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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2653 new posts and replies over 264 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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6hHELP WITH 401K SELECTIONS18:10 tbxavier19:23 tbxavier
1hStruggling with AA re balancing-401K/Roth & taxable20:14 Inquisitivemind19:22 Duckie
0hShould I roll repairs into the mortgage?19:21 focused 
106pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets05/08 softwaregeek19:20 mrspock
186tAround 43K in dividends last year - feel good about it ?01/10 skor9919:20 Broken Man 1999
59pcompletely freaked out about withdrawing from retirement accounts....05/20 BarbBrooklyn19:19 runner540
15p“Upsizing” are we foolish?17:48 Turkishcoffee19:18 runner3081
16cWhere to buy products at TRUE wholesale prices?17:36 teelainen19:15 RickBoglehead
2pLife insurance how to designate an international beneficiary18:49 lostlost19:14 crre
3tPrice of Indexes04:35 xxd09119:13 JoMoney
1tThree assets all with negative correlations?19:06 D-Dog19:10 arcticpineapple
8hTraditional IRA distribution to fund 1st year HSA05/24 dh19:07 jj45
8hTotal US Market vs 1/3 Large, Mid, Small17:39 drgenefish19:03 marcopolo
27cAny audiophiles on this forum?22:20 m@ver1ck18:58 multiham
142tjust a general comment about "too conservative" investors here05/22 Valuethinker18:56 dogagility
13tHow to retire early by targeting a low/zero balance at the end of life?01:37 K8ya18:55 randomguy
1hi-bonds18:30 vbdoug18:55 fabdog
6hPortfolio - Please give me your thoughts05/19 ilovetowork18:55 ilovetowork
16pWill my checks work?16:14 Andrew32118:55 123
9h$200K+, invest or leave it?10:49 Cmpliance18:54 fyre4ce
8hCalculating Traditional vs Roth Solo 401k Contributions With QBI Deduction05/24 keyfort18:54 fyre4ce
61p4M 70K expenses would you stop?19:58 mule18:45 marcopolo
5cValue of Airlines Miles for Magazine Subscriptions16:55 DTalos18:43 IngognitoUSA
5pInvest for kids via LLC15:19 LeftCoastIV18:39 Spirit Rider
0nVanguard Austalia launches global multifactor fund/etf18:37 asset_chaos 
243tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics2018 jhfenton18:32 asset_chaos
19cHow much to tip food delivery driver05/24 ThankYouJack18:31 Godot
15pClose to making an offer on a home07:28 sman0918:29 runner540
24hRethinking Individual Stocks11:57 DonCamillo18:26 Spirit Rider
13tWhat kind of jobs do people who have SEP IRAs do?05/24 Naturally Brill18:25 Lee_WSP
13tConstructing Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategies for Retirees05/17 Beliavsky18:19 megaroth
13cFinally broke down and bought a new ipad....11:46 harrington18:18 hsmith
4hMoving to VTIAX11:57 mrrentman18:13 vu8
115tLarry Swedroe: REITs Aren't Special2017 Random Walker18:09 larryswedroe
25pAny benefits to low salary job with high income spouse?04/07 phatkev18:01 hsmith
7cMeaning of "high/low tolerance" in precision engineering16:26 Pluto9th18:00 hicabob
639tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8117:58 abc132
83t"A Set-It-and-Forget-It Target-Date Series From Vanguard"05/21 Taylor Larimore17:49 Taylor Larimore
9cRepair or Replace GE Profile Cooktop with downdraft21:02 Loon1117:42 Watty
10hDividend Growth Fund VDIGX05/24 yousha17:36 TropikThunder
20hHelp with Parents financial planning11:13 Novice202017:34 dbr
11cLow Flow Shower Heads20:19 ThankYouJack17:32 quantAndHold
18tHow Much Diversification is Enough?10:35 SimpleGift17:27 dbr
18cLondon / UK Summer Trip05:37 Rainier17:26 cherijoh
0tVanguard leaves competitors in the dust for 2019, quadrupling the nearest competitor for new money17:22 BeachPerson 
16t"Investing in Total Markets"05/23 Taylor Larimore17:21 mortfree
28cGrad school financing - hard sciences05/23 fast_and_curiou17:21 GCD
17pThe Variable Savings Rate (VSR) -- an accumulation-time prelude to VPW11/16 longinvest17:20 longinvest
38cTrade War: time for Mac Upgrade?07/11 samjuno17:15 book lover
91hHelp my broker is trying to freak me out05/11 Almond17:07 Busdrvr
24tWSJ Article: Think Before You Fish for Bargains in Chinese Stocks05/24 nexesn17:03 columbia
60hHow to calculate exactly how much money you'll have by retirement?05/14 shanebagel17:01 flyingaway
28tVMMXX-Vanguard Prime Money Market is 55% Yankee/Foreign2016 justinvest17:00 justinvest
12hQuestion about solo 401k05/24 misterno16:56 southerndoc
1tFidelity Report on 401k Balances11:09 JoMoney16:54 nedsaid
100pJob Offer Evaluation - FANG04/16 Broadway201816:33 pward
18pAre you missing a $15,000 payment from CRB FREEDOM?05/22 Bammerman16:25 Bammerman
50pAmerican Express lowered my credit limit05/24 mptfan16:21 Iridium
7pBasement flooded, insurance not wanting pay12:05 Jason62216:16 HomeStretch
5tREITS no longer cheap09:59 grok8716:15 grok87
27pHas anyone used Income Strategy website/software?2018 busdriver16:14 busdriver
53cRelocate to Charleston SC?05/20 heymary16:13 Valuethinker
10hInvestment Planning Help to Retire Early - Family of 4 in CA05/23 lithium16:10 decapod10
397pIf your net worth is over $3 million, how did you do it?2014 ahmadcpa15:57 Rus In Urbe
168pShould I encourage my kids to work in high school/college?05/20 miamivice15:47 Rus In Urbe
11nLate developer ..... (UK)09:35 Plantagenet15:46 Valuethinker
3tA $2M Scam by a Former Vanguard Supervisor14:47 tomd3715:42 Pacific
1830tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE15:39 NotTooDeepLearn
5hPortfolio advice for a new investor12:58 Evergreen8415:37 retiredjg
31pDownloadable Social Security Benefit Estimator (2019 Update)10/31 neurosphere15:33 Allan
14cis A in accelerated better than B in honors for undergrad application.07:29 goru115:17 GCD
579pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon15:05 MarkerFM
2h1099 to W2 Retirement help12:50 BajaMig15:00 Wiggums
51pSenior management/executives05/21 prettybogle14:49 softwaregeek
17hBond Fund for new investor05/24 croikee14:48 welderwannabe
11tS&P Indices Research - Is Low Volatility Anomaly Universal?05/19 imak14:43 imak
110tIs the housing market starting to collapse?05/23 CULater14:43 rich126
2p529 Able Accounts05/23 EthanAllen14:41 EthanAllen
3hSelling RYPRX, buying VTSAX, harvesting tax loss in process?05/10 Roslo14:35 Roslo
21cPrius Prime plug in05/24 Artful Dodger14:30 Quaestner
157tBogle "5% Gold"01/17 JuniorRob14:26 HawkeyePierce
37cHow Do You Organize Your Flash Drives?05/23 cheese_breath14:11 fru-gal
5pSelf insuring12:34 workingonit14:05 kardan
6pAnyone have success getting their company to amend its 401k plan?13:25 jjj8814:04 sport
7pDivorced spousal benefit strategy07:20 FoolMeOnce14:01 FoolMeOnce
90tInternational Small-cap Value Funds ??2018 e_swami14:00 stan1
23cBest bassinet05/23 crockpotinvesti13:58 stoptothink
177pSeeking comment on proposed revisions to Marginal Tax Rate and Traditional v. Roth wiki articles05/17 fyre4ce13:54 Lee_WSP
573cThat Frugal Thing You Do2009 Boglenaut13:17 gofigure
11cShould I replace my AC?05/24 abs998613:17 adamthesmythe
9pDo Inherited IRA RMDs Change Asset Allocation Plan?05/24 lkar13:03 retiredjg
11p8606 confusion [IRS Form 8606]05/23 mgk201013:00 mgk2010
11pTwo Mortgages Heading into Retirement19:25 starving_artist12:54 Toons
4hWhat to do with Betterment account?11:45 Sabet12312:53 retiredjg
68tActual Experience as true measure of risk tolerance05/17 alexfoo3912:42 Taylor Larimore
24cAm I a sucker to pay for a new roof?07:20 BalancedGirl12:29 Misenplace
41pDo you think we can stop funding our 529 plan?05/22 biscuit12:17 Hug401k
14pStruggling over how to monetize my TIAA Traditional05/24 chazemclean12:09 Timoneer
77c[Peter Jackson’s “They shall not grow old” - now streaming on Amazon Prime]12/16 letsgobobby12:02 friar1610
13pWhich Renters Insurance Brand/Company should I use?05/22 TheCapitalist11:57 softwaregeek
87cBest small AWD to 'drive into the ground'05/22 Muddytyres11:56 wintermute
3hVASGX all in one fund for Roth IRAs + HSA?20:08 TarHeel200211:38 dharrythomas
37tThe Flexible Retirement Planner2018 calqueuelater11:34 willthrill81
28tHow to "lie" with Personal Finance05/23 bertilak11:00 notinuse
39cWhat is the best way to test drive cars?05/23 BogleMelon10:58 rossiFan
8hwondering if I would be better served by etf's or should I stay put with MF's05/24 Bigchicken10:32 Katietsu
105cBigger car, less economical but more safe.. Get used to smaller car over time?05/16 kjvmartin10:17 random_walker_7
42pHealth Shares - Need your opinion!?05/21 thcguy1210:07 AerialWombat
117tFactor ETFs For Diversification Or “Diworsification”05/18 Random Walker10:04 acegolfer
56cFly cross-country with a cat05/24 blackwhisker09:43 LadyGeek
25cKeeping old negatives from photos (why keep them?)05/23 NoblesvilleIN09:40 retire2022
5pUnderstanding the Wiki - Traditional versus Roth05/24 alaskantraveler09:39 LadyGeek
23tWho killed value?05/24 CULater09:32 Phineas J. Whoo
31cThis rake is the best tool I've bought this week05/23 vineviz09:28 mpnret
22cWhat has changed in new home construction over the years?05/24 RobLyons09:14 mpnret
3pStock tracker app recomendations for android08:31 Figuring_it_out09:09 stan1
22pFinance depreciating asset?05/20 Cmpliance09:03 Cmpliance
0tFama/French: "Volatility and Premiums in US Equity Returns" (easy read)08:57 acegolfer 
19tSwitching from Vanguard to Schwab05/23 ZachFinch7608:53 rustymutt
5h457b or Brokerage?22:45 SunshineState08:45 retiredjg
0hShorter duration of munis?08:38 am 
64tVanguard issues 10-year forecast for stock, bond market returns05/23 alex12371108:36 southerndoc
32cWindows for Noise Reduction05/23 blackwhisker08:34 random_walker_7
9tThe hidden risk of ETFs05/24 LobsterStrong08:33 sabtastic
26tEarly retire and taxable. More bonds? Different AA than tax deferred space?05/24 ChinchillaWhipl08:13 grabiner
3hGalliard Retirement Income Fund for short term treasury?05/24 Hector08:08 grabiner
8hPortfolio Modeling Software05/23 LobsterStrong08:05 GLState
22pSending money to India.05/24 Dude556808:03 Will do good
14hI need HSA advice!05/23 jbird08:00 aristotelian
20tLarry Swedroe: Factors Are For Holding05/24 Random Walker08:00 stlutz
2nGuidance for starting out with index funds05/23 DyJohnnY07:57 Laurizas
12t4 Seasons Portfolio05/23 osteord07:44 klrjaa
5hLongevity Risk Management23:08 LoveVermont07:17 Tdubs
28hBest way to backdoor Roth IRA01/01 teddytimtam07:13 nolesrule
40tAny option traders?05/21 DeadPoets07:05 acegolfer
7tReinvesting RMDs05/24 gofigure06:56 The Wizard
8hNOOB trying to learn (yes im a tad late age 52)05/24 goixiz06:09 22twain
30congoing eBay buying problems05/23 legio XX05:56 2cents2
16hNeed help managing excess taxable income05/22 XDark_FenixX04:52 LFS1234
38pEstate Planning question risk of DNA services with half brother relatives filing against estate05/23 retire202202:06 spinj
87pAnyone want to share their monthly budget? Here's ours2018 jehovasfitness01:57 Caduceus
31pMortgage almost paid off05/23 Cpadave01:54 UKFred
65pProbate costs?--I am the sole heir and the executor05/16 EByrd01:42 FIREchief
0tVEIGX01:36 Norsky19 
13cShort (3 night) Catamaran Charter in USVI or BVI05/22 fireman00:51 brajalle
11hDo I need retirement accounts if my deductions are already high?20:34 K8ya00:34 crre
3pFunding nieces' Roth IRAs22:23 MN-Investor00:13 billfromct
16pIs it worth refinancing?05/23 z9100:02 z91
12pPA 529 thoughts05/23 Johnny9900:00 pyld76
14tWhy does Vanguard predict that International stocks will outperform US stocks 10 years out?05/24 fortfun23:50 jbranx
4tDoes regulation matter to markets?20:51 TomCat9623:45 SimpleGift
21hDoes tuning out mean missing out?05/21 cbr shadow23:24 Cycle
5h401k, Roth IRA, Brokerage, and ESPP questions05/24 Mancolt23:15 Earl Lemongrab
13hCan I open a Roth for daughter's birthday present?05/24 DecoyDave23:08 Eagle33
11nNew Investor [ETF suggestions for Canadian expat]05/22 Wad22:55 Wad
7hHelp with my wife's 1099 Retirement and Backdoor Roth20:45 Kluftman22:32 MP123
9pComparison shopping for a mortgage - any advice?04/01 rasputin22:27 x3t4a7
20pCostco Finance and it’s lenders (Consumer Direct)05/11 angelescrest22:22 johnnyc321
9pGiving monetary gifts--bank logistics05/24 chessknt22:16 mcraepat9
13hI have $100k in savings. Dollar cost averaging or lump sum investment?05/24 LobsterStrong22:02 MotoTrojan
6hNewbie - Thank you!05/24 204151921:39 Stinky
3hAsset Allocation on 457 Plan After Retirement05/24 Oldschool21:37 Oldschool
7hDoes it make economic sense to do a Roth conversion at 70 years of age and beyond?05/23 HokeyPokey202021:32 bsteiner
17pDoes it make sense to buy Part D if you are subject to IRMAA?05/24 LSLover21:29 Stinky
17tYour Favorite High-Yield Bond Funds?05/23 teelainen21:28 sonosoldi3112
38hMortgage as part of AA05/23 Thegame1421:15 grabiner
35p[Proposed changes to 401(k) and IRAs]05/23 kardan20:53 LadyGeek
66pPayable On Death Account to Complement Will05/21 Leesbro6320:51 FIREchief
81h5.5% Load 403(b) Roth vs Low Cost Taxable Account05/16 MrBobcat20:50 J G Bankerton
90cAnyone else looking forward to Game of Thrones?2011 exeunt20:48 JonnyDVM
2pLTD Long Term Disability Insurance daily benefit increase cost05/24 heartwood20:41 BruDude
24hKids accounts: Vanguard Total World Stock05/22 Pete1220:27 LadyGeek
21pAre there unique benefits to Amex or Discover cards?05/24 get_g0ing20:23 get_g0ing
2hESOP Diversify/Roth IRA05/24 Middle20:19 David Jay
20cNew furnace and air conditioner05/15 Triple digit go20:12 Triple digit go
137hVTSAX or VTWAX over the next 35 years?05/15 guyesmith19:41 oldzey
21cWeber vs Broil King Grills05/23 bdrolan19:28 btenny
8pNew home construction, Jumbo mortgages, and should I lock?05/24 Pricklypear19:24 Pricklypear
4pQuasi Euro currency holdings replacement at Vanguard04/23 Rk98zpY5TUK8MZb05/24 Rk98zpY5TUK8MZb
217cWhich Compact SUV Should I Buy?01/03 Meg7705/24 gunn_show
20cPSA: Free Sirius/XM Broadcasting through Sept 1008/31 GoldStar05/24 MandyT
39hShould I go to a Fidelity Office to Set up Account?05/02 PatrickA505/24 dual
2pCredit Payment Plan05/24 DeepRoots05/24 Goal33
0cBought Title insurance since 2003? Maybe your data was leaked.05/24 rantk81 
8hPension (rollover IRA or stay put)?05/02 sonnylax05/24 lakpr
116cFor those who like travel, when did you retire and where are the most exciting places you travelled to?04/19 flyingaway05/24 f4d
40hBest Solo 401k Brokerage for Three Fund Portfolio05/22 keyfort05/24 jacoavlu
15pPTO -- use it, or cash it out?05/22 paramedic05/24 mariezzz
9pdeemed filing spousal benefits SS help please...05/24 standard705/24 Silk McCue
39hIs anyone here allocated 30/70 a la Rick Ferri's "new center of gravity?"2017 AntsOnTheMarch05/24 ruralavalon
3tHow to buy specifc bonds on - Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard05/24 ps56k05/24 Ferdinand2014
2hReaching desired AA for 63 yr old Dependent Mothers funds05/24 Mothersdilemma05/24 Jack FFR1846
4hWhen to redeem EE savings bonds05/24 pablolo05/24 FactualFran
3712pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy05/24 KATNYC
23hLooking to buy ETFs for the 1st time05/23 BogleAlltheWay05/24 Silence Dogood
27pWhy doesn't QCD include 401(k) or 403(b)?05/24 teacher05/24 LadyGeek
7pHow will Windfall Elimination lower our social security?05/24 BoggledUp05/24 LadyGeek
16cGoogle Tool for coordinating vacation dates between friends?05/23 cbr shadow05/24 iamlucky13
1024cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue2018 CULater05/24 JPH
17pPay for Masters in cash vs. retirement contributions?05/23 il0kin05/24 azanon
7hFixed rate 403b vs bonds05/24 tedfl05/24 tedfl
22pHow to be an executor2017 birdy05/24 afan
4nUK: VanguardInvestor's F/X margin rate05/24 _MH_05/24 magneto
25hSon rising univ senior, has some $$s - pay on loans, start Roth, or both?05/21 rj34205/24 mlipps
8cAnyone make custom t-shirts?05/24 ThankYouJack05/24 ThankYouJack
59tDon't add currency risk on top of equity risk05/21 CULater05/24 JackoC
24pProtecting assets against frivolous litigations2015 pclu05/24 LadyGeek
5hTaking advantage of tax-exempt pay (and simplifying this portfolio)05/22 RanchHand05/24 RanchHand
19cIs there a cheaper way to go to Long Island, NY?05/24 BogleMelon05/24 IngognitoUSA
41cde-googling my life: Keep Notes alternatives05/18 dual05/24 KyleAAA
8hWhich way for savings account interest, and what to do?05/24 Tdubs05/24 surfstar
18cRenewing TSA Precheck05/21 sac05/24 willygreen
10hAggressive Roth IRA fund suggestions05/24 Prahasaurus05/24 asif408
1746tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab05/24 whodidntante
8tRoth 401(k) vs No Roth at all05/24 captpete05/24 wolf359
130lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte05/24 ZachFinch76
13cIf you liked “They Shall Not Grow Old” - “Cold Blue” coming May 2305/19 David Jay05/24 TnGuy
3pRemove more taxes from paycheck05/24 ThankYouJack05/24 cshell2
9pQuestion on Plug-in Hybrid tax credit05/23 student05/24 student
340hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%2018 Bimmer05/24 zonto
6nVUAA: new Irish S&P 500 UCITS ETF (Accumulating)05/23 Pudu05/24 Pudu
18cShould I buy my leased Subaru Outback?05/24 Broadway201805/24 researcher
2509tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore05/24 LadyGeek
13hEvaluate my choices05/23 sina05/24 tennisplyr
10846tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill05/24 ruralavalon
13cLegal Advice Needed: Immigration and employment question05/21 thefoggycity05/24 teamDE
71tDelaying social security = harming nest egg?05/21 peagreenboat05/24 Dottie57
25pmaking the leap to online only banking-- updated reviews on Fidelity CMA or Schwab High Yield?04/29 anonima05/24 jeffyscott
16cAmex card + Any tips for US Open tickets?05/21 get_g0ing05/24 rjbraun
11hUse HSA To Buy Boat?05/24 Coltrane7505/24 Spirit Rider
20tHow does the charitable fund deduction work?05/21 nullbytes05/24 Stinky
13hGetting much closer to retirement... now what05/23 Dibbs05/24 Dottie57
4pVTWAX vs VTSAX in my taxable account05/24 TarHeel200205/24 lostdog
10n[Wiki] Bond ETF Non US resident withholding tax05/22 olliric05/24 TedSwippet
8hVanguard "advisors" vs. "Self-managed" accts05/23 teniralc05/24 GmanJeff
3hOptions for Roth conversions05/23 markcoop05/24 markcoop
76h$400,000 gift to stepdaughter05/21 Duffalo71405/24 bighatnohorse
18tLarry Swedroe: Active Mgmt Whiffs On Factors05/22 Random Walker05/24 nisiprius
1pWhaddyagunna do? 7 months and still no safety deposit box inventory!05/23 Godot05/24 user5027
9hMega backdoor Roth and Roth 401k05/23 beth6505/24 cherijoh
5pHow to Quantify the Financial Benefits of Buying and Holding Rather than Selling?05/23 bigtex05/24 Admiral
10tHow total market funds rebalance sectors05/23 ZachFinch7605/24 B. Wellington
88hCan I take an 85+% pay cut for fun?2018 fast_and_curiou05/24 student
5nWhich vanguard funds should I have? (Australia)04/02 alex12371105/24 andrew99999
21cShould I buy a used BMW 330E 2018?05/23 yosemite_mounta05/24 whodidntante
15tVanguard website fail at the propitious moment05/23 hdas05/23 Cheez-It Guy
25tWhy not non traded REIT such as yield tree?05/22 vu805/23 softwaregeek
12tPuerto Rico Equities Considered Foreign Stocks?05/23 SD2SR05/23 SD2SR
66pOpening a Pediatric practice as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner05/19 pendflx05/23 toofache32
22tIs the Global Portfolio the Least Risky? Lowest risk adjusted return?05/21 Dink201805/23 Spinola
2hNew job, new retirement account05/23 osteord05/23 Watty
11pTermite Control - worthwhile or a scam05/23 bikechuck05/23 Carpenterant
17hInvestment Plan for Newly Married Couple05/22 AdventureGuy05/23 Watty
44cAnother Honda maintenance thread05/21 Triple digit go05/23 Dead Man Walkin
2pSocial Security Retirement/Survivorship Questions (2)05/23 shervision05/23 MJS
11hSwitch from SEP-IRA to solo 401k05/23 Cyanide12305/23 3-20Characters
4hPortfolio Check and Advice05/22 PD7105/23 PD71
1pRetirement account for business partnership05/23 kafshar105/23 Spirit Rider
11hDFA, iShares edge Factor, Vanguard decisions03/26 caklim0005/23 caklim00
74tMid Caps have outperformed Large & Small for the past 50 years. Yet I see very little recommendation for them. Why?05/17 Benosis05/23 PersianRugs
16hVanguard Tax Exempt MM vs Intermediate vs HY vs Mortgage Payoff05/21 Hogan77305/23 grabiner
4c3 Alpine passes in 3 days by bicycle05/23 Raybo05/23 Finridge
70cDo you have hardwood or tile in your kitchen?2014 TRC05/23 JediMisty
60tNew era for TSP "I" Fund?09/11 Darwin05/23 gtwhitegold

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