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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1402 new posts and replies over 195 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
# Replies Subforum - Topic TitleFirst Last   
Subforum - TopicLast   
2250pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy11:06 beehappy
277tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens07:12 jhfenton
213tWhat is Bitcoin?08/18 grayfox21:19 hilink73
193tDividends vs. Capital Gains for Spending Needs?10/05 Taylor Larimore07:12 snarlyjack
193fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb12:19 saraloryn
192pRetirement Account Stolen by Identity theft10/01 brak07:36
140tBogle himself is saying we will expect like 3% for the next decades10/06 Vision05:53 DaufuskieNate
104tHow does everyone keep track of your portfolio?10/15 Newone8814:14 nedsaid
92cHow many miles/years do you keep your car?10/13 Alexa917:55 nisiprius
91canyone else not liking the new cars?10/13 lomarica0121:09 lazydavid
85hNew physician - UC retirement options help (403b/457b/401a megabackdoor roth)!2016 justskipee14:13 Spirit Rider
78tAbout Vanguard advisors: opinions, thoughts?2016 Bill177321:58 LadyGeek
77phow long did it take to get used to retirement10/17 1year2318:49 Levett
76cConverting to Safety Razors2013 12thman15:00 jadd806
70tVanguard's Global Wellesley Income and Global Wellington Funds in registration07/26 Billavoider07:21 azanon
67tVanguard expects "decent sized correction" soon, sometime, maybe later10/17 CULater09:54 chisey
65cLeast expensive iPhone2016 an_asker12:46 bloom2708
59cCar Buying, Time to grow up.10/13 nakedbird22609:13 dm200
58pIs a doctor's practice one of the safest and most profitable businesses?11:12 Derivative20:10 LadyGeek
55cWiFi [extender]10/08 straws4621:54 madbrain
54cWPA2 protocol used by vast majority of wifi connections has been broken10/16 F150HD09:16 DiggleRex
51cTrash dumped on curb (need advice)10/15 scorcher3107:01 NightFall
51cAmazon Prime - Decline in Delivery Service?10/15 Joe Jones23:33 PaddyMac
50pBest way to make some dollars on a 10 day vacation?10/17 bo10595402715:56 bottlecap
49hbitcoin makes you rich08/16 looking20:44 LadyGeek
49cAre Roomba's effective?08/31 JBTX18:23 MathWizard
46cToilet Woes09/23 AAA14:55 rterickson
45tThe overselling of international diversification10/17 CULater21:18 Taylor Larimore
45hIf someone held a gun to your head, and force u to gamble whether the S&P 500 will rise or fall tomorrow, what do u say?13:09 fantasytensai21:03 LadyGeek
45hWindfall and advice10/08 rad doc13:55 ruralavalon
44cAnyone planning on getting the new Pixel phone?10:41 DiggleRex06:26 willie838
41tLarry Swedroe:Better To Face The Correction10/18 Random Walker21:49 james22
38p529 Savings - Is it enough?10/16 raamakoti21:13 FinanceGeek
36cOutback Vs Forester Vs CR-V ??10/13 marc51500:23 chuppi
36pCredit scores fell this month a lot for no reason10/17 vmsx20:15 vmsx
36ccontributing to friend's non-profit?10/15 gips10:23 Earl Lemongrab
34cCalculating max electrical load of your home10/15 TomCat9618:14 MathWizard
33pMulti-currency accounts for US citizen08:30 TomatoTomahto07:27 rainyday1
33cNew mattress10/13 MP17309:05 mrc
32tGold ETF10/06 mikeguima11:11 Earl Lemongrab
32cBuying 2017 Honda CR-V10/12 radiowave10:48 TLC1957
31hInvesting in private companies10/13 TareNeko07:42 dm200
31cHelp with PR emergency prep: Water filter, Propane stove, etc.10/17 chickadee20:58 random_walker_7
30hMaking a Roth IRA for my Dad10/16 CrownVic07:46 retiredjg
30cPC diehard gamers - sell me on 1080p, 2k, or 4k!08:54 lightheir21:19 shanefairman
30pProblems obtaining a free annual Equifax credit report online09/14 msimon12:44 hoghead
29cNew Garage Doors2016 Small Law Survi13:34 Purpose311
28tWhen everything goes up, what goes down & vice versa10/14 rm11:01 asif408
28pGrandparents want to give to grandkids10/17 gadoc09:01 CollegePrudens
27cHow do you outfit your feet?10/16 seychellois_lib14:14 MIGIHIDARI
26hseeking advice on asset allocation, or is Vanguard crazy10/17 eye.surgeon14:27 GMT-8
24cData Use on Smartphones13:40 DTalos07:26 jhfenton
24hDeciding between Roth TSP and Trad TSP10/17 Kanefa07:02 rkhusky
23hHelp on simplifying my portfolio10/13 29er15:12 ruralavalon
23tLife-insurance for young couple. Advice?10/09 simplesauce09:39 KlangFool
23cHow does the medical billing system work?10/13 JohnFiscal09:34 sawhorse
23cEmail Security after equifax breach10/07 andyandyandy08:23 mptfan
22cBest smartphone10/18 me11296416:17 Nicolas
21pIs it worth applying for Credit Limit Increase?10/17 ascension19:46 JMacDonald
21cAnyone who started a business what made you comfortable enough to take the chance?10/17 RVosen17:18 RVosen
20cBusiness Laptop Suggestions Request10/16 the11diesel04:53 Dendritic Tree
20t30 year tips auction-thursday 10/19, yield 0.86%?10/15 grok8700:08 Portfolio7
20pJoining Federal Service - A No-Brainer?10/16 abracadabra1120:23 simas
20cBrick Chimney Issues10/17 JBTX17:01 JBTX
19hIs my prudential account worth the fees?10/16 matt_ham04:31 mggray17
19pCar fund in index fun or savings?10/17 Coachrhino1113:53 Meg77
18pUsing a broker for a Supplemental Medicare Plan?10:23 Ron Scott22:45 neilpilot
18cHow did you rise into the Executive Ranks?10/16 bjc321:47 bjc3
18p2 Commas, Seven Figure09:07 fishandgolf18:27 fishandgolf
18pcouple of questions regarding inflation and the 4% rule10/16 btownguy18:25 FactualFran
17tOffice wants to pay dentist as contractor (sub-s). Any issues?10:24 l2yangop07:08 Perkunas
17tOdds against Renaissance Medallion Fund if Efficient Markets Hypothesis is valid?08:49 protagonist23:00 protagonist
17hSurrender annuities and take penatly better than sitting it out?2015 Calico21:15 Calico
17pWhy not switch from Medigap F to G now?10/17 clcarter20:25 cashmoney
17pBuy a rental property before primary home?10/17 tomtoms14:31 itstoomuch
17hTracking HSA investment income/cost basis for CA state taxes09/19 GuineaPig13:42 ofckrupke
16cExperience with "mini-monovision" cataract implants?10/16 CULater21:08 IMO
16hNew for VANGUARD!10:59 nkotbbh12:33 nkotbbh
15pEmployer withholding mistake03/02 Mudpuppy01:51 Mudpuppy
15pPersonal Finance for retirement16:03 carguy199318:40 Sandtrap
15cany good credit card sign up bonuses?10/17 squirm14:27 p0nyboy
14hMechanics of rebalancing a four fund portfolio10/17 samtex04:50 BL
14cWhy so many "reversed" pictures?10/18 samtex20:37 LadyGeek
14pS-Corp Solo 401k Salary Deferral (How to)10/17 MP12316:29 Spirit Rider
14pHSA taxation in Calif10/17 hoops77711:50 ryman554
14cCiti Price Rewind iPhone 7 Did They Pay You?10/14 TLC195710:43 BW1985
13pEmployer Benefits - Insurance Options, are these useful?16:26 s0me0nesmind107:46 Rupert
13cEurope vacation, family of 516:07 psteinx22:52 Watty
13cDeals on Halloween Candy10/14 C4NT20:04 Pajamas
13hShould I contribute 100% of paycheck to 401k?10/17 Reggeee18:42 mervinj7
13pnext year health insurance plan provided by company09/27 sojirovs14:34 dm200
13pMedicare change upcoming - preauthorization for imaging tests10/17 dm20013:58 dm200
12tIs HSA Bank + TD Ameritrade still the best HSA choice?22:39 JustinR07:56 knpstr
12tWarren Buffett Books09/23 abuss36807:00 abuss368
12cStains coming through white painted wood stair risers14:39 jimmo20:19 Sandtrap
12pHelp Me Think About Roth Conversions and Retirement?10/17 Sandi_k11:15 cas
11t"Using Jack Bogle's own words against him when it comes to international investing"16:08 Taylor Larimore23:57 Sandtrap
11c1st Time Cruise - Princess and wifi19:08 htdrag1122:28 ResearchMed
11pAny Red Flag with Canceling Federal Employee Health Insurance?10/17 Messner800017:24 dm200
11cRecommendations on truck/suv/crossover/wagon with comfortable seating10/17 slim08:18 lthenderson
10pThink I froze credit... any reason not to apply for credit to test?10/17 mostly_lurking00:56 mhalley
10pLife in AMT Hell (or, How I Learned to Keep Worrying and Hate the Exemption Phaseout)10/17 crumbone00:47 crumbone
10hBeginner Seeking 401K and IRA Advice!10/16 youngpleb14:37 GMT-8
10hLeaving American Funds Roth IRA in (Class A Shares Growth Fund).10/16 Ore8111614:13 ruralavalon
10curgent battery pack recommendation for mac book pro10/17 seashell13:48 seashell
10hHow am I doing on my portfolio?10/11 sethdf12:06 hightower
10tIntriguing: S&P 1000 ETF (70% S&P 400/30% S&P 600)2016 Theoretical08:16 oldcomputerguy
9pAm I paying too much for insurance?17:54 Small Law Survi07:33 wander
9hTD Ameritrade fund replacement08:13 karls03:36 Longtermgrowth
9cRecommendations on quartz countertops10/18 Gnirk17:51 Dottie57
9pAnother Pension Lump Sum Help Needed10/16 Falco12:56 Falco
9pBest Next Steps - Kids/House/Savings Advise10/16 HardHitter12:56 HardHitter
8t"Investment Lessons From The 21st Century"22:07 Taylor Larimore06:48 Top99%
8pIt's that time of year, and I'm pregnant!12:08 saraloryn06:14 aristotelian
8pGA film tax credits problem10/11 pivoprussia20:17 LadyGeek
8hIntro and questions10/11 GRS15917:43 GRS159
8hHigh fee funds12:36 billo4316:06 JBTX
8hShould I rebalance OR just use a new money?14:46 broku15:20 broku
8hHow best to sell lot zoned for apartment?10/16 calmaniac10:18 Sandtrap
7creceiving 'used' items from Ebay purchase....frustrating20:28 F150HD07:55 Pajamas
7hI need help with our Fidelity accounts10/17 Ahdah07:41 Ahdah
7pRoth conversions...did I miss the boat?10/13 btownguy06:47 albireo13
7pGifted Realestate Question18:51 valman06:33 denovo
7hSeparate Roth IRA accounts for the backdoor and the mega backdoor?16:34 UncleLeo05:37 retiredjg
7pevicting my tenant for unlawful detainer22:44 looking05:26 LadyGeek
7tThoughts on BONDS and REITS?18:32 nkotbbh23:44 Portfolio7
7tR/E Investing Approaches: Bogleheads vs MMM vs BiggerPockets?10/17 Sandtrap09:25 dbr
6cmedicare supplment22:30 looking07:38 neilpilot
6hQuestion about Personal Capital04:07 konjecture06:49 Ice-9
6hPortfolio for [Italian investor]08/08 Sec8905:29 imperia
6pNeeds help regarding after tax 401k12:40 pmdonca04:41 pmdonca
6p[If I die before my spouse, how to direct Vanguard advisors?]18:58 1210sda02:21 celia
6pHow soon to cancel a credit card after signup bonus.13:08 rgs9201:46 solobuildingblo
6hWondering if I need to balance better09:10 Calico22:42 sergeant
6tHelp me Understand: Guide to Investing Book Chart09:52 windycityheat20:56 #Cruncher
6hPortfolio advice10/17 vishketan19:56 vishketan
6hPersonal milestone (And a thanks)10/13 Exterous12:49 MikeG62
6hWhat to do with pension rolled over to IRA?10/17 middistancerunn10:08 krow36
6pConflicting information about Experian pin10/17 DiggleRex09:15 DiggleRex
6cgas furnace08:39 looking09:06 dm200
5hHelp me convince my parents to leave their Edward Jones advisor18:03 Linedriver06:49 eldinerocheapo
5hVIMAX [unable to purchase from broker]10/18 McRobert05:42 oldcomputerguy
5hBest fund(s) for Special Needs Trust10:32 Bluegrass23:18 JBTX
5cRegistering/titling new car myself09:54 SlowMovingInves22:42 Nearing_Destina
5hAsset Allocation with Farm Land10/04 jamokaj21:56 Bastiat
5hLump Sum Pension Guidance10/17 CompassPion20:20 billfromct
5t"Advice-Only In Action: An Interview With Allan Roth"10/17 Taylor Larimore15:07 Taylor Larimore
5pACA, Tax Exempt Funds and Annuities.10/16 Moneybags114:52 DavidRoseMounta
5hTransferring IRA account from Etrade to Credit Union10/17 ComputerHelp6909:48 Lake Living
4cCostco auto buying service vs All State car buying services???15:58 davidkw07:56 dbltrbl
4h529 plans : Vanguard vs Merril Edge20:49 etguy06:50 donaldfair71
4pAdvice on Pension Choice at Megacorp10/17 ManhattanTrnsfr06:27 ManhattanTrnsfr
4hNeed Some Advice [changing advisors]20:50 Yodi202:28 crumbone
4tFirst and maybe last option trade15:44 prettybogle22:15 acanthurus
4tWritten transactions in brokerage accounts basically going away14:51 pyld7621:37 LadyGeek
4pFlorida Asset Protection Question07/31 Vanguard Fan 1313:48 Vanguard Fan 13
4pMinimal insurance policy for manufactured home10/17 cjhud3209:49 Rupert
3hlow risk, low fee fund for older investor?06:52 albireo1307:55 dbr
3hShift from Roth to 401k?20:46 Itster07:23 teen persuasion
3hCanadian with $250 k (CAD) to invest. Need help with Asset Allocation.11:57 Avi1806:58 rkhusky
3cbuilding contractor has no license22:55 looking05:25 LadyGeek
3hSmall article : Investment priorities change21:22 TheQuestionGuy23:07 venkman
3hInvest $5K-$10K in NVDA or JNJ21:17 TheQuestionGuy21:54 drk
3pTIAA Annuity SRA vs. Total Bond Market - Help!16:56 BigoteGato21:10 House Blend
3hTax loss harvesting in shared brokerage account?16:36 ColoMountains18:17 livesoft
3pFinancial advisor15:01 bob3516:46 Majormajor78
3pWhole Life Cash Out question10/15 NewPhoneWhoDis15:11 NewPhoneWhoDis
3hFinding a 1965 (year) Mutual Fund Today11:00 Leesbro6311:31 Teague
3tThe Tell Tale Chart10/17 Doc08:18 Doc
2lMinnesota BH Qtrly Meeting 10-28-1710/16 Fallible22:38 Financial Engin
2pBest way to talk my boss (owner) into setting up Simple IRA retirement plan?20:53 MortgageOnBlack22:30 dumbbunny
2hSetting Up 5304 SIMPLE IRA with Vanguard10/14 Dragline18:45 Dragline
2hTax-efficient funds for brokerage acct10:36 ermcgrat12:00 retiredjg
2hhelp to pick funds for HSA09:38 new00010:23 new000
1hRelationship Between Price of VFIAX and S&P 500 Level22:42 nudged205:57 Johm221122
1hRelatively safe fund for taxable acct.00:58 cals400ex04:15 Johm221122
1tControlling portfolio risk with SDS Short ETF?01:56 DoctorB02:41 AlohaJoe
1h401k to traditional IRA with Backdoor Roth00:13 metoo02:13 crumbone
1pChanging State Residency - how to handle health care?21:18 sperry823:55 OnTrack
1hNeed investment advice since wife became stay-at-home mom08:26 collectionlawye23:48 mega317
1hBeginner help 457 plan vs Betterment16:41 signal1sherman22:56 mega317
1hCombining accounts after getting married18:08 jopra20:33 Grt2bOutdoors
1hRoth IRA conversion19:17 aceman20:10 JBTX
1hIRA - 401 K - 403 B contributions -19:27 linguista5719:45 krow36
1cHVAC question: Limited vs. Full Replacement (evaporator coil, condenser, furnace)19:13 bagelhead19:40 bob60014
1cNew Windows 10 PC HD, file and app programs13:24 SpideyIndexer14:31 iamlucky13
0h401k options for small company07:45 katzmandu 
0tDo Index ETFs and Mutual Funds mute the diversification value of their diverse holdings?07:42 TheTimeLord 
0pA State-By-State Guide To Those Wonky Obamacare Payments You Keep Hearing About06:10 AntsOnTheMarch 
0hHelp me evaluate my finances pls! - 23 years old22:17 88turnip 
0pSmall Business Admin. on the ball with disaster fraud21:51 Dale_G 
0pWhole Life Insurance16:31 boglebogle80 
0pTaxes on Qualified Annuity16:30 traveler16 
0pComplicated social security situation15:56 terran 
0cBest NorthEast US Golf Getaway12:08 BashDash 

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