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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3142 new posts and replies over 322 topics in last 2 days (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
92hI'm about to inherit a single stock with a worth of just over 7 figures....07/19 harrington03:06 truenorth418
23hVanguard Sub-Asset Allocation Model, Personal Advisor Service07/12 jbuch00202:33 VaR
97hShould I Dump a Pile of Money on Young Son?07:55 klneutral02:13 VaR
2hNew job no 401k -- options for investment?07/19 financial.freed01:48 gostars
40hReceived $1m windfall with additional upside; looking for feedback on plan to hedge against market correction07/07 accrue01:46 VaR
3hMoving IRAs to Vanguard, advice07/19 IcedDog01:38 gostars
1hAsset allocation for retirement account and down-payment savings account14:14 cheezit01:10 gostars
16hBrokerage - bank-brokers or brokers? [Bulgaria]06/18 bonzai01:05 vstariradev
3hTo transfer, or not to transfer, that is my question?08:25 cordanmom00:45 gostars
17hBond funds in taxable accounts?04/12 l1am00:23 gostars
6hDIY pitfalls?23:31 aussiedog00:09 aussiedog
6h403B rollover to IRA ? on what to do with it, want just one mutual ?14:29 luberhill23:38 mega317
12h3 Fund Portfolio Creation07/17 jcnelsn123:38 gostars
0hMarcus Bank CD early withdrawal penalty question (+ bonus question!)23:28 accrue 
6hDeployment TSP limitation question07/01 Cerasiorion23:12 Nords
10h401k Help Picking Funds 25 Year Old07/19 hockeydawg23:11 gostars
8hStructured Note13:13 investmentlife23:04 TigerNest
30hFidelity Portfolio Advice Please07/15 teacherguy23:03 gostars
4hWhere to invest 100K?17:29 LMBFlorida22:56 Jerry55
5hCD's within Roth?20:43 OpattyD22:55 celia
3hClosing Wealthfront and Betterment accounts: Guidance requested20:20 sman0922:45 jacoavlu
12hTransfer online savings/money market to income mutual fund?11:31 Pegasus_RPG22:09 EHEngineer
12hPhasing out Roth vs 401k/HEI07/17 Superleaf44421:21 FiveK
7hSaturna/Lively HSA question13:55 eltron21:06 JustinR
11hAdvice on Financial Plan: PGY4 Orthopaedic / PGY4 ENT Residents14:16 greenhat0620:58 daveydoo
21hRealizing 85% of 401k contribution going to bonds07/15 Jermbo20:42 aj76er
1hPortfolio Assistance and Retirement Advice13:16 Terp197819:52 Duckie
13hShort versus Intermediate Term Bond07/17 Always passive19:49 peppers
30hBond Ladder Managed Account07/19 Winston10119:29 Grt2bOutdoors
5hSSAFX a good Bond Fund? [State Street Aggregate Bond Index]13:51 sapper137119:22 LadyGeek
22hBH- Need advise for 45 year old07/19 smby19:20 delamer
28h$800,000 Windfall. Love the 3-Fund portfolio approach. Wealth Managers in contact07/20 Maple123419:12 dratkinson
7hSelling Fractional Shares after a Transfer07/19 FIBoston19:01 WanderingInvest
2hThoughts on this Portfolio Allocation?11:23 SAY3719:01 Sandtrap
11hSeeking help for investment allocation07/15 bakerjin18:43 Duckie
16h$3 Million in Cash at 31; Looking to Invest $2M of it07/19 mikeurban87118:28 grabiner
119hWhy not go 100% stocks?06/25 masonstone18:19 abuss368
22hHow to treat annuity?07/18 sapper137118:13 sapper1371
94hHow do you handle the urge to DO something?07/18 blackfish18:12 abuss368
16hVanguard Advisor07/19 bgyt17:51 LMBFlorida
13hBond ETF with the shortest Duration07/18 Hiraclis17:40 Hiraclis
7hOptimizing 403(b) expense ratios16:02 oncodoc17:39 oncodoc
1hInherited Roth - how to make it last?… (allocations /RMD w 4 funds)11:24 Black Cat17:34 asset_chaos
8hNew Job, new 401K, trying to select best bang for the buck from whats available12:30 Rhizzlebop17:09 ruralavalon
38hNeed Your Feedback on 100% VTSAX07/02 lake10017:06 Finridge
5hHow should I move my taxable account from Fidelity to Vanguard?15:57 sarabayo16:59 sarabayo
6hOpinions on my Investment portfolio allocations15:20 stupidfinance16:39 ExitStageLeft
11h401(k) rollover question09:41 nwa-non16:35 retiredjg
4hBeing tax efficient15:00 krishnam15:43 MotoTrojan
14hMega Backdoor Roth IRA Withdrawal Pro-Rata?07/19 bouncyboglehead15:02 Alan S.
6hFirst Real Estate Investment question07/17 SpaceBound3514:40 arsenalfan
2hInternational Portfolio Allocation Advice - 42 Years Old living in Israel09:36 Cintrapark14:23 Cintrapark
2hMoving funds to balance across accounts14:04 InvestorNew14:20 livesoft
13hAnother avg cost vs. Spec ID decision07/18 greenhorn40114:17 FactualFran
10hAsset Allocation with multiple retirement accounts07/16 Elbukari14:13 livesoft
7hAm I on the right track?10:57 BG04229314:13 BG042293
13hstock trading fee at fidelity and vanguard07/12 blackwhisker14:04 blackwhisker
1h529 allocations13:37 Hunter12313:41 Grt2bOutdoors
7hOpinions on investing Roth IRA07/19 BeWyse13:32 BeWyse
11h10 Year Tips auction07/18 Grt2bOutdoors13:27 grok87
15hAdvice on taxable account investments for retirement and down payment02/26 Jman0913:10 KlangFool
2hClosed funds07/19 yousha12:29 not4me
30hAnyone Else Here Trying to Max Out 401k for the 1st Time in 2018?07/15 Daedalus12:26 Chadnudj
1hLetter from IRS for unpaid tax on Interest/Dividend from 201612:09 FB0112:19 Spirit Rider
8hOption Puts on SPY [SPDR S&P 500 ETF]07/18 ibelite10:49 GrowthSeeker
21hTransfer CapOne360 to Vanguard, or easier to wait until it's E-Trade?07/06 mich_bogle10:45 Filetmerlot
6hPlease help me get to 80/2007/15 Gemini10:34 Gemini
49hInflation Rate, isn't it personal?06/26 TheTimeLord10:15 delamer
8hVanguard managing portfolio and delaying SS07/19 gpsmith4509:39 vested1
9h23 and seeking help with investments07/16 TheCapitalist08:46 TheCapitalist
2hTax Implications On My Stock Options07/19 Mdr8708:42 ryman554
11hPortfolio Update07/10 neon beanbag08:28 neon beanbag
15hInternational Allocation and Underperformance vs US07/19 OldSport08:19 asif408
5hVanguard 401k - VFIFX vs VFINX - How to evaluate expense ratios?07/19 wcard07:58 indexonlyplease
37hHigh Crypto Allocation07/18 searchher07:56 Valuethinker
4hFIFO or LIFO?06:55 pennylane07:52 pennylane
77hTell me what's wrong with my strategy07/13 JoeMontana1607:38 bgf
7hAdvice for someone just starting out?07/19 amyjo07:27 Chip
29hAre ETFs Really That Safe?01/18 uberational4407:05 jhfenton
2hAdding to investment funds and capital gains07/19 BuffMaltese07:03 livesoft
2hTax Efficiency vs. Lower Fees03:44 joo2lo06:47 jhfenton
4hInvesting from Europe in US stocks07/18 mxzeroo05:42 mxzeroo
7hWhy Does Vanguard Emerging Markets not Tie to Market Caps?07/18 LFKB03:44 dumbmoney
46hHeresy: Is It Worth Converting tIRAs to Roth?07/17 Sandi_k07/20 Sandi_k
8hBest Vanguard Fund for 25 year time horizon?07/19 jbrrfunds07/19 David Jay
1hETF/stocks trading on different exchanges07/19 mxzeroo07/19 imperia
8hKey issues for simple fund portfolio solution for EU citizen with non habitual residence status in Portugal07/15 DJN07/19 imperia
8hTeenager’s college savings07/19 Newbogleheaduse07/19 Newbogleheaduse
5hRatio of CDs to Bonds07/19 David Althaus07/19 AlwaysWannaLear
47hBest options for cash in Schwab brokerage accounts?02/10 MnD07/19 harrison20
6hCheck-up - suggestions welcome07/16 traveler307/19 radiowave
8hAnything wrong with this portfolio?07/18 sapper137107/19 sapper1371
3hSavings bond bought07/19 wildercroft07/19 AlmstRtrd
20hSimple question on where to fund - 401k > IRA > what next07/14 Mr_Yan07/19 ruralavalon
2hPortfolio Advice, Please07/19 Thanksinadvance07/19 ExitStageLeft
4hAdvice: Asset Allocation07/18 overthemountain07/19 ExitStageLeft
11hTaxable Account vs Roth IRA07/19 Thegame1407/19 retiredjg
1hPortfolio Changes07/19 mjuszczak07/19 ruralavalon
7hCheck in/How are we doing?07/18 My2Cents07/19 ExitStageLeft
5h"Exchanging" ETFs07/12 capitalhill07/19 livesoft
8hReceived a ESOP payout...what to do with it?07/17 dontay15507/19 heyyou
4hBeginner looking for portfolio/investment guidance07/18 capecod607/19 pkcrafter
3hrollover TIAA SRA to Roth IRA - which institution and funds?07/18 NoHeat07/19 bikechuck
25hAdvice adjusting Asset Allocation07/16 reddison07/19 reddison
4hBackdoor Roth - Have Existing tIRA - Now what?07/19 1CEBITN07/19 David Jay
11hREITs, etc07/19 conlaw123407/19 Nate79
3hCost Basis With Fractional Shares In Mutual Funds07/19 Jason-Paul07/19 GAAP
50hWhere do you keep your Emergency Fund?07/10 TexMexIndex07/19 j0nnyg1984
16hHouse purchase: pay cash or get mortgage?07/17 nerdinvestor07/19 randomizer
12hShort term capital gains tax dilemma03/06 newseahorse07/19 MotoTrojan
3hSimulating VTSMX w/ TIAA 500 Index and Vanguard Explorer07/18 gordda4007/19 gordda40
4hProgram and Administration Fee Error?07/18 dignan07/19 livesoft
6h401a Lump Sum Allocations07/18 investrc07/19 frugalmeister
15hOther alternatives07/07 fiverus07/19 fiverus
61tNew Vanguard Security Code Requirement07/17 Pale Horse03:06 jalbert
26tDoes "Time in the Market" Heal All Portfolio Wounds?03:36 SimpleGift02:16 WanderingDoc
2204tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore02:12 TM90
8tHow does the Fed purchase bonds20:24 S_Track02:10 Choy
42tIs Tax-Managed Small Cap (VTMSX) an underrated fund?02/15 oneleaf01:55 Dead Man Walkin
3tRethinking bond fund00:25 UncleBogle01:52 Always passive
28tInternational Stocks in Taxable?07/18 Oak&Elm01:47 Dead Man Walkin
76tWhy Take Risk on Equity Side?07/19 Call_Me_Op01:38 spdoublebass
21tThe joys of investing07/18 tennisplyr01:08 JBTX
22tIndex-ish fund that lacks FAANG?13:32 AerialWombat01:00 JBTX
30tWarning: Gaping Schwab security hole!17:05 samsoes00:14 typical.investo
45tHelp me understand TIPs.07/17 Jefferson22:55 Jefferson
112tIn defense of short-term treasuries07/14 danielc22:48 jalbert
8tIs SEC yield of any value?16:00 restingonmylaur22:47 stlutz
69tIs HSA Bank + TD Ameritrade still the best HSA choice?10/18 JustinR21:37 Angst
74tDoes Anyone Invest In Berkshire Hathaway Instead Of Index Funds?03/04 uberational4420:15 220volt
2tTo extend out maturities or not?07/15 BlueEars19:25 BlueEars
10tGood Books on Investment?16:55 sapper137118:38 DesertDiva
45tSome 'hints' about brokered CDs2017 dm20018:28 Artsdoctor
15tMarket timing benefit? Or just pure luck?07/17 greenhill18:25 grabiner
7tDoes total stock market invest in dying companies like sears?17:32 vu818:14 raven15
111tSaving 20% of paycheck isn't enough07/13 Marjimmy18:08 abuss368
5tInvestorPlace: Best Vanguard Funds for the Second Half of 201807/18 bluerafters18:01 abuss368
192tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer17:59 abuss368
73tInvest in Tesla?03/28 BradJ17:28 DesertDiva
197tDirect Real Estate Returns07/12 InvestInLife17:01 knpstr
52tI may have understood why it's so hard to save and invest07/19 airelleofmusic15:31 amitb00
25tAcceptable uses...New Financial Chromebook07/18 Summit11114:58 SimplicityNow
23tThe other side of stock buybacks07/18 jalbert14:14 mak1277
124tVanguard to offer non-Vanguard ETFs commission-free07/02 Ever Ready14:07 LadyGeek
25tGMO 7 year forecasts are worse than a toss of a coin07/16 InvestInPasta13:17 psteinx
0tLarry Swedroe: Hedge Funds Still Trailing11:45 Random Walker 
0tStrategies for maximizing PA state retirement system options06:34 Pennstateclj1 
174tWhy is leveraging property good but leveraging stocks bad?07/14 SpeculativeTrad04:06 Valuethinker
6tReceiving 2FA codes from Vanguard while overseas07/18 Jive Turkey07/19 gtd98765
13tWhen you look across the horizon.....07/18 midareff07/19 LadyGeek
17tWhy age is not how to determine risk tolerance07/17 kagantx07/19 Phineas J. Whoo
3tPrime Harvesting with a cash buffer?07/18 cyclist07/19 heyyou
50t1-year Treasury Bill auction07/13 Kevin M07/19 Kevin M
48tyield curve inversion07/04 privatefarmer07/19 Rowan Oak
3tLarry Swedroe: More Proof Active Falls Short07/18 Random Walker07/19 bikechuck
5tHow to calculate daily return for a portfolio of more than one stock?07/19 MrSnrub07/19 MotoTrojan
3tCan Hindsight Bias Be Inherited? - Christine Benz07/19 Rowan Oak07/19 software
0t6 Portfolio To-Do's for Retirees at Midyear - Christine Benz07/19 Rowan Oak 
12tDecrease International Growth Fund Admiral and buy Total International Stock Index Adm07/17 Flymore07/19 nedsaid
27tFlatting Yield Curve - buckle up for the storm?07/18 cj201807/19 grayfox
15p403B Coal Raking! Help!07/18 SpicyUnagi02:59 gostars
14pCan I get a mortgage if retiring?12:58 Wenonah02:41 Cruise
44pReevaluating mortgage payoff strategy07/19 JDDS02:22 NextMil
150pA different take on retirement income: time segmentation07/15 willthrill8101:44 jalbert
2pSuccessor Trustee duties? Help!13:29 Investor885201:40 Jablean
9pWill my 529 contribution exceed the annual gift tax exemption?19:46 madrad01:29 Iridium
83pDraft a will with legalzoom or other online legal help11/12 Amy201723:57 Amy2017
47pAny reasons not to donate shares from taxable?03/12 johan85123:49 johan851
107pSalary vs. Lifestyle07/18 UncleBogle23:49 UncleBogle
21pSemi-Retire by 40-45, possible/realistic?07/17 Chuck47423:47 BogleBike
2718pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy23:08 TravelGeek
4pCollege Saving Plans - Options16:06 endeavor22:54 SimonJester
14pPenfed 5/5 Arm Rate Reset?09:28 WentzWagon22:47 WentzWagon
2pBB&T banking22:12 Fire wicket22:27 Ron
8pUnderstanding Restricted Stock Units (RSU)16:05 icedtea21:32 Sportswhiz00
8pdo i need a lawyer when applying for a HELOC?13:05 bling21:26 Sportswhiz00
7pChanging address for Social Security after a death18:20 annielouise21:09 dodecahedron
104pI ran out of credit card signups bonus...08/28 workingovertime20:56 LadyGeek
13pFederal Benefits Question - Annuity, TSP, FEHBP14:53 arsenalfan20:45 arsenalfan
762pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest20:43 longinvest
11pOptions to lower my tax liability with RMD’s07/17 stumpy20:33 bradpevans
32pHow Unclaimed Property Laws Can Affect Retirees07/18 MikeG6219:58 Carolina Shagge
20pCalifornia Homeowners - Do you have earthquake insurance?07/16 slalom19:21 tooluser
144pWhat I spent in 6 months on medicare07/05 dm20019:19 drawpoker
60pNew book based on Millionaire Next Door07/16 timmy19:10 DanMahowny
2pSocial security claiming divorced spouse18:16 kmurp18:36 kmurp
8pNew Supplemental Trust: Can someone help me understand the basic day to day operation of recognizing assets?07/01 PlayingLife18:34 Gill
5pUnexpected huge LTCG in trust - need help with tax issues12:26 macaroon18:34 macaroon
11pDownsize or just move on12:31 crystalbank18:33 Carefreeap
7pBank account decision12:58 Determined18:17 abuss368
15pProperty tax + deductions07/15 hammond18:14 abuss368
16pIs my umbrella policy over priced?10:36 BBQ Nut18:07 stlrick
11pDenied Umbrella Coverage Twice - What now?10:03 docj16:51 FIREchief
11pAppears that Medicare Guaranteed Issue Plan F will be replaced with G07/19 LadyIJ16:34 drawpoker
3pExcess in 529 Plan15:56 rsgdmd16:14 letsgobobby
0ptaxes: claiming child for parent 1 while on HDHP for parent 2?16:06 learning_head 
2pPart D IRMAA14:39 sport15:49 kaneohe
87pFamilies - What's your total annual credit card spend?07/16 UpsetRaptor15:18 basspond
5pPass Thru Deduction-Roth Conversion Question07/19 cusetownusa15:10 Chicago60
109pI was rear ended and the other guy wants a payout!06/14 cdu714:02 Golfview
5pSomewhat odd HSA question07/19 B4Xt3r13:59 Angst
50pSelling mom's house07/17 rosepetal13:45 gotester2000
12pTransferring Money and Closing Bank Account07/19 lilblu13:37 AerialP
17pPaying off share of children's student loans with house or stay?10:26 bestbet13:36 bestbet
11pTwo Questions - College Tuition Payments07/19 luckybamboo12:42 luckybamboo
12pBond Investment vs. Paying Off Daughter's Student Loan and/or Rental Property Mortgage07/19 bob.bawn12:01 psteinx
89pWhat is your Take Home Pay / Gross Pay ratio?06/03 fantasytensai11:57 unclescrooge
19pMedicare Supplement question re Guarantee Issue07/19 LadyIJ11:53 cashmoney
1pHSA and FSA at the same time09:26 pingpong11:31 Spirit Rider
409pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4811:30 munemaker
19pCan churning negatively affect getting a good mortgage rate?07/19 workingovertime11:21 shariq1989
19pFinancial transparency09:25 Andymoler5811:11 LadyGeek
38pGiving up career growth for more time outside of work07/19 T4REngineer11:10 vitaflo
30pWhat is the most severe hyperbolic discounting you have ever acted on?07/19 PrettyCoolWorks08:15 clutchied
7pBuying A New House - Looking for Suggestions07/19 ltuxl07:57 ltuxl
54pWills07/17 28fe607/20 Jablean
20pNeed help to sell family farm.2017 Robert401607/19 koala
3pAnother mortgage payoff question07/19 herennow07/19 jabberwockOG
24pShould I get a warranty for my new glasses?07/19 danielc07/19 random_walker_7
39pDenied for an auto loan 2 weeks after purchase??07/12 SixAlpha07/19 SixAlpha
29pBounced check07/12 student07/19 LadyGeek
15pMedicare Supplement plans, 3 day rule, and coverage of Skilled Nursing facilities07/19 Jackson1207/19 Pajamas
1pFlorida JTWROS07/19 bog72upCash07/19 Gill
4pIrrevocable Trusts07/18 EmeraldRoth07/19 dpm321
13pWeird info from HR on HSA07/18 Miguelito07/19 Capsu78
8pCan you ACH PUSH to TreasuryDirect?07/18 need403bhelp07/19 need403bhelp
15pTaxes - Sep IRA, Solo 401 K, TSP07/13 CAGR07/19 Spirit Rider
6pJob vs term life insurance07/19 international0007/19 Iridium
16pTransferring $2M out of Vietnam to the US07/19 khangaroo07/19 brito11
9pArticle on attributes of mentally strong people07/19 goblue10007/19 LadyGeek
8pAnother can I afford it question07/19 hifromsocal07/19 Pajamas
145pEarly retirement07/13 skime07/19 The Wizard
7pAnother "good-to-go" question07/19 hesson1107/19 hesson11
4p5500-EZ form question for individual 401K07/19 msj1607/19 Artful Dodger
7pPaying credit card debt for a CA estate04/26 blatantlyanon07/19 Chip
61pBuy a vacation home while renting07/16 blue_skies4507/19 David Althaus
23pAccidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance07/07 47Percent07/19 47Percent
1pLiability with assets in irrevocable trust, bsteiner07/18 JoinToday07/19 Carefreeap
7pTerm Life Insurance premium question07/17 SteelMagnolia07/19 SteelMagnolia
114pAnyone not have a Budget?07/15 masonstone07/19 Ruger
68p$540 a month on food for graduate student budget too much?07/16 pax423507/19 PhilosophyAndre
21pGood to Go, yes/no?07/18 2pedals07/19 2pedals
14pElectric/Hybrid Tax Credits07/18 burnout45407/19 burnout454
7pUS citizen living in the US -- remote work for German company. Taxes? Currency? Invoicing? Benefits?06/20 understandingJH07/19 Wolkenspiel
24pThinking about job change but current job gives 9% salary into 401k..07/17 alpaca107/19 nexesn
21pIs this correct? 5-6 Days Sell VTEB to Checking Account06/27 hudson07/19 hudson
7lNew Hershey PA Local Chapter Established07/16 Mel Lindauer00:05 Miriam2
70lSt Louis Bogleheads2014 larryswedroe07/19 rick2427
424lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt07/19 Grt2bOutdoors
69lHouston Chapter2013 Kircheis07/19 WestUniversity
17fAre my posts missing or being deleted?04/08 Woodshark14:40 LadyGeek
115fImproving the Bogleheads forum2016 tennisplyr07/19 mptfan
0f[Feature Request] Add Apple iOS meta tags07/19 Choy 
54cTelemarketing calls from my own prefix01/19 michaeljc7002:38 Dead Man Walkin
4cWhere do you buy CPAP replacement parts?08:04 genjix02:35 Cruise
16cAshley furniture experience? 2000 dollars for 13x8x8 sectional21:09 jayk23801:31 shelanman
8cunfairness in the life23:21 zlltt01:01 gotester2000
5cAnyone else is getting spam mail & phone calls from Global X fund purchased via eTrade?06/26 mkdk201800:54 Iridium
9cI dont know how to spend money21:34 jb100:17 Doctor Rhythm
9cSail boat budget07/19 daggerboard00:09 daggerboard
97cWatch Collection Reasonable or Unreasonable or Irresponsible?07/19 Nissanzx123:52 Nissanzx1
8cUpdate Libby library app (My library is switching to Cloud Library from Overdrive: no more kindle!)2017 heartwood23:13 TravelGeek
6cTurning off Amazon One Click for digital content2012 Saving$23:00 zlltt
20cLaminate Floor making 'popping' noise07/19 BW198522:06 iamlucky13
3131cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt21:36 Calli114
29cPossible Knob & Tube in an older home.07/18 becsteele21:27 five2one
59cFake IRS calls - anybody care?07/19 denismurf21:21 obgraham
34cJFK Traverlers: How to go from NJ to JFK and the opposite?07:10 BogleMelon21:16 BogleMelon
30cHeart Rate Monitors Fitbit vs. Garmin07/15 Sasquatch21:10 five2one
44csuit shoe combo?07/17 Mjar20:57 stoptothink
19cHearing aids06/14 jefmafnl20:56 spectec
27cHigh school graduation monetary gift for nephew12:54 Earl Lemongrab20:50 stoptothink
5cMacs, Time Machine, and NAS?09:23 blueman45720:19 tuningfork
21cState Farm - safe driving discount ??11:18 dm20019:35 drawpoker
9cLooking for recommendations on a cordless electric mower2016 keystone19:33 G-Force
14cGood places to visit within 4-5 hr drive from Atlanta10:17 CyprusAvenue19:28 tnr
6cWine chiller16:24 bungalow1018:36 livesoft
7cunripe fruit on a branch that has fallen off the tree08:58 mouses17:06 iamlucky13
19cGift cards: which is "better / safer"? physical or electronic?07/19 rjbraun17:04 alpenglow
76cHave you ever purchased a pricy musical instrument?07/16 investingdad16:53 investingdad
42cBest Movies of 201701/12 jginseattle16:42 JBTX
88cAmazon Prime Day 201807/16 C4NT16:31 Pajamas
15cAn unwanted Boat14:11 kjon16:26 retiringwhen
63cDo you buy phone outright or pay it off monthly...2017 Admiral15:14 dslomer64
18cFence question07/19 mxs15:08 mxs
2cGoogle Voice For Dummies12:09 LifeIsGood14:17 RickBoglehead
18cWhich degree to pursue?07/12 BradJ14:10 nymeria.stark
416cFlaunt Your High-Mileage Car2015 Teague13:17 Teague
300cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo12:57 Maverick3320
2cBest way to setup/configure Echo Spots for the kids12:41 newbie00312:51 ThisTimeItsDiff
19c[A Splendid Exchange, by William Bernstein - on sale for Kindle]07/18 Bill Bernstein12:51 Broken Man 1999
0cKeynote Advanced tutorials12:12 FB01 
14cHardwood Floors07/17 SVariance110:17 Artful Dodger
140cWhy own a bed?07/16 Caduceus10:13 LadyGeek
219c[Prevent mail theft; sign for USPS Informed Delivery]08/15 catdude09:42 sam_m
19cBoston trip with small kids06/04 BashDash09:07 doug1022
14cHow do I find information on home security cameras that came with the house?07/17 Morik09:05 Morik
21cNeed Help Evaluating HVAC Needs and Quotes07/17 Rupert07:03 Rupert
11cHome maintenance question - rust beneath caulk in tub07/19 Cunobelinus06:59 Chip
17cPlanning a trip to France in June 2019 - ADvice ?07/18 JD196706:55 Rupert
3cIsrael Private Tours07/19 NavyIC307/20 Cruise
28cShopping for a new hot tub2017 madbrain07/20 madbrain
25cAnyone have a Walabot (imaging sensor for wires, pipes, studs in walls)?02/10 Tamales07/20 Johnatron
29cWho has owned a ski boat or waverunner & did you regret it?2015 ThankYouJack07/20 HenrysCreek
33cPassport expiration time rules for France07/16 hoops77707/19 kramer
56cEurope travel Qs [Questions]07/18 psteinx07/19 killjoy2012
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