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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3173 new posts and replies over 332 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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63t"Rules-Based Risk Management System" = Market Timing = Momentum/Trend Following?11/09 sjwoo23:46 Theoretical
8hLooking to invest 80k for 3-5 years15:23 basefifty23:44 Momus
1471tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews23:42 AlphaLess
8pHSA contribution limits & Medicare13:04 mhalley23:38 Spirit Rider
5tAnnuities19:30 ripete23:37 Dottie57
27pAnyone use a Wealth Manager?11/09 ThankYouJack23:36 MisterMister
77hAre We In A Real Estate Bubble?11/07 kadibex123:34 WWJBDo
34pHow to deposit cash in online account with no local branch11/07 mptfan23:31 mptfan
72cGranddaughter needs $ help for university11/12 Almost there23:30 HereToLearn
388tHow much international stock? A suggestion.2016 Taylor Larimore23:29 MnD
37t[Jim Cramer] A major Correction13:36 yousha23:29 AlphaLess
11hGood time to TLH and which Vanguard funds to avoid wash sale?11/12 fortfun23:27 stlutz
12pStock market open today?11/12 dm20023:25 AlphaLess
10tMorningstar downgrades several Vanguard funds16:31 Doc23:24 fennewaldaj
10cWindows 10 October Update (1809)11/12 ubermax23:22 2015
0pConfused with TLH aftereffects in Vanguard23:22 simpleguy123 
2hCan I purchase individual stocks in my Vanguard Rollover IRA?23:09 BogleInTraining23:17 MisterMister
9prule of thumb for using HSA funds?15:07 feh23:15 MP123
38cCan you suggest where to live if work at UCLA11/11 aquamarine23:12 ellink
4pHow to handle forced HSA distribution17:45 whodidntante23:09 Spirit Rider
33pAmazon says TurboTax 2018 will be released November 1211/07 cadreamer201523:08 CABob
14cNew phone suggestions? My LG V20 phone is kicking the bucket.19:44 catscadia23:07 nalor511
2cFree half price mass transit card NYC for seniors11:20 protagonist23:04 2015
15hWon a lawsuit after a wrongful death in the family. How to invest?03:51 Pfthrowaway101622:59 2015
76pFinances in NYC11/10 mark3922:55 blueman457
2303tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore22:46 2015
40hIs maxing out Tax defered 401(k) enough?11/12 TASK12322:40 suemarkp
114tDiversification Regret11/02 vineviz22:38 Copernicus
9hTransfering from 401K yearly into trad IRA question19:27 lepa7122:36 LadyGeek
4tBloomberg: GE Preferred STOCK in Vanguard short bond funds??06:52 motorcyclesarec22:34 jalbert
0pComparing Medigap Policies - Need a Bit of Advice22:30 tealeaves 
21tInvestment advisors- is regulatory burden higher on fiduciaries?12:46 Misenplace22:27 CedarWaxWing
2hRetirement Portfolio Review - Advice needed11/12 Br6910222:26 Br69102
18cGarmins & Fitbits: Worth it for non-athletes?14:42 MnyGrl22:26 logos
2hOld 401k from employer roll over to Vanguard IRA??21:18 inn_vest22:24 sawhorse
1pPPO vs I missing something?20:48 alphacollector22:22 grabiner
0c2019 Subaru Forester Vs. 2019 Rav 422:21 Monica 
35hI can't take this anymore=) I'm selling stocks and buying bonds!15:16 Alex GR22:21 munemaker
12cfuel for snowblower17:41 serbeer22:19 munemaker
25cGlobal Entry Turnaround Time ?11/12 J29522:17 quantAndHold
3hArmy Veteran here in need of help with an annuity builder problem.11/12 H.Pat22:16 GuyInFL
38pDeceased year RMD of inherited IRA2013 livesoft22:13 hudson
11pSocial Security FRA start date with 1st of month birthday2016 Beck4922:12 biscuits
30phealth savings account as federal employees2010 September22:11 MnD
3812cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36822:07 bengal22
2hLong-term bond index vs Total bond16:13 peagreenboat22:05 lack_ey
37cAnyone with an Audi A3, Sport hatchback e-tron?11/04 Sandi_k22:03 randomguy
5pAnyone change career/ start over again?19:05 alex12371122:01 Raymond
15pQuestion re: HSA for federal employees and FSA carryover10/28 InvisibleAeroba22:00 motorcyclesarec
13pHow to value retiree healthcare benefit13:09 BostonButterfly21:58 InMyDreams
4pAm I daft...Cannot pay Elan with my Fidelity account19:12 mrmass21:48 Horsefly
23tAQR fund family's performance relative to its benchmarks11/12 nisiprius21:48 lack_ey
13hOops! Edward Jones tops Vanguard in customer survey17:47 nbseer21:48 billfromct
13t"What If You Retire At a Stock Market Peak?" - by Ben Carlson15:02 Rowan Oak21:46 MossySF
1tPortability of Fidelity ZERO21:26 Mind Bogler21:44 Silk McCue
1hLTG & LTL does this strategy make sense?16:51 fmhealth21:43 grabiner
0cBlue Cross, Blue Shield dental plans21:42 MrMojoRisin 
65ccvt transmissions2015 sarahjane21:40 bpp
45tVanguard investor class shares on their way out?11/12 MnD21:40 venkman
24cFlooring for home gym2014 Hayden21:39 dsb012
3hPredecessor to DAGVX?11/11 Valmede798021:38 retire2022
7hAll holdings sold when Roth moved, now what?11/12 InvestingIka21:30 Silk McCue
5hGetting started investing13:00 Xaran21:19 Xaran
4hMutual Fund cost basis19:24 erictiger21:14 oldcomputerguy
54cRecommend Chrome ad-blocker11/09 kayanco21:13 squirm
3tonline trade order limit?20:18 AQ21:11 typical.investo
7hTLH International, should I buy back original holding?06:19 3-20Characters21:10 Misenplace
4tNon-USA person investing: AGG vs IUAG yields2015 galeno21:05 DJN
4cUpgrade from Moto G5+ to Moto X4?20:16 catdude21:03 squirm
75hFor Those Who Purchased Ally No Penalty CD's in Dec/Jan05/01 MikeG6220:59 Blues
102p[Financial] Habits of the Rich11/11 Wilhou201520:55 Wilhou2015
4hNeed to invest $100k to bring my asset allocation back in line13:32 wannabebogler20:54 celia
80cToo many choices for my next TRUCK11/08 ad200720:48 Helo80
43pTime Value of Money vs. Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)11/05 willthrill8120:46 siamond
29p457 vs 403b11/11 cjniemiec20:36 willthrill81
702pHigh Earners - What's Your Profession?2014 Hawkeye_Saver20:34 darrvao777
14pQ: Post Retirement Roth Contribution (Vanguard) & Earned Income Requirement08:35 Beatle Boots20:25 BL
11t2018 Tax Time is upon us15:33 Doc20:25 rkhusky
20hSeverance | 401(k)11/11 Makaveli20:21 Makaveli
90hRoth vs. Traditional 401k11/10 FrugalPharmacis20:19 WanderingDoc
5hCan landlords take the QBI tax break?11/12 Loon1120:19 Loon11
72cHow long have you had, or did you have, your HP-12C calculator?11/12 catdude20:17 gtaylor
34tVanguard Year-End distribution estimates11/02 delamer20:13 drzzzzz
440pAlly Banking 1% extra back up to $1,000 on new money deposited10/15 LSLover20:12 CalculatedRisk
51tTreasury term premium estimate: negative in most of 2017, now 2018 too (NY Fed Adrian, Crump, Moench model)2017 lack_ey20:08 ThrustVectoring
5hHelp with 1031 property sale11/07 Loon1120:03 Loon11
122lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam219:57 Tzoellner
20tTreating I-Bonds as Long-term Bond Holdings2017 aj76er19:49 assetalloc
37hShould we drop our manager, for 4-fund portfolio?11/11 Lazareth19:43 ExitStageLeft
5hTLH at Schwab- IXUS & VXUS09:26 chambers13619:41 Earl Lemongrab
3hNew Investor looking for some guidance17:07 meda2319:40 sarabayo
6hVGTSX/VTSAX or Just The VTWSX?11/12 bluerafters19:28 Earl Lemongrab
60tMurphy's Law Of Retirement2017 Random Walker19:25 willthrill81
18pWhen to follow up after job interview11:24 eternalcow19:18 go_mets
4pAnyone have a bad experience with HDHP?17:40 Arizonasun200819:03 sailaway
13t2008 level11/12 yousha18:56 iamlucky13
4hSpouse Roth IRA Contribution Limits11/11 Ethereal18:53 Ethereal
32pWould you invest CC cashback into market??11/12 toomuchRE18:47 yeahman
5pHow to compare job with 401k vs. without15:40 Triple digit go18:36 Admiral
7cHVAC contractor swapped the furnace16:11 gisPro18:33 Saving$
108hCustomer Service with Vanguard03/31 LilyFleur18:28 mouses
9hSelling I Bonds/Buying New I Bonds?11/10 Barefootgirl18:24 protagonist
4hMAJOR Vanguard Screwups in 403(b) Rollover08:38 rmf10518:24 rkhusky
0hDiving into DIY Investing18:23 taysel 
21hHow much should Son and DIL put into Roth & Pre-tax 401k accounts...?09:34 Johnsson18:21 Dottie57
5cDual SIM smart phone11/12 legio XX18:15 gold99xx
77lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine18:13 RetiredMarine
102cPoint and shoot camera11/09 legio XX17:56 legio XX
78tGeneral Electric05/29 sawyer_sully17:50 Nestegg_User
6pCoverdell to 529 rollover and 365-day rule09:29 markcoop17:41 Alan S.
31c30" or 36" induction range for remodel?11/11 johan85117:35 mrc
3hBond Ladder vs. Vanguard Bonds17:05 Gatewood17:34 HappyWorkerBee
7pAnother HDHP Question14:23 Ren17:26 Artful Dodger
5hApproximate Total Stock Market14:08 ChrisH17:19 retiringwhen
29hSocial Security Claiming Strategy - Seeking Confirmation11/11 jahol00017:16 dknightd
10pAuto Accident Settlement06/15 Tech17:12 ResearchMed
2995pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy16:54 SlowMovingInves
170lMaster Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter2012 dickenjb16:50 marnie
0pHelp needed with retirement numbers16:49 Cheego 
7h2 Questions14:40 Closer232316:37 sport
21cAny space heaters that automatically maintain a temperature in a room!11/12 bigguy843716:25 dm200
84hFirst time invester, help needed please11/07 stt81616:22 stt816
77tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5316:19 Artful Dodger
15tWorld's worst market timer. Buy high, sell... never?2015 jasc1516:16 Random Musings
2hMM vs Bonds vs CDs for a 69 year old15:51 MoneyKnuckleHea16:14 sport
51cPlanet Fitness etc.,11/10 PinotGris16:09 Dantes
660cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater16:08 CULater
2hTSP to Roth before RMD11/12 Loon1116:03 Loon11
13pEnjoying Your Work11/12 brokenrecord15:59 panhead
29pUSAA Multi Product Discount10/26 tj15:51 tj
0hQualified Account Allocation Guidance15:47 Senior Miguel 
5tAQR's Cliff Asness – The Past, The Present & Future of Quant08:41 matjen15:47 lassevirensghos
11pRoth conversion complications- tax help needed!11/10 francine15:43 celia
7810tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill15:40 roymeo
40cFeeling uneasy about recent splurge11/12 Colorado1315:35 LadyGeek
21cWanting to move my family but where to begin?11/12 Triple digit go15:34 Triple digit go
18cUpstairs Floor is No Longer Used....07:00 gasdoc15:31 gasdoc
11hDimensional Funds11/12 samswami15:30 samswami
15pSalary vs Equity at a startup11/12 wbadbada15:20 TheOscarGuy
17cFuel system cleaning for old SUV $269!!11/12 student515:17 TheOscarGuy
10cHow to get rid of palmettos [Palmetto bugs]11/12 parigi72315:09 JPH
64cWorth fixing a 30-year-old Maytag dryer?2013 Liam15:06 Dianne
3ckeep smartwatch or return?14:38 go_mets15:03 Silk McCue
1pHSA question14:45 Bhairston201814:58 Artful Dodger
12cBest Gutter Guard?08:51 Small Law Survi14:50 rkhusky
5cDonating Airline Miles?10:36 Cartographer14:48 3dream3
4h401k Options-reallocation help11/12 rkat14:47 BL
0pUS expat moving to the UK / HMRC non-reporting funds14:41 DouroBound 
0hBrand new to the forum, getting a plan ready for my finances14:39 h20123 
167tA reminder: Stay away from AQR11/08 hdas14:39 rkhusky
1tGE Preferred Stock Looms Large for Vanguard and Pimco14:32 Paul Romano14:34 retiringwhen
0pParents as trustees for child beneficiary of irrevocable trust.14:33 FoolMeOnce 
16cIs my Android tablet too old?09:27 Faith2087914:28 bob60014 now has 2018 Return available.11/06 b0B14:23 theplayer11
1pResources for understanding prenups13:30 icedtea14:03 Silk McCue
81pBecoming frugal10/28 Jwymer16714:02 JimMolony
53ctipping for grocery delivery11/07 brandy13:42 Beehave
25hThe Disaster That Is General Electric Company Stock01/24 john454613:33 cheezit
2cLooking for a low cost camera for one side of the house without windows12:42 iamblessed13:31 friuli_croatan
8h401K plan changing funds.. ugh11:20 uberme13:31 uberme
131cFavorite "free stuff"?11/08 tennisplyr13:15 jayjayc
98cretirement travel: RVs vs fly/drive/hotel11/02 4nwestsaylng13:10 westie
55hMove savings to Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX)11/06 vwgrrc12:57 mervinj7
19pPurchasing New Home - Down Payment 20 or 25%??07:53 All_About_Benji12:55 ofckrupke
7hBonds vs. Savings Account10:45 Closer232312:42 dwickenh
87cFord Fusion under Safety Recall for 2 Years - Ford Can't Fix - help12/22 WolfgangPauli12:38 Jack FFR1846
10hsetting up a cd ladder10/28 rayrockusa12:37 rayrockusa
7pIs this a good deal for a new iPhone xr ?10:19 skor9912:35 Katietsu
6hStart three fund portfolio09:15 CaptainMike12:34 CaptainMike
8hSocial Security Question07:29 LittleSaver12:33 JoeRetire
10tExpected nominal return in 80/20 stock/bond fund for next 10 years11/12 masonstone12:30 inbox788
66cBest deals to buy iphones10/05 Neoseo130012:26 Katietsu
0cWould you install a third ductless unit under these circumstances?12:21 Infomom2 
9hNY 457/Settlement Advice10/31 drayno200112:20 krow36
4pWithdrawal options in retirement11/12 banyan12:01 banyan
14hSmall business (5 employees) 401k - cheapest options11/12 DarkHelmetII12:00 smitcat
4pHealth Coverage during severance11/12 DreamHigher11:48 BeneIRA
2pRollover and tax implications11:14 kjjnyc11:42 kjjnyc
253lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2015!2014 VictoriaF11:34 Mountebank
3pShort-Term Medical Plans09:59 PaHumbug11:25 Rupert
10hShort Bond Funds or Tips Funds or Bond Ladder11/11 frederickj11:16 vineviz
6cReturn on CC that I actually did not return??08:36 turkey123411:15 runner3081
45hYou Invest by JP Morgan Chase10/28 Dead Man Walkin11:12 cookymonster
32cDirect Primary Care-Anyone use it?02/15 davebo10:55 tj
5h401K Retirement Catch Up Year, Maybe???09:50 opticyellow10:54 opticyellow
3hI-bonds vs TIPS23:59 dyangu10:53 protagonist
41pHow high can House prices go11/06 prettybogle10:49 nedsaid
21tBest Fidelity Money Market Account to Hold Cash?08/07 duffer10:33 dcdowden
7hTLH Timing - IXUS to VXUS11/12 kdsjaf10:28 kdsjaf
15cnew car [pay cash?]11/12 starman5910:28 lazydavid
3pHSA option only has in-network benefits, open enrollment dilemma11/12 blackcat allie10:08 Edie
19pDownloadable Social Security Benefit Estimator (2019 Update)10/31 neurosphere10:06 neurosphere
10cFlorida BCBS through ACA: experiences/reviews11/08 ZumZabo10:02 ZumZabo
11hFlood Insurance- When is it necessary?11/12 PoultryMan09:50 Blister
38cShould I reject Google drive for privacy/tracking?11/09 get_g0ing09:45 get_g0ing
1hDeferred compensation vs. non-governmental 457(b)11/12 inforapenny09:04 mhc
1336tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab08:41 arf30
366tCOMING SOON: BOGLEHEADS PODCASTS07/12 Mel Lindauer08:34 FBN2014
12cRunning in the cold rain11/12 ThankYouJack08:20 carolinaman
120pIf expenses are low, are some of us over saving?11/07 imfocusedman08:12 smitcat
244cHow many of you have cut the cord?2016 Ryanlion850608:09 TheOscarGuy
3hRetirement Portfolio Advice11/12 rjw212208:08 b42
4hInvesting proceeds from sale of a house11/12 RogerT08:04 RogerT
18pwhy so few 50/50 balanced funds?11/12 montanagirl07:58 retiredjg
5hAll extra savings into FDs 1.9%@12m11/11 bubbasour07:53 bubbasour
6hUsing Growth funds for tax efficiency? [Ukraine]11/11 maryenko07:49 maryenko
3pApplied for biz credit card -- but fine print says only biz transactions allowed?07:21 doss07:42 Mike Scott
33cMoving to NYC without a job11/07 sizzlinkola07:34 3feetpete
12pDiversifying term life insurance providers11/11 jjj8806:49 c.coyle
19cBest city car11/10 Szeal03:53 Limoncello402
13pQuestions on Credit Reports and Credit Scores11/11 alexcr03:01 Trism
44hStrategy during the last stock market decline11/09 dh02:58 Sheepdog
5hIBKR - Why Commission fees for the same UK domiciled ETF different every purchase? Either $1 or $511/12 thibaulthib02:55 thibaulthib
12h[EU / Belgium] A suitable alternative to bonds?11/10 zarci02:41 ignition
6tFeedback on "auto pilot" strategy11/12 mitchkman02:16 4nursebee
33pStop paying on life insurance policy?11/10 Hogan77301:32 traineeinvestor
13hPermanent Portfolio - Interested in Bogleheads thoughts11/11 waywardguy00:17 jalbert
131cWhen to change tires; and what brand10/17 novemberrain00:07 6miths
11hUnique TLH question... maybe10/29 WannabeBogleHea11/12 grabiner
8pFastest ACH transfers?11/03 Keepcalm11/12 dallasjava
10hManaging RMDs11/12 BobBacken11/12 Peter Foley
16hRearrange 3 fund portfolio or leave accounts mirrored11/09 Mr_Yan11/12 JustinR
5pSold house. need sanity check11/12 linuxology11/12 2015
12cHelp! yet aother PPO vs HDHP plan11/10 hmw11/12 hmw
2pTwo Home Sale Tax Exclusions11/11 heels201011/12 heels2010
93tWhat's everyone currently in?10/25 Zeusy Zeus11/12 Beensabu
16pAt what point does a life insurance policy not make sense?11/11 schrute11/12 leeks
2hJust starting11/12 Tonetown11/12 Tonetown
27tThe Perfect Portfolio for You11/09 Rick Ferri11/12 vineviz
3pFinance software for couples11/12 newinvestor8411/12 WoodSpinner
45tRoth Investment Theory11/10 HAWK2311/12 2015
9tDividends and Tax Risk Adjustment11/12 bogquestion11/12 grabiner
2hRoth 401(k) conversion question11/11 mathguy302111/12 Alan S.
11hMuni Bond funds and Capital Gains11/10 Theseus11/12 grabiner
8hWhat are the upsides / downsides of these two portfolios? (European Investor)11/10 MountainTop11/12 typical.investo
4cLaptop warranty-Costco’s version?11/12 jgdsss11/12 02nz
12tMissing October Statement [Vanguard]11/05 soazfree11/12 soazfree
41cHigh-end Christmas decorations11/07 Caduceus11/12 LovingLife
10hRoth vs. Traditional for low tax bracket11/11 60guy11/12 grabiner
44lmetro Denver Bogleheads?2017 BsmartSM11/12 LucyB
13pPaying life insurance for parents11/11 Mndiver11/12 jminv
83pDoing taxes by hand11/09 28fe611/12 MJS
29c20th Anniversary vacation ideas wanted11/10 Kimota11/12 Will do good
785pVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest11/12 LadyGeek
14tIs there CD funds in VG to be used for IRA's?11/06 Gamma Ray11/12 Kevin M
20cApple - Old Product Boxes - Keep or Dispose?11/09 abuss36811/12 GerryL
1pconfusing auto car insurance options (NJ)11/12 guliver11/12 lakpr
5tPaycheck in retirement11/11 CWRadio11/12 RetiredAL
3hHelp to understand bonds maturity vs investment timeline11/12 jct313211/12 Kevin M
125cTips on Buying a Class-B RV01/31 WoodSpinner11/12 4nwestsaylng
7hTransferring stocks from Computershare?11/12 zback11/12 ionball
4hHelp young investor/family man with a unique situation...11/12 CMLAW111/12 fortfun
25pDeferred Comp good idea?06/29 mdavis689011/12 aristotelian
18cQuick Turnaround for Passport Applications (No Payment for Expedited Processing)11/10 stargazer11/12 J295
11pRules for Roth 401k After Leaving Company11/05 rightnitro11/12 rightnitro
53cHow to Encrypt a Text file?11/05 get_g0ing11/12 jalbert
3406cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt11/12 hdas
21pAdmiral share class for total world stock11/10 DartThrower11/12 asset_chaos
9hCheapest and simplest way to do a 1/3 asset class portfolio11/12 ChrisO11/12 ChrisO
24pRMDs in the year one becomes 70 1/211/11 Good Listener11/12 TravelforFun
36pState retirement pensions thoughts?11/09 turkey123411/12 am
3hDirect Rollover from Fidelity IRA to TSP11/12 Jagman11/12 Alan S.
81hBuying Treasury Bills: Treasury Direct or Vanguard / Fidelity03/18 ThisJustIn11/12 dalmatiandan
21cPrepaying for Rental Car - Availability Guaranteed?11/11 iamlucky1311/12 BobTexas
8h401k rollover to Roth IRA - timing & taxes11/12 Xanadu11/12 retiredjg
61pWhere to buy engagement ring?08/21 genjix11/12 dekecarver
3pLife Insurance [still needed?]11/12 toddtone11/12 Dantes
34pNew State Farm Coverages03/06 sport11/12 southerndoc
22hVanguard Index Fund Admiral Shares Question11/10 esmac11/12 ruralavalon
37cICE, hybrid, Phev, electric for short trips2017 ray.james11/12 ray.james
13pKids Inheritance - Lump Sum or SWR?11/11 ThankYouJack11/12 Iorek
31hPortfolio Assistance and Retirement Advice07/20 Terp197811/12 Duckie
12pIs it worth it to rent our house?11/12 mentos11/12 rgs92
13hIs NOW a good time to start ETF saving journey?11/10 wiserabbit11/12 Earl Lemongrab
2hCommingling of traditional/Roth contributions within the same retirement account?11/12 EquityForAll11/12 EquityForAll
96tIs Small Value Still A Winner?10/31 Alexa911/12 nedsaid
10pBest free online tax return predictor?11/10 turkey123411/12 Carson
63hPanic set in... now what?11/01 MisterMister11/12 tadamsmar
110pDo I need more than Original Medicare?11/04 kay8bee11/12 dm200
15cExterior Painting Mil Thickness and Coats11/11 DTalos11/12 barnaclebob
40hmassive Roth conversion07/13 Wild Willie11/12 changingtimes
8pwhich way is simpler if NOL11/12 ketanco11/12 123
24pHome addition vs. Buying New11/12 boston8511/12 grkmec
1cBest educational resource to learn core financial and business metrics11/12 Iowa David11/12 onthecusp
7pWhich Credit Cards Will I Get Approved for with no Credit Score?11/11 bigtex11/12 mariezzz
38cStill spending too much on non-essentials11/12 Caduceus11/12 Mr.BB
6hVanguard - Cost basis not ACTUALLY switching to SpecID?11/10 stilts100711/12 stilts1007
7hHelp with Roth IRA11/11 Davinci11/12 Earl Lemongrab
9hAsset allocation question: How to include farm rental income in my model?10/03 Chartreuse11/12 happymob
8hDecumulation phase of retirement: money market a safe place to park money needed over the next two years?11/11 JCP711/12 GerryL
168pIRS publishes draft 2018 1040 - Huge changes made06/26 DrCheese11/12 mariezzz
3pExecutive Search11/12 Biil McNeal11/12 blevine
11hCreating a Bridge to Social Security11/12 Ckprocker11/12 delamer
14hFinancial Engines thru Vanguard11/12 davidkw11/12 student
27pRegrets from canceling whole life insurance policy - anyone out there?11/10 Iowa David11/12 inbox788
2hSole proprietorship/LLC in community property state? - sole and separate property agreemnt11/10 Soon2BXProgramm11/12 Soon2BXProgramm
1tRealtyShares11/12 skepticalobserv11/12 White Coat Inve
8hi-bonds vs muni bond11/03 l1am11/12 Mel Lindauer
6hportfolio, plan and early retirement10/16 SSM111/12 SSM1
25cTrying to move out.11/12 Keepcalm11/12 prudent
8cIs it safe to keep using a phone after it stops receiving security updates?11/11 PandaParty11/12 wander
1hBulk After-Tax 401K11/12 roamin survivor11/12 Spirit Rider
2tLarry Swedroe: Thwarting Financial Abuse11/12 Random Walker11/12 nedsaid
5pRooftop solar panels cost per installed watt11/11 jthokie411/12 Valuethinker
10h[EU] Review my portfolio & investment plan11/11 zarci11/12 Valuethinker
41tInvestments with zero yield11/05 Greenman7211/12 Wagnerjb
7hYearly Sanity Check11/11 stroopwafel11/12 Chip
10pRMD questions11/07 marathonwmn11/12 marathonwmn
20tFidelity class change calculation. Numbers seem off, unless NAVs have extra decimal places.11/10 b0B11/12 b0B
0cBlue Cross Blue Shield Basic vs Blue Focus11/12 Terite B 
5hNoob asset question11/10 last_attention11/12 alex_686
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