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0p Health Coverage - COBRA & ACA  00:03gurusw  
0h Check up - How am I doing?  23:43DoctorPhysics  
1t Dividend calculations -- Am I missing something?  23:28Gumby25223:59jebmke
7h Northwestern Mutual High Fees to Vanguard  21:37Speedy18623:19Nate79
6c Is the new Chevy Equinox any good?  21:34CULater23:49Nearing_Destina
1h Portfolio advice - allocating for the first time  21:17Frank Grimes22:30PFInterest
13c Bogleheads: Please help me pick a new car  20:38fredflinstone23:52jbuzolich
0t Thoughts on FHLC  20:36katwillny  
7t Costco vs. Amazon - Thoughts of Prime Members?  20:30kjvmartin22:32runner3081
7p Need your help to pick life insurance carrier :)  20:30flyintangelet7800:02KT785
2h Helping a Beginner Investor Create a Portfolio  20:28Ehoustman23:42Nate79
1f Amazon link  20:12Edie22:37harrychan
5p What to do with mortgages, etc.  20:07kiva2200:00DVMResident
8h TIAA Traditional or G Fund  19:47winski5820:54livesoft
2p Best Sect 179 vehicle for personal/business  19:41mcfroggin22:38mcfroggin
3h Late to start investing - Need help planning  18:44exhibit-g23:46MoonOrb
19p New Baby - Wife stay at home for 1 year?  18:43bogleburger00:12TropikThunder
5c Actuary Career - Thoughts Please  18:38LPSpecial20:23d0gerz
8c Amazon purchase  18:20Almost there22:28CABob
4h $14,000 inheritance wind fall  17:58fabis22:34PFInterest
2t Buying shares vs buying outright  17:30Confuscious17:58EddyB
14c Is someone trying to steal my identity?  17:28R2D221:58fposte
2c Auto Insurance Scenario  17:11Goal3321:12dm200
12t [NY Times: Index fund evangelist is straying From His Gospel]  14:07sener21221:59FIREchief
1h Asset Allocation with Adviser - Suggestions Appreciated!  16:18newport16:29livesoft
10c storing loyalty/membership cards digitally?  16:10anoop17:29Doom&Gloom
2h Bond holdings  16:07dawg16:18triceratop
6h Another Roth vs. Traditional debate, but for high-income Feds  16:01deskjockey21:01grabiner
3h Investment path for home (cha-ching)  16:00Dee-8918:02TheJoker
16h [Kicked out of Vanguard; Moving to Merrill]  06/20TravelingAbroad16:03LadyGeek
3t T-IRA Withdrawal (non-RMD): Convert to Roth First  15:53GAAP00:02ralph124cf
3c Which material to choose for my porch screening?  15:09misterno16:59lthenderson
1h IRA Custodian for a Non-Resident Alien  15:03Hyperborea15:47TedSwippet
34h Is VG Total Stock Market Index too concentrated?  14:57Hogan77322:30Finance-MD
0p S Corp and withholding tax  14:55FADiver  
2h IRA friendly MLP's  14:51exoilman16:01TheTimeLord
4h 27 year olds: Purchased annuities  14:50chrischris16:55chrischris
5h What's the Best Way to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?  14:20joer121216:50therub
0c Update on dealing with CIT bank Spring Savings Bonus  14:15EagertoLearnMor  
1p Asset allocation & Buying House  14:03bagelhead14:19dbr
7t "10 Reasons Why Advisers Struggle To Keep Client Portfolios Simple"  13:58Taylor Larimore20:52oldzey
0h Advice with retirement planning and investments  13:45random_bunny  
5p PSA: For Term Life, Health IQ beat Term4Sale for me  13:43Millennial14:18BruDude
19p House Closing is Tomorrow! Here are the Closing fees .... am I being ripped off?  13:28StevenNJ116:23invst65
0c Virgin Mobile- Super deal or catch  13:03andyandyandy  
6h Lumpsum Bond Asset Allocation related question  12:47AdviseSHS22:28AdviseSHS
2c Is there "better" time of year to buy older used car?  12:44dm20017:03lthenderson
1t Effect on shareholders when fund shuts down?  12:37delamer15:26dm200
14p Sending money and confirming receipt?  12:10nisiprius19:02pasadena
16t Why bonds when one's investment horizon is long?  12:02football23623:35gordoni2
12t Sheltering in the TSP's G Fund...A bad idea?  12:01Roguejim20:57Roguejim
1h Interesting Q? - Retired with decent assets overseas - Tax implications(US situs)  11:55elderwise12:02SlowMovingInves
2h Published Total Returns & Trading Costs paid by mutual funds.  11:52GRKCEK1962196221:11grabiner
4h Trying to Help a friend w/ 401K Fund choice  11:00JacK 09815:46JacK 098
1c Fidelity Debit Card with Fees?  10:27flyingaway13:17mhalley
3h help with stock reallocation  10:07new00012:33new000
11p Determining appropriate amount of Life Insurance  09:59lowndes22:46lowndes
15h VTSAX dividend error?  09:51F150HD15:12House Blend
7c Anyone with Medicare Part B and Extra help  09:30FB0118:03dbr
2h Vanguard Retirement Account [why doesn't Vanguard have a ROTH 403b?]  09:26TeacherInCa13:24dbr
4c iphone 7 camera clip on lens for better car pictures...  09:11imabeliever15:38lthenderson
5p Save or Pay Down Mortgage?  08:49Kosmo15:24Beach
13h How do you approach your ESPPs  08:47kamikazekid12:03BeBH65
4p The 5 Pitfalls of Mutual Funds by,....  08:36SeeMoe09:39dbr
9h VTSAX taxable buy now dividends just distributed  08:09elderwise17:28livesoft
4h TIAA Brokerage account?  07:56Blister16:09Earl Lemongrab
6t Does TIAA violate ERISA when administering 403b loans?  07:39ResearchMed09:36dodecahedron
7c Deck stain  06:39BashDash13:29Conch55
3p CIT Bank and Personal Capital  06:31LifeIsGood09:52KSAL889813
2h advisors and fiduciary  06:10my name07:09MN Finance
1h TIAA Take-over Everbank  05:43Rose10:33student
2h Don't want dividends - Selling before record date/ex-div date  02:05CanadianAviator10:36House Blend
2h portfolio feedback  01:11bogleboyz07:27Wall_St_Survivo
0t Recent factor loadings?  00:52mrwhitepe  
14h Do Indexers Need 401(k) Plans?  00:45BetaTracker20:02goingup
14h How to Backdoor Roth correctly?  00:35silvervknight15:47retiredjg
5t New Research Paper: Historical returns of the Global Market Portfolio  06/21Dirghatamas23:49Dirghatamas
6h How to follow the 10-year Treasury  06/21Carbonate2405:20Chip
7p Fund Parent's Trusts  06/21Dudette22:05bsteiner
52p Did I just get seriously ripped off?? (Car lease)  page: 206/21Panople21:09BruDude
1h Backdoor Roth IRA question  06/21Shamrock7107:21nolesrule
9c Virgin Mobile unlimited talk, text, data for $1?  06/21NightFall21:22NightFall
10p Could Credit Karma (app) be blocking my free annual credit report?  06/21YoungBoglehead21:41grabiner
7h Roth 401k or Not  06/21welderwannabe11:46Peter Foley
5h (Ameriprise) Current Allocation before move to Vanguard  06/21JDTHOOSIER18:59JDTHOOSIER
19h Tax on Mutual Index Fund  06/21palciparum22:46palciparum
16p Best Practices for Managing Paper Receipts  06/21alexcr13:09House Blend
55c What do you say when you cancel an account that you only opened for bonus?  page: 206/21workingovertime20:42JonnyDVM
10p What does it mean to be a board-certified elder law attorney?  06/21gensuki08:05bsteiner
3p Help me to decipher stock option plan investment analysis, aka stock opter report  06/21Young Fellow00:36Thesaints
10c Ideal basement humidity %  06/21packet11:13hand
9p SURS help [State Universities Retirement System]  06/21akron197708:11fposte
16c Used cars in high demand  06/21invst6510:31prudent
37t Vanguard: HOW MUCH active management is right for you? :(  06/21nisiprius15:16Tamalak
4p LLCs wrongly elected partnership but file as sole prop  06/21ketanco14:52ketanco
7h solo 401k, SEP IRA or roth 401k?  06/21sam_likh10:31sam_likh
30c LG washer and dryer "NFC tag on" feature  06/21t6016:36Earl Lemongrab
18h What does it mean when people say certain funds are tax inefficient?  06/21nyclon20:48grabiner
6h Tax efficient asset allocation across multiple accounts  06/21tritonx16:57MotoTrojan
9h Which 529 Plan in 2017?  06/21AJC40822:01inbox788
7p What is tax basis for property via Quitclaim Deed  06/21susa18:11Gill
18t Replacing bonds with actively managed real estate  06/21InvestInLife20:46unclescrooge
41h Vanguard restricts my account due to mail?  06/21michaeljc7016:13LadyGeek
10h Survivorship bias and Portfolio Visualizer  06/21RedNels09:37siamond
21h Early retirement  06/21Snuffycuts9917:11Snuffycuts99
24h 500K Retirement Account Milestone  06/21rcjchicity19:29lostdog
32c Google Fi? pros/cons? anyone using it?  06/21F150HD17:12Ged
31h Questions for DieHards after reading "The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing"  06/21QuestionEveryth22:51pkcrafter
41t Argentina issuing 100-year bond.  06/21HurdyGurdy23:04VaR
15c Need quick Marriott Rewards  06/21grettman08:24takeshi
9h ROTH conversion  06/21Dahl4917:12The Wizard
9h Cap One CD in a VG brokerage account  06/21JD196705:19JD1967
5t Irregularity of REIT ETF Dividends  06/21delrinson05:18AlohaJoe
12t "Home Bias Blues: Investors really should get out more. The reasons for sticking to local stocks are fewer by the day."  06/21gkaplan19:01nedsaid
7h New Employer - New 401(k) Options  06/21rdlaner10:30BanditKing
9h Need to Replace Schwab SWLBX in Retirement Account  06/21backn4th22:414nwestsaylng
10p Step-up basis of inherited rental properties  06/20Grogs19:43Grogs
59p Co-workers advising to buy house RIGHT NOW  page: 206/20prettybogle16:52Carefreeap
3p MAGI and removing roth conversions  06/20bobert206:10Chip
23c Oregon personal Trip  06/20cartman14:39MichaelRpdx
32t Vanguard Intermediate Term Treasury (VFITX) - Actively Managed  06/20raven1506:45Doc
6h Royalties &/or Residuals: Invest?  06/20DomDangelina07:52Valuethinker
22h fed employees & all the eggs in the TSP basket  06/20federal dinosau09:29MichDad
12h Small Business Owner with Simple IRA. Debating Switch to 401k  06/20athan20:08friareye
28p What insurance company has the best coverage for auto, renters, and umbrella?  06/20INTRESIS14:06flamesabers
51c What is your car's average cost ownership?  page: 206/20thangngo00:15ether161
24t "Waiting for the Market to Crash is a Terrible Strategy"  06/20Avo04:12Swelfie
18t Email from VG - Vanguard Rep is on Leave ??  06/20SpartanFan17:39SpartanFan
38p Tracking towards a million and retiring at 55.  06/20TrawlerJoe5515:54TrawlerJoe55
45h Financial advisor question  06/20pg5921:39Finance-MD
19c Attention Win XP users  06/20VictoriaF15:09Jeff Albertson
12c Does geico provide a decent homeowners insurance?  06/20math2221:41LadyGeek
45h Asset Allocation - Help with %s | Traditional vs. Roth 401k  06/20MindTheGAAP08:45ruralavalon
56c Help with Guns in Estate [how to sell]  page: 206/20MBOR18:19prudent
44h Ally no penalty 11 month CD rate increased to 1.50% this morning  06/20MikeG6202:50AntsOnTheMarch
90c is luxury car a smarter purchase?  page: 206/19pepperz14:23scooterdog
9t International's Correlation to Energy (A Real Thing? Ended? Why?)  06/19Beensabu23:38Beensabu
10p Storing funds for a house  06/19bungalow1006:32shcnno
12c radon test kit  06/19math2205:46just frank
7p Family Business changing, choosing a new retirement plan  06/19fourwedge10:25fourwedge
81p Should I buy an $800k house?  page: 206/19Seattler12307:30runner540
20c California Vacation - Bay Area, So Cal, or Both (with coastal drive)?  06/19psteinx11:02petes97
12c Part-time computer science graduate schools in Boston area?  06/19radnor11:42Afty
19c Insurance snafu with sewer line break at condo  06/19investor99719:25boglerdude
18c Olympic NP and Mt Rainier NP  06/19Andyrunner11:50mscout
64h Need to find Loaded Index Funds  page: 206/19AaronS06:46jebmke
22c For Sale By Owner HOUSE- Advice Please  06/19jbird1114:22jbird11
18t Not reinvesting dividends  06/19vandering20:16TropikThunder
6p Anyone used EverBank for home mortgage?  06/19wanderlust1412:26CurlyDave
24h Review Requested:[Revised] Proposed Allocations in Prep for Retirement  06/19WoodSpinner11:47Hyperborea
53c Good camera - new baby coming  page: 206/19Triple digit go22:54happy77
13t Moving to SF Bay Area, Considering REITs for investments  06/18GingerU19:00GingerU
5h need help with portfolio and asset location  06/18bogleboyz12:54Earl Lemongrab
26p Auto Loan vs Mortgage  06/18whattodonow18:35MindBogler
12h Asset Allocation - Inherited Assets, newly Semi-Retired  06/18Emmylou09:52psteinx
54c Any BHs Had Experience With the Honda Fit?  page: 206/18Small Law Survi15:46LadyGeek
18p Income Tax Calculation?  06/18winski5817:57dratkinson
26c Cancelled Cable TV Service Today... [Downsized cable service  06/18katwillny09:26flamesabers
7h ESOP payout rollover help  06/18triggertreat20:17inbox788
3h Can I Use a 529 Account to Pay for Multiple Computing Devices  06/18OSUBucks4Evr20:30blevine
44c Fermenting Vegetables  06/18Barefootgirl14:14dm200
10c How to direct water away from a sloping driveway - French drain or ..  06/17Lynette12:37wfrobinette
46c Poaching chicken  06/17Good Listener22:37Mudpuppy
38p Federal employees considering early out - buyout?  06/17MnD16:21SeeMoe
238p Siblings in disagreement over mom's house.  page: 2 3 4 506/16Payoffhouse18:56Swimmer
25p Mortgage and Low-Income  06/16OffTheGrid11:47OffTheGrid
79t Your Favorite Portfolio Tilts  page: 206/16PrettyCoolWorks00:11Dirghatamas
13h Critique and an Old 401  06/16icesky22:23icesky
21p Capital One $400 bonus for new checking account  06/15sunny_socal08:46gvsucavie03
36t 30 yr TIPS auction 6/22: yield 1.0%?  06/15grok8722:49stlutz
60c Turbochargers  page: 206/15fandango20:35MindBogler
26c Free Cell Phone Plans for a Year @ Sprint  06/15C4NT16:04F150HD
48t Stock Market become safer as holding periods lengthen - Maybe just a bias  06/15zwzhang21:32MotoTrojan
79p Do You Take Your Credit Card Receipts?  page: 206/14Jelloanddon10:06michaeljc70
57p Trust Fund Hell  page: 206/13Pacific21:48Taylor Larimore
10c How to backup Mini-DV tapes?  06/13Caduceus10:15Caduceus
18t Christine Benz: "How to Make the Most of Your 401(k)"  06/12gkaplan13:00snowman
48c which IPAD?  06/12retire1409:38lazydavid
34c House softener system  06/11Almost there14:21FrugalInvestor
76t Poll: Do Bogleheads own Stocks?  page: 206/10whaleknives18:39LadyGeek
5p Capital One 360 - no more free ATMs at 7-11  06/09mister_sparkle17:13AA2004
14h Which type of Vangaurd [fund]?  06/08intotheblue11:34dbr
75c AAA Cost  page: 206/07mw173910:56core4portfolio
31h HSA with HSA bank (my options?)  06/07AntsOnTheMarch22:384nwestsaylng
25c Cricket Wireless Groups  06/05bennettg19:53bennettg
32t "Find out if your fund is declaring a quarterly dividend in June."  06/05gkaplan15:04livesoft
52c Please explain how Medicare Billing works?  page: 206/04Lynette21:30Grogs
129c What Do You Pay for an Oil Change?  page: 2 306/01Small Law Survi15:55timmy
34c Reasonable HVAC Quote?  05/31mjlboulder11:17HeadHunter
24c Any BH use Coinbase?  05/28TheTimeLord19:14renue74
25h Emergency Fund too large  05/25indexonlyplease16:45Nowizard
78t DFA Retirement Income Strategies  page: 205/22bobcat220:28antiqueman
50c Check engine light. Toyota Avalon 2006, 155K miles [safety issue?]  page: 205/14ram23:51ram
225p Regret early retirement/downsizing  page: 2 3 4 505/13namekevaste09:13SeeMoe
43p House Deed Covenant Enforceability  05/10db121615:57onthecusp
5h trying to transfer assets from a bank to Vanguard  05/04elrobin19:33elrobin
61p Which High-Yield Online Savings Account Should I Open?  page: 204/27INTRESIS14:04brito11
62p Trust Services  page: 204/17rigoodma21:21Peter Foley
43h Allocation Decisions: LENDX, SRRIX and QSPIX  04/13Boricua19:53grap0013
50h How much to invest in 401k vs taxable account.  page: 203/26remedy21418:57BL
29t WSJ: MSCI Takes Fresh Look at Adding China Shares to Emerging-Market Index  03/23triceratop00:27Longtermgrowth
127p Early Retirement - what to do about healthcare?  page: 2 303/15sox201721:54PhysicianOnFIRE
55h Portfolio for belgian (Europe) investor  page: 203/06TM9012:52BeBH65
11p Buying Health Insurance  03/05samsmith22:15adamthesmythe
173p Capital One 360 $200 bonus  page: 2 3 403/05whodidntante21:36gvsucavie03
69t Fidelity drops equity trade fee to $4.95  page: 202/28MisterBill13:27Earl Lemongrab
127c The Wall Street Journal to close Google loophole entirely  page: 2 302/11mr_breen12:52inbox788
98p Ally Bank 1.25% 11 month with no EWP  page: 212/17Rob5TCP13:56TheTimeLord
421t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 908/05Earl Lemongrab19:28madbrain
158l Roll Call for the Retirement Class of 2017!  page: 2 3 407/11invst6518:18Miriam2
1824p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 372016guitarguy23:40Mudpuppy
23p Cash Balance Plan  2016chilidawg16:18Nitinol
68l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  page: 22015digarei20:10digarei
32h Simplicity is beautiful.  2013gordon977513:43spdoublebass
41l Online group meetings via web conference? [Virtual online chapter]  2013dandan1415:14Elsebet
1807t The Three-Fund Portfolio  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 372012Taylor Larimore22:54Taylor Larimore
44h Kicked out of Vanguard; now what  2011caffemaven15:58LadyGeek
691t Ultimate Buy and Hold - 8 slices vs 4  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 142009Trev H17:21Jiu Jitsu Fight

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