmus2119:40 HEDGEFUNDIE
21tShrinking dividends?11:24 Kenneth Almquis19:40 happenstance
95pWhat percentage of your net worth is your home equity?15:18 Ed_Sandwich19:39 wootwoot
5hExceeded the Social Security Income Limit19:03 FlyLegacy50019:39 FlyLegacy500
10pHas anyone been able to execute a Power of Attorney with Vanguard?16:13 Broken Man 199919:38 ResearchMed
22cdry eyes- optimal laptop screen resolution to reduce eye strain11:15 protagonist19:38 02nz
7hROTHs and 5-year Penalty11:55 StretchNM19:38 kaneohe
46cTeachers, Professors, and others with lots of vacation days: what do you do in the summer?12/09 Fm201819:37 leeks
1hVague Deposit Transactions from Funds19:23 youngpleb19:33 sarabayo
14pWho should be the owner of a 529 Plan for my nephew?20:34 YetiWx19:33 YetiWx
5hTotal Market Index or S&P500 index?18:47 Trobins4419:31 YoungBogle
25tReceiving 2FA codes from Vanguard while overseas07/18 Jive Turkey19:25 happenstance
2hPortfolio Review!!! Thanks.18:14 brandonp31119:22 ThrustVectoring
5pUGMA best way to open my childrens' savings accounts at Ally?20:02 fortfun19:20 Toons
77tRebalancing in a taxable account isn't so simple2016 neomutiny0619:19 bck63
207tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton19:15 Jiu Jitsu Fight
38cRecommend dish drainer (rack)12/05 AAA19:15 leeks
518cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman19:14 cheese_breath
17tFidelity Rep: Don't use target date because you can't time the market.21:53 fortfun19:12 Nate79
1hFidelity rollover11:58 balderdash119:06 Duckie
3pIs TurboTax accurate?17:43 A Boglehead19:03 cheese_breath
4hChoosing retirement plan?09:10 kdhrrsmth19:00 billfromct
13pLayoff coming in 3-6 months, questions about preparing15:00 Lynx31065019:00 Cleverusername
8539tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill18:58 AlphaLess
6hNon-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Distribution Election16:22 PowderDay918:56 Bacchus01
10hCan one use a distribution of After-tax from 401k to do an indirect rollover?09:44 nolesrule18:56 nolesrule
1pWhich Turbotax17:33 dpm32118:50 cheese_breath
4pChase Ultimate Rewards Points Questions16:00 eimaise18:50 drummerboy
31tUpdated Vanguard Estimated Year-End Distributions (Div & CG)12/10 One Ping18:50 Good Listener
18tVangurad's 2019 Economic and Market Outlook11:17 garlandwhizzer18:48 fishandgolf
7p$234/mo Bronze HMO vs $290/mo Bronze HMO HSA-eligible medical insurance plan?12/10 clad85618:48 terran
13pComparing short-term borrowing cost: Interactive Brokers vs. Fidelity12/08 Carno18:46 ThriftyPhD
3pRolling Over SEP IRA to 401(k) Each Year for Backdoor Roth06:07 SVT18:45 SVT
14hMutual Fund for UTMA Accounts12/09 travelogue18:42 livesoft
4cWorx 20v battery leaf blower12/10 BashDash18:40 RDB
14pFeedback on Guideline 401k2017 mdds18:38 LadyGeek
9h[Help with my wife's retirement plan]12/10 reeko053018:37 reeko0530
243fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb18:30 LadyGeek
4tCAP Gains Wellington15:26 dcop18:30 dcop
3068pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy18:28 Leesbro63
15hMega Backdoor Roth: one check only to Roth IRA11/22 chiefBH18:27 Alan S.
5fHow do I delete my account?00:27 pejp18:23 LadyGeek
111pToo Much Savings Regret11/30 Retire2029!18:18 JamalJones
41tWho is buying SCV, EM, Intl SC12/09 Elysium18:15 columbia
6hWhat If?17:21 OU812?18:14 OU812?
12cNot accepting Medicare benefits10:35 Wricha18:11 radiowave
11pNew job, sales at Subaru12/09 emanuel_v1918:11 satoriboat
6cFiling a complaint against AmeriHealth08:43 A44018:06 cashmoney
12treasons to avoid indirect HSA rollover?09:07 exigent17:54 Spirit Rider
4cThe red tide in Florida15:18 pablolo17:52 oldcomputerguy
83cRetired in your late 40s or early 50s?12/02 blahblahsunshin17:51 michaeljc70
7hIs it worth doing a Roth conversion now to avoid future backdoor pro rata headaches?11/16 greenwood17:51 greenwood
5hHSA question11:36 cowlikejaw17:44 Spirit Rider
15hTax question-above the line12/07 Andrew32117:36 Andrew321
7hIn this case, should I be 100% stocks?12/10 tomwood17:31 pdavi21
194pTurboTax Prices12/13 John15117:24 pdavi21
547lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt17:23 flyingaway
8cinvesting books for gifts13:42 cestan17:15 Dottie57
30p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B17:11 Earl Lemongrab
0pconversion of 'rolled over' 403b and 401a to roth IRA17:10 Steven28 
142tSmall Value: 15 years of underperforming11/22 Elysium17:10 Elysium
53hThe Disaster That Is General Electric Company Stock01/24 john454617:10 munemaker
38hoptions to cover next 10 years before SS12/07 ras425017:09 pdavi21
16pFidelity International Wire Currency Exchange Rates2015 bogleboy17:05 MisterBill
11pAnybody Taking Equifax Offer for Free IDNotify Service?12/04 PGR17:04 ReadyOrNot
4pHome improvements and taxes15:37 Xrayman6917:00 Blake7
21hLet's talk Bonds: BND, VCIT, BIV, LQD, SLQD?08/02 bizkitgto16:46 pdavi21
3tJohn Bogle Talks About His Best & Worst Financial Bets16:06 tvinayak16:46 Taylor Larimore
12hVanguard order fill12/10 Wallyt4r16:45 Wallyt4r
5pTax Questions Re: Gift to DAF of IRAs Upon Death12/04 MarkerFM16:44 Artsdoctor
7tCould a brokerage 'cheat' its own mutual fund investors during TLH?14:00 Global10016:39 senex
21pHealth Insurance through employer or third-party?12/09 LiterallyIronic16:33 Artful Dodger
9hKeepsake Savings Bonds?10:37 Walkure16:24 Angst
404tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar16:20 JoMoney
3pwithdrawing excess contribution to Roth IRA12/09 themang016:18 themang0
14pIRS on making QCD by check from IRA23:28 dual16:14 Rob5TCP
24pReceived IRS notice CP 2000 asking more tax. Need help.07/17 ram16:11 MikeG62
100cElectric bill with LED12/09 dmk39516:01 Starfish
5hEstablishing an account for young kids' benefit - college or otherwise12/10 NovaPine15:56 samsdad
15hDividing up Savings (some help and advice please)06:55 AllStarDaniel15:42 Waiting_for_God
10pThe new 1040 is certainly different12/10 MP12315:37 Glockenspiel
0hReview and Question regarding ROTH Conversion15:34 Crazylegs 
57t"The 10 Worst Places To Get Investing Advice"12/08 Taylor Larimore15:33 JBTX
18pWant to help me figure how much I can convert to Roth?12/10 FOGU15:27 kaneohe
7cQuestion on car leasing09:27 Admiral15:17 TheGreyingDuke
6tVG ETF question -14:30 jainn15:06 jainn
83cCertified Used BMW, Audi or Mercedes01/28 Buster6515:04 tractorguy
1tHow to avoid dividends in taxable account12:04 vineviz15:04 Cyclesafe
8hTax lost harvesting11/24 indexonlyplease15:04 indexonlyplease
340pWhat are your property taxes?06/30 Raybo15:03 J G Bankerton
12hNew Retiree Investment Strategy21:10 jereece14:52 LadyGeek
16hMotley Fools is now for fools only?.....RIP09:06 Rus In Urbe14:52 oldcomputerguy
7hAccount simplification strategies w.r.t. asset allocation?14:16 Ed_Sandwich14:51 Ed_Sandwich
18cNoise coming through apartment vent duct12/10 diyinvestor14:50 jabberwockOG
101cNespresso?08/03 NextMil14:49 Dottie57
5hAsset allocation between Roth and 401(k)11:08 kcc14:41 KlangFool
39cSpotify or Amazon Music?12/08 tc10114:38 CyclingDuo
2pforeign tax in Vgd year-end distribution estimates14:06 RustyShacklefor14:32 jebmke
99pare pre-fabricated / manufactured homes a bad investment?12/09 F150HD14:29 J G Bankerton
34h58 y/o nearing retirement - looking at economic/stock market indicators12/03 drhoda14:29 livesoft
149pHow did YOU choose your career?11/27 cockersx314:28 ameeker
5cRecommendations on Wire-Free Security Camera System12/10 raveon14:25 batpot
8pMaking our first backdoor Roth contributions12/09 finetuning14:22 Earl Lemongrab
5hTax loss harvesting with crypto19:57 l1am14:18 wolf359
27tWhat should a new investor being reading?12/08 eddyphamelin14:18 rich126
5hTax harvesting VXUS (first time)12:52 Brokepilot14:07 magicrat
27cSubaru infotainment issues -can people chime in?06/12 jayk23814:01 cak9175
8tVanguard "Competing on Price . . . The 1993 Proxies"12/10 EyeDee13:57 EyeDee
48cportable jump starters12/06 go_mets13:55 willthrill81
33cPC Build Suggestions12/08 Alexa913:54 SimonJester
41hMade an unwise investment, help solicited12/10 atlgenxennial13:51 Ben Mathew
3hVanguard TIRA Timing Question12:44 FootballFan554813:46 BD w/ Kung-Fu G
2pHiding Identity of Trust Owner: Registered Agent Services Needed?13:11 Cruise13:38 Ping Pong
26cPossibly dumb question about streaming services05:12 SoDakJeff13:37 Housedoc
1hClarification on Qualified Dividend and Year end13:31 stocknoob411113:37 livesoft
12c[Anyone drop cable for YouTube TV?]12/10 dmk39513:37 Ed_Sandwich
5hBonds or CD's12:24 videocrafters13:32 robertmcd
3hTiming to make a switch12/10 OldBallCoach13:29 2015
3tVanguard Investment Strategy Group - benefit to me?12/10 evofxdwg13:24 2015
16tWhy are Fidelity's Target Date Funds So expensive?12/10 fortfun13:20 sergio
59tWhere do the losses in HY show up? [High Yield bonds]11/29 restingonmylaur13:19 Electron
13pHow to Undo Backdoor Roth Completely2017 John_Smith13:05 Earl Lemongrab
149tDo long-term bonds belong in one's portfolio?12/08 CULater12:55 ThrustVectoring
7hForeign Tax & Capital Gains on International in Tax-Advantaged12:08 bogledogle8712:48 livesoft
10hIRA to Roth Conversion: looking for good modeling tools12/05 InvestorThom12:48 InvestorThom
4hTax-Exempt Bonds for a 22%/24% Marginal Tax Rate?21:48 klik12:41 dratkinson
42tLow need to take risk - decrease allocation to stocks?12/09 ge112:35 ThrustVectoring
1hAnother comingling and mega backdoor Roth question11:58 sun2512:34 magicrat
11tWhere are the Brokered CDs?12/10 sport12:32 Geologist
409lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz12:32 Barry Barnitz
17hPortfolio review for 29 & 30 year olds.12/09 tsmothers12:31 Flyer24
5pCredit Report - Debt increased from 10k to 140k - NOT TRUE10:17 mattyfu112:30 dm200
2tMarket Volatility Circuit Breakers12:10 Indianrock12:29 Indianrock
14chotel booking22:19 spitty12:18 ResearchMed
6hHAINX - Harbor International12/10 btenny12:14 Electron
6hMy PenFed 5 yr CDs are maturing10:04 Hayden12:13 Hayden
2hShould I do Roth 401k, and should I also rollover TO the Roth 401k?10:32 NewbieBogle00712:12 Ben Mathew
30hGreat Personal Loss – Guidance and Financial Questions12/10 northernboy12:02 Masterblaster
1hFlat fee annuity v. Taxable account08:25 Cubs1611:54 senex
9hDecumulation phase of retirement: money market a safe place to park money needed over the next two years?11/11 JCP711:49 JCP7
29csafest downhill ski helmet12/10 boglemania11:45 Valuethinker
3hQuestions/Recomendations for my portfolio12/03 CD117111:44 CD1171
12hTotal International Stock Market in a three fund portfolio?06:37 AppreciateLife11:43 mcraepat9
7cParticipant Interests (Not) Aligned with Medicare Advantage Plans?23:30 PGR11:35 dm200
17hTaxable or Tax-Exempt Bonds12/09 mailman78111:34 mailman781
7tFunding tIRA from joint taxable account?12/10 thatme11:32 JW-Retired
95cIs this normal for an HOA?12/04 goodlifer11:07 michaeljc70
19hCan I transfer 2019 IRA money to Vanguard right now so I can put it in Jan 2?12/07 720pete11:04 jhfenton
31hSPIA or CD Ladder12/09 Bigfish10:59 Bigfish
0hTax gain harvesting methodology10:48 isotherm 
1pAm I ready for partial retirement?10:40 NKOTB10:47 mhadden1
1hSmall Cap TLH10:12 ziggny10:47 vineviz
973c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir10:42 telemark
6pTLH when not itemizing12/08 curious george10:34 dratkinson
14pContingent Durable Power of Attorney12/09 aciaitf10:30 bsteiner
52tTips breakevens and illiquidity premia12/06 grok8710:20 Angst
57tYou already own international stocks with VTSMX etc [Vanguard Total Stock Market]12/08 Indianrock10:18 Taylor Larimore
6pMoved to new state for final month of 2018 - Roth conversion opportunity?12/05 gatsby1110:09 gatsby11
4p401k Match for Highly compensated employee08:03 imyeti209:55 SRenaeP
645tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5309:54 indexfundfan
9tLarry Swedroe: Best Investment Science Books12/10 Random Walker09:49 Random Musings
3hTarget funds07:06 Mad_Jack09:48 alex_686
11hHigh Fee 401(k) - How to Handle?12/10 6140009:46 greg24
3hCan/Should I move Solo 401k into Backdoor Roth?07:26 tomwood09:43 FiveK
14hTax gain harvesting for UTMA acoount12/10 bubbadog09:40 Spirit Rider
20hWindfall predicament12/09 weirs09:40 delamer
12hIncome is greatly reduced. When would you absolutely stop 401k contributions?12/10 Mako5209:34 delamer
8hIs there a place for Growth in my portfolio?12/10 ZipZap09:10 ZipZap
7pColorado Estate and Trust lawyer?12/10 Boston Barry09:04 Boston Barry
22cGoing to the Everglade. A few questions please.09/13 Faith2087909:04 Faith20879
15pVery Confused - Group 401K Profit Sharing Plan12/08 dentite09:02 Spirit Rider
2hBest strategy to make a Bond re-allocation12/10 carmonkie08:57 carmonkie
91hFor those waiting for a 'correction' ...10/25 livesoft08:56 pdavi21
28pWills, Estates and Trusts12/09 WolfgangPauli08:56 Broken Man 1999
3hDoes this make sense?12/09 eevers5708:48 eevers57
4pTax on unexpected end of year dividend20:50 sergio08:40 sergio
33cNeed recommendation for new washing machine12/10 Kennedy08:35 daheld
9pVanguard could not complete transactions last Thursday - says will be done on Monday12/09 Small Law Survi08:29 jhfenton
5cSpectrum mobile phone offering12/09 Jeep4Life08:05 likegarden
4pHow Do You Discover Software For Your Small Business?22:29 namartima08:01 djpeteski
5twhat happens when an employer removes/changes fund options from tax deferred selections?12/10 F150HD07:58 Rupert
7hHSA question12/10 whoshighpitch07:57 whoshighpitch
5pROTH Conversions NY12/09 Sahara07:47 Retired2013
0pUber Cash Discount07:42 SlowMovingInves 
23tUS Treasuries vs Munis in taxable07/10 Jefferson07:32 UpperNwGuy
18pSIMPLE IRA providers for small nonprofit?11/09 teen persuasion07:22 niceguy7376
7hWhat to do with wife's small IRA12/10 FreeMarty07:20 livesoft
36tLarry Swedroe: Understanding TIPS12/07 Random Walker06:44 grok87
4cHappy holidays bogleheads, what gift are you most excited to give this year?04:36 Plz06:37 Mike Scott
92tJack Bogle says rebalancing is overhyped?!2013 Gambler06:32 siamond
3451cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt06:27 AllStarDaniel
4hBacktesting pitfalls04:29 Always passive06:19 siamond
3hNovice seeking portfolio help!12/08 dentite05:47 dentite
42hVanguard Wellesly Income12/08 WaldenAshes04:52 nativenewenglan
5hDrastic change in asset allocation?12/05 sellthesedownfa04:45 Chip
121cLED light bulbs2017 gac197904:00 Stormbringer
2hDiversifying my investment12/10 mec774303:11 Valuethinker
4pStock acquired - How much tax will I owe?21:42 fsrph03:05 SoAnyway
21pMy ACA premiums went up 128% in 2019 anybody else get hit with big increases12/06 iamblessed02:26 FlamingoTime
5hQuestions from beginner about investing from Germany12/06 rtaf8401:38 indexfundinvest
16hHurting Roth IRA12/10 AllStarDaniel01:12 Flyer24
16hPortfolio review (New Zealand - but please don't be put off by that)12/08 MTF01:09 angeleyes
16hHigh Expense 403B12/10 idealtrucks01:03 krow36
6hconvert to TSP Roth or existing brokerage Roth?12/10 4nwestsaylng00:51 4nwestsaylng
5hTax efficiency and Vanguard target retirement funds12/09 mjs987654321000:31 SoAnyway
9cProblem with Medical Equipment Vendor: Insurance Issues12/03 Cruise00:17 Cruise
7h3/4/5 Fund Portfolio?12/09 Lapham6700:17 heyyou
19hSchwab user. Where should I put my Emergency Fund?12/04 ldav0700:14 drk
20hManaging my own portfolio12/06 soulpatch23:56 soulpatch
26cWater leak when it rains - older Camry06/25 dm20023:44 awgoodkitty
6hFive year annuity distribution12/10 Determined23:40 Bronco Billy
25cContractor draws during remodeling project12/08 Broken Man 199923:29 Scrapr
2pConverting old Keogh to rollover IRA12/10 alphageek4222:57 Spirit Rider
9pQuick, Efficient Way to Make a QCD from a Vanguard IRA when 70.503/06 cjonblanchard22:33 Indianrock
3hSplitting investments between Roth and Rollover IRA12/09 Elric22:17 Elric
13pSpousal SS Benefit12/10 TinyTim22:03 rkhusky
22pACA - prove you don't have income12/08 michaeljc7022:03 Ron Ronnerson
3pInvesting in VUSXX (Vanguard Treasury Money Market Fund)21:38 Carno21:59 beyou
8pAre US long-term capital gains a marginal tax rate?12/09 Iovanaire21:56 Iovanaire
7hTax Loss Harvesting - Bonehead Move12/10 Ultralight Hike21:44 student
2hHaving trouble with lump sum purchase in 401K right now21:13 KMB21:41 student
3hLeaving Edward Jones for Fidelity12/10 RunnerTip21:37 wanderer
6hBeginning my HSA contributions, new accout12/10 Tdubs21:23 Spirit Rider
4hshould I invest in 529 plan? (NY resident) thanks!12/09 hindex21:16 hindex
2hRoth conversion withholding = quarterly estimated tax payments?12/10 CenTexan21:09 FiveK
13pBackdoor Roth Conversion question12/07 akhilsam20:58 akhilsam
373lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond20:53 siamond
0pExpat ETF Investment Portfolio [Australia ex-pat in Singapore]20:49 Potatoman5 
1pRecharacterizing Roth to Traditional-good move?12/10 Latestarter6220:45 FiveK
14hAnyone have experience changing TD Ameritrade Brokerage Account Settlement Fund?10/04 TheFlats20:42 NoHeat
1tNot-Quite-Tax-Loss-Harvesting - do I understand this right?20:09 eukonomos20:39 grabiner
3885cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:37 Elsebet
4hWaiting Period for selling ETF for same Mutual Fund shares12/10 gdaye438320:11 grabiner
2hShould I mess around with my taxable account?12/10 transient_itch20:06 arf30
8hIs this a reasonable AA for someone retiring in 5 to 10 years?12/10 fortfun12/10 fortfun
8pHSA and dental insurance12/07 sixtoeight12/10 motorcyclesarec
3hDividend Reinvestment Messed Up Tax Loss Harvest12/10 Soup Nazi12/10 grabiner
20hBogle the Mind's IPS (draft) [Investment Policy Statement]11/22 Bogle the Mind12/10 grabiner
11pWhat if you reach your number before retirement?12/10 tomwood12/10 bogglizer
169t2018 Hedge Fund contest01/02 BackOfTheNet12/10 LadyGeek
11hHarvesting a capital loss and what to do next?12/07 nicholas_181312/10 grabiner
712cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater12/10 CrestSupeHawk
83lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine12/10 RetiredMarine
16hRequesting advice12/09 johnkgan12/10 samsdad
6tNew NFCU Certificate Offering12/10 tomd3712/10 InertiaMan
2pQuestion for CFPs12/08 Maven12/10 David Jay
98hRetiring in 2 weeks, Traditional 401k12/06 reeko053012/10 LadyGeek
23pBuying house for cash, sellers requesting proof of assets12/07 TheGreyingDuke12/10 bluebolt
33cAttic insulation-R30 to R60 worth it?12/08 DVA7912/10 fortfun
52tInternational underperformance - how to break it down12/08 Ultralight Hike12/10 columbia
3hNew Company 401K Investment Choices12/10 quizzer12/10 quizzer
1hShould I TLH my TSM12/10 birdsong12/10 livesoft
63cWhy is the Honda Fit so hard to find?11/27 Calico12/10 Toons
13hRoth conversion taxes- how to pay them?12/09 abqguy12/10 magicbunny
6pSolo 401K contribution- employee vs employer tax efficiency12/10 dimbmw12/10 Spirit Rider
7hHSA with military spouse12/09 jboverholser12/10 jboverholser
3hInvesting in Index Fund12/10 Sol12/10 ruralavalon
2hBuying opportunity?12/10 ProfitMD12/10 averagedude
9tVanguard total corporate VTC: Why is the yield so low compared to its parts?12/09 dalbright12/10 dalbright
3pRoth Conversion - Proper 401K subaccount12/07 SonnyDMB12/10 SonnyDMB
3hTax loss harvest help needed12/09 sunny skies12/10 sunny skies
4tmadsinger monthly report (November 2018)12/10 madsinger12/10 Portfolio7
14tChristine Benz next podcast guest12/08 Rick Ferri12/10 Eagle33
26pHow will 80k inheritance affect medicaid, section 8, food stamp eligibility in PA?12/09 ElmoHongZito12/10 LadyGeek
2hBond Bucket in Tax Free?12/10 Mike8312/10 Duckie
133lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam212/10 tomwood
26lDecember 9 DC Bogleheads Meeting with Stephen Goss, Chief Actuary of Soc Security11/08 bobcat212/10 Dottie57
15cRental car totalled - amex insurance issue12/10 ag112/10 whodidntante
4hWould this be a wash sale?12/10 Horsefly12/10 Horsefly
50tWe Are Teetering on the Edge of A DEATH CROSS12/06 Typ997S12/10 HomerJ
6hShould I rebalance?12/10 beth6512/10 mhadden1
16pFEHB Blue Cross Basic vs. Blue Focus11/29 JerryB12/10 Nestegg_User
10hTIPS continue or quit?12/09 covepatrol12/10 robertmcd
13h0% Long Term Capital Gain rate?12/09 Ken7212/10 kaneohe
1hPension Roll-over to Roth IRA12/10 Virtualfonso12/10 celia
29tAnother Roth vs. Traditional question12/09 LookingForward12/10 JBTX
6cDisneyland Airbnb or suite12/09 Utahdogowner12/10 curiouskitty
149cBest values at Costco? Honestly, a little disappointed...12/02 fortfun12/10 dustinst22
1tRick Ferri on New Retirement Podcast12/10 friar161012/10 Housedoc
3pUTMA withdrawl12/09 uberdoc12/10 uberdoc
146tLarry Swedroe: Be Prepared For Losses10/03 Random Walker12/10 KlangFool
3pHow To Save More Than $100,000 A Year Pre-Tax: Open A SEP-IRA Or Solo 401k12/09 SVT12/10 aristotelian
3pLow Basis Mutual fund shares (Meridian) and making a charitable contribution12/10 Hiker-Biker12/10 Hiker-Biker
104tIgnored Risks of Factor Investing12/07 typical.investo12/10 cheezit
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12tVanguard Automatic Transactions for 12/06/2018 delayed a day (with backdating)12/07 EyeDee12/10 RadAudit
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8hCan US investor buy non-distributing mutual funds?12/10 ljb12/10 galeno
39cplaces to live near Stanford University2017 aquamarine12/10 Jelloanddon
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8pInsurer provided wrong info to Dr, then denied claim12/09 MidwestSteve12/10 MidwestSteve
12hMega Backdoor Roth Priority12/07 CaliforniaRocke12/10 SRenaeP
15hVanguard lists my cost-basis (cost per share) the same for all lots01/23 dancecore12/10 oneleaf
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9pHow to calculate the value of a Forever... [investment]12/09 sillysaver12/10 22twain
33cPortable Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations (loud and good sound quality)12/06 Sunrise12/10 westie
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101t2017 Relative Tax Efficiency02/19 triceratop12/10 johan851
5tTLH to purchase 2019 Roth12/10 fortfun12/10 livesoft
2hCapital Gains and Basis12/09 stevethetrader12/10 not4me
2pDo fundings in limited expense FSA (LEX-FSA) roll into regular FSA if insurance plan is changed?12/09 jastevenson12/10 InvisibleAeroba
0pSSA Do-over; form 52112/10 SHU76 
14t"STAY THE COURSE" by John C. Bogle -- A Gem12/03 Taylor Larimore12/10 Jeff Albertson
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3hNew job, trying to simplify to something coherent12/08 Atarax1a12/10 ruralavalon
9pSwitching Jobs - Pension/401K/PTO Balance Payouts & Uncovered Medical12/10 HardHitter12/10 Stinky
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0p[Germany] New to the site - something I've been looking for long time. How to proceed?12/10 jkovacevic 
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7pIs 401k or IRA better? and how do you value the backdoor Roth?12/07 homeslice12/09 Earl Lemongrab
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9pACA, COBRA, and Medicare12/08 TravelforFun12/09 Blister
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6tRe-balancing multiple accounts12/02 Danielle89612/09 Danielle896
20hBest Re-balancing technique . . .12/08 MikeT12/09 ruralavalon
16tIs the division of international markets into "developed" and "emerging" meaningful?12/06 tc10112/09 WanderingDoc
5pFreeTaxUSA QBI deduction vanished12/09 theplayer1112/09 theplayer11
15hRoth conversion12/05 Dahl4912/09 FiveK
9pHSA recordkeeping question (old receipts)12/07 texasdiver12/09 jebmke
37cNew QUIET Tires for Accord12/05 gmc4h23212/09 gmc4h232
4tHow to know what expected price is for index funds/ETFs?12/08 SteveJ212/09 grabiner
4hSmart Beta / Factor Presentation at Library12/02 Danielle89612/09 Danielle896
34hStressed/Job loss/Retirement possible?12/07 jamgand12/09 mouses
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43pHome addition vs. Buying New11/12 boston8512/09 Geneyus
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30hDollar Cost Averaging or Lump Sum in Current Market11/26 CloudStrife199012/09 CloudStrife1990
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2cPossible surprise Emergency Room bills starting 1/1/2019 (UnitedHealthcare vs Envision Healthcare)12/09 donfairplay12/09 HueyLD
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7pFEHB HDHP's CFBC vs GEHA12/04 Fed00712/08 Tdubs
15ciPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface12/07 Buster6512/08 02nz

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