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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2027 new posts and replies over 281 topics in last day (sorted by subforum). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
3hA ROTH IRA question15:25 shawcroft20:57 willthrill81
85hpossible to have TOO MUCH in 401k account?2014 deuceplus20:57 KlangFool
3hNew 401k has only FTHRX20:15 28fe620:54 rkhusky
11hSeeking Asset Location Advice01/23 catchinup20:51 grabiner
18hCash Management13:58 btenny20:49 emlowe
24hTarget Date funds are hazardous to your wealth11:04 John320:47 arcticpineapple
9hQuick Solo 401k Questions10:24 mets91420:44 Spirit Rider
13hMega backdoor Roth Turbotax headache02/15 madbrain20:41 madbrain
23hGetting into investing and what stocks to buy13:11 deepinoy820:22 Elric
7hCharitable sponsor's incentives for donor advised fund?00:50 johnanglemen20:14 Gill
8hBest Small Cap Value ETF in Tax Advantaged Account (VBR, IJS, SLYV)05:53 xnyjets80x20:02 Socrates
1hHow to deal with ongoing 401k automatic reinvestment when TLHing?19:54 CalculatedRisk19:55 aristotelian
32hNo emergency fund?09:03 michaeljmroger19:54 jabberwockOG
14hHelp choosing 401k funds02/18 ososnilknarf19:45 lakpr
14h401(k) Matching Formula Question11:40 CaptainMarvel19:42 whodidntante
8hHow to build a portfolio for my mother02/19 apple4419:38 stan1
82hEliminate my emergency fund?02/19 Lazareth19:23 willthrill81
16hMechanics of IRA Rollover w/ Tax Basis into Employer Plan09/18 PGR19:17 Alan S.
26hHourly fee-based advisor?02/19 Eliza18:59 GmanJeff
7hRoth IRA conversion - reversing the thinking14:41 ps56k18:53 happymob
5hHelp with Portfolio Check Up at 3012:29 BackpackB18:47 ICMoney
11hTransferred $440K into Vanguard sitting in sweep. What next?15:39 patrick116718:41 ExitStageLeft
29hMoving money from financial advisor...08:47 dcq18:39 dcq
13hTraditional 401k - Roll over to Roth 401k... Right?15:49 Marjimmy18:39 Svensk Anga
12hCaculating Returns from Vanguard site ?02/11 shuresm7b118:32 shuresm7b1
1hmoving from Franklin Templeton to Vanguard17:03 rambler18:32 ExitStageLeft
368hAnyone tired of the stock market going up?2017 TheTimeLord17:58 StandingRock
96h“Won the Game” how do you know?02/18 Old Blue Chair17:42 sailaway
3hCan I transfer my 401k to Vanguard while still employed with my company?13:38 HenryPorter17:37 Earl Lemongrab
6h457b instead of 401k?12:36 chrischris17:29 Peter Foley
11hBonds in taxable or not, my scenario02/17 billthecat17:18 White Coat Inve
9hConsulting for company I retired from?14:05 Summit11117:12 dowse
1hconversion to Roth IRA from TIRA in fund-only account16:38 beyou17:06 Duckie
6hSpousal Inherited IRA, Partial Rollover, Vanguard14:58 changingtimes17:02 Epsilon Delta
12hA simple RMD question - meeting the RMD requirement21:20 Cody16:50 Mel Lindauer
0hsolo 401k tax question16:45 onthepath 
10hIs 2018 year a good way to measure performance12:15 johnpau16:39 02nz
28hBasic TLH/wash sale question02/13 need403bhelp16:35 need403bhelp
0h2018/2019 tax reporting - TurboTax Online versions16:22 fingoals 
15hConfused about wash sale rule02/12 l1am16:20 l1am
0hBesides Equities & Bonds what other investments appreciate in value / provide passive income?16:00 bigtex 
6hNeed Advice for building a portfolio14:20 nxp15:58 radiowave
12hNeed Financial advice and 401 K advice01/31 palciparum15:55 palciparum
24hPortfolio help for 2 teacher family in Ohio02/18 jbell312415:53 Determined
4hMoving investment from high cost mutual fund to vanguard09/27 desihorn15:44 desihorn
2hSoftware and Tax Software Selects Schedule D vs Form 8949 for Reporting Stock Transactions?14:37 PGR15:31 mhc
25hMoving from EJ to Vanguard06/04 Creditcardguy15:21 Creditcardguy
46hTD Ameritrade Money Market Options01/10 WesternRoad15:14 btenny
39hstrategy to re-enter the market02/18 gram14:20 deltaneutral83
7hHow can I compare 401(k) plans online?02/19 index2max14:19 fingoals
2hsolo 401k question09:59 koryg7514:15 feehater
2hSchwab U.S. Dividend (SCHD) vs. iShares Exponential Tech (XT) in Taxable12:39 Mister A13:47 Mister A
32hIs VSBSX too risky for 6 months?02/12 michaeljmroger13:46 michaeljmroger
35hGLD (SPDR Gold Shares) and Taxes2010 statsguy13:22 Tanelorn
16hChase YouInvest cost basis method11/09 assyadh12:47 assyadh
10hOpinions on VG advisor's recommendations02/19 Randtor12:45 Randtor
6hSetup IRA for Dad11:08 s6ZS7s12:30 lakpr
43hAre traditional 401k's of any value from a tax perspective?02/19 make_it_rain12:29 02nz
21hMy First Mega Backdoor Roth02/17 TigerNest11:35 Earl Lemongrab
10hPIMCO Total Return Fund02/19 Oak&Elm11:27 ruralavalon
5hBack door Roth IRA question.09:33 VINNY11:20 retiredjg
17hStrategy for Selling Company RSUs02/15 DanEmmy11:10 timshel
63hGirlfriend's Financial Advisor Recommendations...02/14 Kierlack11:04 Da5id
4hstudent loans payoff with pre tax retirement funds02/19 cpdeeg11:03 cpdeeg
27hShould I open a 403(b)?01/04 bluesky8910:59 bluesky89
2hNewbie question on mutual fund to ETF07:08 abhishek@198510:59 mhalley
27hPortfolio for young professional02/16 305pelusa10:54 ruralavalon
17hHow do you handle Three-Fund Purchases without Partial Shares?02/18 Wextini10:35 Epsilon Delta
41hFidelity vs Vanguard02/13 maryelai10:34 WhiteMaxima
15hAnother, my family member is stuck with her salesman rep, help me break free02/17 adam6110:19 international00
5h401k advice for wife rejoining previous employer09:05 OrangeMoney10:18 bloom2708
6hFidelity Contrafund- primary 401k plan02/19 SimpleThing10:09 inbox788
7hReturn - Expense Ratio = True Return?08:02 jackbauer_2409:57 alex_686
3hHelp following passing of mother - Joint Tenants accounts with only 1 sibling21:38 stoli09:50 dbr
2hPortfolio check-up02/19 bwatts84908:58 bwatts849
4hPortfolio and Plan Review02/19 Mathew67508:51 Mathew675
1hInvestment Advisor Call - Annuity ZERO Fees08:04 Thegame1408:07 rgs92
25hHow much is too much capital loss carryover?02/18 Misenplace07:10 ByThePond
11hInvesting, as an American, in the London Stock Exchange (LSE) Tax Implications, Shariah Investor02/19 CashFlowGlobal05:08 samirol
36hInherited asset allocation02/14 SemperFi7902:27 nodenuff2
14hAdvice for parking cash02/06 bogletou00:53 OnTrack
38hRetiring 5 Years Before Taking Social Security, How Would You Do It02/18 Ckprocker00:24 22twain
35hBest way to liquidate Wealthfront2017 jamapa23:49 ma21n2
5hHSA Started : HRB Software Says I Contributed Too Much!02/19 BillyV00122:18 BillyV001
6hHelp with Mothers Investments02/19 patchhunky22:12 gmaynardkrebs
5hBeginner question re: taxable vanguard mutual fund02/19 cone77441322:10 grabiner
11hQuick Social Security question02/19 KingRiggs21:57 GerryL
9hRoth IRA - excess contribution02/11 ChiliH2021:55 Alan S.
13h15% Bond allocation - CA Munis in Taxable or Total Bond in IRA02/17 ma21n221:26 grabiner
20hTilting AA into more stocks02/16 fingoals21:17 fingoals
9hAdvice on Retirement Contribution spread - 401k, Roth and After Tax02/19 DoubleIPA21:09 DoubleIPA
0hWhat IRA/401(k) options are available to me?21:02 Diffus 
598tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure [risk parity strategy using 3x leveraged ETFs]02/05 HEDGEFUNDIE20:51 pezblanco
57tOther Portfolios that aren't 3 fund09/25 Mr400meterdash20:40 Day9
3t[misleading] "The Greatest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of: An Optometrist Who Beat The Odds To Become A Billionaire"18:52 unknownfuture20:39 software
310tLarry Swedroe: 3% is the new 4%02/02 Random Walker20:32 2pedals
51tWSJ--Fidelity Employees Fired After Alleged Misuse of Reimbursement Programs05/07 MFInvestor20:20 knpstr
16tGold ETFs (IAU, GLD, SGOL) in a taxable account.....dividends and capital gains?06/01 ualdriver20:18 ralph124cf
431tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8120:09 willthrill81
18t30 year Tips Auction Feb 21st: exp. yield 1.1%02/16 grok8720:07 MtnBiker
30tLarry Swedroe: Small Value Lags For 15 Years14:24 Random Walker20:07 Taylor Larimore
3tLLC for short sale18:44 TheLaughingCow20:06 ralph124cf
18tNYT opinion piece calling for more investigation of index providers02/18 Ndop20:01 edgeagg
915tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5319:52 DrGoogle2017
105tHow to use Vanguard Portfolio Watch for rebalancing2014 livesoft19:38 bengal22
173tVanguard Total World Stock (VTWAX) and All-World ex-US Small Cap Admiral Shares (VFSAX) now available (February 7)01/17 jhfenton19:12 yogesh
1542tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab19:04 snowman
5tHow a 12-year Vanguard win streak makes it the ‘Amazon of wealth management’02/19 Paul Romano18:45 staythecourse
3tNo-trade band rebalancing rules16:37 Beliavsky18:13 livesoft
3tInternation in Tax deferred or Taxable?13:42 ninjab17:35 JustinR
9t"Repurchase Agreements" in Vanguard Federal MM Fund02/19 BlueCable16:52 Epsilon Delta
26tPortfolio visualizer says no rebalance bonus01:42 ralph124cf16:03 longinvest
22tWill Vanguard Factor Funds Survive?02/19 sunnywindy14:51 jhfenton
56tRuminations on Taleb's "Antifragile" and its Applications to Retirement Income02/16 Horton14:49 gmaynardkrebs
153tTributes to Jack Bogle01/17 J072113:44 Barry Barnitz
18tTSP share price in Google Sheets like GoogleFinance2014 hoppy0852013:27 hoppy08520
3tAnybody Else Having Problems Downloading Vanguard Forms?08:45 PGR13:11 PGR
567tWhy do so many people quote "You will likely be in a lower tax bracket in retirement"05/16 CnC12:46 foo.c
3tWhich shares to sell when tax loss harvesting? Short-term shares with a small loss per share?22:20 slamfire12:39 livesoft
59tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs02/11 EfficientInvest12:18 gtwhitegold
10tVWITX vs MUB [Vanguard Inter-Term Tax-Exempt vs. iShares Nat'l Muni Bond]02/18 michaeljmroger12:15 LadyGeek
21tWhat do you think of this portfolio? (not mine)02/19 GaryA50511:37 scout1
6tConverting Mutual Fund into ETF at Vanguard02/19 Jack FFR184611:35 jhfenton
2tREIT's and Rick Ferri10:37 spdoublebass10:55 Rick Ferri
37trebalancing during decumulation phase02/16 jmk10:48 RadAudit
296tMy trend following strategy and experience01/17 willthrill8110:46 tadamsmar
0tAnyone has experience with Vanguard Hong Kong ETFs?10:00 PurpleArc 
149tVanguard Prime Money Market yield over 2.5%01/31 Kevin M09:54 Kevin M
73tVanguard Customer Service is Horrible02/17 Crimsontide09:41 nedsaid
3tFound an interesting article on interpreting Shiller's PE ratio21:35 EnjoyTheJourney07:29 SovereignInvest
51tOn Leverage02/15 grayfox06:26 grayfox
570tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar04:36 Grogs
170tmy review of my HSA with Saturna brokerage2014 Easy Rhino00:35 Liface
27tHow are Roth earnings calculated for recharacterizations?02/18 JustinR23:50 JustinR
24tSequence of Returns Risk in a Low Return World02/19 DaufuskieNate22:12 Random Walker
23tUltra Safe Withdrawal Strategy?02/18 bligh21:57 willthrill81
1tVanguard 529 Age based plans21:34 ThisTimeItsDiff21:36 fortfun
54pMore Bad News for USAA Bank02/16 SueG512320:57 shawcroft
50pDo we need a will/trust/etc?02/18 miamivice20:57 FoolMeOnce
42p4% SWR - how confident are you?12:29 stocknoob411120:55 willthrill81
13pCredit card worth it for $50 discount?18:47 28fe620:44 michaeljc70
5pReal Estate / Renting far from Home 3/5 rule11:35 ClemsonBogle20:43 michaelsieg
70pHigh earners: thoughts on college and aid02/18 Admiral20:42 TomatoTomahto
5pHow much traditional IRA can my elder parents take out before taxed?20:20 CodeMaster20:41 CodeMaster
122pWhat net worth supersedes Bogleheads’s strategy02/16 Wricha20:40 Tanelorn
26pIRS Direct Pay02/14 juliewongferra20:37 whodidntante
7pTax implications of tIRA disbursement offset with contributions19:39 lassevirensghos20:33 Gill
39pFast turnaround on Federal Tax02/13 papiper20:24 willthrill81
22pCar purchase, income ratio02/17 keith601420:21 Miguelito
11pWhat allocation of stocks and bonds for 3 or 4% SWR02/16 saagar_is_cool20:11 bhsince87
2pClosing a HSA19:53 stuper120:08 Eno Deb
4pPayoff mortgage with extra cash?18:02 jrmk20:04 radiowave
3321pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy20:02 xerxes101
62pFamily member duped into life insurance -- any recourse?02/06 dimdim19:43 BruDude
47pOn this Forum, is X% of Income Saved Pre-Tax or Post-Tax?02/19 Kennedy19:36 KlangFool
13pTax “Safe Harbor” Question02/17 Leesbro6319:20 Leesbro63
5pTurboTax Import of PenFed 1099-INT - Incorrect Data02/19 TravelGeek19:16 UpperNwGuy
183pTeachers Who Have Net Worth of $1 million +08/16 Gardner's Son19:13 Socrates
287pFidelity as a one stop shop12/15 BogleMelon18:54 grp2c
0pForm 709 Gift & GST tax return full disclosure summary18:39 heartwood 
0pVPAIX exempt-interest dividends categorized?18:36 CHG 
1pIf I split a single W2 on a part year resident return, will I have to paper file the return vs. e-file?11:04 synthfan2318:33 Katietsu
24pAlly 1% Bonus, Advice Please??? (Resolved Nice!!)02/10 adam6118:28 gmc2017
1pHelp with Turbotax Backdoor Roth issue17:46 ScooterBoy18:22 Eno Deb
3pCap gains loss tax question15:37 hoops77717:55 hoops777
19pGenerational Wealth Transfer08:31 bigtex17:54 malabargold
1pStock quotes available in Excel01/18 pasadena17:48 Kruser64
16pFreeTaxUSA forces me to deduct tIRA contribution--does it matter?22:12 mega31717:42 TropikThunder
20pLong-term care insurance question: keep or cancel02/19 animule17:38 willthrill81
4pAdvice on upgrading home in Bay Area23:34 bleuspeed17:34 bleuspeed
7pTaxes: Receiving Gofundme and Fundraising Proceeds2017 mortfree17:20 retire2022
9pTax mistake22:33 Docc17:10 scrabbler1
0pFidelity and Paypal17:05 bck63 
1pConstruction Loan or Cash for New House?16:32 PGR16:53 hayhayday
25pIf you are a married couple and receive $40,000 in Social Security benefits12:47 susa16:52 Carl53
5pCan't login to Ally bank15:48 Pete1216:16 Pete12
156pLosing a job in your 50's...02/16 CyclingDuo16:06 cockersx3
6pT-Mobile Bank 4.00% APY15:24 johnpau15:55 johnpau
62pEasiest Way to Give $100k Cash to Non-Family Member02/17 baxterboy1215:42 HereIAm
4p(For self-employed people), doesn't the new 199A deduction change the math on Roth vs Traditional?12:34 clashcity15:42 PaddyMac
3pSS Application question02/15 jacksonm15:32 jacksonm
0pExit Strategy for Selling a Primary Residence Turned Investment Property?14:56 ArmchairArchite 
4pRoth IRA recharacterization12:14 seattletom114:53 Epsilon Delta
1pRoth to Traditional IRA Recharacterization Question?09:17 SerenityBlue14:47 Alan S.
16pPersonal Liability Umbrella Policy question & "tuning"02/19 Minerva9014:22 hayhayday
20pTo buy or not to buying question (budget)2017 Bird Beard14:09 Darth Xanadu
6pTaxes on investments11:58 johnpau14:06 dbr
57pMoved to new state/job 6M ago. Previous employer wants me back!02/17 sunny_socal13:41 AtlBoglehead
5pBuy House from Taxable or Tax Deferred Accounts?07:58 ArlinM13:27 sawdust60
13pStock acquired - How much tax will I owe?12/10 fsrph13:26 munemaker
6pPaying 100K+ twards Mortgage02/19 akhilsam13:02 Devil's Advocat
4pQuestion re: 529 deduction limits10:44 newbie00313:01 newbie003
3pTaxAct state of CT K-110:58 newbie00313:00 newbie003
21pTaxes for First Time Solo Small Business Owner02/15 Boxtrap12:50 germark
25pEffective tax rate02/19 skor9912:47 Ron Ronnerson
4pTax Question22:05 Tommy12:33 FiveK
15pWhy am I paying more taxes than expected?11:01 cal9112:31 livesoft
2pPlease advise me if I should do a partial IRA deduction09:21 degrom712:11 degrom7
60pDo I need a degree?02/18 Swarm Trap12:06 cdu7
38pTo: Taylor Larimore: Early Withdrawals2014 DouglasDoug11:58 carol-brennan
10pHow to report Free Stock and Dividends received from Robinhood on tax return02/19 jaypee11:58 barnaclebob
1pExtension on taxes - waiting on 2017 amended return results08:20 markwarren6611:53 Silk McCue
309pH&R Block 2018 Tax Software Deluxe $18.00 - Black Friday sale11/01 LadyGeek11:52 LadyGeek
1pAccidentally setup traditional IRA instead of Roth how to change to Roth08:58 vilmontm11:51 Epsilon Delta
1pWhat should I look for in a Tax Accountant?11:10 pm2987111:30 PaddyMac
17pQuestion re 1098-T02/19 OnTrack202011:17 SurfCityBill
0pDo any tech recruiters hire part-time?10:45 ThankYouJack 
38pJoining finances - what's easiest?02/18 Trying2learn10:43 dbr
14pDoes Turbotax and HR block increase prices when getting close to tax deadline ?02/19 johnpau10:25 johnpau
28pContinue with home project or not?02/17 boglebrain10:23 Lynette
163pWere you 100% debt free at retirement01/31 TheTimeLord09:32 mptfan
31pOpening New CC for Federal Income Tax Bill02/03 gmc4h23208:20 SRenaeP
49pMy Mortgage = Is it a problem?02/19 bg508:13 Chadnudj
4pDoes a prenup completely protect your assets in an equitable distribution state or do you still have to give something?05:32 GrayS2607:52 Watty
40pAuto Extended Warranties02/18 JustWantToGetIt07:21 DarthEnol
8pTurboTax eFile fails with "cancelled"02/18 kaesler07:06 kaesler
31pWhat's your tax filing strategy? (for commoners)02/19 PeterParker06:52 spectec
53pself employed tax question01/02 Bones_Jones06:51 RickBoglehead
10pUnusual Insurance Situation02/17 MedSaver06:23 MikeG62
16pTLH... Holding period not met for LTCG distributions...How to report?02/17 Johnsson02:49 boomer_techie
1pCertified Management Accountant as a skill development option?00:06 JohnnyP00:44 123
3pExperian to monitor bank accounts/utility bill history (optional)02/19 Keepcalm22:58 grabiner
7pDifferent results using TaxAct vs. TurboTax?02/19 A44022:51 grabiner
5pRoth Conversions from SE401(k)02/06 SpideyIndexer22:16 Alan S.
5pAnother Pension Annuity Payout Decision02/19 Oil Boiler21:24 Watty
8pHow much do we need in roth IRA to retire?02/19 turkey123421:08 miamivice
17pBudgeting for new immigrant dad health care02/18 newseahorse21:03 vsad
3pUsing Federal Tax Refund to Purchase Ibonds02/19 Prudence21:02 Prudence
29nEU investor: any way to avoid punitive US estate tax on death?02/11 DJN18:31 international00
76nAccumulating ETF - Additional Units or Increase in Price05/05 chaps8118:19 international00
0nVanguard in Ireland17:10 Failte 
2nLow salary help needed [Europe]02/19 serman17:08 serman
5nMoving funds from overseas into the US [Germany ex-pat]02/18 Trying2learn16:33 TedSwippet
7nPortfolio allocation - Is it worth to invest in bonds? [EU - Germany]02/16 agofino16:08 agofino
1nGlobal bond fund for EU investor (to hedge or not to hedge)07:37 buff.ET09:11 Valuethinker
5n[Belgium] Taxes on financial investments02/19 Arbre04:11 JiyuuSensei
34nHong Kong Bogleheads?2013 rainyday103:12 StoneFeeler
2nIreland Domiciled ETFs02/19 omigosh22:46 omigosh
6cInsulating rim joists in basement/crawl spaces -- rigid foam or spray?14:12 doss20:56 Summit111
9cSome water ok in crawlspace?13:27 ohboy!20:53 MtnBiker
29cWhat is a lemon? 2018 Outback Infotainment issues03/29 htdrag1120:52 HMdocinPA
44cTips/suggestions for skiing out west?02/04 A44020:27 bmr12
92c11/28 Today Only, buy a phone on Google FI and get travel gift card of same value11/28 harrychan20:24 PandaParty
10cWhy do many overlanders drive old model vehicles?18:25 flyingaway20:18 longterm100
17cProblems Using ATT Phones on Verizon Network?02/19 RooseveltG20:08 DarthEnol
68cDo others dislike Vanguard's new website as much as me?21:02 miamivice20:00 radiowave
1cGoogle Play Sort by Price15:41 DTalos19:44 TravelGeek
885cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater19:27 CULater
34cpurchasing new furnace tips09:00 sil201718:22 goldendad
14cRetroactive Rx Price Changes02/19 sport18:15 quantAndHold
36cRefurbished Nikon D750 + AF-S 24-120mm f/4G Nikkor VR lens02/15 raveon18:04 TN_Boy
46cAdvisability of Using a Personal Trainer at the Gym02/17 Strider18:04 TallBoy29er
23cTip amount for daily newspaper delivery2018 dodgy5518:01 likegarden
19cKeyHero? Home Depot?02/18 F150HD17:38 jlawrence01
9cShip Sticks [Golf club shipping service]14:08 OldBallCoach17:17 OldBallCoach
62cRecommendation for home gym (limited space)02/09 am17:13 livesoft
19c$3k repair estimate for 2010 Audi A4 Avant10:23 stimulacra17:00 Goal33
3cComcast [Early termination fee problem]15:15 Siglinde16:52 JustSomeGuy155
84cWhich College? 3 years or 4 years?2012 ram15:48 22twain
20cCar Rental in Mexico2017 LifeIsGood15:40 desihorn
34cHow Much Home Value Added by Finishing Basement?02/18 bigtex15:38 Atilla
15cCar rental - full size vs premium02/14 jay2215:12 Leesbro63
10ccholesterol lowering butter substitute02/19 fru-gal15:01 Siglinde
97cWife filled our gas engine car with diesel fuel02/18 Abe14:35 Jack FFR1846
3cNetflix show: Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away. It will keep you on guard.02/19 TheRural13:56 Jack FFR1846
21cWorking remotely + lot of vacations02/17 loklav13:49 HornedToad
8cPaypal wants my SSN21:08 go_mets12:58 munemaker
9cHow to fix/repair/restore/copy "faded" Compact Discs ?00:35 12312:54 samsdad
22cAdvice for young teen with Perfectionism09:58 investingdad12:43 LadyGeek
21c"good" binoculars for bird watching for eyeglasses wearer02/15 go_mets11:29 AAA
0cIRS Form 996 for S Corp10:47 co_investor 
26cRental Car Company Preferences02/15 Allocationist10:41 SurfCityBill
18cDarn Tough Socks....Boxers???02/19 ddurrett89609:33 namekevaste
13cKitchen Sink Gurgles (sometimes with water) with washing machine running01/07 maggsmaggs08:37 maggsmaggs
4cCallcentric VOIP Services04:39 LifeIsGood08:28 RickBoglehead
31cShould I Feed the Aide?02/17 cheese_breath23:38 ram
230lNew York City Local Chapter established2013 quanuec18:42 JD Leonard
44lDo you discuss BH philosophy with others?08:19 RobLyons18:37 KlangFool
124lHow many bogleheads do you know in real life?02/18 texasdiver18:24 Fallible
361lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!2017 NCPE18:20 Miriam2
71lArizona Chapter04/12 mabromovitz12:40 jbranx

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