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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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4182 new posts and replies over 385 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
4tVanguard Target Adds TIPS?10:19 gr707010:43 mervinj7
32hSwedroe’s Bond Advice - no total bond index13:22 nix4me10:42 willthrill81
10tStocks are dirt cheap vs. Bonds00:10 mrspock10:41 jeffyscott
20h[Is an Investment Policy Statement needed? How do I write one?]05/26 nanameg10:40 pkcrafter
81tAnybody do any GOOD timing the market?05/25 dkturner10:40 Chicken Little
24t“WHEN YOU'VE WON the game, stop playing with the money you really need.”08:28 CWRadio10:38 SJIRon
31hWhat to do with cash?05/21 achen929110:38 gr7070
16tIn taxable, why are bond funds "discouraged" but not money market funds?05/21 LifelongDebtor10:37 White Coat Inve
40pSimple jobs during FATFire?11:33 hammond10:37 TravelGeek
13pFinally! Income more than doubled - review05/21 StudentofFI10:36 White Coat Inve
14pSwitching Insurance15:45 PatrickA510:35 fsrph
63tEl-Erian comments on the crisis05/23 garlandwhizzer10:35 JonnyB
46pSomething Fishy Here?? [CARES payment received via prepaid Visa]05/22 birnhamwood10:35 cheese_breath
24cThe "Best of" for Aldi?17:17 Kennedy10:34 Faith20879
71cNJ property taxes too high. What are my alternative states?05/23 EliaK10:34 Dontwasteit
48tAnyone screwed up timing the market?05/25 TheoLeo10:34 LeslieSmiley
24pMortgage rates headed lower?05/25 HEDGEFUNDIE10:33 Golf maniac
616pStimulus help for small businesses, sole proprietors, s-corp etc03/28 Theseus10:32 Harry Livermore
8hHow to maintain discipline with bonds?06:54 dave105410:32 dbr
4pmy last chance to use a 401k for mega backdoor roth09:24 gips10:32 sailaway
76pAvoiding keeping-up-with-the-joneses w.r.t. private schools05/25 hammond10:31 gr7070
35tWhy did you change your investing approach?05/24 tvubpwcisla10:31 KlangFool
36t40m Unemployment Claims - I Don’t Understand Why Markets Seem To Not Care19:54 oscar110:31 BW1985
38tThis article is scaring me. [Roubini predicting depression]00:16 SilverGirl10:29 Clever_Username
5hHow do I invest for my retired mom?18:18 Brunch10:29 KEotSK66
215tAre we better off now than Dec 2018?03/21 SandysDad10:29 unclescrooge
121cIf Jeep has such poor reliability, how come they are everywhere?05/24 CULater10:28 White Coat Inve
12hRetirement Portfolio Overhaul - Guidance on Proposed Revised Allocations05/21 kmanjir10:28 lakpr
4p"Vacation" Home as First Home Purchase?01:34 Milkman_west10:28 Watty
0hCount Arrears Pay in EF?10:28 justsomeguy2018 
33tHow to avoid tinkering?13:37 RXfiles10:25 CyclingDuo
51tAlarming Bid/Ask Spreads on ETFs05/24 nedsaid10:22 vineviz
6pDouble checking safe harbor tax rules...03:37 RonSwanson10:21 lstone19
6pAmica Dividend - what's the catch?19:11 pb199610:19 Cheez-It Guy
18cHow can I use 6 weeks of vacation in the next 6 months in the Covid era?00:08 jastevenson10:19 quantAndHold
19cHBO Max18:46 New Providence10:16 TravelGeek
112tI don't understand stock buybacks2019 refinedchain10:16 mak1277
9hWhat Funds-no more than 3- would you use in retirement.16:31 antiqueman10:15 goingup
6pMedicare Enrollment Help23:35 missris60510:12 missris605
8cInstalling window AC without accordion side panel23:38 gas_balloon10:11 quantAndHold
986pWhy are you NOT buying rental properties?2019 tomtoms10:07 tomtoms
145pInvestors: be aware of weakness in 2FA + strengthening05/23 YoungSisyphus10:07 BrandonBogle
13pGood Time for a HELOC03/25 The Man with th10:07 inverter
5pCan we offer special discount to thank/honor medical professionals?23:15 DiehardDoc10:01 wfrobinette annual subscription- worth it?10:00 BornInCA 
2hTiming 401k Rollover from ADP to Vanguard09:24 ArmchairArchite09:55 Elysium
19n20-year-old, Investment advice [UK]05/25 bbet240209:52 bbet2402
7hgrowth+value=>s&p22:25 jbainct09:52 Ben Mathew
28cDevelop scotch/wine palate quickly and effectively05/25 rm09:51 WS1
5cHome Insurance in Denver15:56 krafty8109:50 stl717
13tHow Much is a Pension Worth?07:26 macher09:49 Beehave
49pWorst House on the best block?05/26 whereskyle09:45 oldfort
160pOptimizing PPP Forgiveness04/18 Stormbringer09:44 entraining
5tRising Chinese Stocks in VTIAX08:52 andrige09:43 andrige
505lHow Is Your Job Being Impacted By The Current Crisis?03/17 RJC09:40 calvin+hobbes
52p1:1 salary and stock jobs?05/26 Picasso09:35 JD2775
0pInternational Health Insurance! Established (Cigna, Allianz, IMG etc) vs niche (Safety Wing etc) players; how to pick?09:31 pppez80 
9cBird Nest Forming Under Deck08:25 RJC09:30 Sandtrap
60tBogleheads: What is your largest single stock holding? (if any)05/26 simplesauce09:29 DesertDiva
69hIs Vanguard's Personal Advisor Service Worth It???05/21 Xav202009:22 johnpau
13hShould I lump sum some money today?05/26 justsomeguy201809:18 Buddy0329
3hNy 52907:03 ball24109:17 ball241
5643tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar09:10 JoMoney
2pWindfall elimination provision - What happens if you take another pension early, SS late?07:50 EnjoyTheJourney09:09 carolinaman
155tS&P500 vs World Performance05/17 helloyou09:09 abuss368
25tOwning Top Stocks in Each Sector?05/24 bck6309:08 vineviz
33pHow is the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card17:47 heartwood09:05 DaftInvestor
54cShould I pay $1,600 for this lawn care fix?05/22 RobLyons08:52 wfrobinette
45hAny retirees get through Covid crisis without large cash reserve?15:25 JoelT108:51 Michread
9nH1B Exit Strategy 401K vs Roth vs Brokerage21:28 SUN4308:48 TedSwippet
53cdoes anyone have a subscription to youtube tv?14:05 schmitz08:45 TomatoTomahto
6hCDs Versus VBTLX or VSIGX For Fixed Income14:42 brushwood08:43 MikeG62
5hTax exempt munis vs Treasury or both in Taxable18:05 Robo08:40 MikeG62
39tRoth + Time vs Pretax + tax05/22 Superleaf44408:35 marklearnsbogle
76hTIAA Real Estate Movement03/14 inepteft08:31 bikechuck
93tExamples of why NOT to hold individual stocks05/23 retiredjg08:16 nedsaid
9nVanguard ETF05/16 Fay31308:08 JimBeam
51cWhat will you NOT buy online?05/25 tvubpwcisla07:58 ddurrett896
341pThe axe falls and I am prepared. What's next?05/22 KlangFool07:57 KlangFool
48cTea supplier comparison2018 Earl Lemongrab07:53 Chrono Triggere
37cNew TVs with built-in Roku05/25 bertilak07:48 beyou
6pSmall Estate in CA and Probate00:14 lostinjersey07:47 stan1
9cBest cheapest internet provider16:28 nanameg07:43 Lagunanole
15h90% VTSAX?12:35 zeldak07:36 fourwheelcycle
4912tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey08/11 HEDGEFUNDIE07:32 stormcrow
148tSitting on a bunch of cash; what to do with it if I believe we're headed for SPX 1800 and protracted recession?03/29 scintillator07:24 rascott
14hTax-Exempt Bonds for Lower Tax Brackets05/10 Kintora07:04 sycamore
55pNew Tires or New Car?05/24 justsomeguy201807:03 hudson
30cUpdate current laptop or buy new one?05/24 anthonyphamy07:00 tvubpwcisla
21tIs Vanguard's money where its mouth is?20:15 remnant06:57 LadyGeek
0hNew Issue munis on Fidelity - What am I missing?06:55 jajlrajrf 
612cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger06:46 BlackwaterPark1
135pBest cash-back credit card right now?2018 TheBogleWay06:46 international00
20cWhat phone to buy after iPhone 7 Plus05/23 manatee200506:45 tsupersonic
10hWhich balance fund in taxable acct for 10% tax bracket?05/25 Slykat906:41 lakpr
8hSell When Down to Avoid Taxes?05/26 fedbogle06:17 FoolMeOnce
30pCareer advice for science PhD student05/26 handle05:58 Valuethinker
3h30-Day Yield Negative on TIPS Mutual Fund13:28 justsomeguy201805:55 #Cruncher
5hRoth contributions/ tax filings19:36 Blkdmax05:26 Blkdmax
4netf portfolio advice05/26 karaya7503:43 karaya75
1476tA different approach to asset allocation2007 market timer02:47 james22
14t"The stocks are up but the economy's down"--good "Indicator" podcast episode05/25 nisiprius01:42 DonIce
1hHousehold Investment Question00:06 chally7301:27 The PA Investor
1491pRefinance Mega Thread09/01 AZAttorney1100:55 manatee2005
13pLarge Canceled Check - Stop payment + Close Account17:00 Goal3300:27 Goal33
15nNewbie Investor-Switzerland12/27 Scorpion8700:10 Stef
18803tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill00:05 Stef
3tIndexed ETFs vs Mutual Funds for taxabe19:01 milosz1923:56 Lyrrad
4hHelp me choose a portfolio / plan?22:57 embwbam23:54 embwbam
0tBigger risk to stock market - deflation or inflation?23:40 justsomeguy2018 
9nVanguard All World ETFs05/09 monkeh23:22 glorat
8hDoes anyone know how to get Fidelity to issue a paper check for a partial rollover?05/26 2cents223:15 2cents2
19fBogleheads' Reading Strategies for Boglehead Forums05/24 Godot23:09 Cubicle
49cHomemade Salad Dressing04/01 tetractys23:04 tetractys
13nAustralian starting simple investment portfolio - feedback welcome :)02/14 JustAddGenius22:56 Sestrooper
17pMove HSA to Fidelity or Elsewhere?05/26 tomwood22:31 Vanguard Fan 13
120cPandemic buys that have improved quality of life?05/24 hammond22:18 veindoc
23cRobot vacuums05/25 PoppyA22:17 jabberwockOG
10hHow to find "index tracking" passive MF & determine differences between similar tracking funds?05/25 Zillions22:12 Eagle33
45cCross country road trip from MA to Glacier NP and Yellowstone NP05/26 imyeti222:11 jabberwockOG
4hClaiming life insurance policy17:52 Kmartin71222:07 Stinky
10hPrivate Investing?15:55 mjuszczak22:03 desiderium
9hIs financial modeling overrated?05/26 runyanorama21:54 anoop
47pFinancial advice for undertaking a PhD05/22 BaronRouge21:49 Nowizard
13tCovid-19 Fears and Stock Market Behavior15:38 SimpleGift21:48 Nate79
103tStatistics on timers in market crashes?03/20 theorist21:44 nigel_ht
6hFirst post - any advice appreciated17:52 jl09221:34 FiveK
70hI have no risk tolerance: where am I supposed to keep my money?05/25 csantiago21:34 willthrill81
3hVBIAX and RMDs13:28 cegibbs21:28 KEotSK66
4tSTT+LTT vs Intermediate Treasuries?18:29 Blue45620:58 Blue456
6pEight 2019 taxes questions - could use some guidance14:21 Aguilar20:58 jjface
22hBH for a year now; what to do with new $ from a real estate Sale05/15 Randtor20:52 Randtor
4387cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt20:51 TravelforFun
7cDashlane05/25 boblink20:44 Generator515
10hToo many tax lots to keep up with? Efficiency?05/25 justsomeguy201820:40 AlohaJoe
1406lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1620:38 as9
133cGardening 202003/19 kacang20:32 LadyGeek
67cCar shopping PHEV / ICE / or all electric?02/23 RetiredCSProf20:27 Picasso
15hPortfolio review: rental condo, AMT, ISOs, target date funds05/23 elmandolk20:22 elmandolk like site for home and yard improvement / repair?05/24 ThankYouJack20:18 dratkinson
8hReal Property Held Short-Term - Able to Deduct Loss?05/25 FoolMeOnce20:18 retired@50
20cPainting the house//estimates and experiences05/26 Agon20:10 lthenderson
13hFidelity HSA - 2 fund Vanguard or 2 fund fidelity ZERO fee?15:36 passive10120:10 Chrono Triggere
48pHow Will Corona Virus affect the Real Estate Market ?03/13 TonyDee20:09 randybobandy
18hCA tax treatment of HSA05/25 div20:00 grabiner
40hQuestion about Edward Jones disapproval05/24 WesAck19:56 Rosencrantz1
4hMuni bonds in taxable vs total bond in tax advantaged05/25 motaska19:56 grabiner
168tVanguard High Dividend Yield Index Fund12/20 abuss36819:55 BGeste
1tMorningstar on active vs passive10:59 theorist19:49 Eagle33
9hCapital gain conundrum05/26 skime19:44 grabiner
3hYoung Investor19:19 Mastied19:41 wetgear
1476tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!06/03 hdas19:40 Massdriver
9hVanguard Balanced Index Fund Admiral Shares; Only Fund to invest05/25 NitaaiDoc19:39 grabiner
7h401K to Roth? Now or wait?15:45 GoogleMD19:36 retired@50
16tPros/Cons of taxable accounts for both spouses05/25 teaman19:35 HueyLD
3fWhere to find the portfolio trackers05/26 jhendrix19:33 LadyGeek
5434cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:31 wilson08
4tmadsinger monthly report (April 2020)05/04 madsinger19:31 LadyGeek
6cAuto Insurance Adult Child/gap/Is this legit?13:22 it'smyjob?19:30 michaeljc70
2tComparing Indexes Visually17:59 parentsretireme19:28 parentsretireme
1hMultiple retirement accounts...Need help organizing!19:01 nfldolphins8919:23 FrankTheViking
18hRebalancing - More VTSAX, less VBTLX13:02 theeryman19:23 theeryman
8pCalculating Capital Gains Taxable Amount05/25 pascalwager19:14 kaneohe
20pWho services Ally Home Loans Mortgage?05/10 anon_investor19:12 BrandonBogle
6cSoftware advice needed: remote tech assistance05/25 bfeenix4419:06 sksbog
8pSister died without will in NJ; trying to help nephews05/26 Retiredron19:00 Retiredron
8pMortgage Servicer Changing from Cenlar to Ally Bank05/23 KNMLHD18:58 KNMLHD
4tDoctors and Insider Trading17:47 Hustlinghustlin18:57 LadyGeek
6hFL 529 best for 100% US total stock market?05/24 remnant18:56 decapod10
2t"Indexing "During the 2010s. Index funds delivered as promised."16:53 Taylor Larimore18:54 LadyGeek
346tRekenthaler: Long Bonds Are for Fools05/15 CULater18:52 LadyGeek
2hChoice of Income Fund18:36 grobertj18:52 midareff
61cNew Vehicle: Forester or Rav4 for boglehead couple05/25 cbr shadow18:47 rockstar
8pBusiness checking account15:37 Thegame1418:33 Thegame14
32hTransferring large managed brokerage to Schwab, please help and review my plan!05/10 beckwith18:23 afan
6pMother's or Father's Insurance for Newborn17:19 Kaizen Soze18:12 Watty
97p16 Weeks Paternity Leave12/09 Kaizen Soze17:47 Kaizen Soze
97cDiscarding Music CDs05/19 Caduceus17:37 tettnanger
86cTips to stick to a weight loss diet?05/22 Kennedy17:33 Doom&Gloom
16hTaxable account has higher returns?05/25 staxchips17:18 Robert20
0tRapid Port Recovery17:14 galeno 
19pNew here, need help with creating a nest egg for my autistic son05/24 Zillions17:13 JBTX
83tLeveraged SMA200 Strategy Back-tested 1929 - 201912/15 RayKeynes16:59 bog007
3tBlackRock: How the pandemic changes our long-term asset views05/06 JohnDoh16:55 petulant
6pPPP forgiveness - incurred vs paid13:46 Jefferson16:54 EnjoyIt
2tVanguard - legacy acct --> brokerage acct and mutual funds --> ETF11:55 ps56k16:54 jeffyscott
14t[High quality muni bonds for parking cash]05/20 EvelynTroy16:51 hudson
0h401k document amend meant fee16:46 chic doc 
68tWill the US become like Japan?05/24 flyninjasquirre16:45 JBTX
9tFuture Marginal Tax Rate Estimator (post from Reddit)10:59 withrye16:43 withrye
96pCapital One 360 Savings Promo05/05 LivinGood16:40 heartwood
19pFor EF "months", are we including unemployment benefits & stated severance policies? And both parts of a couple?05/25 corp_sharecropp16:37 petulant
4cSuggestions for Extended Winter Getaway05/26 Ragman16:27 Watty
26cwhich iPhone?05/25 peterwantstosav16:25 Thegame14
14hI want to break free .... from Raymond James14:16 TCB202016:20 meowcat
23hOne Fidelity Fund Only - Possible?05/22 TImeshare Queen16:18 retiredjg
7pState domicile & taxes05/26 khale716:15 bsteiner
28cDoes software play a role in choosing TV05/24 boater0716:01 TomatoTomahto
16cThin, long lasting athletic socks?05/22 TresBelle6515:53 aprilcpa
10pBuy now or rent for a while05/26 Tupahue0415:51 fishmonger
2hInvesting in the Market at 6515:18 MarkAT15:45 Vanguard Fan 13
4tDollar Cost Averaging at Fidelity?05/26 enjoyinglife15:05 enjoyinglife
12tTax Gain Harvesting – how do you time your stock sales?13:00 FIREchief15:05 FIREchief
73tWhat is the longest period for stock market to lose money?2011 ProfessorX15:03 kabob
2cData Science/Predictive analytics 'mgmt' books13:16 Wannaretireearl14:59 wfrobinette
7cLandscape Edger13:25 JimmyD14:52 wfrobinette
66cHertz is declaring bankruptcy05/23 gasdoc14:49 rich126
10pJumbo Loan Market still frozen10:50 TXGator14:49 Afty
5n20-year-old, ETF portfolio14:13 bbet240214:46 bbet2402
7hManaging an Inheritance05/24 Bataleur14:46 Bataleur
8hWill location premium on homes drop?11:16 MarkBarb14:44 Beach
73hThinking of selling some SP 500 to buy more Wells Fargo05/22 HenrysPlan214:41 HenrysPlan2
18hPortfolio Review05/24 jes14:41 jes
76cFirst Time Car Buyer Needs Help. HELP ME PLEASE! Thank you!05/24 greenxspidey14:37 02nz
40tInflationary effects pending?03/21 tetractys14:25 PDX_Traveler
11cAudiophiles: Any one collecting speakers?05/24 m@ver1ck14:23 TomatoTomahto
7pExpat taxes: Totalization Agreement and Self Employment tax05/26 vicp8814:16 Spirit Rider
12hEtrade vs Vanguard05/25 NitaaiDoc14:15 jajlrajrf
24cDel Webb 55+ communities?05/22 TresBelle6514:09 Watty
14pHelp understanding Credit Utilization (new to credit cards)05/25 Cranberry4414:05 FrankTheViking
12tDelayed Retirement Credits05/23 meowcat14:04 meowcat
12pYet another "can I afford this house"?05/25 usuallytheanswe14:04 Shael_AT
61hJettison QSPIX?2019 ilan1h14:03 InertiaMan
27pinvestmenting books05/19 MP17313:52 JupiterJones
38cAmazon Prime delayed shipping05/22 totallynotsure13:50 wfrobinette
12hBuy CDs with credit card or debit card?05/26 seekingcashflow13:48 tashnewbie
17pBudgeting for Gifts?05/24 Cranberry4413:42 nolesrule
264cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet13:26 sevenseas
18t[implications of] Delisting Chinese stocks?05/26 viewer013:20 Robot Monster
2hGlobal ex-China12:47 Lillumberg13:15 mokaThought
1pAm I a qualified individual for purposes of section 2202 of the CARES Act?12:54 GeoMetry13:08 Alan S.
142cAny Instant Pot users here?2017 Beezthree13:04 MadHungarian
27hAir conditioner stocks05/25 ThisJustIn13:02 AAA
7pService that finds best life insurance for you?05/25 justsomeguy201812:58 Stinky
2hBND in taxable for college.05/26 goru112:55 KingRiggs
1585pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon12:37 missedit
16hemergency fund vs paying off debt04/10 RevFran12:36 RevFran
11hVanguard target date funds outperforming VT/VTWAX - Why?05/26 passive10112:25 asif408
1hRSP ETF undervalued?11:33 smartinvestor2012:06 David Jay
58hHow long is this profit sustainable as a New Trader?05/02 Anderson7512:01 arcticpineapple
6hRoth conversion05/25 Gui050711:49 mhalley
10hNewbie Advice (Updated for review)05/12 PastorJ11:43 ruralavalon
417tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius11:40 Colleen
98cAlternatives to Craftsman Tools05/16 Iowa David11:35 CheCha54
87hHas anyone ever used their Emergency Fund?05/22 REITired11:34 getthatmarshmal
61tAt what moment does retirement begin?05/10 tetractys11:25 hudson
10pWant to retire, help please.05/25 mark_in_denver11:08 mark_in_denver
17tNew Morningstar Target Date Fund Rankings05/25 Horton11:03 IndexCore
26hHow do you retire early if your money is tied up in tax deferred?05/24 justsomeguy201810:55 milktoast
5pOnline Lenders / Mortgages05/25 Kookaburra10:53 snailderby
4nBrokerage advice and Investment Planning05/25 Socl121010:47 Socl1210
26nDo the bogleheads think this 22 year old belgian is smart or naïve?02/03 frugalbelgian05/26 Nicolas Perraul
13tMaking the most of the Shiller-CAPE ratio?05/26 runyanorama05/26 ValuationsMatte
5hAbout to Transition Vanguard MF Account to Brokerage: Advice?05/25 Kookaburra05/26 Faith20879
45pWould you pull a trigger on a home purchase or continue renting?05/24 tRacer420105/26 Watty
69hPOLL: Do you have a written investment plan?2010 DRiP Guy05/26 LadyGeek
6tLarry Swedroe: Enhancing the Performance of Momentum Strategies07/12 nps05/26 Forester
33lMEMORIAL DAY05/24 Taylor Larimore05/26 Ron
184lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam205/26 infotrader
10hWhere to allocate International Index Funds? Opinions welcomed for this new portfolio05/24 coco878805/26 IndexCore
25cGetting started with Dashlane05/16 boblink05/26 boblink
28tHas anybody heard of DriverLoan Investor Club?05/23 FinKnight1905/26 softwaregeek
26tWorth replacing International Small Cap (DLS, FNDC and DGS) to VSS ?05/19 ThisTooShallPAs05/26 international00
40tInvesting in International Stocks05/21 grayfox05/26 grayfox
109pApproaching 40, worried about financial future05/23 crinkles205/26 willthrill81
24nHow to invest $1.2M for the next 10-15 years [Switzerland]05/25 TobiasJacobs05/26 Rosales
7pwould you keep this life ins policy?05/24 FXDXontherun05/26 Stinky
54hBest place to gradually save $6000 to max-out Roth IRA contribution in January05/17 Cranberry4405/26 Cranberry44
13pLast-minute lien on home found - sign (as seller) anyway?05/25 ncbill05/26 ncbill
492tThe Calm Post - Stay the course thread.02/26 max1237705/26 marklearnsbogle
11tHow can I do the calculations?05/26 OneToughPuppy05/26 retiredjg
14tWhich investor is bullish?05/23 PurpleArc05/26 nisiprius
52cWhat to look for when buying a table saw?05/22 Kennedy05/26 tev9876
25pProof of ownership and paper statements04/28 barkerdjb05/26 bayview
18tFractional Investing05/25 tvubpwcisla05/26 core4portfolio
7hSEPP calculation - Fixed annuitization Method - annuity factor ?05/25 indexlover05/26 #Cruncher
27cAnyone booking flights for 2021 travel?05/14 ugaDAWGS0905/26 jhfenton
14tThe NYSE floor is do they reopen?05/01 tvubpwcisla05/26 tvubpwcisla
1590cCoronavirus (Consumer Issues) How you are preparing?02/12 TomCat9605/26 Seasonal
280pCollege in fall03/29 Calhoon05/26 scooterdog
42pAdvice Needed regarding debt05/22 Meme05/26 arcticpineapple
68lDetroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread2014 daytona08405/26 daytona084
21hStart adding bonds - best approach?05/24 nix4me05/26 nix4me
7fHow search a two-word phrase?05/25 bfeenix4405/26 bfeenix44
46tPeer to peer lending in this day and age05/23 steve32105/26 Noobvestor
3pPreparing to be a new ophthalmology attending.... Successful job hunting?05/25 Johnsson05/26 Johnsson
2hPension plans through Ameriprise05/25 NitaaiDoc05/26 Stinky
37cTesla Y test drive05/21 Will do good05/26 4nursebee
2pMedigap in California05/25 tj05/26 kaneohe
2hUS Residents with British Pensions?05/25 Sasha05/26 Valuethinker
33tTaxable Account - a Swiss Army Knife for Savers05/21 SantaClaraSurfe05/26 pascalwager
7nESG Investing Possible Downside?05/25 gladtobehere05/26 gladtobehere
3hIS there a better Vanguard alternative to VPL to not emphasize Japan05/25 realclemsongrad05/26 Iridium
17pHow to convince - Spending is difficult and confusing to track05/18 EnjoyTheJourney05/26 KyleAAA
434cGood Modern Science Fiction2014 gatorman05/25 hohum
25cAnyone buy a car from a rental car company???05/25 BeachPerson05/25 hammond
11pTwo kids, how to divide 529 allocation?05/24 peseta05/25 happylife
40pCustomer hasn't paid me not worth cost of lawyer but...05/24 mtwhmemn05/25 Cubicle
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8hTSP and 401(k) Asset Allocation Questions & Review05/24 gamenets05/25 Ewb
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