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1h What is your experience with Vanguard Deposits/Withdrawls?  15:58CaliGirl16:26livesoft
15p Best way to find a <good> accountant?  01/20Ollie12316:24Ollie123
22t Comparing EM value options [Emerging Market]  01/19robertmcd16:22lazyday
0t Practical Advice for Roth IRA Conversion  16:21bliksem55  
17p Do you check your credit reports annually?  11:31island16:20artthomp
5h Simplest possible TLH strategy  14:57finally_investi16:20livesoft
3h 529 For my child: who should be the "owner" - me, my wife, or both of us  10:26jkushne116:20Grt2bOutdoors
0h Investment Strategy - Request for Review (VTEB muni bonds)  16:19kellykline  
9h Getting started with HSA investing (TD Ameritrade)  01/17persona482616:18livesoft
8p Do I have to file 8606 for indirect rollover  15:01Caduceus16:18sport
23p Anyone file "decline in value" for property taxes? Advice?  17:56financial.freed16:18snackdog
4t Upgrade button on Vanguard IRA  12/30raveon16:18zaplunken
12p Tax return for adult daughter  05:42amitb0016:16livesoft
18h international small cap value fund  01/20curo16:15sperry8
4h Does Vanguard Charge Any Withdrawl Fees?  00:56CaliGirl16:09CaliGirl
2280c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 462014abuss36816:08Geneyus
22t Reasons against margin aside from risk of margin call?  01/20SteveJ216:08Goal33
4c Roto-molded cooler suggestions, like Yeti  11:53Teague16:02DSInvestor
81p Medical Charges vs Contract Price - Non Covered Work  page: 201/20bogleviewer16:00noco-hawkeye
8h Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (SCHZ) please explain "spread issues".  12:07Sandtrap16:00DetroitRick
21h U.S. brokerages and retiring abroad  01/20Owl15:59saver007
14h Which funds to pick  01/19pianoboy15:58pianoboy
29h Please help me [Transfer IRA]  01/17Deb1915:58Deb19
706t Variable Percentage Withdrawal (VPW)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 152013longinvest15:56BlueEars
15p No home - do I need Umbrella Insurance?  2013Thom15:54afan
7h Philosophical question re increasing net worth  13:28aussiedog15:53goingup
18h Reflecting the value of pre-IPO shares in Net Worth  01/20TheTimeLord15:51curmudgeon
47p How many of you did a Roth conversion the first day of 2017  01/03Namashkar15:50FIREchief
10p Umbrella insurance questions and help  10:19jkushne115:50Daryl
1h I need help :)  15:29jamieblu15:49David Jay
0p HSA withdrawals  15:48Ghost2  
7h What to do with Passive Rental Loss?  05:51msheald15:47Two Headed Mule
21c Selling diamond engagement ring  11:25TNL15:47stoptothink
0h How to invest $175,000  15:46Junekleever  
7c Jackson Hole in July?  01/21jinx15:44livesoft
78t Fed Rate [may go] to 3% - [investing consequences?]  page: 201/18btenny15:43RAchip
4h Ameriprise moved Roth IRA to Brokerage Account  15:05LateToTheParty15:38David Jay
1157t QSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 242015Yesterdaysnews15:35Lieutenant.Colu
11h VAIPX [Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund Admiral]  01/21painof6215:34abuss368
396p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82014techcrium15:34chenzi
13t 2016 Relative Tax Efficiency  01/21triceratop15:34Doc
1h Transferring Betterment/Wealthfront Roth IRA's to Vanguard  14:47Aggie199915:34ff4930
2h Investment in International Bond Index  14:44Betterlate15:33nisiprius
6p Questions about Medicaid and Nursing Home Admissions/Patient Management  12:13CULater15:33CULater
25h Advice for Investing $4M to get 4% Return with Least Risk  12:24maniminto15:20qwertyjazz
7c Extensive Travel & Mobile Lifestyle in Retirement  09:37LuigiLikesPizza15:19curmudgeon
5h improperly administered SIMPLE IRA: who is responsible?  01/17Dave8115:17krow36
8c Retiring soon - health insurance planning Cal-COBRA  01/19curmudgeon15:082015
4t 1 year total bond results--ignorant  10:20namrac15:05namrac
7h Help with short term savings  01/20barb6315:05barb63
9h 457 - help choosing between 2 good options?  01/20TomatoBoy14:56spencer99
5h Portfolio allocation help needed please  02:31noobogle14:56pkcrafter
11h Early Retirement Roth Conversion into 401k vs IRA  09:20pbearn14:54Tamarind
1h asset allocation: 36 years old, $800k to invest  13:48Sai_Sharma14:53Lafder
4p Receipt capture and sorting iOS app  12:28EnjoyIt14:51rob
9t Holding Bonds as Opportunity to Buy Stocks  17:26Beensabu14:50gilgamesh
12t My Roth Misunderstanding  09:57kylemerriman14:49kylemerriman
8h Help - Portfolio rebalance, protecting market gains  01/16Indy201714:40Indy2017
3h Flexible Annuity Quandary  05:58KSOC14:36nedsaid
18p Non-compete for Independent Contractor  01/21knswamy14:28ClaycordJCA
186p Your Retirement Number, or, calculating the funding ratio  page: 2 3 412/18bobcat214:28bobcat2
123t Factor-Diversified Portfolio  page: 2 301/13duffer14:23duffer
2h confused by rollover options to Vanguard.  13:43corp_sharecropp14:22billfromct
0t Tri-Ad Benefits Administration  14:22SHAYLA  
3p new business(es) - multiple schedule c's or one? one or two EIN, 401k? etc.  10:29Soon2BXProgramm14:21Spirit Rider
941t Simba's backtesting spreadsheet  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 192007simba14:20siamond
81p Medical Billing Disagreement - Stark Law  page: 201/19bogleviewer14:18dm200
8p Umbrella Insurance Stand-Alone  2012robby2014:16snackdog
18p wisdom of converting most TIRA to Roth  01/14RustyShacklefor14:08RustyShacklefor
6p LendKey student loan refinance nightmare! help!  08/26strafe14:07White Coat Inve
6c FHA loan 3 years after foreclosure  01/21TNL14:02TNL
43t Vanguard 1099s available - Other companies just as good for sending 1099s???  01/20davidkw13:58Doc
4h Does a specific fund's objectives & strategies reflect the investment philosophy of its brokerages and/or fund managers?  11:30Sandtrap13:58Wakefield1
14h Senior Unsecured Notes  00:43hkg8113:58Tanelorn
2p Excess 401k contribution  13:32bosabad13:58Alan S.
5f relocation [Bogleheads website temporarily relocated]  07:51mingstar13:58LadyGeek
1h 0-5 year ST High Yield bond fund  13:53Punta Cana DR13:56jrtexas
80c Getting rid of mice  page: 201/06davebo13:53zaplunken
990c Best watch for around $5,000?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 202008Petrocelli13:53HomerJ
11p Major Car Rental Issue  11:59TravelforFun13:46Cruise
0p Solo 401k tax contribution forms  13:44boglefreak  
128h HSA - is keeping 40 years of medical records practical?  page: 2 312/08JustinR13:39Jade
17p Best way for under 25 to rent a car  01/20B3GINN3R13:36sport
4h Across Two Accounts - Frequent Trading Policy?  11:15BolderBoy13:35nisiprius
21t International equity allocation - do you tilt to EM?  01/20KeepItSimple7813:30Longtermgrowth
9h Investment questions  01/21Sten13:28Watty
32h Schwab brokerage incentive $2,500 - - - thoughts?  01/19Sandtrap13:25an_asker
16h Asset Location at the 15% tax bracket?  01/14jmk13:21jmk
43p Load up on cash - it might be one of your best investments  01/20CULater13:19CULater
2f Notification will not reset  13:04sport13:18sport
7h Ameriprise Mistake-Need Advice on Vanguard Allocations and Planning  22:28SmoothWhite13:17Lafder
6p Social Security calculations w/early retirement  09:10henrikk13:12whaleknives
33c Requirements to change passwords frequently?  01/06Tamales13:06Wakefield1
311c Flaunt Your High-Mileage Car  page: 2 3 4 5 6 72015Teague13:01roflwaffle
17t Backdoor Roth: How Long To Wait For Conversion?  2015powermega13:01island
4p Do kids have to pay taxes on interest from savings accounts?  12:30Deaconfan12:57Grt2bOutdoors
19p Use $$$ toward mortgage or save for dip in market  01/21michaeljc7012:56moshe
25t Help with Retirement Projection Assumptions  01/12accbh12:55JimmyJammy
8p Turbotax Costco Sale vs Online  01/20angelescrest12:46aceoperations
310t "Stealth Wealth: I’m Just an Ordinary Average Guy"  page: 2 3 4 5 6 711/10Taylor Larimore12:41Leesbro63
2h 2016 IRA Contribution Options  12:15TXGator12:39TXGator
3h ML Accellerated and Leveraged Bank notes  01/12oakmal12:33123
9h rebalance or too late  01/21oldgramps12:28dbr
7p Pension plan termination options - advice sought  01/20alexkass12:19soc2003
1h Fidelity HSA Investing  11:32gogent12:14carorun
14c Wood burning stoves - do you leave home with it burning?  01/18squirm12:13zaplunken
2p Selecting a 457 provider in NJ  01/19MDeck1712:04sergeant
0h 2017 Portfolio review - Advice welcome  12:02SteveB1  
55p Pay down 1.9% loan or invest  page: 201/19ssquared8711:58gilgamesh
0p LendKey Student Loan Refinance Review – Bad Experience  11:52strafe  
1p Amending Federal Return to Change from MFJ to MFS  10:36TNL11:52bsteiner
27l Detroit Area Bogleheads - Master Thread  2014daytona08411:42daytona084
24t Dow crosses 20,000?  18:55F150HD11:41Epsilon Delta
7h Thinking about selling some stock funds  08:50PH1211:27Toons
14p Paying Down Mortgage vs. Investing  01/21noelboyne11:22DVMResident
19h Alternative investments to prepaying Mortgage  01/16SlowMovingInves11:22cherijoh
28h Vanguard TR or balanced index fund???  01/20dexter7411:14dexter74
8t Unidirectional rebalancing?  22:38FIREchief11:07jamrock06
3c Experience replacing resin in water softener?  01/19scottyja11:04scottyja
23c Popular Mechanics magazine scam  01/18drealbmw11:02DetroitRick
29p Where to get $100k for home remodel?  01/20gaspony10:57stevekozak2
9c backyard - Accessory Dwelling Unit ...  01/18chuppi10:53tim1999
6p Record keeping fees fidelity 401k vs. brokerage link  01/21am10:47am
8h Help Understanding Muni Bond Fund Please  01/21WinnFlak10:37BigJohn
31c Cell phones - I have met my match, please help  01/20Teague10:36Teague
1p 2016 US Tax Q - Spousal IRA Deduct-ability and where to put $2K  10:13djdube52510:35Spirit Rider
2p adjust anything/suggestions?  09:59TarHeel200210:31Traveler
5p Updating our wills  01/17209south10:25afan
14h Advice for limited bond fund options in 401k  01/17skibumdoc10:23skibumdoc
31p Vanguard screwed up IRA types...twice  01/19Trice10:19tfb
13p young adult child financial responsibility  21:57BsmartSM10:13PFInterest
4h Investing in TIPS  01/20Mr.BB10:11dbr
6t Short-Term Investment Grade or Short-Term Corporate Index?  09:24simplesauce10:11jhfenton
4h Help with first time investing as a U.K./US dual citizen  01/21Macro10:10Macro
3h Analysis of AA and funds for Army retiree with young kids  01/18TierArtz10:09bertilak
1t Useful articles/books for understanding fixed allocation vs glidepath?  09:25lazylarry10:01Phil DeMuth
27p Changing FICO Score  01/21birdy10:00The Wizard
9p Can a spouse of Solo 401k holder contribute to Traditional IRA  17:43saagar_is_cool09:44Spirit Rider
0l Anybody near Pittsburgh?  09:38lazylarry  
9p Questions about probate and tax returns after MIL's passing  20:13Van-Guard2309:38NotWhoYouThink
35h Trying to get on track  01/20Tudor09:32NorCalDad
3h Help with Asset Allocation  20:20savishar1209:21aristotelian
11c Learning Piano as an Adult  01/21bogleviewer09:12Sandtrap
8p Proof of income for ONLY Roth IRA Conversions (ACA 2017)  11/01susa09:09susa
193l South Florida Local Chapter  page: 2 3 42010niteowls09:00Jazzman
9p How to Get W-2 Corrected for State Taxes?  03:41bhluckyusaguy08:57pshonore
44h Edward Jones Guided Solutions  11/29millennialfalco08:55retiredjg
7p Scam after death of family member?  22:49Dottie5708:51Watty
11t Cash flow for financial independence  04:40llessac1508:49midareff
16t American Century decreasing stock allocations - Interesting article  01/19goshenBogle08:44midareff
5h Vanguard total market or extended market?  01/21Superlink08:43LadyGeek
30t Morningstar Portfolio Tracking or is there a better tracker?  2014fmzip08:39midareff
6h Rolling Over A 401K  01/21TheCow91408:37rakornacki1
12h Help needed in my 401K investing  01/18chvvr08:36Texas Radio
3p Taxes first timer / rental condo  07:00BashDash08:27kaneohe
3p Tax implication of transferring stocks from joint account to single owner account  01/21backtrail06:53Gill
35t Using "worst case" portfolio results to help determine asset allocation - yea or nay?  01/17CULater06:44Sandtrap
3p Student Loan Interest Miscalculation on 1098-E  01/21enki06:35Compound
32h What's a bearish investor to do?  01/16aaronl06:34rai
2p stock in private tech cos ("Unicorns")  16:44Valuethinker05:57carolinaman
113c New SUV, $50G, Pilot/Highlander/Other  page: 2 32015Mrxyz05:42zadie
1p Car lease Q5  02:51Liveware Proble05:37mass_biker
235t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 508/05Earl Lemongrab04:13dodecahedron
256c How much is your cell phone bill?  page: 2 3 4 5 609/06imsomeguy02:48Railroader
2p State Sales Tax vs. State Income Tax  21:16kingmathers02:11jane1
13c Instant Pot - your favorite uses?  01/21Barefootgirl02:11curiouspanda
26c Reflectors to reflect only tail lights (or battery LED motion strip)  01/17runner901:58Mudpuppy
12h 403(b) - Choosing a vendor - Need advice  01/18Rollover01:44anonenigma
7p Determining max amount to spend on a house?  01/17investorhead01:39desafinado
6c Federal Retirement and post tax HSA payments  01/21kpete00:59Spirit Rider
60c USAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card  page: 210/13SurferLife00:57White Coat Inve
474t TIPS - Did you give up?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102015abuss36800:52jalbert
41h Help with allocating debt vs investing with increase in pay  01/17JB201300:41inbox788
1p What do the loading factors in Portfolio Visualizer mean?  01/21markfaix00:13Ketawa
40p Does pharmacy school ranking matter?  01/18annabel00:01ChampCamp
17h best vanguard ROTH IRA funds to invest in mid 20s  01/18rap0923:53dboeger1
24h Vanguard sells shares at 42% discount! Did you get in on the deal?  01/21livesoft23:53*3!4!/5!
21h want to leave EJ but dont know what to do with what currently have  01/20caldwell62123:39Miriam2
18h How to factor pension into asset allocation?  01/19riverrchic23:37Sandi_k
9t should I try to replicate total stock market in my 401k with S&P, small, and mid caps?  19:32boglechu22:58joe8d
6h VA: Axa Accumulator to keep or not?  01/16detboy22:42itstoomuch
4h 529 for new family members  01/21JFreed22:25aristotelian
9p Did adult child dependent rule change?  17:52theplayer1122:24kaneohe
27p No health insurance tax penalty  01/21mattwall4522:22Nick341981
3p Turned down for Citibank Costco Visa  17:57cadreamer201522:22Carefreeap
13f scheduled down time morning of January 22  01/21mingstar22:21Wagnerjb
56c Getting Subaru Legacy(4Cyl 2.5L or V6 3.6R?)  page: 201/05Buster6522:16gundlached
22c Any engineers? Studying for Civil-Structural PE  2014jf8922:02RudyS
5h How to view portfolio performance at Schwab?  17:49birdec21:37in_reality
13t Betterment / tax loss harvesting  2015kanwisher21:35Barefootgirl
0p Pull Principle from Roth IRA's to Pay off Debt?  21:28rjh2005  
2h vanguard account to brokerage account  20:43rm21:20rkhusky
42p When/If a degree is useful for software developers?  01/20Spooky20:48Mudpuppy
1h Is My Vanguard 1099-R Correct for Backdoor Roth?  19:50JJP20:41kaneohe
27t Replicating Index with Individual Stocks vs Index Fund  01/17analogsavior20:40Clive
3p Linking Ally to Vanguard  20:04radiowave20:28radiowave
6h Vanguard IRA to Fidelity 401k transfer question  02/13am20:22qwertyjazz
72c Volunteering Ideas  page: 22012nirvines8820:21Sandtrap
16c Do I want to try out another bank for $250?  01/20pondering20:14Dimitri
7h if I can't add more money to $27k IRA, what should i invest in?  01/21boglechu20:11patrick013
1h 529 - CA Scholarshare vs vanguard  18:08pchads20:07indexfundfan
5c Anyone tried Cenegenics?  01/21RAchip20:06prudent
14h Investment option help  01/112bdbest20:00ruralavalon
6h what is the difference? [Van FTSE All-world ex-us / Van Totl Intl Stock]  01/21jafcorrea20:00jafcorrea
17h Portafolio Allocation - Wealth Preservation - Moving away from wealth managers  01/21kevinstar19:54kevinstar
33h EE bonds vs iBonds  2015ugaDAWGS0919:00JWooden10
9t Help - Which of these bond funds are best for my bond allocation?  01/20JustinR19:00Quark
14c Getting my electricity usage under control  01/21Dakotah18:45celia
7h ACH problem with Vanguard  01/21randomjog18:41Sandtrap
68c East Coast And Work/Life Balance  page: 201/19biscuit18:30Punta Cana DR
3h Help with revamped 401k and AA adjustment  01/20EleanorRigby18:11Duckie
11t Question on Morningstar Portfolio Tracking Tool - Unrealized Gain/Loss  12/28MorningstarFan18:07sperry8
14h Better option than Vanguard Moneymarket  01/21tbird17:48tbird
9h Trio of Mutual Funds the Right Mix?  01/20Investing8617:39TropikThunder
18h Is there anything else I can do? [to cut taxes]  01/20evoila17:36LarryAllen
11h Plenty of income, need portfolio help and advice badly :)  01/20salzbj0117:15dharrythomas
2h Bond TLH list?  17:02arf3017:12jhfenton
9h U.S. citizen in Japan  01/08orcrist17:04sendaiben
45t Formula for dividend tax drag?  2014richard16:292beachcombers
10t RMD question  01/20hoops77716:27The Wizard

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