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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2045 new posts and replies over 238 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
839pBest CD rates thread10/07 indexfundfan19:07 FireAway
0hAny reason not to convert VG MFs to ETFs? (Retirement Acct)19:05 standard7 
4789pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy19:04 MikeG62
15cSynology NAS -> DS220J, DS420j, DS41813:49 KlangFool19:04 MarkBarb
2hNo 401K at Work17:14 AndraCmpbl19:03 retiredjg
2753tSmall Cap Value heads Rejoice !!!2019 hdas19:00 Robert T
2pBad Finance to put 20% down on House18:43 Nissan35018:59 invest4
2cDeleting Info from Old Cell Phones18:51 DTalos18:59 gtd98765
6834pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1118:59 bluebolt
12tAdvice needed on writing a stock analysis report09:12 taetae18:58 alex_686
13pHow to cash an estate check when there is no estate?09:06 emeraldjewelz18:58 quantAndHold
21hMYGA: State Insurance Coverage09/21 Van18:57 Van
39hMy four plan vanguard portfolio !09/15 anaelmasri18:56 sycamore
0cSeverance and Unemployment18:54 HeleneL2 
3hVXUS - Why? [Vanguard Total International Stock ETF]18:32 greek-yogurt18:54 vineviz
1pShould we pay our 2.75% interest mortgage sooner?18:46 joelly18:52 sergeant
1hPortfolio Review Question(s)17:36 Maat1618:51 David Jay
1nCheapest Way to Ship Car from Denver - Miami FL18:23 Denver_Inv18:50 browndog
249lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2020!2019 Miriam218:48 Miriam2
43pTrust Beneficiary Modification09/21 vgc30318:46 NotWhoYouThink
2cNew Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums18:27 tenkuky18:46 RickyAZ
2hUpdated: Personal Finance Advice for New PhD18:08 bwn18:44 bwn
10cTesla battery day.16:34 4nursebee18:43 anoop
35hWhy is this portfolio wrong?09:42 gf3026918:41 vineviz
28pHDHP versus PPO21:03 BV327318:41 BV3273
79pChallenging a physician's bill09/20 Godot18:40 stocknoob4111
3nSuddenly discovered Estate Tax09:08 domybit18:36 theresearcher
6tWriter Morgan Housel will be our next "Bogleheads on Investing" podcast guest09/17 Rick Ferri18:36 Fallible
11hShould I Add Another Fund to My Roth IRA?10:34 TMO8618:35 stimulacra
2pBreeze disability insurance?10:59 msi18:34 msi
1hHigh Dividend for diversification18:27 anaelmasri18:33 000
101pPhysicians: Should I leave my job?05:07 S4C518:28 familythriftmd
15cSell or donate Volvo? (Worth 14k ish)23:33 sksavers318:28 atikovi
13tWhat bonds should I look at for the next 15 year period?09/21 zetsui18:26 JBTX
17pCredit score mystery10:11 softmax18:24 quantAndHold
137pwho do you bank with and why?02/03 pesos18:23 familythriftmd
5787cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36818:23 Jim Beaux
8pAre employees entitled to a copy of their retirement plan documents?15:07 StrebLab18:21 surfstar
4hSeeking Advice - Modified GB Portfolio05:16 rerombo18:21 pkcrafter
5pDisputed collections debt + possible identity theft, now what?08:20 Mako18:20 Jim Beaux
208cIs Costco worth the $120 membership?09/19 sabhen18:20 makingmistakes
72cWhy buy medical insurance ?20:00 beyou18:20 squirm
1hRetirement Accounts17:42 STARGAZER.BRIGH18:12 lakpr
5pPurchasing Insurance (Life vs Term) for cancer16:26 mav1218:10 LadyGeek
8pBalloon payment in beginning of mortgage? Don't get it.16:29 workingovertime18:05 Ron
166cWhat is your favorite reasonably priced bourbon?2017 Dead Man Walkin18:02 gonefishing01
18pTax Question regarding wife's inheritance13:43 Dad67op17:57 trueblueky
20pHow to discuss with HR that I live in multiple places...09/21 MikeZ17:52 midareff
33tNever Ever Rebalance Bonds into Stocks?14:19 Leesbro6317:51 shess
93tVanguard Multifactor fund VFMF has had a bad year09/18 00017:50 typical.investo
3tHow to tell taxable vs IRA account on Vanguard14:49 defscott62717:47 arcticpineapple
8hContemplating retiring in about a year: are we ready?09/20 Diluted Waters17:45 Diluted Waters
133tWhy use percentage AA with significant assets?03/27 TheTimeLord17:43 GaryA505
20cAnyone Have A Solo Stove?09/21 RJC17:41 wilked
35pPaying BofA credit card bill online?09/21 boomer_techie17:41 hmw
204hAnyone successfully living off dividends & interest?09/11 unbiased17:38 softwaregeek
8835tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar17:36 dogagility
14hTrying to figure out my estimated taxes for 2020 is driving me insane!09/21 VartAndelay17:35 boomer_techie
5tIncrease in Margin Reqs - IB15:28 perfectuncertai17:31 langlands
19hI was thinking if you are retired how about 5 years cash the rest in the total stock market. What do you think about13:22 iamblessed17:27 dogagility
14hExtra $180/Month after Refinance. Where does it go?09/18 coupleofcents17:27 softwaregeek
11tVanguard Account Upgrade and Dividend Reinvestment09/21 FIby4517:26 FIby45
143hLosing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist17:24 Kelrex
19pPersonal Finance App (if you start fresh)?12:35 acegolfer17:18 iLikeYams
11hHelp Managing Father's Finances23:15 doubledeuce8017:16 Tamarind
40tIs the execution of a trade more or less advantageous depending on the broker?09/21 steve32117:16 senex
61cYour recent experience of visiting a dentist09/21 sabhen17:14 rich126
62cBike Recommendation09/13 keith601417:12 stoptothink
7hFlexible retirement planner software question09/21 Mr.BB17:09 dbr
7pRetire at 66 , SS at 70 , Funding the Gap14:09 oembogle17:08 Watty
20166tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill17:03 rchmx1
18hPortfolio help - Losing Money with Index Funds09/19 MissOptimist16:55 MissOptimist
23cComputer Monitor, what to get? (So many options)07:39 NYCaviator16:54 Blake7
1htax diversification, desirable contributions moving forward16:11 slicendice16:49 FiveK
31tHedging interest rate risk?09/06 unbiased16:48 RetiredCSProf
29hHow long does it take for your 403b/401k contribution to show up after payday?09/20 Cranberry4416:48 Escapevelocity
64cSolar - after 1 year the results are in.09/15 SmallCityDave16:47 Valuethinker
923tFirst 20% of bonds in long-term Treasuries2019 vineviz16:39 Day9
18nI am looking for a crypto-broker! Where do you buy your bitcoin/etherum/etc?05:07 batman16:37 bogivan
56ciMac - wait or buy now, if so which one?09/17 NYCaviator16:28 vineviz
11hRemote student claiming AOTC & 529 expense12:53 Saver1116:25 FiveK
6356tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE16:22 kjm
27cConsumer Printer Prices09/21 DTalos16:19 DTalos
10hFew questions on backdoor Roth11:59 goaapl16:10 ExitStageLeft
185cQuicken Disaster!09/16 bertilak16:09 TimeRunner
7pDental practice billing15:06 tenkuky16:08 hnd
13hNeed 529 advice09/21 guppyguy16:07 guppyguy
2pFidelity international wire transfers15:47 J29516:05 nalor511
20cCamping Lantern09/21 ThankYouJack15:53 Dude2
1173pMy LenderFi refinance is going well01/15 abyan15:53 Beach
4hInvestment Planning13:35 Mariners12315:43 ExitStageLeft
2nAlternatives to cash12:42 boglecard15:41 123
650pBank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards2014 navyitaly15:41 Lastrun
119tIs anyone waiting until after the election?09/20 Loandapper15:40 muffins14
15hCould a downturn be a good thing for inherited IRAs?09/20 mikeny1715:37 aristotelian
3h22-year-old seeking help with three fund portfolio in taxable account14:49 tophat15:35 iLikeYams
5hPSLF side fund14:21 familythriftmd15:30 familythriftmd
6hIRA Withdrawl question09/21 Mode3215:30 water2357
19cPossible Relocation to Columbus, OH Area09/20 blackwhisker15:29 mega317
25cDo items magically appear in your Amazon cart?11:27 PoppyA15:28 Kelrex
77pwhat is your side job and income?09/11 bo10595402715:21 snshew12
26cstand up freezer for garage09/21 justsaying15:00 mhc
9prental property depreciate ?09/21 bog00714:56 MarkNYC
4591cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt14:50 mega317
11tFor Small Value Tilters, Are the Latest Pricing Models Important?09/13 Park14:46 Uncorrelated
54cWhat can I expect from new golf clubs09/20 dodgy5514:40 jayk238
910cWhat are you listening to now01/10 Artful Dodger14:37 Artful Dodger
29pRetirement re-planning for 50+09/20 Rovermom14:36 radiowave
11h"emergency" fund earning .5%11:18 Indianrock14:36 Dandy
3tTax Loss Harvest on EX-div date?10:02 ChinchillaWhipl14:28 the way
8hone ETF vs 3 etf for asset allocation11:06 woofdoggy14:24 woofdoggy
0tAfter-Tax Return comparison of similar index funds/etf14:21 DaftInvestor 
52padult child moving back11/13 SSM114:17 clip651
11tHow will VBTLX do considering the FED stimulus, low rates and $23T Gov debt23:29 jdamo14:09 jdamo
13pBasic Solo 401k to get more $ into Roth09/15 Jablean14:08 terran
41cbare-bones phone and cheapest prepaid plan for a kid09/12 BeerTooth14:03 Watty
1hIJS and VIOV Tax Efficiency - REIT Exposure13:56 schildkrote14:02 MotoTrojan
2hPA/Philadelphia/NY/NYC tax Q - states and city09/19 Domadosolo13:52 Domadosolo
51pAny retirees thought about cutting spending in March 2020?09/20 flyingaway13:47 balbrec2
2965tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore13:46 manlymatt83
19nNew to investing (Chile)09/11 andyesm13:35 galeno
95pIn-network provider refusing service if we use insurance09/21 alpenglow13:34 alpenglow
21pBofA Premium Rewards 5.25% Categories?07:50 Leesbro6313:30 XacTactX
15pCOBRA v. Spouse's Health Insurance09/20 RedClay13:24 wfrobinette
5hBIG portfolio change: What should I do now that I'm, well, "home-free"?09/21 OkanePlease13:23 OkanePlease
75cGeneral Negotiating Tips2016 ThankYouJack13:22 HenryG
11hTrlgx vs fxaix20:57 OsirisCy13:17 nisiprius
157cJust Ordered Peloton Bike07/17 RJC13:15 lazydavid
160cTrader Joe's Fans - good value?2016 LuigiLikesPizza13:10 willthrill81
7hEarly 30s Portfolio Review09/14 Havoner13:09 ruralavalon
69t[Professor Jeremy Siegel says 75/25 in retirement]02/08 Seasonal13:04 guyinlaw
45pThe Magic Number; Rule of 25; 4%; etc.09:23 RoadRat13:03 Katietsu
54pReason not to rent out your old house?09/18 justsomeguy201813:02 whoshighpitch
9cHardwood floor furniture protectors - recommendations?09/20 JAZZISCOOL13:01 willthrill81
4pHow does brand new credit card get compromised?12:24 fast_and_curiou12:57 wfrobinette
13hportfolio, plan and early retirement2018 SSM112:55 SSM1
5pSS benefit increase from one additional year past FRA delayed until 2019 -- Why?2018 Bammerman12:53 clipso1
36tDoesn't it still make sense to hold bonds in tax advantaged?09/21 FIby4512:51 Doc
8cCushion foam06:55 Seasonal12:43 egrets
5hMoney Market Yield Question10:55 tstark12:37 dbr
63pHospital bill for deceased parent...received 2 years later.09/21 shorty31312:25 InMyDreams
7tLarry Swedroe on CNBC about new book09/21 BeachPerson12:25 whodidntante
20tBest Books for Complete Beginners09/20 MissOptimist12:23 willthrill81
259pRegret early retirement/downsizing2017 namekevaste12:19 btenny
150pPaying off sub 4% mortgage interest rate early09/11 Frugalbear12:19 EnjoyIt
10nDiversification beyond SRI ETF [US ex-pat in UK]09/14 hackingdragon12:19 Valuethinker
17tThe relentless rules of humble arithmetic09/20 Tejfyy12:15 willthrill81
7tQuadratic Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETF2019 columbia12:14 GaryA505
6tHow to imitate DFA Global Equity Portfolio with ETF?08:57 flash_os12:04 RNJ
1648pFidelity as a one stop shop2018 BogleMelon12:01 DaftInvestor
3pCorrect Social Security benefit for widow?10:29 lhl1212:00 ResearchMed
22cNot allowed to do testing/imaging outside hospital network09/19 sawhorse11:57 btq96r
1nShould I cash out IWDA and invest in SWRD instead?11:36 GettingFIREd11:56 BeBH65
31cWhich used hatchback to choose?09/20 Ace7711:40 KyleAAA
28hIs intermediate treasuries good as fixed income in retirement ?09/21 LiveSimple11:39 ruralavalon
168tFor those concerned about International Stocks...04/21 simplesauce11:33 abuss368
9tREIT vs 60% small-cap value stocks and 40% high-yield bonds09/21 hackingdragon11:33 hackingdragon
2pAddress Changes and ChexSystems Score09/21 netrammgc11:19 netrammgc
7hTLH question09/21 Mode3211:16 arcticpineapple
377pHow to get over finance envy2013 Paddington7911:12 flaccidsteele
1pWells Fargo Relationship Pricing09/21 rpvsurfer11:09 rpvsurfer
4hInsight for a New Investor09/21 Friendofthelamb11:03 tashnewbie
32hStrategies for scenarios when using taxable with no EF09/18 masrepus11:03 zie
532lYour USER NAME...what does it mean?2017 fishandgolf10:56 Elric
2hSuccessor i401(k) at Vangaurd19:53 cowdogman10:46 cowdogman
10hWhat does a load look like on a statement?22:07 vasaver10:34 vasaver
89hInvesting Beyond 403bs Options?09/03 rvfigs10:34 ruralavalon
40pNew York Life - Invest as Favor for Friend09/17 shieldsdigby10:33 Stinky
8hQuick question about my current portfolio09/20 Dannyzecca10:20 ginrummy
16nEuropeans - whats your net worth and age09/21 batman10:15 Rotsevni
36tDFA Entering ETF space06/26 matjen10:14 Day9
3cnew car recommendations please09:09 Heidi110:14 Watty
2hFidelity transfer to Ally, but want to move margin balance?21:10 kxl1910:01 kxl19
3tFund Management: An Emotional Finance Perspective09/20 JohnDoh09:52 JohnDoh
9nUK investors: Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 USML04:53 steve32109:51 Valuethinker
8hWhere do you invest your bond allocation?09/21 abs998609:44 aj76er
15hHSA Strategy Questions05/05 jeremyl09:42 terran
14pIBond maximizing for a married couple09/18 Goldilocks09:41 HueyLD
196tFidelity lets clients now trade fractional shares of stocks and ETFs01/29 pokebowl09:30 arf30
116cPC Build Thread 202009/02 Independent Geo09:25 LadyGeek
15cSimplest Tracfone Prepaid Phone09/21 DTalos09:25 acegolfer
6hBuying bonds in taxable not good idea?08:17 Lemonaid5609:21 terran
0c1Password and partner to automatically provide unique payment credentials09:18 BogleMelon 
3tProtection from rising rates - hedged bond etf?21:55 boglerdude09:13 Robot Monster
2409tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab09:01 sycamore
47pDoctor disclosure and consent09/18 Seasonal09:00 mega317
25pHome Listing Mess-Up09/21 Coltrane7509:00 michaeljc70
5pReal Estate Investing - First Timer09/21 bfinners2308:32 Sandtrap
8pFor new roof, painting, new deck: cash-out refi, or cash-in investments?08/12 Bammerman08:09 gator15
2tAnyone Read "The Psychology of Money"?07:58 PoultryMan08:05 JoMoney
46cCaretaker for parents?09/14 thefoggycity07:58 GetSmarter
15pEx-husband and survivors benefits09/21 Mlm07:51 Colorado Guy
9cRussian Language Disney movies?09/21 goblue10207:51 goblue102
49cAnyone REGRET retiring too soon?2018 Cleverusername07:47 flyingaway
5hWife has 401K Required Revenue fees. Is this normal and can someone look at her fees20:54 ldd477407:32 nolesrule
19hMaximum age to open traditional IRA?09/19 Herekittykitty07:07 retiredjg
12pCalifornia Auto Registration Fees — Moving09/17 J29507:00 vested1
18hUsing 401k Loans to increase contribution2019 DaniaBeachGuy06:58 politics123
44hAsset Allocation at age 6109/10 GetSmarter06:57 GetSmarter
2hQuick portfolio check up - 31 and chugging along09/17 slinky$06:51 Loandapper
12nInvesting in Guaranteed products [EU]09/19 Spgold06:46 LadyGeek
9nUS Expat with Australian Superannuation fund09/15 NorthSouth06:17 typical.investo
56hThrowing In The Towel on Portfolio Management09/15 investor.saver105:24 matthewmon
20cAnyone tried self-publishing with Amazon? If so can you share your experience?09/12 Lauretta04:14 notPatience
11cFor those over 63 and who fish from a kayak09/21 lws677203:49 bog007
4hInheritance and Beneficiary IRA Accounts and Taxes09/21 chuckb8403:36 Jablean
42cOLD papers09/18 brandy02:51 Everlasting
26pAmended return hasn't been processed in ~2 months.06/16 jumbopapa01:43 FIREchief
292tWhat is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio2016 happysteward01:30 parisinthesprin
10hMy four fund portfolio09/21 orby3201:00 orby32
21hRoth IRA withdrawal question for parent nearing retirement09/18 Mode3200:08 grabiner
40pDivorce - Need Help, California09/21 confusedinvesto00:08 harrychan
8hPortfolio review - more checking on asset allocation09/20 joetro2900:05 joetro29
0nUK investors: which broker are you happiest with?23:29 steve321 
74pEquifax: can’t log in2019 3-20Characters23:27 beyou
22pOffshore Bank Account?09/17 March200922:45 sperry8
13cWorst financial decision that you were able to turn around and make it into a positive?09/21 SmallCityDave22:29 phantom0308
363pPhysician Retirement Savings2016 llessac1522:18 PhysDoc
5tIs there an easy way to figure out the cumulative dividend payouts for a mutual fund since its inception?09/20 HenryPorter22:12 venkman
8pChallenging bloodwork bill09/20 tman994022:03 toofache32
40hBrokerages with no-transaction fees for Vanguard funds2019 Owl21:38 BuddyJet
6hhaving a good year; what to do with the money?19:37 brian201321:37 JonnyDVM
43hIs retirement in 2 years possible?09/18 singlewhip203021:24 Bfwolf
10pRoth IRA strategy - new MAGI09/20 Retirecarefree21:17 lazynovice
26h403(b) Fidelity to Vanguard09/20 bwn21:16 drzzzzz
44cToddler Education09/18 naturetech21:07 anon01010122
10tNo Dividends for S&P500 index fund in 401k?09/20 Samosa2220:35 Grt2bOutdoors
16hHalfway to retirement (41), financial goals set, how to improve our prospects for success?09/18 ChipShot20:30 jayboss
10n$800K house on income of $160K with 50% down and a fixed 1.5.% 30 year mortgage09/20 coloreddo20:27 ohboy!
7cWhy is there no national dialogue on proper nutrition?20:16 jhsu80270120:23 LadyGeek
3pAmending 2019 taxes from MFJ to MFS before October 15th, 202020:08 MrRibEye20:18 MrRibEye
2pmade a tax mistake on my 2018 tax return, now filing 201909/21 BFR20:01 trueblueky
8t"The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel09/21 KlangFool19:57 Fallible
22pLong Term Care Insurance (LTC)09/14 sam519:51 abuss368
28tWondering why Value funds have done so poorly?09/15 itsmeagain19:37 000
17pQuestion about moving out of state and in-state tuition for my child in that new state09/20 Calico19:35 marcopolo
3pPersonal Healthcare Insurance in Florida? 56 yrs old09/21 Olya19:32 PaunchyPirate
1hwhere do solo 401k contributions go on Schedule C?19:09 mookie19:11 nolesrule

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