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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1768 new posts and replies over 284 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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1pCheck writing on a Roth account?15:00 vtMaps15:09 123
49tWarren Buffett is a Boglehead2013 thewizzer14:22 1nv35t
22cWill IRS make paper tax forms available?01/14 Wakefield119:14 AAA
0pWeighing the value of a fixed-rate mortgage22:19 aaronl 
12hESPP help?01/14 ACJC16:17 ACJC
2hNegative balance in traditional IRA after backdoor roth11:59 Aesthetics12:19 Aesthetics
15pBypass trust from 2009. I'm trustee. Questions about distributions, tax implications, and maybe decanting it?11/30 RetiredNow09:01 afan
1hBackdoor Roth IRA tax question.21:04 john454621:26 Alan S.
10pSocial Security “Hump” and the new tax rates???01/12 tamucpa11:34 Alan S.
8tFunds and prospectus benchmarks.01/12 jackal09:23 alex_686
3hLump sum vs Pension question for 40 yo01/14 AmericaninParis13:58 AmericaninParis
6h24 year old with a little over a million looking for a stable income.20:58 andrew24p00:21 andrew24p
63cTrying to help acquaintence - medicare costs01/11 dm20016:20 andypanda
3tPortfolio Visualizer05:14 houtx10122:35 arcticpineapple
4hRollover 401k into something. Need options.02/22 jb123921:58 arcticpineapple
3hhave about 400k of new money coming in21:05 panchilly21:35 arcticpineapple
25h“Better Buy” Total US or International ?08:10 RRAAYY321:28 arcticpineapple
2hInheritance16:38 cal17:32 arcticpineapple
81cLooking for a reasonably priced, safe international destination01/14 Incendiary22:50 aristotelian
4pMoney Chimp has a Tax Calculator that figures QDI for Tax year 201813:00 1210sda16:25 Artsdoctor
12cQuestions about salary expectations/negotations01/14 Aurora51820:30 Aurora518
12cAdvice On A Tour From Port Canaveral To Kennedy Space Center01/13 Reubin21:28 azurekep
82lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt00:49 bantam222
73pPersonal letters to the sellers of your house can work!!!11/10 barnaclebob16:49 barnaclebob
13cBooks on managing (household) finances for couples01/13 Lafder09:19 Beachdrinks
11hLarge Lump Sum and in my 30's .. How to invest in Ireland?01/09 BogleIreland13:18 BeBH65
11hFTIPX vs. IXUS (international ex-US)04/13 dave_k21:48 bi0hazard
362pRetiree Portfolio Model2012 BigFoot4812:16 BigFoot48
17cTSA locks for luggage10:53 retire1423:28 birdy
61pWhat unexpected emergencies require sizeable emergency cash funds available immediately in a checking account?01/14 Global10009:28 boglegirl
19hInvesting a windfall2016 Pondo3319:56 boglewannabe
11hPaying for college15:47 brak18:42 brak
7tDiversification is for idiots...22:57 Keepcalm00:44 broslami
1pHow to file distribution from one trust to another20:13 bostondan20:33 bsteiner
2007tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore15:13 bubbadog
10pCredit card cash reward for payment01/14 lmea04:53 bulbul
3cEarly Childhood Learning Programs for grades 1-210:04 Barefootgirl11:12 bungalow10
9h21 Year Old Portfolio01/12 CaliLivin20:24 CaliLivin
39hInvesting in Vanguard through TIAA-CREF12/12 anglophile22:06 camillus
11hFired my VPA, Portfolio Critique14:53 Cantsave2much18:29 Cantsave2much
6tElectronic delivery of forms10:13 chabil11:05 CAsage
34cAntarctica [anyone traveled there?]01/11 BrewOx09:29 Cash
7hCalifornia 529 plan01/11 HenrysPlan202:35 ccieemeritus
7hStrange Life insurance product - keep or dump?12:55 Ultralight Hike22:35 celia
7hWhat am I doing wrong?19:35 twistypencil21:54 celia
31pInsurance: Who do you use? (Auto/Home)01/12 raisinsaregrape23:34 cfs
6hPortfolio Re-balance... What's Next?01/11 time4life11:38 CheeseFlip
8p[Should I do a Roth conversion?]01/14 boglemania16:06 cherijoh
79cAlmost a pathological fear of debt, to my detriment?01/12 Lynx31065013:36 cherijoh
12cKayak Germany flights more than 60% than airline site??01/14 ready2018:29 Cheyenne
6cHydronic fireplace home heating01/14 chrismj12:07 chrismj
69pCOBRA alternative for 1 month? (it's $2,400 per month!)01/13 MikeT04:07 ClaycordJCA
37hWife's Windfall/Inheritance/Retirement/Merrill Lynch12/26 ClemsonFan21:47 ClemsonFan
13hDo Preferred securities let you sleep well at night?01/15 luckybamboo14:48 coachd50
39hhow to "know" what asset allocation is right? (crypto windfall)12/24 postcryptoafter12:24 coachd50
19lmetro Denver Bogleheads?2017 BsmartSM22:52 ColoradoRick
5pSelf pay vs insurance14:57 Cpadave18:09 Cpadave
85cWhat is the best home exercise equipment?2016 davidsorensen3219:48 creditdefaultsw
2h401k rolled-over and converted, now what? AA help09:29 Cruz20:47 Cruz
43h26, have a job, now what?! Seeking advice!01/11 tardigrade09:09 CyclingDuo
14cWhere do you get your auto loans?09:54 HardHitter14:58 DaftInvestor
20hCDs & Savings as a substitute for bonds or bond funds01/14 pfb332621:35 Dandy
50pGetting your spouse on the same page01/11 Beachdrinks14:12 dbr
45pBudgeting Vs Savings Rate01/13 pointyhead01:09 Dead Man Walkin
84tPaul Merriman and Small Cap Value12/17 GridironGems01:51 decapod10
1hPortfolio Advice22:46 Ptucket22:58 delamer
34pUnderstanding the Great Recession Impact04:10 bironology22:33 delamer
7hNewbie Disc Broker Question01/09 WestMIAgain14:35 delgriffith
21cA "Home" cell phone?13:18 dm20022:03 Dendritic Tree
31tDo people in the forum hold foreign bonds?06:19 Always passive19:10 desafinado
8c2.5 days Frankfurt/Cologne?01/13 Theseus08:53 Ditchwitch
23pHomeowners Insurance - value to insure?09/02 dm20015:31 dm200
37pHealth Insurance Out of Network question12/16 munemaker09:37 dm200
47tAny thoughts on The Aurora Report? [Arora Report]2016 petergibbons22:22 Dottie57
53cHonda Care Extended Warranty experience?2016 mervinj712:34 dougp29
56pStats on When People Take Social Security08:45 Leesbro6301:03 DrGoogle2017
7hVanguard Personal Advisory Services vs. Schwab Intelligent Advisory17:25 dave105422:34 drzzzzz
15hAsset Allocation Revised01/13 Duffydog107:33 Duffydog1
1hRoll Over 401k to tIRA19:00 Investnewbie0120:09 dwickenh
19tWithdrawal sequencing01/10 GeoMetry16:15 dwickenh
7tmadsinger monthly report (December 2017)15:59 madsinger20:03 Earl Lemongrab
16p2018 Retirement Checklist.01/12 Meme13:44 Earl Lemongrab
2hNew Year... new retirement plan at workplace11:33 3dream316:30 El Greco
9hQuestions about leaving your broker01/14 ElwoodBlues00:14 ElwoodBlues
29hMerrill Edge best choice for higher net worth accounts?01/13 Captain kangaro00:30 EnjoyIt
81cHot Water Delay at faucet/shower far from water heater01/08 bagelhead18:37 Epsilon Delta
6hBest way to sell ETF in one account, buy it in another01/14 saltycaper08:09 Epsilon Delta
114tBest 401k Employer Match Structure12/17 employer18:47 ERISA Stone
6hHelp with portfolio design (U.K)...Please?01/13 LongTermInvesto16:28 Ethelred
6pmortgage pay down? (vs credit score & near-term move)13:29 7trumpets16:40 exit_r
18tDow 30,000 S&P 3000, Nasdaq 10,00013:31 squirm01:05 EyeYield
25pEstimated taxes2017 rockylou14:20 FactualFran
19hhow to figure out the assest allocation that you can sleep well with01/15 vchiu2513:53 Fallible
3tHistoric global market returns?00:42 joo2lo01:02 fennewaldaj
140tREGISTRATION FOR 2018 BOGLEHEAD CONTEST12/31 rarvesen13:40 FinancialDave
3tRoth 401K vs. Traditional 401K18:06 sfeng22:03 FiveK
1hRoth IRA & 401k, fairly new to investing17:10 ramair0220:28 FiveK
62pIRS announces new withholding tables for 201801/11 rkhusky19:44 FiveK
0tAre ex-U.S. companies (esp. Chinese) tending to IPO in the U.S. for some institutional advantage?01:09 foodhype 
7cBike tour in Portugal01/07 WhyNotUs15:56 FraggleRock
4hSuper simple portfolios01/15 Money Market18:48 FrederickTheWis
99pTaxAct and alternatives11/20 Da5id19:42 GerryL
123p[Pass-Thru Entities Questions Thread]12/20 ConcernedKid18:44 gilgamesh
3hModified Endowment Annuity S&P Indexed Contract MEC15:44 boyntonstu19:36 glensos
70cE-reader for ebooks - Pros and Cons01/03 fishandgolf23:01 GreenGrowTheDol
4h29 years old, newly married. Need help allocating ~$3300/month14:53 Lrt1222:49 GreenGrowTheDol
38tYear 2000 retirees using the '8% rule' - Where are they now?01/12 grayfox09:29 Greg in Idaho
4tNew TIPS vs Old TIPS01/14 SCV_Lawyer13:14 grok87
9hInvestment Advice for $50K in Taxable Account01/14 annthomas14:40 Grt2bOutdoors
6cSelling one owner car. Give new owner service records?20:32 gypsyman21:19 gypsyman
5hAdvice on portfolio - need to diversify from RSU01/14 hangry_donut1817:36 hangry_donut18
9hPossible retirement?17:25 mbpi21:46 hawkfan55
15hRoll SGENX to Thrift Savings01/13 HeartinAK11:05 HeartinAK
38cBesides Bogleheads, What Are Your Favorite Forums?14:35 WhippingPost23:16 hulburt1
145tHow does everyone keep track of your portfolio?10/15 Newone8801:37 iamright
4hDitched Ameriprise, she got a new job, critique my Asset Allocation (updated)01/11 greenwood08:52 ICMoney
12hVanguard Retirement /thru employer allocation01/13 donkashane4808:28 ICMoney
9hhedge strategy for personal defined benefit account01/14 imoldfella08:55 imoldfella
5hPlease help me pick an ETF/portfiolo (Belgium).01/13 Saqoyalat10:47 imperia
4ciPhone 5 storage space question09:25 BashDash23:18 inbox788
25tIt's trivial to outperform Vanguard Total Bond Index for 2018 with same risk!01/13 livesoft14:46 inbox788
20hMove to Tax-Exempt Bond in 32% Tax Bracket? What Proportion?01/13 Sandtrap11:54 inbox788
13hRMD and Roth IRA conversions12/11 indexonlyplease08:03 indexonlyplease
35pRequest your suggestion - current job Vs. New job01/02 iracks09:36 iracks
6pAuto Insurance - Bodily Injury/Physical Damage Liability01/14 ckhouston01:32 Iridium
1hInheritance money00:24 Sten00:56 itstoomuch
7hMusician Asking for Advice01/12 Marketgarden01:54 jalbert
55cAre land line phones still being supported?01/14 JW-Retired01:52 jalbert
6pShould Pass-Thru's Now Increase Salaries vs. Distributions?01/12 Jamesla3018:17 Jamesla30
22pDistribution or W2 from single owner S-Corp01/12 VAinvestor00110:43 Jamesla30
3hIf i open a new ira w wife will i get tax benefits from old investments?14:17 jayk23815:05 jayk238
247tI can't believe I am thinking this [Panic and Survival 2008-09]2008 Sheepdog13:46 JiggyWillis
5hHelp with tax efficient asset allocation for taxable account14:48 boglenobNYC22:16 JimInIllinois
61tDFA Has Introduced Target Date Funds - LifeCycle Based?2015 matjen14:59 JimInIllinois
28tNostalgic about old online brokerages that no longer exist01/13 investorpeter20:32 jon-nyc
7hHelp with young family portfolio01/13 Grover2200:43 jorodrig
14hEarly Retirement Question01/13 jorodrig00:38 jorodrig
5hMom (86) -Recommended Investments/Assett Allocation07:38 jrjrj19:47 jrjrj
41cTraveling to Germany (Bavaria) in April/May - Itinerary Help Needed01/08 KT78508:58 JupiterJones
4hAdvice for grandmother10:22 JustASimpleMan13:06 JustASimpleMan
4hRetirement Critique for my Father14:57 ChickenSoupwith19:56 JW-Retired
167cAre you finding any good values at Amazon anymore?07/03 azurekep00:56 Kalo
299cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman00:24 Kalo
15tInvested in ROTH IRA but I appear to have crossed $186K mark01/12 dbk18:36 Katietsu
3hShould we use ROTH & HSA funds for VSS/VEU - How often do you change your asset allocation?20:41 KATNYC23:15 KATNYC
39hAdding 200k to Portfolio, don't want boring old VTSAX again -your criticism, suggestion for a little extra risk?01/14 leo2821:21 KATNYC
6hShould I Diversify More than VTI? International Exposure?01/14 BBDB19:36 KATNYC
49pShould We Buy or Rent?2016 lecithar02:08 katon
5hPension Rollover Before 59 and 1/210:24 kerplunk15:14 kerplunk
6hWhat to do with money for house down payment?07/23 jakes19:23 Kevin M
9h403b am I better off skipping 403b?01/14 Lolly12319:50 krow36
35lSalt Lake City Bogleheads2015 TNL14:02 ksualum
11cBest rock solid router with vpn server and guest network09:44 MikeZ00:06 Lacrocious
8fEU investing01/11 wec18:07 LadyGeek
59tDave Ramsey's Millionaire Study01/13 LateStarter197522:33 Lancelot
42cVanguard Yubikey-only option?03/10 blaugranamd10:23 lazydavid
33tInternational & US CAPE: Research Affiliates, Barclays, StarCapital07/27 lazyday00:10 lazyday
137cAnyone disenchanted with retirement?01/08 tennisplyr23:27 Leif
35cAny high-end skincare products worth it?01/14 Caduceus15:01 linenfort
5h401k & Roth Rebalancing advice01/06 lionthens10:13 lionthens
5hNewbie question on asset allocation: tax efficiency and various accounts01/15 aiyuanseu15:08 livesoft
5hPorfolio advice Question01/14 livingalmostlar22:15 livingalmostlar
3hWithin 10 years of retirement01/14 startwithtruth11:02 Lou354
44c0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil2010 Leesbro6308:03 Luke Duke
39cPTO policy after international business travel10:38 Bcon12301:32 lynneny
10cLonger Work Hours: Tips for adjusting?19:38 kjvmartin23:01 madmartigan
2tMonthly reports from Madsinger15:38 kd200816:00 madsinger
17hFamily death, house for sale, under-valued.01/14 Makaveli22:12 Makaveli
12hPortfolio - Six month review08/04 Mardenia09:34 Mardenia
12hHelp with inheritance funds12/25 maria1019:43 maria10
13cFlipPhone15:05 raamakoti01:42 mariezzz
3hIs Fidelity's FFNOX OK for taxable?10:06 zz410:23 mervinj7
172tWhy Buy Bonds If You Have A Mortgage?01/01 pezblanco23:19 mffl
1pRetirement Planning in Mid-20's11:17 RPIII16:08 mhalley
5pBest Option: Bankruptcy, just not paying, something else? (Massachusetts)01/12 anonymous12114:40 mhalley
10hFunding 529s and retirement from taxable investment accounts01/14 Iowa David20:26 miamivice
35pSell or Keep a rental condo01/12 amd55521:25 michaelsieg
26tAA is much harder than I thought...01/13 rudeboy14:13 midareff
18cSt. Petersburg, FL visit: Rental car, tolls, SunPass questions11/17 AntsOnTheMarch00:15 MilleniumBuc
149pTurboTax Prices12/13 John15122:24 MisterBill
17hAvoiding being priced out in Los Angeles by buying the stock market01/10 MNS CA23:58 MNS CA
31hChoosing funds for 401k01/07 fuelforfire10:19 Mors
4h401k Choices01/12 kranzmc02:24 Mors
11pretirement scenario [safety of IRA funds]01/12 jim2k19:56 MotoTrojan
5pthe blockchain effect09:27 rbaldini11:03 MotoTrojan
28cRecommend an A.C. powered auto tire inflator01/14 AAA13:11 mrb09
43pNew Tax Plan - How to make the most of it?01/12 rudycreat12:14 MrJones
1hCan We Retire in Hawaii? Please Critique23:34 SurferLife01:25 mrpotatoheadsay
20tAnyway to compare metrics of today w stock bubble in 200015:07 jayk23823:26 mrpotatoheadsay
27pTrustee vs POA01/12 hoops77721:30 MrsBDG
24cCell Phone "family plans" Sprint for 411/24 dm20022:53 mxs
3pStudent Loan Refinancing: Bad experiences?16:31 friareye18:32 nanoanalyzer
3pInsurance Quotes13:06 SimplicityNow13:28 neilpilot
2hMoving away from Merrill Lynch13:50 netropolis14:16 netropolis
124tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox13:25 nisiprius
16h50/50 AA recommended by Benjamin Graham09:03 investing101211:47 nisiprius
58pOur 'cure' for emergency expenses01/12 willthrill8120:44 nolesrule
14tHelp with 529: Save for College vs Pay for Private School01/14 bennettg10:35 Notsobad
2pFlood Insurance in excess of federal plan23:17 GreenGrowTheDol23:40 OldSport
122lNE Ohio (Cleveland Area) Master Thread2014 Maid of the Mis10:08 orthros
3hNew to investing, am I on the right track?15:18 Invested3121:32 overthought
10tIndividual investors, possible structural advantages01/11 psteinx08:06 packer16
46hLooking for multiple sets of eyes to review10/22 coachd5015:41 panhead
4pReason for Power of Attorney?11:21 PatrickA521:40 PatrickA5
32tBuffett 90/10 Portfolio vs Target Retirement11/13 BlackHat23:00 PaulF
212tDividends vs. Capital Gains for Spending Needs?10/05 Taylor Larimore06:03 Pdub
9cHulu, Your Current Favorite Show01/11 pennstater200520:12 pennstater2005
39tMaximizing Portfolio Growth Rate - Kelly Criterion - Empirical Market Data01/09 pezblanco16:42 pezblanco
18pExecutor/Trustee question01/14 North16:15 Pigeye Brewster
2tReconciling thoughts on Investing Vs Paying down mortgage11:37 pop7717:28 pop77
39cwild bird feed01/11 Nyc1003623:40 protagonist
11tWhat should I own on the bond side ???01/13 e_swami07:54 Prudence
24hmlp's Master Limited Partnerships01/12 Wezzley7715:08 pshonore
13pConsidering PhD...but so much to consider...19:37 Bwlonge01:58 qwertyjazz
16cPre-purchase inspection: dealership or private mechanic?01/14 BogleFanGal00:21 ragabnh
27cBudget multitool knife04/15 ThankYouJack16:41 ralph124cf
24hPortfolio Advice - Jumping in when the market is high03:20 RamblinDoc17:18 RamblinDoc
276tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?01/08 willthrill8122:58 randomguy
148tInternational stocks underperformed for the last 20 years.2016 kosomoto22:54 randomguy
4hTiming the market21:59 iain16822:39 randomizer
27tMorningstar Premium for $9901/06 DWesterb2iz221:38 Reb Tevye
14cApple Mac Mini/Pro Updates? Don't Want iMac01/14 Alexa908:23 renue74
1tAsset Allocation Question15:33 keith601416:20 retiredjg
2hThoughts on NYS 457 vs using Self-directed Schwab12:50 retireearly13:06 retireearly
3htraditional -> roth conversion and trustee transfer in the same year?12:47 ridebikeseveryd13:55 ridebikeseveryd
1hPlanning for special needs investments?01/12 z9111:00 robebibb
31pflorida vacation tips please2008 Lilly12:53 RudyS
5hNewbie - Company 401k Fund selection14:40 Dishums20:46 ruralavalon
2h40 years old. Need advises on asset allocation16:20 FamilyOfFour19:43 ruralavalon
4hAnother 401k Options Post. Please Help!08:45 mcken21618:41 ruralavalon
4hCompany 401k - is this optimal?07:54 mech_tower10:58 ruralavalon
0tconcise statement of Guyton decision rules ?14:53 RustyShacklefor 
9hChanging Vanguard 3 Fund Portfolio to 2 fund portfolio?10:18 bg520:35 sambb
2hBernstein in 4 Pillars of Investing advises no Vanguard total international in taxable?21:30 eye.surgeon21:39 Sandtrap
1pSynchrony Bank EWP change history (for CDs)01/14 Tamales08:11 scifilover
21cPaid mortgage: Now what do I do?01/12 seashell08:04 seashell
0htIRA contribution sources01:28 Seoulseeker 
12pEstimating health care expenses in retirement01/14 MoonOrb20:21 Sheepdog
11pUmbrella Policy - 1M or 2M18:35 tommormile21:44 Shikoku
3hplease suggest how to manage multiple retirement accounts17:03 ziweiguan21:29 Shikoku
95pHow much/little money to give kids in will so they continue to work01/10 remomnyc15:45 Shikoku
6pDoes a Debt Management Plan ruin or lower credit score? Do you recommend one?14:18 anonymous12114:49 SilverGirl
35pHow long do you save tax returns?01/14 DidItMyWay23:02 SimonJester
11cneighborhood advice for Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Athens01/14 bemused18:05 Soporific
11h$10K as a sole proprietor; how to invest?12/30 sighchological15:09 Spirit Rider
2t401K - best for biz w/ employees?12/22 pepperz06:02 Stormbringer
4hMunicipal bonds, pension funds...time to get out of munis and into bonds, stocks?20:23 Jackson1223:01 suemarkp
3cTahoe/Silverado Hybrids09:02 chrismj11:38 sunny_socal
6tNo more TDA Apex?01/13 ICF20:39 Tanelorn
5pMedicare Plan F/G question01/14 TCB18:37 TCB
16cbest flooring for a basement wood shop?18:27 texasdiver23:43 texasdiver
222tBonds - Throw it all on the table!!!2014 abuss36810:36 The529guy
10hI'm hooked01/14 donkashane4801:45 TheHouse7
28tInternational Small-cap Value Funds ??01/14 e_swami18:20 Theoretical
0hBond Allocation with TSP G/F Funds20:11 tiernado 
23pwhy emergency savings?10:00 rbaldini16:43 Toons
34tShares Are Wildly Overpriced. But Bonds May Be Even Worse01/11 Always passive09:55 Toons
6t5-7 year timeframe- Mortgage payoff or taxable account?01/14 UncleVinnie05:58 Toons
77lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE13:28 TravelforFun
3pPredict round number for a major index? Who cares? Predict Livesoft 60,000 instead.20:53 Chicago6022:03 triceratop
8hConfirmation on my calculations for Solo 401k?01/13 jwills04:47 TwstdSista
3239cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36821:27 TxAg
1hBLV or VWETX17:19 Vitalspark18:54 Tyler Aspect
10pStandard Deduction in 201801/13 Leroy Jones16:33 ubermax
46pA half year at full pay or a full year at half pay?01/11 Ultralight Hike21:33 Ultralight Hike
25tfor those without an emergency fund, what's your plan for an emergency?01/07 bling08:34 UpperNwGuy
1hTarget Retirement Funds20:22 mmcleod74123:26 venkman
5tIs it fair to assume the U.S. and Ex-U.S. stock markets will exhibit reversion to the mean?20:37 foodhype22:51 venkman
21pAdvice on managing healthcare costs10:10 VinnyVincent14:11 VinnyVincent
1pKiddie Tax 2018 with respect to LTCG08:54 gotlucky12:54 Wagnerjb
10ppay off 401k loan or not?11:17 tyrion21:19 wander
104tStudy: The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870-201508/16 SimpleGift14:36 WanderingDoc
3hLeaving FA, seeking sense check on asset allocation with SRI01/14 Littleboots09:45 Watty
27cAirBnB my Van?01/12 emanuel_v1920:33 westie
4pW2 Vs Last Pay Stub10:53 johnpau14:34 wfrobinette
57tMuni Money Market funds starting to look good!12/27 bligh23:19 whodidntante
6hInvesting Windfall (no country bias)19:02 rsasub22:25 whodidntante
13tCan the Schiller P/E ratio be used for tactical allocation?12:53 anonyvestor17:36 whodidntante
25pConsulting side gig while at mega corp01/13 regularguy45518:10 whomever
5hAre we in an Index fund bubble? Are we irrationally overlooking individual stock analysis?20:25 panchilly21:02 WhyNotUs
7pBest way to pay off mortgage (considering investment returns)01/14 newberstiltskin10:37 willthrill81
8pOwning house in a trust?20:04 HEDGEFUNDIE22:10 WoodSpinner
14h529 AND UTMA13:20 spacecadet61001:37 woof755
7tInvestment Grade (barely)01/14 workerbeeengine22:37 workerbeeengine

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