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0h After-tax IRA with a 401k in the future  05:07gilgamesh  
1h Vanguard's website is down (for me anyway)  04:36SpringMan04:44SpringMan
1p Moving to the US, which CCs to get?  04:26Sophia188404:53denovo
6c can't logon to vanguard account  04:23chipperd05:02Swansea
0h Another Backdoor Roth IRA question  02:34nvstmnt  
3h Converting a target day fund to a 3-fund portfolio?  01:32Fargonian05:10lazydavid
0p [Taxes] Can we deduct music lessons cost for child in New York State?  00:41Gamma Ray  
1p Disability insurance question  23:57bogleboyz00:38BruDude
6p 2016 Tax Return - Paper Mail Form 8453?  23:25walletless02:32Katietsu
1t Vanguard asks DOL to delay fiduciary rule  23:11bzargarcia23:22Pajamas
4h Investment advice please  23:00ecocredit01:45Fargonian
0t Vanguard Target Date Funds  22:34Taylor Larimore  
2c Where to live in Kansas City, student at UMKC  21:40conundrum22:27jadedfalcons
1h What does this mean?  21:33pricey21:43lack_ey
0h Portfolio Review Request - New to Indexing  21:27JackArbor  
8c Honda Transmission Service  21:20rashad300023:09sunny_socal
2h Enrolling in New Employer 401K  21:08Spur0821:42Spur08
1h Ameriprise/RiverSource inherited annuity 1035 help/questions....  21:04CyclingDuo22:36Alan S.
18p So someone drained $13k from my checking account...  20:49Cash23:16BrandonBogle
4p brother managing mother's investments?  20:37msrumphius01:17Goal33
5p Capital Gains on real estate?  20:25defscott62720:52defscott627
5h Jumping back in the market  20:13trainerjay04:13skyfall13
9h Double Check my Buckets!  19:53seezoram22:38shanghaista
0p Income tax extension? local?  19:51lazylarry  
11h Merriman Bonds vs. horrible 401k bonds . . .  19:46MikeT05:17lazydavid
0h Voya's Corp. Leaders Trust Fund  19:36cartman  
14t AA after reaching your "freedom number"?  19:26pepperz00:01itstoomuch
3h Inservice withdrawal to Vanguard question  19:20radiowave21:41radiowave
1h Need Newbie Advice for Large Sum - US or Europe?  19:14pycut20:35whodidntante
2f Change password?  19:10dm20019:19dm200
4p Irrevocable Trust Distribution: Tax Reporting by Beneficiary  18:40Michael123422:01NancyABQ
6h Short time to retirement questions, thinking about bogle philosophy in light of our short time frame  18:36LGH22:012comma
2c Anyone use Verizon wireless prepaid for cell phones???  18:29davidkw21:0841fan
1p Follow up: optimizing decisions after spouse's death  18:21petesamprs18:49itstoomuch
9c Help Overcoming a Lead Paint Phobia  18:04LandOLakes21:14ClevrChico
3h dollar cost averaging  17:49selftalk20:56Alto Astral
0h Tax Loss Harvesting - Alternative List  17:35drummerboy  
5h Roth v. Traditional allocation  17:27David Scubadive02:31SGM
6h 3 Fund Portfolio. Now considering 4  17:23Optician5219:50Optician52
51p How did you do your income taxes?  page: 217:08John15101:23catdude
13t Justification for Adding REITs  16:53Call_Me_Op18:13wolf359
7h Roth Conversion question  16:05afeltz19:52shanghaista
4t Is CAPE math wrong? Earnings from dividends vs. Buybacks  16:02Dirghatamas18:04Dirghatamas
3h Timing of I-bonds purchase  16:02blush211222:33ionisation
6h [Questions about my company's "In-Plan Roth Conversion"]  12:20TxInjun23:16TxInjun
2p Contributions to Simple IRA affecting taxes  15:57kgressler17:23mhalley
0h Treasury Securities and 1099-B  15:56SeaGSB  
0h Close taxable account?  15:49Clipsadi  
0p Metropolitan Bank 2% interest  15:45A Boglehead  
4p AARP supplements through UHC  15:28Buster6517:48LadyGeek
5p Questions about itemizing state income taxes and about foreign tax credit carry forward  15:24marbat23:57kaneohe
12h Tax Loss Harvesting with Automated Contributions (401k, HSA, Etc) Logistics  15:17sco18:45sco
5h Rollover Hypothetical  14:58marti03823:23shanghaista
9h Which Vanguard Funds in Roth account?  14:42RadDoctor22:02DG99999
7h Buy on Ex-Div Date or Just Afterwards?  14:33aj76er16:32aj76er
1h TSP L Funds  14:22BigDaddyRich15:30alec
9h Total Stock Market Admiral in both taxable and IRA?  14:18ray33317:04kolea
4h 6 years from retirement - need investment & allocation recommendations  14:00jamimo17:14Jack FFR1846
10p How to minimize increases for apartment rent?  13:48flamesabers00:14littlebird
3h Low ER for 2040 fund  13:35Johnny9915:58WallStreetPhysi
2h Tax implication of vested foreign stock  13:29thomson14:22thomson
1t WSJ: MSCI Takes Fresh Look at Adding China Shares to Emerging-Market Index  13:26triceratop19:05in_reality
11c Should I sell my 2016 MDX and just lease? Minimal mileage needs  13:16Carpentermaass822:57sunny_socal
3h Firefighter looking for retirement investing help  13:10dabeez66618:04Watty
1h Overcontribution and HCE refund for same year  13:05jgiese361918:35Alan S.
9h 100% stocks w/pension?  12:57Que199918:51Que1999
2h Seeking Investment Portfolio Advice - Roth IRA, TSP, and cash savings  12:55TMF2617:29TMF26
4h Vanguard Voyager Select Worth moving funds to get there?  12:51jdv0121:11jdv01
10p Quarterly Tax Payments Planning to Avoid Refund and Penalties  12:40fantasytensai21:49kaneohe
3p To file or not - irrevocable trust  12:34rxtra820:00MarkNYC
6c Wimbledon 2017 - Experiences?  11:56roamin survivor00:15gips
17h Help with my father's windfall  11:44BD.01:05itstoomuch
4h Transferring funds from FA - question on canceling Anuity  11:20cmoneymillz12:34rabbitrun
0h tax efficiency for a total world fund  11:14selftalk  
3h Gift college money 17 yr old  11:14joannedisfan16:25flamesabers
8h Vanguard merchandise  11:02duplin county15:47Flobes
10c Need help with info about Portland  11:01Riverstwo19:11DaftInvestor
0h Help rebalancing my Vanguard portfolio (not tax deferred)  11:01audiophile1  
3h Flagship access to closed funds?  10:57SpringMan14:10Vanguard Fan 13
2p max TRAD IRA contribution 2017  10:47sil201711:02DSInvestor
7h Thinking about adding a 5% position to commodities  10:44Buster6522:01PFInterest
8h Advice investing in index funds  10:40jb120:19jb1
3h Growth stock index fund in taxable to reduce taxes on dividends?  10:37robert2711:47livesoft
15t Why nobody talk about cash allocation ?  10:35lifeisagame21:50Sandtrap
25p Stay & remodel vs. Move - North Dallas  10:31MindTheGAAP16:12MindTheGAAP
0p Tricky Mega Backdoor Roth Excess Contribution Question  10:14Idontknowjack  
6p ?? purchasing grocery store cards to maximize cc rewards  10:13ddunca194412:03Earl Lemongrab
7h Vanguard Noob Question on Selling and Buying  10:01jdv0121:16jdv01
8c home buying negotiation tips  09:57alloykat14:46SleepKing
9t 401k access at 55 vs 59.5  09:37fortfun14:57livesoft
0t Accounting for active bond ETFs higher returns  09:36jmk  
12h I open an out-of-state 529 plan. Was I stupid?  09:36SweeneyTodd17:30Bfwolf
14p Pretirement  09:36miamivice17:38Capsu78
5p ACA question re HDHP "family plan" and HSA qualification  09:34duckcalldan19:32Katietsu
29t Why buy short-term bond funds when you can get 1% in savings acct?  09:11dcmouser19:02jcjc
16h International Allocation  09:05Dinosaur Dad11:52jayhawkerbeef
33h Why did my fund GO UP so much?  09:05livesoft05:19lazydavid
5t Data request: % of 401K dollars in Target Date Funds  08:22Imp21:50OhioGozaimas
2h Reminder: Bogleheads Investing Startup Kit  07:58David Jay08:31Peculiar_Invest
4h Different AA's in different accounts?  07:17raptor00107:35NiceUnparticula
14h Which of these two bond funds is "better"?  06:54Teacher8811:36ruralavalon
5t T+2 settlement cycle  05:39in_reality07:32AlohaJoe
18h Maxing tax-advantaged accounts -- am I getting this right?  03/23freyj602:38freyj6
2p Paying Taxes in Japan  03/23ian_in_japan21:38ian_in_japan
0p Pennsylvania/Maryland Reciprocity Agreement  03/23bsquared  
2h Vanguard cost basis during transfers: lessons learned  03/22kiddoc11:54kiddoc
1p Self Employed Tax Strategy to Reduce FICA tax (using Solo 401k)  03/22clashcity03/22DSInvestor
2h ETF or Mutual Fund  03/22Tracker96803/23kolea
3h Short Term Bond Funds  03/22JstSomeGuy07:02Valuethinker
25p Reimburse Medical Expenses in "Arrears" with HSA?  03/22I_Am_Not_A_Doct00:31Spirit Rider
2t Certificate of accrual! How do I get it?  03/22Finder199523:08123
4p Prepaying property taxes  03/22jdilla110703/22Katietsu
3h Transfer From American Funds  03/22mlobur03/22ray333
43c Kitchen island  03/22bcdfgh14:22michaeljc70
10h Vanguard keeps saying my e-mail address doesn't work  03/22mister_sparkle11:20BogleFanGal
82t The $1,124,176 Car.  page: 203/22Taylor Larimore05:17corn18
3h Need help with Bonds  03/22erdo06:22erdo
34c Small appliance electrical safety  03/22azurekep20:48DaftInvestor
49p Mortgage APR 4.96% - too high?  03/22JuztVZ23:14JGoneRiding
9h Advice for new situation  03/22justj2k7820:33justj2k78
3p Roth solo 401k contribution limits -- double dipping?  03/22Duckie03/22Duckie
11h Utah 529 Fees  03/22PlayingLife12:01White Coat Inve
14h Best way and pace to shift AA?  03/22BogleFanGal11:10BogleFanGal
3h help with backdoor Roth IRA conversion  03/22maga201703/22Duckie
0h Investment profile analysis  03/22dangling  
9p High CoL Area (W/ Mortgage) VS. Low CoL Area (W/ Paid Off House)  03/22FloRidaRocky11:31Valuethinker
15h Initial investment advice  03/22XDark_FenixX20:36David Jay
23h Roth vs. TIRA, am I missing something obvious?  03/22MotoTrojan18:23FiveK
2t VTSAX (Total Mkt Idx) Dividend Schedule  03/22PhillyBird03/22PhillyBird
9t CEFs beat Vanguard  03/22The Wizard19:26LadyGeek
2p MAGI for Roth IRA Purposes  03/22MaryAnn Summers03/22Alan S.
18h Very Sad - Loss of Backdoor Roth IRA all these years  03/22confusedinvesto23:51confusedinvesto
18p Enrolled Agent or CPA for current issues  03/22jplee317:06jplee3
0h Milestone Review of Portfolio & Increasing Income  03/22djmbob  
4c Job Opportunities in Pittsburgh?  03/22bfinners2309:14bfinners23
3p Costco Auto and Home Insurace  03/22Optician5203/22SimonJester
4t Understanding Bond Yields - Check my math...  03/22BanditKing06:58Valuethinker
100p Vehicles as a percentage of net worth  page: 2 303/22smitty151521:04why3not
1h 401(k) to Roth IRA conversion; who to go to for IRA  03/22Imriela03/22mhalley
10p Tax Rate Schedule confusion  03/22busdriver03/22busdriver
10c How to pay my first Medicare payment?  03/22Raybo10:36Raybo
20p Administration of relative's estate  03/22AAA22:26123
6h Retirement Account with LPL - Issues  03/22cubaboymatt131603/22patngordo
18h Roth 401K vs. 401K  03/22bfinners2314:05Kevin M
20p What criteria warrants a need for Living Revocable Trust?  03/22luckybamboo21:58Sandtrap
7p Supplemental/Passive Income  03/22bfinners2310:36bfinners23
2h world fund vs. vti and vtiax  03/22selftalk03/22avalpert
6p Turned 70 & SS Benefits Stuck as Suspended  03/22trailmk18:31akron1977
6h 403b: side by side comparison of high fee/low fee  03/22BashDash12:05BashDash
0h Best ETF broker in Singapore  03/22Jaxx  
7p Quicken Problems - Anyone Else?  03/22retire5703/22retire57
17c How do I share internet with my neighbor?  03/22misterno03/22LadyGeek
2h Investing lump sum  03/22retiresoon22203/22aristotelian
2t Tax Strategies for Lowering Tax Bracket & Increasing Retirement  03/22csho.mc03/22aristotelian
6p Do I owe my Financial Advisor a Fee for part of this year?  03/22jdv0103/22jdv01
19c Do I need title insurance?  03/22goshenBogle20:48Saving$
5h Value Tilt  03/22renue7403/22jayhawkerbeef
8h TIAA fees with R1 tier options  03/22basr51812:41basr518
27h Asset allocation anxiety  03/22Roguejim14:15pkcrafter
11t Muni fund reinvest or not  03/22hoops77710:47hoops777
1h Help with Fixed income Asset Allocation  03/22nance03/22Chip
10h I thought I understood AA, now I have confused myself  03/22Teacher8803/22inbox788
33c Where's the sweet spot in the cost/benefit curve for floor speakers?  03/22ribonucleic15:26Doom&Gloom
6h Simple IRA's to Vanguard question  03/22mattyfu103/22mattyfu1
11h Selling Corporate Bonds - Inherited IRA  03/22aristotelian10:53Valuethinker
8h Moving TIAA CREF out of money market  03/22Springbok05:09vtMaps
1h Inheriting an IRA versus a Roth IRA  03/22skrkmr03/22Alan S.
1h New Self-Employed Investor Looking For Help  03/22Cowboys8803/22Spirit Rider
62t Blog on emerging Markets, and investors underweighting them  page: 203/22larryswedroe22:32MikeMak27
17p How Do I Do More?  03/22CE8703/22Loik098
8p Emergency Fund...Savings, Money Market, or CD?  03/22stlbrucefan16:15TF Hutch
0p Direct Primary Care doctor/clinic  03/22susa  
3h Roth IRA or Traditional IRA Contributions  03/22victor224403/22DSInvestor
8t Trying to Time the Market  03/22gkaplan11:23WallStreetPhysi
16h What instrument to keep emergency fund in?  03/2241fan03/2241fan
7h Retirement draw down across taxable, 401k, and Roth  03/22Stang7008:53Stang70
13h Non-traded REIT - Analyzing how horrible, and trying to get out  03/22jbrinker15:16LarryAllen
8h Major Portfolio Overhaul  03/22ray33308:53ray333
38p child support question  03/22maria0020003/22niners9088
16t Active Bond Funds Holding Their Own  03/22Doc14:52Doc
11p Spousal benefit for 65 year old divorcee  03/22elisa03/22spencer99
12t Very basic undertanding of taxable and tax-advantaged accounts  03/22nick evets03/22nick evets
25h Maxed out 401ks and Roth IRA. Now what?  03/22LearningToManag10:51powermega
6h Pay off debt or invest?  03/22Wealthy by desi03/22bertilak
7f Best way to share PDF of 401k funds available?  03/22MikeT17:31MikeT
11h Your Experiences with Risk Tolerance and having smaller versus larger account balances  03/22LukeHeinz5713:28Sandtrap
3t Need Video for Understanding Stocks  03/22palaheel03/22palaheel
15h TIPS Fund in Taxable Account  03/22AHOD03/22Kevin M
10p Alternative SSA Claiming Strategy--question for the group  03/22cresive03/22123
2p Taxes - amending 2015 taxes due to tuition assistance clawback  03/22jplee312:18jplee3
2t CD Ladder at Fidelity - Why is purchase still pending?  03/22dcmouser03/22dcmouser
6h VYM vs VTI  03/22skyfall1303/22avalpert
13p Another student loans question  03/22Joppajoe03/22shanghaista
11h WWBHD? 50k scared money for Roth IRA  03/21arcspark08:17lazydavid
4p Vanguard Corrected 1099  03/21boglephreak03/22jebmke
8h Wife's Asset Allocation - 401k options limited  03/21whanaumark03/22goingup
11h Thoughts on ADR OTC stock??  03/21jb103/22inbox788
5p Tax Minimizing Vehicles / Strategies  03/21dudelove2203/22flamesabers
41c Car Vandalism During Cross-Country Drive  03/219007703/22brokendirtdart
2p IRA conversion  03/21filelife03/22Chip
15c whole house water filter --your thoughts?  03/21seashell13:42BW1985
53p How did graduating out of daycare impact your finances?  page: 203/21berg20:05Hug401k
15c Adults trip in May to Zion and Bryce National Parks  03/21260chrisb07:34mikepru
11h Pension  03/21Gixene03/22OnTrack2020
10h taxable accounts  03/21sleepmaker03/22Kevin M
14h What safe investment vehicle has the highest yield right now?  03/21Smartguy235103/22tj
32p What building year I should seek when shopping for a house?  03/21BogleMelon17:06Kosmo
13t Sitting down with Fidelity advisor next week  03/21investingdad03/22dcabler
6h Simplying my 401k and Retirement planning  03/21Pilgrim457003/22Pilgrim4570
18h 401K Advice  03/21adbuenavista00:24pingo
6p Contribute only up to employer max or should we contribute more?  03/21Jackson1203/22Jackson12
20t Safe Withdrawal Rate Timing Problem  03/21dspencer03/22itstoomuch
8p Friend will be laid off in a month - what should he do first?  03/21red_uu03/22Ozonewanderer
6h 401K Advice  03/21doublez7203/22doublez72
18h Is Emergency fund necessary with 2 RMDs?  03/21Myopic squirrel07:16BigJohn
12p taxact $10 premium deal today [includes state] [price match if already filed]  03/21mikep03/22fareastwarriors
21c How to know if someone has filed your tax returns fradulently?  03/21RookieInvestor12:46Tamales
16c Purchasing a 2017 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T  03/21Strayshot10:33NJdad6
24h Best set it and forget to hold until retirement?  03/21dexter7422:33dexter74
7c Skinny Ties  03/21lifecomm03/22JDCarpenter
15p Dizzying Medicare options  03/21protagonist19:19likegarden
7h Horrible 401K Fund Choices--Direct transfer to IRA questions  03/21cresive03/22goingup
2h PPA rates and pension question  03/21lem03/22Valuethinker
11f Hacking Wordpress  03/21mingstar08:59sixtyforty
15t WSJ: S&P 500′s Rally Is Falling Behind the World  03/21TOJ03/22Taylor Larimore
18t Schwab vs Vanguard vs Fidelity - ER fees  03/21ps56k09:13ruralavalon
20p Series 65 Volunteer Advising?  03/21aristotelian12:33alex_686
31t What's your strategy for withdrawing funds in Retirement ?  03/21sixtyforty21:00chuckb84
10h Online Retirement Planner Tools  03/21Dinosaur Dad15:32artthomp
15p Buying a second home in Florida- mortgage or purchase  03/21Joe4806:38spitty
11t How Cliff Asness Became A Billionaire By Building A Kind Of Vanguard Of Hedge Funds  03/21matjen18:52packer16
40c Debating a weekend in Chicago (south side)  03/21guitarguy03/22Bfwolf
26c Winter Travel  03/21Barefootgirl22:35JaneyLH
45c Anybody using the TERMINAL over the GUI in ubuntu?  03/21lightheir12:53whomever
5h Fed Rate hikes / Savings rates  03/21TT03/22Phineas J. Whoo
12p Using 25-30 year old EE bonds to fund 529  03/21OnFire03/22acanthurus
14h 29, new investors, help with long term plan  03/21pfunk23:49pfunk
41p Legal Issue: What kind of lawyer (or do I not need one yet)?  03/20kjvmartin03/22dm200
17c Northern Lights cruise, Norway, March 2018  03/20ResearchMed15:15Sage16
12h How can my parents in India invest in U.S  03/20perseus03/22perseus
18p Living Trust - Death of grantor/trustee  03/20oldbykur19:01afan
17h 27, no investments, please help  03/20tinvestor13:49pkcrafter
49c What is your preferred Weather App?  03/20TxAg05:09soaring
16c Short visit to Hong Kong - "must do/see"?  03/20ResearchMed03/22ResearchMed
25p Salary / employment verification  03/20MrJones03/23Saving$
11p 2016 Saver's Credit + My Stupidity = No Saver's Credit?  03/20dudelove2217:37dudelove22
25h Does Vanguard have contrarian funds ?  03/20redhat3303/22Valuethinker
76h I thought I knew my desired AA  page: 203/20Alto Astral03/22KlangFool
61p Long term unemployment planning  page: 203/20Alto Astral03/22LadyGeek
6h Need advice on my roth IRA  03/20SiR9903/22Rupert
21p Smart Will (or how to avoid a legal morass)  03/20snackdog03/22bsteiner
3h 403(b) and 457 Contribution Limit Question  03/20jmlp03/22jmlp
18h I would appreciate comments on my asset allocation.  03/20mjb4910:22jayhawkerbeef
15h How to find and interview my new Advisor ?  03/20confusedinvesto07:18carolinaman
15h Starting a Roth IRA - Questions  03/20oilmanjr10103/22Rainmaker41
64p Recommended emergency fund for middle class households: $13,800  page: 203/20stimulacra21:26Garthilk
35p My son wants to move to Hong Kong  03/20steelerfan17:24halfnine
71p Any downside in buying a brand new house ?  page: 203/20pasadena10:21Valuethinker
12h Will new index funds ever come out?  03/20jb111:42David Jay
11c carpet beetles (varied carpet beetle)  03/19PNW8603/22PNW86
60c A SUV for towing a Travel Trailer  page: 203/19Rajsx00:45frugalfraggle
50t Harvard endowment beats S&P 500 by 2% a year over last 40 years  page: 203/19tc10103/22sunnywindy
13h Selling mutual funds in a ROTH  03/19ray33322:25ray333
16h Failing to understand taxable acct strat  03/19Avolition03/22deltaneutral83
30c What is ideal master bedroom size?  03/19davebo03/23daveydoo
19p How to report HSA gains in CA return? (H&R block software)  03/18masterofinvesti21:05grabiner
51h Moving from Vanguard to Fidelity (probably)  page: 203/18Calygos03/22Earl Lemongrab
4h Could my 529 returns really be this good?  03/18phatkev03/22David Jay
17h Backdoor Roth - do I understand it ?  03/18Good Listener16:00LadyGeek
20h Sorting through 403b/457 options...  03/18wishful_thinkin20:17CyclingDuo
22h bad 401k options at new job  03/18jables03/22deltaneutral83
20c Quietest tire for 2017 Honda CRV?  03/18CULater03/22inbox788
2h Portfolio Review Follow Up  03/18aero22516:21retiredjg
37p Divesting to heirs. When and how quickly.  03/18msk05:16msk
168p "Millionaire Next Door" Net Worth Formula  page: 2 3 403/18RoadHouseFan03/22knpstr
6p Form 8606 - Backdoor Roth IRA  03/18jgreenb103/22dangling
13p Dividing IRA in Family Wealth Trust  03/17sallymaynot03/22sallymaynot
37c Camcorder recommendations  03/17VictoriaF03/22madbrain
65p Citi card Nightmare  page: 203/17drawpoker00:47Gamma Ray
23h Using 12-13% of Retirement Funds to pay off Mortgage?  03/17retireearly03/22retireearly
17p public service loan forgiveness: expecting it? consider spousal income!  03/17leeks03/22petulant
54p Advice: Overextending by buying? How much house to buy?  page: 203/17somekevinguy03/22somekevinguy
58p Endless Job Interviews (with same company)  page: 203/17mirror03/222015
68t an in depth look at gold  page: 203/17larryswedroe11:54Kbg
7p Solo 401K Limits with Sole Prop and an LLC with a loss  03/16NewtonsApple03/23lgerla
50c Medical treatment in US for non US citizen  page: 203/16sam10103/22sawhorse
115t Anyone else taking less risk  page: 2 303/16stemikger09:50stemikger
4t TSP, G Fund and the Debt Ceiling  03/16BSlew11:39Gelsomina
96c Suspicious organic products  page: 203/16misterno03/22dm200
3h Newbie requesting investment advice  03/16stratus21:07Spirit Rider
130p S corp - 401K plan - profit sharing  page: 2 303/16HG0110:38investor999
1h AA and Vanguard Transfer Advice  03/16terpfan7117:00bloom2708
34h Bought my first individual TIPS, now I am in love!  03/16TheTimeLord03/22Yukon
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