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Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4918 new posts and replies over 479 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
68tPreparing for a down market11/15 ER202313:42 JoeRetire
12hUpdate Portfolio Review!!!!22:20 rockthisworld13:42 rockthisworld
61pHomebuying in Los Angeles - Advice Needed11/11 poppy4213:42 freckles01
5tClarification about the maturity of bond funds12:51 timetraveler13:39 ChrisBenn
39p[2018 Open Season] FEHB HDHP options for Federal Employees2018 grenada13:39 Flora
11pLack of motivation to “exceed” goals.10:49 chenzi13:38 Xrayman69
4tI have often wondered how long a person would last in retirement taking dividends and capital gain from the Wellington?13:18 iamblessed13:38 iamblessed
34pHow much is a Roth worth?2018 casualflower13:38 illumination
63pMore retirees have a mortgage11/16 grok8713:37 Ping Pong
371cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo13:36 FinIndyGal
10cJuice Jacking - phone data theft10:32 F150HD13:34 Millennial
0cNursing home <$10K in NJ/PA13:33 PlayingLife 
3hWife is LLC | Health Ins for her on my plan or her solo for write off?12:09 soladeogloria113:33 RickBoglehead
8hRoth conversions, taxes, SORR11/15 corn1813:31 Blender
155hInvesting $140k in cash at 1k per week11/11 timetraveler13:30 timetraveler
395tBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan13:28 indexfundfan
3p?wash sale to extract capital losses from IRA's?11:15 privateer7913:26 Alan S.
5hwhich bond fund and what %12:13 jsa30713:24 vipertom1970
14hIncreasing risk appetite11:20 am13:24 Wiggums
17pNew Tenant.... possibly08:14 mrgeeze13:23 JoeRetire
20hObamacare limits investing opportunities?08:38 tonysk13:23 delamer
4nbuy stocks with USD or EUR | VWRA volume | IB trust account11/16 cafe7213:21 cafe72
4hFirst time tax loss harvesting04:48 tvent13:19 KingRiggs
8pFICO. Score questions.09:45 Dottie5713:19 dm200
7pPlug-in Hybrid Federal Tax Credit11:12 Elysium13:18 orangeandwhite
22ptrustee duties when grantor passes07/06 freckles0113:17 freckles01
0hPortfolio Review13:16 ChiefIllini 
7pWhy does Chase bonus require in-person sign up?12:16 Caduceus13:15 Tamarind
37hMortgage? Pay cash?11/15 GoFish13:15 GoFish
0pGetting Credit Card Points from Mortgage?13:12 Chlotron 
19tMarket Outlook09/08 rockthisworld13:10 garlandwhizzer
19hHow to sell my Aunts shopping plaza?11/16 CodeMaster13:08 nedsaid
50pStudy ranks 4,500 colleges by net present value of 40 year ROI11/14 nisiprius13:04 stoptothink
86tLong Term Bonds getting killed today11/07 hdas13:02 Scooter57
5h4% on a 13 month CD at Georgia's Own CU11/16 tc10113:02 EnjoyIt
1210pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon13:01 Kevin M
7hneed help, a few questions about Trad/Roth IRA and 401k11/15 barranquilla12:58 FiveK
6hMulti-tired emergency fund08:25 Blue45612:55 dru808
43hWinning the Game - Reducing Risk11/13 expatFIRE12:52 Kevin M
36tRebalancing into bond funds with record low interest rates11/15 RetireBy5512:51 Scooter57
17pA sad tale with a good ending ["Preferred" pharmacies vs "non-preferred"]11/16 cresive12:48 Farmboyslim83
12cCar Lease Immediate Buyout21:58 wonderbeagle12:46 Leesbro63
4tPF allocation: short-term vs long-term bonds01:43 seeker712:44 dbr
20cGift Card Already Used?23:48 DTalos12:44 testing321
35cDisney plus streaming deal08/28 mhalley12:41 stoptothink
17cHelp :- Need a power wheelchair11/09 glee27312:37 jucor
5pA Slightly Different "When to Claim Social Security" Question11:34 anonenigma12:36 JoeRetire
0pBuy home with cash? vs. Loan options.12:35 BogleBogleBogle 
63hDon't peek, but since the 2018 highs, a 60/40 portfolio is up by What Percent?11/16 livesoft12:34 Luckywon
25hDo you regret rebalancing over the last few years?00:55 Caduceus12:33 Stoic9
1066tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th [2018]2018 liberty5312:32 illumination
0hWhen do you take it off the table?12:30 Montgomery 
21cToyota Highlander vs Subaru Ascent--Advice15:01 WanderingWilly12:30 Nowizard
74tIs the FIRE Movement Responsible for this Historic Bull Market Run11/15 tvubpwcisla12:27 retire2022
0pEarned income as defined for Roth IRA and Self-Employment income12:25 seymore92 
0hNot retired at 7112:19 Seas 
5pShould I refinance?07:42 erdo12:18 erdo
15tNot a bad choice for your EM equity exposure (EYLD)11/14 hdas12:17 lazyday
4hNewbie seeking help07:41 ikennakc12:12 mhalley
48hWhy do you have to "beat the market"?23:45 thelateinvestor12:04 JoeRetire
60pHDHP over BCBS Basic for Feds?11/11 RJC12:00 Tdubs
25tWheres best place park emergency funds these days?11/14 CodeMaster11:54 dru808
15cAnother Laptop Question09:42 Cheyenne11:54 Info_Hound
1cAnother phone question - Google play store not connecting07:50 tc10111:48 bloom2708
38pIs this a fair price for a wealth manager financial advisor?16:45 Ykcor11:36 themuse
55pEqual Inheritance for Children11/14 Duffalo71411:34 Arbol
581c[What UN-frugal thing do you do? What do you splurge on?]2014 Professor Emeri11:32 MathIsMyWayr
6hSuggestions on "bond" allocation08:28 101invest11:27 anon_investor
138tJack Bogle - Two Fund Portfolio2016 abuss36811:27 oldzey
12hTax Optimization11/15 weekfree11:24 jmk
56pAre federal health benefits worth postponing early retirement?10/22 mathwhiz11:18 Jtf6
41cGarage Generator Install11/14 firedawgy11:18 Valuethinker
4nBroader Index funds available in India but confused about expense ratios.09:11 monu11:13 monu
3nLISA09:14 Riftus11:12 TedSwippet
627tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young02/28 305pelusa11:08 UberGrub
46hCharles Schwab or Fidelity?11/15 masonstone10:59 sksbog
8hPortfolio review - Tax efficient? Optimal asset allocation?10/21 comfortably_num10:57 comfortably_num
30pFed dental plans in 2020: keeping, dropping or switching?11/03 BogleFanGal10:56 tj
27hRoast my investing strategy. (Help me FIRE)11/14 heart_in_san_fr10:55 runner540
11hWithdrawing 529 $ without penalty [what counts as a "scholarship"]10/15 Admiral Fun10:50 Spirit Rider
20pHalf of Estate in a Trust?11/16 Ebenezer10:49 bsteiner
9tLarry Swedroe: Do Implementation Costs Destroy Returns from Factor Portfolios?11/15 willthrill8110:48 JoMoney
16hHow are the Dividends in Roth IRA calculated?06:09 Frugalbear10:47 dbr
31hQuestions about mega-backdoor Roth, and is there any reason NOT to do a mega-backdoor Roth?2017 TheBogleWay10:45 EddyB
49cShould I Travel ot Ecuador?11/07 Bigfish10:40 Traveler
25hInvestment suggestions for spouse11/16 NestEggLove10:38 ruralavalon
7pWhich Life Insurance company to go with? And other questions07:31 Iluvatar10:36 fortfun
2hInvesting advice on rolling annuity over in ira08:04 Pauljones2110:30 cheese_breath
111tSP500 is very top heavy right now11/14 hdas10:29 Taylor Larimore
32hUltra Short Term Treasury ETFs11/15 Caduceus10:27 MotoTrojan
195lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner10:25 bobcat2
1554c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir10:20 Doom&Gloom
52hHow is Merrill Edge?06/06 Blue45610:20 Blue456
1pRefinance in CA with Owning.com01:08 snoozer10:18 Count of Notre
36cForgot to pay Kohl's bill for two months, consequences?11/14 squirm10:14 fru-gal
2527tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb10:11 ruralavalon
1hCHET in conjunction with Vanguard 52909:55 vlacs09:59 anon_investor
13cCable modem/phone question11/14 newbie00309:55 RootSki
1962tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar09:48 nedsaid
35hTax Gain Harvesting and Dividend Schedule11/11 LIGuy8209:47 LIGuy82
4tDecember "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast guest will be Sheryl Garrett11/16 Rick Ferri09:45 livesoft
8hFitbit giving me fits03:55 valleyrock09:44 H-Town
7hJOINT OR SOLO OWNERSHIP08:31 elainet709:40 retired@50
11pStill don't understand deductability of medical specialty board exam fees11/16 EricaInvestPink09:39 EricaInvestPink
13hTax advisor11/14 Schwing198509:39 livesoft
43cGaming Desktop11/14 Caduceus09:38 zlandar
60hVanguard: Transition to our new investment platform2018 datamonkee09:37 KC123
4n[CZ] Portfolio Advice - 3-fund or 5-fund portfolio?04:05 cz_raven09:27 glorat
796pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4809:18 louden00
18hKeeping my Co. 401k11/16 micknc1909:13 Stinky
4114cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt09:13 Blues
24hWhich SS strategy makes more sense?11/15 downrod09:13 JW-Retired
12cAWD Camry16:50 sport09:03 whodidntante
38h50/50 to 45/5511/15 HomerJ09:03 Outer Marker
7tWithdrawing from deferred income plan11/16 hoeboe09:02 Bir48die
14cAmazon credit if current price is lower and still eligible for return?16:59 Tamales08:58 NewMoneyMustBeS
89pDisturbing experience with Ally Bank11/14 deskjockey08:48 lostdog
89hChase $750 for depositing 75K10/11 6d1v7x308:47 Leesbro63
3pFirst Foundation Bank 2.4% Savings11/16 alpenglow08:32 Rob5TCP
27cTablet for 2 year old for long car trip19:06 Triple digit go08:31 LadyGeek
18pBest way to use Apple Pay Cash03/31 sophie108:26 SixAlpha
8nAsset Allocation advice11/13 MoRS7608:24 oldcomputerguy
17pMoonlighting - get paid as 1099 vs single member LLC?11/15 tiburblium08:24 Spirit Rider
4cBest Venture rewards usage question11/16 hoops77708:16 bkmcd1
11pDental insurance covers 3 cleanings/yr?20:39 HEDGEFUNDIE08:13 SixAlpha
7pFidelity CMA and paying for a Condo.22:03 Dottie5708:10 Dottie57
24hWhich BOND Fund in Taxable at 22% Tax Rate11/11 Rajsx08:08 Dottie57
3pAdjusting withholdings via the employer - (retirement year?)04:05 GiannaLuna08:06 3feetpete
0cPhysician going into video production! Overwhelmed...08:05 A_C_E 
78tTax Deferred : Taxable : Tax Free11/10 mtmingus08:04 n00b
20nMy Portfolio - Seeking Advice. Romania. 4 Currencies.11/12 bravenewworld07:58 glorat
7pMedical Teaching and Legalities09/13 A_C_E07:52 A_C_E
4tWhy does Vanguard's Short-Term Corporate Bond fund outperform iShares'?00:46 danielc07:48 sycamore
10hFactoring heirs into overall asset allocation11/16 xb707:42 RickBoglehead
0hmoving assetts from pre tax ira to roth07:42 renovator20 
8cDeal finding websites22:48 28fe607:37 alerya
10pTax question?11/15 CoastalWinds07:34 cheese_breath
5h60/40 [Portfolio asset allocation]14:36 Vti77707:27 longinvest
8hBest use of brokerage after 401k and Roth21:10 trix4jit07:23 sycamore
7cRight click to re-open closed tab/window not working ?11/15 ResearchMed07:05 RickBoglehead
192hSpend It All vs. Leave $$ for the Kids11/09 MaryO06:57 Daryl
39hI need to rebalance, but hate paying capital gains tax.11/15 fredflinstone06:45 Call_Me_Op
12hTaxable account11/12 Eastcoaster21206:22 birdog
28hWhy am I taking so much risk?11/16 bck6306:04 KlangFool
1486tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE05:35 Forester
7nPortfolio Advice - Singapore11/15 MoRS7604:34 Hustlinghustlin
105pThe difficulty of discarding frugality?11/13 midareff04:11 GiannaLuna
7pLawyers who get monetary compensation for spam faxes?11/14 Saving$03:59 totallystudly
9hAny Tidbits on Reducing Income for 2,3 Years?11/15 mur4402:53 fujiters
112cBest thing you have ever bought?11/15 tawebacon02:49 Rotsevni
42pmechanics of paying a large tax bill11/14 crit01:43 Roslo
7hCalifornia: Order of Operations01/03 ebrasmus2101:39 EarningBack
67hHow to combine finances with your spouse? Recently married/early30s11/13 DualMotors01:07 Caduceus
26hNew to investing, starting a roth ira at 4611/15 thelateinvestor00:50 Caduceus
1pTaxation of Roth 403b/457b question18:27 csmath00:34 FiveK
23hWhats your favorite financial related site? (news, tips, anything!)11/15 CodeMaster00:08 Wenonah
79tAny conservative young investors?05/10 sergio00:06 7eight9
4cAllowable HSA Contribution With Only 10 Months HDHP Coverage22:49 frugalNOTcheap23:40 Spirit Rider
33hTreasury funds in an HSA in California04/24 CFM30023:31 grabiner
4hComparing the 3-fund approach to a Target Date fund19:55 Gatto Bialetti23:31 JBTX
4hCorrect Bond Yield of this Fund11/16 Mulliganx23:26 grabiner
24tVanguard ETF EDV11/14 DEZ123:26 stlutz
24tWhat happened to FXNAX during 2008?11/16 Blue45622:58 Ferdinand2014
12pDo Govt. Healthcare providers have PLI?11/15 tomwood22:28 Arlington2019
83pMortgage to prepay or not prepay11/06 John Laurens22:27 Lazareth
32pWhat are the best jobs to downshift into?11/14 Plz22:18 hirlaw
14cBasketball hoop that can be moved in and out of garage11/15 blackwhisker22:05 Erwin007
9pEngineering an exit and preparing financially11/16 banook21:42 anon_investor
1pMoving sep to etrade.21:39 dru80821:41 dru808
0pWho here has Chase Private Client? - I have questions for you21:39 eleventhstreet 
29cExperience/cost MLB spring training?11/12 dm20021:37 rich126
3pACA Assumptions16:32 dcop21:32 MP123
0hsolo 401k to IRA direct rollover; need to report to IRS?21:03 verythankful 
143tDebunking Bonds in Taxable2018 Cartographer20:51 JBTX
13tIndividual investors, possible structural advantages2018 psteinx20:47 willthrill81
19hNew financial responsibilities - a young couple seeking advice11/13 Baxxter20:45 Sandi_k
3hStable Value vs.Money Market14:20 Tommy20:37 JimInIllinois
15p25yo financial check-in11/02 Linux20:36 HomeStretch
1970tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab20:24 BuddyJet
15hNew International Core Fund10/10 jdkoerner20:14 dh
2hSeeking to Add Value Stocks Fund to Taxable Account17:27 sharppencilinve20:10 retired@50
9hPaid in VISA gift card - contribute to ROTH?15:36 tortoiseinvesto20:09 Spirit Rider
25tTotal Bond Market Index Fund11/15 wfromm20:09 Scooter57
1nInvesting in ETFs as German citizen while in the US on Visa, planning to return to Germany/EU18:44 Vanadate20:05 typical.investo
8tSharpe/Stanford retirement advice14:02 Wannaretireearl20:02 JAZZISCOOL
14hRoth Income Limit2018 wabbajack19:46 lakpr
56hInvestment Ideas11/06 juvenho19:43 vipertom1970
16hHelp me cash flow my retirement!- 2023-202811/16 buckeye798319:36 fortfun
18cRailing Vs Room on living area for Old Parents14:26 akhilsam19:34 MathWizard
5hBetter returns than savings account.17:22 SmyleBogle19:30 nisiprius
32cDigitizing Old Family Photos11/14 Prudence19:27 InMyDreams
39nAdvantages for US persons abroad11/09 wineandplaya19:20 7eight9
7hRoth 401k or Roth IRA14:19 biker203519:19 biker2035
2hPortfolio Review11/14 KPG19:16 KPG
59tThings you should know about minimum volatility investing02/17 hdas19:13 nedsaid
12pDouble-dipping with cash-back app14:25 mindgap19:12 mindgap
6pHelp with Amending Taxes for Deceased Relative - Possible to appeal penalties ??11/16 Sandwich19:08 Sandwich
11hInvest in a very simple portfolio of broad market index funds using an allocation you can stick with.14:12 looking19:07 Duckie
41tTail Risk Protection2018 hdas19:05 EZ James
3pNew to K-1 tax filing (partner)- looking for suggestions on references11/16 CoastalWinds19:01 strafe
409lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond18:50 557880yvi
83pGE Pension Buyout10/10 ixohoxi18:44 agupta661
31cApple TV vs Competitors11/13 DTalos18:32 aqan
13tSelling before Year End Distributions11/15 SlowMovingInves18:31 drzzzzz
14hPortfolio adjustment help11/11 gndibot18:26 Duckie
34hQuestions about Fidelity Charitable DAF11/10 Saving$18:05 pyld76
143lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte17:55 xb7
3hTrack Fidelity - Vanguard Funds in Google Finance15:04 SmyleBogle17:51 MotoTrojan
15p403B vs 457B11/13 azianbob17:42 csmath
112tWhy is Vanguard Treasury Money Market yield so high?06/07 Kevin M17:30 retiringwhen
72tNew era for TSP "I" Fund?2018 Darwin17:03 fortyofforty
31hBuy some VYM [Vanguard High Dividend Yield]?11/12 LilyFleur16:47 1789
9hoverlap?11/16 jgdsss16:43 retired@50
49tFull list of Vanguard ETFs that are cheaper than their index funds?07/15 JustinR16:43 Lyrrad
1hDown Payment or Taxable11/15 acquiredtaste0416:31 grabiner
2hPortfolio Growth and Higher Tax Bracket11/16 finingo16:29 HomeStretch
16hNew Member - Portfolio Allocation Feedback11/13 DailyDouble16:17 WoodSpinner
5hSeeking advice on handling TIAA After Tax Annuity11/16 CULater16:13 bikechuck
15hCharitable gift annuities - doing well by doing good?11/16 Small Savanna16:12 Eric
1027lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1615:53 MotoTrojan
5hAdventures in asset relocation at Schwab11/15 dodecahedron15:50 ResearchMed
12cVanguard CSV files for account transactions ?11/14 JohnFiscal15:39 Kevin M
136tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion08/12 longinvest15:34 yogesh
8tNew high income job - what about IRAs, etc10/25 ps56k15:08 ps56k
9hRoth IRA Partial / Rest Traditional IRA to Backdoor Roth all in 2019 Tax Year11/16 am6117515:03 retiredjg
6hRetired, what to do with a new chunk of money?11/16 sonoferu14:56 delamer
29hJoint bank account w/parent or not?2017 juliewongferra14:52 Carl53
3pQualified Charitable Distribution Tax Question14:24 Peter Foley14:46 Peter Foley
80tWhat tools do you use to track your finances?2018 spreadsheetguy14:27 Broken Man 1999
13hCancelling M* Premium11/15 Expro14:23 retire2022
5hInheriting IRA. Do I have to open account with existing firm?13:48 pwlldvd14:23 Alan S.
7hAMRN Stock11/15 guwop14:20 superbobbyg
14cTV Speakers/sound bar/bose wave05/28 silentfaith13:57 02nz
2hHelp with this portfolio. Asset Allocation11/16 scooter10111/16 ruralavalon
30cAnyone switch from oil to propane?11/15 FI4LIFE11/16 TomatoTomahto
118pH&R BLOCK Pre-Order 2019 Software Offer10/30 patrickscott11/16 nalor511
11pPre-Tax + After-Tax + Match MAX: Any way to easily avoid IRS limit ($57k)11/15 Nathan Drake11/16 Nathan Drake
23p$500 KeyBank bonus worth it?10/30 fortfun11/16 snowman
6tBond fund duration question11/15 Richard158011/16 GrowthSeeker
93c(Sigh) "Wasting" year-old smoke detector batteries...11/12 nisiprius11/16 AAA
83pCash & Checkbook Register Reconciliation08/31 abuss36811/16 abuss368
10hNew to Forum. Vanguard funds from Fidelity account?11/15 NarratorVoice11/16 mhalley
11hAsset allocation in Traditional 401k11/11 scooter10111/16 ruralavalon
18cBring A Trailer (car auction website)11/13 eucalyptus11/16 harrington
54hFinancial planning now that retired06/24 Lalamimi11/16 Lalamimi
27nReceiving an International Bank Wire Transfer Questions11/12 waltman30011/16 shcnno
2hTarget date fund income11/16 stocknoob411111/16 stocknoob4111
54c"Beer Money" Methods11/06 CryingHawaiian11/16 Dottie57
24pQuestion about applying for a mortgage with a non-working spouse11/16 JamesNYC11/16 runner540
295pDo you have an umbrella policy?2017 F150HD11/16 tibbitts
25hWhat is YOUR formula in determining whether you're FI? And what did you do after you reach FI?11/15 KnowNth11/16 blahblahsunshin
2hSchwab Private Client2011 Jet11/16 Serie1926
113tShould I abandon the Total International Stock Index Fund for greener pastures?06/17 glass311/16 tibbitts
27pFidelity ([Elan]) card eBill11/14 radiowave11/16 radiowave
398lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls11/16 bengal22
3pMortgage interest rate deduction benefits11/14 FOG11/16 grabiner
33pHow Worried Should I Be/Is there anything I can do right now? (job offer/background check)11/14 adamsapple1911/16 NewMoneyMustBeS
24hYour most difficult and your most euphoric investing moments11/15 Caduceus11/16 Kenkat
10nPortfolio Review - Germany11/13 dartagnan11/16 Valuethinker
51pReduce roth 401(k) to just match to prepay mortgage?10/23 B4Xt3r11/16 noco-hawkeye
15pEstimated Tax and ACA Subsidy Question11/15 Alana88811/16 snowman
6nUK foreign tax credit for US ETFs L1TW?11/03 stressed11/16 stressed
2pHave biz checking account, but can I use a personal card (not biz card) and keep LLC protection?11/16 doss11/16 BuddyJet
2nHelp to buy ISAs11/15 Riftus11/16 Valuethinker
28hRecently married, early 30's portfolio/fire advice?11/12 fresh_boglehead11/16 ruralavalon
23pOptions for great aunt ($0 net worth, low income, retired)11/13 daave11/16 teCh0010
28pCalifornia Divorce, Our Son11/15 elainet711/16 LadyGeek
137tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)06/30 longinvest11/16 longinvest
11cCheapest long term car rental or other solution?11/15 CULater11/16 njay73
48cTech guys need help with Mesh wifi booster...11/10 Ykcor11/16 Figuring_it_out
54cSnow tires11/11 OldBallCoach11/16 motorcyclesarec
84cRetired Boglehead obsession with money- devil's advocate2017 protagonist11/16 IowaFarmBoy
62cBigger car for baby?11/14 ChrisInSD11/16 keaton
12nBeginner - US/JP dual citizen in Tokyo11/13 whizzo11/16 bpp
15hPlanning for sister-in-law's future after losing her father.11/14 agents11/16 Plano
10nNon resident Alien considering relocation from US to EU11/12 Useful_Monk11/16 Useful_Monk
5pReceiving Bank Wire Transfer Questions11/15 waltman30011/16 waltman300
2hNeed Advice on RSUs and AA11/16 investor201811/16 1789
64hIf one is pessimistic about both stocks and bonds, does a SPIA make sense?11/14 fredflinstone11/16 randomguy
15tHow to hold title to rental properties11/13 unclescrooge11/16 Kennedy
13pShould I retire now?11/15 Bratbill11/15 marcopolo
18cCPO BMW 5 Series11/08 andy892111/15 andy8921
28cProductizing an idea11/13 InvestingGeek11/15 focusedonwhatma
16pAsset allocation for 50 year retirement?11/14 JacobTeach11/15 JacobTeach
9pShould I tax harvest gain this year?11/15 jeff194911/15 grabiner
19hVanguard Funds Preliminary Capital Gains Estimates11/14 rossington11/15 grabiner
4pHigh Income to Low Income - Tax implications?11/15 TresBelle6511/15 J295
2pHDHP to regular HP then return to HDHP?11/15 GiannaLuna11/15 csmath
27hSeparate $ in...retirement??11/15 nick evets11/15 bluquark
115tIf you are old, why bother with rebalancing!!?02/05 livesoft11/15 pascalwager
26cRomantic northeast winter weekend getaway?11/10 Bob Sacamano11/15 Pete12
25tfor all the talk - do we really need to rebalance that often? at all?11/15 Needsomehelp11/15 danielc
5pStudent loan vs. home equity loan11/15 Marmot11/15 Marmot
20tCNBC Nightly Business Report cease production in Dec 201911/13 kacang11/15 retire2022
2pAnyone in the land department in oil and gas? What is your backup plan?11/15 notmyhand11/15 BanquetBeer
6nHow to buy a few thousand shares of VWCE?11/13 nick_r11/15 imperia
33hWidow and investments10/03 vkat11/15 vkat
103cTimeshare offer experience10/30 HEDGEFUNDIE11/15 LadyGeek
7hAsset allocation11/14 Yeyi11/15 Yeyi
3hSolo 401K post ownership change...11/15 Eyes40511/15 Eyes405
29pIRMAA Thresholds in 20202018 gobadgers11/15 Big Dog
13tLarry Swedroe's Retirement book is #1 in WSJ listing11/14 Mel Lindauer11/15 LadyGeek
38tLetting retirement funds grow, without further contribution11/15 nwa-non11/15 ExitStageLeft
4794cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36811/15 7eight9
23pHow to Correct RMD to ROTH Rollover09/17 patrickscott11/15 patrickscott
5pIRS Form 8606 - Questions11/15 green tea11/15 kaneohe
44cIs LastPass still top in security, any reason to switch?11/11 squirm11/15 Tarkus
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0tWSJ Reporter doing story on Muni bond trades after May 201811/15 Mel Lindauer 
10cName on an International Ticket11/15 LifeIsGood11/15 LifeIsGood
22pNo Kids Yet - Beneficaries - Who are yours?11/15 Goal3311/15 7eight9
11hcap gains07/30 JOEVANDAL11/15 JOEVANDAL
12h401K help and transition plan11/13 Jvasqu0111/15 Jvasqu01
5tFama/Booth Podcast on Masters in Business11/14 WoodSpinner11/15 arcticpineapple
18tEric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg is my guest on this "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast.11/07 Rick Ferri11/15 Silence Dogood
31hRoth IRA Portfolio Options11/12 thenovice11/15 ChiLawyer
5hYearly Retirement Deferral Limits11/15 YoungLion11/15 YoungLion
24cIHG credit card and Rewards Nights ...11/11 rjbraun11/15 ft2010
60tDOW breaks 25,000 for first time ever2018 AnalogKid2211/15 tigreblanco
1hIRA Custodians, Gold + Crypto11/15 Koala-8811/15 LadyGeek
2pNavy Federal vs Azlo for biz checking?11/15 doss11/15 tfb
31cConsequence of senior not paying phone bill and closing account11/14 atj52011/15 MJS
3tShort Term Bond Funds VSCSX and VFSUX - An Interesting Comparison11/15 Electron11/15 Electron
22pJust learned something about HSAs and independent children that I did not know11/08 markcoop11/15 markcoop
6pContinuing to contribute to an HSA after retirement?11/15 TresBelle6511/15 cas
16cExternal sreaming device on smart TV11/15 Triple digit go11/15 daheld
2hConverting 401k to a Roth IRA?11/15 TresBelle6511/15 TresBelle65
31hAlly as a one stop shop11/10 Tdubs11/15 dboeger1
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10cWhat exactly changes when I switch SIM cards on a phone?11/14 tc10111/15 tc101
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3hWhich real estate index?11/15 Ocean7711/15 Phineas J. Whoo
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2h401K Rollover11/15 Llpt1511/15 retired@50
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35pCollection Calls Right After Death11/13 DonDraper11/15 littlebird
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12hClosed End Funds Nuveen Safe?09/03 intluser11/14 ChinchillaWhipl
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8cCricut Maker Machine questions11/13 micooch11/14 canderson
7pUSAA will not allow SPIA in irrevocable trust unless trust grantor is also a trustee (?)10/29 ssenneff11/14 ssenneff
5hIRA rollover limit 1 per year11/14 neato5oh11/14 neato5oh
1hInvestment Allocation & Solo 401 or SEP?11/14 psdeliberais11/14 Spirit Rider
30hAfter tax 401k worth11/14 Pickle1111/14 Pickle11
4cInsurance coverage outside the US11/14 LuigiLikesPizza11/14 Iridium
3hDoes vanguard allow transfer from sep-IRA to individual 401k?11/14 masonstone11/14 Lafder
17cAnyone with experience in commercial construction?11/02 ElmoHongZito11/14 ElmoHongZito
367hHolding bonds vs 100% equities10/29 irasymn1011/14 KlangFool
52tWhen DID the stock market recover from 1929?11/03 nisiprius11/14 tadamsmar
1tHow to Understand Mutual Fund Information Expense Ratio11/14 GreyGnome11/14 MitchL
16cFort Meyers or south a bit in Feb advice please11/14 cudavid11/14 Arbol
2pCatch up HSA11/13 SlowMovingInves11/14 FiveK
16cCarbon Monoxide Alarms11/12 boater0711/14 theduke
36pEmployer requesting increased travel11/13 lassevirensghos11/14 Freetime76
3hNew 401k Investment Advices11/14 mommabears2611/14 Duckie
4hOld job 401k rollover - what to do with employer contributions?11/14 cookymonster11/14 fabdog
7hNeed of investment adviser?11/14 Applepie196511/14 Stinky
2hAA – Help rebalance/streamline FIL’s portfolio11/13 Alearning11/14 Alearning
3tVanguard Steering Committee & Bogleheads11/14 friar161011/14 uberdoc
16hWash Sale Help11/14 westcoastsaver11/14 rkhusky
6hHelp me choose 401k funds11/14 commissionfree11/14 Bama12
34tOrder or distributions on Roth IRA10/23 international0011/14 One Ping
14hPortfolio Advice - Near Retirement - New Investor Needs Help!11/12 dogbros11/14 HomeStretch
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25cB&H Photo will pay your sales tax [payboo]05/07 vtMaps11/14 Workable Goblin
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4hInvestment Allocation11/13 psdeliberais11/14 Wiggums
45pSimple Bank - Bonus for New Funds in Individual and Protected Goals Account07/18 tj11/14 sarabayo
2nRelocating to the US - Tax question11/14 RogerR11/14 RogerR
153tRich people are hoarding cash09/09 hdas11/14 CyclingDuo
10hHSA vs 401k Roth Conversions11/14 Russ1511/14 1789
37tWhy would a CPFA recommend high fee funds?11/14 fortfun11/14 RubyTuesday
16hIs this too simple11/12 Laker111/14 Gatto Bialetti
2cUdacity effectiveness - redirection appreciated11/08 mystiq11/14 mystiq
29cLos Angeles to San Francisco Roadtrip11/11 aude11/14 dm200
10pConvert Trad to Roth or Not11/14 jojay11/14 FiveK
18tErosion of credit quality in Total Bond11/14 Nittany_Lion11/14 stan1
9hGetting comfortable with AA heading into retirement11/12 Tjb11/14 MarkVH0518
10pDental savings plans, anyone using one?11/14 standard711/14 standard7
24cFruit Fly Problem11/10 runner911/14 rcjchicity
10pQuestion on personal accounting costs for tax preparation11/13 couchpotatoadop11/14 trueblueky
19hRetiring soon and need help11/13 Newlearner1911/14 FiveK
64cAfter 2 weeks on new job, I am wanting to return to my old job, this is a terrible idea right?11/09 tiburblium11/14 Pitagoras
4hAsset Allocation when way off target11/14 Flapper11/14 bloom2708
12cRSS Reader Question11/10 JAZZISCOOL11/14 JAZZISCOOL
2cTour company for Egypt11/14 Faisal11/14 ustf
8pShould DW go down to 11 month contract?11/12 fortfun11/14 fortfun
0hhow to trade safely on IB and other brokers11/14 cafe72 
5hFront Load 401k in 2020?11/14 maxutil11/14 maxutil

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