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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2963 new posts and replies over 317 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
2hPortfolio advice16:05 vishketan19:15 123
1hDo you guys use a Fiduciary? If so, recommendations? [US ex-pat]10/16 waterman1310/16 123
22hHelp on simplifying my portfolio10/13 29er10/16 29er
28tCurrency risk?10/16 asif40817:36 3funder
94tAnnuities-when and why?2015 karpems15:32 3funder
19hShould I start investing?10/16 gl1014:54 3funder
7pApple Pay and CVV number10/16 investor4life11:07 5th_Dimension
5cQuestion about Medigap Insurance10/16 Abe14:06 Abe
2tThe Tell Tale Chart15:12 Doc21:24 acanthurus
71tAbout Vanguard advisors: opinions, thoughts?2016 Bill177316:00 afan
10pDesperately seeking help with Roth excess contribution - 2016 taxes10/08 icedtea10/15 Alan S.
58pHSA’s: What level of risk do you prefer?10/09 bluerafters10/16 alfaspider
12cClass B RV. Travato vs Roadtrek vs Suggestions?10/16 Sandtrap22:44 Alice Ranch
32cGarage door opener on last leg10/05 Tamales10/16 alpenglow
24cHow do you outfit your feet?10/16 seychellois_lib14:15 an_asker
13cTips on Preparing will10/15 andyandyandy20:17 andyandyandy
4hLTI seeking assessment10/15 RobertMoses10/16 arcticpineapple
67cConverting to Safety Razors2013 12thman21:31 aristotelian
10tRegular Taxable Accounts vs Tax-Advantaged10/16 TD262609:36 aristotelian
5pK-1 TurboTax business01/24 arsenalfan13:58 arsenalfan
116cWhat are you driving? And would you buy your current ride again?10/15 harrington16:43 ASpenderInRecov
12hExcess cash for car fund - Would you invest?12:09 ASpenderInRecov16:00 ASpenderInRecov
6pIssue freezing credit reports with 2 out of 3 credit reporters. Help????10/16 jdjd0911:18 azurekep
43hshould I buy in Record High? S&P 5002014 tsiwt10/16 badbreath
3hFinally got wife to invest - Roth IRA allocation?10/16 Frenetic10/16 badbreath
4h401k allocation10/15 badgerfan12313:44 badgerfan123
64cLiability of phone conversations while my client is driving (and I am not in the car)?10/13 neurosphere10/16 barnaclebob
35pSocial Security - Maximizing a couples benefits10/15 mrgeeze13:06 beardsworth
1hLump Sum Pension Guidance20:59 CompassPion22:40 Beehave
13pAnother Job Offer Dilemma10/14 MangoMama10/16 BeneIRA
26tWhen everything goes up, what goes down & vice versa10/14 rm19:44 bertilak
3tR/E Investing Approaches: Bogleheads vs MMM vs BiggerPockets?11:31 Sandtrap12:18 betablocker
5pCredit protection for children?10/16 fouroheight6823:25 bhtomj
29cDental implants in Poland10/14 sabhen10/16 Bigbonds
6pWhy not switch from Medigap F to G now?12:03 clcarter21:08 blmarsha123
8pMedicare change upcoming - preauthorization for imaging tests12:36 dm20019:00 blueblock
8cIs there really a lithium battery in a USB-C-to-micro-USB adapter?14:07 nisiprius16:26 bob60014
36pHelp picking apart whole life insurance cash value12:54 overthought22:44 bogglizer
5pSocial Security Death Benefits10/15 New Retiree18:58 Boglegrappler
18cWhat are your best car battery purchase options?10/16 hushpuppy10/16 bottlecap
36pSocial Security payouts vs. "estimated benefits" online10/15 btownguy10/16 btownguy
17pPremier Choice being suggested by agent for health insurance2016 doug452319:54 Buccaneer82
35tWith panicked homeowners selling their flooded homes for 40¢ on the dollar, investors are flocking to Houston10/12 stimulacra09:17 buckstar
25cWashington DC Trip10/12 ddb141910/16 Calico
3pTax Questions: Exercised ISOs, Company went public10/15 SamuelB10/16 CaliJim
35cEarplugs that work on low frequency noise?10/13 Morik10/16 Call_Me_Op
25cNew Garage Doors2016 Small Law Survi19:18 Carefreeap
10pBuy a rental property before primary home?10:07 tomtoms16:22 Carefreeap
138tBogle himself is saying we will expect like 3% for the next decades10/06 Vision10:14 carofe
5tSwedroe: ‘Sure Things’ Check-In10/16 BogleMelon07:15 carolinaman
7cHow to insulate a skylight?2009 robot06:58 CAsage
7hTaxes and withdrawal strategy in retirement10/15 suewolf22:09 celia
5hRoth Convert: To the max of your likely future bracket or the one just below?10/15 Ron Scott10/16 celia
27pSeverance includes 2 yrs healthcare. Should I use that instead of new company?10/13 tmhudg10/16 celia
15hfidelity netbenefits10/13 marino13810/16 Christine_NM
1pMedicare Advantage10/16 pintail0710/16 Christine_NM
0pMinimal insurance policy for manufactured home20:53 cjhud32 
28p529 Savings - Is it enough?10/16 raamakoti22:39 CollegePrudens
5hYet another 529 superfund question12:04 skteam22:25 CollegePrudens
2p529 Milestones & questions10/16 nchunter23:37 CollegePrudens
17hMaking a Roth IRA for my Dad10/16 CrownVic13:44 CrownVic
0pLife in AMT Hell (or, How I Learned to Keep Worrying and Hate the Exemption Phaseout)23:00 crumbone 
8hBeginner Seeking 401K and IRA Advice!10/16 youngpleb22:26 crumbone
25hEE/Ibonds & Tax Advantaged Space10/15 johnnysidestree00:46 #Cruncher
11cExperience with "mini-monovision" cataract implants?10/16 CULater19:58 CULater
27cBuying 2017 Honda CR-V10/12 radiowave10/16 CULater
21cEmail Security after equifax breach10/07 andyandyandy22:31 Cunobelinus
15pACA Subsidies / HSA accounts / advance premium subsidies / Questions10/15 Cloud21:34 curmudgeon
26cOpinions on bicycle disc brakes?10/15 aaronl11:29 CyclingDuo
7hAdding funds to portfolio full of individual stocks10/15 jrk09:51 CyclingDuo
2tState Street Debuts Low Cost ETFs [mostly rebranding old ones and cutting ERs]10/16 lack_ey10/16 Dale_G
4tAlternatives to selling TSM from a taxable account19:45 tadamsmar21:27 Dandy
12tUnderstanding What Makes Vanguard So Successful10/12 davidkw10/16 Dandy
2hBritish Living in Japan - Investing Account [UK ex-pat]10/15 dave7710/16 dave77
86p2018 ACA costs arrived10/10 hicabob13:21 DavidRoseMounta
3pACA, Tax Exempt Funds and Annuities.10/16 Moneybags110/16 DavidRoseMounta
11h[How to get started buying stocks]10/15 Jugee13:42 David Scubadive
13pcouple of questions regarding inflation and the 4% rule10/16 btownguy18:01 dbr
8pMineral Rights Valuation (Natural Gas)10/16 psystal10/16 deikel
2hDeciding between Roth TSP and Trad TSP20:52 Kanefa21:50 delamer
26pGrandparents want to give to grandkids11:18 gadoc21:45 delamer
18cRoofer stopped showing up - what are my options?10/16 notmyhand16:22 denovo
1pQuestion for those with free experian creditworks basic membership10/16 DiggleRex10/16 DiggleRex
11cgood used car.10/15 marino13812:26 dm200
21hInvesting in private companies10/13 TareNeko09:34 dm200
40pMedicare Advantage vs. Supplemental10/12 RustyShacklefor10/16 dm200
35cStoring Lawn Tractor over the Winter10/15 fishmonger14:55 dratkinson
4cChase Sapphire / Visa Infinite Concierge10/16 Hyperborea17:07 DrGrnTum
2243pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy10/16 DrGrnTum
13hBuying Employer Shares00:26 dacoffee21:35 drk
50cWPA2 protocol used by vast majority of wifi connections has been broken10/16 F150HD22:27 drummerboy
5pThink I froze credit... any reason not to apply for credit to test?19:59 mostly_lurking22:49 Duckie
52cNegotiating for a new car purchase09/22 verbose14:16 Easy Rhino
5hNext Steps for My Parents, Seeking Your Expertise10/14 entropy201710/16 entropy2017
4pNew Job [403(b) rollover questions]10/14 erdo10/16 erdo
10hShould I contribute 100% of paycheck to 401k?07:00 Reggeee11:44 ERISA Stone
0cApple Fans: B&H has a couple of great deals on late-2016 15 Inch Macbook Pros10/16 ERISA Stone 
11hvwinx and voo distribution [Vanguard Wellesley Income, 500 Index]10/14 Scobie10/16 Explorer
4hPersonal milestone (And a thanks)10/13 Exterous10/16 Exterous
10hSell fund cost basis10/16 my name15:37 FactualFran
23hThe theory seems irrelevant. How does one execute?10/15 soforwhat10/16 Fallible
0lMinnesota BH Qtrly Meeting 10-28-1710/16 Fallible 
16hAlternative to Vanguard PAS (dreadful service)10/16 lgs8811:33 FBN2014
86cHow many miles/years do you keep your car?10/13 Alexa919:06 finite_differen
9pLLC vs Irrevocable Trust vs Dynasty Trust2014 maca10/16 fipt2030
46pTax Bracket in Retirement10/12 Bradley3721:38 FiveK
8pBasic HSA question11:38 wilked18:36 FiveK
5pProjecting Tax Liability - Assistance Required10/14 HardHitter10/16 flamesabers
47cAnyone taken a mid-career sabbatical?03/19 AmericaninParis11:06 flyingaway
51phow long did it take to get used to retirement15:01 1year2322:47 FrugalInvestor
73tLarry Swedroe: Non-US Valuations Look Attractive10/11 Random Walker10/16 Fundhunter
34pCircumstances in which a freeze needs to be lifted10/04 DiggleRex10/16 furwut
7pAnother Pension Lump Sum Help Needed10/16 Falco22:35 g$$
2hUse G Fund Distribution for I Bonds17:01 antiqueman20:42 gclancer
27lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE10/16 GerryL
4hQuicken 2017 Update10/15 larryc10/16 GerryL
35ccontributing to friend's non-profit?10/15 gips20:31 gips
13cBusiness Laptop Suggestions Request10/16 the11diesel20:20 gips
11cAuto Transport From Florida to Oklahoma.10/13 Selu Gadu12:33 goblue100
27pIRA for H1B holders ?2013 mobi99917:58 grabiner
136h30,000 in Checking Account08/14 GridironGems17:04 GridironGems
12hIs my prudential account worth the fees?10/16 matt_ham21:10 Grt2bOutdoors
61tVanguard expects "decent sized correction" soon, sometime, maybe later09:10 CULater20:47 Grt2bOutdoors
3pDIY Estate Planning10/16 FBN201410/16 gtd98765
50cFirst visit to Hawaii (flight, Amex Plat benefits, extend stay?)10/12 guitarguy07:49 guitarguy
26cFirst Winter (Dec/Jan) Vacation in Europe. Any suggestions please!10/12 AKBTX1416:07 halfnine
17pBuying 2nd House - Affordability Check10/14 HardHitter10/16 HardHitter
2h2018 Roth IRA Contribution Limits?19:03 bmelikia19:57 Helo80
87tThe Stock Market Is "Fully Valued," Says Vanguard's Jack Bogle 10/7/1710/07 heartwood08:12 herpfinance
6hHow best to sell lot zoned for apartment?10/16 calmaniac11:14 Hockey10
3tEncryption flawed in some Yubikey models10/16 Milo10/16 House Blend
23hX times salary, backwards calculation?10/14 highlytaxed110/16 Hyperborea
49pNeed help setting up backdoor Roth IRA04/21 IADFlyer21:09 IADFlyer
4t401(k) Rollover experience with Vanguard Question15:39 iloveramen19:46 iloveramen
35pTrash dumped on curb (need advice)10/15 scorcher3112:46 IMO
17pUTMA accounts10/16 bampf10/16 indexonlyplease
2cShould I upgrade my Mac Pro OS from El Capitan to Sierra?22:00 CULater22:34 jabberwockOG
9hVITAX ( vanguard tech fund )10/16 etguy10/16 Jack FFR1846
1hNewbie boglehead seeking advice! Please critique my plan!11:33 Jacky81722:02 Jacky817
0pComprehensive guide on Insurance?07:03 Jacky817 
5tDo International Funds provide significant US exposure?10/16 msterrr14:43 jalbert
17tWade Pfau’s new book: How Much Can I Spend in Retirement?10/14 zwzhang14:19 jalbert
27hPlease Criticize my Funds.10/11 Bradley3710/16 jalbert
8h18 Year Old - Starting Investment14:25 sansc22:21 jasg
29tRoth as good as you think?10/16 pkcrafter22:59 JBTX
18tThe overselling of international diversification15:17 CULater22:11 JBTX
17tHow to learn about financial statement analysis?10/16 Lauretta21:26 JBTX
22cReverse Osmosis Systems for Kitchen Sink10/13 Chamberlain2310/16 jda
1cany good credit card sign up bonuses?20:09 squirm20:34 jdilla1107
5pCoverdell logistical questions10/11 Incendiary10/16 jerryk68
90pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan10/16 jhfenton
3hPurchasing Savings Bonds with Pre-Paid Debit Card?10/16 persher10/16 Johm221122
116twho here is tempted to pullback on stocks?2013 sambb10/16 johne417
57tWhich would you rather own: AAPL or S&P 600 Small Cap Index?10/14 selters07:07 JoMoney
2tInterest Rates - What am I missing?10/16 trustquestioner10/16 JoMoney
8pBest Next Steps - Kids/House/Savings Advise10/16 HardHitter09:22 JuniorBH
17tDoes bond length matter for investing in bond funds?02:30 JustinR22:43 JustinR
22hHelp w/ parents investments10/16 dvd7e10:08 JW-Retired
13hVanguard Giving Less in Dividends than Competitors?10/16 metsfan1414:34 Katietsu
14cWhere to notarize legal zoom documents? Trouble getting witnesses10/16 kjvmartin13:49 Katietsu
4p1099R-3 of them for the same plan10/15 cholan09:31 Katietsu
5hCritique My Portfolio11:10 kevinko15:21 kevinko
0cPrice Rewind Issues10/16 kjvmartin 
79canyone else not liking the new cars?10/13 lomarica0117:54 kosomoto
13h403b Questions10/13 forgeblast10/16 krow36
15hLow cost 457 plans10/13 brettdj9910/16 krow36
6h€10,000 ETF portfolio, bond advice needed. [Germany]10/15 DQA15:42 LadyGeek
1pAny experiences with EnvisionRxPlus PDP (medicare)?10/16 WillRetire10/16 LadyGeek
39tIBonds - now or wait? [November 2017 rate]09/05 notmyhand10/16 LadyGeek
53cWhich Streaming Service/Live TV?10/11 SuperSaver10/16 LadyGeek
79lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei10/16 LarryAllen
20pFirst Post (gulp) - Request for Advice on selling inherited home10/15 SilverGirl10/16 LarryAllen
7cWireless ear buds-Bone conduction headphones10/15 Buster6510/16 LarryAllen
4tNew Schwab Index Fund - SCHK, better than SCHB?10/16 abugarcias10/16 lazyday
210tWhat is Bitcoin?08/18 grayfox10/16 lazyday
3hFrom Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities to I Bonds?10/15 John15110/16 lazyday
10ccollege application section - ec,volunteer,work activities10/15 goru110/16 livesoft
0pSetting up 401k at work22:10 llessac15 
21pWills/Trust/Estate Planning - How best to review legal documents10/15 Salmon17:19 Lord Bucket Hea
9cAnyone who started a business what made you comfortable enough to take the chance?16:20 RVosen19:58 lthenderson
80pHelp me understand what happens with the new law and ACA subsidies10/13 rec710/16 Lynette
53pFederal Retiree Health Care with/Medicare04/29 LuigiLikesPizza19:17 macaroon
4hUC Domestic Equity Index versus Fido's Spartan Total Market2009 knarf13:14 MacGuy
2hTransferring IRA account from Etrade to Credit Union18:03 ComputerHelp6918:57 Majormajor78
0pAdvice on Pension Choice at Megacorp21:24 ManhattanTrnsfr 
12cHow did you rise into the Executive Ranks?10/16 bjc321:39 Marylander1
2hAdvice on Bond ETFs10/16 johnmoore03:05 mega317
8told 401k transfer to new 401k or trad ira?10/14 wzzp14410/16 mega317
11pHSA taxation in Calif09:46 hoops77718:16 mervinj7
3hWhat to do with pension rolled over to IRA?21:05 middistancerunn22:41 middistancerunn
4pLife and invalidity insurance for HNW...10/16 larry8206:40 MikeG62
35hThinking we are close to winning the game10/15 AllMostThere17:34 mnnice
7pHealth Insurance: HDHP vs PPO with 2 small kids10/15 Alto Astral10/16 mnnice
3hMy First Portfolio [Australia]10/15 alkoe110/16 Mors
22hHSA investment [use guaranteed 4% or use equities]10/14 Yeldon10/16 Mors
14hBonds choice for an European expat09/25 brianflanagan10/16 Mors
33hWhy would anyone buy long term bonds?10/13 CnC19:35 MossySF
10hCoverdell ESA - Can Minor open own account?2013 Chitown1305:58 motorcyclesarec
47cAmazon Prime - Decline in Delivery Service?10/15 Joe Jones22:09 mouses
37pBest way to make some dollars on a 10 day vacation?10:18 bo10595402722:02 mouses
43pBonus pushed back - should I be annoyed?10/16 PlayingLife05:25 mouses
44pAlliant Credit Union no longer offering HSA's as of 11/909/18 cuda7436020:33 mpsz
28pMet with a CFP, not too impressed.10/13 MrMojoRisin10/16 MrMojoRisin
3015cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36810/16 MrNewEngland
6hOverweighting international equities without sector tilt?10/16 msterrr00:20 msterrr
187pRetirement Account Stolen by Identity theft10/01 brak21:50 Mudpuppy
11hHelp understanding cost basis mismatch at Vanguard08/05 femur10/16 Naikansha
5p1st United Credit Union 3% 3 year CD10/06 Rob5TCP10/16 nalor511
8pCar fund in index fun or savings?10:21 Coachrhino1112:20 Nate79
2p5 year CD vs 5 year Fixed Deferred Annuity10/14 louiethelilac10:08 Nate79
1t"Advice-Only In Action: An Interview With Allan Roth"16:19 Taylor Larimore18:43 nedsaid
18cHow does the medical billing system work?10/13 JohnFiscal08:59 nickjoy
16pACA stay below 250% FPL for 2017?10/15 Nyc1003610/16 Nyc10036
24hWhy not CDs instead of Short Term Bonds or TIPS10/15 drummerboy15:36 nyclon
1cBolivia trip - Tight Flight Connection in La Paz?10/16 whatusername?10/16 obgraham
61pWell Done Ally Bank - CD purchase2016 TheTimeLord10/16 oldcomputerguy
172tMy Favorite Alternative Funds07/06 grap001310/16 packer16
5pConflicting information about Experian pin12:37 DiggleRex19:16 Pajamas
8cAdvanced protection for Google accounts (Gmail and Drive)15:31 mptfan18:50 Pajamas
55cCar Buying, Time to grow up.10/13 nakedbird22610/16 Pajamas
1tMeaning of "Todays Dollars"10/16 abhyasi10/16 Pajamas
36hBonds v. bond funds10/14 learning2invest10/16 patrick013
54cWiFi [extender]10/08 straws4610/16 patrick013
18tNew Fiduciary Rule seems to be a big disappointment10/08 pkcrafter13:27 PaulR888
17pPay Off or Refinance?10/15 kappy10/16 petulant
1pCredit scores fell this month a lot for no reason20:02 vmsx21:52 PFInterest
6hWhat to do with old 401K12:37 Question201721:43 PFInterest
7cData Security on Cellular Network23:39 PriceOfFreedom14:51 PFInterest
5hDividends on FSTVX2016 starguru10/16 pkcrafter
3t2017 on pace as least volatile year on record12:33 Slothmeister22:20 Portfolio7
22hseeking advice on asset allocation, or is Vanguard crazy10:33 eye.surgeon20:57 pptiger
48cIs Florida Over, 201710/15 kayle13:07 prudent
2cundiagnosed health (GI) issue10/16 22doubledeuce2210/16 prudent
6pVanguard's federal ID number for 1099R that hasn't arrived yet10/15 icedtea10/16 pshonore
26p[Social Security announces 2.0% benefit increase for 2018]10/13 mptfan10/16 pshonore
13cOrganized European Tours for Students10/16 Calico14:51 psteinx
9pProtecting modest assets (house/IRA) from Medicaid/taxes13:29 Perkunas15:34 PVW
44hWindfall and advice10/08 rad doc09:13 rad doc
8cHelp with PR emergency prep: Water filter, Propane stove, etc.13:54 chickadee22:46 random_walker_7
3cRecommendations on truck/suv/crossover/wagon with comfortable seating19:41 slim22:08 ResearchMed
5hWash sale rule unclear if not married at time of buy or sell10/16 peter390116:54 retiredjg
4h401k to Roth IRA conversion10/16 Naomi201708:38 retiredjg
5hFamily Portafolio Planning Help10/16 (gekko)10/16 retiredjg
1pSo many options10/15 Mispoken10/16 retiredjg
1cCarvana-Our experience20:40 pjana21:02 rgs92
17pJoining Federal Service - A No-Brainer?10/16 abracadabra1120:33 rgs92
4tState Tax Avoidance with 529 Rollover10:12 Riley1512:30 Riley15
8ha question about selecting investments for 401k10/15 mkrr10:05 rkhusky
3hBreak-even investment on a single family home is... bad?10/16 thenext8810/16 runner540
5hPortfolio Review w/ Questions re: Investments, TSP, Roth, Disability Ins.10/08 Niam11:08 Rupert
3pCredit Freeze for infant10/16 Stlhd07:04 Rupert
2616cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:51 ruralavalon
3hPulling the trigger on rebalancing/simplification of my 401k10/16 macman_6510/16 ruralavalon
229lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6521:02 Sandman62
10cHonest Contractor Reviews12:43 ralph124cf22:47 Sandtrap
1cBrick Chimney Issues22:36 JBTX22:41 Sandtrap
7curgent battery pack recommendation for mac book pro20:53 seashell22:36 Sandtrap
29cCalculating max electrical load of your home10/15 TomCat9619:50 Sandtrap
56pYou career roots and your path to financial independence. "Actionable: steps and tips for others?10/14 Sandtrap19:43 Sandtrap
43tRebalancing - Personal Philosophies10/08 archerydoc10/16 Sbashore
1pJoint Account or Authorized Agent10/16 sixty4010/16 Serie1926
34tWhy do 10-yrs US Treasuries have a higher yield than European Junk Bonds?10/02 Lauretta09:50 sgr000
60cEquifax - credit freeze is now free?09/11 marklar1310/16 shoppingchicken
57hI messed up.. [Transfer-in-kind]2016 shoppingchicken10/16 shoppingchicken
47tVanguard's Global Wellesley Income and Global Wellington Funds in registration07/26 Billavoider16:53 SirRunsabit
6cHow does dental insurance work (for you)?04/28 an_asker10/16 SittingOnTheFen
3hMy investments10/16 skip10/16 skip
4hbonds [is TSEMX Touchstone Sands Capital good for my IRA?]10/15 skip10/16 skip
13hEmployer Listens To Brokerage Calls?10/16 SKWRL10/16 SKWRL
9tBarclays Increase APY to 1.30%10/16 LateStarter197510/16 Smorgasbord
189tDividends vs. Capital Gains for Spending Needs?10/05 Taylor Larimore22:18 snarlyjack
36cAntivirus Software Recommendations10/12 djdube52510/16 SoDakJeff
2pAny Red Flag with Canceling Federal Employee Health Insurance?20:03 Messner800022:23 spammagnet
16hFine tuning retirement savings plans: 401k, IRAs and beyond?10/16 humble-student22:15 Spirit Rider
8pS-Corp Solo 401k Salary Deferral (How to)15:23 MP12318:46 Spirit Rider
9hFeedback on Guideline 401k10/09 mdds10/16 Spirit Rider
23hIs it possible to have a Traditional 401(k), Roth 401(k), Traditional IRA, and a Roth IRA account at the same time?10/16 fantasytensai10/16 Spirit Rider
3tFunny book selection10/16 Tim1810:54 sport
31hFirst time poster:NEED HELP! We are total newbies and late to the game*updated10/15 sprintingtoreti10/16 sprintingtoreti
2hVanguard brokerage account12:08 Lilly12:53 Steelersfan
4hIncrease Rental Property Debt or Personal Property Debt?01:49 stepodiga20:56 stepodiga
109cHow long for hedonic adaptation to set in?10/14 terran09:48 stoptothink
5pHelp Me Think About Roth Conversions and Retirement?12:53 Sandi_k19:21 Strayshot
6cBuying men's suits ebay/online10/16 retire1410/16 supalong52
3cFirst time ever received a collection agency letter14:36 misterno16:53 t60
3cUnauthorized credit pull from Marlette Funding DBA Best Egg?10/14 GreenGrowTheDol10/16 takeshi
1854tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore14:32 Taylor Larimore
2pInvest or pay off student loan12:42 smellycarabelli13:26 Taylor Larimore
12hHold bonds in taxable or tax-deferred accounts? I am confused10/16 collin12:57 Taylor Larimore
2tRevised Version The Little Book of Common Sense...10/16 tomd3710/16 Taylor Larimore
29t30th Anniversary of October 19, 1987 stock market crash10/16 nordsteve22:11 technovelist
31tGold ETF10/06 mikeguima22:09 technovelist
24pMedicare Questions - Please Help10/15 munemaker10/16 teen persuasion
11pIs it worth applying for Credit Limit Increase?17:54 ascension19:58 tetractys
42cToilet Woes09/23 AAA22:44 TheHouse7
13t30 year tips auction-thursday 10/19, yield 0.86%?10/15 grok8721:06 TheNightsToCome
5pBetter to file taxes knowing they are incorrect (IRS owes me) or not file10/16 timesachangin10/16 timesachangin
12cCiti Price Rewind iPhone 7 Did They Pay You?10/14 TLC195701:23 TLC1957
18hJoined the 1 comma club today!!!10/16 TheTimeLord08:13 TonyDAntonio
210tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens21:45 tooluser
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