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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1618 new posts and replies over 225 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
2pNew York Long-Term Care Trust Act, possible deadline11:12 WoW201214:40 Chardo
10pWife's 401k closed, Fidelity auto-created a "Rollover IRA"10:44 sunny_socal14:39 sunny_socal
1pEstimated Taxes - MFJ14:29 inforapound14:38 sailaway
0cHelp! ACA Marketplace won't let me add adult daughter to plan14:37 FireAway 
0pCountAbout personal finance app - Usable for a Couple?14:37 Elmo 
2hIs a 529 the right path?14:22 parr4thecourse14:36 billfromct
20pamica slow to deal with other insurance company?12/02 gips14:36 FellsGuy
26tTIPS for Dummies09/04 Kookaburra14:35 Kevin M
492tBill Bernstein: "Playing Inflation Russian Roulette in Retirement"11/30 Fremdon Ferndoc14:33 NiceUnparticula
102tThe Dave Ramsey Stock Portfolio: Done Boglehead Style?12/07 secondopinion14:33 CyclingDuo
2412cWhat frugal thing did you do today?2017 Nectarineman14:33 TomatoTomahto
120tHow long could you live off your portfolio if the worst happened?2020 Pete1214:30 Tamalak
0hHow are you funding withdrawals from your portfolio in retirement?14:30 unbiased 
14hVanguard report of incapacity instead of Agent Authorization enough?12/07 thenow14:30 Fremdon Ferndoc
71t"It doesn't move the needle"21:29 SantaClaraSurfe14:27 JackoC
4cMinor Travel Consent Form13:17 vas14:27 livesoft
223cREAL ID now set to be effective May 7, 2025 [Update]2021 heartwood14:26 PatrickA5
162t"Sequence of Return Risk" Side Discussion - I can't believe I am thinking this [Panic and Survival 2008-09]11/28 doobiedoo14:25 Marseille07
12pHow should I think about my income/career growth?09:41 Jags418614:24 hoofaman
21cBuying a new car12/07 Hoosierdom14:17 Bogle7
14hWhen to take Social Security with pension plan and 25 x annual expenses?08:10 bg514:16 David Jay
3pEmpower as 401(K) Custodian/Cannot Get My RMD08:48 bsquared14:14 Alan S.
12hOne vs Two during Retirement [Wellington vs. two-fund portfolio]08:44 bpkasl14:09 dbr
18hWhat is the best way for me to invest in TIPS.17:52 tc10114:06 dual
9tVanguard Total Bond Index question- does it act like a bond ladder?12:29 jdamo14:05 km91
72pWhole life policy bleeding me dry-what to do with it?12/05 CharlesDickens14:05 bradinsky
121lSad news - Sheepdog passed away11/27 Miriam214:04 bhluckyusaguy
4t2022 Bogleheads Conference Videos10:06 ObliviousInvest14:04 Goodenoughforme
3tTIPS funds and deflation.... ?13:29 MattB14:04 dbr
71pBuy 2006 BMW 325i for $22,50012/08 Agent 9914:01 BruDude
9cKitchen Organization Tips11:09 jayjayc14:01 GerryL
11hSchwab household relationship and margin rate02/28 NYGiantsFan14:01 michaeljc70
4hInvest HSA funds for 5 years10:59 deanbrew14:00 deanbrew
14hDoes it make sense to sell VWINX in this case? ***UPDATE***2021 AK5913:56 AK59
13pSafe harbor for estimated taxes if 0 owed for previous years11:33 Raybo13:55 JoinToday
22pChoosing Estate Trustee - corporate, CPA, lawyer or other?17:28 Please-FIRE-Me13:52 Lee_WSP
3489cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger13:50 Nicolas
28cUpgrading router and modem Updated11/22 student13:44 student
6hHow to sell lots in brokerage or rollover minimize taxes12/07 alextrainer13:39 sycamore
34pTD Ameritrade to Schwab21:47 chris31913:38 bberris
5pHouse Foundation Issues11:39 harrad13:38 harrad
143pTurboTax 2022 [purchase discount thread]11/05 csmath13:38 alwyn
61tBlackRock and Vanguard begin to allow Fund clients to proxy vote fund investments11/03 retiringwhen13:30 retiringwhen
10tResearching Schwab Intelligent Income ....2020 Rajsx13:29 jocdoc
21pWhat to focus on next? 26 year old looking for some wise boglehead guidance23:49 ShakaWaka2113:28 boogiehead
4nUK Financial Reforms - Allowing access to US ETFs!?06:32 tubaleiter13:28 MatthewLM
47pKeepass password manager questions12/05 K7213:28 dcdowden
695tVanguard Customer Service Mega-thread2021 PinotGris13:27 beyou
17hWithdrawals from a taxable account - tax question12/08 Indianrock13:25 dbr
374tThe 4% Rule Just Became a Whole Lot Easier - Allan Roth10/25 Kevin K13:19 GAAP
26cCostco hearing aid test12/07 Planner0113:16 Doom&Gloom
5nTax efficient investing (U.K.)11/26 minimalistmarc13:12 MatthewLM
18pACA Bronze vs. Silver/Gold?12/07 J29513:12 talzara
12cPrinting postage & labels and shipping from home21:50 Jazztonight13:02 Sandtrap
3pTransferring exercised options out of Schwab01:05 DoubleClick13:00 HomeStretch
13tVanguard settlement fund (VMFXX) vs 1 to 3 month treasuries09/29 67Bosox12:53 ThisTooShallPas
5hConvince me Florida doesn't have the best 52911:50 Tuesday12:48 livesoft
8pinterest rates for upcoming T-bill auctions20:58 Nyc1003612:44 MrJedi
21cGutter guards16:06 psteinx12:43 eddot98
1h1040 Tax Calculator / Figuring Withholding12:19 PickitPaul12:38 aristotelian
34tMarkets are down. Is now a good time for a Roth conversion?12/01 McQ12:37 busdriver
5pGreat Books for Real Estate09:37 ceej12:35 austin757
37pLong Term Care Insurance12/07 Naomi6912:28 WoW2012
21pIRS said sorry you have to call back after several hours wait12/07 gavinsiu12:24 gavinsiu
23cBest / Cheapest Streaming Music Service12/08 ThankYouJack12:22 rgs92
559tNew Avantis worldwide ETF with value tilt06/28 brademac12:21 JohnFromPNW
16tI just added a bank account on!15:56 BBurki12:20 gogleheads.orb
8pChanges in Lump Sum Pensions11/03 krafty8112:18 gatorking
584lSouth Florida Local Chapter2010 niteowls12:13 Miriam2
83tDividend irrelevance for individual securities12/04 OverseasBH12:09 dbr
5hTaxable Account Investments To Minimize Taxes and Avoid IRMAA07:16 dagsboro12:08 dagsboro
7pTaxes for a new 1099 - anyone used Collective12/05 jenig001312:06 MP123
6pHSA from fidelity to VG?12/08 thethinker12:03 SmileyFace
66pSalary infographic for a variety of occupations11/10 miamivice11:57 CyclingDuo
28hImportant decision: Rental real estate vs stocks14:58 Stanczyk11:41 Stanczyk
135pHow Do You Do Cars?12/06 broncocountry2511:37 jebmke
14hTIP Distributions Erratic12/08 Kagord11:32 dbr
1577pWashington State Long Term Care Trust Act - 0.58% payroll tax - $36,500 lifetime maximum benefit2021 Soon2BXProgramm11:31 WoW2012
0hVanguard auto-withdrawal and settlement fund11:19 beyou 
143tWhat is going on with Gold price?07/05 artking9911:19 seajay
27pRoth vs Traditional 401k12/08 jerseykid198611:12 fyre4ce
20hConcerns about FFNOX12/07 protagonist11:12 AllMostThere
282t2022 Hedge Fund contest01/02 Tanelorn11:10 Darth Xanadu
25cCannot access Solved18:18 student11:07 BogleTaxPro
1hAny real advantage in swapping Treasuries right now (math)?08:32 Lecture11:07 fabdog
2pNo more verification questions by Chase credit card?10:41 Caduceus11:04 safari
0t'Bogleheads® Live' #32 podcast is out: college planning10:59 JonL 
4575tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab10:47 bbrock
299p[Using PayPal to pay bills and earn 5% on credit cards]12/13 jeffyscott10:43 H-Town
71pHybrid Life Insurance for Long Term Care02/26 glamourzolt10:40 JoeRetire
4hShould I stop buying Bonds - % of AA vs fixed amount?08:51 ThankYouJack10:34 Marseille07
2pRoth Conversion to Generate Tax Liability for EV Credit09:43 VLADIN0110:32 jebmke
11pK1 VISA12/07 Tideout10:32 homebuyer6426
21pAmEx Banking - High Yield Savings Acct.12/08 JaneNC10:29 student
11pRoth TSP @ Roth IRA?12/08 thethinker10:27 retiredjg
14pIRS Letter Received - Need Advice11/25 TrueNorth3310:21 Harmanic
14hVanguard Roth09:16 Tanksyr0310:20 Tanksyr03
10hBrokered CDs what is potential worst case12/07 Valley Steve10:19 FellsGuy
38hAdditional Index Fund?12/03 Flydog10:18 retiredjg
4hHelp get my retired mother out of a high fee annuity.12/06 NazgulSentient10:18 Stinky
1tsubmit ?s: Mike Piper on steps for surviving spouses18:06 JonL10:12 like2read
119tDo you believe in the Efficient Market Hypothesis?2021 jhsu80270110:06 alfredhorg
1172cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!2020 Independent Geo10:01 gavinsiu
13hHow much to hedge against inflation using TIPS?12/07 sandman5910:01 sandman59
4htax loss harvesting questions09:22 john060809:58 rkhusky
62hWhere do you invest money now?12/04 newyorker09:53 ruralavalon
21pTax Brackets Over the Years - history12/06 MrCheapo09:49 MrCheapo
71tWhat's wrong with not staying the course - and buying bonds now?12/03 konmic09:48 homebuyer6426
38p107 point credit ding from large purchase: how long to recover?12/05 muffins1409:46 JackoC
8fAdd image to post09:09 Bronco Billy09:44 Bronco Billy
13tNEW Bogleheads on Investing podcast, Episode 052: Ryan Barrett and Mike Piper on estate planning11/29 Rick Ferri09:41 LadyGeek
124tBogleheads now on YouTube2021 LadyGeek09:40 LadyGeek
80hHow to get a Signature Guarantee for TreasuryDirect authorization form04/30 billyblaze09:33 ruttegaus
48pTitle edit, Mountain America Credit Union debacle.09/07 ondarvr09:20 ondarvr
179pFidelity Holiday Offer - $150 for $50 deposit11/25 ReardonSteel09:16 Darth Xanadu
46tsubmit ?s: Bill Bengen on the 4% rule of thumb11/22 JonL09:08 Calvert
173tDoes YTM require that coupons are re-invested?11/03 longvista09:06 dbr
45hGetting my life together at 35.12/06 coryf033108:56 Darth Xanadu
29cHigh mileage cars - when to buy new one?12/07 ThankYouJack08:55 faanger101
25hEvaluate this retirement plan12/08 horadricCube08:48 dbr
16hI BONDS or Roth IRA?12/08 worthit08:38 lakpr
299hTIAA Traditional at 3% or Fidelity TIPS Fund FIPDX?07/18 JustAnotherProf08:36 student
18h401K vs. Roth 401K12/08 blimp08:33 ohme
30hInherited 401k -> Inherited IRA - need to figure out a plan12/06 CatCoder55508:31 lakpr
95nHigh Earners in Europe - What do you do for a living (and are there jobs with similar pay as in the US)?11/08 batman08:29 Keenobserver
122t4% Rule Conundrum12/07 educatedguesser08:20 dbr
10pwash sale in different account12/07 do_not_know_any08:19 retiredjg
4pWithholding on 457(b) (how to calculate?)12/07 trallium08:09 sport
28tMuni bonds: VTEB vs. VWIUX/VWLUX (and why so much difference in distributions?)11/29 undid08:09 hudson
4nUS in Europe: brokerage in another jurisdiction?12/07 sean.mcgrath07:56 sean.mcgrath
20pNegative Capital Gain on Inherited Real Estate12/06 Damocles07:52 Damocles
21hWe successfully tax loss harvested - Is there a need to "use up" the losses?12/08 Redlee07:51 rkhusky
2203tTrading Treasuries (nominal and TIPS)05/24 Kevin M07:41 Doc
2hRoth Conversion Tax - TLH or Winners?06:42 JDSwim307:40 rkhusky
5hIRA in high tax bracket, cannot do backdoor roth20:45 sambb07:39 gavinsiu
25hVanguard takes away access to online statements within days of account transfer2019 OldSam07:37 enad
405pPay raises for 20222021 stocknoob411107:36 Target2019
4hReal estate - what would you do?21:38 eimaise07:32 Sandtrap
7cCut glassware - safe? (Lead concern)15:56 psteinx07:11 wanderer
0p2210 Worksheet for Part III, Section B - Example?07:08 goshenBogle 
5cData Privacy Insights on Participating in Biogen Intuition Research Study12/03 Speckles07:06 Circe
17pTSP Beneficiary Designation07/06 HoneyBee06:58 gtd98765
100tWhat's in Rick Ferri's portfolio?08/18 Rick Ferri06:57 Harry Livermore
9tDelay Social Security to age 70 and Spend more money at 62: How's It Going?12/07 educatedguesser06:29 SGM
12cBest Luggage Set12/07 LegacyWealth20106:29 Mestk5593
5hEnd of Year Decision re: gains and losses on portfolio??15:09 rshocka06:22 eob616
40cQuestions about installing a new EV charger in my garage12/04 lkjhj06:12 Valuethinker
17pTax question (two states involved)12/08 theorist06:06 theorist
56tTIPS Purchase: Much ado about not enough?12/07 David Althaus05:37 NiceUnparticula
2hPortfolio and Retirement Strategy Review Please15:56 soccerfan2505:13 Speckles
4387tI Bonds Mega Thread (I Bond Heads Rejoice!)2021 tomsense7605:11 samsoes / Other Luggage Shipping Services07/11 DarkHelmetII04:55 DarkHelmetII
855tInteractive Brokers (Best Kept Secret)2015 Andymoler5804:45 Rainier
5cAir exchange with heat (and humidity?) preservation16:15 psteinx04:40 Valuethinker
9nTotal Stock Market vs Dividend Growth12/07 pitagora04:16 Stork
21pDoes it make sense to recast mortgage at 4.375% given high inflation12/02 porfolio000103:41 Valuethinker
17nMy portfolio- seeking advice12/04 SafferLady03:36 pennywiser
15hETFs instead of Mutual Funds in a Roth IRA?12/07 Trance01:47 Northern Flicke
26hRolling out after tax portion of the 401K to Roth12/06 gavinsiu01:28 placeholder
15tWellington vs. Puritan - Who Wins?12/05 Charles Joseph01:26 Northern Flicke
104pNew California Middle Class Tax Refund07/09 MoleMan134900:18 NorCalHiker
4pUnderstanding Bond ETF Yield12/08 Yarlonkol1222:32 grabiner
7cSeparate sync of Outlook & Gmail on Android12/08 bfeenix4422:29 bfeenix44
445tRoth Conversions - McQuarrie study2021 indexlover22:25 McQ
8pbest do-it-yourself will?16:45 dred pirate22:14 simplextableau
7pHealthcare and other considerations heading into a no-income period12/08 elgobog22:08 PaddyMac
9pTerm Life - temp flat extra premium (Brudude?)12/07 jurassic21:55 BruDude
7tHow do creation units on leveraged ETFs work?16:09 yolointopants21:53 whodidntante
2pOffsetting 401K Contribution & Roth IRA Conversion in Same Year?12/08 fdeanw21:49 PaddyMac
17pDifferences Between The Fidelity Account and Fidelity Cash Management Account11/27 keyfort21:38 whodidntante
2hExceeding Income limits for Roth IRA21:10 surfer0521:34 Katietsu
26cHiking - Hoka Speedgoat 5 vs Altra Lone Peak 612/07 JD277521:30 DurangoWino
4hlost rollover tsp to vanguard12/06 Loon1121:19 Loon11
39tVanguard 2022 preliminary capital gain estimates11/14 Billavoider21:09 grabiner
68hIs the worst of the bear market behind us?12/05 ebeb21:08 whodidntante
8pSubmit form W-4V to Social Security online?20:09 ResearchMed21:03 ResearchMed
74cTarget , Walmart - When purchased online price12/01 Nyc1003620:54 Nyc10036
46hFund expenses consistently zeroing out dividends?12/01 Carsson320:52 rkhusky
30pDeath/estrangement/will/notifications12/07 mc220:38 AllMostThere
10p10 years from Retirement, what should I do?18:45 SimonJester20:22 chassis
4hAsset Allocation with Inherited Taxable Account12/07 Pedsendodoc20:10 Pedsendodoc
13hHelping Mom with retirement asset allocation & estate planning01/26 TheAlamo19:59 RetiredCSProf
13hVanguard PAS for surviving spouse-Good Idea?12/07 musicjay19:55 Agent 99
11pHelp in Understanding ESPP and STCG/LTCG/Qualifying07/14 Madbull19:36 FunOnABudget
3hDebating a Tilt to FTIHX…12/07 CatDad19:10 CatDad
101lSan Francisco Mid Peninsula, California Chapter2018 nance19:07 nance
10hWhat IRMAA bracket estimate are you using for 2024?12/07 water235719:06 water2357
6pCannot switch online from spousal SS to own SS benefits12/08 vtMaps19:03 vtMaps
46cGlasses cleaner that works? Wipes?12/04 NYCaviator18:57 michaelingp
6pAdding a Beneficiary on Treasury Direct01/30 matty_boston18:52 tc101
7pUmbrella Insurance vs Increasing Condo Policy12/07 earlyretire18:44 afan
3cAuto Insurance Limits/Costs - GEICO15:09 LaurenRose18:42 MtnTravel
10cAvertX Security Cameras12/07 ProfLA18:38 ProfLA
10pIndividual Bond Interest Payment Reversed (Withdrawn)16:47 Carno18:19 Carno
2pone-time 403b distribution; withholding rules17:09 denali9817:57 Sprucebark
191lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine17:44 RetiredMarine
28pFinancial advice for colleague going through divorce?12/06 RetiOpening17:39 prudent
8tTraditional tsp vs. roth tsp12/06 geocache5917:39 retired@50
18hNonqualified deferred compensation plan12/07 Round17:36 Round
12pUsing Ublock Origin to get around Treasury Direct's password field08/07 gavinsiu17:29 gavinsiu
29pMild Work Ethical dilemma12/08 investingdad17:25 ClaycordJCA
4tGoing from VTI/VXUS to VT15:15 GXtrex17:23 asset_chaos
31cGmail account security question12/07 tibbitts17:23 faanger101
38pRetirement - I can spend way more - theoretically12/06 AutoPilot317:22 thedaybeforetod
31cBmw X311/29 Starbase17:20 UnderPressure
13tCan you TLH multiple times in a short period?12/08 tcrez17:19 placeholder
26pBuying house from a friend... flexible options! Need advice12/07 owldinosaur17:08 squirrel1963
37hBest way to increase equity allocation12/07 Wading Ashore17:04 Wading Ashore
33cConfused about VPN12/08 pgs5916:57 samsoes
47hYoung and high net worth - what's next?12/02 GKGKS16:55 snowday2022
8pT-Bill Status Upon My Death12/07 id0ntkn0wjack16:52 RyeBourbon
18pHow To Do An IRMAA Appeal11/29 Leesbro6316:47 Leesbro63
6pFirst time buying Treasury bonds: where did the money go?15:39 Mestk559316:44 exodusNH
4pFidelity Nov Statement???15:33 runner2616:41 runner26
18tT-bill 912796ZP712/06 student16:38 student
2tVMLUX vs. T-bills for safety15:15 idoc202016:30 sycamore
41hVanguard Over Fidelity Just For Better Muni Funds?06/06 zero_coupon16:27 zero_coupon
17cEntering password on Android for password manager12/07 TheGreyingDuke16:15 TheGreyingDuke
3hNew to investment, trying to not mess it up12/08 lostpacket16:00 tashnewbie
2pSilver ACA vs Essential Plan ACA Pros/Cons12/07 RetireSoon9015:56 ckm2011
5hBlackstone Credit Fund & Real Estate Investment Trust12/01 Archman6515:52 Nate79
52c8 months wait for a new car!10/09 trirunner15:40 abner kravitz
3hTIPS vs IBONDS14:45 PhinanceMD15:33 PhinanceMD
7cBest marketplace to sell name brand gently used clothes based on actual experience?12/07 lgb15:16 BrownEyedGirl_2
2978lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here2017 VAslim1615:13 CommitmentDevic

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