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11p 2016 Tax Refund...Wife asked, "Is it legal?!?!"  00:40duuuuuude08:37dodecahedron
2c Macbook Pro 15 (2016 Model): Worth the Upgrade?  06:39RooseveltG08:36buckstar
3h Company Divestiture - New 401K and fund selection  08:01CuseHokie08:36Jack FFR1846
15c Grass trimmer  06:59Gufomel08:35STINGRAY75
5p Best Way to Give Our Son a Down Payment  04:24CurlyDave08:33fishmonger
41c Dishwasher suggestions. LG Quad Wash vs???  02/21Sandtrap08:33michaeljc70
2h Portfolio Advice - Bad 401k Choices & Taxable Investing  02:12hybr1d08:30ruralavalon
16c New car or hand down used car to college student?  14:05Raymond08:28mckaydw
4h Retirement may be closer than planned - 401K advice, overall portfolio review  15:51FionaH08:27msfin
6p Are travel costs deductible when looking for investment property?  16:27macaroon08:23kaneohe
3h Tracking Returns Software  19:10EinAustin08:22EinAustin
9t Shareholder rights  15:37Skewer08:22linenfort
40c mom wants smart phone, are there classes on how to use?  02/25squirm08:21BL
60c Used German Luxury vs New Japanese  page: 202/26Alexa908:21emoore
11t STPZ (PIMCO 1-5 Year U.S. TIPS Index) holds only 12 TIPS thus why not just...  02/27bargainhuntingk08:19Doc
16p Seems Dave Ramsey is right about debt  17:45knpstr08:18bloom2708
0h Roth IRA or Taxable Account? 30 Years old and new  08:18Investment17  
14p Vanguard Money Market Question  10:17Prudence08:17Tamales
18p Ugh, why is buying a new car so painful?  20:27mrsytf08:16smackboy1
1h Should I shift bonds from 401k to taxable?  08:14corn1808:16livesoft
18t I think Buffet sees oil price go lower  11:35misterno08:16lazyday
50p Credit card: Cash versus Flight Miles  page: 202/23LowER08:15Drew777
10c Electric Toothbrushes - again  20:47Barefootgirl08:13livesoft
1212p What's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 2505/25guitarguy08:13Drew777
3h New Target Asset Allocation for Early Retirement (long)  13:43Scorpion08:12gclancer
11c Don't pay full price for cable TV  01:29catdude08:10alfaspider
7p Second home or not ready  21:30blessed08:10Jack FFR1846
3t Fidelity drops equity trade fee to $4.95  00:55MisterBill08:07livesoft
21h Pension at the PBGC - when to begin taking  02/24Brewman08:06cherijoh
12t Time to invest  02:24learnfinance08:04ff4930
10p Questions about Medicare Part D cost estimates  10:57preach07:53preach
0h Portfolio covering the world for an Expat  07:52thimplicity  
67t How should people factor Social Security into their "magic number" with early retirement?  page: 202/25manzana07:49mak1277
20h 100K gift for kids education...where to put it.  11:24pingizzle07:49aristotelian
1h Where to put cash - retiring soon  07:40srf07:48dbr
0h Annuity Reference  07:44Earlyout01  
32t Why has Vanguard increased International Stock and International Bond in Balanced Funds and Portfolio Recommendations?  02/26Sandtrap07:40NibbanaBanana
63c New cars or Pool?  page: 202/14luderiffic07:38aquaman
54t Compounding under the microscope.  page: 202/25*3!4!/5!07:38dbr
12c Where to start - converting from generator/UPS to more reasonable solar / powerwall?  12:252tall4economy07:36Valuethinker
14h Assisting Parent with Dementia  14:48fleetly07:30dbr
10h Picking funds (aggressive)  01/22BFive5507:27blaugranamd
30t Buffett interview Monday 2/27  02/26bzargarcia07:25jainn
26p Physician Disability Insurance  02/25Cali12307:22mrsytf
5t "2016 Brings Perfect Weather for [Liability Matching Portfolio]  16:58grok8707:19dkturner
51c Outdoor grill: gas or electric?  page: 202/26tennisplyr07:07blaugranamd
58c Do Boglehead DIY or Pay a Professional?  page: 202/26N10sive07:01bluebolt
2p TD -Problem with Savings Bond Calculator  19:49Cosmo06:57nisiprius
2h 2016 IRA contribution  23:26GaryA50506:56cherijoh
6h Figuring out taxes for a trust distribution  21:37jd8806:51NotWhoYouThink
5h Help with Understanding Tax-Efficient Fund Placement  11:52sungchiahao06:25retiredjg
7h where to invest savings/emergency fund  20:15kellyf06:22Jags4186
7p Deferred Compensation - Tax Management  02/21dbl_hoo06:21noupdjm
4h Advice on Retirement Asset Allocation Across Multiple Accounts  12:07Katabatic06:16retiredjg
11h International Value and Int'l Small  02/26prk05:58lazyday
4h Open new SEP-IRA other than established one?  02/26friareye05:45friareye
90c Traveling to Italy - 3 weeks in 2017, advice appreciated  page: 207/25giesen504:22chipperd
116p BH thoughts on Time shares  page: 2 302/22dodgersummer04:22Valuethinker
8t Bank Loan Funds  14:46ralph124cf04:14Valuethinker
12p Pros and Cons of Renting Basement Apartment  19:03fortfun04:06CurlyDave
25h schwab lowering ER's  02/25bondsr4me04:02triceratop
18c Car Lease - Need Advice  02/21TubofProtein03:34German Expat
8p Funding 401k to Roth IRA conversion taxes for a non-resident alien  01/10TedSwippet03:32Khuen
6h Portfolio help. Heavily invested in American Funds and Annuities  14:02mhall03:07Bogle_Feet
10l Bogleheads Local Chapters: Now in the Bogleheads Blog!  02/24LadyGeek02:40digarei
3h Roth advice for a Recent Grad  17:39vinicent02:12celia
221p Bank of America/Merrill Edge - Preferred Rewards  page: 2 3 4 52014navyitaly02:05deadlee
231t Extreme Valuations, and why you should reconsider  page: 2 3 4 502/21dcarste01:40james22
26p Household budget  02/26Incendiary01:402tall4economy
25c Sellers disclosure form has sections not marked  02/26jlb111901:40jlb1119
11t PurePoint 1.25% online savings $10K min  02/24wstrdg01:38unmesh
4h One final look...  09:23Calygos01:34Fishing50
158t What is your overall portfolio weighted expense ratio  page: 2 3 406/09happysteward01:25Caligal
53p I dunno, this WLI policy looks just as good as a low-risk investment  page: 202/26atxeng01:04tfb
3h Backdoor Roth IRA [May not have done this correctly]  02/25Dirk4100:53celia
2p Backdoor IRA recharacterization and conversion in different years  02/26fabagnale00:47fabagnale
295t The Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses  page: 2 3 4 5 608/05Earl Lemongrab00:47MisterBill
27p Real estate vs debt payments  02/21yo gabbapentin00:34Nappyloxs
23h Moving away from Edward Jones to Vanguard  02/20jsm170800:26jsm1708
60l Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread  page: 22015digarei00:15digarei
9h Not really sure how to invest portion of Emergency Fund  22:02ikenom00:02sawhorse
25p Deciding how much house to get  02/25SpartanBull23:38EnjoyIt
3h Advice? Leaving financial advisor (AXA) for Vanguard  02/22betternowthanla23:37krow36
14p standing water around house  14:41migmarx23:31Doom&Gloom
3h Stock and retirement account advice for newbie  21:02Leethenewbie23:28BL
2l Hello! New to this forum  02/27Harley BenV23:15TravelGeek
41c Do you clear your inbox?  02/27coalcracker23:01Loik098
24p New Member Here, Looking for some suggestions  02/26Zephyrpilot22:50Miriam2
2h Strategic Equity fund  22:24madhatteras22:48lack_ey
10c Donation to charity of appreciated securities held in Vanguard brokerage account  11/13Glomar22:33grabiner
96c USAA 2.5% Cash Back Credit Card  page: 210/13SurferLife22:29AngryThomas
2h Employer Error Results In Unknown Distribution.... HELP!  18:58John Doe 12322:19John Doe 123
0h Russell 2500 fund?  22:18Tamales  
7p Advice for expected windfall  02/26T-Wrench22:14T-Wrench
40c Car windshield wipers - go cheap or better?  02/17lightheir22:04Jazztonight
54p Check Your Beneficiaries!  page: 202/24obafgkm22:03sco
2h Solo 401k / Backdoor Roth question  21:11eltron22:03Spirit Rider
0h Do I have more tax advantaged options available?  22:00betternowthanla  
12h 17 year old just starting/need advice  09:28MillionDollarBa21:57Goal33
32c critique Italian itinerary  02/246441521:54FraggleRock
11h Where to go when stocks, bonds overpriced  15:59Breadwinner21:35BogleMelon
10h Solo 401k options - available investments  12/04yoshimi21:29danaht
12t Anyone using Optum Bank for HSA?  02/25whitecliff21:24perl
0h ETF Bond Fund for Roth IRA  21:12Fiat lux  
41h Windfall, investing, insurance?  02/20atxeng21:11nps
0p Help calculating pay for potential new job  21:10Eurookat  
2h Roth conversion of non-deductible TIRA question  20:47eltron21:07eltron
9h Portfolio review and a few questions!  02/23Theycallmesteve21:07Theycallmesteve
2425c What Movie Have You Recently Watched?  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 492014abuss36821:06htdrag11
8h Best place for static HSA money (~$20K)  02/26rpl300021:05rpl3000
17p Unintentional rollover of traditional 403b distribution into ROTH IRA account  08/27magima20:56magima
7h Roth - Removal of Excess question  02/24apbalance20:50Alan S.
0p Company rolled over a portion of wrong 401K account at end of 2016.  20:42brennok  
6h Tax Documents for Roth IRA - Vanguard  01/04shekhar57520:41Alan S.
127l Master Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter  page: 2 32012dickenjb20:39LadyGeek
3p Any tips on searching for new auto and house insurance?  02/26Infomom220:38ReadyOrNot
13p santander bank bonus  02/09pablolo20:36d0gerz
55c Tire Warranties  page: 22012Leesbro6320:19ClevrChico
22c Going to Tahiti and we're budget travelers  02/26MrsRoos20:14MrsRoos
0t Securities transaction fee  20:12Tomd6186  
1p Help with 401k withdrawal  19:57jsapiandante20:06Alan S.
26c Help Please, My Identity is at Risk  02/22Random Walker20:05btenny
9p 2016 Oregon Form 1099-G shows Kicker instead of Refund  01/28TozerBGood20:04lindacpa
11p Question on AMT- Simplified Election Foreign Tax Credit  2015jxs70520:02in_reality
19p Help with 2016 taxes  15:13icedtea19:55bluebolt
1c Non disclosure disagreement  19:35meebers19:53Goal33
7h VKQ Invesco Municipal Trust  02/26cmills19:44in_reality
44t How to Rebalance with Rate Hikes Looming  02/23Stormbringer19:44investor999
52h Bogleheads' Philosophy a Generalization?  page: 202/25Vision680019:39avalpert
7p Understanding an HSA - help  10:21lernd19:38an_asker
52h Talking with parents' financial advisor  page: 202/24silentslinkies19:27linenfort
23p Question about a new job opportunity (401k & ESOP)  02/26ravenecw19:18gunn_show
42c Backpackers- weight vs utility question  02/25dixdak19:14carguyny
2t American funds article - active vs indexing argument  17:16FrugalYankee19:09Theoretical
8p 10 yr. term life policy for soon to be 57 yr old.  02/25afr18:55rralex1
52h Should we wait before buying in?  page: 202/25Ginnysky18:50David Scubadive
26p Social Security reps keep disputing advice given in this forum  02/24Jackson1218:49David Jay
2h Best way to handle a 403(b) I can't rollover?  18:31Captain Oveur18:38Captain Oveur
5h Selling mutual fund shares (basic question)  14:30kellyf18:36Good Listener
16t "Buffett: Indexing the Best Choice for Investors Large and Small"  02/26Taylor Larimore18:36Taylor Larimore
19c Weighing up how much to spend on house  02/25randomizer18:24cherijoh
3p 1098 - Student Loan Interest Received Error?  02/15NoNameHaHa18:22NoNameHaHa
40p Tracking progress to $1M portfolio and no mortgage by 40  02/18Just_For_Jenna18:20spammagnet
64p Best HSA (2017)  page: 201/02rgurmankin18:10gasdoc
28p Why not to do ROTH Conversion  02/26JoelAlbert18:04cherijoh
2p IRS form 4506-T: missing 1099's  14:38miles monroe18:02miles monroe
0h Alternatives to bond funds (or stick with bond funds)  17:57SeattleMark952  
29h Portfolio Checkup/Critique me and Questions  02/23David Scubadive17:53David Scubadive
3p Recharacterization madness: Roth excess contribution --> TIRA --> Roth  17:03icedtea17:48Alan S.
1p Use of estate checking account for legal fees  14:58bostondan17:38Bitzer
6p Simple IRA employee quit  09:40kgressler17:34Spirit Rider
48h VBILX vs VBTLX [Vanguard Intermediate-Term vs. Total Bond]  02/20MrFlish17:34jalbert
107t For people who think the market is going to crash, where along the continuum are we?  page: 2 302/21TomCat9617:22tadamsmar
6p Buy Condo or Rent For 5yrs  14:422012heel17:19TSR
10h Different risk tolerance for different accounts  12:54kzombie17:18kzombie
44h Should we pay off our mortgage?  09:42rosaalers17:15ved
4h Need help analyzing a Fidelity Tax Managed SMA  02/27NDND6017:07NDND60
5h Variable Annuity V Managed Payout V ?  12:59STINGRAY7517:07itstoomuch
3c How to record piano playing  02/26achen929117:01Beno272
15h First Time Major Portfolio Reallocation at age 60?  02/26engineeer17:01WildBill
6p Made a big tax mistake rolling 401k into a Roth IRA, do I have any options now or am I out of luck?  02/26gullit1816:56Alan S.
10h Looking for thoughts on my 401K Portfolio  02/26Captain Oveur16:46Captain Oveur
36c Cruise suggestions.  02/16btenny16:41jdb
26p Student Debt  02/17SoundAndVision16:36themesrob
119h risk of my Tesla deposit  page: 2 302/23letsgobobby16:24HomerJ
11p Prior year AGI doesn't match and I can't retrieve it??  02/26Tamarind16:17Tamarind
65t Buffett Annual Letter 2016 [Jack Bogle is a hero]  page: 202/25matjen16:16LadyGeek
32c Trip to Savannah GA  02/25chw16:13chw
7h A little guidance needed to get started  02/26mikepeetz8416:07KlingKlang
22p How to report 1099B cost basis discrepancy on non-covered shares?  02/21dratkinson16:06Artsdoctor
36t Technical Analysis  02/26Biil McNeal16:05Grogs
3h Investing help needed  12:55pancake10016:03retiredjg
4h Roth ira  02/25Boglerules15:53Earl Lemongrab
1p Amend last years tax return  15:43northtexan15:46jebmke
3h moving & switching funds EJ -> Vanguard  15:17OffTheGrid15:42tractorguy
16p Obamacare/ACA and Early Retirement  13:52obafgkm15:29prudent
4h Portfolio review and questions for new BH  02/24calvinandhobbes15:22calvinandhobbes
3h Help with Parent's 401k  08:59db972415:17Dottie57
38l Seattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread  2015delconte15:04delconte
1h Roth phase-out zone and portion to Backdoor Roth?  09:44simplify15:04Alan S.
1c tractor equipment  12:18bbees15:03bubbadog
0h Allocation advice and adding taxable investment  14:52Bellamag66  
1h Need Fidelity Bond Carrier  14:45Fiat lux14:46livesoft
9p Remote work W2, State Taxes?  08/12migmarx14:42migmarx
23h Optum Bank HSA using Admiral shares on Vanguard funds  2015classicjazzfan14:41auggiedoggies
10h 300k to invest for the long term, am I on the right track?  02/16leo2814:37ruralavalon
2160c What Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 442014Alex Frakt14:14Accrual
12p New role inside the company - what would you choose?  02/26Rick Rock14:00Isabelle77
15h In a bit of a pickle as executor with individual stocks  02/23maryserv13:55Earl Lemongrab
15p To Rent or Buy Townhouse  02/26Goodman6013:52ralph124cf
76c Audi Q7 Reliability  page: 202/12corn1813:51wfrobinette
6h Offshore diversification  02/20elb200013:45elb2000
12t How reliable are forward PE ratios?  02/27selters13:44CyclingDuo
11c Mysteries or other books set in contemporary Japan?  02/21ResearchMed13:10rjbraun
66l HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY BOGLEHEADS FORUM  page: 202/18Mel Lindauer13:06Mel Lindauer
1h High Expenses Company 401k  12:51Ryno12:57livesoft
0p Turbo Tax New Jersey for 401(a) 403(b) and 457(b)  12:54DonCamillo  
22p More support for backdoor Roth? [Roth IRA Decision reversing Tax Court]  02/16RoboticOwl12:50SlowMovingInves
1h "Fairfax limited Holdings limited" - how does it fit in capital size and international/emerging markets exposure  02/26outwash12:48David Jay
6p Best Way To Get British Airways Avios Points  02/26Leesbro6312:40betweenTwoEleph
3p Scenario Mortgage vs Student loans vs. Retirement  02/26crazylightgirl12:28crazylightgirl
36h Recommendations for HSA Investment  2014cdm77023412:23whitecliff
39h Vanguard vs Schwab vs Zacks? Any experiences?  02/26confusedinvesto12:23David Jay
257l Your USER NAME...what does it mean?  page: 2 3 4 5 602/09fishandgolf12:21linenfort
10p Ending a special needs trust.  02/24Sugarb91412:21Watty
0h Savings Bonds - Estate Paying Taxes  12:09HARP  
4h Thoughts on TIAA-CREF Lifecycle (target retirement) Fund?  09:39TomatoBoy12:06TomatoBoy
21h Just beginning: $40k to open taxable and IRA accounts  02/23OffTheGrid12:00OffTheGrid
32p Mortgage vs student loans  02/26dropflow111:58an_asker
3h my 401k options  02/27ak5411:55aristotelian
2h Resident in Netherlands, South american citizen / Portfolio Checkup  02/27expat_squirrel11:53sean.mcgrath
11h Donating Vanguard Admiral shares to Fidelity Charitable  02/26kiddoc11:44House Blend
1h New job + much lower income predicted = tIRA conversion question  02/26Vanrnr11:34House Blend
4h tax efficiency advice for retirement withdrawals  02/27marco191011:30GMT-8
8c Septic System Groundcover  02/27Wellfleet11:30freebeer
12c best type boat for FL Keys - need help from conchs  02/17rhalterassoc11:29Riverstwo
6h Gifting Daughter for Home Purchase  10:47terpfan7111:26Watty
31h "Borrow" $5500 from Emergency Fund to Qualify for Vanguard Admiral?  02/23AgentCircus11:23blaugranamd
3p IRA Contribution limit + Rollover  02/22GKSD11:18Earl Lemongrab
3p Student Loan fixed vs variable  10:15unambiguous11:15Chadnudj
7h Transition from Edward Jones to Vanguard  02/26Vermont Farmer11:13Vermont Farmer
3h Question on Proper AA  02/27SCV_Lawyer11:06SCV_Lawyer
4h Thoughts on allocation in my slice and dice portfolio?  09:57NateTrib11:05livesoft
484p Share your net worth progression  page: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102014techcrium10:55hmw
0p supplemental executive retirement plan contribution  10:42fishsi25  
2p Refinance low student loan balance  02/26londonfog10:36BrandonBogle
1t UITs provide good test of stock selection skills  08:53larryswedroe10:33nedsaid
7h Help with selecting 457b plan provider (CA)  02/26zenb10:19krow36
3t Buffett chides his students for charging too much  02/25htdrag1110:19malabargold
38c moving from landscaper/snow plower to diy in retirement  02/25gips10:17jadedfalcons
0p Indiana 529 Plan rollover/recapture  09:31posey  
27c At what point is a used car worth it  02/23iBogle09:28random_walker_7
25p Protecting Aging Parrents - Advice Please  02/25DVMResident09:23dm200
82t new study on Investor behavior being disconnected from financial theory and reality  page: 202/24larryswedroe09:18jainn
2h distribution yield versus dividend yield  02/26jmk09:02jmk
6h $125K to play with...but late to the party  02/26Captain Oveur09:02Toons
45t AP: Americans buy existing homes at fastest pace in a decade  02/22creditdefaultsw08:51bluebolt
2p Tips for handling uncertainty by Bill McNabb  02/21arcticpineapple08:41SGM
40c Tell me about Alaska  02/17an_asker08:40an_asker
8c Macbook Pro 2016: Monitor Options  02/23RooseveltG08:39lazydavid

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