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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2442 new posts and replies over 285 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Creation time). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
0hAnother Portfolio Review21:19 eastlansingspar 
0hHelp Me Plan My Retirement20:57 Smartinvested 
4hWhat do you do with RMD money you don't need?20:43 nbseer21:12 Dead Man Walkin
5hHopefully on the right track, noob question20:22 pushrodv821:19 Artisan
9pQuarterly Taxes - Best resources or just hire a CPA?20:16 dingdongditch20:45 BusterMcTaco
6pRenunciation of executor nomination?20:07 FIREchief20:55 FIREchief
2pNeeded Product: Non-health insurance for children?19:47 Rayandron20:59 123
6tCase for Investing at Peaks19:29 csm1420:43 arcticpineapple
5pCompany Stock Strategy vs. Student Loans18:47 mirage128721:18 petulant
3hPre and post tax tIRA18:17 miainvest19:32 Alan S.
7cUsed True SUV recommendations17:28 ThankYouJack20:49 ThankYouJack
14cEclipse Traffic: predictions vs reality?17:21 ResearchMed20:57 Iliketoridemybi
0hFinancing new home purchase17:03 chappie99 
2hCompletely new portfolio - advice needed16:56 alex6420620:32 jbolden1517
7tGreat Depression Videos on You Tube16:39 stemikger20:04 iceport
13hAre US S&P 500 Index funds speculative investments?16:03 JBTX21:05 JBTX
5hPark money for house down payment in HCOL area15:28 ashagru19:07 Engineer250
9p12 Things Not to Do if You Win the Lottery14:31 Meg7719:34 LadyGeek
3hKind of stuck, need others input, Voya Gov. 457b14:23 TP8115:36 TP81
15pI did it and feel great about it (paid off mortgage)14:19 Steven in NC17:13 WhyNotUs
0cPE Continuing Education14:15 cheerful runner 
0pWA Unemployment and Earning Income for an LLC14:12 midnightgem 
10tVanguard changed their way of computing PE ratios14:01 siamond19:35 siamond
13hLandlord - collections13:53 funeshah19:46 8foot7
1pHow much house w/ large nestegg and uncertain business13:50 mrbanana14:18 runner540
9cAir Canada: Can I get refund for NONREF tickets?13:43 VictoriaF19:14 VictoriaF
6hAm I okay with my Vanguard Selections (after 2 years) & New 403B12:57 AKBTX1418:49 aristotelian
15h29 Years Old: Am I Too Conservative12:49 albanytexan16:44 albanytexan
4fchange user name?12:04 RetiredArtist15:32 LadyGeek
17pPaying for Medicare when not collecting Social Security12:02 Good Listener20:08 Good Listener
3pRoth Coversion before 70 1/211:36 WhiteMaxima21:18 House Blend
16hHow to Become a Spender?11:25 restingonmylaur13:03 The Wizard
0h26, unfocused saving, need some wisdom11:18 comeonyouspurs 
14cWhere to stash your emergency fund11:13 fiverus15:05 John151
18pWhy do we consider cash flow from rentals but not our own homes?11:00 mbasherp16:39 Oicuryy
7pWidow's Social Security Benefit10:50 tomd3715:35 BL
2h403(b)/457 Provider Options10:40 Nev13:06 Nev
2tNY 529 plan - fee reduction, glide path options, increased account maximum and other changes10:38 nyclon16:14 CppCoder
1hNon-US Person- Where to park my money?10:31 DaringStar15:51 Uncle Pennybags
6pRequesting thoughts on the current "plan"10:30 klaviernista14:09 mega317
5hE.R. vs % gain10:01 JD277510:28 deltaneutral83
15tVanguard Announces Plans To Launch Total Corporate Bond ETF09:56 MFInvestor20:14 TD2626
5hMuni bond ladder considerations09:50 mass_biker20:35 mass_biker
16cDo you have to paint stucco?09:35 unclescrooge16:35 SimonJester
18cCrashplan for Home ending service late 201809:30 Ice-916:03 TomatoTomahto
18p401k match [company withholding income to offset company match]09:23 Monroechompers18:06 Monroechompers
0pTaxes-California NOL, form 3805v09:08 dperkins 
25pWhat is your cash reserve limit, above which you invest?09:05 BogleMelon19:27 The Wizard
25tAmazed by Vanguard Wellington's Performance08:44 azanon15:52 pkcrafter
16cReturning / Exchanging purchased items ?08:35 JohnFiscal15:50 Pajamas
8pWhen have you achieved financial independence?08:29 irishnick2316:05 Pajamas
0pphysician PC/S corp/LLC07:28 ValM 
18pCash vs bonds in retirement07:07 3feetpete10:13 Grt2bOutdoors
5pSpend down plan for mom and dad - help needed06:44 PlayingLife20:48 delamer
3hInvesting while residing in Japan05:27 cournape11:29 Hyperborea
37cCan you recommend a good mouse trap?03:31 seashell18:59 fposte
18cDirecTV vs. Dish vs. Cable01:21 heybro16:00 DanMahowny
1pSchedule K-1 from trust and AMT impact01:15 sforza07:32 Wagnerjb
6hScary times.. not really. Rebalance recommendations?23:47 Mardoc0120:01 Mardoc01
6hBoglehead conversion23:42 ChunkyLover06:11 oldcomputerguy
20canimal stuck in dryer vent?23:20 seashell21:07 brokendirtdart
8cThree days in Prague during September23:17 whodidntante12:33 JupiterJones
3hAnother VT vs. VTI + VXUS question22:20 Willmunny05:12 Cash
4cPlease post any good eclipse video links22:01 Tamales15:05 new2bogle
30h33 years old, how am I doing ?21:30 Jaferd17:00 knpstr
2h401k Allocation08/21 micknc1914:09 ruralavalon
9hBad to keep taxable acct solely in VTSAX?08/21 WanderingDoc03:37 SGM
19h$1000/month: Mortgage vs. Market vs. Other08/21 boglefin11:11 BL
7cHelp With Travel to Prague - Vienna - Budapest08/21 hirlaw08:17 autolycus
46pSchool Redistricting - What should we do?08/21 navierstokes21:16 boomer
12pRefinance or Stay As Is08/21 newtoohere14:49 Dottie57
25pOverextended in Bay Area housing?08/21 Poppy123421:20 delamer
25pAccidental Injury: Health Insurance definition08/21 delamer15:40 Uncle Pennybags
4hWhich dividends to take?08/21 Fitch09:44 Tamalak
5tManaging Sequence of Return Risk - Ben Carlson08/21 Nodrog11:58 bigred77
28cRental car booted for prior unpaid parking tickets08/21 ResearchMed18:15 mouses
7pGood Salary/No debt - not sure where to go from here08/21 FinHero14:54 LadyGeek
5h457 vs. HSA vs. Backdoor Roth08/21 CriticalCareJun14:47 LadyGeek
11pTransferring Work Locations - Cost of Living Decrease?08/21 BeneIRA11:59 lostinjersey
5hContribute to 403(b) or taxable account?08/21 vaught12:49 sco
9hLong-term Strategy – Mega backdoor ROTH and 52908/21 dreamchaser12:30 robertmcd
6cRemodel humor: roof quote08/21 unclescrooge17:10 barnaclebob
17cIs this an appropriate letter to send a neglectful attorney?08/21 protagonist14:44 BolderBoy
6pWho Do You Trust for Disability/Life Insurance08/21 mattod12218:47 msj16
12hWhich loan to pay off?08/21 AkwardDoct@rd15:50 ThrustVectoring
8pwhich mortgage to take?08/21 Incendiary08/21 Incendiary
5hAlreday converted to Roth from Traditional IRA. Can I do it again ?08/21 antiqueman08/21 BL
1hETrade Individual 401k - application and practical issues08/21 BusterMcTaco08/21 BusterMcTaco
4pWhere to put $50K? Taxable account VTSAX, or investment rental home mortgage?08/21 JVL08/21 JVL
9hVanguard Wellington Returns [equity vs bond]08/21 wallyburger109:55 tom white
8pHow to get power of attorney08/21 brian646420:54 ResearchMed
6h401 k invest or not.08/21 parhur08/21 parhur
3pCareer and personal crossroads - seeking advice08/21 inmymind08/21 Pajamas
0hHow to add a Roth Option to an Vg Individual 401K?08/21 tadamsmar 
9pAdvice-Just gave some information to Voice Phisher08/21 Coato21:39 denovo
1hInvesting - Selecting a 3 Fund Portfolio to Manage FX Risk08/21 LingoPhil08/21 alex_686
2cWhere can a sell my new Google DayDream?08/21 CULater08/21 bob60014
22tTotal World (VT, VTWSX) Tilt? Simplicity...08/21 spdoublebass20:59 PurpleArc
2hHelp with 403B allocations & New Investments08/21 BHwannaB08/21 BHwannaB
0t"ETF Specialist Own the Entire U.S. Equity Market in One Fell Swoop"08/21 Taylor Larimore 
1pAutomatic IRA distribution, Fidelity and ETFs08/21 TheGreyingDuke08/21 AlwaysaQ
22hHelp with my recently widowed mom's finances08/21 Optimistic00:03 BL
6hLate starter 54 y/o need help08/21 Robustow08/21 Robustow
22pShould my grandfather liquidate?08/21 thebigad17:26 JGoneRiding
3cAsphalt Repave Cost08/21 Mitchell77708/21 Grt2bOutdoors
4h401k roth in-plan conversions08/21 new2bogle16:02 Alan S.
11tPutting 1% AUM Fee in Perspective with SWR08/21 aristotelian09:07 Vanguard Fan 13
19ciPhone upgrade through Apple vs through carrier08/21 guitarguy20:11 guitarguy
25tMike Piper and CDs08/21 hoops77717:58 Earl Lemongrab
3hInvestment advice08/21 InvestingDreams07:45 InvestingDreams
6hHelp Me Understand CDs at Vanguard08/21 Small Law Survi08/21 EvelynTroy
3hSelling rental property, what to do with the money?08/21 LoveMyDog08/21 DVMResident
3hHow do cap. gains affect Roth conversions?08/21 tadamsmar08/21 House Blend
5tLarry Swedroe: 7 Reasons Why Advisors Should Use Bond Ladders08/21 Random Walker16:09 skeptical
17pFinding Life Insurance for "High-Risk" Mother08/21 DireStraits05:16 DaftInvestor
4tHow does domicile of ETF affect Tax?08/21 DaringStar14:23 TedSwippet
2tLarry Swedroe: Alternative Lending Has Many Benefits08/21 Random Walker08/21 nedsaid
1pDo self-employment 401k have different limits from salaried 401k?08/21 AndroAsc08/21 Spirit Rider
11pKeep Home or Upgrade?08/21 BlackHawk3108/21 runner540
8hVanguard Paperwork08/21 littleislander08/21 oldcomputerguy
0h[GR][EU] Etf domicile for Greek investor08/21 Mors 
10h28 year old trying to make a simple retirement plan08/21 wannabedebtfree14:46 wannabedebtfree
4cYour opinion on [a tower fan]08/21 parigi72308/21 j0nnyg1984
8hTaxable account recommendation08/21 sojirovs08/21 Admiral
4pGift Question - Combine Gift w/Repay of Short Term Loan08/20 boglesmkcents08/21 boglesmkcents
7cIssues with Contractor for Water Damage08/20 PlaidPolarbear08:52 jabberwockOG
3hWhich DAF allows you to grant from a selected investment?08/20 mgensler08/21 Artsdoctor
2h401k/Taxable account assistance wanted08/20 KCRoyals08/21 KCRoyals
41c"Forget Tough Passwords: New Guidelines Make It Simple"08/20 gkaplan20:41 House Blend
8cBest internet provider in Boston?08/20 bigguy843723:13 srj
8hQuestion about type of account at Fifelity08/20 LouMan67608/21 welderwannabe
5pLLC + tax deductions08/20 zonester08/21 Spirit Rider
12pStarting my career on the right foot08/20 error01:42 dratkinson
15tUnrated municipal bonds08/20 jbolden151714:25 lazyday
4hNewB Investor needs advice on asset allocation and execution08/20 NewB8908/21 Duckie
4p1035 exchange WL-> Fidelity annuity, tax ramifications?08/20 simas08/21 simas
3pQuestions about trust08/20 retire1408/21 afan
21hSeeking Advice on Simplifying Large Taxable Retirement Portfolio08/20 grilli12:00 lhl12
4tDoes Market-Cap Growth Benefit All Shareholders?08/20 Simplegift08/21 Simplegift
21cSeal off rooms that are not used?08/20 gasdoc11:32 gasdoc
42pAdvantages of Having No Credit Score08/20 cnblure23:49 Hyperborea
12h1M USD net worth, 60K USD annual expenses [UK]08/20 Omar197311:12 UKFred
11cSelling on Ebay - one time event08/20 Dottie5708/21 Iliketoridemybi
25hWhere to park emergency fund to beat inflation?08/20 CUDAcores8910:39 Ant7
9hRecent Residency Graduate Seeking Assistance Graduating from Lifecycle Funds08/20 pulps08/21 pulps
22cPossible January trip to Naples, Italy / Amalfi Coast08/20 rjbraun17:09 rjbraun
9cRunning a fundraiser/raffle08/20 BV327308/21 F150HD
15cSchool District Quality08/20 ENT Doc08/21 ReadyOrNot
6h401k after-tax contributions and a Vanguard Roth IRA rollover08/20 AppreciateLife15:40 retiredjg
5hBitcoin Cash (BCC) - Best Wallet, Exchange, etc.08/20 Gauss4408/21 alpha88
80cSafe car for wife and baby08/20 Triple digit go19:36 ThankYouJack
2hNon USA Person- Need help picking equity ETFs08/20 DaringStar08/21 TedSwippet
14hBe careful with Passive Index ETFs08/20 Sunsolar08/21 jbolden1517
18hGood time to invest in gold?08/20 ascension08/21 selftalk
167tI own no international stocks. Can you guess why?08/20 Taylor Larimore08/21 LadyGeek
14pOther financial sites worth reading08/20 DireStraits08/21 carolinaman
5hbest strategies for income now retired for 2 months08/20 sil201708/21 The Wizard
8cWine pairing08/20 Barefootgirl08/21 Iliketoridemybi
8hPortfolio asset allocation for a retiree08/20 diyinvestor08/21 Nodrog
10pMUST my employer ensure I do not over-contribute to my 401k?08/20 neurosphere08/21 FedGuy
7pAdding a 2nd Mortgage vs Combining into one new note08/20 astrohip08/21 TropikThunder
25cDental Insurance/Costs08/20 BSucre08/21 TylerS7
8tDynamic risk management and dynamic correlation adjustments08/20 jbolden151708/20 patrick013
6p529 plan tax deduction08/20 bulbul07:28 rkhusky
26hAdjusting AA as retirement nears08/20 Barefootgirl15:00 spdoublebass
33c2018 Merc S560, 2018 Lexus LS500 Discounts?08/20 msk10:56 visualguy
16hDollar cost averaging on withdrawals?08/20 riverrchic08/21 jbolden1517
25cHow do you watch movies? (Theater, online streaming, DVD, etc.)08/20 OkieIndexer15:49 jdb
14t21 AUG 2017 solar eclipse's effect on volume of USA stock market trading08/19 S17C15:58 S17C
40cWeightlifting Equipment for Home Gym08/19 Alexa917:40 Triple digit go
9pis yodlee moneycenter dead?08/19 guarana19:43 FrugalProfessor
7h529 contribution and AA08/19 wasaver12:13 rkhusky
15cHome Theater Help08/19 athan08/21 killjoy2012
47cKitchen knife set. Good quality - Recommendations08/19 ram08/21 getco
17hTeacher 403(b) signup - any tips?08/19 cockersx310:54 maddogio
29cFrozen steaks ordered through the mail08/19 Barefootgirl08/21 pshonore
13csheets for older, thinner mattresses?08/19 BogleFanGal15:18 Pajamas
10cHelp Painting Wood.08/19 emanuel_v1918:35 emanuel_v19
20pCFP vs MBA with focus in finance/management during career transition08/19 OSUmountaineer16:40 JBTX
13pUse of VanguardAdvantage Visa Debit Card at Foreign ATMs for Cash Withdrawals08/19 pubman08/21 student
58tJapanese Bubble Burst 198908/19 matthewmatt16:32 Valuethinker
7pMistake in payroll deduction for tax-deferred08/19 fposte19:38 LadyGeek
22pAfter Tax 401K Contributions Advice08/19 sf2sv17:09 Earl Lemongrab
11cFree computer support?08/19 parigi72308/21 aristotelian
74tIBonds: My worst bond investment over the last 5 years08/19 jdilla110707:10 The Wizard
44tBoston Globe: Smart Investors May be Killing Capitalism08/19 Small Law Survi08/21 jbolden1517
4hPortfolio Review Request - Need Help!08/19 tmslcs5250119:44 tmslcs52501
15hwhere do I put the proceeds of my house sale?08/19 mpguy3408/21 mpguy34
13hSeeking Non-Retirement Portfolio Help08/19 Kae00608/21 Miriam2
10pHow to Undo Backdoor Roth Completely08/19 John_Smith08/21 Alan S.
27c"Structured" Flip Flops, Slides08/18 azurekep18:14 azurekep
23pHelp with trust / spendthrift in-law08/18 pakcer17:33 delamer
53fHome Page Updated08/18 LadyGeek07:59 retiredjg
28pPay off mortgage or taxable account08/18 sojirovs08/20 ThePrince
9pIncreasing Loan - to Value Ratio08/18 cal9108/21 alex_686
22cDraperies or Honey Comb Shades/Blinds?08/18 CountryBoy20:21 littlebird
142pJobs that pay over $100,00008/18 indexonlyplease13:45 clutchied
18hInvestments that Colleges Don't Count Against You.08/18 Vermont Farmer23:27 Pdxnative
13tBond fund SEC yield08/18 AAA08/21 alex_686
39tIrrational Despair?08/18 DomDangelina08/21 GoldenFinch
111tWhat is Bitcoin?08/18 grayfox19:02 am
10tUSAA Closing my Roth - Question on Account Closing Fee08/18 Righty08/21 azanon
11cPoker Software08/18 kommisarrex13:39 MildlyEccentric
183hLost $7000 today in ONE DAY!08/17 Alex GR09:58 TomatoTomahto
58cNon-fiction bucket list08/17 Nectarineman08/21 pjohnson
16pPension question: purchase 0.35 yrs of previous service?08/17 sighchological20:15 petulant
12hOptimizing Roth/Traditional in mixed account08/17 TinkerPDX08/21 TinkerPDX
57cLittle P**S Ants08/17 invst6514:13 Doom&Gloom
22hNeed a high risk option for $25008/17 jwhiteker08/21 abuss368
13hETF index fund, anytime a good time?08/17 PurpleArc08/21 Jack FFR1846
56pquick estate question08/17 westrichj31208/21 afan
182cIs it worth it? [demanding jobs vs time with family]08/17 vk821621:08 LadyGeek
35tWhy do we (passive index investors) invest at market weight?08/16 need403bhelp08/21 alex_686
138pAnyone planning on never retiring?08/16 Muri17:02 alamander
12hPortfolio Review Request08/16 21801776508/21 218017765
33cABS light, and OBD II scanners.....UPDATE08/16 Broken Man 199909:42 wrongfunds
14hQuestions?? Need progress with AA08/16 tyjy13:24 tyjy
20hRollover Fees with bad 401K08/16 nickjoy09:19 fire_rebel
45hCancer at 38. Going from high income to no income. Need help generating income from $5m portfolio08/16 ZbnkInvestor08/21 hafjell
77tStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-201508/16 Simplegift08/21 Rich Cape Cod
39pBilling 99212 for rx refill?08/14 sawhorse08/21 toofache32
10hPortfolio Review08/14 hercules06217:37 Duckie
72t"Vanguard fund shareholders encouraged to vote as proxy campaign gets under way."08/14 gkaplan20:49 LadyGeek
8pHow to Pay Grad School Loans08/14 oct645408/21 CppCoder
76cHow useful is a home security system?08/14 flyingaway12:11 darrvao777
43tXIRR - Non-reinvested dividends08/13 JustinR15:08 Doc
31cSoliciting personal recommendations for a Barcelona trip08/13 Swampy08/21 nedsaid
71cWhere to buy glasses for eclipse viewing ?08/13 bpr00:39 OnTrack
23cTrip to Banff / Lake Louise / other places08/12 Rob5TCP16:32 SQRT
12pContractor job - what type of entity?08/12 petebogle08/21 denovo
43cYour Movie Collection?08/12 Alexa920:14 GerryL
237cHow far would you travel to see The Eclipse?08/11 weltschmerz21:16 Ron
12cHome security system08/10 Triple digit go08/21 queso
7hPortfolio check for an early 40yr old couple08/10 tommyone16:15 tommyone
104tNew Dividends Appreciation data series - backtesting08/09 siamond18:58 snarlyjack
54cOregon road trip help08/09 hoops77714:58 trogdor
29cAny veterinarians that can quickly weigh in re: estimate?08/08 BogleFanGal22:18 clip651
19cLibreOffice08/07 MidwestMike18:22 zaplunken
5h32yo Australian - New Investor Seeking Advice08/07 Kallak08/21 Ma15
16lIs the Munchkin MAN still alive?08/06 tuffy722215:50 zaplunken
24cBarcelona Hotel Recommendations08/02 El Greco13:26 El Greco
15hPortfolio advice for Israeli expats with medium and long term saving goals07/30 basil19:42 basil
52tRoth vs Traditional07/27 Brantley17:44 patrick013
19cHotel Credit Card07/20 ETadvisor20:39 THY4373
7hPONDX asset allocation a negative % for cash?07/17 CenTexan16:53 GaryA505
17pChild Roth IRA advice: hiring your kids to model for your website07/11 crispydoc08/21 LadyGeek
53hShould I rollover an existing IRA to my current 401K account?07/01 vbn08/21 retiredjg
27pCredit card for expat06/19 bungalow1012:31 bungalow10
107pCapital One $400 bonus for new checking account06/15 sunny_socal11:40 jay22
31cLastpass anyone use it?06/11 squirm08/21 samtex
24pIs Quicken 2017 worth it? Please help06/10 Cramerica16:13 tetractys
38pChase hotel credit cards / IHG Anniversary Free Night06/07 rjbraun21:24 rjbraun
103pPlease explain how Medicare Billing works? Update06/04 Lynette14:47 The Wizard
265pKF's Worst Case Retirement Plan [KlangFool's]06/02 KlangFool08/21 KlangFool
12tVanguard going Down Under05/31 davidkw08/21 Ma15
77tHow I use I-ORP, and who shouldn't05/11 LeeMKE10:27 munemaker
18tHSA Eligibility, Medicare retroactivity, and SS Retroactive Benefits04/26 EHEngineer10:05 EHEngineer
59hMy girlfriend and her 401K, need to give her advice04/26 Michael Alden15:56 LadyGeek
40pAccidental landlord turning to for sale by owner04/17 BashDash08/21 Cobra Commander
22pBeneficiaries/TOD for Vanguard Joint Account04/03 deeppizza20:18 Alan S.
14hBeginner Boglehead, looking for advice04/02 newtoit08/21 newtoit
63cTell me about Alaska02/17 an_asker14:07 an_asker
60h17 years wasted. Want to do it myself now. Advice, please.12/23 InvestingInAR08/21 InvestingInAR
9tNavy Federal CU New Certificate Offering12/07 tomd3716:44 tomd37
54cEclipse viewing12/06 Bfwolf16:46 Uncle Pennybags
164cLearning an instrument as an adult? 8 Month Update12/06 investingdad13:16 JupiterJones
42hWhy is QSPIX steadily declining?09/17 taojaxx08/21 grap0013
38cAdvice on visit to Yosemite2016 dowse14:51 Pajamas
213tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore12:40 WhiteMaxima
519tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab13:55 BashDash
379pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy08/21 timmy
106fRevealing Usernames2016 retiredjg16:30 LadyGeek
29hWhich brokers are friendly to expats?2016 K8ya08/21 PurpleArc
16ttoo much money in indexes?2015 petej08/21 packer16
58pHow to get a job as a software developer?2015 yellowgirl08:58 sixtyforty
32cIs it difficult to transfer website to different hosting company?2015 fsrph08/21 Rowan Oak
50cI'm Giving Up Golf2015 Lon11:47 Triple digit go
145lBogleheads Los Angeles meetings2015 rocko08/21 Lanseril
42pThoughts on Chase for everyday banking2015 TxAg08/21 BW1985
2524cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt08/20 Zott
2876cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36820:35 bertilak
111lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner13:16 bobcat2
19hNY State 529 deductability for non-resident taxpayer2013 dadipsite22:55 airahcaz
41tNew Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (SCHZ)2011 aja888819:28 stlutz
3803tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill20:08 Uncle Pennybags

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