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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3195 new posts and replies over 350 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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110pPurchasing a house, downpayment vs. retirement and other considerations13:02 Brantley23:25 Jags4186
5pBaby on way, gov't health insurance or Oxford?17:08 sighchological23:23 mega317
71tTheory: Total World Index a Sure Fire Win [VT/VTWSX]05/22 guyesmith23:21 aj76er
11tMorningstar's new posting rules20:07 Taylor Larimore23:20 cfs
73tThe Millionaire Next Door and civil servants05/19 davidkw23:20 WanderingDoc
57hHow long to hold 80/20 asset allocation12/18 Jermbo23:20 MrPotatoHead
33cDebating whether to rebuild tractor or buy a new zero turn05/15 tony541223:20 tony5412
10cNegotiating for Residential Solar11:37 stuper123:18 WhyNotUs
3p529 maximum contribution for myself as beneficiary22:05 nyclon23:16 av8r316
78pWhat’s your phone/internet bill?05/19 Poppy123423:14 southpaw328
6hContribution limits to Roth IRA and 401(k) with small earned income02:29 MathIsMyWayr23:14 MathIsMyWayr
2cHeart rate monitor21:11 test12323:13 WhyNotUs
0cAffordable luxury ladies watch?23:09 totalnoobie 
39tAsset Class Forecasts05/22 aburntoutcase23:02 aj76er
33hBuying Treasury Bills: Treasury Direct or Vanguard / Fidelity03/18 ThisJustIn23:00 whodidntante
5pI've never budgeted sucessfully22:05 Lyra22:59 White Coat Inve
10tPaul Merriman on Market Timing Discussion Thread05/22 whodidntante22:55 whodidntante
22hSchwab Intelligent Advisory03/09 Jmh04j22:55 Jmh04j
41pNeed help with debt strategy07:47 valleyman12322:50 venkman
7hHelp please with short term - 5yr - investment plan17:04 donzen22:49 Regressor
1pgovt vs. private job offers: please help me decide!20:37 freedompsych22:47 seligsoj
11hNoob investing, Want to avoid messing this up!05/20 Debtsuks22:45 Debtsuks
427tWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"05/16 CnC22:40 CnC
20h401k funds please help me chose.05/09 lepa7122:39 ExitStageLeft
19t5 yr CD up to 3.41% APY, NO EWP for seniors in IRA, but with catch05/15 protagonist22:39 Kevin M
1hFirecalc and sims - skewed against more current years?22:32 michaeljc7022:38 AlohaJoe
18tMicrocap Stock Screener05/16 dothemontecarlo22:37 aegis965
2hSelling Rental House, Completely Lost on How to Invest22:06 TheLongGame22:33 TheLongGame
2hSaving and storing old statements22:24 temco_rep22:32 delamer
33hParents with pre-K kids and 529 target08:44 NextMil22:32 HereToLearn
96cHow have you upgraded your wardrobe?05/22 investingdad22:28 jabberwockOG
61lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte22:27 evestor
0pStrategies for deferring gain from MLP?22:26 United2008 
9cBird Nest in bathroom exhaust fan vent05/22 ved22:25 Prov227
5pBank account or Brokerage account for child?20:32 hmw22:24 hmw
0hMasterDex Ten [Annuity]22:21 masternotmuch 
4hFunding Roth IRA with with lump sum or DCA?19:45 Jesteroftheswam22:20 PFInterest
68cCareer planning in IT/software development when over 4005/19 CobraKai22:19 michaeljc70
6hQuestion about E*money05/22 optimismhelps22:19 KSActuary
47pQuicken - Do you use it?05/22 abuss36822:15 abuss368
0cSchwab - Bad New Customer Experience22:14 JamesSFO 
140pNew(ish) attending physicians in the Bay Area: Housing05/12 somekevinguy22:14 Pawpatrol
2hAA for 20 year old - 401k and non-tax advantaged09:07 e916mt22:14 FiveK
3pLegally Exempt IRAs from Medigap Countable20:23 cheese_breath22:12 wjo
11hShould I invest in expensive 457 plan?13:27 Socrates2822:11 ExitStageLeft
9hShould I hire a financial adviser?17:49 remsho22:10 keepingitsimple
14tVanguard Global Bond Index Portfolio (annuity)09/07 siamond22:03 friar1610
2hRoth IRA, Roth 403(b), or 403(b)19:34 Broc201822:02 FiveK
10cPurchasing SIM card WITH phone?05/22 Myopic squirrel22:01 TropikThunder
16hShould Tax-Free Munis Be Part of Roth IRA?05/19 bog72upCash21:57 drk
203t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M21:44 Kevin M
239cMoviePass-Too good to be true, but it's legit.10/04 denovo21:38 JBTX
168cHigh End Wrist Watches (Gone Crazy)2016 corn1821:33 ResearchMed
33pSmall Business Owner - how to build retirement wealth05/15 JBTX21:26 Spirit Rider
6chelp needed to restore data05/22 sksbog21:25 nexesn
56pHow do I tell if Roth conversions are worth the trouble?05/21 Horsefly21:23 FiveK
43c$500 Windows Laptop11/02 pondering21:23 inbox788
9pTile roof, natural cooling, solar electric05/22 tyrion21:20 fortfun
53hHow big a portfolio should I have before retiring?10/07 EdLaFave21:17 EdLaFave
15tTaxable Account Near Retirement05/22 ThinkingAhead21:13 ThinkingAhead
14pcombining two Roths so when is 5 year bar?09:59 Lyra21:12 Lyra
8hChecked under the hood of index funds and investment firms05/22 Ki_poorrichard21:11 Ki_poorrichard
9hWhich Roth IRA and Roth 401-k assets for dividend income15:54 dmarion21:09 FiveK
19cany disadvantages to using Delta Skymiles for fare?05/16 JohnFiscal21:09 JohnFiscal
7tLow net asset ETF — Issues?19:02 delamer21:04 delamer
311lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt21:02 RadAudit
2tArticle on stock picking18:45 Columbus20:53 Nate79
10tWhy do "traditional slice-and-dice" portfolios split 50/50 between value and blend?17:44 nisiprius20:50 nisiprius
55pAlzheimer's Disease, Long Term Care, and your Retirement Finances05/19 CULater20:49 TravelforFun
20cShould I spend $1,500 on getting some rust repaired on a 15 year old Buick14:20 harrington20:45 inbox788
6pHelping a friend injured in a car crash file a few years of back tax returns, missing a weird K-1...17:55 middistancerunn20:44 middistancerunn
1hMid-30's portfolio review, Married, 2 kids.18:48 YerYer20:43 HoleInTheAir
185chow do you tip on wine at a restaurant05/16 heartwood20:38 golfCaddy
97l[Virtual online chapter - Master thread]2013 dandan1420:37 dwickenh
106cLexus RX 350, Audi Q5, or Volvo XC 6005/15 ugaDAWGS0920:31 Dendritic Tree
17cBuy now and wait one more year to move in?05/18 TTGO80820:21 veindoc
12cquality exterior stain?11:21 mouses20:20 Bogle7
5hSwitching jobs, what to do with 401k14:52 zarzaquemada20:16 Darth Xanadu
2panyway to get running transaction balance at Vanguard?09:33 heartwood20:10 livesoft
14pLife Changes05/20 Devil's Advocat20:09 veindoc
4hShort term bonds funds or CD Laddering for down payment house savings?05/22 Jesteroftheswam19:52 radiowave
3pLTC Insurance Evaluation19:26 stuper119:51 BruDude
51pThis is not a typical medical collections issue- what to do?03/09 Jackson1219:42 Jackson12
26hIntermediate Term Treasury vs Tax Exempt Fund05/18 manedark19:40 grabiner
28hBest buy and hold vanguard fund forever...08:01 bdb19:39 joe8d
81tYTD: VBTLX down 2.28%; VBILX down 2.99%; VTSAX down 0.23%05/15 fantasytensai19:34 Dottie57
6pJoint savings account: 6 withdrawals/month per PERSON or ACCOUNT?19:04 need403bhelp19:25 need403bhelp
18hBond conundrum: looking for recommendations02/12 waywardguy19:20 grabiner
1tVanguard mobile check deposit14:27 bondsr4me19:14 pragmatist
30tEdelman & Financial Engines merging05/20 davidkw19:13 sesq
11hHow to invest $1.4 million inheritance?15:34 Goodson5519:06 Peter Foley
11pDeferred Compension tax treatment question05/22 jazman1219:04 djscal
3hWorth opening a 529?16:50 erdo18:55 UpsetRaptor
8hRecommendations for investing.15:11 kd8818:47 ruralavalon
31cTesla Autopilot, worth it?05/20 squirm18:46 MotoTrojan
36cBuying a Woman's Tag Heuer On-line05/22 dollarsaver18:39 dollarsaver
3cPorting a Bundled landline to a cell phone16:10 TresBelle6518:39 MnD
22pBuying I bonds - what is the purpose of Registration on TD website05/16 pkay18:37 Ice-9
7cUnknown issue porting FIOS number to Cox05/21 beserker18:36 beserker
12cWinter Home - issues/costs?12:51 D-Dog18:33 adamthesmythe
10cRental car in Denver, CO09:41 dknightd18:22 beserker
6tLarry Swedroe: What Returns Can Teach08:43 Random Walker18:19 oldcomputerguy
20tFact, Fiction, and the Size Effect05/22 Robert T18:15 golfCaddy
7pAdditional Liability of Getting Married (Protecting Taxable accounts)08:37 Brocklobster18:12 golfCaddy
72hNewly widowed, how do I invest 1.5 million life ins. proceeds05/20 4stars18:04 bluedemon67
2cWisdom teeth removal and HSA16:31 achen929117:55 mega317
1hTaxable CD vs 401K Stable Value16:28 dkennedymi17:52 mega317
2hNot too late to open a SEP? And Backdoor ROTH?05/22 jackal17:49 Spirit Rider
11pFinancial and retirement issues associated w/ moving to Canada07:50 dh17:42 bsteiner
35hBuy this home?05/21 shershahsuri17:28 Malinois000
53hLincoln Investments "Participant Directed Platform"2015 A44017:18 workinforthewee
21pThree steps forward, two back with saving05/22 Calico17:18 CyclingDuo
11tNon-USA Domiciles: VT, VWRD, and WD05/22 galeno17:02 galeno
316pLucrative careers?05/11 TheFishGuy9917:00 sc9182
7p529 vs Emergency Fund14:11 Investing.Newbi16:52 9liner
6tNew Trend: Bonds in Roth IRA05/22 PFInterest16:46 Dottie57
44pAre high dividend stocks advantageous for the 15% tax rate?05/17 rgs9216:45 RetireBy55
13hHelp simplifying 401k05/13 cf_murph16:44 ruralavalon
2hInvestment advice - New job/House proceeds/Please help11:14 Orca8716:30 Duckie
609cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir16:26 mandybee
7hNew Car Loan Payoff Strategy11:23 Jmh04j16:19 thangngo
3pFSA, Layoff, and W-215:05 annielouise16:18 MilleniumBuc
29cRental cars in Europe05/20 tj21816:08 TravelGeek
3027cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt15:59 steve roy
25tUS T bills - first time user05/22 duricka15:55 ofckrupke
1044cWhat Book Are YOU Currently Reading? PART II2008 Alex Frakt15:52 steve roy
11cRoot canal/Crown for a tooth that was worked on 6 months ago.08:47 JHU ALmuni15:50 LadyGeek
52cNew 2018 Nissan Leaf (with 150 mi range)05/17 HEDGEFUNDIE15:25 TravelGeek
32cBest used SUV, Wagon, Hatch, Pickup under $10k05/21 snackdog15:24 shawndoggy
2pDifference between 1099R and Form 549803:59 susa15:22 Alan S.
7hShould I rollover VTSAX into 401k to do backdoor Roth? [Vanguard Total Stock]05/22 financeforthefa15:14 MotoTrojan
9hPortfolio Review Request05/22 dkb14015:13 Duckie
2hPortfolio Advice Please00:38 kimura24715:08 ExitStageLeft
90tWhy is Vanguard switching all accounts to brokerage accounts?12/08 goshenBogle15:06 Doom&Gloom
13pOver contribution on 401k for megaroth backdoor05/21 international0015:03 Alan S.
4hInvesting childrens accounts new money05/22 moneybz15:02 moneybz
28pShould I purchase Lake House for Primary07/24 cwademba15:00 jabbahop
5hAdvice, new to investing but a bit older05/22 Delilah14:58 Duckie
86hGoing from 50/50 US/Int to All US2016 VAslim1614:58 jalbert
14hHelp with international using MSCI Indexes.05/22 Culbretd14:55 triceratop
20cFactory Five build cars05/21 bampf14:54 smitcat
53pBuying a Vacation Rental Property as an Investment05/20 ny_knicks14:50 islandguy63
7hPortfolio help05/22 zguy14:48 Duckie
7h403(b) Transfer???05/22 Rollover14:15 anonenigma
3pHave a side biz: Should I transfer and then close my biz checking account?12:05 doss14:14 niceguy7376
22cAnyone using Obitalk for Google Voice?05/11 CULater14:13 VictoriaF
184lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE14:12 cfs
1pDo you file 8606 if you have TIRA but no backdoor Roth, and how?07:22 njay7314:06 FactualFran
45hCan I afford to retire now?05/15 want_to_retire14:01 want_to_retire
7hCashless exercise of NSO vs ISO05/16 MrsRoos13:57 MrsRoos
8pCan I max out TSP and do a traditional IRA?04:46 TexMexIndex13:55 retiredjg
15h401K Alocation Help07:15 jamesb8913:46 delamer
7hDoes Vanguard immediately close a zero balance account?07:48 chambers13613:37 chambers136
5hLife Insurance-Where to invest savings?05/22 IowaSon13:36 ivk5
8hCo-beneficiary on a bank CD: all beneficiaries must be present?10:22 juliewongferra13:19 Alan S.
76hVangaurd Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer13:11 neurosphere
950cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds13:10 dustinst22
3hCD Ladder in IRA11:33 jbsmith0513:01 jbsmith05
100twill the SP500 double in 7 years?2011 LH13:00 willthrill81
19pCar wreck insurance settlement05/22 MB120712:55 TropikThunder
16lMinnesota BH Seasonal Main Meeting 4/28/1804/03 Fallible12:49 Fallible
32cFlorida Living05/22 searchher12:39 smitcat
8cAttic HVAC: fan doesn't work in AUTO mode and AC on05/18 furnace12:39 lthenderson
61pChase Savings Account emptied out!05/21 unclescrooge12:38 unclescrooge
2hCapital One 360 Kids Checking card09:59 powersmo12:36 powersmo
9pJobs after college and before graduate/medical school -- Are employers okay with you trying different jobs?05/22 pax423512:34 Neuron
2pIRS working on SALT deduction with more to come11:46 pshonore12:29 triceratop
40pBuy an old farmhouse?05/22 health teacher12:22 BarbaricYawp
5hUsing savings to cash flow a 457 question. Bad idea?05/22 fortfun11:57 FiveK
5hWhere would you put the extra each month?05/21 frugalmama11:55 FiveK
3pBank Xfer Limits11:30 iowaboy4611:55 123
5hIndexing [investor in Emerging Market country]00:19 CarpeDiem2211:55 triceratop
4cVanguard CFP contact issue10:57 utkenb11:50 Alexa9
8hInvestment Allocation Help09:16 JB3311:50 Fallible
11hNeed Your Advice - Thank You05/22 tristero11:41 tristero
7h401k fund pick options - help me choose05/18 jbsmith0511:37 jbsmith05
23cAAA vs. GEICO for Roadside Assistance--Help Me Decide!05/22 Finridge11:31 dm200
43pInsight Card (APY 5%) full personal review04/02 BogleMelon11:30 MotoTrojan
1hInternaxx or IB [Ex-pat in Spain]10:49 trentfrog11:26 Deats1980
4tNewton MA library program - Zvi Bodie on Managing Your Portfolio05/22 bobcat211:23 alpenglow
24pPaid Family Leave - California07/20 cal9111:18 FullYellowJacke
18hAs an expat with no US address, can I move my 401k?04/11 Trekka11:17 terran
12cJust had windows of them with scratches..05/22 z9111:14 FrugalInvestor
2615pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy11:10 dknightd
42cBed Bugs05/14 London11:09 just frank
1cEnd of Car Lease Grace Period05/22 NavyIC311:05 Silk McCue
38pAre there any experienced real-estate people here?05/17 TheBogleWay10:54 lvrpl
4hNeed advice for 66 year old new investor09:47 Scarab10:48 delamer
27cBabymoon - Hawaii Recommendations/Expected Costs05/22 HardHitter10:47 Spooky
25tDoes your value fund own the wrong value stocks?05/04 stlutz10:13 vineviz
89pTeachers: what are your best personal finance tips?05/31 seligsoj10:06 forgeblast
9hAll else aside - General Allocation Thoughts05/22 nutshellml10:06 pkcrafter
23cAnyone Using Food Sealing Vacuums (eg FoodSaver)?05/21 Nearly A Moose10:02 barnaclebob
37pShould I buy a new car?05/22 Maverick332009:53 Miguelito
89cWater Heater Install $1,800!2016 Andyrunner09:51 Luke Duke
6pEmployer pays 50% tuition -- how to fund 529?05/22 metacritic09:38 metacritic
24pHome Loan from Parents05/18 Enganerd09:33 smackboy1
25pWells Fargo Advisors (WFA) Transfer On Death (TOD)05/14 hudson09:21 hudson
86cRe: done with Gmail05/20 Rob5TCP09:15 mptfan
973tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab09:15 indexfundfan
41tWhat are downsides of ESPP @ 15% discount ?05/19 confusedinvesto09:12 ryman554
28tTypical interest rate earned by target date funds in retirement?05/21 fortfun09:11 fortfun
132pDave Ramsey it or keep low interest debt05/18 Meaty08:48 sailfish2
30tVanguard Announces Plans To Launch Total World Bond ETF05/21 MFInvestor08:25 lostdog
13tPredicting income from investment05/22 chabil08:20 TheTimeLord
14hIf you suddenly became a millionaire [exceed FDIC insurance limit]05/22 salamis0408:19 Jags4186
62hHow do you stop moving the goal posts.05/22 TheTimeLord08:11 TheTimeLord
26tNet total return vs. gross total return - a fallacy?2012 Charybdis08:07 mushyyy
18hSchwab Intelligent Portfolio05/22 maria0020008:06 latesaver
61hTIAA Real Estate05/10 Kathys07:51 folkher0
6pHow long does it take for SS to fix earnings record?05/20 vtMaps07:46 rennale
273cDo people still use AAA?12/06 fittan07:41 RickBoglehead
57pLaid Off/Termination/Downsizing survival strategies...04/04 CyclingDuo07:09 mbasherp
26cInternational travel for Christmas05/21 bungalow1007:01 SrGrumpy
50tRob Arnott:index Investors Buy High, Sell Low05/18 Random Walker06:00 nisiprius
13pWhole Life vs Universal Life05/22 JBTX05:49 DarkHelmetII
18pLease buyout negotiation tips?05/19 pomidoro05:46 pomidoro
9hShould we max out all tax advantaged accounts?05/22 ElmoHongZito03:59 Bacchus01
35hTax implications of investing through London Stock Exchange for non-resident investors06/13 pcabraham02:44 TedSwippet
3hFunding Roth IRA with extra money in money market account - Good or Bad?05/22 Jesteroftheswam00:50 teddytimtam
2h21, non-US citizen, best options for a lazy portfolio?05/22 cahn199623:49 manedark
9tBest Index to follow Global Bond Market01/17 spdoublebass23:48 spdoublebass
18hTime for Taxable?04/24 user8561323:48 FiveK
3hHelp with asset allocation05/22 emPA23:43 emPA
20cOld Hot Water Heater05/22 IndexBeliever23:29 IndexBeliever
20hCan I transfer brokerage Acct without speaking to FA?05/21 ElmoHongZito05/22 Earl Lemongrab
76cRoad trip Newark NJ to Albany05/17 hoops77705/22 Epsilon Delta
21pDisputed HOA billing05/21 seychellois_lib05/22 seychellois_lib
36tBogle featured in Barrons cover story05/18 Jeff Albertson05/22 CollegePrudens
40pDownloadable Social Security Benefit Estimator (repost)11/09 neurosphere05/22 rbrand1
8pGeneral question for someone with knowledge of real estate law05/22 Oilcans05/22 123
49cWifi + wired device05/20 Earl Lemongrab05/22 22twain
2hPortfolio review: Rebalancing 1st time, bond worries/questions05/22 lionthens05/22 Flyer24
42pSmall company 401k plans04/06 JBTX05/22 LadyGeek
31cMedicare and Cataract surgery - one or two charges?05/21 dm20005/22 CULater
15cFrench hotel amenities...05/22 charleshugh05/22 unclescrooge
1cMedigap & ACA Policies: "Estim Annual Cost"?05/22 JohnFiscal05/22 MrTom
29pCan I retire? Input and advice is welcome!05/20 My Financial Jo05/22 Grt2bOutdoors
4pRE: Merchant services.05/22 staythecourse05/22 LadyGeek
15hHave Annuity Rates Gone Up?05/21 hirlaw05/22 nedsaid
11pprivate company option exercise - tax question05/21 boglebill201505/22 simas
26hPimco INCOME BOND FUND PONAX beating VWIAX Wellesley ~~ too good to be true?05/21 sonosoldi311205/22 TBillT
0pImpact of wash sale05/22 walkingeejit 
6tVanguard Global Bond Index Fund2008 Quidnam05/22 AlohaJoe
30tBond Yields and Federal Funds Rate05/18 Kevin M05/22 lack_ey
9pHow are dividends from Vanguard taxed?05/21 masonstone05/22 House Blend
33tDo I understand duration correctly?05/19 motorcyclesarec05/22 motorcyclesarec
4hWhat account to withdraw from?05/22 smileartist05/22 randomguy
11hWhere Should I Invest 3k in Taxable Account? 100% VTSMX?05/21 bschlabs05/22 lostdog
3hVanguard 401 k fund without dividend05/22 metz338705/22 Grt2bOutdoors
7pSF Bay Area Credit Unions or Banks Questions05/21 Quantum05/22 Ron Ronnerson
18hNewbie Needing Help For Mom05/22 bdpham05/22 krow36
437t[Book: Living off Your Money, by M. McClung (Prime Harvesting)]2016 siamond05/22 munemaker
104tThree-fund portfolio returns and variance drain2014 longinvest05/22 MIretired
26hSame funds within IRA and Taxable05/18 teddytimtam05/22 Earl Lemongrab
7pDoes the IRS care about pennies?05/22 robert2705/22 JW-Retired
32tIf RMD are large should you still defer into 401k05/19 antiqueman05/22 Beehave
2pAmended (HSA) 5498-SA05/22 justsaying05/22 ivk5
8tIs HFXIX (Catalyst Hedged Futures Strategy Fund) a good idea for long-term, low-risk capital preservation?05/22 slowandsteady1205/22 Waba
5pAt what point do I focus more on mid-term rather than long-term?05/22 purpleradish05/22 youngpleb
7hGovernment Roth 457(b) fees just went up 148%05/20 Keepcalm05/22 newtonc
9pPregnant wife - HDHP05/22 cheetos205/22 CRC301
30hNeed Help Deciding Between Non-Matching 403(b) and a Roth IRA05/19 wolverinesman05/22 NoHeat
1hWhere to invest? 401k vs Roth05/22 Trapperjonrr05/22 youngpleb
262t"Why 97% of People Don't Use 529 College Savings Plans."2014 Taylor Larimore05/22 Bacchus01
26pboth spouses not wait for SS ?05/18 RustyShacklefor05/22 vested1
8hPlease review my IPS / Allocation05/21 Karma Skimmer05/22 David Jay
54hIs Whole Life Insurance Worth It?05/12 JoeChick1005/22 David Jay
9pproperty tax assessment05/21 pedsEDdoc05/22 dodecahedron
3piORP: plan for future of the software (?)05/22 JohnFiscal05/22 smitcat
5pTerm Life Insurance - Health Issue05/22 liamb8605/22 soccerrules
34cTime For New Car?05/21 monkey_business05/22 PhilosophyAndre
1cSIM card for Portugal vacation05/22 Myopic squirrel05/22 Myopic squirrel
24hRoth question05/21 uberme05/22 retiredjg
47hHelp with my mom's investments, please.04/16 GuinnessPhish05/22 LadyGeek
2hMore aggressive investments in Traditional or Roth IRA?05/22 bwharper7805/22 FiveK
5cACL reconstruction surgery using allograft05/22 redfruit05/22 LadyGeek
23pAssisted Living tax deduction as medical expense05/18 JMKEBogleGuy05/22 Peter Foley
19cBuild a retaining wall ?05/08 sixtyforty05/22 RudyS
49lHow did you fall in love with investing?05/14 Marinelayer05/22 VictoriaF
6hSaving for a new baby05/22 bubbakc1705/22 3funder
7pEmployee stock - Brokerage account suggestion05/19 Kamadenu05/22 Kamadenu
15cMicromanaging myself to help with completing tasks05/18 Keepcalm05/22 VictoriaF
96cSolar panels07/10 Incendiary05/22 RCL
4pHow do you account for a defined benefit pension in your planning?05/22 Contango102505/22 CyclingDuo
4pRoth withdrawal after age 60 and over 5 yr period05/22 susa05/22 Alan S.
23pEstate Planning Basics05/18 aburntoutcase05/22 bsteiner
14tRoth IRA contributions during semi-retirement?05/22 A44005/22 Chicago60
25hDifficulty with Parents-In-Law05/22 HoleInTheAir05/22 prudent
3hEarly retirement in Europe05/21 Lolo198805/22 BeBH65
14hEqual Weighting05/21 The_Limey05/22 BeBH65
15pMultiples credit pulls on a mortgage app05/16 rbhgncmp05/22 takeshi
12hTotal Bond Market05/22 vest7405/22 RCL
21hAnother help-me-help-my-mother post04/26 focusedonwhatma05/22 Sandi_k
5pOverfunded 529 Plan for future grandchildren05/22 Amy201705/22 Amy2017
66h36 yr old BH Newbie with substantial savings- Help!!!04/08 ElmoHongZito05/22 krow36
14cDoor Dash: Has anyone used?05/20 AtlasShrugged?05/22 takeshi
81ckeyless ignitions and carbon monoxide05/14 mouses05/22 GreatLaker
0pSelf Employed Income, Dependent Care FSA, and Solo 401k05/22 jimmyrules712 
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8hSeeking 401k advice05/21 Anon6405/22 Elbowman
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