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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1460 new posts and replies over 224 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
9hHow to Mimic 3-Fund Portfolio in TSP?03/17 CrusaderJim10:59 02nz
15p529 vs Taxable03/14 ThankYouJack17:16 986racer
3pTax reporting for Roth IRA recharacterization and conversion2017 russellh13:56 Aerophany
4pIRA questions [Convert traditional IRA to Roth]03/18 MrKmon21:18 Alan S.
3hPortfolio Split 50/50 Roth/401K - Want ROTH Riskier09:11 ddurrett89609:37 Alexa9
26cWhat kind of bike do I need and how much should I spend?15:04 harrington09:25 alfaspider
6pBackdoor and mega-backdoor Roth earning, HELP!03/16 calisun19:45 AllMostThere
16tHow can EMH be consistent with this finding?12:14 Lauretta06:11 AlohaJoe
2trecommendations on SW to model withdrawals across a population?20:37 freebeer22:59 AlohaJoe
72tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton15:27 AndrewXnn
3hSolo 401k solely for side business02:27 impactblue51006:22 aristotelian
20tBought myself a private island03/18 livesoft21:47 badbreath
58tIncredibly sleazy Northwestern Mutual cold caller10:24 Badger175409:34 Badger1754
4hRoll over 401k to IRAs for self/wife?07:29 Diver424208:48 BL
37hAm I handling this windfall correctly?03/15 steubens08:38 BL
4hKeep Dad's Annuity or Transfer11:29 music_man23:39 BL
9hKeep it simple for me...please!03/17 Cassieeee14:26 BL
32pAdvice on Purchasing 1st Car under 3K03/17 learner10019:01 bloom2708
128lMaster thread for Washington DC Area Bogleheads2014 grabiner13:17 bobcat2
5pHSA Account Reimbursement Rules03/17 brak11:14 BolderBoy
8pEstimated taxes safe harbor for the newly self-employed03/06 boogle09:38 boogle
29tMarket Efficiency - Or Not03/16 tryingmybest19:45 bottlecap
6pAutomatic tax deadline extension if outside USA on tax day03/18 leo2820:15 bpp
19pAmerican Opportunity Tax Credit - General Questions04/07 taxck3318:44 bretb
30pno health insurance as an early retirement strategy03/18 futurehermit14:30 btenny
20tDCA falling bond funds?03/14 InvestInLife11:21 Call_Me_Op
16tHow much TLH can be done with a 3 fund portfolio?18:24 car73309:30 car733
0tDFA US Targeted Value DFFVX09:09 cheerful runner 
15pBest Way to Leave Inheritance - IRA or Home Equity?14:31 Shikoku06:36 cherijoh
0pCPA fees for S-corp?21:45 ChinchillaWhipl 
4p2018 Recharacterization for 2017 Conversion - either TurboTax has a bug or I'm confused03/15 Just an Okie05:35 Chip
131tHow banks create money, not from deposits03/10 S_Track03:52 cjking
11tTIAA traditional question03/18 maddogio19:24 CZjc1330
20pSecond Marriage & Beneficiaries Conundrum15:28 Diver424207:56 Da5id
316tWhat if you only live off dividends?02/13 getrichslowly07:53 Da5id
8hPortfolio Review & 401k Fund Options01/16 dart33010:24 dart330
50tFederal court tosses out fiduciary rule03/15 TheDDC03:01 david
1hHelp with portfolio review15:19 threadripper18:32 David Jay
6hpay taxes now or pay in future when dollar is worth less due to inflation11:33 lomarica0112:55 dcw213
3hBackdoor Roth and Inherited IRA14:26 Determined23:51 Determined
37pDoes credit score matter if you never plan to borrow money again?03/17 prairieman09:11 djpeteski
46cTips on saving on living expenses for a first time single householder03/14 acp0314:06 dm200
17hroth IRA vs roth TSP?2016 emresident18:47 dogdoc83
78tWho's doing 100% international equity?03/13 tennisplyr21:51 Dominic
77pSpoke to a financial advisor yesterday - what do you think he's up to?03/17 rasputin21:48 Doom&Gloom
8cOpinions on Azek vs. composite (Trex/Timbertech)?03/16 Casper17:36 dpm321
9pI Have Created a Conundrum [question about state tax residency]03/16 DrakeSRT19:32 DrakeSRT
8hIndex Funds in Retirement and Identical ETFs in Taxable?03/17 drhcc06:54 drhcc
60pH&R Block vs TurboTax (spoiler: HRB is awful)03/10 The529guy00:20 Earl Lemongrab
885tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab00:14 Earl Lemongrab
10pCOBRA dental coverage03/16 Earl Lemongrab10:46 Earl Lemongrab
4hWithdraw from my Roth and contribute to Spouse IRA03/17 bhpkrind10:44 Earl Lemongrab
9pPriority of payoffs06:15 jplatzer08:17 emoore
20h200K sitting in brokerage account03/14 DR AJ17:47 EnjoyIt
5hSchwab Value Advantage Money Fund SWVXX2008 hudson211:00 F150HD
7hDollar Cost Averaging w/ Index Funds (when I have a lump sum to invest)12:26 vfung10418:05 fctu
30pEstate planning: No friends, no family - no executor03/18 SrGrumpy19:07 FIREchief
1pw2 designation line 1218:02 Bayoufrogg19:01 FiveK
12pTax Exemptions, W-4s, and Tax Liability03/17 ChapMan18:08 FiveK
1hRoth IRA/Traditional IRA Investments03/18 Sab369911:12 FiveK
33pTerminal illness with small kids03/16 timmy09:18 focusedonwhatma
81tTSP bonds?03/11 neiderer08:46 fortyofforty
2pGift Tax, Section 529 plans and Form 70914:33 momoffour18:55 fourwheelcycle
8h403b/457 distributions/rollovers and the pro rata rule03/17 fposte17:50 fposte
2914cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt16:14 FreeAtLast
5hInvestment in HSA, how to use for medical expenses?09:41 ChinchillaWhipl12:52 garzjoh
46cTime/money trade-offs with work and life balance03/16 flowerpower10:46 GCD
1pamend the trust or the amendments?10:39 brandy10:43 Gill
9tIs this tax loss harvesting?03/14 mortalsonofmort09:36 gpaul12
37pWhat address do people put if they live in their car?03/14 pax423515:17 Grasshopper
6hSuch a thing an inflation protected MUNI?03/17 Carbonate2417:16 grok87
79cTires on a 15 year old car....Replace or not?03/15 harrington06:26 Grt2bOutdoors
2hVanguard stock - impact of merger/acquisition activity13:22 john060820:43 Grt2bOutdoors
9pMade a big tax mistake rolling 401k into a Roth IRA, do I have any options now or am I out of luck?2017 gullit1816:04 gullit18
14hHow best to use carryover capital losses?03/17 Happy2BeFree21:30 Happy2BeFree
23p[Working for] Big 4 Accounting Firms & Salary2016 HardHitter21:44 HardHitter
10hAnnuities?19:40 dan195306:09 Hillview
10pHow to pay for home addition?09:51 gameguy5611:45 Hillview
42cBogleheads car buying strategies with new safety technologies11:51 jb309:19 hudson
17hTax Loss Harvesting Short Term/Long Term VWIUX to VWLUX03/07 hudson20:16 hudson
27pTechniques in helping other with poor money skills03/17 DavidW20:03 hudson
2cArticle about new Medicare cards coming soon to a mailbox near (some of) you16:06 GerryL18:57 hudson
4tReducing 401k and increasing taxable22:44 badbreath09:27 iceport
6tKitces Articles: Weekend reading 3/17/1803/18 AtlasShrugged?18:17 iceport
0pHelp please with 1099Q and TurboTax - took $$ 529 distribution for Scholarship07:21 indexlover 
13hVenturing into the taxable space10:08 mopman7814:34 ivk5
8lAny other Bogleheads in Israel?2008 Hashkaah14:05 ivk5
2hSolo 401k contribution calculations -- Impact of health premium payments11:16 J29512:45 J295
22h403b Investing Advice03/18 jack123421:14 jack1234
2tBalanced Mutual Funds - Maintaining Equity/Bond Ratio07:22 MSU7407:35 Jack FFR1846
8hFidelity IT Issues and Poor Customer Service.23:10 JamesSFO08:41 JamesSFO
482cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir08:18 JBTX
5pMinimum Required Distribution = Income or Moved Capital22:54 baumgrenze03:03 JBTX
17cAttic Ladder Installation - Whom To Call03/17 dougger518:10 JBTX
1hVanguard Global Wellesley Fund Pays First Quarter Dividend13:08 booch22115:33 jdb
59c2018 Forester vs CRV vs RAV403/15 need403bhelp13:58 Jeff Albertson
0pBundling Insurance Providers when moving to a new state?18:41 jkushne1 
1pKeep money in IRA or move to Ally Savings?06:40 Pobre06:56 JoeRetire
4pTurbo Tax/How to account for 2017 payment?11:47 TresBelle6522:53 Katietsu
3pEstimated Tax Payments 201822:03 booradley8322:50 Katietsu
11pTaxes and Roth/Solo 401(k) Contributions03/11 rynlee15:58 Katietsu
3cSuggestions or remedy for a fire on our apartment complex...16:26 kjvmartin20:36 kjvmartin
2hBuy bonds or pay down mortgage08:52 broslami09:07 KlangFool
218pNeed advice re: Liberal Arts Colleges...03/13 cheapskate08:44 KlangFool
3h1st time moving money within an account18:47 TBoneMark19:56 krow36
2hWithdraw contributions from mega-backdoor Roth penalty-free?03/17 Loyalnine16:50 krow36
1tVanguard core/sweep account with no minimum balance requirement?20:12 Global10020:17 lack_ey
8p403(b) & 457 combined contribution limits (2 employers)2015 Urchina10:10 LadyGeek
9cSelling time share "points" for my stepfather19:11 MrMojoRisin04:56 lazydavid
2lDespite the fiduciary setback, passive is winning.08:41 Mel Lindauer09:02 livesoft
9hHelp with savings03/17 Jugee13:53 LOLC2k
28cAmazon Prime Going Sideways/Weird Shipment Problems03/18 Barefootgirl09:34 lthenderson
8cTV that is flush to wall19:29 ThankYouJack09:22 lthenderson
21cLondon Hotels18:03 fortfun09:16 lthenderson
32tHow much money can a CPA save you?17:34 randomizer06:16 magicrat
2tWhich is the hedge against higher future interest rates and inflation: the house or the mortgage?09:15 letsgobobby09:39 Marketman
8tAnnuities and Insurance Company Risk14:05 Marketman18:33 Marketman
82pDo you rent even if you can afford to buy?02/22 EGARCH12:33 MathWizard
98t2018 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE SOLD OUT03/06 Mel Lindauer09:26 Mel Lindauer
3tNew Jack Bogle Book?02/11 abuss36808:31 Mel Lindauer
25hWrapping my head around bond funds03/16 cresive01:54 mhadden1
5hBackdoor IRA vs more non-IRA savings when planning for early retirement03/15 jammy197615:40 mhalley
1hrolling 401k form Mass mutual to fidelity14:47 jm65mc15:12 mhalley
4hHow does my investment plan look?03/15 moon_tea09:59 moon_tea
6pTax return submitted, just got corrected Tax Information Statement03/17 RetiredArtist23:54 MossySF
3hBackdoor Roth for both 2018 AND 2017 Contributions15:10 Mosin913019:56 MP123
2hFeedback sought on next steps to take13:47 MrMechanic16:56 MrMechanic
26hHelping 20yr old son set up Roth03/17 Michele2021:38 MrPotatoHead
11pSpecial Needs Trust Taxes and Distributions03/12 geobrick23:19 mrsbetsy
12cCabot Trail, Nova Scotia (Cheticamp, Ingonish, Cape Breton)03/17 nisiprius08:59 msk
5pNJ Tax Question on Qualified Dividends (1099-DIV)03/17 MutualFun20:29 MutualFun
11tRe-insurance risk03/06 packer1612:17 nedsaid
51pAny states that tax Roth withdrawals?2016 markmarz11:18 Nestegg_User
67pAt what point does it make sense to pay down your mortgage?03/15 ChinchillaWhipl07:25 NextMil
83cLarge life style creep that was completely worth it03/15 ThankYouJack08:14 nick evets
25cStovetop Tea Kettle Recommendations?2016 anonenigma06:45 Ninnie
16cBest year round shrub/plant in Northeast for privacy10:06 BashDash09:27 NJdad6
48hHelp with 529 Accounts - Son got full scholarship!03/15 NotSoWiseGuy09:21 NotSoWiseGuy
18pOverall financial picture - Need Advice03/14 whattodonext12:17 Nutmeg
5pelderly mother given 10 days to give IRS *transcript* to health insurance or lose benefits07:59 cas09:29 oldfatguy
29pInteresting interactive guide to early retirement & FI03/11 mhalley14:31 orlandious
6hNeed advice for brokerage account / Max out 401 K10:54 pat9732021:00 pat97320
10hhelp and advice needed03/17 etguy12:23 pkcrafter
64hREITS and Swedroe03/08 Always passive14:13 Prokofiev
12pBuying a house 2018 vs other ways to spend money10:18 radius991817:48 radius9918
6pNegotiating Price on a new build condo18:02 bikechuck20:20 randomguy
1pGoogle Sheets - Balance Sheet Template19:24 Rainier19:33 randomizer
5hCurrency Risk and Retiring Abroad12:21 rettir17:25 randomizer
45tLarry Swedroe: Don’t Count Out Commodities03/12 Random Walker09:27 Random Walker
5tAQR Paper On Alternative Risk Premia15:36 Random Walker20:25 Random Walker
106tLarry Swedroe’s New Book Available: Reducing Risk Of Black Swans03/05 Random Walker15:27 Random Walker
13hVanguard Screwed Up My Cost Basis - FIFO Instead of Spec ID11/23 Noobvestor22:27 rau
5hRe-characterize nondeductible TIRA deposits into ROTH?03/16 itsallrigged09:35 retiredjg
4hMaxed out Roth space - how to meet rest of fixed income AA?03/18 RememberNovembe10:26 retiredjg
5tIs it better to sell off unwanted products in a traditional IRA before making the Roth conversion or convert first?03/17 Naturally Brill10:17 retiredjg
18hNeeding To Simplify Retirement Accounts03/02 kamogawa09:46 retiredjg
16tBest way to hold cash in retirement accounts??11:22 duffer07:36 rixer
14tWhy is 16 the magic number for FAs?12:25 ChinchillaWhipl08:30 rkhusky
6hVanguard Intermediate Term Tax Exempt (VWITX)15:19 happysteward08:13 rkhusky
3hVanguard Investment Advice - Taxable Account13:10 target432107:52 rkhusky
10hRebalancing into Bonds...Where to put the bond shares?03/17 Creeny07:07 rkhusky
2cPage Plus Cell Phone Question03/17 ruanddu13:41 ruanddu
19hIs putting my money mostly in retirement accounts and little in savings risky for potential before retirement purchases?03/15 shonenewt09:40 ruralavalon
48hVanguard Personal Advisory Services Fees01/13 dave105408:48 ruralavalon
7hShould I continue to participate in my Megacorp ESPP?12:19 cdrwok08:41 ryman554
6hPost-Tax 401k vs. Taxable Account03/17 Stewie08:20 ryman554
43hAnyone exclude emerging markets?03/15 john454613:14 sambb
8hShould I do this ESPP (with Computershare as the broker)?03/17 Amphian06:47 samsoes
10pTurbotax Q: (cannot!) Carryover loss without Schedule D12:15 crit15:28 samsoes
121pBought house six months ago - now feeling like we're treading water and can't save money03/17 LiterallyIronic09:30 samta09
16tHedging strategies to battle sequence of return risk?03/17 jeroly14:28 Sandi_k
1tReturn on equity – just how dependent is income upon equity?01:24 Virus476201:41 Sandtrap
7pTurbo Tax- Foreign Tax question.03/15 ram00:21 scotthal
52hDo I have enough saved to pull the trigger now? Or wait 1? 3? years?03/14 mister_sparkle08:28 simas
12cXfinity Mobile ?02/24 sixtyforty13:12 sixtyforty
9pBank Bonus and Tax reporting02/16 philip06:14 SlowMovingInves
2pover-contributed to SEP-IRA then rolled over. [Alternatives?]13:19 MDhopingforFIRE00:40 Spirit Rider
1hSEP IRA to ROTH or Solo 401K, plus a backdoor ROTH17:03 bird7000:31 Spirit Rider
5pDoes it make sense to convert s-corp to llc?03/18 broslami00:18 Spirit Rider
96pNeed for Medicare supplemental plan?03/16 barefootjan23:30 Spirit Rider
93ctraveling to mexico, should I be concerned?03/12 jazman1215:27 spookyfudge
19cPalma, Malta, Sicily, or Spain for winter break?11/06 curmudgeon23:47 SrGrumpy
37hRolling over deceased mom's accounts02/23 sschoe211:21 sschoe2
19tQ&A WITH JACK BOGLE - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE03/14 Mel Lindauer09:23 staythecourse
47pWhat are the jobs with the best medical insurance?03/15 Derivative09:10 staythecourse
44pMissing my Microsoft Money - any equivalents?2017 lebewohl08:16 straws46
69cPaging BH Gearheads: Reasonable Net Worth for Exotic03/16 BJJ nerd09:21 Tal-
87cShould I be paying $1300/yr. for under/uninsured motorist protection?02/15 Small Law Survi11:15 talzara
129t2018 Hedge Fund contest01/02 BackOfTheNet22:01 Tanelorn
7pTax Question - NJ vs PA + DC vs NY vs PA10:51 Awar7721:00 TBillT
43hUK resident non-dom: what's best investment location?02/26 stressed17:05 TedSwippet
15cQuiet vehicle for two cats03/17 mikebee16:00 telemark
15chow to approach downsizing/relocating03/18 feh18:18 tennisplyr
1pMy 401ks Summary Plan Description leaves a lot out (Rolling-out what was rolled-in)20:36 Emiliania21:11 tfb
15h401K rollover to IRA or Roth IRA?03/09 toomuchtv2820:45 TG2
8hMorningstar Performance Data03/16 YikesHighFees20:35 TG2
30cTV and set up recommendations for above fireplace03/17 ThankYouJack19:33 ThankYouJack
13cBest places to buy board shorts and sunglasses03/17 ThankYouJack13:26 ThankYouJack
16hMy portfolio review (Europe/Switzerland)03/06 thepoorswiss02:37 thepoorswiss
9cBuying a new wardrobe tomorrow | Indochino or other options?03/17 PlayingLife19:37 ThreeBears
27cSoft boxer shorts for men03/17 sunny_socal17:10 ThriftyPhD
141pThose with high savings rate: why?03/15 EGARCH23:18 thx1138
3pSmall landlord and 1099-MISC, how to answer TurboTax Interview18:25 Tico_7507:53 Tico_75
2pMedical Insurance Coverage - Early Retirement12:36 willyd12308:21 TravelGeek
1pGood Presentation of all State Taxes22:44 Alan S.23:29 travellight
11pReal Estate Issue -- Monthly Payment too High with VA Loan08:09 tunacan09:27 tunacan
5pDiscovered mistake on 2014 return—owe miney13:52 Puppynewf07:42 vested1
1hFirst time portfolio seeker22:51 soul_searcher08:51 Watty
5h401k Question - Moving OUT of Company Stock03/16 yammer18208:04 Watty
7hFund 403B or focus on student loans 365K03/17 wcombat191121:56 wcombat1911
6hTreasury Direct [How do I purchase a T-Bill?]14:51 Paullmas18:20 welderwannabe
11pHow to keep track of Roth cost basis?03/16 radnor08:00 westrichj312
13pRent in Retirement09:47 Cipro07:54 westrichj312
5hTIAA - is guaranteed fund an "annuity"03/18 sailor1811:12 whomever
27pPickleball versus Tennis03/05 futureman22:22 WhyNotUs
41cHouse Hunting Concerns With Well03/11 dowse11:42 WhyNotUs
15t"Demographics and equity returns: A far-fetched horror story" by Joe Davis of Vanguard03/05 arcticpineapple20:15 willthrill81
15tWhy am I allowed to pick Vanguard Admiral Shares in my new 403(b) when it has $0 instead of $10,000?03/17 Naturally Brill14:36 willthrill81
29pRetirement - Fear of the Unknown13:05 willyd12309:20 willyd123
7hBuying Treasury Bills: Treasury Direct or Vanguard / Fidelity22:24 ThisJustIn23:14 Wind_Reaver
6tVanguard Money Market Yield Gaps03/15 EyeDee22:11 Wind_Reaver
8cMountain Bike03/17 timmy12:13 Wolkenspiel
96tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer20:18 wootwoot
12fFewer Readers Despite Continued Market Volatility02/18 Phineas J. Whoo15:33 zaplunken

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