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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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6020 new posts and replies over 547 topics in last 3 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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34pClose my AT&T Universal Card?02/23 JohnFiscal02:07 dratkinson
65cWhen is it time for a new smartphone?03/20 UTgrad02:06 Momus
11cWhat consideration do you give to product reviews?09:20 AAA02:03 Luckywon
4cLease a car or buy a car23:16 SemperFi7902:00 German Expat
10nHow to avoid middleman bank charges when wiring money into the US?08:33 vu801:42 sfnerd
8tCan I still do a Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion for 2018?04:25 CanIQuitNow01:14 CanIQuitNow
5hShould I be more aggressive?21:12 Boilermaker1001:14 3funder
9tWhy past performance does not predict future?23:02 get_g0ing01:14 DonIce
102tFama vs Kahneman [Behavioral Finance]03/18 alexfoo3901:13 alexfoo39
4pForm 8606 theory question22:04 tibbitts01:11 Epsilon Delta
2pWealthfront Cash: 2.24% APY, $1M FDIC insurance00:54 michaeljmroger01:06 typical.investo
1hVCADX and a 230,000 inheritance00:21 cowlikejaw01:05 michaeljmroger
69tI think US interest rates could drop.2018 rgs9200:57 rgs92
19pFinding a Personal Finance Marriage Counselor18:51 OnFire00:44 celia
16pShould I ditch bonds? (Because I have a mortgage)13:16 mega31700:41 camillus
2hPortfolio Review, onward to my thirties03/21 boombaz00:40 boombaz
2hIs a Roth 403b sensible in this scenario?20:21 coastal00:36 FiveK
10332tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill00:29 ishkadetto
7pHR Block question18:35 Almost there00:28 Almost there
62cWhen your responsibility to your children ends?03/21 flyingaway00:09 beyou
51cComputer security03/19 dave105400:07 HawkeyePierce
17pFidelity HSA-how are you investing the funds?15:50 4nwestsaylng00:02 Big Dog
12cSuggestions for an internet service provider that is NOT Comcast?17:12 yosemite_mounta00:01 MathWizard
43pLife insurance03/13 jaybee923:59 BruDude
21cLawnmower(s)11:35 psteinx23:45 blackcat4
104tRetired Investors - Do You Keep Cash For Down Years03/18 Ckprocker23:43 pascalwager
31tYour thoughts on the teachings of Ed Slott03/21 LMK523:40 marcopolo
0tThe 17th Century Bond That’s Still Paying Interest23:39 unknownfuture 
4283cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36823:38 jlawrence01
43pWhen to increase house size with a growing family?03/21 MrBeaver23:38 pasadena
25tHere's my portfolio03/20 vineviz23:33 celerity
61hRole of Pensions and Social Security in Asset Allocation03/20 Naris23:28 Naris
2cThinking of renting an Audi through Silvercar in Orlando18:40 ShoogyBee23:27 ram
15cFamily man who misses driving a fun car20:34 ThankYouJack23:27 kjvmartin
97pAre RMDs that bad if you're not an over-saver?03/19 ThankYouJack23:26 FoolStreet
1cnew car thoughts20:58 tennis serve23:24 sawdust60
23cMinivan or SUV?03/21 notmyhand23:23 researcher
32hVanguard - dissappointed03/21 nix4me23:22 nix4me
10nAnyone has experience with Vanguard Hong Kong ETFs?02/20 PurpleArc23:22 ying_yang
5cNYC hotel - safe, clean, not expensive.08:53 PoppyA23:16 HereToLearn
15tWho discovered sequence of returns risk?19:05 Phil DeMuth23:15 AlohaJoe
16pIllinois State Tax Loophole? What am I missing?15:10 redbird2423:09 Triple digit go
62tLarry Swedroe: Why The Size Premium Should Persist03/20 Random Walker23:02 Dialectical Inv
62p60 YOs ask a BH for advice - 200K+ student loan debt, and more...03/21 ICMoney22:54 Katietsu
1tDo Longer Expansions Lead to More Severe Recessions?22:50 typical.investo22:54 DonIce
10hWhat to do?09:00 Remco22:53 printer86
18hVanguard no longer commission free, how do I fix this?10:31 xiosen22:45 TropikThunder
4hVYMI (International Large Cap Value) placement in RA or Taxable Account?14:51 HW200022:40 drk
140pWhy should FEHB members buy Medicare Part B?2016 Enkidu22:33 ChrisC
1lMinnesota Main Meeting-Save the Date: April 20, 201911:48 Fallible22:31 Peter Foley
13pSelling land - best approach?10:16 prudent22:30 Slick8503
3pNo 5498 form for Roth account21:19 Monster9922:29 Monster99
15nNon-resident Indian deposits03/20 StoneFeeler22:27 shcnno
26hBig Picture - are we doing the right things?03/21 Triple digit go22:20 Triple digit go
80tUnderstanding using treasury futures for leverage to implement risk parity02/21 DonIce22:15 acegolfer
2tJunk bonds: Muni vs. Corprate? Risk level21:57 ChinchillaWhipl22:10 ChinchillaWhipl
64t10 Year/3 Month Treasuries Inversion09:29 jminv22:10 Alchemist
1pGrandfathered into BofA/ME Preferred Benefits?21:43 YoungBogle22:09 123
13hGet Longer Term CDs now?17:34 SteadyOne22:08 TaxingAccount
22hSwitch to Ally or just Keep more in Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund10/08 captpete22:01 xb7
84pCPA is not including form 8606 for my backdoor Roth03/15 linenoise21:59 TxInjun
3hPut equities in IRAs or taxable in this situation?03/21 friar161021:59 grabiner
12pSocial Security Haircut Calculator20:05 Yohanson21:54 LadyGeek
57pCheck for abandoned property -- worked twice for me2013 McCharley21:52 Pu239
14hSeries I Savings Bonds Buying Opportunity03/21 Thesaints21:47 Darth Xanadu
7cCostco Car Rental unavailable in March 2020?17:03 heartwood21:46 heartwood
1hMoving out of state, what to do with 529 Plan, tax exempt bonds?17:29 dumbttt21:46 grabiner
70cBeing a Boglehead and car enthusiast stinks03/20 uberme21:45 DanEmmy
12pTransfer deed or sell home to kid?2017 wikiradio21:45 baran
10hMost tax efficient small cap fund?18:16 CrazyCatLady21:43 drk
3pIRS treatment of Cryptocurrency20:12 speer21:43 willthrill81
214tMy Favorite Alternative Funds2017 grap001321:42 Theoretical
5hVWALX vs VWIUX or VNYTX.14:16 suchda21:35 grabiner
327tThat's enough for me in 201903/16 market timer21:33 gmaynardkrebs
1380tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE21:31 MotoTrojan
9pMM Rates12:47 Thegame1421:30 pasadena
19cOBD GPS tracker for new teen driver03/20 dsb01221:22 SimonJester
61tDoes 10% Gold increase or decrease risk?03/20 JuniorRob21:22 willthrill81
1hQuestion about SEP-IRA transfer and RMDs20:51 SeaShelleys21:14 Alan S.
24hMuni bond fund in taxable account: state (CA) or national03/18 petrisunset21:12 pasadena
16tJunk inclusion as part of Total Bond Funds14:29 David Althaus21:12 Phineas J. Whoo
26hVXUS now lower cost than VTIAX. Should I convert?03/20 OneBreeze21:11 Pigeye Brewster
4hSell Off Funds In Taxable Account19:55 MilkMan121:09 Soon2BXProgramm
1hHelp with 401k/IRA Allocation19:40 blackholescion20:56 ExitStageLeft
5cLeadership literature or advice13:55 SagaciousTravel20:52 Businesscasual
20nInvesting in Indian Stock Market - Fund selection2018 zenmusic20:46 sharukh
3hExcellent site for bond basics13:49 pkcrafter20:42 Peculiar_Invest
40pWhy does IRS care if nanny is paid via 1099 or W2?14:01 knightrider20:36 robphoto
8hBack door roth question03/21 littleb1234520:25 littleb12345
4pStill possible to open a SEP IRA for 2018?03/20 knightrider20:23 Pete12
5hShould I roll over my retirement plan?13:58 himsodapper20:13 Spirit Rider
7pShould I fund Traditional IRAs with no deduction?03/20 billyj30620:11 JGoneRiding
10pNeed Foreign Currency16:12 ddurrett89620:10 Grt2bOutdoors
20pCanceling escrow account03/21 rashad300020:08 JGoneRiding
8hGood question about selling losers and keeping winners17:08 Jesteroftheswam20:04 Phineas J. Whoo
12texotic ETFs03/20 columbia19:53 Phineas J. Whoo
5hTax reporting for back-door Roth18:03 dumbttt19:48 FiveK
0tWhy is Prime Money Market and Ultra Short Term Bond Fund behaving this way?19:47 zaplunken 
1hNext step after backdoor Roth, no 401k available for now18:22 potdough19:44 FiveK
96cDo you still wear a necktie to work?03/21 A44019:37 TravelforFun
24hRoth vs Traditional - Tax Bracket and 401K?03/20 guymontag19:26 FiveK
1hWhere can I find historical distribution info?18:50 seabril62219:23 Peter Foley
14tFinance Books sequence05:46 Edinvestor19:19 mega317
240pHow Much in Your Emergency Fund And Is It Used?2017 Jcraz1319:16 remomnyc
1pHow distribution is made on living trust being beneficiary of TSP14:53 alg58719:10 Alan S.
15cweighted blankets06/02 3feetpete19:09 StevieG72
5cReplacing asphalt driveway03/21 delamer19:01 eddot98
5hPlease help friend with a Trad IRA/SS silly booboo.17:28 HurdyGurdy18:52 rkhusky
12hTarget Funds and Risk Tolerance03/10 bck6318:46 bck63
2328tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb18:44 Portfolio7
23cWiFi Extender10:19 tampaite18:40 Capricorn51
0tInteresting new paper on time series momentum using monte-carlo approach18:30 imak 
196tNew Vanguard Security Code Requirement [2FA: Two-factor authentication]2018 retire5718:23 Thesaints
20cNeed some help with slow folders in Windows03/20 newbie00318:22 tuningfork
7hIs this portfolio balanced?03/10 YungT18:15 retire2022
31tThree-Fund Portfolio (2nd Grader's) vs S&P 50003/20 get_g0ing18:08 deltaneutral83
1hBalancing Portfolio With Transferring Account13:31 offthetop18:03 Duckie
5hQuestion on bond fund..15:38 CarolL18:01 Murgatroyd
15h2019 Mortgage: How to Calculate AFTER-TAX Rate03/21 craiggsean17:59 grabiner
24pRefinancing 4.125% 30-year fixed mortgage03/21 ma21n217:57 ma21n2
23hTax-efficient fund placement when considering early retirement03/21 banhbao17:55 fujiters
1hPut too much into SEP-IRA16:26 Boston Barry17:55 Spirit Rider
4h30 Year Old Check In--What to do Next?06:23 carac3317:50 carac33
39pRetiring- pension is 2x annual expense. Roth conversions/ss advice.03/14 Lrt1217:44 Sandi_k
6h25 year old saving for house down payment16:58 krafty8117:43 aspirit
45tIn Search of... the Inverted Yield Curve07/21 grayfox17:39 WhiteMaxima
1twhy are there so many ETF prices? By Vanguard16:30 arcticpineapple17:38 senex
20cTwitter [Is mobile number needed to register?]10:42 Offshore17:34 Sourc3
13hrisk [averse] soon to be retirees with lots of annuities03/20 cjelly17:31 Independent Geo
6hRoth IRA Surprised me12:20 Tech17:29 Duckie
1p[Solo 401K Excess Employer Profit Sharing Contribution]08:48 rwmmm17:29 Spirit Rider
0tReporter doing story on retired folks17:25 Mel Lindauer 
23pBest courses and books on negotiation2017 Wannaretireearl17:24 Strayshot
1hwhat to do with extra cash17:04 nsj1317:22 mega317
42hMoving from Vanguard to Merrill Edge03/21 international0017:22 international00
65cThree Days in DC03/10 Bacchus0117:22 ChrisC
15hPlease help me decipher this Variable Annuity - Details in post02/21 hbus130017:14 investorag83
1600tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab17:04 Earl Lemongrab
521tVanguard is Discontinuing their VanguardAdvantage Accounts02/28 bhwabeck353317:03 dewayned
12tA passage and question I have from A Random Walk Down Wall St.03/02 Jesteroftheswam17:00 patrick013
7hRetirement portfolio review help please, new investor (multiple account types, which international fund?)03/20 halpert16:57 ExitStageLeft
52cRecall: Subaru 2015, 2016 & 2017 Legacy & Outback steering2016 stratton16:57 beyou
143cParis - Is It Safe?03/17 Small Law Survi16:54 LadyGeek
103tFell in Love with Fidelity01/08 bck6316:53 bck63
2hnew portfolio review10:22 cyborg16:49 cyborg
91hOpinion on VTWAX [Vanguard Total World Stock]02/07 jo001di16:44 lostdog
310hHow to realistically FIRE?03/14 Wanderingwheelz16:41 LadyGeek
2hDCA disbursement03/21 aequanimitas16:35 aequanimitas
230tThe $4,026,858.95 Car or a Worry-Free Retirement?03/21 Taylor Larimore16:29 LadyGeek
11cMoving from NYC to Miami03/21 financeguy8816:18 Miriam2
4p401k Failed Testing - Can distribution be used into Solo 401k?13:01 jbzgt116:16 nolesrule
1h1035 exchange14:25 exoilman16:15 lakpr
9hPre-Retirement Checklist08:05 A44016:04 rts58
11hBond fund choice? MWTSX vs VBTLX02/13 mc216:03 ruralavalon
20cOld Laptop - Keeps Freezing - Help!03/21 RMO8715:59 Goldrush
177tVanguard Prime Money Market yield over 2.5%01/31 Kevin M15:58 LinusP
14cTravel Insurance03/20 eddot9815:57 GerryL
11hZero Qualified Dividend bracket vs. Roth Conversion - Decision Help03/20 Retiredron15:55 celia
5pPlanning on new home13:55 femgineer15:53 femgineer
6pForm 8606 help03/22 annthomas15:52 Epsilon Delta
2psale of our investment property to our daughter14:19 turbo0115:51 N1CKV
1n[CZ] ETF investment plan check & questions14:13 JakubFranek15:50 kotrfa
6hRetirement fund and Party Fund11:02 ThankYouJack15:50 Yooper16
23c[Golf club] Driver for 18 handicap young senior.08:07 EdNorton15:49 Chuck5781
19pHSA Charging Monthly Fee - How to Avoid it?04/28 a010z15:46 LittleGreenSold
0hEtrade rollovers and etrade ETFs15:45 jim_MI 
3tBook on financial market history03/22 StoneFeeler15:42 DonIce
17hsaving too much?10:17 northtexan15:41 dacalo
36h529 plan question: When did you change to more conservative AA?03/20 petrisunset15:39 bloom2708
42cVacation Home: Own vs. Rent??03/13 capitalhockey15:38 David Althaus
48pDo you treat inheritance as a singular or shared asset?09:59 miamivice15:31 Yooper16
1159c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir15:29 lostdog
5pBusiness tax prep costs mixed with personal taxes. Possible to deduct?03/20 Hiramm15:17 dodecahedron
3hPortfolio review - 4611:56 petej15:14 petej
3hRetirement income portfolio14:32 hawaii80814:55 bloom2708
14hInvesting in start-ups?03/21 sabhen14:51 inbox788
17hBest way to use 100K: pay off rental or buy CDs?03/20 Sophia188414:46 Jordan4FI
8hWondering if I did it all wrong by putting bonds in the Roth IRA09:59 Random Poster14:42 gmaynardkrebs
0p2018 Foreign Tax Credit: Adjustment Exception for Trusts & Estates?14:40 gokartmozart 
18pIs Staying in the Same Home for a Long Time Good for Wealth Building?09:53 bigtex14:37 VACat07
4pTurboTax Error Re: Excess 401k Deferral03/21 Sriracha14:34 Sriracha
3h403b rollover and RMD12:31 jimmy14:25 fposte
59pShould we have renters insurance?03/19 cbr shadow14:23 dlabel
44tOverbalancing, interested please explain it to me03/20 TheTimeLord14:14 laidback_and_re
656lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2018 Alex Frakt14:08 barnaclebob
4h1031 exchange to DST, anybody?2018 Onward14:04 sigmadave_2000
28pIRS to lower 2018 safe harbor withholding threshold to 85% [2018 only]01/16 NotWhoYouThink13:49 TexTaxToo
7hVanguard Total World Stock - Ex Dividend Date question10:37 FootballFan554813:47 livesoft
1hBond fund in taxable account03/21 TaxingAccount13:44 pkcrafter
23hStable price, high yield?03/21 rea524513:41 Electron
50hReady to FIRE (But Vultures Be Circling)03/20 xivvix13:40 nix4me
12pChange my locked mortgage interest rate10:04 cosine13:35 MichCPA
8hRolling my own total bond fund12:47 yeahman13:34 Eric
14ctransportation from DFW to Dallas downtown?03/20 Faith2087913:33 22twain
30cWhat is the official nail clippers of the Boglehead Community?03/20 bikechuck13:32 wfrobinette
17hRebalancing alerts03/18 unclescrooge13:14 unclescrooge
5pNeed to decide on defined benefit survivorship in next few weeks12:04 soccerfan2513:12 LongRoad
461pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon12:55 MarkerFM
8tWhy such poor results when including REITs in Portfoliovisualizer simulations?03/21 Spinola12:51 Spinola
18h3% on Checking - Redneck Bank, not a joke03/21 dharma student12:48 nisiprius
3673cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt12:38 Fallible
5pCan you guys find anything that beats sofi money checking account?08:36 vu812:33 vu8
88t"Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics."03/17 Taylor Larimore12:29 vineviz
15hFinancial Plan advice03/21 JMS327212:23 Strayshot
11hHow to pay the IRS now08:34 DarkHelmetII12:07 abuss368
2nI am an Albanian living in Austria, what are my [investing] options?09:06 malkky12:04 TedSwippet
1pReporting Income (MAGI) for ACA11:56 Murdock759112:00 samsoes
9cDownsides to Total Wireless as alternative to Verizon?2018 simple man11:51 IowaFarmBoy
11psolo 401K, backdoor Roth03/19 rippler11:40 PaddyMac
43hCalculating cost basis of Express Scripts in Cigna merger01/30 Loon1111:40 libralibra
2pEstate planning....I finally did it09:35 fittan11:38 bsteiner
25hInput Needed on Dividend Portfolio03/19 Sandtrap11:36 Sandtrap
4pTurboTax Requires Account Creation for 1099 downloads09:56 SlowMovingInves11:21 barnaclebob
8hgeneral questions about my portfolio03/21 patrocity11:15 patrocity
2hVTIAX vs VXUS Expense Ratios10:00 divgrowthftw11:14 walletless
1pResident alien / non-working spouse and backdoor Roth09:51 gomsoon11:04 BD w/ Kung-Fu G
25tHow do I reconcile these seemingly conflicting common BH phrases?03/21 Gufomel10:55 2015
6pOne of the Best Business Books I Ever Read2018 abuss36810:48 Nova1967
6pMoving expense - no longer deductible03/21 tampaite10:46 Nowizard
22cHome with black mold03/19 spy58710:39 lthenderson
21pLine of Credit as Emergency Fund03/21 Nthomas10:34 betablocker
1ptransferring traditional IRA08:53 ketanco10:32 Alan S.
1hDo Portfolio Reviews still occur here?09:58 Freddobbs10:24 cavman22
6hWithdrawing Roth contributions made03/21 mrbluewho10:22 mrbluewho
9hNewly Retired Portfolio Review - Fund selections for the long term03/20 trsk10:17 trsk
5p2018 tax return gotcha or double-check suggestion03/19 SpideyIndexer10:14 TBillT
7pFuneral Home as Pension Beneficiary08:58 jayhawkerbeef10:13 jayhawkerbeef
2hHelp with choosing funds across multiple accounts03/21 zoeylab10:11 Randtor
3pNeed handholding to compute ESRX CI merger cost basis03/20 gensuki09:52 gensuki
3hWhere to Place my Bond Index Fund08:59 tigershark!09:48 oldcomputerguy
9hGreedy and Fearful...03/21 big bang09:48 CyclingDuo
6tConcern with using TS in taxable03/21 S_Track09:43 S_Track
3hNeed some advice on whether to go with Roth or do-backdoor Roth...09:14 mitchconner09:42 DrGoogle2017
9pLegal Contract for Loan from Parents03/21 bucky622509:31 ChrisC
25hShould I Keep or Sell my House/Financial Advice03/01 Blueskies6009:20 2beachcombers
31hMy fee's are too [darn] high!03/19 bubblebogle09:12 bubblebogle
51pPaying cash for a vehicle03/19 rashad300009:09 fittan
8hNew principal 401k03/17 Newb2209:01 ruralavalon
20pSolo 401K Excess Employer Profit Sharing Contribution--Ugh04/19 sdvan08:56 LadyGeek
37cA 23% increase from ATT Wireless03/20 htdrag1108:53 JackoC
12pStock Options03/20 Cipro08:52 Misenplace
25hInvest Money for House Down Payment in 5 Years03/20 brandoko08:46 goodenyou
4pAnyone Get a Transfer Bonus on an Inherited IRA03/21 MikeG6208:33 Penguin
30nAnyone use money market funds or ultra short bond funds in Europe?03/16 DJN08:23 Sinsji
5pBuying real estate at tax lien auction06:32 Heidi108:22 Doohop65
118hCustomer Service with Vanguard03/31 LilyFleur08:17 roscoe88
9pHow detailed is your review of your tax return when prepared by a professional?03/21 skitotrees08:15 Peculiar_Invest
9pDid I mess up when I did my Backdoor Roth IRA?03/21 BlueMagic08:13 cas
7hQuestions to ask Morgan Stanley03/19 An03081508:12 An030815
13hHigh Fee 401k with no match vs VTSAX in a taxable account?03/14 rezadu08:10 ruralavalon
19pInvestopedia: Seniors Get a New Simplified Tax Form for 20192018 GerryL08:08 lepa71
21pNo drama, no minimum high yield checking accounts?03/21 vu808:07 midareff
4tLarry Swedroe: Sentiment A Negative Predictor?07:48 Random Walker08:06 columbia
33pIs my doctor a scam?03/21 rh00p08:05 LadyGeek
77hKF's rebalancing rule for the recession03/19 KlangFool07:43 smitcat
29pWhich Credit Card Should I Open?2015 INTRESIS07:33 lakpr
21hHelp Me Understand Vanguard Holding Period for transferred in Money2018 coupleofcents07:08 carol-brennan
3tiShares - Two different Emerging Markets ETFs - Pick one03/22 teelainen07:07 indexfundfan
28tLarry Swedroe: Capitalism Vs. Socialism03/18 Random Walker07:02 AtlasShrugged?
14cpopup blockers on Mac computers03/18 mucho dinero06:58 lazydavid Store Card2016 arsenalfan06:42 searchher
10hDo you need international stock in your asset allocation?03/19 JD10106:27 Angst
4pTo Refinance OR NOT03/21 Rony2506:08 Nate79
6cYour favorite slow cooker cooking book?03/20 parigi72305:50 DarthSage
2hQuick math problem03/22 JustinR05:34 MrJones
1hEarly exercised options, then company folded before full vesting. What next?03/21 blueclamp04:50 Skiandswim
32pFirst Time Homebuyer | Recently Engaged03/10 vangaal04:22 FederalFIRE
24cComposite Cedar Siding and Real Cedar Siding Maintenance02/15 Jamesla3004:04 mancich
5pSolo 401K and employer 401K question03/21 JetBilix03/22 EnjoyIt
6uFirst time investor at 24 y.o. with $1.5m, based in the UAE.03/20 catinacradle03/22 DJN
62cMMORPG games01/09 Soundwall03/22 ishkadetto
10hNewer Investor with Portfolio Building Questions03/18 seg13203/21 venkman
14hMetLife demutualization shares cost basis2016 NancyABQ03/21 MisterMister
115tRuminations on Taleb's "Antifragile" and its Applications to Retirement Income02/16 Horton03/21 james22
225p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B03/21 Earl Lemongrab
3pUnused Foreign Tax Credits03/21 speer03/21 speer
19cOverheating laptop - no good options03/21 Caduceus03/21 DiamondplateDav
2pTax Extension and Additional Payments03/21 southerndoc03/21 southerndoc
8pIRA Deduction: Earned Income, Net Earning, Net Profit Confusion03/21 Carno03/21 Carno
0pTurbo Tax Error - Depreciation Method, Schedule E03/21 Tico_75 
17hBrokerage Differences03/20 lgb03/21 lgb
1pVanguard ETF US Gov Obligations03/21 SlowMovingInves03/21 CyberBob
4h403b Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan?03/21 eagerinvester03/21 eagerinvester
19hHelp [with portfolio]03/19 lucky1243103/21 delamer
68hTD Ameritrade Money Market Options01/10 WesternRoad03/21 Droptoptop
3p1099R for Roth conversion?03/20 hoops77703/21 MandyT
28tWhat will be the effect of negative interest rates?03/21 carol-brennan03/21 LadyGeek
4pI don't need to file a form 8606 if I didn't do a backdoor roth in 2018, right?03/21 Nearly A Moose03/21 Nearly A Moose
7hWhat kind of financial product is this?03/21 Dnymetssince6303/21 pkcrafter
27pBest Bank for Newlyweds03/20 Bulgogi Head03/21 teniralc
2pHow to undo 401k 2018 contributions?03/19 financial.freed03/21 financial.freed
6hRoth IRA Rollover03/21 JDKilo03/21 lakpr
62cWhat's Your Opinion on Nest Thermostats03/14 NavyIC303/21 Nearly A Moose
16cGoogle fi users - happy with it and recs?03/21 lightheir03/21 gtd98765
9cShoe Insoles03/21 Horton03/21 TBillT
12pFumbling through TIAA Annuity(we think..) inheritance to estate03/20 CherylHall03/21 Katietsu
3hAdvice Needed - Morningstar Hare Portfolio03/21 itsaulgoodman03/21 jbranx
6hTax Question - ETF vs. Mutual Funds03/21 tigershark!03/21 senex
56cSuggestions for Landline Alternatives (Ooma, Magic Jack, etc.)03/19 ShoogyBee03/21 MathWizard
12pMortgage Interest Deduction - Calculating Average Loan Value for Mortgage over $750k03/13 Nearly A Moose03/21 Nearly A Moose
7pHelp with Mortgage Interest Deduction - Buy/Sell Home03/11 Nearly A Moose03/21 Nearly A Moose
3hPortfolio Review Request03/20 ConfusedInvesto03/21 ConfusedInvesto
7pUsing Fidelity Cash Management as my only bank account03/21 Caduceus03/21 big bang
35p1st time on ACA03/17 jcoll103/21 jcoll1
2hSEP IRA at Vanguard03/21 DoctorWu03/21 Rob5TCP
21tTSP RMD's03/12 JerryB03/21 grabiner
3pDomestic partner health insurance tax03/20 jibantik03/21 jibantik
125hHow to get over a $25K stock market loss?03/18 rickgrimes03/21 bradpevans
198hThe case for 100% equities03/15 stocknoob411103/21 bradpevans
1hinvesting in a blank check company - SPAC [Special-Purpose Acquisition Company]03/19 goldfinchxyz03/21 alec
4hExpense Ratio on Vanguard LifeStrategy Fund02/17 teelainen03/21 Wiggums
31pTaxes for First Time Solo Small Business Owner02/15 Boxtrap03/21 Spirit Rider
8hHelp with Ticker symbols in 401k03/20 Neeran03/21 Neeran
7hMortgage in retirement - should I discount payment in model?03/21 corn1803/21 grabiner
2hCreative Planning- Anyone know fee structure?03/21 KingRiggs03/21 KingRiggs
153tImproving the Dalio/Robbins All-Seasons Portfolio2016 azanon03/21 pward
5hSwitch Advisor account to self-managed Vanguard or Schwab?03/19 beaglehead03/21 PQ12$
23cToyota Sienna minivan for road trips03/19 2pedals03/21 Lebowski
174tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs02/11 EfficientInvest03/21 samsdad
235lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec03/21 retire2022
4hSome Questions on Rollovers - not smart enough03/18 2tall4economy03/21 2tall4economy
14hPut equity in home or invest?03/19 Abarn03/21 JonSnow
15pPension buyout, has this happened to anyone?03/04 Fieldsy102403/21 inbox788
26pHSA with no fees and max investments?03/13 pepperz03/21 azianbob
5nUK : Opening multiple stocks and shares ISA accounts per year ?03/21 bluejeansman03/21 bluejeansman
9hAsset Allocation percentages 3 fund03/07 zoeylab03/21 zoeylab
13tSmall cap interantional and tax efficiency FNDC v SCZ03/18 international0003/21 international00
11tIs Berkshire 66% Stocks and 33% Cash?03/21 andysnp03/21 alex_686
13cSon moving to Nashville TN area, any suggestions on where to live or avoid?03/14 Housedoc03/21 Smoke
15hBasic Starting Advice Needed03/20 MT8303/21 MT83
28cWhere to live: Santa Barbara area versus Palm Beach versus Sarasota?03/19 dwade110903/21 pkjr
8pAccounting consequences going from mutual fund to ETF03/19 TnGuy03/21 TnGuy
27pDo I owe taxes on a hi-fi audio gear hobby?03/20 knightrider03/21 NMBob
9cWould a thermostatic shower valve solve my tankless hot water temp fluctuations?03/17 motorcyclesarec03/21 motorcyclesarec
5pOnline Statement Aggregator (Manilla, Fetch, etc.)2014 Saving$03/21 JCJewell
1pDBP and solo 401k question in an S-corp03/20 EnjoyIt03/21 EnjoyIt
36hWeed stocks?03/20 Esq12303/21 arcticpineapple
11nIndian withdrawing form Roth IRA- tax03/19 kash03/21 BL
4pCan I do a Backdoor Roth and convert a 403B to a Roth IRA the same year?03/20 janezoey03/21 retiredjg
13pChanges to Capital Gains Tax Brackets?03/19 grayparrot03/21 Earl Lemongrab
101pShould we purchase $700k home?03/18 IndexFun03/21 HEDGEFUNDIE
54cEnd of Support Chromebook03/15 cheese_breath03/21 cheese_breath
4h"Spousal IRA" limits for higher income03/21 HoustonJim03/21 Earl Lemongrab
21pKiddie Tax 2018 - Who must file08/08 opus36003/21 libralibra
88tIs technical analysis all smoke and mirrors?03/27 protagonist03/21 Ferdinand2014
5hWill rolling over 401(k) jeopardize future backdoor Roth IRA conversions?03/21 ryanpeden03/21 Clever_Username
2pReverse rollover - pre and post tax ira to 401k03/20 Mikesentor03/21 Earl Lemongrab
18pDo I need to report my dependent childs Ebay earnings?03/21 celentano03/21 DIFAR31
10hWhere would you park/grow $250K?03/09 tribec0703/21 ohai
1h529 distribution as Obamacare income?03/21 davewi03/21 FireAway
7hLooking for AMT estimator for 2019 taxes03/20 RetiredCSProf03/21 RetiredCSProf
34cMinivan - Safety03/20 DaddyPuffin03/21 iamlucky13
19hInvesting in vacant land (acerage)03/20 miamivice03/21 vu8
4pGood reminder to review your insurance policies for savings03/21 Iowa David03/21 Noble Knight
4hRetired at 59 Is IRA still viable03/21 rondebbs03/21 Flobes
15pBofA is improving their autopay03/20 YoungBogle03/21 MikeG62
60cWhat are the purposes of your travels?03/18 flyingaway03/21 Earl Lemongrab
61cSlow cooker vs Instant pot........03/18 parigi72303/21 rterickson
3nBest ETF screener that can exclude US-domiciled ETFs?03/16 Digit03/21 danielbird193
17pU.S. Expats - What To Be Aware Of Tax Wise03/13 Rocco Sampler03/21 Username1
15hAdvisable to put post tax money in a Traditional IRA?03/18 whats_in_a_name03/21 beyou
2hClarification of Roth IRA pro-rata rules03/21 stinkash2203/21 FactualFran
2hCompany's 401k funds03/21 Southtonorth03/21 Southtonorth
20hAny reason I shouldn't shorten duration on my treasury bonds?03/20 fsh7103/21 beyou
3hIs this a wash sale? (confusing case)03/20 gambino03/21 gambino
18psuccess in retrirement depends on home value?03/21 RAchip03/21 DesertDiva
0hREIT Tax documents 201803/21 HappyJack 
43hTreasuryDirect - Don't let your survivor lose assets03/19 MisterMister03/21 SocalLiving
20tWhat year does employer contribute to 401k?03/20 ldebhaar03/21 cherijoh
0pRoth IRA contributions withdrawal tax reporting03/21 Vamsee 
9tLarry Swedroe: TIPS Still Looking Cheap03/21 Random Walker03/21 vtMaps
1pBackdoor Roth with a Loss - Line 14 and Basis...03/21 xantor03/21 FiveK
12hOrder cancellation at Vanguard12/26 rks03/21 ishkadetto
4hShould I re-characterize my Traditional IRA to Roth?03/21 jmm648603/21 jmm6486
44cSecurity camera with local storage and remote access?03/18 Saving$03/21 batpot
17pQuestions on RSUs and Stock Options03/20 worthit03/21 worthit
18pVerifying basis in Roth, and 5-yr rule03/15 AdamP03/21 AdamP
3hdividends03/21 lt194803/21 Admiral
26pWorth claiming life insurance death benefit?03/18 munemaker03/21 munemaker
11pShould I sell stocks to pay off credit card debt?03/21 mhr000603/21 MathWizard
24pBuying I bonds - what is the purpose of Registration on TD website05/16 pkay03/21 Steelersfan
381cTalk me out of buying a Tesla Model 310/08 investor99703/21 ohboy!
3pIRA withdrawals/Florida to California03/21 lipper103/21 bsteiner
32tPortfolio during a recession03/18 ionenergy03/21 WhiteMaxima
2cHow to Delete Sharing Calendar- IPhone03/21 Kennedy03/21 Kennedy
7tETF dividend "Payment in Lieu" on NON-MARGIN acct03/19 BL174903/21 Doc
29pFraudulent credit balance transfer on my credit card - bank says "too bad"03/18 Raymond03/21 lakpr
62pVanguard delays ACH funds availability2015 statman03/21 Kevin M
5hFirst Time Portfolio Review03/20 apple4403/21 Jack FFR1846
303pHow to Minimize Your Emergency Care Expenses2018 White Coat Inve03/21 dm200
53cHow to buy a mattress09/25 tc10103/21 Every things fr
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1tMy Advisor brings Alpha03/20 dwickenh03/21 RadAudit
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2pCommercial Building Owned by 85 year old dad03/21 J29503/21 Jmh04j
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18pPay Off Debt or Max Out 401k?07/01 Broadway201803/21 Broadway2018
61cBeta Vanguard APP11/16 retire202203/21 ResearchMed
10hByline Bank for CDs?01/30 lhwerdyt*1791c03/21 chazas
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9hEquity indexed annuity (variable) in 401K2017 country_runR03/21 DarkHelmetII
3nCalling it top, what to invest in Hong Kong?03/20 PurpleArc03/21 PurpleArc
6h[When can I invest in VTSAX - Vanguard Total Stock Market]03/20 ash1703/21 lakpr
6hUnemployed Spouse IRA Contributions03/20 FederalFIRE03/21 FederalFIRE
1pHSA Fund recommendation03/21 RetireSoon9003/21 Windylotus
2nUS estate tax for joint accounts - how to manage?03/21 StoneFeeler03/21 TedSwippet
4hTreasury Bill ETFs03/20 jeffreyalan03/21 Epsilon Delta
30pLetting umbrella insurance lapse03/15 johnanglemen03/21 boglerdude
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23cFairmark Forum (Tax Forum)10/19 Goodman6003/20 BL1749
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128tWhat does 20% extra of portfolio allocated to equities get you?01/19 livesoft03/20 Sandtrap
8hTax efficient strategy for a windfall that I don't need for 5+ years03/19 financiallycuri03/20 yogesh
17tretirement / taxable accounts as two separate buckets03/19 6teen03/20 6teen
22pNew Dentist - what to watch for financially03/12 dm20003/20 gretah
17pHow will cancelling ACA healthcare mid year effect subsidy?02/28 camper103/20 michaeljc70
5nUse Simplified AMT Foreign Tax Credit for US tax return? (US citizen working in UK)03/19 katzen03/20 katzen
1hVUSXX or Online Savings Account03/20 black_knight_3203/20 TheDDC
22pcan i use turbotax without paying a fee?03/15 bigguy843703/20 bigguy8437
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5cCell Phone Case and Screen Protector?03/20 Kennedy03/20 3dream3
1nWhat do you think of this Hang Seng Index ETF03/20 gougou03/20 PurpleArc
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2hSelling a Mutual Fund & Taxes03/20 fxpfeiffer03/20 livesoft
24pCash back credit card w/o annual fee and w/o foreign transaction fee03/19 international0003/20 student
47cHaven't bought a car in ages - how does negotiation work these days?03/14 QuantumMechanic03/20 California88
73tFavorite investment quote03/16 sabhen03/20 1claire
2pHelp: Receive cp2000 asking for big tax payment03/20 Qohelet03/20 ThankYouJack
1hAny advice would be appreciated - status check + not sure how to handle 401k03/20 lguy103/20 ExitStageLeft
4hPortfolio Review03/19 Cyclone2203/20 Cyclone22
4hNew Fidelity Roth IRA03/06 guwop03/20 fwellimort
7pFiling 1040X03/20 Leesbro6303/20 scrabbler1
72pCollege for average kids03/19 renue7403/20 cdc
8cAny Excel experts here?03/20 newbie00303/20 newbie003
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96c11/28 Today Only, buy a phone on Google FI and get travel gift card of same value11/28 harrychan03/20 michaeljc70
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25pCar Dealer Promo: 0% for 60 months (need advice)03/19 capitalhockey03/20 Golf maniac
8h457 (b) NYS03/20 Megkangai03/20 retire2022
991tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5303/20 schildi
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2tBIV Intermediate Bond up .6%03/20 Oak&Elm03/20 KyleAAA
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6hInput Needed: Status check and 401K question03/19 ChicagoWolverin03/20 ChicagoWolverin
5pCash basis vs Accrual accounting for Solo 401K contribution03/18 Bogle FIRE03/20 Spirit Rider
20hHow irresponsible is this?03/09 diabelli03/20 Trader Joe
33tSWR and Social Security03/14 JBTX03/20 onthecusp
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19hTime Weighted Rate of Return Question03/19 TexasRon03/20 TexasRon
26pUnderstanding I-orp Logic2016 Peter Foley03/20 mister_sparkle
69cA used Camry or brand new Corolla?03/19 BogleMelon03/20 shanefairman
44pAmica hiked my insurance, thoughts on alternatives?03/16 Da5id03/20 F150HD
3tAnyone know a good explanation of SRRI's (European risk rating for funds?)03/17 nisiprius03/20 nisiprius
4h"Time" buying bonds03/19 KPG03/20 KPG
12pWhich Mortgage/Refinance Loan would you choose?03/19 greengiant03/20 JoeRetire
7hAdvice on allocation/ER03/19 fishvt03/20 fishvt
11hPortfolio Review & Planning for Kids01/17 FederalFIRE03/20 ExitStageLeft
2tWhat is a "pre-opening session" order?03/20 PurpleArc03/20 BJJ_GUY
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4h401k Plan w/Vanguard Wellington as core + Portfolio Review, please03/20 dmojr03/20 lakpr
5h2 ETF Portfolio03/20 jeffreyalan03/20 lakpr
19pMarginal tax rates, Roth vs LT capital gains03/18 rts5803/20 FiveK
2pLooking for specific IRS form or instructions 1099-INT reporting03/20 dm20003/20 dm200
47cNew carry-on policy at United Airlines?03/19 sophie103/20 LadyGeek
0pVG IRA Beneficiary Designation Kit03/20 Carl53 
3cAdding wife to house title03/20 sergio03/20 Tamarind
5hHelp Me help my Daughter(401k choices)03/20 satoriboat03/20 Lake Living
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17pIRA Transfer into TSP03/18 tj03/20 hoppy08520
75hWhat role do bonds play in your portfolio?03/14 SantaClaraSurfe03/20 bloom2708
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38tTime to Scrap 'Emerging Markets'? WSJ article03/17 Sam203/20 asif408
12h92 year old father - portfolio review - how much "help"?03/19 Brain03/20 delamer
11cAC went kaput, Sketchy quotes. Time to think Geothermal?03/20 crystalbank03/20 Housedoc
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1tRecommendations for Business Forums? Specifically Regarding Benefits03/19 soup_can03/20 JBTX
9pMilitary Spouses Residency Relief Act03/18 emresident03/20 emresident
0pBRK Berkshire Annual Meeting Credential Request03/20 sco 
8hAllocation between rollover 401k, Roth and Employer 401k03/19 Fireflash1903/20 ExitStageLeft
29tVanguard ETFs, Are fractional shares allowed?2015 nocomprendo03/20 ftobin
7hWhere to put bonds if 401(k) is full03/18 petrisunset03/20 petrisunset
954cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue2018 CULater03/20 NHRATA01
6tMcClung's Harvesting Ratio vs. Sharpe Ratio03/19 gd03/20 DaufuskieNate
13phomeownership coaching03/16 camillus03/20 Sandi_k
7pPersonal HSA Account Transfers03/19 denon03/20 Edward Joseph
9cPatio Design Input Needed03/19 davebo03/20 Bruce T
7tAre the Vanguard Factor ETFs tax managed?03/19 caklim0003/20 caklim00
0hConfused about reporting excess Roth IRA contribution03/20 mc510 
16pFirst Job Offer Out Of College - No Medical Insurance03/19 BioEng03/20 staythecourse
8pLottery/Raffle Statistics Question03/20 SquawkIdent03/20 SquawkIdent
12cRecommendations on treadmill purchase03/19 rohans03/20 DanMahowny
84hWhat is your U.S./ex-U.S. stock allocation?03/18 ruralavalon03/20 chisey
39cMen's travel shoes. One pair for hiking/biking/walking/dining03/19 Theseus03/20 jayk238
3pDo I have an old HSA? Searching for if I have a dormant account03/20 MikeZ03/20 PaddyMac
23h26, inherited some money, planning for the future02/14 Illegal Carrot03/20 autolycus
6cWindows10 on MacBookPro03/20 bondsr4me03/20 bondsr4me
14cNeed to buy a laptop for a co-worker03/19 newbie00303/20 newbie003
11tInternational Growth in a Three-Fund Portfolio03/19 bbwall03/20 Taj_Mahalo
10pBuy or lease new car03/19 Esq12303/20 aristotelian
13hPortfolio review and advice please03/19 portquery03/20 portquery
2pAnyone with experience using Redfin's "Partner" Agents?03/20 doss03/20 doss
0hVanguard VIF / Fidelity VIP03/20 MrBigglesworth 
2pCan I Ignore Errors/Corrections in Recharacterizations on Return?03/18 PGR03/20 PGR
16pBest way to Transfer property02/16 masonstone03/20 pqwerty
16hDividend Auto Re-investing in Taxable Account03/18 bei2200003/20 piperkub
12pEmployee Fiduciary 401k - WWYD?03/11 Seeker40103/20 smitcat
3hBack Door Roth Question03/20 cresive03/20 lakpr
86pHow Important is a Credit Score?03/17 InvestingAg03/20 rashad3000
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15hBonds, REIT, Gold ETF Investing03/18 whats_in_a_name03/20 ruralavalon
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158tTributes to Jack Bogle01/17 J072103/20 Strayshot
105pAre my parents' finances a disaster waiting to happen? Seeking advice.03/07 LookingForHelp03/20 Chadnudj
5h1031 from duplex to land?03/19 ohboy!03/20 ohboy!
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9hPortfolio advice: help me convert to the boglehead way between TSP and 403b03/18 rsx03/20 ruralavalon
5tLooking for Hope in the Rubble of Value Investing03/18 Beliavsky03/20 siriusblack
3pForm 8959 Medicare Tax Form03/17 epargnant03/20 epargnant
41pChase $600 bank bonus deal03/08 JBTX03/20 foofun
54hWhen to quit feeding the pig?03/18 CnC03/20 dcabler
16pShould I refinance?03/15 gurusw03/20 Tamarind
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27hVanguard: "Your Account Needs to be Transitioned"03/17 MD805603/20 rkhusky
6tLarry Swedroe: Retirement More Than Just Money03/15 Random Walker03/20 JosephY
14nIB: VWRD new margin requirement 100% due to low trading volume03/17 shcnno03/20 shcnno

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