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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3612 new posts and replies over 394 topics in last 2 days (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
20hBND vs BIV [Vanguard Intermediate-Term vs. Total Bond]2011 Benjohns03:03 bluquark
5h401K Allocations10:33 dawg1702:52 bluquark
1hReallocate to Small Cap now or later?02:02 stocknoob411102:29 bluquark
20hNewbie needing some advice - which other Vanguard funds01/17 abhishek@198502:19 lakpr
74hSaving for 1-2 years rather than for a lifetime01/21 wiserabbit01:48 AerialWombat
69hMerrill Edge best choice for higher net worth accounts?2018 Captain kangaro01:00 NewOldGuy
0hSeeking Asset Location Advice00:51 catchinup 
24hVanguard?01/21 five2one00:47 michaeljmroger
2hAsset Allocation Question18:03 Superleaf44400:40 longleaf
6hHelp with tax planning and IRA rollover question19:02 benne7700:36 FiveK
18hAltering the Three-Fund Portfolio10:14 RichT00:25 michaeljmroger
21hContributed to Roth, may make too much in 201901/21 sergio00:22 MotoTrojan
4hSchwab does not allow specific tax lots to be selected online when selling mutual funds23:29 mptfan00:11 livesoft
0hPortfolio Help00:04 SVT 
1hMega Backdoor Roth Questions23:25 catchinup23:49 BloogleBird
3hFidelity bond funds during retirement16:35 dothechex23:44 mhalley
6hWhy BNDX (TOTAL INTL BD) has had better 5 year returns than BND (Total Bond Market ETF) despite lower SEC yield01/19 johnsmithsf23:27 johnsmithsf
12hInvesting in only 3 target funds just seems.... strange.21:25 aIIan22:56 bluquark
3hSchwab Target Date Index Fund21:55 Joventudude22:42 Joventudude
4h529 risk mitigation20:44 nonzero22:40 KingRiggs
19hBack-door Roth with Existing tIRA Balance01/06 invstar22:34 sergeant
11hReinvesting dividend income19:26 rdilipk22:34 MathIsMyWayr
1hAsset allocation?11:52 Sinsji22:13 sco
10hHSA reimbursement for Medicare premiums01/21 classicjazzfan22:12 classicjazzfan
22hWhich HSA to keep?01/20 qzly22:04 3-20Characters
37hhelp with financial planning01/08 mirandablue21:57 Brantley
6hTax Efficiency within Stocks: What goes to Taxable vs 401k09:44 AndroAsc21:52 travelogue
12hShifting funds from National to California munis01/21 ilan1h21:37 politely
63hShould I increase my stock allocation to 90% stocks?01/17 yosemite_mounta21:35 grabiner
3hBackdoor Roth and Pro Rata Rules20:27 goodenyou20:56 FiveK
10hHSA employer->personal account strategy08:39 sophie120:54 pheebs
0hHelp with chaotic portfolio20:42 go_irish 
21hBest way to invest $100k for HSBC premier account?06/16 cashheavy1820:39 unclescrooge
15hPre-Retirement Review- Need Wise & Witty Bogleheads01/17 ThriftyisFun20:28 ThriftyisFun
7hBonus and 401K Stable income fund option01/19 yadbugee20:18 sergeant
5hAdvice on getting started01/21 fnhanks20:18 anil686
20hRethinking the bond percentage.16:58 TheQuestionGuy20:15 TheQuestionGuy
24hHas anyone with HSAs with HSABank tried rolling over to Fidelity?12/12 musicality20:06 White Coat Inve
5hInvestment Strategy - Critique Needed01/21 Sonoma3219:53 Duckie
97hYou Invest by JP Morgan Chase10/28 Dead Man Walkin19:50 SlowMovingInves
8hAlly bank 1-year 2.75% CD or Vanguard VMLUX?10:24 knightrider19:34 Kevin M
5hVanguard Total Stock Market ETF VS Vanguard Growth ETF + Bond ETF14:33 bei2200019:29 bei22000
19hHelp me understand why I need bonds14:06 yosemite_mounta19:22 2015
9hAdditional Investment Advice12:30 Coltrane19:10 Ben Mathew
8hHelp with 401(k) options that went from not-amazing to worse after company acquisition16:27 middistancerunn18:56 middistancerunn
44hRetire in 2 years. Advice for plan for withdrawals, Roth conversions & SS01/17 reddison18:55 smitcat
2h63 years old and 3 fund portfolio allocation01/21 curiouscate18:55 RadAudit
4h2019 I-Bonds Purchase Now Or Wait For New Rates10:16 athan18:49 Lastrun
6hHow to reach and help novices not reading these boards?09:01 BlueSkies18:43 BlueSkies
17hMuscular Portfolios Questions10/14 Helpmebogle18:38 AlohaJoe
4hBest short term (4-5 years) option for a few 100k?09:57 ASCIICharacters18:27 michaeljmroger
6hYoung couple figuring out contributions, allocation, and forced 401k closure01/18 inspiredinvesto17:58 Duckie
24hHow should I adjust my portfolio01/19 qzly17:52 qzly
4hHelp With My Portfolio10:48 willeric17:36 2pedals
27hHow much of VG Prime MM (VMMXX) Dividend is exempt from state tax?12/26 SarahS17:34 rkhusky
3hRetirement Portfolio Help - Younger Investor13:43 Long.Way16:57 megabad
4h[moving employer funds to ROTH eventually]13:39 suchislife16:56 sarabayo
4hUnplanned retirement dilemma [South Africa]09:04 Edinvestor16:56 OrangeShark
74hStay the course is hard01/20 RandomPointer16:39 inbox788
11hLittle advice going forward, internation/bonds/taxable10:04 Joe Nathan16:32 Joe Nathan
22hRebalancing calculator2011 Tavi16:07 LadyGeek
11hAdvice on diversification, consolidation, and tax hesitation01/21 investor_throw_16:06 megabad
5h401k Contribution question...11:26 Lemonaid5616:05 Lemonaid56
8hLincoln Financial???13:43 Oak&Elm15:50 bloom2708
7h529 Plan Questions11:04 Mtangler2515:39 Rupert
9hPrime Money Market fund at Vanguard09:20 yousha15:27 KingRiggs
0hVanguard wire transfers without 'medallion signature guarantee'15:05 TedSwippet 
13hShould I sell or hold this house?12:45 qzly15:04 megabad
10hHelp Converting t401k to Roth IRA01/20 NBKCF14:56 lakpr
3hREITs in taxable - new tax law with M1 platform01/21 RamblinDoc14:42 RamblinDoc
3hQuestion about late contributions to a backdoor strategy Roth account12:16 yurtdweller14:26 yurtdweller
3hsignificance of spread in Vanguard Health VHT vs XLV01/21 4nwestsaylng14:02 4nwestsaylng
46hSaving accounts01/20 indexonlyplease14:02 jakehefty17
24hEmergency Savings01/21 thefoggycity13:59 travelogue
2hMid-life portfolio review10:17 istanbul13:07 istanbul
1hTransfer funds from solo 401k to regular IRA - any problems?11:33 savalot8813:06 Silk McCue
2hStarting investing as a 21yr student [UK]01/21 smerdyakov13:04 richyg12
2hPortfolio Review & Advice Much Appreciated01/21 jyoung11:52 jyoung
9hFidelity BrokerageLink in 401k09:30 AndroAsc11:49 Flyer24
1hGift Ideas for the Uninvested?10:23 altruist11:47 fujiters
18hRetirement plan “improvements” (Fidelity vs. TIAA)01/21 exigent11:37 Tdubs
20hselecting investment firm01/21 bkelly11:05 MnD
22hAfoot or on horseback?01/21 Bazul10:43 pkcrafter
3hGo-to Bond Funds10:16 altruist10:32 oldcomputerguy
26hJettison QSPIX?01/20 ilan1h09:55 Ketawa
3hChange next year/Portfolio Help requested01/21 Bloodsuckinglee09:53 Bloodsuckinglee
8hTax Gain Harvest vs Roth Conversions?01/21 jmk09:43 DSInvestor
14hHolding only VWENX for retirement08/14 KEVIN409109:40 dbr
11h55yrs old 50/50 or 60/40 in this environment01/21 NewsJunkie6309:26 Mitchell777
19hMilitary Paying down Mortgage Early01/21 SteveJones09:17 warner25
2hWhat domestic fund from 457 in 3 fund?09:05 runner909:10 DSInvestor
21hBuy REIT or Rental Property01/21 BoggledHead208:59 Boats day
11hPortfolio Plan 2019: Pay 12% Now or Unknown Later01/21 k3vb0t08:09 KlangFool
5hbest way to send money to Vanguard?01/21 dblck06:21 retiringwhen
8hFirst time doing Taxes after opening Roth IRA - Which Turbo Tax?01/21 doublehelix05:05 RickBoglehead
15hSo, I want to Retire - Help ?01/20 OHWantToRetire01/22 bluquark
27hHighest Guaranteed Return Investment for My 75 Year-Old Dad?01/20 joer121201/21 HereToLearn
5hVTWSX at Fidelity and it’s future01/21 yogesh01/21 fennewaldaj
15hTax-loss harvesting while contributing to same funds regularly (weekly), and preventing the wash sale01/20 ThisJustIn01/21 venkman
9hAnyone use Invesco BulletShares?01/20 TheTimeLord01/21 Makaveli
0h(Mega) Backdoor Roth - Sell brokerage funds for non-deductible IRA contribution?01/21 oinkyboinky 
20h401k + aftertax 401k -> roth methodology01/19 tmcc01/21 Davinci
13hInvestment Help Request - Windfall01/15 bushey3701/21 bushey37
5hMunicipal Bonds in Taxable Retirement Account01/20 beabea01/21 bluquark
0hStock Option "Right of Repurchase" question & IRA/Roth IRA related question01/21 GreenGrowTheDol 
14hSetting a personal AA glide path01/20 SarahS01/21 FinancialRookie
15hDeployment TSP limitation question07/01 Cerasiorion01/21 Nords
13hParting ways with financial advisor--is this allocation right for now?01/20 ljgs01/21 abuss368
6hBeginning investing late at 50 years old01/20 Leb412301/21 chevca
3hMultiple 401K accounts01/21 java00701/21 Patrick584
8hAsset allocation and risk evaluation for family with high equity income every year01/20 chenzi01/21 chenzi
19hVanguard's Dividend Reinvestment Program?01/19 101invest01/21 2015
10hMy Portfolio Review -- Fund Advice09/22 AJC40801/21 AJC408
8hTaxable account - help invest wisely please!01/21 sun2501/21 Olemiss540
4hOpening Roth IRA with Vanguard01/21 RhoRho01/21 mcraepat9
9hHigh Yield vs Inter-Term Tax Exempt - Considering Rebalancing01/20 pubman01/21 dratkinson
20h401K Rollover to IRA - Third Party Provider2013 Electron01/21 NewOldGuy
1hVNQI vs VGRLX (mutual fund vs ETF version)01/21 fishsi2501/21 happenstance
1hHow to title IRA for CDs01/10 jamiefoote01/21 celia
13hHelp re-examine Vanguard fund choices (corrected with full fund names)01/20 Infomom201/21 retiredjg
34hInvestment advice - mixed thoughts01/18 DB201/21 DB2
22hwould appreciate your thoughts01/17 hacksaw202501/21 hacksaw2025
20hMuni Bonds for large part of Bond allocation smart?01/20 cavemanwithFIRE01/21 MarkerFM
14hLooking to roll over my old 401k. Which IRA should I choose?01/19 INTRESIS01/21 Earl Lemongrab
16hUsing 529 for retirement rather than just education?01/19 e_swami01/21 Spirit Rider
9h401K and Roth Question12/23 bumski01/21 Bronco Billy
2hNew 401k company, new fund choices?01/21 Lemonaid5601/21 Duckie
17hNoob needs help01/18 Heelz01/21 Heelz
5hSubstitute for EDV01/21 pdavi2101/21 robertmcd
1hAA Question - Vangaurd Portfolio Watch01/21 JasonA198701/21 happenstance
11hHelp with Calculation01/21 summerof4201/21 dbr
12hEmployer offering HDHP but no HSA!2017 xerxes10101/21 02nz
5hExpensive 401K at Work but Company Match, Need Help01/21 bennettg01/21 goingup
0hEquity Bond Allocation and Duration01/21 bgf 
3hSolo 401(k) Contribution Limits01/21 Jimbo196001/21 Jimbo1960
18hHow are we doing?01/19 skives1901/21 Carl53
56hDoes anyone have entire 401K in bonds?01/13 unstoppable01/21 Earl Lemongrab
3hMade contributions to Roth IRA when not eligible01/21 ponger01/21 mhalley
221hWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?01/16 tomtoms01/21 wander
4hRebalance or not?01/21 alexfoo3901/21 Peter Foley
0hSharpe Ratio, Treynor Ratio and Alpha01/21 Gatewood 
43hFor those with both Vanguard and Schwab01/20 PoultryMan01/21 PatrickA5
27hSolo 401k - fidelity vs. vanguard06/08 Phcomstock8101/21 southerndoc
1hFidelity Freedom 2030 Index Fund -or- Fidelity ZERO funds?01/21 AtlasShrugged?01/21 Jack FFR1846
5hVFIFX and VTI/VOO01/19 gasman99101/21 Dialectical Inv
3hRoth Contribution Trouble?01/20 bruingent01/21 mark1623
7hPortfolio Critique/Allocation Advice01/18 foxtrot7501/21 retiredjg
39tInternational Allocation and Siamond's "Investing in the World" Series01/19 Amadis_of_Gaul01:01 andrew99999
6tREITS01/21 rafkg2900:49 politely
32tDonate to the John Bogle Endowment Fund13:40 moolamaven00:38 celia
47tBenefitWallet HSA - anyone successfully liquidated 100% of investments? (update: also transfer/rollover issues)01/09 cas00:17 Ant7
82tThe Value "Premium" has been ZERO for 30 years01/20 Jebediah23:58 Fryxell
22t"Bogleheads on Investing" podcast growing audience01/21 Rick Ferri23:32 librarianaire
1t"Rebalance Timing Luck"21:36 AlohaJoe22:47 livesoft
17tThe Section 199A Tax Benefits Of REITs Over Direct Real Estate Investments at by Jeffrey Levine09/26 arcticpineapple22:34 hirlaw
861tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5322:12 chazas
27tYour Retirement W/D method and why?11:38 balbrec221:39 antiqueman
102tRay Dalio’s latest fearmongering round09/13 hdas21:26 hdas
4tLarry Swedroe: Spend Down Strategies Part 114:27 Random Walker21:22 are_cynic
85tWhat active management stock funds would you own?01/18 hushpuppy20:43 hushpuppy
14tRetirement readiness checklist.12:43 pop7719:40 The Wizard
45tJack Bogle's Obituary From The Family01/17 Taylor Larimore19:29 abuss368
50tOne Fund to Rule Them All01/21 Small Law Survi19:29 Grt2bOutdoors
2374tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore19:26 Dialectical Inv
2tWas Vanguard's Jack Bogle too successful? [Australian newspaper article]18:46 asset_chaos19:16 David Jay
23tNew era for TSP "I" Fund?09/11 Darwin18:27 JamalJones
62tThe NY Times calls us a cult but in a good way01/18 S&L194018:15 LadyGeek
10tHow much international stock for U.S. retirees?13:11 CULater17:09 Svensk Anga
16tIVLU for international value exposure [iShares Edge MSCI Intl Value]2017 grabiner16:13 Valuethinker
29tTell me your HSA strategy/advice01/19 3-20Characters16:10 3-20Characters
9tFidelity muni money market fund yields cratering...?01/18 sarabayo15:58 ofckrupke
51tFake Passive Investors11:15 hdas15:44 LadyGeek
145t2019 Hedge Fund Contest01/01 BackOfTheNet15:44 Carlos Danger
5tArticle by Paul Merriman12:50 garlandwhizzer15:33 Silk McCue
1tDoes minimum volatility give better returns?14:01 jokuvuan14:55 scout1
0tFidelity Mutual Fund Withholding State Taxes?14:20 zmaqoptyxbglp 
78tWhat is the evidence against slice and dice?02/15 hdas13:19 OnTrack
1465tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab12:50 Earl Lemongrab
852tJohn Bogle has died at age 8901/16 d332312:48 Foredeck
26tThe recent market move in context01/02 hdas12:44 Portfolio7
77tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob12:39 DB2
10165tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill12:27 LiterallyIronic
14tWhat is your favorite high CAGR index fund from 2000 to now?01/21 hushpuppy12:01 samsdad
9tCombination of "Safety First" and "Probability Based" withdrawal strategies01/21 moneyman1111:53 smitcat
112tWhat does 20% extra of portfolio allocated to equities get you?01/19 livesoft11:16 willthrill81
50tQuestion for RobertT2016 saurabh10:10 Jiu Jitsu Fight
30tA look at equal weighting as we bid farewell to EQWS01/19 nisiprius08:55 Beliavsky
49tVanguard Total World Stock and All-World ex-US Small Cap Admiral Shares should launch February 501/17 jhfenton07:42 Vulcan
15tHow to Reconstruct Stock Indices From Scratch2016 Tyler900001/21 Tyler9000
118tTributes to Jack Bogle01/17 J072101/21 LadyGeek
1tDamodaran's equity risk premium and share buybacks01/21 gordoni201/21 alex_686
18tWas the great bond bull market just plain bull?01/21 long_gamma01/21 Dialectical Inv
56tCollective thoughts [investing mini-reference]2007 Robert T01/21 Vegomatic
16tWhy brokers don’t support auto invest ETF, but can do it with dividends.01/20 sharukh01/21 youngpleb
5tLarry Swedroe: Investing Lessons From 201801/21 Random Walker01/21 Tdubs
14tOrder in Which Accounts Types and Funds Types Get Roth "Converted"01/20 mtwhmemn01/21 OregonDucksFan
39tGold ETF "Guarantee"01/18 Call_Me_Op01/21 AlphaLess
12tEquity beta. What does ishares mean?2017 Always passive01/21 patrick013
46tIs using an Asset Allocation Mental Accounting?01/19 TheTimeLord01/21 H-Town
15txkcd Webcomic Weighs in on Technical Analysis01/21 JupiterJones01/21 iamlucky13
11tVanguard Total International Stock Index Fund01/21 Shem00201/21 Shem002
8tDow Jones Index has beaten cap weighting01/20 Beliavsky01/21 AlphaLess
3tHigh Coupon Rate Short-Term Treasury Holding01/20 Orvis01/21 Orvis
556tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar01/21 DaftInvestor
19tEver heard of "Floating island" strategy?01/18 serbeer01/21 fortyofforty
7tApple stock01/21 Djtjak01/21 Dottie57
71tThe World in 2050 — GDP & Stock Market Capitalization04/15 SimpleGift01/21 dchenson33
0tVGYAX vs. VSCGX01/21 Kevo_black 
2tMorningstar betaquote01/20 JBTX01/21 rkhusky
29tRetirement savings new research01/15 Mr.BB01/21 Jimmie
4tAutomatic Investing in new Fidelity HSA (Individual)01/20 jcerickson01/21 jeffyscott
2tVNQI (Global ex-US Real Estate): Is this a bargain or not?01/21 KJVanguard01/21 Valuethinker
5pcash-back credit card with automatic redemption22:16 Eric02:43 W0X0F
128pWhat's your cash position02/02 WhiteMaxima02:06 bluquark
13pShould I use my Roth IRA to pay off CC debt21:25 Thunder133101:32 celia
0pNames for foreign born individuals00:45 finance_learner 
4pArticle of John Bogle18:25 tolerable232300:43 tolerable2323
0pTax question: Deduction for paying 2018 property taxes in 201900:39 gurusw 
101pHas anyone see an inheritance not go as planned? I would like to hear stories from others of what can go wrong.07:48 iamblessed00:30 longleaf
20pWebsites for tax simulations?01/21 Luckywon00:19 Luckywon
0pLong Term Care Insurance00:09 kdmusic 
5pRegret taking a new job19:37 wxz7600:09 OldSport
10pAny regrets not funding a 529?19:28 ThankYouJack23:57 janezoey
60pReaching Severe Burnout - Can I Scale Back Career?2014 dcw21323:27 Cmnilz87
17pUSAA Auto Premiums Up Exactly 10% in 3 Consecutive Renewals?14:15 Ketawa23:20 Hiker-Biker
6pMBA vs real estate license vs both?20:33 anthonyphamy23:15 Teague
44pHelp needed: wife seeking new job to escape megacorp hell14:59 supersharpie23:09 essie
2pRoth "Transfer on Death" - Taxable Distribution?21:12 BlindPursuit23:02 FiveK
0pDisability Insurance22:56 LITeacher 
9pCVS Minute Clinic vs. Doctor Office billing practices?2015 anonforthis22:44 staythecourse
12pIndividual Disability Insurance Quote Evaluation Needed01/06 lmea22:35 BruDude
7pIf you work in several states as a mngmt consultant, where do you file your taxes?12:33 the11diesel22:18 mouth
20pForming an LLC to avoid being paid as an independent contractor?11:05 knightrider22:11 knightrider
61pVanguard Tax Forms Now Online2018 John15122:08 TravelGeek
0pW2/W3 for Kid's wage22:07 kchnew 
5pMake SEP IRA contribution at beginning of year?11:16 Beliavsky21:47 Spirit Rider
0pHow does grandparent pay taxes from babysitting income?21:20 applecart 
1pHome insurance going up every year...19:26 stw20:45 Alan S.
5pUnusual situation needs financing suggestions01/19 wysechoice20:32 wysechoice
1pAny reason not to have power of attorney?19:39 Hastelloy20:16 Gill
37pPossible Relocation to Portland, OR2017 BanditKing20:14 MindBogler
59pDentist fees01/21 Jimsad20:12 njdealguy
26pWhat should be the minimum income to consider living in a HCOL?01/21 BogleMelon19:38 Ron Ronnerson
18pBuy Land, then build house... or Construction to Permanent?01/21 guptonc0619:35 MarkRoulo
14pVerifying Vanguard 1099-DIV13:43 Triple digit go19:34 Triple digit go
15ppurchasing a home and wondering if we have a good deal01/21 jayk23819:08 momvesting
66pPaying extra on mortgage - what am I missing?01/17 lvrpl18:45 MisterMister
122pHow much money did you receive from family? (Gifts/inheritance)11/07 Chrysalis18:40 Birdie55
21pAfter-tax 401(k) to Roth IRA conversion - confused about tax treatment01/20 raixx01718:38 Spirit Rider
1p"Cancer" insurance while on Medicare18:28 effillus18:36 ResearchMed
22pYet another Solo 401k vs SEP question01/18 car73318:16 Spirit Rider
0pLife Expectancy Data / Charts / Visualizations17:45 JohnDoh 
3181pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy17:24 BeneIRA
7pHow far before move-in date should I sign an apartment lease to get the best price (Boston area)01/21 jks198517:04 jks1985
11pFirst time renting a house from landlord: What to check?01/21 CP116:55 dm200
3pToo much CA SDI (state disability insurance) withheld?16:11 ishkadetto16:52 BusterMcTaco
9pAdmiral Conversion in Quicken2013 larmewar16:14 LadyGeek
35pUSAA Multi Product Discount10/26 tj15:58 tj
0pTax Reporting/Sold Former Residence15:53 Leesbro63 
21p"Buy term life because it is cheap"01/20 AkwardDoct@rd15:17 bloom2708
6pRecommendation Tax Software --- LLC and Joint Filing12:54 pezblanco15:16 pezblanco
0pTurbo Tax needs Intuit ID this year for 1099 Downloads15:06 TBillT 
9pToo Much Savings for Income Manipulation for ACA Purposes?11:23 Random Poster14:52 michaeljc70
0pTurboTax Premier & Rental Income14:49 Myopic squirrel 
379pFidelity free Turbotax2016 Hayden14:30 AllMostThere
10pAnnoying Problem with Vanguard Checkwriting12:57 stlrick14:08 Broken Man 1999
29pCan I contest a medical bill with doctor's office if insurance says it's not covered?01/21 LesBleus**13:40 augustwest73
3pTLH Turbo Tax Tutorial01/21 pmdonca13:37 pmdonca
14pSell my condo ?01/20 rockfuture13:34 corysold
5pSelf employed, ACA cliff questions01/17 RobG13:30 RobG
8pRoth Conversion and Capital Gains01/20 sdvan13:14 Earl Lemongrab
25pSurvey - Total Cost of Insurance Policies01/20 eastlansingspar13:08 Earl Lemongrab
46pRent vs Own Assumptions01/21 Invest_Wisely11:51 Ketawa
4pSuggestion Box for Vanguard's Website10:30 Ice-911:45 Housedoc
94pShould I buy a house in the Bay area or give up?01/17 yosemite_mounta11:44 WhiteMaxima
11pVanguard Brokerage Tax Forms2017 Zr01tg11:34 Silence Dogood
1pWhere to obtain "official" printed IRS forms for free11:04 the11diesel11:21 Silk McCue
5pAmending 2017 Tax Return01/21 KlangFool10:25 kaneohe
8pVanguard Brokerage Form 1099 for 201801/15 Prudence10:02 nyclon
8pCan a physician of solo practice with income over $415,000 combined take advantage of 20% deduction under trump tax?01/21 boglechu09:41 gasdoc
6pAccessing CPA expertise like an hourly financial advisor?01/20 msa609:30 dbr
471pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly09:13 pshonore
2pTax preparation deposit fee01/21 student508:57 dbr
12pBuy a condo in Bethesda/DC area, am I there yet?01/21 dtn002808:34 dtn0028
16pThink I forgot about insurance!01/21 sapper137107:43 SimonJester
8p1099-MISC for moving expenses, help!01/20 Dunder Mifflin07:40 spectec
518pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4801/22 BigFoot48
5pVanguard SIMPLE-IRA questions01/21 BoundRobbin01/21 Spirit Rider
69pFidelity Rewards Visa Card2017 raamakoti01/21 tj
35pPay off mortgage in 7 years using HELOC?2017 pepperz01/21 Nate79
11pEIN number Solo 401k plan01/21 ge101/21 TheTimeLord
32pTIRA Roth Conversion and Backdoor Roth IRA in the same year possible?01/16 azianbob01/21 azianbob
15pPhysicians: did you incorporate yourself? Is it worth it?01/20 financial.freed01/21 staythecourse
1pIndiana 529 plan01/21 jdavis3101/21 HoosierJim
10pHelp with Credit card debt planning - advice01/21 cbj305401/21 LadyGeek
2pWhich Brokerage Companies send Stock Annual Reports (regardless of your settings)?01/21 celia01/21 celia
33pWills- Options other than family/charities?01/19 mirror01/21 stoptothink
2pCan you still deduct interest paid on indebtedness secured by primary residence of $1,100,000 for tax year 2018?01/20 Magikmike01/21 fabdog
16pDo I need an attorney to open up S Corp?01/20 Gemini01/21 Old Sage(brush)
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