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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3073 new posts and replies over 336 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
22hBasic question!03/21 learn4fun16:33 22twain
47tLarry Swedroe: Why Financial Trends Persist03/21 Random Walker12:05 2pedals
12cHow to Learn to Build a Web App08:33 Kennedy22:22 3CT_Paddler
27pMLP Taxation Confusion [Master Limited Partnership]03/13 aburntoutcase03/23 aburntoutcase
0pChanges in American Express Personal Savings Accounts? Should I move my funds?(FSB, American Express National Bank AENB)03/23 adozenroses 
10hBest place to put down payment savings?03/22 JoeChick1009:23 agottem
3pMonthly payout from a Vanguard fund (not managed payout fund)?13:25 alamander16:56 alamander
4hNew Member, highly determined! Looking for advice / direction on becoming financially literate19:58 alexanderadams21:56 alexanderadams
42tFacebook's slide cost Mark Zuckerberg $6.06 billion in one day03/19 invst6503/23 alfaspider
12hShould I do this ESPP (with Computershare as the broker)?03/17 Amphian03/23 Amphian
46pFiled 2017 taxes electonically for FREE03/08 mhadden108:52 Angelus359
28pDo I really need Turbotax premier?2017 Infomom208:49 Angelus359
7pCapital One 360 Joint Account03/23 anonenigma13:03 anonenigma
5pReporting Guardian Compensation - Miscellaneous or Self Employment?02/23 aristotelian15:17 aristotelian
2926cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt03/23 Artful Dodger
1tSwedroe: Keep calm, and step forward03/23 AtlasShrugged?03/23 asset_chaos
8hMoving my Roth IRA from T Rowe to Vanguard?15:47 michaelc20:25 bayview
45pchanging my signature when signing checks and credit card receipts03/23 heartwood18:40 bayview
54pPower of attorney for a particular asset that supersedes power of attorney listed in will03/22 lthenderson18:27 bayview
23hRetirement investing for EU citizen [Slovenia]07/26 ant0n1j403/23 BeBH65
5hDiversification with 403B, Roth, Taxable03/21 Bhairston201803/23 Bhairston2018
0tIVOO dramatic portfolio change?13:17 Bill1207 
7hRoth Conversion Taxes Question - 5 Year Rule - Over 59.503/22 billy26903/22 billy269
0pBrokers Must Now Try to Obtain "Trusted Contact" Info09:01 bklyn96 
2hIRA options after taxes filed03/23 beached03/23 BL
10hBonds in 401K03/22 LostnUAE03/23 Black Cat
95cDo you subscribe to digital newspapers?09/23 luckybamboo19:14 BloogleBird
8pWhole Life Policy - Cash in or not?18:46 BolderBoy22:21 bogglizer
11pQuicken Alternatives02/09 vthokie10018:02 bogglizer
17cWWYD? Trade Honda CR-V for Lexus RX350?03/23 WorkToLive20:23 boglebill2015
9hBuying at IPO price03/23 vk_21703/23 Boglegrappler
19pShould I choose IRA over Roth?03/23 BogleMelon16:02 BogleMelon
27hConsidering a CD ladder03/21 peterinjapan21:46 bpg1234
5cToyota truck frame replacement program10:31 MnD18:15 brokendirtdart
21pCar Trade-In Question03/21 Andyrunner03/23 bubbadog
2cSubaru Cross Country Perks?15:42 Calygos17:51 Calygos
13pOnline Savings Account Reservations???03/23 cam24018:44 cam240
3hRetirement account strategy03/15 captpete03/23 captpete
7hYearly Checkup12:19 gogent19:49 car733
13pquestions re: govt deferred compensation (457)03/22 mad9q03/23 Carefreeap
1hBuy back state pension with IRA - Taxes?03/22 GreggVA03/23 carolinaman
22hShould I sell Wellington Fund Today?03/23 cdu703/23 cdu7
15cTax bill for an account I don’t know by the IRS every year09:12 MichaelPalmer20:59 CedarWaxWing
107t2018 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE SOLD OUT03/06 Mel Lindauer13:05 cfs
0pNeed help with 1st rental property tax return21:54 chen1991 
7hHSA question03/22 chen199103/23 chen1991
19lMaster Thread for Charlotte, NC Boglehead Chapter2015 jghassell03/23 cherijoh
6pQuestion on Ally Savings Account vs Capital One 360 MMA?09:28 doss20:26 Chris K Jones
28h"I won the Lottery" update -03/23 DrHotLunch18:21 cockersx3
3cHyundai Kona15:36 50ismygoal21:11 Colorado13
4pForeign Tax Carryover Statement03/22 Copernicus15:45 Copernicus
2pAccountant mistake? Foreign Tax Carryover03/23 Copernicus03/23 Copernicus
11cCostco delivered a broken bed (threshold delivery)03/22 morpheus195803/23 criticalmass
6pChris Hogan's Retirement Calculator03/23 Berkeley21:53 #Cruncher
5pMortgage and Social Security Question03/20 sparkyheim03/23 #Cruncher
1pDocument Retention Question15:51 Prudence16:23 curmudgeon
78tAre we missing recession /bear market beginning03/22 Jimsad03/23 Da5id
19pShould I hold or dump my whole life policy15:06 ze23322:22 Dandy
296pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1520:04 darrvao777
11hFunding 529 Account03/23 3funder23:14 Darth Xanadu
32hSafe SP500 index fund03/23 jpsc11:53 David Jay
4pBusiness Use of Car - Personal Property Tax03/21 DavidRoseMounta19:37 DavidRoseMounta
45hWrapping my head around bond funds03/16 cresive18:27 dbr
14tHow know whether stock is international?03/23 Yellowhammer09:12 dbr
37hAffect of Rising Interest Rates on Vanguard Total Bond Index12/21 Prudence03/23 dbr
6hTaxable Account for Downpayment03/23 Mattwillgold103/23 dbr
2pAnxious about age, career, and housing costs20:36 Calygos21:50 DC3509
92pWhat Budget? Do you keep one?03/22 ad200721:43 DC3509
10pEmployer Contribution to Healthcare Insurance13:32 nszzya18:49 delamer
5hAsset allocation13:43 MoneyMasterBob117:37 delamer
5hWhat is the likely future value of $200K in 30 years versus what Fidelity thinks?15:12 schrute16:30 delamer
220tCase study Broker trade executions2015 livesoft12:32 deltaneutral83
89lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei03/23 digarei
26pWhat car should I get03/23 GoldenGoose15:14 dm200
25pBeneficiary Advice03/22 narnceredir03/23 dm200
47cSE Washington DC job - where to live?03/20 curmudgeon03/23 dm200
25pPaying Points on Purchase Mortgage - Worth It?03/21 newtoohere03/23 dm200
43hHow can I start investing when equities and real estate are this much high?03/21 yamzusa14:44 dogagility
12cChase Freedom Card 5% - any paypal tricks?03/21 fognyc03/23 donfairplay
17cLow cost repair of CD players in older Camrys?09:33 dm20016:00 Doom&Gloom
45cYour favorite Florida beach??03/21 ugaDAWGS0912:40 Doom&Gloom
22cBuying large heavy items from places like Amazon09:09 MnD20:07 dpc
7pHire CPA or do my own Tax03/22 dtn002803/23 dtn0028
4tMega backdoor roth or invest in real estate03/22 henry00103/23 DVMResident
3hBackdoor roth IRA AFTER filing taxes03/23 guliver03/23 Earl Lemongrab
54cUnderrated places to visit in U.S.?03/23 Kababayan20:57 eddot98
11cReporting fake Sonicare toothbrush heads?03/22 z9103/23 edgeagg
40lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe18:22 epicahab
12hcan I afford 850K house ?03/22 etguy19:48 etguy
9cDriveway Options03/22 Exafchick03/23 Exafchick
3pFixing 8606 and basis understanding03/23 Aerophany03/23 FactualFran
18cJob passion/fulfillment?23:50 gronkman17:51 Fallible
6tLarry Swedroe: Momentum Everywhere, Including Factors15:32 Random Walker22:12 fennewaldaj
50cNew vs Used Camry vs Accord03/22 oktax03/23 finite_differen
1hERISA law and return of 401k contribution03/23 AllAboard03/23 FiveK
4pGifting I-Bonds - who is liable for tax on accumulated interest?03/23 CULater03/23 Flobes
8p2017 HSA Contribution to reduce magi?03/21 mkmal103/23 Flobes
3pCLOUD Act and the use of Mint/Personal Capital03/23 phisher403/23 FoolMeOnce
7hPortfolio too complicated, too risky14:35 lungman18:08 fortyofforty
13hJust Starting - Inevitable Bear Market?03/23 Jaredc03/23 fortyofforty
7cOne month summer vacation with kids age 10 & 1203/23 aprilcpa03/23 FraggleRock
10cBest Credit Card for airline tickets03/23 dekecarver12:37 Freefun
3pNon-Owner Car Insurance14:12 harrythegoat21:00 furwut
28hSelf-insuring for healthcare - how would you invest03/23 mak127721:58 g$$
19hHow to think about AA with company stock03/21 oldpondfrog03/23 Gadget
23pLimit Owner Use of Rental Home to Two Weeks?11/01 gasdoc03/23 gasdoc
8htrust accounts in dead bank03/21 brandy18:28 Ged
48hLeaving Edward Jones...Why is Vanguard and Fidelity Always the Recommendation?01/26 Q's Laptop17:39 Ged
2pApparent TaxAct Estates and Trusts Flaw04:39 geobrick15:17 geobrick
24c"free" ticket w/ miles or pay $?03/23 workingovertime08:05 GeraniumLover
2tLarry Swedroe: Active Can’t Crack Inefficient Markets03/23 Random Walker03/23 GibsonL6s
3tfinancial advisory post-retirement?18:05 gips20:44 gips
16tRising MMkt rate03/22 student508:41 gmaynardkrebs
23tHold on to your hats, think it is going to get rough03/23 ChinchillaWhipl03/23 gmaynardkrebs
23hSpousal Roth or Traditional IRA - 2017 & 201803/22 G-Money03/23 G-Money
18cFurniture Protection Plan worth it?03/23 guitarguy03/23 goodlifer
4hNJ State tax consequences of Vanguard federal money market03/23 Good Listener19:51 Good Listener
4hTax Loss Harvesting Timing03/23 ARB5703/23 grabiner
5hLong-Term Treasuries or Municipal Bonds in taxable portfolio (in 35% bracket)?03/21 neolk17103/23 grabiner
0tSPIVA Scorecard Question13:03 Green Suit Inve 
171tGrok's Tip #8:Retire Worry-Free with TIPs as a foundation2011 grok8712:11 grok87
7tWired: Beware of Roboadvisors Bearing Low Fees03/23 pcsrini08:37 grok87
134t2018 Hedge Fund contest01/02 BackOfTheNet03/23 grok87
33tMarket Efficiency - Or Not03/16 tryingmybest03/23 grok87
16hProtecting principal with no risk: seeking validation Im not crazy or stupid14:23 tennesseerunner20:37 Grt2bOutdoors
6hBerkshire hathaway purchase prices stocks04:54 PopOff10:39 Grt2bOutdoors
14pWhere to save money to buy a car2016 Calico03/23 guyesmith
12hSimple investment plan for 80 yr old in assisted living?03/20 guywhogetsit14:09 guywhogetsit
11tWhere to find historical monthly returns?2015 yogiyoda14:45 HanMan
7h[Edward Jones Guided Solutions - transfer Roth to Vanguard]03/22 Investor_8603/23 HAWK23
113cBogleheads with $100K+ MSRP cars?02/18 HardHitter15:27 Helo80
4hHow to fund taxable account? Lump sum or monthly?03/22 ChinchillaWhipl22:42 heyyou
11pNewly retired tax strategy for Roth conversions and SS18:40 hoops77721:07 hoops777
18pSaving for a home in 3-4 years -- willing to take risks? Where to keep $$?03/23 doss03/23 hoops777
2pDual Status Tax Return with RSU & ESPP Income03/22 freetz15:52 HueyLD
7hCurrency Risk and Retiring Abroad03/18 rettir10:45 Hyperborea
12pWhy can you "spend more" if you buy SPIA?03/23 antiqueman03/23 Hyperborea
7hSequence of Return Risk for Retirees - Consuello Mack / WealthTrack13:24 darkhorse34619:19 iceport
8hTLH help03/23 chabil16:56 iceport
15cOne day car repair is on day 16 - what to do?03/22 Submariner198003/22 inbox788
92cWSJ Digital Subscription - a bargain!2017 Erwin19:43 Incendiary
31cBalsamic vinegar?03/11 Splanchnic23:15 Independent Geo
12havoiding taxable interest income and dividends?03/23 gips16:07 indexfundfan
11hVWITX in Taxable Account (28%, NJ, Limited Room in Roth/IRA)2017 investor99919:54 investigating73
71cBogleheads car buying strategies with new safety technologies03/18 jb303/23 invst65
13hAsset Allocation Review03/20 invstar03/23 invstar
81pSpoke to a financial advisor yesterday - what do you think he's up to?03/17 rasputin03/23 Jack FFR1846
9pTax deductions for costs of planner for setting up special needs trust03/23 Jackson1203/23 Jackson12
10pLost my wallet few days back. Someone trying to hack me today. What to do?03/21 RL101303/22 jalbert
20tWhen it comes to financial goals, define short term, medium term and long term?03/21 BogleMelon03/22 jalbert
8h401K or Roth401k or IRA04:24 Culbretd15:43 JBTX
2pTaxability of State Tax Refunds w/ Limit on State Tax Itemized Deductions03/23 Joel03/23 jebmke
16hRetirement - 401K/IRA or Life Insurance ?03/23 jpsc02:55 jeroly
11cLawyer instead of buyer's real estate agent. Experience anyone?18:50 Hulk21:50 jfn111
56pI did it and feel great about it (paid off mortgage)08/22 Steven in NC21:03 jimmyq
5hCriticize My Portfolio and Asset Allocation03/21 jmac0803/23 jmac08
1pfiled with turbotax, do I need to mail in anything?21:34 peterwantstosav22:25 Katietsu
40hHow to Determine Actual Muni Bond Return?03/19 TreadLightly19:35 Kevin M
1tVanguard: Data Download Balance Error???03/23 plumbline03/23 Kevin M
90tSharonview FCU 64 month CD - 4%03/02 EvelynTroy03/23 Kevin M
22ceBay seller mails hard drive in paper envelope14:21 Nyc1003620:17 kjvmartin
12pMoving to overseas and state taxes03/22 JD10112:03 kramer
12hMarried filing Separately Roth IRA help03/22 spdoublebass01:15 krow36
9tWhy is SEC Yield dropping for GNMA fund?09:35 dm20020:37 lack_ey
1hFee Waivers14:49 YikesHighFees15:20 lack_ey
10tAQR's three oldest funds: momentum versus Vanguard momentum-free counterparts03/22 nisiprius03/23 lack_ey
48cLondon Hotels03/18 fortfun19:57 Lacrocious
2hHelp with current investments!18:23 carlosantaana18:53 LadyGeek
97pHow does it make sense to buy a condo/house in Texas?02/09 Derivative17:18 LadyGeek
17tTrade wars and international equities03/23 ksleo17:08 LadyGeek
43tMaybe Ramsey is right03/20 RadAudit07:37 LadyGeek
43pDo I need title insurance?2017 goshenBogle03/23 LadyGeek
118pLosing friends/family when wealthy03/22 assistca103/23 LadyGeek
175tWorking till retirement is not a great plan03/22 Snowjob03/23 LadyGeek
3tThe high cost of conflicted advice to retirement savers03/23 FraggleRock03/23 LadyGeek
16tLarry Swedroe: Alternative Approach To Alts03/05 Random Walker16:00 larryswedroe
6tMarket valuations: CAPE vs the FED model (used by Buffett)03/23 Lauretta14:23 Lauretta
3t(Video) CAPE Fear: Why CAPE Naysayers are Wrong08:18 lazyday13:36 Lauretta
21cFuel additives03/22 newbie00307:51 lazydavid
29cCoffee maker recommendations03/22 bungalow1003/23 lazydavid
39cHow can I get a passport?03/21 squirm03/23 lazydavid
18hBuying Treasury Bills: Treasury Direct or Vanguard / Fidelity03/18 ThisJustIn03/23 lazyday
5hStruggling to figure out what to do with my Roth IRA14:34 lilplankton21:26 lilplankton
8pReporting Interest on Schedule B16:47 tibbitts21:14 livesoft
3hIRA Contribution Limits13:59 Lochen18:29 Lochen
20cDoes the value of my home matter?03/23 chrischris14:48 longinvest
1pTwo Factor Authentication - Only 1 or Multiple cells?22:12 advice78922:22 longleaf
34hHelp needed before I go mad :D14:08 Oneworld8220:45 lostdog
10pACA subsidy payback- married Dec 201703/23 Lrt1203/23 Lrt12
67pTax reform SALT affecting in Bay Area?02/25 schrute03/23 madbrain
4pACA rules for changing family situation10:51 marcopolo14:01 marcopolo
6cDeciding on Nissan Rogue: 2017 SL vs 2018 SV with sun/sound package03/23 markcoop10:33 markcoop
12t"Retire Secure for Same-Sex Couples" -- A Gem2014 Taylor Larimore03/23 marklearnsbogle
30cBerlin - how many days and where to stay?03/22 Theseus21:00 MarvinK
37pHelp my wife when I die.03/20 pharmermummles03/23 mhalley
5cDownloading podcast of Mark Simone radio program03/23 dodgy5519:49 michaeljc70
73cDrink package on Royal Caribbean, worth it?03/20 ChinchillaWhipl12:11 michaeljc70
39cCookware Brands - Demeyere?03/11 kwarden1303/23 michaeljc70
7pPresent Value of a FERS Pension with a Spousal Benefit03/20 MichDad03/23 MichDad
4cMiami in early April03/23 pejp09:11 midareff
138lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE03/23 Miriam2
0tEUR bonds. Fund return vs Currency fluctuations03/23 mixinvest 
0pAny harm in closing an unfunded HSA?22:15 MJR84 
13pPolitics of Internal Promotion & Interviewing at Other Companies03/22 tjhar03/23 MJW
9cBig time home inspection issues21:31 Jags418622:26 mmmodem
2hIndex Fund, then Target Date Fund in Roth IRA21:11 Taspy8721:33 Mors
4h457b finally has Vanguard funds! Help with AA please.17:42 gtt56121:30 Mors
39hLump Sum in Taxable Account - Invest all at once or dollar cost average?03/22 sublimisdeus03/23 MotoTrojan
39cHow much do people budget for annual car maintenance?03/22 wilked03/23 mptfan
51lHouston Chapter2013 Kircheis10:52 Ms.Lew
5pLong-term care should I lengthen my elimination. period13:17 pablolo19:35 MtnBiker
35hNew AA [Asset Allocation]2013 M_to_the_G03/23 M_to_the_G
7cIndoor plant recommendations12:59 ThankYouJack15:36 Mudpuppy
14hLeast worst options on my 403b and 457b?03/23 legobikes13:26 Mudpuppy
8tFidelity SMA (Separately Managed Account)03/23 arf141013:36 Murgatroyd
20hI am a newbie country hick and03/22 joestout03/23 Murgatroyd
8hTalking to a friend out of the dreaded VA policy15:36 htdrag1118:23 Nate79
3pEmployer contributing to an HSA for me even after I notified them I'm ineligible?03/16 nerdymarketer03/22 nerdymarketer
20pWhat is the sentence for laminating a Medicare Card?03/23 bikechuck10:10 nisiprius
3hKaiser doctors, get in here :)03/23 Cramerica00:31 noraz123
66cAmazon Prime Going Sideways/Weird Shipment Problems03/18 Barefootgirl03/23 Nyc10036
2pRelocation from NYC to London / green card / tax03/22 nyc88803/23 nyc888
29pStudent Loan Repayment03/20 Lalo550011:21 ny_knicks
2hTax loss harvesting VWSUX09:30 steve_giblets0012:01 ofckrupke
4hNeed a tax buff who understands TLH'ing03/22 Offshore16:47 Offshore
28pMerrill Edge sold my ETFs without my consent, SEC, FINRA, CFPB?03/23 cdog99913:39 Olemiss540
26p$35/month for washer dryer rental?13:30 B4Xt3r22:26 Pajamas
40pTips for moving to NYC03/23 Njm884521:51 Pajamas
3hNice tax problem to have – Please Advise12:07 northernboy12:26 Pajamas
55cWhat have you baked recently?03/20 Elsebet03/23 Pajamas
23pCan a friend sign a large check for me?03/22 CULater03/23 Pajamas
2pMilitary: Question regarding state income tax/residency14:39 parsox20:42 parsox
46hEffect of interest rates on my bond funds03/11 Seneca311:01 patrick013
22cPossible 1 month of unemployment -- how to maximize time off? (non job related)03/21 doss03/23 pejp
9pLiving in Jupiter FL?03/22 pepperz23:18 pepperz
6cInfrared Sauna at home03/23 VictoriaF03/23 peregrine
2hTarget Date or Admiral - 403B?03/22 Bhairston201803/22 PFInterest
34t[Federal Reserve hikes interest rate]03/21 patrick01303/23 Phineas J. Whoo
40cCostco Kirkland Brand Liquor03/23 Alexa920:52 protagonist
1pHomeowner's insurance: Coverage B03/23 asif40803/23 pshonore
6cEasiest way to add shelves to cabinet and closet10:13 Nearly A Moose14:16 quantAndHold
37hCPA not helpful with Form 860603/23 Darth Xanadu11:06 quantAndHold
3hRMDs & "Prime Harvesting Strategy"15:06 goshenBogle17:26 RadAudit
16pRecently Engaged, Considering Joint Account(s)15:46 AaronScott22:02 raisinsaregrape
4hRoth IRA tax help !!!03/23 raixx01703/23 raixx017
23tSkin In The Game [new N. Taleb book]03/13 Ron Scott15:17 Random Walker
35pFast IRS refund02/24 Spirit Rider03/23 Ren
1hFound money? researching found stock certificate14:01 guywhogetsit14:07 ResearchMed
46lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter08/20 RetiredMarine10:13 RetiredMarine
88tHow to deal with regret02/08 Lauretta21:18 RetiredNewbie
43hUSAA- limited options for investments w/ high ER's, but I still feel loyal. Help!03/22 hudsonriverjogg08:40 Rick Ferri
0tKen Volpert to retire08:18 Rick Ferri 
16cAmtrak tickets - change in refund terms03/22 rjbraun03/23 rjbraun
7hShould I exchange VCITX (Vanguard California Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund ) into VTSAX?19:13 socal77720:59 rkhusky
6h100% stock AA for 529 account?03/23 Stacking_Benjam08:24 rkhusky
29tQ&A WITH JACK BOGLE - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE03/14 Mel Lindauer03/23 rkhusky
33tThe RBD (Really Bad Days) database2016 kiddoc03/23 robertmcd
3pWhere to Park Home Down Payment20:08 sansc20:28 runner3081
1tSelect Account HSA changing to Further?07:55 ldebhaar08:20 runner3081
27hTechnical Analysis vs. Don't Try To Market Time01:42 TreadLightly13:59 ruralavalon
14hMy 1st portfolio questions03/21 Sab369903/23 ruralavalon
5pCIT 1.55% Premier High Yield vs 1.75 % Money market03/23 Sab369911:40 Sab3699
2116tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore03/23 saltycaper
11hQuestions on TIPS03/22 oldnewinvestor03/23 saltycaper
11cLight Switch Style and Why?03/23 runner920:15 Sandi_k
16fFewer Readers Despite Continued Market Volatility02/18 Phineas J. Whoo13:18 Sandtrap
3hChoosing new funds in new 403b, diversify with new IRA/Roth, old 401k03/22 sarahjane0322:48 sarahjane03
3tVanguard & Financial Engines Review - Not Impressed13:10 darkhorse34621:18 SeeMoe
14pTaxSlayer backdoor Roth IRA help02/18 sa503/23 setemupknockem
15tPls Help me understand 2018 SALT deductions.03/23 sharukh19:41 sharukh
13hROTH Conversion and 1040ES estimated tax03/23 Justin Time17:55 Silk McCue
1hDoes Vanguard downgrade Admiral shares?09:09 SimonJester09:11 SimonJester
3pCertified College Advisor??03/23 A44003/23 SimonJester
30t"Smart Beta's Foundation Problem"03/21 stlutz19:39 SimpleGift
15cXfinity Mobile ?02/24 sixtyforty03/23 sixtyforty
51cNew Subaru Outback vs. used Volvo XC-7001/31 friar161011:08 skime
9hFirst Roth IRA Diversified Portfolio Question03/21 jb southport03/22 skyfallen
18tBarrons 'Interactive Brokers top Online Broker'03/23 SlowMovingInves20:50 SlowMovingInves
9hOffshore Asset Protection11:26 karpems15:25 SlowMovingInves
1pAdvice on How to Fix Non-Deductible IRA Basis?03/20 Small Law Survi03/23 Small Law Survi
7pstate tax liability - s corp vs sole proprietor03/23 spammagnet21:04 spammagnet
0pweird turbotax glitch previous year interest way off22:16 SpideyIndexer 
1pVanguard i401k not syncing w/ aggregators bur rest of accounts do?19:42 jkushne119:49 Spirit Rider
20hHow to handle overcontributing to Solo 401K?2017 serbeer19:46 Spirit Rider
2pFiguring taxes on Roth conversion with multiple IRAs11:35 RetiredMule12:17 Spirit Rider
5hBasic questions regarding 8606 and multiple conversions03/23 spdoublebass03/23 Spirit Rider
3pWill and Life Estate...looking for some basics07:03 Jags418615:07 SrGrumpy
64pBuying vs renting - really tough decision to make03/20 TheBogleWay03/23 StealthRabbit
4pThe business side of Google03/19 STINGRAY7503/23 STINGRAY75
4hUK tax sheltered accounts: what should be prioritized?03/23 stressed06:59 stressed
0hDiv tax withholding from US REITs on European ETFs03/23 stressed 
1pCheck Endorsement03/23 tomd3703/23 student
54tDo you Continue to invest even in down market??03/19 OmG Im late03/23 student
22cBuying 2018 Honda Pilot03/21 Mrxyz03/23 SWBoarder
10cHow to conduct job search, hi tech industry03/21 sunny_socal19:49 takeshi
24c5/24 rule for rewards credit cards - bunching applications03/16 michaeljc7019:27 takeshi
201lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec03/23 Tbonerazor
5pUsing our HELOC to purchase a new home07:08 happysteward21:40 TeamArgo
7cI need a planter for dwarf pine on balcony [update]06/05 telemark18:13 telemark
8hPlease give 457b pick advice for teacher!03/23 theladybug12315:49 theladybug123
2hWhat am I missing regarding retirement planning?03/22 The Stone Wall03/23 The Stone Wall
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