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0c Where to buy non-US OTC medication and have it shipped to the US?  18:49AndroAsc  
0p Best option for charitable donation  18:43bogleraw  
0h Simple IRA Options  18:21gnr  
4t Deciding how much house to get  17:57SpartanBull18:42Pajamas
0h 401K Asset Allocations (Advice)  17:51srwitmer05  
7c Caribbean vacation with 3 kids  17:50mancich18:57mancich
8p Invest or pay down rental property mortgage  17:19billthecat18:32billthecat
0t Ted Seides -- Betting with Buffett  17:15BlackHat  
14t How should people factor Social Security into their "magic number" with early retirement?  17:09manzana18:59qwertyjazz
1p Backdoor Roth and tax questions  16:50am17:44Duckie
7t Anyone using Optum Bank for HSA?  16:50whitecliff18:45IlliniGuy
0t Buffett chides his students for charging too much  16:32htdrag11  
3t Compounding under the microscope.  16:31*3!4!/5!18:02nisiprius
2h Newbie Portfolio questions  16:16pheebs18:44pheebs
3c Trip to Savannah GA  16:11chw18:18gwe67
2h Backdoor Roth IRA [May not have done this correctly]  14:33Dirk4115:48retiredjg
7p How long to keep paper investment statements  15:55DebiT18:59invst65
2h Cost of bad ETF purchase fills: Betterment vs Vanguard ETF Portfolio  15:42scidenta16:09jhfenton
3p Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance  15:16Hunter12316:09Hunter123
6h Bad to immediately sell vested RSUs due to possible stat arb?  15:07scidenta18:40rob
3p 10 yr. term life policy for soon to be 57 yr old.  15:00afr17:29jimmy123
7c Weighing up how much to spend on house  15:00randomizer18:22cherijoh
2h Vanguard Allocation - International Stock  14:34IJJ15:13Phineas J. Whoo
4t Already Roll over 401k but receive another check?  14:28ff493014:54livesoft
1p Deducting personal loan loss on personal taxes  14:26alwayshedge14:34HueyLD
14c H&R Block software problem  14:19Almost there17:35Mudpuppy
5h schwab lowering ER's  14:14bondsr4me18:14mpsz
20c Backpackers- weight vs utility question  13:52dixdak16:55dixdak
28p Delivering a Large Check  13:49dbc4717:46FandangoDave501
6t Rebalancing frequency - Balanced funds  13:38Copernicus16:24EyeDee
1h Should I sell Individual shares of Stock  13:32Duffydog113:36David Scubadive
13c Should I buy this house?  13:29MKP18:42MKP
13h Should we wait before buying in?  13:16Ginnysky15:47pkcrafter
2h SEP IRA  13:14Jimbandit2417:51gclancer
1p Documentation for non-cash charitable contributions  13:12verbose13:34livesoft
5p Physician Disability Insurance  12:56Cali12317:23lmbebo
2p FIRECalc Assumptions  12:51bucky622513:05bucky6225
2p The Oracle Of Omaha-Invaluable Advice  12:33Toons15:49Toons
2h Has anyone used YieldStreet?  12:06LightTurtle12:28Dale_G
23c mom wants smart phone, are there classes on how to use?  12:03squirm17:11BL
6h retirement option pay $500/yr to insure $250,000 over 12 years?  11:58lomarica0113:41talzara
1p Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 - wrong listed allocation?  11:56radnor18:02Nate79
6h 5k for 10yrs  11:54WHB314:34WHB3
4h Mixing Roth 401k and 401k funds  11:43BFRAME12:10ThreeBears
4h make sense? [Vanguard 500 Index vs. Total Stock Mkt]  10:46jafcorrea12:49oldcomputerguy
3h Need Help with iBonds Tax Question  10:13Lerner16:38Lerner
2h Need direction on managing portfolio  09:56Rahm15:05Rahm
13c Cloudbleed Bug  09:39Ged17:30Mudpuppy
4h Portfolio questions - wife starting new job  09:18Dadachihuahua17:45Bob's not my na
19h Can somebody please explain brokerage accounts at Vanguard?  09:15Triple digit go18:55livesoft
16p Protecting Aging Parrents - Advice Please  09:13DVMResident18:24DVMResident
4h Is this a wash sale?  09:12INDUBITABLY09:57INDUBITABLY
29p Another milestone post  09:05TheTimeLord18:30TRC
4h Not sure what direction to go.  08:22Ifly8610:44pennstater2005
3h Regarding taxation USA  08:17alex1234515:40TedSwippet
2h Can you critique my plan?  08:13fallon82510:48fallon825
4p Vanguard 1099-R Roth to Traditional Tax Questions  08:12alex1115:58nps
5t Talk on CAPE 10  08:04larryswedroe16:58sid hartha
9h Why not more Consumer Staples in Portfolio?  07:59tedrzz11:14tedrzz
44t Buffett Annual Letter 2016 [Jack Bogle is a hero]  07:32matjen18:59baw703916
3h Investing thoughts  07:18fusspot10:05iceport
10t Oscillating withdrawal rate - OWR  07:16Swampy16:04Swampy
40h Bogleheads' Philosophy a Generalization?  06:58Vision680018:47JoMoney
4t Options For 8 Employee 401k Bogle Friendly  06:43Vanguard Fan 1314:09Spirit Rider
0t Four-Fund Portfolio  06:11chatbotte  
7t Questions about how Bond ETFs work  05:20mixinvest14:15lack_ey
22p Annuities vs bonds  04:06Incendiary10:41whomever
0t Roth Horse Race - Taxable account?  02:29Dovahkiin  
9h Selling Individual Stocks With Capital Gains  02:20thepianoman13:25David Scubadive
6p Windfall and Student Loan Pay-off/Pay-down Plan  01:06KT78516:19Tabaxus
3p What's the lowdown on whole life insurance?  00:02catdude02:49catdude
25h Please evaluate our situation  22:45rashad300014:48rashad3000
1h Portfolio review and questions for new BH  22:13calvinandhobbes00:57kiddoc
44t Please vote on the wisest decision  22:05BogleMelon18:48KlangFool
4h How to allocate mother's taxable assets for retirement?  21:49jasc1508:57BL
1c Horrible experience with Capital One Mortgage  21:37rhalterassoc09:36SimonJester
5p Tax Worksheet Question  21:11ENT Doc22:21kaneohe
0h Roth - Removal of Excess question  21:03apbalance  
1f password reset difficulties  20:55irish1721:00irish17
7h AGI in Roth phase out  20:22Bondman16:07retiredjg
7h What to do with gains since November election?  20:16privatepilot10:21BrandonBogle
3p Private equity firm vs VC backed?  20:00Eurookat20:30betablocker
4h Pension at the PBGC - when to begin taking  19:55Brewman13:58Ron
11h 401K Allocation Help  19:27srwitmer0515:31pkcrafter
0l Bogleheads Local Chapters: Now in the Bogleheads Blog!  19:26LadyGeek  
3t How much SP500 might have dropped in 2000 crash if no 911?  19:25flyingaway20:03LadyGeek
9p Vanguard 1099B - when is it safe to import for taxes?  02/24canderson21:49HueyLD
3t Factor based investing  02/24maximuum22:00lack_ey
15c Train Trip  02/24schutzk2110:04Jazztonight
20p Social Security reps keep disputing advice given in this forum  02/24Jackson1215:41addicted2travel
8h Roth "earned income" is 1040 Line 7 only? (salary) ; filing an amendment ? :)  02/24stvyreb10:10House Blend
5h Selling ETF's in most tax-advantaged way...  02/24fermata19:40fermata
9h 401k AA - no Total Market Fund option  02/24srmach0515:16retiredjg
1p Montreal x 8 hrs  02/24arsenalfan00:10desiderium
7p Should I close one or more of these cards?  02/24Isabelle7721:05radiowave
4p How to allocate tiny Roth balance?  02/24sunny_socal21:29Epsilon Delta
38p Check Your Beneficiaries!  02/24obafgkm18:38bsteiner
42h Rebalancing -> Market Crash and rebalancing  02/24KlangFool16:37clip651
13t Vanguard Reports Third Round Of Expense Ratio Reductions Resulting In $143 Million In Cumulative Savings For Investors  02/24davidkw01:28toto238
7p CapEx for rental property - where to declare/depreciate?  02/24marbat13:18marbat
7t PurePoint 1.25% online savings $10K min  02/24wstrdg19:11wstrdg
3t Ally 1.25 APY 13 month CD  02/24akblizzard13:16xenial
3h 401k & Chase account help  02/24CAPTvalue19:43aristotelian
19t Why not hedge using futures?  02/24bogleviewer13:44lack_ey
10p Selling inherited stocks question, cost basis??  02/24FXDXontherun22:28brennok
6p Long term care policy review/question  02/24hoops77714:40hoops777
3p Confused about IRA Contributions  02/24vanbog871221:01FiveK
21c critique Italian itinerary  02/246441515:26HomerJ
7c Is it safe to use an antique mold pan?  02/24Caduceus21:11123
19c Hearing Aid Benefits  02/24Barefootgirl11:37HIinvestor
8p Roth IRA contribution recharacterization  02/24AdamP21:03Alan S.
16h Has anyone had problems gifting Vanguard shares to an organization?  02/24SRenaeP14:42friar1610
11p Cash Balance Defined Benefit Plan  02/24AustinAttorney18:04randomguy
7p Buying my own life, disability, & unemployment insurance?  02/24Bash21:06BruDude
8h VFIJX - GNMA Admiral - SEC Yield jumped?  02/24dm20014:36lack_ey
7h Just opened my Vanguard account  02/24OOlaf13:50ruralavalon
17h "Simple" question about compounding  02/241030danielle17:19*3!4!/5!
31p Pre-retirement checklist, what is on yours?  02/24TheTimeLord15:48Toons
14t Total World expense ratio lowered  02/24pragmatist18:37triceratop
12h Bear-Proof Bond Allocation  02/24aristotelian10:38dbr
36h Vanguard Lousy Customer Service  02/24AndroAsc13:29*3!4!/5!
2h British National Hong Kong based Investor looking to retire in France  02/24hufhouseinvesto13:50finite_differen
6h No Tax sheltering for NJ public employees!  02/24BogleMelon19:03Billavoider
11h Simplifying worth taking gains?  02/24TylerS721:19BrandonBogle
5h Help with HSA Investment Selection  02/24Expat_Investor15:21Dottie57
51t new study on Investor behavior being disconnected from financial theory and reality  page: 202/24larryswedroe17:442pedals
46h Talking with parents' financial advisor  02/24silentslinkies16:06tj
2h investing for internationally married expat couples  02/24intlinvestor16:29halfnine
27p What if someone gets your password and transfers money from your bank to theirs?  02/24Derivative18:36sat24
2p Ending a special needs trust.  02/24Sugarb91419:16SeeMoe
72h risk of my Tesla deposit  page: 202/23letsgobobby17:50VaR
10h HSA vs PPO - Sanity Check  02/23RichN09:56kiddoc
35p Ethical dilemma involving birthdays and wine..  02/23RubyTuesday13:11ThreeBears
35p Purchasing a new house -- Are we being stupid to consider it?  02/23flanders8115:38Tabaxus
6h Portfolio review and a few questions!  02/23Theycallmesteve16:03Nords
20c At what point is a used car worth it  02/23iBogle19:04bottlecap
18c Banks with 2 factor authentication?  02/23TRC15:09FedGuy
8t "The Impending Fiduciary Armageddon Of (Most) Mutual Fund Share Classes" by Michael Kitces  02/23arcticpineapple11:42heyyou
20h Just beginning: $40k to open taxable and IRA accounts  02/23OffTheGrid12:34OffTheGrid
11p Closed HSA but Reopen within 18 Months... Sufficient?  02/23I_Am_Not_A_Doct15:38Nate79
8h Portfolio Checkup/Critique me and Questions  02/23David Scubadive15:15KlangFool
3p HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) via ACA for self-employed, HNW?  02/23freebeer19:37grabiner
18c Hotel Reservations  02/23sport06:40cherijoh
28h Early Soc Sec or spend down investments/assets?  02/23Big Dog14:34SeeMoe
38p Credit card: Cash versus Flight Miles  02/23LowER11:23HIinvestor
40h S&P at 22 times multiple  02/23erik26519:22willthrill81
76t Market Run Ups - Now vs. Then  page: 202/23Barefootgirl22:57gundlached
43t VTIAX now has 0.11% ER [Vanguard Total Int'l Stock, Admiral Class]  02/23oldcomputerguy19:04grabiner
16t How to Rebalance with Rate Hikes Looming  02/23Stormbringer12:35invst65
16h "Borrow" $5500 from Emergency Fund to Qualify for Vanguard Admiral?  02/23AgentCircus15:24Fishing50
33p $200 Emergency Visit Copay Waiver?  02/22kjvmartin15:07Pajamas
23p How to help a friendly business with office space?  02/22harikaried11:59harikaried
22h Vanguard versus Dimensional  02/22Dinosaur Dad19:36Robert T
4h What's my next move  02/22Marjimmy16:13Nords
57t Vanguard opens special offices for $1 million clients  page: 202/22davidkw08:39TheGreyingDuke
35t Peer-to-peer lending as an investment?  02/22radnor07:39larryswedroe
93p BH thoughts on Time shares  page: 202/22dodgersummer13:47ChrisC
20t AP: Americans buy existing homes at fastest pace in a decade  02/22creditdefaultsw09:03travellight
29h Open vanguard CD Order  02/22kmurp12:11dm200
56t Does anyone own gold?  page: 202/22Erwin08:40TX_Man
20p Health insurance (incorrectly) cancelled for non-payment  02/22petesamprs01:09pintail07
6h First Post. IRA vs TSP  02/22browne49718:042cents2
14c Roku 3 vs Amazon FireStick  02/22catdude15:46tj
5p Advice on promotion opportunity  02/21Panama_Brown12:18Panama_Brown
14h Thanks for AA advice - new to the game  02/21gettingthere8913:55gettingthere89
37c Dishwasher suggestions. LG Quad Wash vs???  02/21Sandtrap19:34lazydavid
25c Purchasing 1 acre, building custom home in Cedar Hills, Texas  02/21achen929108:38Sandtrap
24l HAPPY 21ST HEARTDAY, JACK BOGLE  02/21Mel Lindauer22:31staythecourse
30c Staying at Disneyworld  02/21Fiat lux23:50jjface
18p How to report 1099B cost basis discrepancy on non-covered shares?  02/21dratkinson15:16HueyLD
67c Does anyone else have (possibly too much) fun dealing with finances?  page: 202/21radnor12:46squirm
27t Credit Suisse Yearbook 2017  02/21LadyGeek11:45Tycoon
29h Betterment, $500k in cash, no taxable events to transfer?  02/21atxeng17:15tj
183t Extreme Valuations, and why you should reconsider  page: 2 3 402/21dcarste16:17Artsdoctor
120c Which puppy to buy: golden retriever or labrador retriever?  page: 2 302/20supersharpie19:42reisner
56p How to Split Pension  page: 202/20BetaTracker13:51sport
39h VBILX vs VBTLX [Vanguard Intermediate-Term vs. Total Bond]  02/20MrFlish18:08TropikThunder
13h 100% Stock Portfolio? - 20s Military Investor  02/19link94814:57Nords
40c Tesla Model X Review, 2 Months In  02/19cannondale09:55squirm
6h Australia - EFT VS Mutual Fund (wholesale) fees.  02/18swifteagle07:17swifteagle
14p Credit Card Debt Question (Separation)  02/18Beezthree02:58Beezthree
10h The Cost of Holding Cash  02/17aj76er21:03finite_differen
10h What to do with my Savings?  02/17ak5416:55topper1296
39c Tell me about Alaska  02/17an_asker16:36SteveKL
17t "preview" of bear market  02/17Merrilee15:04Merrilee
24h How am I doing?  02/16rabbitrun15:54abonder
88h Why own individual stocks?  page: 202/15Vision680014:20David Scubadive
26t BofA HSA dropping Vanguard Funds  02/15VFANX11:26billyv
55p Kids in Apartment Sharing Bedroom - Workable?  page: 202/14kjvmartin09:48Sheepdog
75c Audi Q7 Reliability  page: 202/12corn1819:17lazydavid
150h Wow, Vanguard Flagship service is bad. Really bad.  page: 2 3 402/07blueman210:38neilpilot
165p Quicken's future direction - a cause for concern  page: 2 3 402/04Peculiar_Invest09:47michaeljc70
90t Retiree Accumulation/Withdrawal Phase -- How many funds do you have? Allocation? Withdrawal strategy?  page: 202/01Sandtrap15:58hoops777
14p Tax info from Vanguard to Turbo Tax  01/31Kurmudjon02:56Vanguard Fan 13
13c backyard - Accessory Dwelling Unit ...  01/18chuppi11:01Carefreeap
39p TIAA financial advisor?  01/18Blister21:56traveltoomuch
55p Get $250 from Wells Fargo  page: 201/10batpot00:26N10sive
147t 2017 hedge fund contest  page: 2 312/30BackOfTheNet07:57dougger5
37c Personal fulfillment in retirement  12/16naraicjul19:04p14175
11h Backdoor Roth IRA  11/22perseus16:11LadyGeek
51c ringplus mobile premium plans - what is your experience?  page: 210/02gabriel197020:49bru
58p Convincing spouse to sell losing investment  page: 209/06randomizer19:17randomizer
6p Children inheriting money  08/23mbres6005:48sperry8
30h Excessive Optum Bank HSA fees vs HSA Bank vs SelectAccount?  08/10googaapl20:56millennialfalco
30h Young Investor needs help with Vanguard Roth IRA options  07/04fireman4413:28sometimesinvest
137t What is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio  page: 2 306/09happysteward18:50gkaplan
1205p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 2505/25guitarguy11:58ThreeBears
40c Costco: 6 quarts of Mobil 1 $27.99, normally $37.99  2016jasc1509:51neilpilot
23p Refinance: 15yr or 30yr + invest?  2016backtobasics13:43backtobasics
15p Real estate investing the Boglehead way  2015jnet200011:04billthecat
18p Wells Fargo Brokerage  2015hoops77706:43lazyday
7h index funds available for romanian citizens?  2014SefuLaBani10:37barenziah
2153c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 442014Alex Frakt18:53gkaplan
2422c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 492014abuss36816:18jginseattle
469p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102014techcrium08:39Bacchus01
110l You know you're a Boglehead when ...  page: 2 32014Leeraar18:29LadyGeek
32h Low Income 29yr old  2013chevchase07:30ivk5
13c Financial Times subscriptions for less?  2013CountryBoy13:47CountryBoy
45c removing mildew/mold from sidewalk  2012nonnie09:47jackie1
22t Fisher Investments hard sell  2010nhdblfan14:46hoops777
150f Please Try Out Test Posts Here  page: 2 3 42007tfb19:55LadyGeek

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