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6h Portfolio update - Now need to review taxable investments  04/26Gamma Ray18:35Gamma Ray
27p Which High-Yield Online Savings Account Should I Open?  04/27INTRESIS18:35BHUser27
13c Pressure relief valve on hot water heater issue  13:51yorkpond18:35cockersx3
58c Microsoft, I want my computer back!  page: 200:50nedsaid18:33likegarden
0p Federal retirees with accrued annual and sick leave?  18:32LuigiLikesPizza  
41h TSP Lifecycle Funds/G Fund Too Conservative?  04/26Roguejim18:32rkhusky
206c Will cars be autonomous in three years?  page: 2 3 4 504/24crazygrow18:27btenny
0p Federal Govt retirees with a clearance  18:26LuigiLikesPizza  
163p When do you plan to die?  page: 2 3 403/29ribonucleic18:26LadyGeek
4h Helping Adult Child with Investment Plan  07:05Stepone18:24Stepone
23t Why aren't small cap indices a major portion of recommended stock allocations?  15:59XDark_FenixX18:24livesoft
116p Help create a Financial Presentation: Calling all Bogleheads  page: 2 32013neurosphere18:22LadyGeek
6c Getting cash back (at register, not reward) on credit card at grocery store  17:38michaeljc7018:21prudent
21p Co-pay health insurance- Varying costs for specific and same blood tests needed regularly?  04/27Jackson1218:19Nate79
1h using CDs instead of bond EFT/fund for bond allocation  17:20JosephG18:18LadyGeek
7h 529 vs. taxable investment account for college  15:01donutholes18:17livesoft
4c Insurance for trip to Seoul Korea  16:14Lilly18:16GuyInFL
30h Tax-sheltering and target retirement fund disadvantages  02/21NewbieBogle00718:14NewbieBogle007
15h Ready to consolidate at Fidelity -- any gotchas about transfers?  04/283spots18:08patriciamgr2
7t More Rebalancing Benefits from More Asset Classes?  04/28fedbogle18:06qwertyjazz
13c Wrist based heart rate monitors  07:55davidkw18:06jhfenton
14c Does a credit card authorized user get their own credit card?  14:42workingovertime18:05michaeljc70
3t Bogle on "On The Money" this morning  06:12Serie192618:03Vanguard Fan 13
45t Should we treat investors' tolerance for volatility as fixed?  04/27willthrill8118:02Fallible
6p newbie asking for advice getting financial house in order...  01:01unhcr200517:59Vanguard Fan 13
3c Deceptive Billing by Dermatologist?  16:48LeeInTN17:56Jack FFR1846
6p Please poke holes in my tax strategy  15:07whodidntante17:54NYCguy
133p Why never speak badly about boss? [Need Bogleheads' wisdom]  page: 2 304/ Larimore
18h 5 year cd - to open or not  10:33prettybogle17:51smitcat
11t Write checks from a bond fund in a Vanguard brokerage account?  06:24Beliavsky17:49dratkinson
17h I thought I understood MF expense ratios -  04/27dm20017:40jalbert
17p When to concider Long Term Care Insurance  09:40raptor00117:39pintail07
2p Life Insurance Questtions  15:59diehard17:39Raabe34
40p Looking For Advice - Move NY -> Tampa?  04/222Birds1Stone17:39smitcat
101h Time to reach 1M and 2M milestones  page: 2 32015sanfran201517:37perfin
100c Cost of car compared to Gross Income  page: 2 32014sunnyday17:33Atilla
1h Reallocating bonds - tax implications?  15:41antipode17:21retiredjg
24p Recent windfall... Insurance questions (Whole, Term, Disability)  09:10Grasshopper91117:19afan
9t Question for quants, math geeks - reducing volatility in my costs?  11:58jane117:15qwertyjazz
6p Trusts taxes distributions  2015SWSL17:15afan
9h Need Advice  18:53fish2shop17:14BL
0p Opinions on Invisalign & can I afford it?  17:11AlvinaD  
19c Car maintenance for older cars - where do you go ?  11:21IvestForEnginee17:08dratkinson
6h Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund (VMMXX)  13:10iloveramen17:07iloveramen
7l Minnesota Bogleheads Meet May 6, 2017  04/18Fallible17:05Fallible
10t So what's the theory behind this active vs Passive report  05:25jzajzz16:59livesoft
3h Portfolio Review and Taxable Account Question  13:12invstar16:58KlangFool
186t What is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio  page: 2 3 406/09happysteward16:57BlackHat
5h Termination of 401K Plan (business closing)  04/27physiorol16:48ralph124cf
294t I don't understand the case for EE bonds  page: 2 3 4 5 604/20sometimesinvest16:43letsgobobby
20p Backdoor Roth- Did I do it wrong?  19:30omega16:37omega
3h Starting the journey ideally Boggleheads style  14:59nesteggbx16:29pkcrafter
13h All of my fund options for 401(k)s and Roth IRA, need assistance to choose best path for growth  04/27milkshake16:25retiredjg
12p Forced to use carryover losses  20:36jdilla110716:25MarkNYC
16h Am I in Trouble  10:56shaks2416:24MoonOrb
28t Vanguard adviser - advice when not carrying a mortgage into retirement  04/27jasper16:21willthrill81
10h Grandparents helping with College tuition  13:47dcb16:09NotWhoYouThink
4p calculating work related mileage as an employee  08:41cals400ex16:07btenny
106t Vanguard has switched to brokerage only accounts  page: 2 304/25goshenBogle16:03Doc
47p Anyone use Kaiser Senior Advantage for Medicare  10/25Raybo15:592015
30p Joint Checking Account - Fidelity CMA vs. Schwab?  04/23totalnoobie15:50Cash
4c uBlock Origin (ad-blocker)  03:14azurekep15:37azurekep
29c The Wolf of Wall Street is on FX tonight - Worth watching???  04/28davidkw15:35mickeyd
578t Harry Browne Permanent Portfolio Discussion (Cont'd)  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 122010MediumTex15:35JFP_SF
4p How to efficiently move HSA funds from one custodian to another  13:23MrJones15:35Spirit Rider
30h Solo 401k - go with Vanguard or someone else  2016Dieharder15:34mervinj7
16c water softener for whole house?  04/27rakilive15:30Yooper
35c Help with computer from IT folk  21:49Gemini15:30Novine
129p Best HSA (2017)  page: 2 301/02rgurmankin15:27deltaneutral83
5c Kamado grill  11:30keith601415:25FoolStreet
12h Newbie investor hoping for portfolio advice  04/27cleague15:23BL
170p Any regrets living a frugal life for high income/high networth individuals?  page: 2 3 404/22am15:23sambb
4h Money rolled to Vanguard to VTSAX  12:29bouldert15:20bouldert
2h Foreigners filing 1040A  08:18musashi12315:19niceguy7376
11t Vanguard's Jack Bogle Warns Smart Beta May Be Over-Promising  04/27Ever Ready15:17nedsaid
3h SIMPLE-IRA: all contributions (including match) immediately vested?  04/28wanderlust1415:16Earl Lemongrab
10p Applying for a new role with same employer - salary negotiation  12:51The Planner15:14dm200
13h Help with Investing for Elderly Parents  20:43LuciaSD15:09Theoretical
4p Term life insurance for middle-age spouse?  13:56happylife15:08Mortgasm
2h Should I get disability on my part-time working spouse?  09:41jkushne115:05ICMoney
5h Need more investments?  00:52Akinyi3515:04Artisan
38t A test for when risk factors have positive expected returns  04/19backpacker14:58nedsaid
7h Old 401ks and Backdoor Roth. What to do?  11:45stg1114:50retiredjg
6l Go Inside Jack's Office  06:30stemikger14:46oldzey
2h Need help with $320K in rollover traditional IRA  04/27wdl157014:46Earl Lemongrab
57h Investing $1M  page: 204/24djtino14:42azanon
9p Moving money from 401k rollover IRA to a Roth IRA possible?  11:57shadetreelee14:42Earl Lemongrab
32h Robo-advisors vs Vanguard  01/12bearfinance14:42nedsaid
5p Employer moved 401k contribution  13:22deecee14:39The529guy
6p Profit sharing bonus, considering options  19:10Calygos14:39Earl Lemongrab
34c Why I'm tempted to fix things myself; it's not about the money  04/27letsgobobby14:39bertilak
14t Shiller: Europe's low CAPE "reflects psychology"  04/27lazyday14:34nedsaid
23c 7 car noises you should never ignore  04/27arcticpineapple14:26nisiprius
14h Portfolio Suggestion  04/27bluehawk9114:14zuma
2p Medicare and Insurance companies  12:53htdrag1114:10pintail07
11c [Southwest] Airlines Rapid Rewards Dining  19:55bogleviewer14:09Marylander1
9h Retiree Portfolio Model (in my case)  23:022pedals14:07patrick013
47c Honda Transmission Service  03/23rashad300014:01William4u
10c Time and Materials Vs. Flat Bid  04/27thefoggycity13:59peratio
13h Questions about investing in my Roth 401 vs on my own  04/28rayne13:58celia
21t Schwab Vs. Vanguard?  04/26meowcat13:50MnD
10h Portfolio feedback for recent grad!  04/28mdb198713:41Duckie
45c A Game of "Who is responsible"  04/28yorkpond13:31Frugal Al
4p Selecting health insurance for having a baby  10:25covertfantom13:27Artful Dodger
15c Anyone use independent rental car insurance  21:16lightheir13:26dm200
7p Auto Insurance? How much to get? How much do people have?  09:35jkushne113:26LadyGeek
1p Personal Capital transaction history  13:02jsa30713:25EHEngineer
471c TV show recommendations?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102012reggiesimpson13:18straws46
1h Vanguard Ultra-Short-Term Bond Fund Admiral Shares  09:13Moneybags113:10Beensabu
3p Chubb Umbrella / Liability Insurance price increasing 3.3% each year (employer offered)  10:45AnStrANG13:08EHEngineer
11p calculating best house value across US markets  11:06OffTheGrid12:53tcassette
56c When does it make sense to stop paying to repair your old vehicle?  page: 204/26BrianMc12:18wander
9c Mazda CX-5 window shattering problem  04/28CULater12:18freedom66
16h Help Choosing Company 401k Fund Menu  05:27LawyersGunsAndM12:11livesoft
3h Help picking funds for governmental 457(b) and Vanguard Roth IRA  19:55amoss12:09Mudpuppy
1h Does frequent mutual fund trading lose dividens?  11:40flyingaway11:44livesoft
6p What should I do with my money  04/28nogames199911:44delamer
7c Beaches in California.  01:18Homrou11:34mega317
2h UK Pension Allocation  08:15Lexington11:31Lexington
7c Recommendations - Swimming Pool - Solar Cover  04/28charleshugh11:31ralph124cf
1h Taxable account question. PRBLX POGRX  10:55Nlu82211:09anil686
17h Reallocate bonds in taxable account?  04/28CFM30011:01CFM300
26t Benefits and methods for Gradual Rebalancing  04/27smesman10:55smesman
365l Suggestions for the Wiki  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 82008Barry Barnitz10:50LadyGeek
7t Vanguard Press Release--Vanguard: World's Largest Stock And Bond Funds Report Lower Expense Ratios  04/28MFInvestor10:36MFInvestor
41c Senior Lifetime National Parks Pass Fee Going Up  01/28dumbbunny10:30htdrag11
11t HSA, Medicare retroactivity & SS File Restricted and Suspend  04/26EHEngineer10:17EHEngineer
38h Does Portfolio Size Influence Stock/Bond Allocation?  04/25Hogan77310:13Ged
10c Marriage Advice  09:10WJW10:08LadyGeek
9c Social media marketing service ?  04/25raptor00110:08protagonist
78p Helping adult children  page: 204/23Swimmer09:53SQRT
1p Business Startup and treatment of Net Operating Loss (NOL)  04/27Thesues09:47Thesues
13h Please Evaluate my portfolio  04/25Tiredofwork09:45Tiredofwork
35p Major health issue - finding new employment with health coverage  04/26Elemental09:41dm200
2h 2nd Home purchase: Grow my down payment or sit on cash?  09:13cutebean09:31knpstr
11c Home Warranty  04/27Goal3309:30Geneyus
2618c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 532014abuss36809:14dduke12
33c Nespresso capsules  04/02Barefootgirl09:13Dottie57
5p Income Tax Schedule A  06:46eonny09:05spectec
14c Can a bank see if a check has been cashed by routing number?  04/28lthenderson08:58junior
26c Somebody hit my car in a parking lot  04/24sulsj08:58JonnyDVM
3h Assistance changing out expensive Fidelity funds in my wife's rollover IRA  21:283nickles08:47pkcrafter
9h Roth Contribution from Taxable MF  04/28retire5708:45retire57
39p If you pay a high AMT, would you take out $1M mortgage?  04/2735andcounting08:37Nearly A Moose
32h Stay Out Of REITs?  04/27rattlenap08:32johnra
6p 529 Strategy for Grad School  04/27Gray08:27Gray
11p CCRC Tax Deduction?  04/27ralph124cf08:23Dan999
18c Cost of Estate Planning  04/24Gropes & Ra07:58afan
125h Retirement income for 50+ years?  page: 2 304/25djtino07:55dbr
24p Can we afford this home?  04/27alerya07:47michaeljc70
23p Gifting a down payment/avoiding gift tax  04/28Dogsplaypoker07:45LadyGeek
6c Need a water heater recommendation  19:08yorkpond07:42John Z
131c Banned from Home Depot Returns  page: 2 32016Allan1207:41tinscale
6h Best NRA non US tax treaty Accumulating Bond ETF?  04/16brXrfeu07:39brXrfeu
29t The Importance of “Cash on Hand” to Life Satisfaction  04/28Swampy07:31LadyGeek
13h Breath of Fresh Air - Leaving Ameriprise  04/28outahere07:24LadyGeek
44p 529- should I stop contributing?  03/05cutterinnj07:07gasdoc
21t How many 10-Year Samples are there?  03/04grayfox06:56Doc
272p Physician Retirement Savings  page: 2 3 4 5 605/11llessac1506:35PhysDoc
25l Hawaii Bogleheads, where are you?  04/12brother705:46pokebowl
2278c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 462014Alex Frakt05:41market timer
5t "Jack Bogle: It's Easier to Serve One Master Than Two."  04/28gkaplan03:38SGM
23p Account Aggregation tools?  2016GKSD02:17Voltron
4c How does dental insurance work (for you)?  04/28an_asker02:09daveydoo
12p Sell Condo or Rent it out  04/27rexhat01:55msk
336t Larry Swedroe says "Goodbye."  page: 2 3 4 5 6 704/19Taylor Larimore01:07second-guesser
8c Need a car for 9-12 months  21:58slbnoob00:20slbnoob
5t TED Talk - Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll  04/28corwin00:16nedsaid
29h 2nd Guessing Target Fund  04/28Forever Learnin00:13BL
13c Which sonicare toothbrush do you recommend?  04/28seashell23:35seashell
3p LLC in Florida  04/28ketanco23:28abuss368
20p Hit $1.5 million, another $1 million to go  04/28frugalecon23:20umk
6p Online real estate class-NYS  04/26zig2523:10umk
5h Target Date Fund - Forced to change by Transamerica  04/27dskillz123:03dskillz1
5c The Power of Habit  04/28emanuel_v1922:50desiderium
29c Doctor bill question  04/26soccerdad1222:35toofache32
7h tax efficiency  04/28prk22:15grabiner
16h Need to pull money out of my brokerage account. Anything to watch out for?  04/28InvestingInAR22:10grabiner
49h One Fund? Really?  04/25Pax22:05grabiner
4h Which to sell first: Options or Shares from Vested Restricted Stock  20:58lucysmom21:58dbr
5h My Small Business 401k  04/28SCSurf21:47LeeMKE
14c Boglehead Ideas for College Graduation Gifts  04/27Swampy21:42LadyGeek
9h Just retired-Need help deciding what to do with funds from my 401K and Traditional IRA  04/27Cloud921:37Prudence
18t Five year CD paying more than 10 yr. treasury  04/28antiqueman21:36Dandy
29p putting more than 20% down on new home purchase  04/26riptide21:31grabiner
11h Investing in Utilities??  04/28tesuzuki200221:31kjvmartin
29c USAA 2.5% unlimited Cash back Card - Weird...  04/23WolfgangPauli21:26WolfgangPauli
6h Another moving out of Edward Jones story, advice needed  04/27run_wisc21:16run_wisc
247t Great CD Promo! Andrews FCU 84 mo 3.01%  page: 2 3 4 511/16protagonist21:14willthrill81
10h Is now a good time to invest?  18:57Deedster21:03patrick013
6h W2 employee - solo 401K?  04/28KATNYC20:35Spirit Rider
1f Delete post  19:58Tiredofwork20:06LadyGeek
37t "ETFs Are 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'"  04/27baw70391620:05wolf359
13h Opus Bank  2013vbdoug20:03vbdoug
18h Just switched to Vanguard and TOTALLY overwhelmed  04/28amoss20:03amoss
4t Earnings Per Share (EPS) Question (Coca-Cola)  04/28superbas00720:02patrick013
1c Fabricated seasonal homes/cottages  18:55Barefootgirl19:43btenny
2h 529 [How often are earnings applied?]  04/27IndexERDoc19:29IndexERDoc
6c How to transport pickup truck from orlando, Fl to new hampshire  18:50Jane19:27fishboat
14t Portfolio growth - Edward Jones vs Vanguard Target 2045  04/25Inv3st0r19:11Mr.BB
15t Sell in May and go away - not this year?  04/27inbox78818:51Clever_Username
10h sell stocks to fund individual 401K and Roth IRA?  04/27x806digel18:44celia

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