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10p Friend trades in cars every 2 years, but hates leasing  01:36rashad300009:23jharkin
189p Early Retirement - what to do about healthcare?  page: 2 3 403/15sox201709:23des999
4h 401K at Vanguard  23:34lowndes09:23lowndes
4c Amazon Echo vs. Google Home: which to get?  08:48pochax09:22pochax
38c Getting a new cooktop, gas vs electric?  12:4741fan09:22Frisco Kid
32c Buying house - Very important decision  22:57prettybogle09:22Wakefield1
8t Bad year for Wellington?  22:37Tommy09:20flamesabers
137t Yes, This Is Market Timing: If the CAPE Goes Above 30, Bring on the Larry  page: 2 306/25sjwoo09:19siamond
6t Taxable lots  22:15james354709:18Doc
8p vetting/finding a financial advisor  07:47needadvicesnr09:17needadvicesnr
7t Why is it ok to avoid Chinese A Shares?  22:16hdas09:16patrick
4h Can I retire now?  08:23CaseyK09:15knpstr
3h 27, Single, 25k Income with 100k Cash - Lost  01:19j2709:12Beach
20p Incorporating uncertain pension amount into net worth calculation  18:52geospatial09:12Thesaints
112p Require Access to School Records?  page: 2 304/09gasdoc09:10Meaty
63p Co-workers advising to buy house RIGHT NOW  page: 206/20prettybogle09:09aristotelian
86p Negotiating a House Using Seller's Agent (opinions wanted)  page: 206/18athan09:08researcher
30p Credit cards' credit lines - pros/cons of requesting reduction?  06/25rjbraun09:08takeshi
68h Am I being unrealistic about my expectations of dividend income? Is there a better alternative?  page: 206/17preach09:06avalpert
2h Need Allocation Help...  23:04Red Headed Momm09:05welderwannabe
6h Help- investment generate high short term gains  08:16syddeb09:03mhalley
2h Stepping up my game. Need some pointers please.  01:37matt8710908:57matt87109
13h Vanguard upgraded my accounts - angry  23:00jackhensy08:56F150HD
63h Non-US citizen with US Brokers: Estate Tax risk?  page: 22014DXB08:54rijk
106c Luxury Car  page: 2 32015airahcaz08:53keystone
58p Can you share some of your financial goals?  page: 206/23sharukh08:52Alchemist
0c Name change possibly not recorded - what to do  08:51TomatoTomahto  
13c Etiquette regarding fence on my property (adverse possession)  19:22rexhat08:50lthenderson
2h Is it better to have investment split between multiple financial institutes  06:51njay7308:47ResearchMed
3p Closing bank account best practices  08:14cam24008:44flamesabers
12h Variable Withdrawal Rates  19:47cap39608:44JDCarpenter
18h Can we retire early?  06/25saulg08:39livesoft
46c Debating a weekend in Chicago (south side)  03/21guitarguy08:37F150HD
29t Does Jack Bogle have a conflict of interest?  19:19simplesauce08:37BogleAlltheWay
2h Pension Evaluation Help  20:24Bacchus0108:37#Cruncher
5h Can an incorrectly checked "Retirement plan" box mess me up?  06/26mbasherp08:37mbasherp
18t Time in the market is more important, But seriously ?  22:35BossVincent00708:36smesman
5h Married But Filing Separately With IBR Student Loans  17:18maggsmaggs08:30neurosphere
3c Missing charge - should I go back and inquire?  13:51vveat08:29lthenderson
23p Vanguard Voice Verification  06/27GS08:26Artsdoctor
1t VG Brokerage Sweep Out Question?  07:32SpartanFan08:24Vanguard Fan 13
37c Stupid Security Questions  06/26Allan08:22sco
141p What Car Should I Buy My Daughter as a Graduation Present  page: 2 303/01Small Law Survi08:16Swimmer
4h Chosing the Bond Portion of the 3  22:26BossVincent00708:15oldcomputerguy
9h Investing help please  21:28Monalis08:12BeBH65
20p Happy Meeting with CPA Tax Preparer  06/27HIinvestor08:07fishmonger
8h AXA Structured Capital Strategies  14:01BogleAlltheWay08:04BogleAlltheWay
14t International allocation. (Total World)  06/26spdoublebass08:02columbia
11p Income after Fnal Return Filed  06/28cjclueless08:00Gill
68c Purchasing physical gold??  page: 22014fishdrzig07:45ddurrett896
1p New Brokerage  07:30thirdman07:43radiowave
22h IRS asking me to pay the tax on full Traditional to Roth Conversion : 1099-R  05/20njay7307:42retiredjg
2c Prevention Magazine  23:27bbees07:41hudson
7p SS Payout - Individual and Spouse Benefit  06/25Rose07:35Rose
10p what would you do? considering relocating and visiting area first  16:56OffTheGrid07:23Jack FFR1846
34h co-worker wants to pull out pension  06/27Qwertykid1807:22hudson
43c Help, realtors disagree. Take out bookshelves, hidden bed combo before listing?  06/26Jackson1206:57runner540
3p California Condo Earthquake coverage - HO5 policy exception  06/27Trav7806:56Trav78
36p A TIPS is maturing in Fidelity. What to do?  06/26VictoriaF06:40bayview
2t Best Way to Compare Mutual Funds Online?  02:30BAM!06:31FiveK
27t Q&A WITH JACK BOGLE - Got a Question for Jack?  06/01Mel Lindauer06:11B. Wellington
0p Questions about Backdoor Roth IRA  05:45Anik-red  
14t [2017 Health Savings Account Landscape] via Morningstar  06/27dignan05:36cas
7t 14 years of retirement-calculated spending  06/28Raybo05:30Lieutenant.Colu
9c Lexus RX400h - smoke from hood. What could be the issue?  23:00ckhouston05:17prudent
12h What investment account should I put more money in?  06/26RogerH05:14RogerH
8h Italian Investor (Ireland Based) - Lazy Portfolio  06/27theBaffo05:13Valuethinker
3h US Resident (Canadian Citizen) with RRSPs in Canada  06/27Kazeflame05:13Valuethinker
14t What is the “Natural Real Interest Rate”?  12:37Simplegift03:33ralph124cf
5t Schwab Intelligent Portfolio  06/27seed4great02:20Timon0201
8h Portfolio Review and Personal Financial planning - Suggestions needed  06/28coolwave151502:18coolwave1515
1h Sanity check - please comment on my plan for taxable account.  01:15GaryA50501:20triceratop
32c Is someone trying to steal my identity?  06/22R2D201:15Mudpuppy
7h Allocation help needed - I want to reinvest 457 funds and other retirement funds into Vanguard Index Funds.  06/20Farang01:11Mudpuppy
6p HSA beneficiary options (tax considerations)  06/23FIREchief01:08FIREchief
25h SP500 vs High Dividend Yeld Global Stocks  06/26HEAVYLIFT00:41Longtermgrowth
6p Unused plane ticket  06/28in_reality00:36TravelGeek
48c Consumer Reports Renewal (or not?)  06/27gvsucavie0300:204nwestsaylng
3h Ack! I just quit my job at 63.  23:03Timaaaaay5300:01BL
69p How did you handle the costs of your child's wedding?  page: 213:12tx_hombre23:53JimD7
10c Adverse Possession  06/27bbees23:53WhyNotUs
12p 47 Single - Never Married - No kids - Diabetes - Retirement  06/27Palatineman23:52LoveSpring
10h Portfolio critique, bond options for taxable at Schwab, in CA?  06/24NorCalGaal23:34in_reality
16p Vanguard Solo 401k - rectifying excess funds addition - CPA is confused  06/26ekot23:30Spirit Rider
11t Tracking Error vs Low Correlation  06/27TD262623:29avalpert
6c Pre-owned Acura's... Value of 'Certified'?  20:41wannabogle23:29brennok
35p I need a strategy to address debt and savings  06/23lateregistratio23:12Lyonsguy
4h Retire at 55 on $41K/yr fixed pension with $1MM portfolio?  21:50incowtown23:09Watty
58c Do you buy phone outright or pay it off monthly...  page: 212:43Admiral23:09neilpilot
16p Retirement spending  06/27bbees23:08bbees
3h Age 29, No Debt, 137,000+  12:50westeast23:02sawhorse
11t "Quincy Jones Streaming Music, Media & Entertainment ETF"  06/28Taylor Larimore23:00Teague
2t Larry Swedroe: All Those Factors Shrink Alpha  06/28Random Walker22:57Random Walker
28h Newbie question about my stock in Amazon...  06/24Zeusy Zeus22:51Zeusy Zeus
21p My risk tolerance suddenly went down  13:13Angelus35922:47Angelus359
8p Tax Reporting for In-Plan Conversion of After-Tax 401k Contributions to Designated Roth 401k  17:32One Ping22:47One Ping
8h 403b allocation help  03/25lmk196622:42lmk1966
20h Splitting Value and Growth in taxable/non-taxable  06/27BogleAlltheWay22:36BogleAlltheWay
20c Need Credit Card for International Travel  06/27Prudence22:33*3!4!/5!
5p Mortgage pre-authorization  15:10cjhud3222:20bluebolt
55t yahoo finance - adjusted price data incorrect?  page: 205/16datamonkee22:20MA2017
0h Old Fund Data  22:07hdas  
6h ROH  17:19carguy199321:58livesoft
104t Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX) breaks 1.00 (% not $)  page: 2 306/15*3!4!/5!21:52*3!4!/5!
71c Bogleheads: Please help me pick a new car  page: 206/22fredflinstone21:50bhusa
3p Credit Card to Pay Mortgage Payment  21:24AJC40821:36White Coat Inve
12h Newbee Investor seeks advice.  06/26newbeeeinvestor21:32newbeeeinvestor
6h Am I dumb to be holding foreign small in 401k?  19:49tombonneau21:27tombonneau
2p Withdraw Roth Contributions for lower PMI  06/27chucka21:24grabiner
17p Unable to Escape from Quicken Island ...  06/27JohnDoh21:22spammagnet
27c swimming goggles  06/27bondsr4me21:22J295
3t Questions regarding Global weight in Bonds and China A Shares in EM  20:04spdoublebass21:18triceratop
86p Middle age job blues  page: 206/27skor9921:12LadyGeek
7h Howdy! Seeking some advice please  06/24omna34421:11Chadnudj
32h DCA to fund or to sweep and then invest on low days  06/28frankr21:10goingup
4h A few random investing questions from a beginner (first post)  06/27pennysparks20:57grabiner
3h 3-fund portfolio and CA tax exempt funds  12:30morpheus195820:57CoinCounter
2371c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 482014Alex Frakt20:52dia
15c Cat teeth cleaning costs  06/27pjana20:51pjana
3h How do taxes play into my decision between investing in a 403b or Vanguard's 2055 retirement fund  19:05Springbok20:39grabiner
5h TIAA Traditional Annuity (GSRA) and Bond Fund  06/27Bluefox208820:25Bluefox2088
8h New child - what type of accounts to open?  16:19CorradoJr20:18Steelersfan
6p Thoughts on excepting a lower 401K employer match  19:21PlayingLife20:15delamer
53h Financial advisor question  page: 206/20pg5920:14bayview
206t What is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio  page: 2 3 4 52016happysteward20:13gkaplan
12t Taxes on I Series Bonds negate purchasing power protection?  06/27understandingJH20:05Thesaints
56t Your Favorite Vanguard Fund  page: 206/24sapphire9620:05Taylor Larimore
63c Stop saving and start spending  page: 206/23mobileagent19:52mobileagent
12h $110k, 25 y/o, Where to invest?  16:48Derivative19:51Duckie
10c Bogleheads - how about an outdoor chair recommendation!  06/23fsrph19:47p14175
3c Las Vegas and surrounding areas (housing)  18:11DidItMyWay19:32steve roy
19t Got a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?  06/01Mel Lindauer19:22simplesauce
0t Interesting article about B of A, Warren Buffet & Vanguard  19:15snarlyjack  
5p Starting our journey to FI  06/28CanadianAmerica19:14sawhorse
4h questions on The HSA Authority  09:29cas19:14dignan
4h Investing at 64  13:23lajo19:14onthecusp
24c Etiquette question regarding access easement usage  06/27miamivice19:04Yooper
31p How many "accounts" do you maintain at your investment firm?  06/28Ron Scott19:01bayview
29c Best cars for multiple kids  06/27Lakeparty19:00badbreath
46c Traveling with 5 and 2 Year Old from Atlanta to Orlando - Is It Worth Flying?  06/28ERISA Stone18:53LadyGeek
11h Cost basis at new Schwab account for reinvesting dividends  13:18F150HD18:52F150HD
39p Financing Engagement Ring/ Credit Score Potential Consequences  06/27cam24018:51ResearchMed
5t Why were dividends so comparitively low on this mutual fund? [FTIPX]  14:38S17C18:49Lieutenant.Colu
12c Travel to Kazakhstan - Health Insurance  06/24WolfgangPauli18:35sawhorse
2h Comparisons  16:56Bugsy18:28dbr
11c Hilton Vacation Getaways  06/27kalrocmk18:20squirm
5p Inheritance Questions  06/27MissionHockey18:12donall
5p Would some outside advice on my next steps  06/27cleversloth18:01dratkinson
15c radon test kit  06/19math2217:33jeffyscott
23t The "angle" at Schwab  06/25frankmorris17:25hoops777
2c Question about selling phone  14:44Caduceus17:23runner3081
4h Hedging currency risk  13:17Liveware Proble17:07Liveware Proble
8h Late Start-Seeking Portfolio Advice  06/26SocalLiving17:00Duckie
32h Making the jump from Edward Jones  06/26smsdad16:57dwickenh
9c 21 year old coil and furnace time to change?  11:17misterno16:55misterno
3t Life Strategy funds down more that Target Date  06/27bob_m1016:55bob_m10
11t Eight Signs You are a Seasoned Investor by Johnathan Clements  06/26pkcrafter16:50Lieutenant.Colu
16h Fee Based Financial Advisor w/Power of Attorney?  06/27neveragain16:48neveragain
28t "Find out if your [Vanguard] fund is declaring a quarterly dividend in June."  2016gkaplan16:48pshonore
7t VXUS vs VWO + VEA [Number of Holdings]  06/25hdas16:45Dominic
0h Short term treasury bond fund not in HSA in California?  16:42Hector  
8p To keep my Whole Life Insurance Policy or not  13:55Chuck47416:35White Coat Inve
437t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 908/05Earl Lemongrab16:32Earl Lemongrab
6c Wrecked Vehicles and Whether or Not to Keep Them  16:01QuestionEveryth16:29Pajamas
1h Merrill Edge Free Trades  15:57student16:27triceratop
50c Headlights & car safety  page: 22015ThankYouJack16:25JaneyLH
18h 28, Single, No Debt, Seeking Portfolio Advice  06/19arowback16:22retiredjg
47h TIPS or no TIPS again  06/26AntsOnTheMarch16:21Doc
4p Best method to move ROTH from Janus Henderson to vanguard?  13:41AntsOnTheMarch16:17AntsOnTheMarch
0h Overdraft due to backdoor account transfer  16:17Generator515  
20h Should I Sell Energy Index (VDE) and take loss?  06/28coupleofcents16:14Avo
19p Need help to sell family farm.  06/27Robert401616:13IowaFarmBoy
18h Critique and an Old 401  06/16icesky16:11icesky
3p John Hancock won't let 401k be maxed?  10:47notmyhand16:06wfrobinette
103t Anyone else gotten totally bored with investing?  page: 2 306/15texasdiver16:06Easy Rhino
12h Best Alternative to Vanguard (Taxable Investing)  12:54Kywildcat16:04Pete12
0t Malkiel essay on Smart Beta  15:53matjen  
1h Question about backdoor Roth with leftover dividend distribution  14:23Shamrock7115:44Alan S.
3h Recommendations on International Index Fund  11:31utefan2215:44utefan22
17h Need advices cleaning up my portfolio  06/05sugarandspice15:41sugarandspice
32p How much would you save if you don't have insurance?  05/04kithwang15:07kithwang
3528t U.S. stocks in freefall  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 712011Lbill15:04Vanguard Fan 13
8h New to Investing. $25,000 to Invest.  10:51dfonley14:52bigROI
12p Annuity VS cash  06/27Kentembry14:47dm200
6h Multiple 401a and 457?  06/28shekhs14:40Spirit Rider
0p Retired Feds: Experience with FEHB TCC for adult child?  14:30delamer  
0p Potential Contractors Position vs Unstable FTE  14:21N10sive  
19h Computershare  2016john9454914:06jrbdmb
19p How does a POD CD actually work when the owner dies  2010imagardener13:56bsteiner
2p Income from writing apps  12:45czeckers13:55renue74
8p Consolidating banks accounts  06/27cam24013:55flamesabers
11c Cellular Data Usage  06/28LifeIsGood13:52The Wizard
14p Tax Liability on Selling Former Residence (Now Rental)  06/27SeaToTheBay13:47Two Headed Mule
10c Home insurance post-payoff?  06/26ghudson13:47wfrobinette
9h Dealing with Annual Fee in old 401k  06/28Spewin13:37House Blend
8p Net worth - thanks to this site  06/28Detroittl13:29JupiterJones
87c Slide rule anyone?  page: 22012MP17313:28JupiterJones
10t Morningstar Portfolio Manager  06/28gkaplan13:19Doc
57h Looking into selling a structured settlement and need some advice  page: 206/25TOPSZN13:18jimb_fromATL
26c Anyone feel like talking "R"  2016Benp40413:09JupiterJones
1019c Best watch for around $5,000?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 212008Petrocelli12:56airahcaz
58p Can we/should we afford a $2M house?  page: 206/23Salmon12:51bluebolt
38h HSA with HSA bank (my options?)  06/07AntsOnTheMarch12:45aristotelian
6p UPS freezing pensions for non-union  06/27spammagnet12:42Valuethinker
90c Sam's Club vs. Costco  page: 206/25munemaker12:37*3!4!/5!
1h Inheritance Investment  11:49jte113012:35aristotelian
16p Do you check your dividends?  06/27Caduceus12:30JaneyLH
20c Which Dealer Cost/Invoice does one use?  06/25mfrank8412:17mfrank84
66p Any situations car leasing makes sense?  page: 22015riley4212:10SEAworld9
5c tennis ball machine recommendations  10:38mookie12:09gregchesney
1h Alternative Savings Account  10:35richardg12311:56Thesaints
7h Investment on lump sum of a rollover  06/26zrzhu11111:46zrzhu111
3t Retiree in need of new FA  09:54mickeyd11:40prudent
9h Roth IRA for 24 year old son  06/19FL123411:35David Jay
5h investing help  06/27Gnstric11:32jbranx
9p Roth IRA Distributions  2015wcombs11:01Alan S.
3p American Family Insurance  06/27tc10110:47jbranx
4h Moving from STAR fund to Balanced fund (VBIAX)  06/27moneywise310:45ruralavalon
22t The 5 Pitfalls of Mutual Funds by,....  06/22SeeMoe10:42nova1968
39c House softener system  06/11Almost there10:30HueyLD
31c Cruise With The Grandkids  06/27LifeIsGood10:18djpeteski
21p Any Reason to Stay With USAA?  06/27anonenigma10:06Uncle Pennybags
14t Prime MMF is 25% Yankee/Foreign. What is that?  2011tc10110:02Uncle Pennybags
11h Help UK investors with windfall  06/02digdug09:54Valuethinker
9c Certified Pre-Owned Honda/Toyota  06/27poloplayer01209:50poloplayer012
30p Elderly Relative Reluctant to give POA  06/26harmony09:50Uncle Pennybags
39p Won an ATV in a what?  06/26elTocino09:46Rupert
32t Illinois: A slow swimming black swan?  06/27JCE6609:46Earl Lemongrab
19c Television Provider Options 2017  06/26Alf 10109:42FrugalInvestor
17c Is the new Chevy Equinox any good?  06/22CULater09:41munemaker
11p Payment to Dr's office  06/27new2bogle09:36flamesabers
14h Rental home and ex-pat ?  06/24kayanco06/28rcsracing
13p Incorrect IRS notice, should I worry?  06/26slin06/28dbr
64c Things to do in Iowa/Nebraska  page: 206/25jaj227606/28Goat1036
19c Receiving Magazines...Never Subscribed  06/27C4NT06/28lthenderson
0h South American investor needs help with bonds part of portfolio  06/28PvdHeuvel  
4p Lease New Car?  06/28kwarden1306/28b42
1875p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 382016guitarguy06/28Da5id
12h advice on how to invest inheritance wisely  06/27quethers06/28Grt2bOutdoors
0p Taxact Form 1116 Reduction in foreign taxes (Ln 12) missing  06/28daminescu  
4t TIPS yield curve  06/27AJG306/28AJG3
719t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152009Trev H06/28cb474
6h Investment Advice for a Recent College Graduate  06/27markymark2106/28billfromct
2h Roth conversion and 'Married Filing Separately' tax status  06/27TedSwippet06/28TedSwippet
7h Settlement fund and MM fund  06/27Pessimist5506/28Pessimist55
5h Where to stash cash for a car?  06/27KirklandCoug06/28galectin
12h Investing Plan  06/25chapt20306/28venkman
4p California State Teachers Pension  06/27alleiter06/28jdouge
69c Bay Area housing  page: 206/24Timon020106/284nwestsaylng
12h Stuck with Ameriprise?  06/27nesteggbuilder06/27in_reality
0p Tax resolution questions  06/27UncleNemo  
14c Compelling Beneficiaries to Respond - Trust  06/27fishmonger06/27GreenGrowTheDol
50p WWYD? Cash in Investment to Pay Off Mortgage Question  page: 206/20Eagle06/27jimb_fromATL
12p Annuities  06/27carguy199306/27HueyLD
20t where to go to learn about investing?  06/26dia06/27EyeYield
31t Investor Analysis of Index Annuities  2013ThePrune06/27itstoomuch
27p Realtor fee negotiations  06/26wahnfried06/27MindBogler
2p How much life insurance?  06/27Oh12306/27Lars_2013
29p What to do with mortgages, etc.  06/22kiva2206/27kiva22
10t Price on ETF and the Mutual Fund, What?  06/27dia06/27Longtermgrowth
3p HD/HSA insurance option at work - some general advice needed  06/27RW-Expat06/27grabiner
140p Where to find a financially like-minded significant other?  page: 2 306/26deanmoriarty06/27LadyGeek
12p Tipping floor subcontractors?  06/27TTGO80806/27JonnyDVM
4h Advice To Help Parent's Pay Down Debt  06/26guspus06/27Beth*
3h Surrender fee tax considerations  06/26Hardlearning06/27grabiner
5h Capital One Money Market Increases to 1.10% APY  06/27FootballFan554806/27Longtermgrowth
4h Ca. Muni bond funds  06/27Changing06/27grabiner
8h Kaiser Permanente 401(k) fee question  06/21texasdiver06/27Voltron
43c New cars w/ no CD player -- what can I do with my CDs?  06/23CULater06/27SrGrumpy
51p Federal Retiree Health Care with/Medicare  page: 204/29LuigiLikesPizza06/27trueblueky
14h Retired Traditional IRA advice  06/26AWCM06/27AWCM
16p Losing job, seeking advice  06/27luckybamboo06/27bottlecap
76p Please talk me out of a turnkey rental property  page: 206/03deanmoriarty06/27Pajamas
62c Suits: best bang for your buck?  page: 205/24TSR06/27metacritic
7h Funding Trusts  06/27Bogleingle06/27johnnyc321
199p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  page: 2 3 403/05whodidntante06/27pasadena
60p Military Retirement; "Should I stay or should I go now?"  page: 22015FatMoneyClip06/27OAG
7p Help with determining appropriate salary  06/20FrugalYankee06/27random_walker_7
4h For those of you planning to die with your Roth untouched...  06/27Ron Scott06/27celia
23t Robots Are Eating Money Managers’ Lunch  06/25htdrag1106/27nisiprius
10c Pet insurance  06/27pablolo06/27Poppinjay
3h A large, intentional overcontribution to a Roth IRA  06/27Jebediah06/27celia
9h 3% income  06/27Paper4806/27David Jay
3p Living on Credit [obtain loan to build $25K house?]  06/27captainoutrage06/27junior
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