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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2697 new posts and replies over 297 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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31hLike Lifestrategy Funds but???07/12 Cody17:47 1210sda
4hVanguard IRA Transfer07/14 mindboggling20:17 123
7cAnyone been to Molokai lately?07/10 doneat5300:54 3504PIR
43cmanual typewriters?02/24 texasdiver22:58 4nwestsaylng
10pHealth insurance gap21:26 AAA14:35 AAA
7cSeeking advice about "defective" computer15:38 CFM30017:02 adamthesmythe
8pSocial Security Tax Hump vs. Tax Torpedo07/14 aebknb14:41 aebknb
20pPay to be in school district or move?07/14 notmyhand07/14 Afty
6htransferring funds from individual 401k to T Ira?07/14 jafcorrea19:09 Alan S.
2hAsset Allocation Adjusted with Annual Expense Multiple?19:58 Soup Nazi00:17 AlohaJoe
21cSomeone is using my cellphone number07/12 student07/14 AlphaLess
18pOnline Savings Account w/o thawing CR07/13 C4NT07/14 AlphaLess
12hIf my brokerage debit card is used fraudulently, who's responsible for margin interest charges?07/13 hotpancakes07/14 AlphaLess
11pRent Cost vs Commute -- How would you calculate trade-off financially?07/09 pax423507/14 Angrybread
11pShifting from Intermediate to Short-term Bonds07/12 reisner03:55 anil686
33hRoth IRA basis2011 pointyhairedbos16:44 appleshampooid
11hInherited IRA with RMD strategy07/10 avg-bogler09:36 aristotelian
40pWould you take a job in a less desirable city if you had to work fewer days?07/07 jastevenson08:48 banook
4tIdeas for intermediate-term savings07/13 TheRegulator3310:12 beanie
18hAfter-tax Roth conversion question07/14 BeckyfromBoston12:12 BeckyfromBoston
79pWould you trade experiences in your youth for early retirement07/13 TheTimeLord12:23 bhsince87
6hSimple question on where to fund - 401k > IRA > what next07/14 Mr_Yan22:17 BL
31care mccormick gourmet spices better07/13 blackwhisker07/14 blackwhisker
0tTo extend out maturities or not?17:38 BlueEars 
7hLooking for Advice on portfolio and PAS07/13 BoardOnline07/14 BoardOnline
1pPersonal use of vacation property question13:01 Smokey2113:43 boglegirl
174tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer12:46 bsteiner
9p14 years with Bogleheads21:08 moneywise309:23 car733
54pAffording a $1.8-2M house07/02 chenzi12:52 carguyny
22tOpinions on this new fund: suitability for EM small and value2016 whodidntante06:40 carguyny
31cWhole Foods -- any drop in prices after Amazon takeover ?07/07 SlowMovingInves17:47 clast
3hTo Roll Over or Leave Vested?07/13 coffeecup33307:23 coffeecup333
7t[Backdoor Roth IRA - Forbes: IRS Unlocks The 'Door' For High-Income Savers]07/13 student22:27 Compound
8hAsset Allocation in Taxable07/13 corn1807/14 corn18
31cReplace water heater at end of warranty or repair?07/10 CAP_theorem21:54 criticalmass
6hSelecting retirement plan provider (TIAA/Fidelity/ICME) and supplemental plan (403b/457b)07/12 cupoftea13:31 cupoftea
13ckayaking!07/12 k.erin2112:36 Cycle
13pMajor purchases - now or later?07/14 beanie10:02 CyclingDuo
8hI think I hit 100k on retirement milestone?13:39 achen929117:40 Daedalus
5hWhat to sell for Mom's RMD10:20 Ginny'sMom12:18 dandinsac
114tUS T bills - first time user05/22 duricka18:08 danielc
28cWhich minivan?10/23 daave17:51 daveydoo
2hMy Annuity of now.16:45 Bronco Billy17:47 David Jay
1hWhat can a beneficiary do with a Variable Annuity IRA?07/14 ionball07/14 David Jay
0t??? for Taylor @ new book and newsletters07/14 davidkw 
17hSplitting Monies between multiple investment houses07/13 nesdog13:46 delamer
83cAdvice on IT Certification program07/12 delamer13:23 delamer
4pGuardian and Trustee being the same person?07/13 notmyhand07/13 delamer
23cMoving Tip and Ideas?07/09 cresive18:47 DesertDiva
36hWhat to do with extra $2500 a month?????07/13 bg507/14 dirtlaw
9hInvesting close to retirement and reconsidering location01/08 DJN07/14 DJN
17hInlaws need $50k loan for new home, hard time finding lenders20:37 aadwen10:24 dm200
4hmore risky alternatives saving for down payment07/14 ttc5q07/14 dm200
2pArticle on Medicare Advantage Rates for 201907/13 dm20007/13 dm200
49tVanguard - You'll need to sign up for security codes soon06/12 KlingKlang15:21 Doc
35t1-year Treasury Bill auction07/13 Kevin M14:57 Doc
9tM* vs Charts07/13 intimidator371607/14 Doc
6hToo Diversified?07/13 bgar1507/13 Doctor Rhythm
44h26 years old. Roth ira with edward jones last 3.5 years.07/13 Zoochadookdook12:06 donall
15pCash out 401K07/12 Randee10:18 Dottie57
17hneed help pls13:05 noLegend17:06 dratkinson
10hportfolio help07/10 ostfrisian18:56 dratkinson
6cMedicare Plan F and Guaranteed Issue Question07/13 LadyIJ07/14 drawpoker
1tWhy do small cap funds have very high PE ratio?17:55 vu817:57 drk
8hBlackRock Lifepath Fund?07/14 sapper137111:03 drk
26hRecurring investments in taxable account07/10 sapper137110:04 drk
18hUS:International allocation ratio07/07 normalmal07/14 drk
1hSeeking help for investment allocation15:33 bakerjin17:04 Duckie
92cWhat are you learning or studying?06/29 dentoid12:35 DVMResident
2hAA Help07:00 fusspot07:32 dwickenh
1hGE Pension distribution questions13:24 tibbitts16:54 Earl Lemongrab
9pThrift Savings Plan Loan Help/Withdrawl/Tax07/14 mattod12216:26 Earl Lemongrab
4hBackdoor Roth mess up07/14 Kimota16:19 Earl Lemongrab
14hNew To The Backdoor Thing. Help Me Understand.2017 beastykato07/14 Earl Lemongrab
208hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer16:00 Electron
15pFixed Indexed Annuity2017 Retiringteacher15:10 FBN2014
26hmany differences in small cap indexes07/13 rm22:27 fennewaldaj
130pWhen does frugal cross the line to cheapskate?07/12 McCharley17:42 FIREchief
11pInherited retirement account07/14 Schooly D13:31 FIREchief
5tImplementing Life-Cycle Financial Planning07/14 bobcat223:49 FIREchief
6pNeed BH's help finding a CPA07/13 Kompass20:51 FIREchief
12pAnother Trust Question07/13 cheese_breath07/14 FIREchief
28tHow to determine weights within portfolio07/14 flroots17:31 flroots
11cReading glasses for driving08:00 retire1415:30 Freefun
14tBrokers sell ETF order flow used to trade against clients16:23 Rick Ferri18:07 FrugalInvestor
22hShould I simplify my portfolio and switch from 3 fund to 2 fund portfolio?05:40 Vision13:44 galeno
71hLooking for EUR holy grail bond strategy06/04 toine12:59 galeno
10hThoughts on using an ETF for TIPS investing07/11 PalmQueen07/13 galeno
70pOne Person Defined Benefit Plan2014 gasdoc07/14 gasdoc
22panyone working overseas? pros-cons?06/25 sd32323207/14 gd
22pDeciding how much to spend on home remodeling07/11 randomizer07/14 gd
16pCapital One 360 no beneficiary option04/11 Bhairston201807/14 GeraniumLover
79tSaving 20% of paycheck isn't enough07/13 Marjimmy17:44 gilgamesh
11pLiving Revocable Trust - conveyance of assets07/13 Earl Lemongrab07/14 Gnirk
12pAccepted new job, immediately laid off at old one?17:14 preciseman18:07 Goal33
16cSuit Alterations - chain vs local tailor07/12 ThankYouJack09:42 golfCaddy
22cthoughts on converting small pantry to 3/4 bath07/07 elisa00:15 goodlifer
2hGood fee free MF with TDAmeritrade?07/12 ChinchillaWhipl22:10 gostars
16chow to diagnose problem with cable internet speed07/05 gwe6720:34 gostars
5hHelp selecting bond options in 401k07/13 aaja07/14 gostars
7hMFs in India [Mutual Funds]07/13 arnott06:16 gotester2000
13hSingle Investment Fund07/09 tomd3717:12 grabiner
15pBraces: Keeping cost down and insurance questions.07/14 fortfun09:39 grabiner
5tMath help: 401k vs debt payoff formula07/14 ray.james08:53 grabiner
15cHow do you back up Quicken?07/14 dbc4712:59 Grasshopper
2pThe Credit Card Song (1974)01:19 OkieIndexer08:27 grok87
19cThoroughly cleaning grimy tile07/09 Ged07/13 GrowthSeeker
26pCollege savings plans - Roth vs. 52907/11 whatevernow16:23 Grt2bOutdoors
13hRetirement Planning07/13 goodafternoon1911:22 Grt2bOutdoors
9hexpense ratio in a fund containing funds07/13 guliver07/14 guliver
7cTesla Insurance Question and how to get out of the deposit07/03 InvestoGuy07/14 harikaried
180hTorn between Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab02/05 Wezzley7715:19 Hawaiishrimp
30hRetiring in early 2019.05/21 Streamer13:16 Hawaiishrimp
10cFedEx / UPS Vacation Hold?07/14 rgs9214:34 heartwood
275cConcierge medicine Worth It????2016 Rexindex16:38 HIinvestor
24cDo insurance agents add value? How?07/13 FeesR-BullNotBu15:51 HIinvestor
4hStrategy to buy a north los altos house (SF Bay Area)?13:46 HomerJ
12cChoosing a Used Car Model07/14 lump53216:32 Hulu
13pTake 5% of Folio age 75 Onward?07/13 SeeMoe16:43 Hyperborea
32tHistorical U.S. Portfolio Disasters — Wrapping It All Up07/13 SimpleGift07:19 ignition
47tyield curve inversion07/04 privatefarmer19:51 inbox788
56cCoffee Grinder recommendations07/05 ThankYouJack18:48 inbox788
33hA new investor has appeared! [Portugal]07/08 DrBlues17:52 international00
3h401K to an IRA back to a different 401K in same year?07/13 Investing4Truth07/14 Investing4Truth
339pWhat is/ was your career and would you recommend it now?06/21 alex12371113:52 InvisibleAeroba
6pBlowing off the dust - financial calculator07/14 Iowa David12:06 Iowa David
38tTell me what's wrong with my strategy07/13 JoeMontana1613:55 ivk5
14hThoughts on Switching to Target Retirement Funds07/12 oleblue03:05 jalbert
28pAre Credit Cards Actually Convenient?14:47 magister18:06 JamesSFO
120tVanguard to offer non-Vanguard ETFs commission-free07/02 Ever Ready07/14 JamesSFO
71tSix stocks make up 98% of S&P 500 gains in 201807/10 letsgobobby07/14 jbranx
88pWhat rate of return are you using for retirement projections?07/07 ronhh17:50 JBTX
28hWhat's your *real* asset allocation?07/12 jaj227607/14 jebmke
46cCostco Membership07/12 remomnyc12:18 jhawktx
60cRodents ate my car!07/03 Church Lady17:08 jhfenton
37pLogging out 20 acre lot?07/13 twofeds09:00 jimb_fromATL
3cOld Costco American Express 2-Year Warranty Extension12/30 BHUser2713:39 jla956
116hWhy not go 100% stocks?06/25 masonstone07/13 joe8d
20hInvesting cash into Vanguard target retirement fund07/07 johnkgan07/14 johnkgan
16tLarry Swedroe: Know Your Investor Personality07/13 Random Walker07/14 JPH
25pSalary Negotiation for New Position07/13 9liner16:21 kjvmartin
2cTrouble with Face ID on Vanguard App for iPhone X?18:28 Snert09:56 Kompass
35cSurface Pro(2017) vs 9.7" iPad 2018 (edited)07/03 wije16:01 KyleAAA
64tDirect Real Estate Returns07/12 InvestInLife13:17 KyleAAA
55cIs expensive olive oil worth it?07/12 tuningfork16:13 ladders11
4pProperty tax + deductions02:27 hammond09:16 LadyGeek
68cAmazon won't sell this book to me.07/09 vtMaps09:10 LadyGeek
1036tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab09:05 LadyGeek
7hParking CASH & Raising interest rate?07/14 RIMDBogle07/14 LadyGeek
63hDave Ramsey made me laugh today07/13 TheAccountant07/14 LadyGeek
414cPull-ups and Push-ups2013 Jazztonight07/13 LadyGeek
94pEarly retirement07/13 skime15:58 larsm
21cHow much does your accountant cost?07/13 masonstone20:03 letsgobobby
53hCan no longer invest in Vanguard admiral funds in Chase account. Suggestions?01/03 Mark261407/14 letsgobobby
44pWho are heirs? No will.11/30 lhwerdyt*1791c07/13 lhwerdyt*1791c
320t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M07/14 likashing
10cTravel to Mainland China - Cyber Security13:42 mc717:00 livesoft
26hNeed to generate income20:26 canada6514:19 Longtermgrowth
13cAccessible Cash07/13 ArlinM07/14 lthenderson
20pRental Property - Continue to Rent or Sell07/09 Wolfpack3409:20 magneto
0pDuration of Sequence of Return risk for long retirements16:47 marcopolo 
11hWhen asking advice07/09 Mare07/14 Mare
0pHow to find a good CPA?17:50 masonstone 
94cTipping at non sit down places07/04 masonstone12:05 MBB_Boy
3hTransfer 529 Plan? Need Advice07/11 mcnulty13:46 mcnulty
3pWhich brokerage is best for backdoor Roth07/13 sto07/13 MDCrab
13hHelping parent invest small windfall near retirement22:36 me216417:52 me2164
7hTax implication of exercising company stock options07/14 atj52013:27 megabad
3hInstitutional 457b versus Back-door Roth IRA07/12 DocJKF8413:11 megabad
3hsafe investment location for ~1-10+ years?19:17 jsmoove12312:59 megabad
3tSwedroe: Investing Lessons from a Top Poker Player18:41 heyyou11:13 megabad
9hInvesting non-profit endowment funds2015 Harbormaster07/14 megabad
1hAllocating a monthly contribution question07/14 Socrates2807/14 megabad
30hInvesting for my homeowner's association07/12 nlecaros07/14 megabad
2hPortfolio Tune up Help07/13 invest107/14 megabad
8hPortfolio help - particularly with dilemma of Roth conversion07/11 Elzax07/14 megabad
3hHow is my money looking going forward?07/14 awg9007/14 megabad
340tCOMING SOON: BOGLEHEADS PODCASTS07/12 Mel Lindauer21:21 Mel Lindauer
6hIRA Rollover07/14 metz338719:40 metz3387
7pHow to verify if seller is legally collecting sales tax (CA)07/10 2m203707/13 Miakis
27cBounced check07/12 student13:38 michaeljc70
191cTop Shelf Liquor Overrated?05/31 Alexa910:08 michaeljc70
2hInternaxx or IB [Ex-pat in Spain]05/23 trentfrog07/14 michaelotal
2pUnderstanding cash value policy07/14 asif40807/14 mickeyd
31cAir conditioner compressor replacement cost06/18 hmw07/13 MIretired
3126cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt17:43 MJW
0poffice sublease without contract07/14 MN Finance 
50cBe Careful Using Mailboxes07/13 Yankuba16:26 moehoward
36cSwing Shift vs 8-501/22 BradJ19:24 motorcyclesarec
5hFidelity Go vs. 3-fund portfolio vs FXIFX vs FSTVX09:11 jackk12:42 MotoTrojan
15tHas the range of expected stock market returns ever been larger than today?08:38 MrBeaver18:04 MrBeaver
1pGoogle Sheets has an easy to use Budget worksheets - tip10:13 timmy10:46 munemaker
22pHelp with No-Lapse Guarantee UL07/13 nage23417:37 nage234
3t3% APY 14 month CD (New England States Only)13:36 alpenglow16:35 nalor511
14hCIT Bank Current 1-YR CD Rate 2.5%07/07 dia18:35 nalor511
289cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo10:57 namenloseblonde
42pShould we sell our business?07/13 201613:54 nasrullah
12hInvesting vs Debt10:37 rootcanaldoc13:34 Nate79
3pNo load insurance and annuities.07/14 BrklynMike07/14 Nate79
9hAvoiding IRA transfer/closing fees07/13 yeahman07/13 Nate79
145tTreasury Auction - Nobody Came: "Great T-Bill Massacre"07/03 Doc07/14 nedsaid
1hMissed Secuties Class Action Claim Deadline13:19 Niam13:42 Niam
3601cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36807/13 Nicolas
5hHelp with consolidating Retirement and taxable portfolio07/13 nish17:39 nish
81tWhy is leveraging property good but leveraging stocks bad?07/14 SpeculativeTrad15:51 nisiprius
32hHow to buy T-Bills07/12 bgyt14:46 nlecaros
10pCareer Advice: Preparing for military retirement07/12 five2one22:39 Nords
136lMaster Thread for Portland, Oregon2008 craigr19:54 nwffdiver
31pHow often do you buy a primary residence?09:16 pomidoro17:45 obgraham
22hAbundance came late, now I'm overwhelmed playing catch up07/12 NewTimes17:20 Olemiss540
15pdisability insurance07/08 omerthegrouch15:28 omerthegrouch
3pSocial Security Labeling: "Restricted Application for Spousal Benefit", or Just "Spousal Benefit".07/13 Strider07/13 One Ping
0h(UK investing) Ethical / SRI bogling10:08 oscar_einstein 
35pFireCalc: How big a grain of salt?09:08 TheTimeLord18:08 Pajamas
5cHow much furniture spending is ok?16:43 jayk23817:53 Pajamas
1pCitizens Access 2% Savings rate10:42 Jim2171310:45 Pajamas
8pMeaning of "With" in "Expires with Statement" question07/14 Carno07/14 Pajamas
40pFiling Restricted SS Application - Language Check08/13 One Ping07:38 patandjames72
4tFlat real yield curve01:52 jalbert17:31 patrick013
16hAll-In VTSAX14:20 Hawaiishrimp18:09 petulant
39hIs it ok to invest in bonds?06/30 Jesteroftheswam21:24 petulant
4hturnover rate impact on return15:08 omerthegrouch17:41 pkcrafter
13hProject - Where to park cashback rewards to accumulate and grow?07/13 SuperCrunchy17:18 proudsalad
108tHome ownership vs investing -- condos vs renting, etc07/10 danielc16:57 proudsalad
36hReceived $1m windfall with additional upside; looking for feedback on plan to hedge against market correction07/07 accrue21:35 Prudence
33pQuestion for pre-ACA Early Retirees and pre-ACA solo folks07/12 AlwaysWannaLear07/13 randomguy
10pare you able to find what you are looking for in the wiki?19:23 RCL20:09 RCL
8cSwimming Pool (in-ground) Restoration Advice?07/04 charleshugh19:34 RCL
3cTripAdvisor "Points" & "Levels" ?15:24 ResearchMed17:21 ResearchMed
38pDenied for an auto loan 2 weeks after purchase??07/12 SixAlpha12:43 ResearchMed
25cBears!!!15:03 pezblanco18:09 retiredjg
22pIRS CP2000 on Backdoor Roth, Did I do it right?07/04 schrute14:08 retiredjg
24hWithdraw Roth contributions to max TSP/get more G Fund?07/12 ICMoney07/14 retiredjg
80tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio vs. Schwab Target Fund03/07 lhwerdyt*1791c07/14 retiredjg
19hSpending profile in retirement19:34 corn1811:51 rgs92
3pCIT Bank offering 1 yr CD with 2.50% APY07/13 Ricchan07/14 Ricchan
64cBuilding a Pool2016 Smurf13:34 rich126
50hWashington GET 529 Reopened: Good deal?10/06 finance_learner00:40 rj49
17cShould I cancel my Colorado trip due to wildfires??07/01 RudyS13:20 RudyS
1934tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb07/14 ruralavalon
34cTrade War: time for Mac Upgrade?07/11 samjuno07/13 samjuno
2hAsset Allocation among different type of accounts?19:45 fcf1821:19 Sandtrap
27tReal Estate Investment: Yay or Nay?07/12 grayfox12:26 Sasquatch
26hPortfolio Analysis + 125K Cash to Invest11:55 SAY3718:03 SAY37
14pDo I need Commercial Auto Insurance for a Business vehicle?07/11 ig7707/14 scifilover
14hAmerican in the EU -- problems with IB acct07/12 sean.mcgrath07:50 sean.mcgrath
72pUsing Vanguard’s advisors12/29 easyodie07/14 SeeMoe
4pCatch up on retirement or pay mortgage faster?07/14 banook21:49 segfault
25hNew and looking for help simplifying portfolio for FIRE(?)07/08 SerenityBlue14:18 SerenityBlue
71pFor those of you who handle all the finances, how do you keep your spouse "in the know"2017 Jags418615:12 Sheepdog
62tThe value of international stocks, in pictures07/10 vineviz13:28 siamond
39hmassive Roth conversion07/13 Wild Willie07/14 siamond
19pRMD + Federal taxes07/10 Almost there15:19 Silk McCue
4hBH , please help make an argument for after-tax contributions07/14 simas07/14 simas
19hWhen can I retire? Where to go from here?07/07 skiguy1820:19 skiguy18
1pAnyone not have a Budget?17:56 masonstone18:08 SlowMovingInves
40hSelf Employed 48years old and nothing saved for retirement07/11 Zhawk2207/14 smitcat
2704pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy00:50 solobuildingblo
75hWhy [was] QSPIX steadily declining?2016 taojaxx16:37 SpaceCowboy
27pIRMAA - Medicare Premium adj - how get SS to look at current year?2016 markmarz07/14 SpideyIndexer
6p401k for 1099 income20:12 llessac1517:05 Spirit Rider
9pTaxes and sole proprietorship18:38 jdilla110716:36 Spirit Rider
13pTaxes - Sep IRA, Solo 401 K, TSP07/13 CAGR07/13 Spirit Rider
197pHow Much in Your Emergency Fund And Is It Used?2017 Jcraz1308:11 SQRT
2hAdvice for a beginner with £100k07/13 Tom9011:59 stan1
16cswitching between AARP Medigap plans06/29 SpideyIndexer20:11 Steelersfan
3pLump Sum Tax Question18:41 ridonkulous5204:48 Stinky
15lAny interest in a Shelby/Jefferson County AL chapter?06/21 Housedoc07/14 Stinky
39tIn defense of short-term treasuries07/14 danielc18:01 stlutz
11hBond Portfolio07/13 SlowMovingInves09:58 stlutz
7pNew Career Advice? Would you do it?07/14 mattod12220:01 stoptothink
9hPersonal Capital accounts problems...just me? good alternatives?07/11 AndMan04:54 student
15cAnyone use Gate 1 Travel?07/06 OldSport07/13 SueG5123
10tGetting antsy with indexing? Reporter doing story.07/13 Mel Lindauer11:21 tadamsmar
8hVTSAX vs. Fidelity Freedom Index Fund07/14 johnkgan11:19 Taylor Larimore
2202tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore23:20 Taylor Larimore
70tLarry Swedroe: Look Past Expense Ratios07/11 Random Walker17:28 TD2626
18pBig 4 Who Jumped to Industry - Compensation07/13 HardHitter17:18 TDCumm16
85tBucket Portfolio article by Christine Benz07/09 MN-Investor07/14 Tdubs
23pQuestioning insurance valuation for homeowners07/14 tenkuky16:49 tenkuky
23cKitchen Remodel07/13 WhiteMaxima17:03 theplayer11
18tWhich Brokerage to use strictly for Brokered CDs07/14 dia13:53 TheTimeLord
5hAnyone Else Here Trying to Max Out 401k for the 1st Time in 2018?17:20 Daedalus17:55 ThriftyPhD
21tChange in Flagship Rep Service ?07/14 tomd3711:33 tibbitts
626pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy07/14 timmy
11pAt last: the answer to longevity planning for retirement spending07/14 CULater07/14 tnr
3pOnTrajectory12/02 240U16:57 Toadvine
3h1031 exchange into DST or pay taxes to pay down debt?07/13 twowheeler07/14 twowheeler
39hPitfalls of real estate investing07/06 smalliebigs17:06 unclescrooge
63lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe21:32 Veiled
14t[How do I transfer money from Vanguard New York Municipal Money Market Fund?]07/14 kkwupac10:41 welderwannabe
4hPlease help me get to 80/2011:20 Gemini16:29 whodidntante
0tA different take on retirement income: time segmentation17:36 willthrill81 
100tAre Bonds Always Safe? — A Second Look at U.S. Portfolio Disasters07/09 SimpleGift23:01 willthrill81
2hAre the returns published annual or cumulative?13:18 jackk17:09 Xrayman69
15hNew 18 year old need advice07/13 Ynarto07/13 Ynarto
50tLarry Swedroe: Diversifying Through Reinsurance And Marketplace Lending Interval Funds07/09 Random Walker22:22 zaboomafoozarg

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