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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1421 new posts and replies over 219 topics in last day (sorted by Reply Author). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
5hInclude whole life policies as "retirement investment"?10/21 Bammerman22:04 123
2hNew to Portfolio and Investing21:32 3s&6O22:46 3s&6O
41tCurrency risk?10/16 asif40822:09 aj76er
84tBill Sharpe's preferred portfolio01/09 Quark17:21 aj76er
11hSeparate Roth IRA accounts for the backdoor and the mega backdoor?10/18 UncleLeo16:58 Alan S.
6hTiming the Bond Market/Interet Rates21:19 DoctorB22:12 alex_686
3hquestion about expense ratio, returns, and fund of funds21:38 anoop22:09 alex_686
12cCostco auto buying service vs All State car buying services???10/18 davidkw09:28 Alexa9
6hFDs in India: Cut losses or a slow death?18:50 frugaltigris22:11 AlohaJoe
62cDesperate to get rid of mosquitoes, what else could we try?08/26 vveat23:32 alpine_boglehea
5hHow much emergency fund to keep? Where to put them?00:47 Amy201710:31 Amy2017
21cidiot proof router?10/19 mouses22:38 Angelus359
1tBOGLEHEADS 2017 VIDEOS21:33 VELO724X22:02 arcticpineapple
11hfunding retirement & college: refinancing?10:51 aron21:36 aron
12tLong term viability of Real Estate as an asset class10/21 pop7711:59 avalpert
1tSplitting AA across account types11:01 software11:11 avalpert
61cWPA2 protocol used by vast majority of wifi connections has been broken10/16 F150HD15:43 azurekep
228pRetirement Account Stolen by Identity theft10/01 brak13:42 azurekep
9pReady to make a change at work in salary but not sure about the order strategically10/21 purpleradish21:02 badbreath
19pBuy a rental property before primary home?10/17 tomtoms18:04 Bastiat
12hCanadian with $250 k (CAD) to invest. Need help with Asset Allocation.10/18 Avi1820:23 BC_Doc
40tHas the general public ever been correct about market crashes?10/20 JustinR20:04 BenfromToronto
30tI believe one can beat the market with a simple contrarian strategy. Am I a fool?10/21 BenfromToronto12:27 BenfromToronto
204tWhy do you LBYM? Why do you save and invest?09/27 KlangFool10:49 BenfromToronto
3019cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36819:23 Bfwolf
6hSWYAX - Schwab Target 201010/21 bh07:31 bh
14h401k Funds Help (27 years old)10/21 Daedalus19:02 billfromct
74pFederal Retiree Health Care with/Medicare04/29 LuigiLikesPizza19:14 Blues
86tAnd the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences goes to [Richard Thaler]10/09 livesoft19:52 bobcat2
4tIndexing: capitalism at its finest10/21 TinkerPDX10:43 bobcat2
4tInvesting videos in Chinese (Cantonese)10/21 NewtoInvesting401:59 bogleblitz
14cBest bathroom fan choice?16:03 euroswiss18:28 BolderBoy
34tCharles schwab - why so much cheaper?10/19 Jacky81713:00 bondsr4me
4hInvestment help for more savings tips22:38 bstroman23:22 bstroman
37cQuestions for Landlords - How clean is clean?10/21 rudycreat14:59 Buford T Justii
0hHelp with 401(k) Allocation12:40 Cavalier91 
9pCan I retire early?10/21 Monkeyseeanddo16:30 cherijoh
10hLooking for multiple sets of eyes to review14:44 coachd5022:54 coachd50
3hPortfolio/Brokerage Advice for a UK expat in the Middle East10/11 GWidgery09:24 CollegePrudens
6tNew Schwab Index Fund - SCHK, better than SCHB?10/16 abugarcias10:14 Crisium
50cWife New Car Recommendations - SUV10/19 HardHitter22:00 CULater
21pHSA taxation in Calif10/17 hoops77708:31 danaht
12tJust starting checking out Bonds. Head hurts a bit.10/21 TheQuestionGuy08:25 Dandy
81cProtein Bars and Smoothies2015 ThankYouJack22:02 davebo
4tTable 11.3 of The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing19:07 slamfire21:15 dbr
9tObservation on Edward ones10/20 MrPotatoHead16:55 dbr
22tWade Pfau’s new book: How Much Can I Spend in Retirement?10/14 zwzhang16:35 dbr
4pTax Consultant/Strategists12:42 DrewG16:21 dbr
3tForbes List- Jack Bogle among 100 Greatest Business Minds10/05 MFInvestor12:05 dbr
34tFor those near retirement and rebalanced to Bonds...10/19 TheQuestionGuy11:33 dbr
46hLooming Retirement & Market Jitters10/20 TresBelle6520:31 delamer
80lSacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread2015 digarei11:06 digarei
68cDo you subscribe to digital newspapers?09/23 luckybamboo01:46 Diogenes
2hCurrency risk, European investor08:41 dmac4714:50 dmac47
7hAdvice with 'holistic' asset allocation10/21 Cintrapark13:22 Dolcetto
35cMercedes Benz E300 Navigation System10/20 dollarsaver11:05 dollarsaver
18cMost reliable water shutoff valves? Plumbing question.10/21 mac_guy20:20 doneat53
6cRenting A Winter Escape For A Month17:45 Alexa921:19 DrGoogle2017
106tHow does everyone keep track of your portfolio?10/15 Newone8821:05 DrGoogle2017
2hIf having both Pre/Post Tax Retirement, which to convert to Bonds11:05 TheQuestionGuy12:19 DrGoogle2017
64pnew 401(k) limits announced10/19 samsoes23:11 drk
10hBond advise please18:00 etguy22:22 dwickenh
3hVFIAX vs. VSMAX vs. VIMAX10/21 EddieI08:37 EddieI
133canyone else not liking the new cars?10/13 lomarica0117:40 emoore
6hConfused About 401(k) Rollover as HCE with Backdoor Roth10/19 scimitar19:37 ERISA Stone
21hSchwab- which money market fund? (taxable account)10/21 F150HD20:29 F150HD
5hPortfolio Questions10/21 Nautilus11:33 feehater
19hWithin your context: Do you consolidate a fund when it is 5% or less of total funds/investments and why?09:55 Sandtrap15:37 Finridge
14pWhat to do: Financial Advisor for Trust Breaching Fiduciary Duty10/21 WBIII21:01 FIREchief
10hROTH OR IRA10/21 JD10112:46 FiveK
8tCalculator - pretax vs aftertax plans10/21 Richard158001:05 FiveK
4cHow Often to Check Financial Email Account?10/21 Rose20:17 GerryL
37pjust hit the two comma club today...some thoughts10/19 seligsoj16:35 GerryL
13hat whose cap gains rate are gifted stocks taxed?10/20 duffer16:04 Gill
2pFY17 Unused Dependent Care Funds08:51 gizmo13:57 gizmo
24hI want to (semi) retire at 42, in 2 years. Can I?00:49 California119:54 gloss151
17h2 in Daycare -Sell Taxable to Max 401k?10/21 TurtleTurtle1423:17 gostars
4hTax optimization for stock sales10/20 boglerocks21:25 grabiner
96pNew HSA provider Lively offers investments for $30/yr fee09/26 indexfundfan19:59 GridironGems
4hFirst-timer portfolio review14:15 HEDGEFUNDIE22:52 HEDGEFUNDIE
4hDefiniing "liquidity"08:44 Cody09:09 Helo80
9cMost economical way to ship clothing?11:07 TresBelle6523:03 HIinvestor
26cBest no sweat athletic/work socks10/20 BashDash22:55 HIinvestor
28cInstalling a slide inside a home?19:46 coalcracker22:46 HIinvestor
20tAfter Market Beta’s Long Run Do you Consider Diversifying Into Other Factors?09:58 Random Walker23:19 HomerJ
82pHow does/can Walmart offer such inexpensive prescriptions?10/21 dm20022:48 hushpuppy
50pBetter to sell house ~ every 15 years?2016 sk.dolcevita12:59 IFKC
27cBusiness Laptop Suggestions Request10/16 the11diesel12:50 ImUrHuckleberry
130cWhat are you driving? And would you buy your current ride again?10/15 harrington20:09 Indexboss
33tWhy is inflation so low? Moore's law?10/09 mickeyd09:19 Index Fan
15hPlease help! Portfolio mess - should I get a financial advisor?10/20 Salmon20:27 in_reality
17pApplying for a new role with same employer - salary negotiation04/29 The Planner16:48 j0nnyg1984
40t30 year tips auction-thursday 10/19, yield 0.86%?10/15 grok8718:39 jalbert
10cNew York restaurants suggestions?15:17 lws677219:03 jbranx
12cAmegy Bank $1000 business Card offer10/21 JBTX18:21 JBTX
17hHelp! - New Believer and overwhelmed10/21 jenw93022:45 jenw930
18pHelping college costs of grandchildren10:45 walnut21:27 JGoneRiding
23tIs HSA Bank + TD Ameritrade still the best HSA choice?10/18 JustinR19:10 jhfenton
2hVanguard ETF Trading18:41 JD10119:06 jhfenton
6hExpense Ratio14:44 JD10115:34 jhfenton
75pPaying for medical school for son?10/21 bubbadog20:30 jhwkr542
18cExperian Dark Web scan23:51 investor4life21:14 Jim180
0h3-fund portfolio for Non-US Non-EU investor14:12 jjmaddison 
13hRebalance with large capital gain10/21 boglebrain15:06 John151
24cWater damage from upstairs neighbor - insurance, subrogation, other recourse?10/21 jplee323:01 jplee3
5pPay Mother's Assisted Living Costs instead of selling her condo, since I'm the beneficiary?19:08 CULater22:40 Katietsu
21tAny compelling reason to not contribute to Indiana 529?10/21 iasw17:04 KlangFool
1hHelp with solo-401k vs SEP IRA22:57 remedy21423:09 krow36
3hAdvice on starting a Portfolio18:47 chugs98919:00 krow36
6t2017 Bogleheads Conference - Gus Sauter: Understanding Active Investing10/21 LadyGeek10:23 ktip
30tWhen one reaches the 1 million mark what to do with all the money?10/21 jayk23819:22 KyleAAA
386lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz20:01 LadyGeek
39hWorry market crush, selling 50%, but increase buying 100%10/20 WhiteMaxima18:32 LadyGeek
195fPlease Try Out Test Posts Here2007 tfb18:23 LadyGeek
30pLetter from CC company (Discover) re: current income2014 DFWinvestor14:12 LadyGeek
1tJapan investors: regular NISA vs 積立NISA for retirement savings05:37 coloreddo09:19 LadyGeek
23p401k limit changes being considered- how likely is it and how much of an impact?10/20 jayk23808:11 LadyGeek
0hAA remodel guidance21:30 ldp787 
67cWork in Vancouver, WA..possibly live in Camas?2016 kdl23:12 letsgobobby
8pNew Vanguard Flagship message/launch page13:08 letsgobobby21:47 letsgobobby
7hAnnual Portfolio Review, and Questions01:11 jotun20:46 livesoft
15hWho does the portfolio reviews and why?15:51 boglemoe18:15 Majormajor78
8pRoth conversions...did I miss the boat?10/13 btownguy20:49 malabargold
15tJ. Clements: Jack's Comments at 2017 Bogleheads Conference10/21 iceport11:38 MarkVH0518
31tTIAA Trouble [NY Times: TIAA pushes clients to high fee products]10/21 digarei14:59 mecht3ach
17hWhere to park $100,000 safely for 2-3 years?10/21 Muri03:08 mega317
3hWhere to place extra cash on hand10/21 Triple digit go02:53 mega317
16hAm I well diversified?2016 mentos22:07 mentos
35cWhat service do you pay for that you could easily do yourself?10/21 harrington21:56 MichaelRpdx
2pUTMA bridge account?00:04 jsmoove12311:14 MP123
162hTime to reach 1M and 2M milestones2015 sanfran201521:25 MrJones
19cWhat is the best thing to use to hang pictures?13:51 aquamarine21:14 Mudpuppy
14cBought the new car, old car has issues driving off lot10:19 nakedbird22619:56 Mudpuppy
28hIs my rental property worth keeping?10/20 SillyRabbit11:24 my name
33pWhy not switch from Medigap F to G now?10/17 clcarter14:36 Namashkar
34hPortfolio Review Request - ReadyInvestor09/18 Readyinvestor23:21 NancyABQ
1t"Evaluate the Viability of Your Retirement Plan"10/04 Taylor Larimore11:53 nedsaid
1hAnnuity explanation for Chuck10/11 The Wizard11:39 nedsaid
1tAnnual AAII Conference in Orlando Nov 310/20 larryswedroe11:37 nedsaid
7t100% Stocks?10/21 kathyauburn10:40 nedsaid
4tIsn't a Roth IRA and Backdoor Roth Equally Advantageous?04:12 UCemployee07:21 NightFall
5hAm i missing anything without REITs..12:55 sambb14:00 nisiprius
14hRetirement (mostly TIAA) allocation questions with 20 year horizon and concern about upcoming market volatility13:11 Tetanka17:20 ofckrupke
15hBest way to Improve TIAA 403b R102/20 camillus11:01 oldzey
0hHow do Fund-to-ETF conversions affect tax lots?16:22 oneleaf 
43chow often to upgrade phone?10/21 pb199620:07 Pajamas
40cTurn fridge off when gone or leave it running?2013 Browser19:43 Pajamas
16tInvesting at Level 3 [any book reviews?]2016 jimbok_mb19:30 Park
2hAsset Allocation -- How do you split yours? :P18:44 SmilerUK23:14 Peter Foley
6hAA changes age 7008:16 my name23:10 Peter Foley
4lMinnesota BH Qtrly Meeting 10-28-1710/16 Fallible21:27 Peter Foley
43hSimplifying portfolio09/25 cajungal11:30 pkcrafter
0c"Getting Things Done" Kindle book currently $1.9922:52 Pluto9th 
30pNeeds help regarding after tax 401k10/18 pmdonca14:55 pmdonca
19pBack Door Roth and Mega Back Door Roth10/20 pmdonca14:41 pmdonca
2pAnnuity restating 3 tax years of earnings to taxable10/21 Pretzel lover07:19 Pretzel lover
7hTransfer of assets from Edward Jones to Vanguard10/21 SoSuzanne09:06 radiowave
0cExpat mail forwarding mechanics11:48 randomizer 
175tMy Favorite Alternative Funds07/06 grap001310:15 Random Walker
8hThinking of converting all my total us stock market funds to target date funds10/20 ca198922:26 random_walker_7
54pIs TIAA-CREF one of the "good guys"?2015 Morse Code19:11 ResearchMed
5hAltering AA for retirement10/21 Richard158008:16 Ron Scott
3pReimbursable business expenses and Mint/Personal Capital06/14 Jags418614:27 rspray123
17hFTSE All-World ex-US Small in taxable account?15:17 blindpuppy17:03 ruralavalon
18hIntro and questions10/11 GRS15911:00 ruralavalon
20hAsset Allocation with Farm Land10/04 jamokaj09:53 ruralavalon
73hCommission only fiduciary planner10/21 Pdub20:49 samsmith
21pOn selling home to a child10/21 RetiredMule23:09 Sandi_k
24cShedding Trees13:54 BolderBoy21:30 Sandtrap
95phow long did it take to get used to retirement10/17 1year2312:56 Sandtrap
4p1031 exchange for selling rental, building ADU at existing OO property?10/21 Saving$12:30 Sandtrap
2tGetting an HSA Brokerage option with Fidelity10/21 Saving$11:45 Saving$
121pDoes anyone here with net worths north of $1 mil use financial advisors?10/20 Money Market23:30 scrabbler1
12pMortgage Refi, How To, Should I?10/12 armeliusc18:08 seawolf21
3hMutual funds portfolio (Europe)10/14 vilacha07:07 selters
20t4% SWR Rule in Other Countries10/20 Leesbro6322:45 siamond
35hInternational REIT05/08 delrinson08:05 siamond
2621cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt05:27 SirRunsabit
67cAnyone planning on getting the new Pixel phone?10/18 DiggleRex23:25 Slacker
3hquestion on a negative balance on my settlement fund at vanguard10:45 eye.surgeon11:07 SlowMovingInves
5pDirected Trustees17:39 FBN201421:26 smackboy1
6hCurrency Question on UK/USA Investments (+ Should I Trust the UK?)10/20 SmilerUK18:43 SmilerUK
8p2 comma club10/21 somekevinguy01:15 somekevinguy
17hCan you do a rollover even if you aren't leaving a job?10/21 bigguy843721:04 Spirit Rider
18hTSP advice sought10/21 surgdoc20:06 Spirit Rider
28pTurning 65, and choosing not to take Medicare Part B10/20 Mr. Digweed19:54 Spirit Rider
96hNew physician - UC retirement options help (403b/457b/401a megabackdoor roth)!2016 justskipee18:33 Spirit Rider
1tSolo/Individual 401k: SECA taxes on employer contribution?14:39 burnout45414:44 Spirit Rider
5hSEP-IRA vs backdoor10/19 gneb11:42 Spirit Rider
41cAntivirus Software Recommendations10/12 djdube52523:36 squirm
49cCar Enthusiasts Unite! - Porsche, Benz, Ferrari, Lambo, etc.10/21 HardHitter21:34 ssquared87
3cHacked Router or ASUS website or other?21:36 Saving$21:49 student
12h3-fund of SPDRs is better than of Vanguard ETF (lower ER)?10/21 jjmaddison20:26 student
11pAvoiding Transfer Fee---Will this work?10/21 TrademarkTer17:46 student
6pDo you worry about linking external accounts?10/21 bligh08:05 tampaite
2pHRA vs HSA - Simulation10/21 tampaite06:45 tampaite
37cBest smartphone10/18 me11296408:51 tbradnc
14tAre all Vanguard Funds an Index Fund?20:04 JD10122:30 TD2626
22tMutual Fund "share price"09:20 ResearchMed20:00 TD2626
9cDrum sets?12:39 texasdiver21:16 texasdiver
55tWhy do I need bonds? (I'm 30)10/20 TheHouse721:51 TheHouse7
26t401k "only" up 13.5% YTD10/20 JD277512:36 The Wizard
28hWhat to do with TIAA CREF funds?10/21 LonnieG12:05 The Wizard
26hNew for Vanguard!10/18 nkotbbh08:07 TIAX
8tThe Effect of Rising Rates on Bond Funds10/20 Stormbringer14:40 tibbitts
3hVWELX, VWINX, VBINX [Vanguard Wellington, Wellesley, Balanced]10:48 bw4506913:38 tibbitts
153t2017 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT04/02 Mel Lindauer20:52 TimeRunner
24tRevised Version The Little Book of Common Sense...10/16 tomd3722:16 tomd37
32cTub Cleaning Issue - Soap Scum2016 LuigiLikesPizza10:38 topper1296
6pPromissory note not signed13:34 destinationnc18:06 TravelGeek
2hRoyal Dutch Shell Scrip Dividend Program(me)13:34 travelogue21:03 travelogue
30t"Using Jack Bogle's own words against him when it comes to international investing"10/18 Taylor Larimore14:30 triceratop
333tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens23:57 TropikThunder
2hTIAA Allocation Question11:48 edmundspenser12:08 Valuethinker
29tShiller: the 1987 stock market panic can happen again10/20 CULater10:42 Valuethinker
2pFor newer two comma club members14:08 heyyou17:08 White Coat Inve
1539tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb20:50 Wild Willie
18lThank you Jack, Taylor and Mel!!08:21 stemikger16:55 WoodSpinner
7hPortfolio review - rental properties10/01 z985213:48 z9852

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