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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1619 new posts and replies over 249 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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6836tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill23:34 limeyx
3286cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt19:27 slalom
2750pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy13:32 deanmoriarty
821c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir23:52 MJW
477cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater12:50 inbox788
396t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M19:22 Kevin M
332lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls19:01 Miriam2
300cThat Extravagant Thing You Do2009 cinghiale14:09 ResearchMed
281lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!2017 NCPE12:47 Griffkat
235tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar11:44 ruralavalon ... "The Coolest Portfolio Tool on the Web"?2015 scottj1970720:46 Tyler9000
145ciPhone XS Max09/12 Leesbro6315:30 Starfish
141lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis14:27 Hyacinth2018
140c2018 Forester vs CRV vs RAV403/15 need403bhelp08:43 MangoMama
130t[New Vanguard website layout starting Saturday, August 11]08/11 am12:47 lepa71
128cXfinity Mobile2017 student09:08 ilisira
127tAge in Bonds - Still Recommended?09/14 Jacobkg16:45 Jordan4FI
124hHow real is cyber risk?09/14 Coato13:01 jkrm
121pConsidering Quitting Job - Seeking Advice. Would you do it?09/15 RW7311:22 RW73
112pAnyone else not save for cars?09/10 Kywildcat00:28 watchnerd
111tArgument for taking social security before 70. Comments?09/11 duffer10:42 JW-Retired
108pMassive Student Loan Debt - Fiancee09/11 cmiller070112:24 TN_Boy
94tWhat’s the magic savings rate???03/30 crockpotinvesti16:39 Starfish
92tVanguard - You'll need to sign up for security codes soon06/12 KlingKlang12:33 mariezzz
90pSide Hustle Options/Suggestions.09/10 Thegame1420:58 leeks
89cIf you really like the CR-V, you should check out the [_____]04/30 latesaver14:28 UpperNwGuy
84lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte15:58 Elsebet
81pDelaying Social Security Until 7009/15 TinyTim21:50 AlphaLess
77pDilemma: Add room to current house or buy new house?09/17 scorp_pccorp10:03 Cycle
77tVanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund is changing07/27 asif40822:59 siamond
74hUmbrella Policy: Right amount for $7 mil net worth?06/27 TheClash11:27 TheClash
69hPaying off mortgage with 87K left on it09/09 rakish_weasel12:33 rakish_weasel
69cPicking a Charity09/12 jakobox11:23 dm200
68cGardening 201804/08 Earl Lemongrab14:31 Earl Lemongrab
64tIs there such thing as saving TOO much?09/17 tman994012:16 22twain
62cAny reasons to not put money down for a Tesla Model 3?06/01 ThankYouJack08:37 matjen
60p38% pay cut for dream job?09/15 minet11:05 Rupert
59cDecided on Chromebook, now need spec help08/04 Coolstavi21:18 TimeRunner
57tSLYV vs IJS [SPDR vs. iShares S&P 600 Small Cap Value]10/26 Fryxell07:44 Doc
54pJob burnout - Keep grinding or change?09/14 UncleBogle13:09 bloom2708
53tLarry Swedroe: Disrupted Expectations08/06 Random Walker22:48 willthrill81
52hEmployer won't Match 401k. Why?09/15 ThisDinosaur20:01 latesaver
50cPhone Plan for US-Child doing a Semester Abroad (VerizonWirelss)08/13 DaftInvestor22:00 smackboy1
49tExpanding on The Rewards Of Multiple Asset Class Investing11/01 Random Walker09:17 Random Walker
48pLeasing Cars in Retirement09/14 Frisco Kid13:10 inbox788
48cWSJ print edition renwal time - any discounts?09/13 TnGuy17:24 Tellurius
47tPodcast Now Available - Bogleheads On Investing: Episode #1 with John C. Bogle09/14 Rick Ferri22:28 LadyGeek
47hVanguard platform06/03 Mr.BB19:56 abuss368
46tLarry Swedroe: Simple Factor Investing09/10 Random Walker11:20 azanon
45pI see now why Rollovers can take FOREVER ....09/16 livesoft12:54 whodidntante
45tEquity in house / Do you use it?18:04 petrisunset12:36 Admiral
45cHow to determine quality of a finished new construction home09/13 krappei09:15 michaeljc70
43cSubaru Forester - ready to buy09/12 MeansNotEnd23:10 SevenBridgesRoa
43ca low grade in a 9th-grade test09/17 goru118:05 Clueless
41pHow did you decide when to retire?09/15 BarbBrooklyn10:19 carolc
39hThinking of Retiring at 52, Please Critique Plan09/16 travel42411:48 TravelGeek
39cIs Hardwood Floor No Maintenance (vs Carpet)?09/15 AndroAsc23:30 Starfish
38cSling TV experiences01/05 harrad19:43 BashDash
37pBank of America credit card “feature” (be careful with autopay)05:25 Jags418613:20 SpaethCo
36pDelaying SS? How Long It Will Take for It to Pay Off?09/16 LSLover07:38 JoeRetire
36cHumidity in basement09/14 unclescrooge07:28 queso
35cSolar Install w/ SolarCity09/15 mmcmonster18:43 kacang
34hPortfolio Review, Age 31, $1.5 million net worth08/05 investwisely13:05 JoMoney
34tWhy I left Wealthfront02/26 Badger175409:34 nisiprius
34cMinivan for family of 4.08/28 PaulAtreides04:48 chipperd
34tNew Jack Bogle Book!08/26 abuss36819:51 indexlover
33p401k money missing09/11 FM2311:55 KESP
33tEquity allocation for Flagship clients?09/16 restingonmylaur11:24 azanon
32hVanguard Advisor suggesting 7 Bond funds for my 40%09/16 Webfoot13:03 Webfoot
32cRain Jacket recommendations and care09/15 ThankYouJack21:26 smackboy1
32hHow am I doing? -- 32 y/o lawyer in Bay Area09/14 hambusin17:55 bgf
32cAny Cyclists With a Brooks Saddle?2014 LifeIsGood16:59 cyclist
31tTake your canes out in Emerging Markets08/15 hdas12:28 hdas
30hTotal Bond or Total Bond/short-term09/14 schleprock11723:39 RCL
29cACA - Silver plan cost sharing worth it?09/15 michaeljc7014:15 michaeljc70
28tFour International ETFs that are better diversifiers than VXUS09/17 vineviz09:49 vineviz
28pDark Web Article09/15 carolinaman09:08 lotusflower
27hLaddered CDs09/12 wilsonbh13:35 Kevin M
27tHow can I buy ALIBABA and TENCENT stock?22:00 WanderingDoc12:56 wolf359
27care iPad Minis obsolete?09/17 gd08:52 Texanbybirth
26tWSJ 9/12/18- Fidelity Doubles Down on Free Fund Strategy09/12 Paul Romano13:33 lukestuckenhyme
25pTaxes+Health Insurance (Recent Marriage, Baby OTW)09/11 guwop11:33 FiveK
25c$180 IPhone SE or $90 Iphone 5S09/17 Caduceus11:28 Momus
25tUnchanging opinions09/17 stvchang09:12 staythecourse
25pSingle Family Homes in Chicago?09/14 weir_everywhere06:07 kjvmartin
24cOvernight near Atlanta?09/17 lazydavid12:14 lazydavid
24hAsset allocation calculator09/16 VA_Investor20:58 HEDGEFUNDIE
24hWhole Life vs Universal Life Insurance15:39 cmauss20:19 Grt2bOutdoors
23pCheap Flights09/17 FPS_dapdap06:21 GeoffD
23pRetirement Double Check16:03 BajaMig23:55 BajaMig
22tMatter/Scatter appendix: notes on methodology09/05 nisiprius13:10 siamond
22phow do/did you teach your kids finances/investing?09/16 bling02:01 peterinjapan
22hCritique my High-Risk Factor Portfolio09/15 Wataru21:22 betablocker
22hDoes cash at Ally count in my asset allocation?09/16 zaplunken15:02 zaplunken
22hTIAA near-retiree begins to consider retirement now09/14 Zaphod13:40 blgaarder
21pNeed help in solving Tenant landlord issue09/17 Financequest13:36 Financequest
21cHOA Donation in Remembrance of Deceased Owner09/15 DTalos09:32 junior
21pHow to get financially ready for death of parent09/16 Tabulator16:03 Lindyhopper
20hHigh employer contribution, still max 403b before taxable?09/14 DanEmmy10:28 Dottie57
20tSlight fear of investing in general now09/14 TheBogleWay23:24 TheBogleWay
19pNew York Times--NYTimes: Freezing Credit Will Now Be Free. Here’s Why You Should Go for It.09/16 Paul Romano12:24 celia
19hVanguard Personal Advisor - .30%16:18 txgirlgolfer11:46 GmanJeff
19pInsurance asking to repay for services not provided09/16 chr10:36 chr
19cHow to tell when a Mango is ripe?09/17 zaplunken06:53 zaplunken
19pProvding SSN for Estate Planning--Why?09/17 jjwpls22:29 bsteiner
19hCan I have an oversized emergency savings account?09/16 Reggeee18:20 iamlucky13
19cExperiences downsizing to single car09/16 seychellois_lib17:47 Thesaints
19cStereo receiver amp without aux plug or bluetooth ?09/14 bighatnohorse16:28 bighatnohorse
18cInexpensive source for greeting cards?09:15 knightrider13:26 123
17hFacing Retirement at year end02:57 NewOldGuy12:49 EHEngineer
17cTesla Refund09/01 BoglePaul11:55 Big Dog
17hrmd for IRAs at multiple institutions09/12 Skyedancer08:52 RudyS
17pBaby on the way - HSA questions09/04 yammer18200:14 bjames310
17pPlaying catch up. Best methods to grow retirement in next 10+years?09/16 ChinchillaWhipl15:16 billfromct
17tVanguard: Hedging international equities’ currency risk would have reduced portfolio volatility for US investors09/11 Counterpoint14:51 vineviz
17tAlternative investments - Art, memorabilia, artifacts, antiques09/15 elephantstone14:32 prudent
16hComplete Beginner to investing, 24 years old12/01 Macro13:03 Macro
16pDoes this job exist (another want-to-quit-corporate-world thread)?09/15 nick evets12:47 livesoft
16hDoes anyone know what the AXA 403(b) fees are?2017 tchasteen12:21 krow36
16cAnyone hire an interior designer?18:59 ThankYouJack09:12 Sandtrap
16hHelping my dad with his IRA09/08 Kathys17:10 dkb140
15cSpectrum Cable TV Charges17:51 sport12:39 ediekrager
15cHow to watch baseball playoffs without cable08:45 clemrick11:14 northtexan
14pChase Bank is the Devil10:32 BoglePaul13:35 sport
14hThoughts on Portfolio/certain fund10:25 Mr400meterdash11:46 Mr400meterdash
14hTax Loss Harvest (TLH) VWIUX09/13 hudson11:09 hudson
14cGas leak detector?15:19 fittan06:18 NavyIC3
14pFinancial situation/Health checkup - Stocks vs. Real Estate?09/14 m@ver1ck16:49 m@ver1ck
13hVanguard vs. EJ vs. Fidelity09/17 Jarisma18013:00 WhyNotUs
13cIs this a potentially dangerous electrical issue that needs to be addressed?22:44 Kennedy12:44 barnaclebob
13t“Costly race to bottom on mutual fund fees”09/17 EyeYield09:18 GAAP
13pretroactive change to State Retirement plan illegal?15:51 Matt Y.23:55 celia
13h401k roth or trad in NJ09/17 Taxedtodeath19:58 flah
12hTSP to Roth IRA Tax Strategy (Post Retirement)16:57 geobrick12:31 Watty
12lJack Bogle Bobblehead21:01 abuss36811:55 triceratop
12hSIMPLE IRA, solo 401(k) & Backdoor Roth13:51 oar82111:11 FiveK
12hNeed help in choosing small cap value fund09/15 Financequest09:31 Financequest
12hAA and Tax efficiency review09/11 ready2008:53 ready20
12hNew Job 1 year 401k wait, advice?09/14 adam6118:38 Natsdoc
12cHow to start a website?09/15 sunny_socal17:55 Jazztonight for a refinance?09/17 Pooswa12:46 poker27
11cHonda Lawnmower Warranty Issue07:21 mw173912:21 researcher
11hWhy is it so much cheaper to borrow money in Euros?09/17 johnanglemen10:49 Valuethinker
11pHSA vs save $1.5K/year09/16 Alto Astral07:17 Bmac
11pCP2000 - rollover Vanguard IRA to TSP09/15 ishkadetto17:24 ishkadetto
11hReducing expense ratios and simplifying... perhaps with a single fund.09/02 Nords14:25 Nords
10p"Taking" RMDs10:47 Ron Scott12:48 ResearchMed
10tA Question [about Vanguard's asset allocation recommendations]09/16 abuss36811:59 abuss368
10cColor copier recommendations?09/14 fittan05:39 prudent
10hIneligible Roth Contributions09/14 baseball2horse16:58 aristotelian
10cSmart Home / IoT Light Bulbs - Philips Hue, LIFX09/16 watchnerd14:41 wabbajack
9cFakespot vs. Reviewmeta for Amazon?09/17 kayanco13:07 Raymond
9hBuying I-Bonds11:23 8hygro12:56 8hygro
9cNew SUV21:26 WHB311:27 TheAccountant
9tAdvantage of Rebalancing for different asset allocations15:17 banhbao10:57 heyyou
9tDiscount Cash Flow Analysis (DCF)15:18 GuitarXM07:37 Doc
9pBofA - Am I Shadow-Loaning to Them?00:42 watchnerd06:47 ResearchMed
9t401k: Why not only after-tax?17:33 international0006:36 retiredjg
8hHSA Investment Options20:53 N10sive12:53 N10sive
8cSuntrust Bank online banking has been down since Sunday.09/17 Watty12:19 Watty
8tHow often do cap weighted funds get adjusted?09:46 ChinchillaWhipl10:52 alex_686
8tNeed advise to keep investment cost and advisor fee low09/17 InvestVS19:07 Earl Lemongrab
8pPay large medical bills - cash or HSA?09/17 jjwpls15:28 aristotelian
7tBond Funds vs. Individual Bonds: Can someone quanitfy?10:26 rbrb13:31 aristotelian
7h$4900.00 INHERITED IRA11:18 BOGBECK13:13 Alan S.
7cPotential Water Leak Issue/Irregular Water Usage10:03 CaptainMarvel11:58 BobTexas
7cConsumer Issue - Storage Unit Rental07:40 LuigiLikesPizza11:16 LarryAllen
7hEmployer/Plan Limit on 401K Contributions08:37 TVKNSC10:59 TVKNSC
7hCalifornia tax free fund or an AMT tax free fund?18:11 billthecat03:51 pokebowl
7tDo vanguard tsm and 500 funds distribute capital gain?16:48 vu818:58 PFInterest
7tTrend Following failure15:33 hdas17:49 HEDGEFUNDIE
7pAmended tax return problem 1040x09/17 mortac815:47 MarkNYC
7pSolo 401k at Wells Fargo09/12 jdilla110715:42 MichCPA
7cGenerator Natural Gas Line/Hookup09/16 groverson15:17 N1CKV
7pWant to buy Home - But not sure!09/17 Peace&L0VE414:22 Peace&L0VE4
6pRegular savings via after-tax 401(k) account09/11 clipson13:17 clipson
6tWith expense-free funds, are other Fidelity fund obsolete?11:47 InvestInLife12:49 triceratop
6tWhere to place 100K for construction?09/17 phxjcc12:11 lukestuckenhyme subscription price testing?09:33 12312:04 goingup
6hPortfolio Review09/16 brian.h09:32 Sandtrap
6hretiring soon, any advice on moving 401k?14:34 dmnhwn22:39 Church Lady
6hOrganizing an unplanned portfolio and dealing with LTCG09/16 threed21:56 vieques
6hWhat's an acceptable fee range for a Target Date?17:20 WhoMe?18:58 WhoMe?
6hConfused with Backdoor Roth, need some help14:04 eileendf18:53 eileendf
6hHelp with Establishing a Custodial Account09/17 DCGirl14:26 nolesrule
6pPension question - 65% J&S vs Single plus term insurance09/16 Ready3Retire13:46 kaudrey
5tMoney Market account in a Roth quick question11:38 marklearnsbogle13:32 kaneohe
5hQuestions about parents retirement accounts06:17 Faraz11:31 billfromct
5pRevocable Living Trust vs. Will with Kids Trust20:56 skinsfan06:44 Iorek
5hWhich fixed income fund to rebalance into stock fund in a correction?19:40 flyingaway06:28 drdrgolf
5cHow to tell if computer update notice is legit18:34 dodgy5501:54 Pancakes-Eggs-B
5hDollar cost average funds being transferred to new retirement account?09/16 VA_Investor19:42 billfromct
5pFinancial Engines and TIAA RE and SRA funds07/31 BigoteGato19:23 student
5pIs Bedrock SS Analyzer site not working anymore?04/02 dollarsaver18:57 LadyGeek
4htransferring in-kind VPMAX to Fidelity Roth IRA?20:36 jsmoove12312:33 jsmoove123
4cPrepaid SIM card with longest expiration dates07:36 Caduceus11:23 runner3081
4hFund Selection Help19:51 scarson11:04 ruralavalon
4pQuestion: New tax law on HELOC09:17 shareholder0111:04 shareholder01
4pAre there professional trustees that charge by the hour?08/17 RatherBeFishing09:21 afan
4hCalSTRS Pension - Does refund of contributions make sense?18:45 treskin09:18 FoolMeOnce
4pHow should I insure a condo purchased for my dad?08:04 lilyn2009:14 JGoneRiding
4tChasing Mutual Fund Performance - Follow the Momentum?19:55 pkcrafter20:51 snailderby
4pWolters Kluwer announces 2019 Inflation Adj09/14 Alan S.14:46 FactualFran
3cWhen did you decide to move from your home to senior living?10:41 CULater13:15 GmanJeff
3h401K Rollover tax question.12:38 kforbes86213:08 kforbes862
3hquestions about conversions01:12 NH393011:49 esar
3hFSITX bond fund leverage09/17 edugrind11:39 Hiwatter
3tDoes Vanguard's Asset Mix indicator include outside holdings?09:26 Admiral11:35 bengal22
3h401(a) Transfer issues....20:43 cdtouchberry11:15 cdtouchberry
3hWeighing mid-career break and pension decision09:34 AmericaninParis10:39 Watty
3hCoverdell ESA Asset Allocation04:19 Wings510:39 camillus
3hshorter term window13:53 mz507709:42 mz5077
3hAmerican Funds 401K - What Available Funds Close to Vanguard 3-Fund Portfolio05:16 PinchinPennys08:08 typical.investo
3cNegotiate Washington Post Subscription06:57 Wolfpacker07:22 Lou354
3pFlex. Spending Arrangement (FSA) - Maximize reimbursements2014 LadyGeek06:41 amitb00
3pTax Question - Roth Conversion19:05 Charles605:50 cas
3pSocial Security WEP question09/17 BrownsTown21:52 texasdiver
3pYet another SS question - filing sequence15:25 jebmke19:16 TravelforFun
3hNewbie seeking help with planning asset allocation and fund selection in multiple retirement accounts09/16 AbenaK16:40 Duckie
3hPortfolio advice09/12 mikeguima15:04 mikeguima
3cSelling your home with Opendoor09/17 hdas14:27 michaeljc70
2cSpeaker for Apple 4K TV help06:24 acunn11:58 acunn
2hRoth TSP, Vanguard, inheritance and early retirement23:23 binary_byzantin11:23 FiveK
2tAARP Article re: ID Theft & Dark Web09:58 CaliJim10:46 CaliJim
2pTax deduction advice - Section 17907/25 jborn2010:01 jborn20
2hAt what point do you use muni bonds in taxable portfolio?02:40 Captain kangaro09:53 Cyclesafe
2hHelp with Trust Management19:07 Chris C20:39 Gill
2punused $100k line of credit-- keep or close14:37 eye.surgeon14:55 dknightd
2tStatistical Significance within 30 year projections09/17 snowman900014:20 patrick013
1hLoan(s) from Qualified Retirement Plans for Married Filing Jointly17:21 NeedSomeAdvice13:18 bloom2708
1pCovered Expatriate : Green Card Tenure?11:18 bagpuss11:53 TedSwippet
1pSEP or Solo 401k with TPA? dual income (2 jobs) help11:04 pension4ever11:07 pension4ever
1hVGT vs QQQ10:42 sabhen11:02 HEDGEFUNDIE
1psmall group health insurance?09:11 eggraid10109:29 JBTX
1pBusiness card impact on credit score (sole proprietor)21:02 fortfun01:10 daveydoo
1hSolo 401k21:00 MariamQ00:07 Spirit Rider
1hDeciding upon investment spaces19:34 arensin19:50 PFInterest
1tCombining multiple IRA accounts into one18:27 tuningfork18:57 PFInterest
1h$20k Investment for 3-5 Years17:40 johngabriell18:38 pkcrafter
1pApproach year end - medical costs/actions09/15 dm20015:24 dm200
1lMinnesota BH Fall Main Meeting 10/27/1809/10 Fallible14:18 Fallible
0tOther investment opportunities besides the stock market13:12 skor99 
0hAs a future non resident alien (French national), should I bother contributing to a Roth IRA?12:59 assyadh 
0pForeign annuity tax question.12:59 kforbes862 
0pNew car - 0% loan or $500 rebate12:24 adamsdp 
0t"7 Retirement-Portfolio Withdrawal Mistakes to Avoid"12:21 Taylor Larimore 
0tLarry Swedroe: Effective Diversification In A 3 Factor World and Roger Gibson: The Rewards Of Multi Asset Class Investin09:11 Random Walker 
0hbalanced index bonds07:12 bbrown 
0hHSA investment plan23:01 Kingside 

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