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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3187 new posts and replies over 354 topics in last 2 days (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
22hEarly Retirement - Lump Sum vs. Annuity17:51 Bonch01:58 Lancelot
8hWellesley as an alternative to CDs and money market?22:15 danielc01:22 danielc
4h1099 income - enough to open a solo 401k?23:10 drpepper01:14 drpepper
36hIf you use EE Bonds, what did drive your decision12/09 RandomPointer01:03 anoop
18hWhat's the case for including foreign developed & emerging markets with a 10-12 year outlook on retirement12:29 Ditchwitch00:48 Ditchwitch
24hNeed to invest adult siblings trust money12/09 amanda7100:26 newbieboglehead
2hwhen is vtsax ex dividned date for 12/2017?23:52 boglechu00:06 venkman
13hHome Mortgage vs Bonds12/09 dabears549623:46 dabears5496
3hChanging cost basis on Noncoverd shares11:42 bobsmith23:43 Finridge
6hTake Two: Need Advice on the next 30 years21:51 stroopwafel23:32 stroopwafel
3h25 and in need of help19:39 workingman23:26 LittleGreenSold
6hBoglehead Beginner17:51 lali23:13 lali
1hEMPLOYER MOVING 401K FROM EMPOWER TO VOYA22:33 bartleby123:07 mega317
9hTSP rollover to Vanguard IRA?12/06 PGary22:43 VictoriaF
0h401k Asset Allocations22:40 ACJC 
2hQuantity of places to hold assets21:17 APD22:37 Sandtrap
7hSo bought Litecoin@ $150...20:45 toomuchRE22:33 monsterid
22hMaking Best Use of Being in 15% Income Tax Bracket This Year12/05 gatsby1122:10 Misenplace
1hQuestion about Beneficiary IRA & Investing?16:36 WillingtoLearn822:03 Epsilon Delta
1hYear End Planning Roth Conversion / ACA20:47 lawman396621:54 dwickenh
2hEver have Vanguard change the basis of a sale?20:11 Monster9921:45 Monster99
6hStupid question about VTSAX18:44 misterg21:44 MrJones
23hAuto-reinvest active funds (Wellesley/Balanced) in taxable? LIFO?12/10 Sandtrap21:37 Sandtrap
1hHelp w/ portfolio & w/ approximating stock market21:30 sighchological21:35 kerplunk
7hWhere do I put 50k I don't need?19:17 zz420:57 Toons
8hHigh yield savings account19:59 ACJC20:48 kerplunk
2hEmployers- Optimum ‘matching’ formula?20:41 pepperz20:47 badger42
18hPakistan Real Estate?12/09 get_g0ing20:46 get_g0ing
15hDoes a tilt toward consumer staples make sense?10:47 DebiT20:40 TJSI
6hNeed advice on how to start investing12/08 KDN20:27 ruralavalon
21hNo transaction fee for Vanguard ETFs?03:08 danielc20:15 jhfenton
7hWhich type of 401K rollover?08:58 nsisson19:54 billfromct
34hGame won with market up and retire or Not Yet?01/28 huangtiger1119:50 capgain22
28hBitcoin IRA12/10 maxgrowth19:49 queso
16hSmall Business Retirement Options12/05 uclalien19:44 uclalien
9h? On Maxing out solo 401k with 403b for 201711/07 emoregon19:30 scarabrad
5hRMD and Roth IRA conversions06:00 indexonlyplease19:03 JW-Retired
8hCap gains - when?13:18 pepperz18:37 Nate79
5hChoose IRA Rollover Provider - investment options08:14 sirdeeker18:18 badbreath
2hSelling an active fund to go into index funds and the ACA15:28 rec718:03 rec7
13hHow best to invest Inherited IRA with 5 year planned draw period?12:10 SilverGirl17:38 2comma
17hWhen to invest in a bull market12/10 Teddy17:37 RRAAYY3
53hDo you have any guilty pleasure investments?12/08 TheTimeLord17:35 Broken Man 1999
3hAdvice on an international allocation fund decision: DFISX, DFCEX, DODFX, VFSVX, SFNNX10:17 Coato17:16 Coato
13hSuggestions for setting up 401K retirement plans for medical practice12/09 oru.rd16:58 Spirit Rider
14hRollover options10:07 yncraig31616:44 TwstdSista
5hUse HSA money now for high medical expenses?12/10 Eyedoc7616:41 terran
4hmutual fund picks for retirement hold long term13:19 williamtm316:18 onthecusp
9hMinimize Expense Ratios or Bonds in 401(k)?12/10 RedClay15:58 retiredjg
6hHow much international before exceeding $300 foreign tax credit14:30 shiftleft15:36 livesoft
8hWhat to do when emergency fund runs out? (IPS)02:43 eurobogle15:10 MathWizard
9hHelp for Mom - Retiring, Windfall, Edward Jones12/06 Meg7715:03 Meg77
9hTSP allocation13:33 Rick C15:02 Slacker
27hWhat cause BH fear about running out of saving though they have big size of asset?10:33 WhiteMaxima15:01 LadyGeek
23htaking distributions from 401K Impact on IRMAA need SHIP help12/09 nick230214:46 retiredjg
15hEarly Retirement Roth Conversion vs Healthcare Subsidies12/07 skwak14:45 ln09348
5hDeadlines and limits for IRA and 401k accounts13:43 danielc14:10 sailaway
3hIRA for biz owner with employees?13:02 pepperz14:08 Epsilon Delta
6hBond options - What would you do?12/08 tx_hombre14:07 Duckie
11hwork 457b12/09 bluejay197513:57 krow36
3h100k small business income. How much can I put in solo 401k?12/11 Derivative13:13 serbeer
8hRoth Conversion and/or Roth Contribution for those with Few Taxable Assets?12/07 hawkfan5513:12 hawkfan55
17hhelp me predict investment return of my kid's IRA12/08 eye.surgeon12:48 eye.surgeon
35hPortfolio advice: Total market vs Larry Portfolio12/10 danielc12:47 danielc
3h2 jobs Solo 401K or SEPP or?12:17 pension4ever12:45 pension4ever
16hNew Investor Need advice12/10 Cheetah1012:35 btenny
16hDAF - when is it right to do?12/09 wabash_sphinx12:32 Pigeye Brewster
14h401K / Roth IRA Decision12/09 RRAAYY312:26 RRAAYY3
2hTax-Efficient Fund Placement11:15 dudefella12:22 livesoft
4hSell to lock in 0% cap gains?10:43 desafinado11:23 celia
10hHow to Achieve CAGR of 6% in non-taxable Acct?12/10 silver6511:22 Taylor Larimore
19hTax Consequences of Un-Jointing a Joint Account06:16 mikeast11:17 dcdowden
39hWhat might you ask In-laws' FA?11/13 Edge_9011:08 Teague
1hInvesting Dilemma [ex-pat wants to invest in US]08:01 pfoogaphy10:53 BeBH65
7htoo much redundancy in the funds [UK]11/25 bluuskii10:29 bluuskii
3hCan non US citizen create corporation in US to invest in vanguard09/22 Neus10:26 imperia
4htransferring from vanguard IRA to my company 401k12/10 boglechu10:21 drk
4hInteractive Broker Non US Citizen Can't Setup Transfer on Death (Indonesian Citizen to Be Exact)09:19 Neus10:06 in_reality
57hRetire in my early 40s? Crazy or actually doable?12/08 yarnandthread09:19 yarnandthread
54hFidelity charges to close accounts!2013 gaiusgracchus09:15 bene1
13hQuestion re: my high fee 401k plan/my investments11/16 ohiobucks108:19 ohiobucks1
7hDividends ETF12/09 Calculus++08:01 dbr
18hIn-plan rollover of after-tax 401k contributions12/05 new2bogle07:49 SJR
38hHow to allocate between 401k with expensive fees + Vangaurd09/12 cpan00b07:42 RRAAYY3
2hNew Roth IRA contributor needing help12/11 Apollo_Ken06:37 PhysicsTeacher
40hPaying off mortgage instead of buying bonds2016 Musicman8505:16 bironology
4hHow would you save for retirement if you were 28?12/10 desar56712/11 krow36
12hRecommend where to locate roll over IRA12/09 AAA12/10 Earl Lemongrab
14hFraud/401k sales and the elderly parent12/10 slippingsloth12/10 Gnirk
4hDiscretionary speculation and stock trading12/10 Bwlonge12/10 drk
14hWindfall advise for my parents12/09 certifiedfordte12/10 delamer
4hCashing in an annuity12/10 AtlantaKathy12/10 FiveK
12hBond choices in multiple 401(k) accounts12/03 patholoraptor12/10 patholoraptor
2hDividend, REITs12/10 Calculus++12/10 Calculus++
10hWindfall of 1.5 millions12/09 amitjadhav12/10 Sandtrap
64hDoes a Boglehead ever time the market?12/08 Indexer Matt12/10 DrGoogle2017
7hFidelity Tool to Model Cost Basis before you sell?12/10 goldenBorder12/10 billfromct
14hPay down loans or invest12/08 memphisand53rd12/10 hightower
8hEasiest company for backdoor Roth12/10 TN Bogle12/10 PhysicianOnFIRE
12hCash heavy and unsure12/09 34Leon12/10 ruralavalon
86hInteresting ride so far - Crypto-curriencies11/22 Malinois00012/10 curiouskitty
16hDash Into Cash in the WSJ12/05 vbdoug12/10 Cycle
6hActive duty family allocation advice please12/08 Nooblet12/10 jsprag
9hQuestion about Roth TSP for active duty military12/07 chabang12/10 Indexboss
1hSpousal Backdoor Roth IRA12/10 OldSport12/10 Soon2BXProgramm
4hRetirement Question- 401K Rollover to IRA or Keep in 401K12/10 ibt2312/10 ibt23
4hFidelity Div Int'l 4.5% one day loss?12/10 hacker25812/10 hacker258
8hNew Young Investor: Roth IRA: Mutual Funds, ETFs, or Index?12/09 logantrky12/10 retiredjg
19hHelp Choosing a Fidelity Bond Index Fund12/09 ibt2312/10 ibt23
20hRecommendation Best fund for retirees in taxable12/10 am12/10 retiredjg
21hGoogle Spreadsheets with realtime data2014 alpha3000512/10 alpha30005
9hReasons why not to shorten target fund12/09 Para4512/10 retiredjg
18hHave been sitting out, and ready to invest the Bogle way12/08 lotus66912/10 ruralavalon
8hIRS Rule of 55 vs. 72(t) Distribution12/08 Bonch12/10 bberris
28h1st draft of my portfolio to evaluation [feedback please] [Europe]11/12 Mrpacman12/10 LadyGeek
3hYearly checkup am I spread to thin?12/08 RVosen12/10 tigerdoc93
10hExchanging managed funds for Indexed funds12/09 john060812/10 john0608
4hWindfall and Personal Retirement12/09 sgreen7712/10 TomatoTomahto
13hWhich Vanguard MMF?12/04 J_Markov12/10 mggray17
42hTD Ameritrade fund replacement10/18 karls12/10 airelleofmusic
30tDid Capital One 360 Savings raise rates?12/07 Engineer25002:29 Longtermgrowth
20tConcerns about investing abroad12/04 airelleofmusic02:23 Lauretta
12tSmall cap value vs. total market?11:02 overthought01:28 Dead Man Walkin
6tVanguard VBMFX/VBTLX Bond Fund performance15:19 ps56k01:17 Munir
226tbitcoin - is there any real value here or is it a pure Ponzi scam?12/01 panchilly00:57 danielc
107tWhat are your thoughts on the "Golden Butterfly" portfolio?2016 PecuniaryPeccar00:56 Portfolio7
26tVanguard Investment Advice12/08 bertilak00:18 Finridge
22tAny of you trade just a little as a hobby?11/18 Ron Scott23:41 LittleGreenSold
231t2017 hedge fund contest12/30 BackOfTheNet23:33 Tanelorn
1048tSimba's backtesting spreadsheet [a Bogleheads community project]2007 simba23:18 siamond
26tVanguard year end distributions - updated estimates12/08 boglesmind23:08 TIAX
29tCall the Top!12/07 k6622:55 k66
13tSo... how do I need to "further" my investing knowledge?03:32 TheBogleWay22:47 TheBogleWay
1tRoger Ibbotson and ZebraEdge Annuity19:18 Leesbro6322:21 David Jay
7tLarry Swedroe: Don’t Write Off Value09:25 Random Walker22:11 Random Walker
3tList of Equivalent Fidelity vs Vanguard Funds12:12 chambers13621:55 LadyGeek
8tWhen asset prices are not driven by earnings growth. Correction? Dip?09:40 Sandtrap21:48 Portfolio7
67tJust not getting it12/08 namrac21:18 sergeant
4tContribution to family member's IRA10:35 Yeti21:05 David Jay
32tAutomated Market Timing12/10 Veiled19:48 pkcrafter
116tVanguard's new security key option2016 pragmatist19:45 bluerafters
32tVanguard Security Keys12/10 mptfan19:43 ulrichw
38tlikely date for a bitcoin crash: does this make sense to you?12/10 Lauretta19:36 technovelist
15tIs a Fidelity VISA 2% cashback contribution to a Roth IRA tax-free?03/30 41fan19:20 JBTX
5tRobert Shiller warming up to Bitcoin13:15 agottem19:13 Bharat
32tDo DFA Funds have lower trading costs than Index Funds?12/10 Flugugrubah16:40 jalbert
17tAfter a 2- or 3-fund solution, the rest is withdrawals and world events12/10 Ron Scott16:29 longinvest
45tWhat mix of intermediate and short term bonds?12/10 BlueEars15:51 QuietProsperity
10tHow are 401k withdrawals taxed when you retire?12/10 Derivative14:54 The Wizard
9tIs Santa Claus Coming To Town?12/10 snarlyjack13:54 3funder
1923tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:25 abuss368
665tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab12:59 hale2
7tCloud mining and holding bitcoin09:42 Lakeparty12:49 mega317
7tProsper12/10 GridironGems11:57 jwhitaker
686tREGISTRATION FOR THE 2017 BOGLEHEAD CONTEST01/01 Taylor Larimore11:49 packet
59tStocks always in taxable for tax efficient investing?12/09 kehyler10:48 inbox788
166tOne answer to the Dividend stocks puzzle from behavioral finance12/03 livesoft09:29 katon
30tHow should I look at SS and pensions when developing my post-FRA AA?12/10 TheTimeLord09:13 JW-Retired
36tTSM vs High Dividend Yield if I never choose to sell?12/09 Captain kangaro09:10 dbr
0tNo Silver Bullets: 8 Ideas for Financial Planning in a Low-Return Environment08:42 matjen 
6tVTI-Is this truly the total us stock market?12/11 csm1408:35 dbr
3tDo ETFs have the same issue as mutual funds at year end (distributions)?12/10 billthecat04:11 livesoft
25tWould a Bitcoin Crash affect the general markets?12/10 BlackStrat02:45 Valuethinker
3tIs there an "expense war" going on between fund companies?12/10 Captain kangaro02:45 ccieemeritus
6tThe Bogleheads' Guide to Investing – today’s Kindle deals12/10 egghead12/11 Nicolas
27tVanguard economic and market outlook for 201812/07 lack_ey12/11 2015
10tinvesting in taxable accounts12/07 Robert4412/10 whodidntante
6tForward looking expected returns and SD:your guess and reason12/10 jackal12/10 jackal
64tBuying index funds is just as speculative as buying Bitcoin12/10 agottem12/10 Mel Lindauer
131tVanguard - Four Fund Portfolio2015 abuss36812/10 abuss368
1tBAM List of "Preferred" Muni Issuers12/10 patriciamgr212/10 Theoretical
5tNavy Federal CU Special Certificate12/04 tomd3712/10 tomd37
13t"The Modern Corporation and the Public Interest" by John C. Bogle12/10 Taylor Larimore12/10 Grt2bOutdoors
10tAre Bonds ever better than a Fund?12/08 thethinker12/10 Random Walker
66tVanguard customer service reps need some training12/02 Mr.BB12/10 burt
44t2000-09 worst decade for large cap stocks in 109 years12/09 Robert T12/10 arcticpineapple
88tBitcoin now the largest quantifiable bubble in history?12/07 tadamsmar12/10 vitaflo
11tBack door ROTH eligibility12/07 pepperz12/10 hightower
13tSchwab 25% Cheaper than Vanguard?12/10 Stormbringer12/10 Jack FFR1846
34tWhy is Vanguard switching all accounts to brokerage accounts?12/08 goshenBogle12/10 Doc
49t30 yr tips yield: 1% to 0.83% over last 2 weeks!11/07 grok8712/10 Doc
1tif you have 401k and roll over ira, can you do backdoor roth?12/10 boglechu12/10 Earl Lemongrab
33tAny thoughts on The Aurora Report? [Arora Report]2016 petergibbons12/10 abuss368
197t[Why did my fund suddenly drop in value?]2011 stratton12/10 oldzey
11tCurrent Research On Dividend Studies12/06 snarlyjack12/10 saltycaper
7tThrift Savings Plan to Change I Fund Index12/07 Barry Barnitz12/10 mouth
2tRegional Strategy in Picking Bond ETFs in Europe.12/05 toxfail9812/10 toxfail98
150tGrok's Tip #8:Retire Worry-Free with TIPs as a foundation2011 grok8712/10 Doc
42t"Think you can time the stock market? Look at this chart first"12/08 Taylor Larimore12/10 MrPotatoHead
10tAn argument for investing in bitcoin12/10 trago1212/10 smesman
4tVanguard's International Growth / Value / Explorer funds12/08 JimmyJammy12/10 asif408
50tCall the top! - Bitcoin12/07 ccieemeritus12/10 Veiled
6tJohn T. Reed (real estate) reading suggestions12/07 KeepItSimple7812/10 bhough
4tTax reform and mega backdoor Roth12/10 radnor12/10 LadyGeek
20tThoughts on Malkiel saying a world index maybe underweight countries like China?12/07 trago1212/10 in_reality
5tHow bonds would have been better in 2008 crash12/09 country5rs12/10 grabiner
32tWhy Are So Many Companies Announcing Share Buyback?12/09 Shikoku12/10 jebmke
8tBitcoin futures - trading them is good?12/09 Shallowpockets12/10 Valuethinker
80tJack Bogle Is Worried About U.S. Pensions12/07 davidkw12/10 Caduceus
51tWhich is better: Wellesley or 5-yr 2.5% CD?12/08 Happy2BeFree12/10 dbr
171pPrepayment of SALT Taxes? [State and Local]12/04 jjj8802:28 privateer79
37pNew Military Blended Retirement System starting in 20182016 servusdei01:41 ghall24
29pH&R Block 2017 Tax Software $9.95 , State $14.9512/09 TVBogle01:21 Lancelot
31pInfuse Student Loan into Mortgage?2015 HardHitter00:57 Rsanchez
54p2018 financial goals - what are yours?12/10 notmyhand00:54 Sandtrap
5pStates with tax-friendly policies for dividends/LTCG18:04 duckcalldan00:38 22twain
9pThanks! We just let our VG PAS advisor go...12/05 malbecman00:37 Sandtrap
64pDone gone and did it [Retire]10:57 Earl Lemongrab00:20 investor997
0p403b: has required employee contribution, and an optional %; both are matched; what counts toward the $18,000 limit?00:02 mariezzz 
7pParking Lot Dent: Pay myself or submit claim18:37 lawman396623:54 goblue100
142pA good friend has nearly $1M in BitCoin what do I tell him?11/29 OnFire23:54 SEAworld9
9p[How do I buy] Life Insurance2013 Biil McNeal23:51 Benton Bair
24pWant to verify correction procedure IRS requires when employer fails to make 403b retirement contributions for employee10/24 mariezzz23:51 mariezzz
87pWhat are your big-picture ‘rules of life’ —financial or otherwise?12/10 lostinjersey23:49 stemikger
6pSame Multiple credit cards12/09 raamakoti23:33 TravelGeek
8pCalifornia HSA or 401k12/06 Amhenn0123:29 Amhenn01
9pBuild credit or pay in full12/10 RRAAYY323:04 takeshi
10pbest cashback credit card ?20:29 mk103922:45 takeshi
26pHow much house can I afford? (First Home)12/10 boatguy1722:44 boatguy17
24pAlly Bank raises 11 month ($25k min) No Penalty CD from 1.5% to 1.6%12/08 b4nash22:28 VictoriaF
24pYear end review with less nerdy spouse17:07 mancich22:28 WhyNotUs
4pGift Card From Employer21:25 tomd3721:59 whodidntante
16pCDs that compound interest payments, at big brokerages ?12/10 RustyShacklefor21:58 dm200
59pCPA: The best profession if you want to make the most money + keep the most money?12/07 Derivative21:53 Miakis
155pSave all this money, what do you splurge on?12/08 HardHitter21:39 Sandtrap
34pCan/Should early retiree avoid ACA tax credits?12/10 marcopolo21:10 Da5id
11pExperiences with Quicken to GNUCash Conversion.12/09 masterofinvesti20:42 Saving$
26pyour inheritance for young kids2012 sunnyday20:31 Lieutenant.Colu
279pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1520:24 Indydoc
29pPay taxes on free food?12/09 bigredmachine19:05 bigredmachine
8pNewlyweds in West Los Angeles12/10 AM1319:03 AM13
44pCan we afford to live on one income?12/10 Triple digit go18:57 KyleAAA
0pRelo Expenses Tax Question for remote18:21 RetireSomeday5 
86pQuit jobs to gain lower EFC [Expected Family Contribution]12/07 chipperd18:20 Edie
3pexcess contribution(beyond state tax exemption limit) for IL52912/10 redheadinvestor18:20 lolbatross
1pDirectv Now APPLE TV 4K for free when prepay 4 months!!10:14 (gekko)17:32 Angelus359
5pWork bonus Tax question16:18 emanuel_v1917:00 thangngo
5pusing capital gains to offset capital losses14:31 Idawanna16:48 dbr
6p1031 Exchange vs Charitable Remainder Trust12/09 RetiredCSProf16:37 vinnydabody
6p? about work bonuses.13:11 onewiredguy16:08 omgbirdman
15pUpside Down On Vehicle13:46 Keepcalm15:58 rec7
76p33 years old, 13 years IT experience, currently make 63k a year. I need advice to start making more money12/07 MortgageOnBlack15:34 downshiftme
5pPlanning a baby through IVF around Feb 2018: which insurance plan to go for HSA or HRA?12/06 coolfunk15:09 coolfunk
37pBest way to get rid of lot of land?01/23 lazylarry14:15 quantAndHold
2pQuestion on wash sales and reinvested MF dividends12:55 NYCFire13:46 NYCFire
15pPaying off a mortgage with an almost non-existent rate09:58 rashad300012:59 Tamarind
43pFor those retired at least 10 years, what about the money?12/09 flyingaway12:55 flyingaway
9pQuestion on meeting with at-fault ins agent for injury claim09:25 new2bogle12:50 new2bogle
6pCommercial property as part of your portfolio anyone?08/02 Nectarineman12:43 Carefreeap
54pWhat did you do with your first RMD withdrawal money?12/07 bighatnohorse12:12 livesoft
1pDuplex, what % of income am I spending on my own housing?11:34 Bwlonge11:42 Pajamas
7pOver-contributed to SEP - process?12/08 scotsman11:03 scotsman
13pGap Year, Sabbatical, Leave of Absence - Questioning My Sanity12/10 2Birds1Stone11:02 WhyNotUs
6pHome Affordability12/10 jfahren208:31 Jags4186
0pFLP Dissolution07:58 ENT Doc 
0pDB/DC contribution deadlines07:33 jackal 
42p2018 FEHB HDHP Recommendations11/12 Kanefa05:57 nps
64p840 credit score Million dollar farm.. low income cannot get Heloc?12/08 cpumechanic12/10 alex_686
4pBought house, got married - What to do w/ retirement + savings?12/04 fuzzball12/10 mega317
44pExecutor responsibilities12/07 gizzsdad12/10 pondering
6pPreparing for Filing Jointly12/09 UrbanMillennial12/10 FiveK
2pEnd of year financial checklist12/10 duckcalldan12/10 LadyGeek
7pPay Estimated Taxes12/10 leonidas12/10 pepperz
6pConverting Part of 401K to IRA and then to Roth?12/10 sf2sv12/10 retiredjg
7pCan This be Part of an Estate Planning?12/10 Shikoku12/10 NotWhoYouThink
56pAlliant Credit Union no longer offering HSA's as of 11/909/18 cuda7436012/10 Finridge
387pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly12/10 investor997
5pConsolidating Accounts to One-Stop12/10 peterwantstosav12/10 peterwantstosav
7pHelp with ACA problem12/09 willybiggs12/10 Epsilon Delta
3pHome Purchase12/10 crockpotinvesti12/10 EagertoLearnMor
104pDoes this happen to you? Educating friends about personal finance12/09 jojay12/10 pepperz
2pStrategy for filling out 15% bracket12/09 ParlayBogle12/10 RustyShacklefor
1p10 Yr Mortgage - 2.875% with no closing costs12/09 pdanet12/10 ralph124cf
17pHow can someone who earns 500k/yr in w2 be in 25% tax bracket?12/09 boglechu12/10 Jack FFR1846
14pPre-Pay Property Taxes in 2017?12/05 FootballFan554812/10 tmhudg
8pTaxes and Rental Income from Live-In Significant Other12/09 janelane12/10 janelane
0pnew IRMAA part b/d increased surcharges for 201812/10 theta 
10pWhich version of tax software?12/10 oldcomputerguy12/10 abuss368
6pAmount Contributed to Roth on Fidelity Site?12/09 runner912/10 runner9
176pBest HSA (2017)01/02 rgurmankin12/10 AnonJohn
2pdoing one time work remotely to another state12/09 ketanco12/10 rooms222
3pFed Income and Social security taxes with two jobs12/10 fnmix12/10 fnmix
7pTurbo Tax bug with Medical Expenses12/05 pshonore12/10 jebmke
3ptiming of new conversion to Roth if recharacterizing previous year conversion12/09 Just an Okie12/10 Chip
6pConsumer Loan12/09 Matthew112/10 dm200
17lHoliday thanks to Bogleheads. How have they helped you?12/04 Sandtrap23:04 NOLA
274lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!2016 invst6512/10 CLP4
18fThank you Admins12/08 vested112/10 oldcomputerguy
202fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb12/10 LadyGeek
2cScary episode with "intruder" in the home ... Google Home23:55 Grateful102:35 JoMoney
34cKidde fire extinguisher recall11/25 testing32102:31 GerryL
4cSpace Heater Thermostat Temp-based or just Duty Cycle22:26 lawman396601:44 lawman3966
13cAncestry / 23andMe21:09 GridironGems01:32 Cruise
193c[Prevent mail theft; sign for USPS Informed Delivery]08/15 catdude00:04 catdude
2cBest Touch Screen Set-Up (mouse problems)21:48 heybro23:45 livesoft
134cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo23:43 SEAworld9
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