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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1284 new posts and replies over 179 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
15tAlternative to Google Finance?11:33 retire5716:55 F150HD
30hHow safe is cash in today's economy?20:04 Flavia16:55 flamesabers
4cCar Lease break15:10 quizzer2516:54 delamer
48cThe Rolex and The Boglehead13:42 ebrasmus2116:54 DaftInvestor
14cUnbelievable AT & T13:41 Mintee16:53 Alexa9
45cMemory Foam Mattress Recomendations09/17 aj76er16:52 hoops777
9tWhich Taxable Lots to Sell during Retirememt?09/25 Longrunner16:51 Longrunner
14hHelp with bad 401(k) fund choices13:17 fouroheight6816:49 retiredjg
16c$7 flights on RyanAir09/25 VictoriaF16:48 TomatoTomahto
12pCoworker asked me about a adviser22:13 badbreath16:48 badbreath
12cWorth Refinancing?09/25 cal9116:47 michaeljc70
8cManufacturers rebate for Chevy Cruze09/18 SlowMovingInves16:44 Easy Rhino
646pEquifax customer information leak09/07 finjour16:41 F150HD
6cJournal of my ride across Western Europe09/25 Raybo16:41 Miriam2
6cSonoma in October15:07 sixtyforty16:41 LarryAllen
81cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?09/23 Dead Man Walkin16:40 BeerMoney
5hFidelity Solo 401k Electronic Transfers14:46 jimmyrules71216:39 serbeer
5pNeed Help. Short term disability insurance for a solo / small business owner.01:08 hameshatumkocha16:39 BruDude
20cWindows 10 Question15:28 ubermax16:35 jebmke
72cI ran out of credit card signups bonus...08/28 workingovertime16:32 DrGrnTum
10hInvestment Advice09/22 ElectricalGuru16:31 livesoft
15cWhat phone carrier?09/23 metrunt16:25 BrandonBogle
31hRoth vs traditional 401k09/23 Jmkimmd16:24 flamesabers
16pShould I keep a term life policy I don't need if it has a positive expected value?08:35 empiricist16:24 RosieQ
8pEquifax Liability10:51 fandango16:23 SimonJester
11h56 years old, retired, need help selecting vanguard investment fund10:31 ks177316:23 delamer
47cIOS 11: Anybody using it yet?09/22 oldcomputerguy16:21 jerryk68
3hOpening a Vanguard account as a foreigner with a U.S. address?11/03 cowoxu316:20 TedSwippet
0cWeekend trip in Portland, Oregon - ideas?16:19 imperio 
3hInvesting in ETFs MSCI World + MSCI Emerging Market [Germany]15:06 sansan16:17 MotoTrojan login trouble?09/24 InterestingMone16:17 Doom&Gloom
16pAnother "Should I sell my business" thread02:11 HenrysCreek16:13 dm200
8cPay With Gasbuddy Card14:28 steelerfan16:10 flamesabers
5cTransfering Data Between Cloud Providers09/24 blueman45716:07 bandoba
67cDo you avoid risky adventures once you have the money?09/25 flyingaway16:03 reggiesimpson
17hAllocation - Nearing Retirement17:14 jacjacjac16:03 CnC
1pRetirement Plan and accounting for inflation14:36 Cincyguy6316:00 mega317
18pSocial Security Question [Social Security Offering Lump Sum]09/25 donna91116:00 jbuffett
9hPortfolio Review: Need your help to "Bogle" this "Un-Bogled" AUM portfolio!06:33 TXJeff15:57 retiredjg
2962cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36815:55 reggiesimpson
82pBecoming a Landlord: My Experiences09/03 denovo15:50 Bogle826
10hMega-backdoor Roth Conversion. Am I doing this correctly?07:32 masterofinvesti15:42 retiredjg
1hS&P 500 index in both 401k and Roth IRA15:38 AtlantaBrave15:41 livesoft
9hMoving T-IRA from WF to FID12:40 EBS115:41 Dottie57
144t2017 BOGLEHEADS CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT04/02 Mel Lindauer15:40 spelhouse04
539tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab15:40 SlowMovingInves
26pBay Area Real Estate22:27 curi0usAndCuri015:36 junetree
9pFYI- Security issue at PenFed09/25 ji.isaacs15:34 learning_head
305cAny books really change your outlook on life?2010 am15:33 MandyT
6hproxy vote07:13 Wild Willie15:32 vbdoug
5cLowering Frontier FIOS bill?13:36 Whakamole15:32 Whakamole
26cBH phone review: Moto G5 Plus09/25 sunny_socal15:28 pochax
98tRetirees, what is your marginal tax rate?05/12 BogleMelon15:27 marcopolo
13cDIY gas fire pits. Propane or Natural Gas?20:54 texasdiver15:24 Soon2BXProgramm
5cLooking for Quality Landline Phone Manufacturer12:38 URSnshn15:24 likegarden
0cSuggestions Regarding Foot Orthotics15:22 Strider 
11pWhen does whole life make sense ?09/23 raptor00115:11 Rupert
36tResearch Affiliated Model Portfolios: ZERO % US stocks09/24 Always passive15:07 Always passive
7cDental Insurance in Texas10:18 Ranger6614:53 rkhusky
15tLarry Swedroe: A 5 Factor Evaluation09/25 Random Walker14:36 QuietProsperity
45cHonda CRV All Wheel Drive VS Front Wheel, Which One?09/24 TLC195714:36 randomguy
4pUpdate W4 if I purchased a home but rent someplace else?12:26 CrownVic14:31 CrownVic
6cGM Master Card Site07:15 cheese_breath14:25 oldcomputerguy
18hAllocation in TIAA-CREF2013 columbia14:25 zeugmite
17pWhat is Max Non-Deductible Contributions I can Make to 401k09/25 DavidRoseMounta14:25 DavidRoseMounta
13pWife's Business Losing Money - Can She Deduct A Salary?09/24 crazygrow14:19 avalpert
7hDown payment allocation advice - flexible timeline.10:46 ImmigrantSaver14:14 ImmigrantSaver
6h2 year check up/Please advise on retirement09/25 jwfails14:10 aristotelian
9pHELOC w/ low or no initial draw10:49 alpenglow14:06 seity
344pQuicken's future direction - a cause for concern02/04 Peculiar_Invest14:05 spammagnet
94tAny "average Joe" here actually make out well with individual stocks?09/19 wstalcup14:04 RAchip
4pHouse sale losses/expenses to offset capital gains tax?13:57 WageSlave14:04 pshonore
80pBogleheads monthly costs of dog ownership?09/23 Coachrhino1114:03 Yooper16
9hRe-allocating assets - hold cash?10:39 fouroheight6814:02 MotoTrojan
2tAlternate investment strategies12:57 garlandwhizzer13:58 lack_ey
222cMy New Car Buying Tips2013 denovo13:58 denovo
1hShort Term Investment Advice12:04 agamma13:35 mega317
4hHelp with investment choices11:01 saltydog13:31 saltydog
157cCompanies/Brands You Love?08/30 WhippingPost13:27 Broken Man 1999
13p20% Down Payment Sub-optimal?10:42 neophyte113:24 Admiral
142cLifestyle Creep09/23 4nursebee13:18 DaftInvestor
35tmeasurement of success of investment(s)09/18 wstalcup13:11 slowbutsteady
87cTipping question....Applebees09/24 F150HD13:08 prudent
17hRetirement Calculators09/25 carguy199313:00 carguy1993
19cChrome vs Firefox06/25 squirm12:57 squirm
25cComfort level re: tracking at physical shopping centers22:18 azurekep12:54 DaftInvestor
21cFinding a Driver09/23 J29512:50 Cruise
5hNew Deferred Compensation Plan question10:41 jambadoc12:48 slowbutsteady
6hBackdoor roth question21:05 meccos12:39 CAsage
25p28 Year Old having a Crisis, how am I doing?09/24 purpleradish12:29 new2bogle
14pIs Personal Capital Wrong about 529 Plan Beneficiaries?09/25 Nearly A Moose12:22 marcopolo
53pFidelity Security09/08 AAA12:12 need403bhelp
18pShould I create LLC for new business?09/23 uwbadgers12:11 Spirit Rider
38cToilet Woes09/23 AAA12:07 southport
5hInvesting in the right funds for retirement & brokerage account09/25 gilly30412:02 Grt2bOutdoors
1hHelp me evaluate my pension11:51 XCskiguy11:58 123
31hRebalancing into U.S.Stocks09/22 unclescrooge11:44 nedsaid
9hInteresting(?) 529 scenario09/25 jsa30711:40 jsa307
16tIs the investment scenario changing for individual investors due to increase in privatization?22:07 luckybamboo11:37 nedsaid
5pDouble checking capital gains taxes due on home sale if a rental or not09/25 Lafder11:36 curmudgeon
16pSocial Security Survivor Benefits2011 too analytical11:31 alaskantraveler
21hHow do I retain check writing on bond fund?09/23 Eureka11:27 dratkinson
5hCompare these portfolios18:52 mgzych11:23 ruralavalon
46pWiki article - Credit freeze09/14 LadyGeek11:18 cas
18pWithdraw Roth principal and later redeposit as tIRA?07/03 neophyte111:16 neophyte1
11t"Fidelity and Vanguard Online Fraud Policies"09/23 Taylor Larimore11:10 Whakamole
32pEquifax Credit Freeze 100% online09/15 djpeteski11:10 neilpilot
8hBonus and tax question09:18 ready2011:04 mhc
31cOlder or younger people travel around?09/22 flyingaway10:59 VictoriaF
7pType 1 Diabetic Insurance Planning09/25 RegDunlopCPA10:54 dm200
29hVanguard charged me $140 in service fees09/24 sawhorse10:43 samtex
13pNovice doing some tax planning for 201809/25 BashDash10:22 BashDash
27cCcleaner (32-bit) had malware payload with legit signed version09/18 donfairplay10:12 VictoriaF
16pIs buying a home this expensive reasonable for our situation?09/25 CW4710:10 Smorgasbord
8hSP500 for a European expat09/24 brianflanagan10:01 Mors
6pRecasting right after home purchase20:13 berg10:01 chevca
84cWhere do you get your news?09/24 tc10109:56 randomguy
10tFinancial History Books18:23 slamfire09:55 AlohaJoe
4hBonds choice for an European expat09/25 brianflanagan09:55 Mors
14hCertified Financial Planner (CFP) ???21:38 Grinder1200009:44 pkcrafter
8hhelp with 401K, high fees and commissions09/24 jct313209:41 Luke Duke
30hShifting 100% Stock → 35% Stock & 65% Bonds / REITs09/25 msterrr09:37 alex_686
9tWarren Buffett Books09/23 abuss36809:36 dsmil
27cPhone Techies .....09/22 J29509:36 Big Dog
30pWhat's the purpose of having a child's name on a deed?09/24 Eurookat09:28 dbr
16pHow much do I have to save?09/24 notmyhand09:23 JupiterJones
22hStruggling with tax implications09/22 mgzych09:21 mgzych
10hWhat to do With Cash After Sale of House09/25 Buckwheat9309:14 Ged
51pHow long did it take for Equifax to email you a security sign up?09/15 cdu708:59 serbeer
12pQuestion for those familiar with Classic Car Insurance & Umbrella Policy09/25 mikejomike08:44 Jack FFR1846
3hHow to find Index funds following a specific index?07:29 investhelp1234508:15 pkcrafter
78cThe Expert's Dilemma - How can I know I'm getting a good physician without being one myself?09/23 motorcyclesarec08:14 dm200
8cLittle "sawdust" piles on Hardwood Floors09/25 mbres6007:35 mbres60
6pWas an authorized user on parent's credit card from 2012 to 2014 - should this show up on my credit report?09/25 radnor07:34 gasdoc
21hWellesley and Wellington instead of VTINX?2016 Wild Willie07:18 Wild Willie
2cHome video security system questions19:25 mmcmonster07:13 queso
8tThe real impacts of passive investing09/23 TxInjun06:41 nedsaid
34hTransferring IRA as Beneficiary While Avoiding Financial Adviser09/13 egionesco06:38 egionesco
15cSuggestions for a rowing machine09/25 new2bogle06:30 AnonJohn
5hTaxes on Germany domiciled accumulating ETFs?05/01 etf_gaucho06:00 imperia
3952tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill05:43 oldcomputerguy
10hVanguard Funds No Longer Allowed In Simple IRA With Raymond James??17:43 jaspy705:35 oldcomputerguy
67cDo you subscribe to digital newspapers?09/23 luckybamboo05:12 Valuethinker
30tWhich is better a Cryptocurrency or Gold?09/22 TheTimeLord05:00 Valuethinker
38cUsing Canadian Pharmacies2016 sk.dolcevita04:38 AntonyTalor
4hSaving for house in 5 years - what to invest in?20:29 jimmy201701:50 venkman
70pcalifornia homeowners - do you have earthquake insurance?07/15 blueleaf00:21 denovo
5hMaxed out Roths, 401k options?19:01 chrischris23:57 chrischris
53cThoughts on Barefoot/Minimalist Running09/23 azurekep23:48 azurekep
15tSelling Taxable to Top of Bracket: What does it mean?09/25 Longrunner23:24 Peter Foley
3hTraditional versus Roth IRA09/25 brak23:06 FiveK
2hREIT VNQ ?22:24 Gmaloof22:49 Cunobelinus
50hAre all investments compound interest?09/24 Derivative22:20 grabiner
18pMy student loan refi experience (SoFi, Earnest, CommonBond)2016 nanoanalyzer21:59 tp_from_ks
10cBuying 14 Plane Tickets - Sac to Cabo San Lucas09/25 cal9121:52 joppy
15hInvesting in construction equipment rental business09/25 neobavesten21:47 AllieTB1323
10cFavorite small Colorado towns near great fishing?09/23 Beezthree21:22 Copper John
204hI won the Lottery. Need sound advice.09/20 DrHotLunch21:20 sergeant
10hSimplifying portfolio09/25 cajungal21:07 schachtw
52cGaps in new hardwood flooring09/21 unclescrooge21:05 iamlucky13
534cTV show recommendations?2012 reggiesimpson20:56 FedGuy
94pSpouse Money Management09/24 amd723920:47 LadyGeek
10pMortgage Recast Before Renting Out09/24 diverdoc20:19 diverdoc
24hMoving to TSP + Pension - How to adapt AA to changes?09/21 kjvmartin20:16 WanderingDoc
2hdividend paying stock09/25 brad202020:16 pkcrafter
3tDaily Resetting Leveraged ETFs - Understanding the Downsides19:24 acanthurus20:15 acanthurus
5pRisk Diversification and Office Shenanigans09/25 financeidiot19:27 avalpert
38cConvertible in Florida or not...09/18 NewBog2119:26 smitcat
116cThe cost of walking el Camino de Santiago2015 VictoriaF19:20 VictoriaF
18pHome Equity Disproportionate to Investments09/18 United200819:17 sgmhz
0tTSP gets a 20% budget increase19:07 SurferLife 
37hVanguard Health Care Fund in my portfolio?09/13 Slothmeister18:56 Grt2bOutdoors
1cEstate liquidation company in Northern Virginia09/25 llama18:32 ResearchMed
72cAsking for no wedding gifts09/22 linlan18:24 ResearchMed
6pTerm 80 with Northwestern Mutual thinking of making the switch to Term 3009/25 Chuck47418:23 Chuck474
5pbuy or rent and invest in a HCOL area17:47 psumner8218:22 Suman
9hExtra Cash - Where Should I Put It?09/25 utefan2218:04 Olemiss540
27hMove 401(k) to IRA after retirement?09/23 Nana17:08 Earl Lemongrab
29pHow Often Do you make a Back-Door Roth Conversion09/22 Jones04717:05 Earl Lemongrab

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