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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4693 new posts and replies over 433 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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11pHelp me fix my life insurance situation...10/15 pj198316:29 Stinky
11hHelp with college age sons Roth IRA options...10:36 ndnboy16:29 BigMoneyNoWhamm
71cPersonal Adventure - recommendations10/16 seychellois_lib16:28 Theseus
2p0% APR for 6 months -- any disadvantages ?15:54 SlowMovingInves16:28 SlowMovingInves
2pnon-deductible ira contributions & income15:41 midwestyank16:27 lakpr
3hThree Fund Questions15:15 AMG7916:26 ruralavalon
179pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover16:26 DaftInvestor
65pPaying off the mortgage early - Isn't this the opposite of "putting more money into your house"?10/17 Rowan Oak16:26 Church Lady
7hWhat the heck to do with $2M windfall13:39 Windfaller16:25 The Wizard
29t30 yr TIPs auction: Oct. 18: 1.2% real yield?10/14 grok8716:24 grok87
21tForever Stamps as an Investment?07:37 bigtex16:23 nisiprius
38tTake your canes out in Emerging Markets08/15 hdas16:23 Valuethinker
3335cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:22 Artful Dodger
5tWhat do index funds do when firm's market cap drops?23:31 bogled_mind16:21 bberris
7pBitcoin after death...some thoughts to consider10/17 texasdiver16:21 BolderBoy
32tTop stocks of 2000 trail the market over the next 18 years23:39 willthrill8116:19 Mel Lindauer
25tSin as investment strategy2016 larryswedroe16:19 BigMoneyNoWhamm
19pKids inherited $8,000 each - 529 or regular brokerage?19:28 ParlayBogle16:19 DarthSage
12hWhy dismiss sectors?13:34 milosz1916:19 bertilak
27pA Frustration w/ Ally Bank, Trust Account, and Paperless Statements09/18 Horsefly16:19 mptfan
2tMalkiel no longer endorses blind-folded monkeys, likes smart beta15:10 tadamsmar16:18 tadamsmar
19hHeavy Loss in Stable Value Fund of 401k investments09:48 mtmingus16:16 bberris
11hrollover or transfer from Fidelity 401k?10/12 unknownENG16:15 unknownENG
1156tIt's not enough to mumble "Stay the Course"... INT'L Investing has been a disaster!08/14 HuckFinn16:14 watchnerd
215cHigh End Wrist Watches (Gone Crazy)2016 corn1816:13 LadyGeek
8h2018 Income Tax Simulation08/20 Bob B16:08 Dottie57
22hFinally ready to start investing in RothIRA (23yrs old)10/16 ynotyese.716:08 Living Free
40cJury duty - already booked vacation10/16 FB0116:05 Doom&Gloom
121tSears, a 125 year old company is now a penny stock.09/28 arcticpineapple16:03 spectec
4pFederal Blue Cross Basic or Standard for Knee Surgery20:01 Chubby-Panda15:53 bsteiner
7393tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill15:53 willthrill81
23pPPO vs HDHP + HSA10/15 Xanadu15:52 marti038
17hMoving to company that allows Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion - Any prep needed?10/12 confused115:51 Pigeye Brewster
4cTip Furniture Delivery?14:35 dustinst2215:50 Housedoc
22pMega Backdoor Roth Mechanics02/25 halldr17715:50 Earl Lemongrab
42cWhen to change tires; and what brand20:56 novemberrain15:49 Kenkat
74pWhere would you go for financial guidance if you win the Megamillions?10/17 CULater15:48 Texanbybirth
61pDid you retire because you hit your number?10/17 Ron Scott15:47 chw
0pHealth Care Options for 26 year old15:45 yankeefan4065 
10pHelping out with early onset Alzheimer's10:44 mrgeeze15:40 bsteiner
50hBofA/Merrill Edge or Chase Sapphire Banking/CPC?08/31 rapatelrocky15:37 madbrain
5pPossible much house can afford? (accounting for transaction costs)13:05 Deighve15:27 Jags4186
17pMasters Degree Advice20:48 Huskies2615:27 dbapaddy
31pInflating AGI to avoid paying back ACA Premium Tax Credit10/16 BrianJM15:23 LadyGeek
116tHelp me understand dividends2016 rbaldini15:23 Phineas J. Whoo
6hMore safe: Treasury ETF or Bank Account10/16 jeffreyalan15:18 galeno
5tTilting One More Step Beyond USA vs non-USA10:53 galeno15:16 JoMoney
22cunlicensed repair guy possibly spent our material deposit10/17 audioaxes15:13 vested1
141tFidelity Full View transition to eMoney07/28 crefwatch15:12 jkrm
8pLocal review of Truecar10/17 dm20015:11 Raryn
1cWill Uber card pay for Amazon Prime Student membership?10/16 Ndop15:10 Ndop
11hTLH - mutual fund partner trios?12:28 crit15:07 crit
10pBudget for post-65 health/dental/vision/hearing19:56 NoHeat15:01 dm200
173t"Why Jack Bogle Doesn't Own Non-U.S. Stocks"10/16 Taylor Larimore15:00 staythecourse
319cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman14:59 Earl Lemongrab
6pIn What Order are Tax Credits Applied?08:55 bigtex14:54 FiveK
643pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy14:53 an_asker
18hPortfolio Advice, 30 yr old couple10:33 AnthonyD814:47 FoolMeOnce
45hPortfolio advise (30 something) from NL10/06 Sinsji14:47 BeBH65
6hPortfolio allocation Retired.13:14 Smoke14:46 Smoke
5h401K Rollover to New Employer12:44 JerryB14:42 ruralavalon
81tVanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund is changing07/27 asif40814:40 pdavi21
1pIs this a gift?14:21 kacang14:39 inbox788
12h"Breaking" a CD: On a Specific Date ??10/17 SanityCheck14:29 dm200
11pCA property tax > $10K, any options to deduct all?10/16 a010z14:28 mervinj7
0tPrima Fed. Credit Union 14 mo 3% CD (easy membership)14:28 EvelynTroy 
40cBest way to complain about Hertz bait-and-switch?10/17 CFIT14:23 dm200 updated to include spousal benefits07/30 gregable14:22 vtMaps
22tStreetShares bonds07/09 pgs5914:08 jminv
26tflat for the year16:53 BanquetBeer14:07 aristotelian
1hportfolio help14:00 RustyShacklefor14:05 RustyShacklefor
10hInvesting in Roth IRA: Hitting mutual fund limits at the beginning22:34 ThisJustIn14:01 gweezer
14hBad time to invest in govt bonds?10/10 l1am13:58 patrick
4hTaxes: Selling/gifting appreciated shares while income is low10/15 LinusP13:54 megabad
4c2017-2018 Honda CRV and Civic recall notice09:30 CULater13:53 runner3081
35pApproach to rescinding a job acceptance20:02 JordanIB13:49 inbox788
37cCar servicing10/17 jackal13:48 tydas
48cDIY Home Security: SimpliSafe vs Ooma vs Nest vs Ring vs Other?09/20 Saving$13:45 pochax
777pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest13:16 vineviz
9pRetired applying for credit cards10/17 Da5id13:14 mptfan
7pCan you include this in a will?12:13 PoppyA13:11 clemrick
79cAnyone done a Hair Transplant?10/10 PaulAtreides12:59 gotester2000
3tLarry Swedroe’s Your Complete Guide To A Successful And Secure Retirement Coming Soon10:04 Random Walker12:56 mhalley
3t8-week t-bill debuts tomorrow 10/1610/15 MnD12:49 ThrustVectoring
5lBoglehead 2018 Conference Photos10/10 Pongo12:47 P&C actuary
4cHelp with Cox compatible modem07:53 Cobra Commander12:46 bloom2708
19tPenFed 3% 5 year certificates are back.06/03 Austintatious12:40 Austintatious
3hPortfolio Analysis/Advice17:03 J_Nyz12:37 Living Free
10cSister buying house FIL want to give money for downpayment10/17 squirm12:36 JoeRetire
101cShould we move to San Diego from east coast?10/14 tin36912:29 ThankYouJack
5hRetirement options?10/16 The-Stig12:26 Living Free
33cSneakers with good arch support10/16 clemrick12:19 clemrick
19tToo Much APPL Stock10/17 Duffydog112:18 CyclingDuo
4pTaxes on parents’ house transferred to children22:54 eddot9812:12 eddot98
65pWhat do you consider 'enough'?10/16 intangiblemoney12:04 skime
1hRollover help - Roth 401(k) w/ employer contributions19:29 DollarsInMyRame12:03 FiveK
38cCross-country trip via Amtrak10/17 catdude11:34 beardsworth
23hUnwinding and transferring positions10/09 Minisoda11:33 deikel
3hBaird Intermediate Muni vs Baird Short Muni10/11 RNJ11:33 matjen
9hPending I-485 & Roth18:58 Steeze11:31 sergio
0pAdvice on using a Special Purpose Entity to get EITC11:31 Admiral 
0pEnd of Life Expenses11:24 JPH 
34hSpoke with a CFP...underwhelming!06:59 unstoppable11:22 Teague
3hRoth 401k rollover10:45 Oh12311:22 tenkuky
3cTemporary Credit Freeze Lift and non-required PINs - no security11:12 DaftInvestor11:20 DaftInvestor
74tShort Term Bond yield over 3%10/09 David Jay11:08 Doc
461t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M11:04 Doc
7hInvestments for HSA10/17 JayinLA10:52 JayinLA
21pindependent advisor10/11 SSM110:46 nick evets
69tLarry Swedroe: Prepare For The Bear10/15 Random Walker10:43 ResearchMed
29cHow is U-Haul for getting a trailer hitch?2017 CULater10:38 ewinter2000
46t"Retirement age uncertainty increases the savings needed for success"10/07 AlohaJoe10:32 randomguy
31cTo replace old Volvo10/17 1johanna10:24 ResearchMed
3pHSA-like vehicle for self-employed without high deductible plan?10/17 pbjmachine10:23 aristotelian
4hVanguard vs Charles Schwab ETFs09:40 bruingent10:20 Mountain Doc
2hUse multiple funding sources for one buy? (Vanguard)09:22 Gumby25210:18 livesoft
15psecure land for donation for county park10/14 Trapper10:17 RudyS
18tTax loss harvesting question10/16 Gamma Ray10:16 livesoft
3hFidelity ZERO funds18:33 roundhouse10:14 ruralavalon
3h[Help with Market-linked CD]10/17 andy201210:08 retiredjg
16hFeedback on Kai-Zen premium finance life insurance plan10/14 andy201210:02 andy2012
4pSpousal IRA contributions10/17 elgie2309:58 elgie23
281pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee2017 indexfundfan09:58 dalmatiandan
8hEUR+USD complicated portfolio for better yield10/17 bonzai09:56 ICH
5tETF for non resident alien10/17 gougou09:49 ICH
0h529 and state of GA09:45 robiu977 
9pDown payment into Ally 1% offer, how will it affect mortgage applications?18:08 need403bhelp09:41 sunny_socal
6hYAFEJT- Yet Another Fleeing Edward Jones Thread10/08 ExitStageLeft09:37 ExitStageLeft
3tBRKB overlap with VTSAX overweight AAPL?08:50 sabtastic09:22 bgf
8hWhat to do with variable annuity at retirement age?10/17 discman01709:20 hirlaw
17cCar accident, diminished value claim?09/27 hmw09:12 barnaclebob
3p[Help with 401k rollover, Roth conversion]10/17 jwc175409:11 jwc1754
7tSeeking data on the long term return for 5 Vanguard funds.10/11 dpm197308:56 jeffyscott
3759cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:56 ObliviousInvest
34cCorporate politics/culture10/15 prettybogle08:53 dcabler
12pBest first time computer / path for children19:23 RobLyons08:50 LordB
11hNew to HSAs need help - HSA Bank (TD Ameritrade) + Cigna10/17 jbsmith0508:44 PhrugalPhan
25hDoes Lifestrategy make sense in Roth IRA's2017 Cody08:41 Cody
78cHow Much Is Your Sewer Bill?10/14 TheDDC08:38 AAA
6hMoney Markets and CDs now10/16 John308:32 aristotelian
19hwould you buy bonds or corporate bonds now?10/17 lulukanth08:27 sabtastic
121cCan I buy a Tesla?06/29 Cramerica08:11 wrongfunds
33hChase Private Client -- Worth it to hold Vanguard Funds?2017 Mark261408:01 Ron Scott
37cMaserati Experiences10/16 watchnerd07:35 Nova1967
6cRe-doing a trust, contingent beneficiary question20:18 Swampy07:33 Gill
14hIs there a benefit of investing in Traditional IRA if company provides 401K10/17 gmehta07:31 Flyer24
107cWater Heater Install $1,800!2016 Andyrunner07:29 sschoe2
2hVTIAX vs VTMGX+VEMAX10/17 novice671206:58 novice6712
8hHelp simplify my portfolio10/15 scutu06:33 retiredjg
12hWhy not pick Vanguard Intermediate-Term Tax Exempt Fund??10/17 scutu06:23 retiredjg
192tVanguard's Wellesley Income fund is incredible2017 willthrill8104:24 garlandwhizzer
3pDraft IRS 1040 & schedules 1-6, & Sch A links18:20 ladycat04:23 FiveK
112tHow does one emotionally keep it together during market swings?02/11 GrayS2604:15 sharukh
24hTransfer VTSAX & VTIAX to Chase You Invest?10/16 Zorn04:09 ivk5
19pISO taxes and AMT [Incentive Stock Option]09/28 ilala04:08 FiveK
43h$50,000: Should I buy now or wait for the market to drop further?10/13 Sophia188401:55 Fishing50
191pTalk me out of buying a Tesla Model 310/08 investor99701:34 novemberrain
67c$34k Volt vs $54k Model 3?--help me decide??07/04 ebotrd01:30 ebotrd
94lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte01:24 Cliff Shmoney
50pKids not interested in money / allowance10/15 petrisunset00:11 Starfish
2tVSUXX not available through Interactive Brokers?18:27 dimbmw23:53 dimbmw
39cPacific Northwest trip10/12 MDfan23:10 Regattamom
9pMedicare Supplements10/16 rbslos3623:06 khh
0p1099 and W2 from the same employer22:22 RL1013 
17cDenied credit card with great credit16:40 turkey123422:20 UpperNwGuy
5pTax simulator for 201910/17 guliver22:15 grabiner
28cyour favorite ereader?10/12 albireo1322:02 mhalley
1pState tax shenanigans - IL21:19 michaeljc7022:00 LadyGeek
10hAny benefit to a 403b with a 1.25% wrap fee vs a Taxable with zero Fees10/17 noviceinvestor821:56 tarmangani
5hstreet shares08/03 barberakb21:48 BoglePaul
7hQuestion Regarding Five Year Rule for Roth IRA Withdrawals (Alan S. Please Help!)10/17 NeedSomeAdvice21:32 kaneohe
16pHow much life insurance for cancer survivor? OR, can I even get insured?10/17 doss21:31 BruDude
3hbond funds10/17 capen246821:20 venkman
5tSingle Stock Concentration: Google Sheets beta16:50 vineviz21:06 patrick013
28hadvice on first home10/16 jezo20:54 BeneIRA
1tHelp me understand growth vs value charts on bonds17:17 AKMac20:43 venkman
15tWhat was max drop in 2000 and 2008?10/16 kayanco20:18 2015
30h30 y/o Boglehead student, advice for 65 year old Retiring Father10/16 jefscott720:12 jefscott7
25pSolo 401(k) Questions (and sanity check)09/08 ChapMan19:52 ChapMan
13pHSA contribution for divorced non-custodial parent10/15 pevgeny19:33 Trapper
432pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4819:32 mkedst
32pFDIC insurance limit increase with multiple PoD accounts (CDs+savings)2015 Tamales19:31 libralibra
11cThinking of buying a brand new Toyota 4Runner TRD10/17 omeganuts021319:26 Watty
33tTreasuries safe?10/17 erik26519:26 LadyGeek
16cWhy buy thicker hardwood?10/16 batpot19:25 rimfire
9hHelp my dad is nearing retirement10/17 rockthisworld19:23 dknightd
15hInvesting During Retirement10/16 Helpmebogle19:19 MotoTrojan
25pReasonable cost for a forever home?10/16 NRoy19:14 ram
1243tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab18:55 pre
2hEvaluation of Portfolio10/17 RickBoglehead18:52 RickBoglehead
48cCancun in a few weeks10/13 Flymore18:44 oxothuk
27tVanguard screws up rollover from TSP10/15 02nz18:31 azanon
39pKaiser or CareFirst10/13 wassabi18:30 dm200
29cBuyers commission on a condo purchase10/14 DartThrower18:19 jfn111
10hPlease help me simplify my Portfolio07/21 bbwolf18:05 bbwolf
45cNot convinced with insurance10/13 car73318:03 staythecourse
2tA question regarding pension buy-outs16:48 oldcomputerguy17:59 delamer
7pRoth conversion - getting conflicting info about taxes10/17 femmefire17:47 retiredjg
14hTax Exempt Bond Funds - Intermediate, Long Term, High Yield10/16 Hogan77317:22 Hogan773
84pLong-term Care Insurance10/14 willyd12317:17 DC3509
15p5% ESPP10/17 BUBear2917:15 BUBear29
25pWhat would you do with unexpected tax refund?10/16 johnsac16:56 celia
1hWeird cost basis after converting VTIAX to VXUS10/17 assyadh10/17 Dale_G
107tRich, Broke or Dead: Visualizing probabilities of outcomes in early retirement09/28 EnjoyIt10/17 HomerJ
3hAlly Bank Transfers10/16 boater0710/17 DaftInvestor
4pAmended return required when error only impacts capital loss carryforward?10/17 sfchris10/17 Phineas J. Whoo
26cTesla Insurance Question and how to get out of the deposit07/03 InvestoGuy10/17 harikaried
321tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar10/17 DaftInvestor
51crule of thumb of when to sell your car02/13 audioaxes10/17 Mako52
13pCan you please tell me how much FDIC insurance this scenario has?10/17 GrayS2610/17 jalbert
8hMultiple Backdoor Roth Conversions each year for same tax year10/17 tfspear41510/17 retiredjg
4pKidnapping and Ransom in Bitcoins10/17 galeno10/17 prudent
32cWould you ever buy a lottery ticket?10/17 ginmqi10/17 prudent
10pWallet-size personal investing handout to jumpstart learning.10/16 dratkinson10/17 dratkinson
10hThoughts about Vanguard Small Cap Growth ETF?10/06 Jesteroftheswam10/17 MotoTrojan
8phow to buy parents a house in Florida (with cash)10/16 briansacct10/17 Gill
6cSRS Airbag Light On In Car10/16 SVariance110/17 SVariance1
6pImproper Distribution from After-Tax 401k to Roth (Mega Backdoor)09/21 fufgirl10/17 fufgirl
2cMunicipal debt - financial not political10/17 dm20010/17 dm200
102lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam210/17 InMyDreams
20pCalculating 2018 Tax Liability10/03 remomnyc10/17 kaneohe
10pExceeding Income Limit for Roth IRA Mid-Year?10/16 RyanJC10/17 retiredjg
36cTesla Model 3 Owners: Your experience so far09/05 InvestoGuy10/17 ebotrd
68pThe Next Millionaire Next Door: Enduring Strategies for Building Wealth Hardcover will be released October 1, 201809/29 timmy10/17 gasdoc
6tDividend withholding makes actual ER of Total International 0.32%?10/16 financeperchanc10/17 galeno
3pSocial Security Restricted Application10/17 Frisco Kid10/17 Austintatious
17pToo good to be true; what am I missing?10/17 viz10/17 MotoTrojan
23hInvest in target date fund or do myself? Poor return Schwab Private Client10/13 TopCat12310/17 TopCat123
6hNeed brokerage advice, US person living abroad10/16 john7710/17 galeno
3cUsed car advice10/16 serioussam10/17 Thegame14
9hWash sale question: selling new and old shares10/17 corn1810/17 iceport
3pMoved from ETrade to Fidelity-quick update-is this normal?10/16 mrmass10/17 Pocanutin
11hWhen to TLH?10/15 northtexan10/17 H-Town
5hPay $3/mo. Or keep $5k in HSA10/17 LIGuy8210/17 LIGuy82
95tWhen will you backup the truck on stocks10/10 Elysium10/17 sperry8
17hFirst time TLH Questions, constrained by spouse's work10/15 SDLinguist10/17 iceport
8cVisiting the Statue of Liberty10/16 stilllurking10/17 bltkmt
1psaving for first home10/17 jezo10/17 Meg77
7hHelp with Fixed Income Allocation in Early Retirement10/15 hawkfan5510/17 hawkfan55
6pTravel insurance from chase sapphire card10/16 Xbar1783610/17 Xbar17836
4hDetermining the "Better Buy"10/17 BoggledHead210/17 BoggledHead2
6cRear DTRL not fully working10/17 Thegame1410/17 Thegame14
9hAm I hitting the important asset classes?10/16 StarDolphin10/17 rkhusky
3hJust exchanged $10k of VTSAX for VGSLX in Roth10/17 GuinnessPhish10/17 bloom2708
41pPls help us design our family life!!!10/10 frugalista10/17 grokzilla
7t401k for S-corp - Do we increase salary to maximize the employer contributions?10/16 foursix10/17 foursix
6pHow to avoid exposure from owning rental properties10/17 jrk10/17 SouthernCPA
29pSocial Security [impact of earnings on benefits]10/15 capen246810/17 capen2468
22cGoogle's Titan Key for 2fa10/10 linenfort10/17 michaeljc70
37lmetro Denver Bogleheads?2017 BsmartSM10/17 Bb_cpa
31tBetter to invest in taxable and not deferred?10/13 Elysium10/17 Cartographer
6tflattening yield curve and tlh treasuries10/16 gips10/17 Doc
24cHDMI Splitter or Switch?10/15 mancich10/17 wrongfunds
1hInvestment mix advice10/17 CozDiver10/17 retiredjg
17cZion Nat'l Park & mosquitos in October?10/15 R2D210/17 R2D2
4hhelp with asset location10/15 cheapskate9739710/17 retiredjg
154tVanguard has switched to brokerage only accounts2017 goshenBogle10/17 sport
36hInternational Fund Down - What to do?10/16 WentzWagon10/17 J295
46tEmerging Market Bond Funds10/08 hdas10/17 ThisDinosaur
50tWhat tools do you use to track your finances?10/08 spreadsheetguy10/17 scrabbler1
10t2017 Social Security AWI / Bend Points released10/11 David Jay10/17 Faith20879
0tLarry Swedroe: Trend Following & Managed Futures10/17 Random Walker 
27pNeed guidance on charting next life steps10/14 kurious10/17 KlangFool
70cNeed new email address. Gmail or ???10/13 RudyS10/17 jharkin
1tSEC Yield10/17 Duffydog110/17 LukeHeinz57
12cPet Insurance company recommendation10/16 Swansea10/17 maggsmaggs
4hHelp me understand10/17 MPLSTCH10/17 goingup
3cNon-profit: SMS/text based survey tool experience10/13 CollegePrudens10/17 CollegePrudens
308lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!2017 NCPE10/17 PaHumbug
6hHoping for clarification on bond fund questions10/16 Hilltop10/17 Hilltop
10hCritique my Finances Please10/06 uconnlj10/17 bloom2708
21cNew Snowbird- Tucson AZ10/01 mrgeeze10/17 scifilover
2hEvaluation of Portfolio10/17 RickBoglehead10/17 RickBoglehead
40ctrip to Grand Cayman & dieting [while on vacation]10/14 camillus10/17 vpm8889
19hConvert TIRA to Roth, nondeductible10/15 AstroGirl10/17 GrowthSeeker
6cHelp: Potential car lease fraud?10/13 seashell10/17 FlyAF
158tCorrelation between the FIRE movement and one of the greatest bull markets10/03 timotheon10/17 lazydavid
4pI-bonds to 529 to grandchild10/16 jeffyscott10/17 donaldfair71
13hIntroduction and some questions!09/23 marksmall10/17 jakehefty17
8hPay CGs now to move into Index, or hold?10/16 ndnboy10/17 ndnboy
26hVanguard changing my Admiral shares to Investor Shares10/15 RetiredInTN201710/17 indexonlyplease
6hAdding significant contribution to grandson's Utah 52910/16 loves2read10/17 inbox788
17hWhat to do with inheritance10/13 jkers10/17 MJS
9hHelp: Moving Stocks to Index Fund10/14 siankisr10/17 BL
49pRelocation to California10/15 jeffreyalan10/17 boglerdude
10p[Do I need to file IRS Form 1116?]10/14 Kiyomikote10/16 Kiyomikote
108tIs EMH a tautology?10/13 Lauretta10/16 willthrill81
15hTax loss harvesting: Long term vs. short term losses.10/13 MNGopher10/16 White Coat Inve
175cHow many of you have cut the cord?2016 Ryanlion850610/16 22twain
61tDoes Fidelity offer the best index products for a passive investor compared to Vanguard10/12 Elysium10/16 retiringwhen
27pElder care tax question(s)10/09 CRTR10/16 SoAnyway
30pcan't use testamentary trust as beneficiary, what next?2016 annabel10/16 bsteiner
8hCREF Global Equities as 403b VTWSX equivalent?10/15 lassevirensghos10/16 jalbert
0hportfolio, plan and early retirement10/16 SSM1 
6hHelp! Federal Employee Financial advisors?? FFEBA? ChFEBC?09/29 Gelsomina10/16 Taylor Larimore
9hHow to invest maturing CDs10/16 carolinaman10/16 SpideyIndexer
18pGift for two of four grandchildren10/15 focusedonwhatma10/16 golfCaddy
569cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater10/16 daren12
0hprojected 2018 dividends and CGs vs 201710/16 SpideyIndexer 
187t"Safe" Withdrawal Rate for Early Retirees (or any retiree)10/08 Rowan Oak10/16 Ron Scott
9cAttempted fraud against my frozen credit - Need I do more?10/15 luap10/16 arcticpineapple
4hProductivity of the 60/40 Split in Current Times10/16 Kendrick3310/16 pyld76
0cHow long for Social Security to issue new card for name change?10/16 Rainmaker41 
10hTransferring $1.2 Mil taxable to Vanguard10/16 PQ12$10/16 PQ12$
6hRollover Timing Risk10/16 JerryB10/16 FireHorse
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