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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1557 new posts and replies over 228 topics in last day (sorted by # of Replies). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
6636tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill21:38 FireHorse
3064cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt19:18 Dave55
2688pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy22:49 gougou
1113cBest watch for around $5,000?2008 Petrocelli19:54 EnjoyIt
1100cTo take or not to take delivery of Tesla 309/06 wrongfunds10:29 wrongfunds
442pAnyone regret paying off mortgage early?2012 acegolfer10:01 mortfree
335lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond11:36 siamond
259pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan10:35 Muse94552
229pWhy pay cash for a car?11/12 RDHlooking4FIRE22:32 grabiner
217t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M23:52 protagonist
213tWhat's your U.S. : International ratio?2007 kpanghmc10:24 Hukedonfonix4me
205lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE23:05 Miriam2
198hMD&P just purchased X / sold Y [md&pharmacist]06/09 md&pharmaci15:34 LadyGeek
188cLife in retirement - what did you do today?06/10 FireHorse09:24 TheTimeLord
181tVanguard Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX) breaks 1.00 (% not $)2017 *3!4!/5!11:29 lukestuckenhyme
180cTop Shelf Liquor Overrated?05/31 Alexa913:21 mak1277
154tWhy are expected returns so much lower than historical returns?04/11 yeahman20:48 Patrick584
152hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer20:44 Kevin M
151cShould I take possession of a certified mail?06/12 imyeti215:49 LadyGeek
149tWhich boglehead rule do you break--and are ok with06/15 jmk09:35 stemikger
143cWhich Supermarket are you?06/17 Luis94r10:22 InvisibleAeroba
131tGE and the myth of "safe blue-chip stocks"11/13 nisiprius17:46 anoop
122tInternational stocks in free fall2016 saltycaper18:13 Johnnie
120hMessy Divorce -- Forensic Accounting Help....06/18 Inever21:48 LadyGeek
110cgray hair12:34 atlanta_dad10:25 Rupert
93cHelp Buying Mens Shoes for Work and Dating05/26 Gardener07:30 mx711yam
93tVery confused with the current market06/17 capcase21:47 MossySF
92tOh my! Cardone says we need $10m net worth06/15 Serie192610:16 HomerJ
90pHow much (green) cash at home for emergency ?06/17 burt10:05 dm200
89hCreative Planning vs Vanguard PAS05/28 flroots10:14 pkcrafter
79cAnyone with a paid off house drop homeowners insurance06/12 skp09:23 Theoretical
70cHow much car to buy reasonably?06/18 Hawaiishrimp18:53 unstartable
67p"Open Social Security" calculator: feature requests, bug reports, etc06/06 ObliviousInvest10:34 Leif
66pTracking spending before retirement useful for estimating retirement expenses?06/16 marcopolo07:06 MikeG62
65hStrategy for a prolonged bear market06/10 keepingitsimple12:26 Rowan Oak
64cRoad trip Pennsylvania,Maryland,and DC06/18 hoops77709:32 hoops777
64tWhat does it mean: Rule No. 1: Never lose money06/18 Portfolio722:44 bottlecap
63tA different theoretical view of SWR06/16 Ron Scott20:45 TheTimeLord
63tFlaw in Logic? CD ladder instead of bond funds06/15 Michele in TX12:14 Michele in TX
62hLooking for EUR holy grail bond strategy06/04 toine07:57 Valuethinker
61pBoring Job06/12 JF214110:29 michaeljc70
60hContribute to both 403(b) and 457(b)?06/14 sman0917:50 retiredjg
58cI need a classic men's black dress belt2015 Triple digit go10:28 Capsu78
58cWhat are your hobbies?06/16 Sasquatch20:33 InvisibleAeroba
58chow to make friends in new location?06/17 jayk23817:40 tesuzuki2002
56hI feel like selling my 3 fund06/16 leo2810:33 leo28
56hRetire at 50: Should I?06/18 EricJ09:06 djpeteski
56cWater heater installation situation06/11 Earl Lemongrab23:47 VaR
54pLost job. Take early SS or draw from accounts?06/16 remomnyc19:11 ft2010
52hFor Those Who Purchased Ally No Penalty CD's in Dec/Jan05/01 MikeG6209:34 aj76er
52cSherwin Williams paint05/31 atlanta_dad09:21 UALflyer
50tLarry Swedroe: The Battle Of Passive Strategies06/18 Random Walker09:47 Random Walker
50c“Day to kill” in Venice Italy06/10 marshallv12:59 WhiteMaxima
49tLarry Swedroe: What If Your Plan Fails?06/06 Random Walker15:10 SeeMoe
48c[Update] Grand Canyon or other Nat'l Park in October?05/14 TSR16:44 livesoft
46h47 and clueless - direction needed06/13 chattyanne17:56 chattyanne
45tNew Capital One 360 ACH limits06/14 Turbo2908:11 munemaker
43pDo you think it is smart to disclose that you have passive investments to other people?06/19 pax423515:15 LadyGeek
42hShorting Amazon06/18 RandomFly07:47 prudent
41cDrive from Phoenix to San Diego06/14 forks14:38 shawndoggy
40hAdvice on using a wealth manager or financial advisor?04/27 schrute01:25 JoinToday
39cdryer vent cleaning--your thoughts?2012 seashell10:32 michaeljc70
39tWhy do we need 529?06/14 international0011:30 WhiteMaxima
38tAre Bogleheads smarter than the bond market?06/15 tc10106:21 z3r0c00l
38pDo you cancel old credit cards?06/16 28fe613:11 Charon
38cOne handed Android phone?06/17 kayanco11:20 inbox788
37ciPad Pro 12.9": Replacement for Laptop?06/16 RooseveltG08:15 bondsr4me
37tVanguard email about transition fund accounts to new brokerage platform06/15 asset_chaos10:50 talzara
36tYou Can Market Time At Valuation Extremes06/12 Park08:56 Random Walker
35pHow to calculate "fun money" per year?06/17 doss09:30 JGoneRiding
34c"distilled" water for wife's CPAP machine06/18 dm20012:28 cheese_breath
33cHow do you read books?06/16 ying_yang22:10 mega317
33cItaly Trip Questions06/17 bogledesk18:00 Woodshark
32tGeneral Electric booted from Dow Jones Industrial Average16:36 Paul Romano06:17 Grt2bOutdoors
31pWill or Trust?06/18 Artful Dodger19:37 bsteiner
30pWould you pay off mortgage in my situation?06/18 frugaltigris21:49 frugaltigris
29hWhen is the June ex-dividend date for VTSAX06/16 chabil08:49 Artsdoctor
29hHelp - investor starting later in life06/01 z00b18:05 ruralavalon
28cArticle on hotel booking sites - no bargains06/18 Looking4Answers19:49 kjvmartin
27pDealing with a trust in Florida06/18 tadamsmar11:47 Gill
26pCareer advice (take the promotion or not)06/14 28fe606:48 Tamarind
25hVanguard or Charles Schwab account06/14 sturaga8610:04 Sandtrap
24pI don't trust my own estimate of expenses15:57 McDougal09:34 ryman554
24cAir conditioner compressor replacement cost06/18 hmw09:12 daheld
24hAmerican Funds 401k Advise02/15 Kickstart08:44 Dottie57
24hValue of a Military Retirement06/19 KYDoc08:25 Nthomas
24hTax Gain Harvesting12/13 MichaelM19:00 grabiner
23tIs the Dow Jones Industrial Average a useful metric?06/14 bert0910:21 9-5 Suited
23cMarriott hotels using Alexa/Echo in guest rooms?06/19 ResearchMed10:18 jebmke
23hAm I on track to retire at 55?06/19 jnk71519:44 Cycle
23hNorthwestern Mutual Advisory Portfolios06/18 jbismyhero12:08 CedarWaxWing
22tBuying CDs each month for decades2017 S17C12:31 TravelforFun
21hStruggling - Seeking Advice to Get On Track21:30 investjack01910:32 investjack019
21h9 Mutual Funds Asset Allocation Help06/05 kmwilson34310:31 pkcrafter
21hInvestment Help Retirement implications06/18 mdshumaker08:00 mdshumaker
21tBill Bernstein's 8:4:5:3 ratio06/18 pop7711:25 Call_Me_Op
20tIs individual Bonds better than Bond Fund?06/18 kotsp00:04 mcraepat9
20hNeed Investment Advice! Continue with Raymond James or Swap to Vanguard!06/12 josh890611:34 David Jay
19cCarpet Installers- Tipping?06/19 Kywildcat10:16 Yankuba
19hMorgan Stanley Target date portfolios?06/18 An03081510:59 An030815
18tAdvice on Roth conversions14:37 edgeagg00:28 FiveK
18hThoughts on only putting money into a 457 and 403(b). Does anyone do it?06/19 jw2s15:24 Ben Mathew
18cBest stroller+infant seat for gravel roads?06/17 notmyhand13:04 e5116
17tOur interview with Taylor Larimore06/15 Barry Barnitz20:58 Rick Ferri
16cPriceline hotels?05/18 TresBelle6509:51 surveyor
16pTake a job with a company being acquired?06/16 investor99714:02 3feetpete
15p0% credit card interest for lawnmower11:04 bamajo17:52 whodidntante
15hAsset Allocation for a 26 year old?06/18 breezy3316:42 Mr.BB
15hArrangements for spouse to manage investments on death11:34 corn1814:54 celia
15hTD Ameritrade $75 Account Transfer Fee01/25 ColoradoRick12:53 younginvestor12
15pTrust Help From Cruel Stepmother06/18 fair4den11:32 NotWhoYouThink
14hCan I break the tape in 5 years?????16:11 turkman09:48 Tamalak
14cBest Father's Day Gift You Ever Received (or wish you'd received)06/12 jkushne107:44 Nowizard
14hNorthern Bank Direct MM - 2.26% APY06/13 geospatial22:26 nalor511
14hAsset Location question – Mimicking Asset Allocation in 401k and taxable06/19 ImmigrantSaver20:13 xb7
14pPartial Owner of Inherited Family Farm/Land06/17 Taz19:15 Gill
14hHelp with my allocations05/31 abhan6719:00 ruralavalon
13fIs there a way to block someone?23:51 JustinR10:05 Sandtrap
13h26yrs old and need startup advice20:20 Playup10110:01 Traveller
13hMoving taxable LinusP23:41 LinusP
13hInvestment Help06/18 mckeypants21:00 FiveK
13pLTCi option - whole life w/ Continuation of benefits rider06/16 spammagnet20:44 spammagnet
13tWhat companies followed Vanguard to no-load???06/18 davidkw17:08 22twain
12hTreasury Direct Question11:30 spdoublebass10:36 #Cruncher
12tEx-dividend days: Is there typically anything out of the ordinary?06/18 JustinR10:05 Pajamas
12hHow do folks pull retirement income out of Wellesley?06/18 JerryinPA08:12 dbr
12h5 yr cd at 3%16:29 retiredbuthappy07:56 stan1
12hrsu & iso [Restricted Stock Unit & Incentive Stock Option]06/17 vasu10014:34 dbr
11tIs technology the reason for low inflation?09:08 mptfan10:37 SagaciousTravel
11tEffective Number of Bets, or how many funds is enough?18:26 vineviz09:39 bgf
11tAre the Fed and Treasury distorting the MBS market?06/17 jalbert19:09 jalbert
10t"Find out if your fund is declaring a dividend this month"06/06 oldzey10:32 grayfox
10tRevisiting Risk and Reward06/18 siamond10:10 siamond
10p$1M Term Life Insurance20:19 schrute08:23 Glockenspiel
10tVanguard Prime Fund Yield reached 1.99% today19:59 Paul Romano06:31 student
10tInternational Market Volatility? (Foreign stocks in freefall?)12:18 rgs9222:59 rgs92
10tWhen everyone invests passively...06/12 oriol21:27 k66
10tSeeking input from folks invested in Van. Tax Managed Balanced Fund06/18 1210sda19:55 1210sda
10pAccounting for various forms of equity06/19 integrity15:22 -buzz-
10hRetirement Investing With Healthcare $$ Concerns06/19 LXEX5513:59 FoolMeOnce
10hBuying 3 Funds06/19 Thegame1413:40 FrugalInvestor
9cHow to evaluate charities to donate to?09:38 blueman45710:32 Yankuba
9pAdvice on job change consideration12:57 gazelle199110:08 Sandtrap
9pUniversal life insurance within ones Asset Allocation Model06/14 jazzbeat10109:13 Steelersfan
9pEmployer creating new role for my promotion, need help06/18 gsh257109:11 djpeteski
9hFirst timer looking for help [Estonia]06/14 BatChainPuller05:06 BatChainPuller
9cTrip to the Steens Mountains in Oregon13:36 westcoast00:16 TravelGeek
9cSleepScore App06/15 Leesbro6320:40 Sasquatch
9p$1 State income tax refund from CA - Why?05/05 JustSomeGuy15520:35 JustSomeGuy155
9ctype of conduit for string lights06/18 Mjar16:47 Mjar
9hFinancial Literacy...06/18 sunshine1814:05 Ben Mathew
9pInheritance by U.S. Citizen from Former U.S. Green Card Holder06/18 lawman396612:52 TedSwippet
9hHow to brokered CDs differ?06/18 LXEX5512:13 dm200
9hHelp with Roth 401k Allocations06/14 cmz12:07 ruralavalon
8hAdvice - Parking cash before it gets paid in taxes06/18 sylvial08:46 welderwannabe
8hTaxable Investment Help06/18 dustydinkleman08:09 dustydinkleman
8hCalculating safe withdrawal rate (dialing it back)06/19 mass_biker07:02 mass_biker
8cAnyone FIRE with young kids - what did you do?17:53 ThankYouJack23:48 Hulu
8cgolf/restaurants near mohegan sun casino06/19 BashDash20:32 eddot98
8hHow to prioritize 457, Roth/Regular 403 b and Roth IRA06/17 rabidoctopi18:02 CyclingDuo
7hShort term goals - 2 years- should i invest 80/20 bonds weighted or in savings?12:16 jayk23809:36 Sandtrap
7pHow to Amend a 2016 tax return?14:02 ThankYouJack09:06 pshonore
7hFinancial Engines Financial Advisor Question19:09 rhatfiel06:23 JoeRetire
7tRetirement spending/ HCOL areas?06/17 PoultryMan03:54 The Wizard
7tDo you have to invest in Bond ETF?06/18 vu821:54 michaeljc70
7pGetting rid of a leased car before or after interstate move2016 JustSomeGuy15520:56 JustSomeGuy155
6hSafe Growth Strategy20:16 yeesh10:27 dbr
6tMcKinsey: Rising corporate debt: Peril or promise?11:06 GAAP07:06 carguyny
6hOpinions on iShares FLOT -- Floating rate bond ETF23:04 danielc01:44 Longtermgrowth
6pNeed help from alchemists14:41 Betterself21:35 Betterself
6cUsing deceased mother’s jewelry to create new wedding ring06/17 aprilcpa21:23 danielrhall
6tAre large cap stocks more internationally diversified?15:16 vu815:56 Alexa9
6hPortfolio Analysis & Incorporating Excess Cash06/18 Brady12:06 ExitStageLeft
6hBond Dividend / Cost Basis Question11:47 Hiwatter12:00 Hiwatter
5pMissed RMD - IRS penalty waiver process?01:41 CardinalRule10:33 CardinalRule
5tThe Current Market10:11 ImaDeval10:29 lack_ey
5hConsidering adding VWALX; pros-cons21:48 underwood10:15 dbr
5hMutual Fund Dividends06/18 ImaDeval09:56 ImaDeval
5tDebt Song Not a Pretty Tune06/18 garlandwhizzer09:33 Sandtrap
5pTemporary Residency Tax Deduction for Surgical Fellowship20:15 MedicalDoc4208:27 HueyLD
5tAlmost flat yield curve implications.12:51 rgs9223:04 rgs92
5tExpanded commission-free ETFs at Etrade15:54 Earl Lemongrab22:33 drk
5hYikes! EX-hubby died and left me and four children money18:44 windfall20:21 Compound
5hBack-Door Roth and Rolling TIRA to 401(k) Sequencing06/18 Jack Stone17:27 retiredjg
5hTraditional IRA to Roth06/18 tstrange112:51 Charon
5hStock/Bond/??? allocations during Retirement08/29 LOU12312:03 2015
4hHelp with portfolio and maximizing contributions15:12 worthit09:39 worthit
4hInvesting HSA and Backdoor Roth IRA23:08 beabea07:45 niceguy7376
4hCalculating After Tax yield on CD06/18 Expro04:12 Expro
4hPortfolio/401K AA Advice19:33 Theguyster6003:38 TwstdSista
4pARM options, thought process06/19 Johio22:54 delamer
4cNew Ponzi scheme fiy17:04 CedarWaxWing21:41 audioaxes
4hnew investor at 5714:52 hanksdad19:02 Tdubs
4pMIL passed- question about her Social Security12:46 meens88815:59 ColoRetiredGirl
4pHSA working for a small company11:44 captpete13:02 Spirit Rider
4hCan I do both backdoor Roth and mega backdoor Roth?06/18 THeads12:48 Earl Lemongrab
3h529 plan - did I do something bad?08:53 trizzle10:17 trizzle
3hHSA Monthly Investment Fee??2015 fcox8510:16 baseball2horse
3tFactor tilts -- only for small caps?06:20 Snowjob10:05 Snowjob
3pConsolidated List of Income Limits and Phaseouts for Federal Income Tax06/19 ausmatt06:21 Bapple1420
3cRebooking a ihg nite that was already booked beyond expiration date15:08 BashDash22:34 criticalmass
3pIllinois Land Trust. DIY Options and Attorney Representation13:24 Tico_7520:39 abuss368
3pComing back to US: state residency for 2018 (OH, NJ, both?)06/18 northernisland20:30 northernisland
3hCould somebody explain this to me please?12:03 Sasquatch20:24 Sasquatch
3hSanity check my 529 decision? High earners.06/19 BuckyBadger15:50 TIAX
2hWhat happens to shares in a merger?09:46 Medea10:30 niceguy7376
2hChanging from Average Cost basis to Spec ID08:51 jj10:24 jj
2hPortfolio Review06:58 ShowMeTheER10:04 soccerrules
2hCharitable Remainder Trust and Rentals19:47 bighatnohorse21:28 bsteiner
2pLong term care insurance16:36 abhan6720:39 BruDude
2tSmart and Not-so-Smart Beta ETF closures06/18 cfs10:42 triceratop
1hE*Trade eliminates commissions on ETFs10:07 BruinBones10:16 ruralavalon
1ciPad/iOS - feature or bug?10:07 jebmke10:15 HueyLD
1hBook recommendations for UK investor16:58 purrretrog09:46 TedSwippet
1hNEW Here! 401K/IRA - AA Assistance07:00 BogledMind09:27 bloom2708
1hNew Investor Advice08:00 gatorinvestor09:07 ruralavalon
1hStock Investments questions and advice?01:07 Novous08:48 dbr
1tTo bond barbell or not to barbell, that is the question18:21 BFRAME06:37 Call_Me_Op
1pAvoiding SALT limitations via non-grantor trusts19:24 unclescrooge19:40 bsteiner
1hPurchasing Ally/Synchrony CDs through Fidelity18:54 girishc19:30 MrPotatoHead
1hBackdoor Roth Advice16:54 JiminyCricket17:04 teddytimtam
1hNJ Teacher Starting 457(b)12:36 TheCe1ebrity15:32 HAWK23
0cCataract surgery - one or two?10:26 dm200 
0pMedicaid Compliant 5 Year SPIA10:06 HANK1964 
0tLarry Swedroe: True Alpha A Rare Thing10:05 Random Walker 
0pPlanning for long-term care of a brother with Autism? (Financial aspect)09:03 paramedic 
0pMy error with EIN on W2. Stand alone or IRS fix?21:45 LeeMKE 
0pUber Visa and cell phone protection19:20 28fe6 

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