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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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3045 new posts and replies over 314 topics in last 2 days (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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4hLooking for input on wife's retirement account plans14:42 phobophobe20:59 phobophobe
14143tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE20:58 Afrofreak
12hChristmas present = forced retirement18:36 fulliautomatix20:57 Watty
8pProblem logging in to Treasury Direct ? - worked with different browser, thanks.18:19 DSBH20:57 erp
15cMaking MIL's PC safe as possible18:24 BH_RedRan20:56 argleflargle
0hWash?20:56 LISD 
45pHow to tax deduct upcoming losses in Roth IRA: Brilliant?12/06 livesoft20:53 billaster
5pNationwide Private Client vs Cincinnati Insurance13:50 ChicagoBear720:50 NYCaviator
59pSell house below market value12/05 brianplycatu20:47 pizzy
124cIf you could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning, where would it be?08/01 Designairohio20:46 WhitePuma
121cAdvice for a budding electrical engineer11/21 YeahBuddy20:45 KlangFool
25pIs there any benefit to taking ss while I’m still working08/21 goldfinger2220:43 tj
3pRefinance plan for recent homebuyers18:27 ss9820:42 safari
97hCan I retire in 4 weeks?12/04 retirement_cowb20:40 eugeneD
407pIntuit's Mint App Shutting Down...Replacement Recommendations?11/01 cascadian20:38 pizzy
5pCalifornia Homestead Exemption Clarifications04/30 MrCheapo20:31 DebiT
12hHow to handle 2023 RMDs?2022 7BeachbUm020:29 ee_guy
159pWhose is Self Insuring for Long Term Care (LTC)? I'd Like To Hear Your Plan12/06 MrCheapo20:26 billaster
2pIndependent Agent for Disability Insurance11:40 clement1320:25 NYCaviator
8hDefining a TIPS ladder based on my expenses, not CPI.12/06 Free to Choose20:22 watchnerd
10cMicrosoft edge13:36 Tooth20:18 techbud
4cMigrating files to a new computer by cable18:46 ByThePond20:18 billaster
7hTIPS or portfolio for 11 year SS Bridge?17:31 Raspberry-50320:10 Raspberry-503
10hEE Bonds or not for an almost 62 yr old05:05 Moneybags120:07 SantaClaraSurfe
18tMax Drawdowns Bonds/All Stocks11/29 rich12620:03 BJJ_GUY
3cStatus of Death Valley NP17:12 investor4life19:57 zie
6hAdvice needed on the near future17:17 Goldenkey195919:57 Call_Me_Op
5hHelp me allocate my funds in my IRA17:07 DJZ19:51 DJZ
73pFractional Real Estate Ownership - Thoughts?2021 maulermark19:47 Zdex
13tBacktesting tools that take taxes into account10/30 deejay7719:46 deejay77
492tTotal Portfolio Allocation and Withdrawal (TPAW)2020 Ben Mathew19:42 Ben Mathew
6898tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:38 tj
2007hPurchasing MYGAs (multi year guaranteed annuities) - mega thread2020 Stinky19:37 Stinky
20pCash Merger and HUGE realized Capital Loss10:58 aum19:37 arcticpineapple
174pReview of book "Die with Zero"06/26 TheMurphy19:36 Godot
2cHow often to get chimney flu liner cleaned?13:25 WoostaGal19:36 billaster
1hvariable annuity options16:35 tpn19:34 Stinky
21tSelling bond mutual fund shares between ex-dividend dates, and taxation12/06 Carsson319:32 alex_686
92hAsset transfer fraud protection11/30 rks19:24 illumination
80tSCHD Poor Performance06/02 POINT3R19:18 tibbitts
13pQuestions on the Backdoor Roth process12/06 saagar_is_cool19:15 placeholder
30hContributed $52K to TWO 529 Plans in 2023 - Is that a problem?12/05 authrd19:13 toddthebod
2tishares defined maturity TIPS ETF17:36 runr19:08 runr
76pWhen to move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)12/02 Hillview19:07 nonnie
22pCan we make Roth contributions in 2023?06:15 GeoMetry19:01 rkhusky
33hYet another “Can I retire after layoff” thread12/06 nomdeplumefeath19:01 fortunefavored
8pHow do you compare Federal Blue Cross Standard versus Basic?11/15 Pizzaboy2218:59 rkhusky
2hFirst MegaBackDoor Year, question on order of operations15:40 illumination18:58 placeholder
30cCutting Cable, Recommendations?12/06 foodman18:54 3feetpete
6hNeed help picking out a 403(b) provider!11/19 nursechel18:44 nursechel
3tMinimum Time Horizon for the 3 Fund Portfolio18:24 InvestBiz9918:41 rkhusky
13pNeed Advice on Consolidating IRA and 401K12/06 fdeanw18:35 fdeanw
90cPrivate High School - worth it?12/05 Yesterdaysnews18:33 quantAndHold
23tDid anyone regretfully save a lot of cash before investing?12/03 Yaris-351618:31 YangtzeCruiser
29cGeico Auto - Premium up again12/06 MrWasabi6518:29 whodidntante
6tWhat gave GEICO its Economic Moat?08:40 Fat-Tailed Cont18:27 dukeblue219
24hContribute to ESPP or mega-backdoor Roth?12/04 grogu18:24 lakpr
67hWhen to add bonds?11/10 tman994018:22 YangtzeCruiser
31cIs 2 hours enough to clear customs and make flight in Atlanta?12/05 trustquestioner18:19 oxothuk
282cT5 engineering school or in-state T35 with full-ride?12/01 acegolfer18:18 Northern Flicke
26hSP 500, Nasdaq and Bonds. Will it work?12/06 Imtrying18:16 arcticpineapple
40cWhere do you buy glasses?12/05 faanger10118:16 Northern Flicke
9pInvalid ABA routing number on a major company check.07/07 ltgcc18:11 tetractys
5043tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb18:10 novolog
39hRetirement account in Target date fund12/05 hoodibaba18:07 arcticpineapple
100hSell everything10/03 capen246818:04 ddbtoth
14pPeople In The Car Sales Business: Question About Transportation Cost12:42 hotajax17:59 psteinx
55hFunding Fidelity solo 401k in person rather than ACH2020 eltron17:56 LincolnTunnel
207tInvesting 100% into TQQQ10/21 RichIn7Years17:54 RichIn7Years
4tAny tool that lets me back test with taxes12/06 RichIn7Years17:48 RichIn7Years
41tVanguard 2023 Year-end Capital Gains Distribution Estimates11/14 RickBoglehead17:47 Artsdoctor
59pAnybody else a retiree who is a conservative investor?10/04 Back Dr17:44 tetractys
4pShould I exercise ISOs?12:53 javigme17:44 LotsaGray
8hWhat’s the best order to convert Traditional IRA’s to Roth?12:59 tetractys17:35 tetractys
20pVehicle for a Year06:48 J29517:22 cubs1999
26hVanguard says we have a trust account????12/04 SGM17:18 tunafish
8hEmployer using new 403b plan11/25 throwaway65317:15 throwaway653
34hRoth Conversion in December - pay taxes in April?11/30 namenloseblonde17:09 retiredjg
7pone IRA transfer to another institution per year allowed?23:57 sil201716:57 sil2017
3hStructure settlement help15:11 Merlinnn16:54 epoche
2796tModified versions of HFEA with ITT and Futures / Lifecycle Investing with Modern Portfolio Theory2021 skierincolorado16:50 comeinvest
50p100k in CDs maturing in a few days - roll over at 5.5 percent or how would one decide this?11/30 AnnetteLouisan16:42 AnnetteLouisan
38pI am “lower risk” what should my emergency fund be?12/06 Yaris-351616:40 stoptothink
6259pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly16:28 chuccck
7cInexpensive Chromebook or Similar?14:47 MrWasabi6516:26 AllMostThere
7cWindow Replacement Preparation and Order of replacement12:49 URSnshn16:24 Nebraska_Drough
256t"In general, bonds add little or no value to the portfolio of ordinary long-term investors"11/23 Do_Nothing16:18 HeavyChevy
92cHow respond to recent graduate from my alma mater asking about "opportunities" at my company?12/05 knightrider16:17 Parkinglotracer
107tHas surviving stock market crash made you more resilient12/02 gavinsiu16:14 chw
68cNew Set of Tires11/14 LaurenRose16:12 sport
68cCA Solar Decision11/27 krafty8116:11 krafty81
3pInherited IRA rules pre-Secure Act12:49 FBN201416:07 Alan S.
2pHelp estimate tax and taxable income without W2 &1099R15:54 Swiss Chard16:06 Silk McCue
59pAdvice for nephew, 25, raking in that Silicon Valley pay11/30 McQ16:02 psteinx
306cTesla savings vs used ICE cars09/16 jplee315:59 hunoraut
148hDelaying Social Security is getting less advantageous10/23 ljb123415:53 wwhan
22cShopping safely: Parents12/06 clutchied15:50 supalong52
12h[Software to track investments?]12/05 Chemtrails15:44 ExcelNerd
38pFeds - Is GEHA Still The Best HDHP Option?2022 RJC15:41 Cruz
1pUS Treasury "gains"15:24 andyandyandy15:36 nalor511
23pCar Loan Rates11/20 mrtiger15:31 eugeneD
5305cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger15:30 LilyFleur
36pParents of recent college applicants: How did it play out?12/06 CascadiaSoonish15:24 LeftCoastIV
10nAssets location and FATCA-IGA reporting12/06 fman15:19 fman
4hSo if I buy a municipal bond fund for my state, how do they know not to tax?15:02 Booogle15:12 Xexanoth
1hPIMCO ladder vs VWIUX14:45 Mayacallie15:00 nyclon
1pYear End - Tax Questions14:32 mander7514:51 lakpr
8tWhere do companies like Berkshire Hathaway hold their cash?12/06 skp14:50 Glockenspiel
3pStep up cost basis for personal residence and LTC13:18 vjkapust14:36 vjkapust
27hBackdoor Roth IRA in simple words07/27 mander7514:36 toddthebod
38hWhich broker to use? F. S, VG [Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard]12/06 4nursebee14:23 placeholder
7067pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy14:23 spammagnet
132pBig News For Those On FEHB BCBS And Other Plans10/01 tallguy389114:20 AstroJohn
47cLastPass - Features and Tips09/04 mander7514:16 mander75
4070cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman14:15 BruinBones
4tETF's12/05 Mildot14:14 Mildot
119tWe need to talk about Vanguard Wellesley ( VWIAX )08/11 farmecologist14:12 farmecologist
11pIf no Medicare B, can HSA funds pay primary premium for FEHB00:10 4nwestsaylng14:12 tallguy3891
3h529s allowing individual treasuries13:24 MattB14:12 lakpr
8hTransfer Funds12/06 smc194814:08 rkhusky
39hBrighthouse Variable Annuity from Wells Fargo Advisors02/16 Bimmer14:04 Stinky
3656tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)2022 Kevin M14:03 Kevin M
24pState Farm Auto Ins. 3 Year Mark12/05 bartmer13:56 exodusNH
5nThree fund portfolio - NON-US UCITS [Uruguay]06:05 agustinb13:51 tre3sori
29cWhich Mesh Router To Buy05:06 LifeIsGood13:44 valleyrock
73hBerkshire vs Index Investing?05/13 VVenti740113:43 TipsQuestions
3pTax calculator recommendation?13:15 slvrhwk13:39 southernlucky
28pMedicare (Part G Plan) Question12/06 OnTrack202013:30 DebiT
3857tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:30 InvestBiz99
16h100% Contrafund10:02 62caster13:28 whodidntante
114cHey Men, what are you wearing to the gym?11/22 A44013:28 Sic Vis Pacem
12cOther financial forums?07/09 bgyt13:10 Taylor Larimore
52cDIY Cleaning Evaporator Coils ?11/27 jplee313:02 talzara
111cMedicare Part D Choices for 2024 available09/29 EagertoLearnMor12:57 cashmoney
25pContributing to an HSA after retirement, advantages?12/06 MrWasabi6512:55 LotsaGray
28cGeneral question about accidents and insurance12/06 jplee312:54 jplee3
10hWhat do you think about YieldMax™ Option Income Strategy ETFs?12/06 fingoals12:53 fingoals
7tum. When did PSLDX raise it's ER to 1.71% ?12:17 ltgcc12:53 RosieQ
20pReporting taxes for TIPS bonds in taxable account2022 dual12:49 Speckles
16tUsing HSA Disbursements to Fund IRA/401K12/05 banker089212:44 assyadh
16pHousing question: How would you pay for this?12/06 GotNoWisdom12:35 GotNoWisdom
13hWhy BND or VGSH is down but treasuries have record high yields10/11 mander7512:19 dbr
1707pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4812:19 Silk McCue
18pSpecial calculator, spreadsheet, or website12/06 simpleman12:12 MrBobcat
5616c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir12:08 Bylo Selhi
6hHSA - HealthEquity & Fidelity 2023/202412/06 hmrambling12:02 hmrambling
12hInvestment income options - Help12/06 groverson11:54 ruralavalon
2pHelp evaluating my in-law's life insurance policies11:17 Rd12312311:46 Stinky
2035tWhy not 100% PSLDX? [PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund]2020 TeeDee11:42 goblue100
3pFidelity Full View10:05 Lloydo11:41 tj
8hRoth IRA mess00:07 BindingLight11:40 Navillus1968
12cTPMS with new tires12/06 pshonore11:37 SimonJester
32tDaffy - new low fee donor advised fund provider2021 calwatch11:32 tj
185tWilliam Bernstein on TIPS, asset allocation, and four deep risks10/29 Rick Ferri11:31 GaryA505
202pEstimating Life Expectancy Accurately - Defying the Lake Wobegon Effect11/13 MrCheapo11:26 SevenBridgesRoa
23cPirate Ship - Save Up to 89%12/04 bhwabeck353311:23 InvisibleAeroba
6hSelf rolled annuity for parents11/14 belistor11:21 dbr
7pFehb dental plan recommendation12/05 pablolo11:19 tj
17pMedigap turning 65 AARP UHC or?12/04 Okoboji11:18 tj
23pMedicare Medigap Decision Review12/01 vnatale11:06 Chip Munk
7tVanguard Automatic Investments - auto-stop on maximized?12/06 Jason9535710:58 retired@50
5hAre IRA transfers to Vanguard still taking a long time?10:08 GaryA50510:55 GaryA505
7hBought Land maybe should've funded IRA12/05 Dkells410:50 BuyandHold37
14pSocial Security Tax Calculator12/06 Bustoff10:40 bonesly
12pMedicare part d shopping was surprising12/06 placeholder10:40 danielrhall
5cMeeting scheduling software- free and easy?09:07 Scooting10:40 Scooting
8tQualified Dividends ETF Question12/06 A Random Fellow10:34 alex_686
16t2024 Contribution Limits (official)11/01 pizzy10:23 Glockenspiel
23pPitfalls of withdrawing from 401k for a home loan but not using it?12/05 CrisisAverted10:15 clutchied
5pDepreciation, closing costs and taxes - rental property11/29 mander7510:04 clutchied
68cCar Prices Flat Since 1996?12/02 LISD09:59 rockstar
36cShould I take job offer? Commute concerns12/06 archiehr09:55 WhitePuma
4pSafe harbor and underpayment questions23:22 sil201709:40 lakpr
2188tNow that long TIPS have backed off 2.50% I will…2022 McQ09:32 protagonist
17hEmpower Pull on Fidelity / Yodlee11/20 RetireGood09:10 StewedCarrot
9pWhat would you do? [Help parents buy a home]07:13 Ophiuchus09:10 Ophiuchus
21pBuying Immediate Annuities12/06 Leesbro6309:09 Leesbro63
5tShortening Duration as a way to de-risking Bonds08:37 gavinsiu09:07 rockstar
4pRoth conversion plan for old 403b05:04 TheTurtle09:05 little_star
290lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2023!2022 Miriam209:03 houseofnine
11hTransitioning from FSKAX to ETFs - Seeking Advice12/06 Gautm01208:59 the_wiki
3419lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1608:44 TheTimeLord
1tCalculating an investment CAGR08:33 adriciu08:35 pizzy
2hSelling a tbill on the secondary market21:17 LookinAround08:17 LookinAround
16hSimple way to divest from Oil companies?00:23 sail08:16 LadyGeek
56cretire in 50s what do you do12/05 Hillview08:05 djmbob
129tBond yields of 1% mean that 60/40-type allocations are off for almost everyone?2021 mdlm07:52 CloseEnough
15hfixing the sin of holding bonds in a taxable account12/06 spacemanspif07:48 Buzzman
8hKids Cash Gifts12/06 salvaje07:46 Wiggums
9hQuestion about a callable CD12/06 zaplunken06:55 zaplunken
3hFranklin Income Fund06:21 2BRetiredsn06:35 2BRetiredsn
80hEdward Jones New Low07/20 Mullins06:30 Fpdesignco
27cLock to secure luggage inside SUV12/04 Lynx31065006:08 crefwatch
12pInherited IRA distributions confused12/03 Paullmas05:57 Paullmas
5tBeyond the Status Quo: A Critical Assessment of Lifecycle Investment Advice12/05 flylikeanosprey03:49 BitTooAggressiv
10546cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36801:27 roamingzebra
0tReporter doing story on tax-loss selling of bonds01:07 Mel Lindauer 
21tShould you buy I bonds if Retired12/04 drzzzzz00:11 beyou
7tBest portfolio snapshot12/05 bertilak23:08 aquinas
15tA question on asset allocation11/27 miter198022:52 Merry
36cTesla - ARgh [Frustrated with tech support]12/06 arsenalfan22:49 arsenalfan
0hDividend mechanics for in-kind RMD withdrawals22:44 CashConfessions 
2pFidelity Offering Foreign Currency Exchange at Spot Rates (Norbert's Gambit)?12/06 tixoboy22:41 tixoboy
6cRate shopping for auto loans10/04 Minerva9021:51 mhalley
15pAdvice on consolidation and possible move "back" to Vanguard.12/06 NYCaviator21:37 NYCaviator
51cAre newer Kindles any faster?11/25 NYCaviator21:31 lhl12
85cCheap Passport Photos2021 ShadowCat21:29 RudyS
4hConditional Puts - Death Of Holder2018 Offshore21:04 increment
164pH&R Block 2023 software offer10/24 runner2621:01 student
17tHow do you retirees monitor withdrawal rate (SWR)?12/06 HeavyChevy20:59 GerryL
10cACA special enrollment eligibility11/27 stocknoob411112/06 stocknoob4111
8hNew to Tax Loss Harvesting12/02 tcal51112/06 arcticpineapple
57IValuethinker has 48,000 posts11/26 nedsaid12/06 nedsaid
41pFed Employees/Annuitants using GEHA, quick question12/03 MrWasabi6512/06 LadyGeek
3887pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium12/06 VanguardInvesto
10pIRS Error Correction12/05 sport12/06 sport
0hBuy individual muni or muni fund now?12/06 FruitTree 
164hUninterested Spouse12/02 Mr. Potter12/06 Northern Flicke
7tVanguard Markets Margin Loans12/05 petulant12/06 afan
5hNeed help in 401K bonds/fixed funds selection12/03 dstdka12/06 dstdka
9pWhy is there no clear option to move my Vanguard IRA RMD to my Vanguard Brokerage account?12/04 Zanmar12/06 rkhusky
7pTaxation for Trust that is both Irrevocable and a Grantors12/05 mjs987654321012/06 bsteiner
545p[Using PayPal to pay bills and earn 5% on credit cards]2021 jeffyscott12/06 anon_investor
0pHealth Net PPO vs. Blue Shield of California in Covered CA12/06 saver1 
1hPortfolio review - retirement advice request12/06 RFintuit12/06 bonesly
16pSocial Security and Medicare eligibility - Recent Immigrant11/13 StoneFeeler12/06 StoneFeeler
10pLoan suggestions [Applied for a HELOC]10/23 Raegan081012/06 lakpr
96cNew or used car in today's market?06/05 Bikes4life12/06 avburns
6pcapital gain and taxes from house being sold and ACA12/06 Nyc1003612/06 pizzy
3hRoth IRA conversion over time with additional contributions12/05 lcky12/06 lcky
29h[Now retired], would appreciate a portfolio review [Update Dec 2023]12/27 Indeterminacy12/06 Indeterminacy
13hunderutilized 529 plans for 2 children : What are my options?12/05 NeedClue12/06 Grt2bOutdoors
56pSECURE ACT 2.0 Roll over 529 to Roth07/22 realclemsongrad12/06 tacobellcow
245lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei12/06 digarei
8hDonation 701 - old hack12/06 Vg55Fan12/06 ruralavalon
26hlock in 5.35% for 3 years on fixed equity ?12/05 RustyShacklefor12/06 RustyShacklefor
93hLower bond percentage after you won the game?2021 lobsterman211212/06 dogagility
5581pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon12/06 VictorStarr
11hVanguard Settlement Fund - Switch Question12/06 FootballFan554812/06 gotoparks
14pH&R Block 2023 incorrectly reporting taxable IRA distribution12/05 RangersFan12/06 livesoft
37hUnsafe Withdrawal Rate12/04 ThankYouJack12/06 cmr79
7cYellow Lens Glasses for Night Vision?12/06 MrWasabi6512/06 Misenplace
33pInsuring an heirloom engagement ring - seeking advice12/05 tchoupitoulas12/06 ZWorkLess
6hComparing 3-month T-bill with 3-month callable agency bond08/26 frugalor12/06 frugalor
2138tVariable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)2013 longinvest12/06 longinvest
12hHow Do I Fix My Allocation?12/04 controlledmonke12/06 retired@50
15fCan't view a thread12/06 tarq47612/06 LadyGeek
6hSell Vanguard Brokered CD12/06 ramsay6312/06 ramsay63
784tThe One-Fund Portfolio as a default suggestion2019 longinvest12/06 longinvest
6pFinding financial and tax advisors for relatives12/04 runner912/06 runner9
13pUpcoming business trip - which personal card to use?12/06 jplee312/06 jplee3
6cReturning Amazon at Kohls (what code to show them)12/05 newbie00312/06 pizzy
16h3 fund - bond placement - taxable? - muni?12/04 bontemps12/06 Misenplace
1pPayroll taxes and foreign employer12/06 StoneFeeler12/06 newacct
5cAvoiding being an overbearing sports parent12/06 davebo12/06 Misenplace
1361tVanguard Customer Service Mega-thread2021 PinotGris12/06 billaster
15pMortgage transferred to Mr Cooper - question about payment dates12/01 schmitz12/06 Nate7out
160pWhat's Your Exit Strategy (for tax-deferred retirement accounts)11/19 Boglenaut12/06 TheDogFather
9hMultiple SEP IRA deposits from different jobs into same account or separate accounts?11/25 rinkinst1ch12/06 MP123
347tNew tool for building a TIPS ladder01/07 kaesler12/06 MA405
33pFidelity Full View - recent experiences?2022 GreendaleCC12/06 Independent Geo
20cBest App for FREE Live Streaming News - for Boglehead personalities12/06 teelainen12/06 Horologium
11pTrust as Owner or Beneficiary?12/05 Darth Xanadu12/06 Darth Xanadu
10hWhat to do with previous jobs retirement savings11/17 Marwax12/06 Navillus1968
18hBOXX ETF: Help Me Understand12/05 WhitePuma12/06 the_wiki - What is acceptable percentage?11/28 bg512/06 Lawrence of Sub
72pUPDATE Debating quitting with no new job lined up - possible FIRE?09/30 AtlantaP12/06 Wannaretireearl
38hSelling stocks, going full on BH12/05 4nursebee12/06 delamer
79pMedicare Part D decision review12/01 vnatale12/06 jebmke
32pSelling House After Death of Spouse. Basis Question12/05 Leesbro6312/06 DebiT
59tOptimized Roth Conversion Model Update2021 Indyhou12/06 Indyhou
41hAdvice for early retirement to take care of sick partner11/28 toosunneo12/06 toosunneo
16pInformed rent vs buy podcast discussion12/01 FreddyC12/06 SB1234
28hTraditional TSP --> Roth IRA process10/24 OfficeSpace12/06 stan1
21hWhat to do with $1.6 million immediately after house sale12/05 tomcam12/06 rinkinst1ch
101tAvantis ETF Filing Today03/21 Gaston12/06 Morse Code
9pEstablishing a block savings account for a minor12/05 johan85112/06 retired@50
5cCost Basis didn't transfer -- worth fighting?12/05 jdadj12/06 clutchied
20cHouse with three HVAC Systems12/04 steadyhand12/06 zlandar
12plump sum12/05 loudu7212/06 GlacierRunner
12pPay down car loan or get CDs?12/04 Pegasus_RPG12/06 MBB_Boy
4hTurn around time on paper ibonds12/05 FENDERSTRYKER7512/06 Walkure
6cCar Warranties & Maintenance at Dealer (Kia)12/05 LazyFinanceJunk12/06 lthenderson
9tNot enough duration risk?12/05 simplesimon12/06 Valuethinker
41cQuestion for Remote Workers [Accommodating the workspace]12/05 MrWasabi6512/06 PeninsulaPerson
11cHealth and Dental Insurance Screw-Up12/05 Erwin00712/06 lthenderson
15hCreating a three fund portfilo for retirement11/19 Acres250Farm112/06 dbr
10pWise Currency Exchange Service Impressions USD->JPY12/03 pc9512/06 MarginalUtility
137lArizona Chapter2018 mabromovitz12/06 RidgeCrestMan
57tIs anyone concerned about missing out on long-term bonds, besides me?12/03 InvestInPasta12/06 Call_Me_Op
750tA Simple Bogleheads Retirement Using Variable Percentage Withdrawals (VPW Forward Test)2019 longinvest12/06 sycamore
21cConverting small bedroom into master bath?12/04 A44012/06 leeks
59tFixed index annuities for income in retirement2022 Petefalk12/06 Rex66
63pAnxious for retirement12/03 2BRetiredsn12/06 2BRetiredsn
6pVeterans: Being enrolled in VA Healthcare means you get no ACA subsidy12/03 motiv8ed12/06 rothlev
21pInsurance for immigrated parents12/05 Yvy12/06 lthenderson
10t20 Most Valuable U.S. Public Companies 1995-202311/30 calmaniac12/06 Valuethinker
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