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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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2715 new posts and replies over 327 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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15hOur full picture - turning to BHs as financial advisors20:57 Sellery103109:03 chassis
15tRecommend me a set if and forget it ETF01/23 quad09:03 Forester
152hI just bought individual stocks and a lot of them.09:30 invest2bfree09:03 MotoTrojan
2hSelf-Directed IRA vs. Solo 401k22:07 BoglesRazor09:03 LadyGeek
130tGameStop GME: anyone joining?01/21 Prettyfrtnt09:02 Cycle
478cPC Build Thread - 2020... and beyond!!!09/02 Independent Geo09:02 queso
17pBuying before Selling Existing Home16:44 M.Lee09:02 sport
10nRetire at 31 portfolio advice12:09 mstockLI09:01 mstockLI
136cCord cutting 2020 - Youtube TV08/22 Willmunny09:01 sweetyrelax
28lHappy 97th Birthday, Taylor Larimore04:46 Kathleen Ryan09:00 docsolly
14hGetting out of Schwab Intelligent Portfolio2019 walkthetalk1508:59 dmcmahon
18pAny way to retroactively fix 8606 forms?01/23 Exchme08:58 Spirit Rider
86t‘Frogs in boiling water’: Urgent warning for 50% market drop01/24 alex12371108:58 z3r0c00l
2hVanguard call back and security08:25 scooter08:58 dbr
26hUsing Lifecycle Investing while DCA-ing in order to slowly ramp up leverage to 150% over few months01/20 thibaulthib08:57 thibaulthib
0hMega backdoor Roth IRA, OK to give up ability for "regular" backdoor Roth IRA (due to $$ in Traditional IRA)?08:56 corp_sharecropp 
28pPaypal sent me a 1099K10:10 CubsWin08:56 jfunk138
100tInternational stocks: If not now, then when?01/17 jhsu80270108:56 Triple digit go
58twash sale substantially identical question(s)11:40 goonie08:55 H-Town
50hIndividual stocks? Hear me out.19:36 stt81608:55 stt816
3pInsurance settlement on car08:00 OldBallCoach08:55 Kenkat
2hLooking for Advice on changing course22:43 SIY08:53 dbr
10pSoc Sec Question-I'll be 70 in 6 weeks19:06 Allan08:53 Penguin
15pClaiming social security at 70 and half01/23 Golfer1908:52 Flyer24
7pMobile home insurance01/24 rjsob5808:51 rjsob58
58cPassword manager01/12 k b08:49 k b
13cMazda CX 5 For Tall Guy (6 2)01/23 David Althaus08:48 02nz
781tYear 2000 retirees using the '4% rule' - Where are they now?2018 willthrill8108:48 1210sda
439tA time to EVALUATE your jitters2011 nisiprius08:48 tomphilly
40hStill buying Bonds?11:05 Streptococcus08:46 3funder
22p[How to report 1099-R - CARES act repayment]01/18 brewbaker08:46 cas
12261tU.S. stocks continue to soar!2018 GoldStar08:45 JoMoney
5pCompound Interest Calculations09:43 socialforums20108:45 socialforums201
14cCostco Allstate Protection Plan for TVs01/23 Cruise08:44 seawolf21
6pPaying 17 year old for work on rental properties and the $12,000 tax deduction question07:13 teacher216308:43 teacher2163
26cIs having an ice maker in an Airbnb important?20:01 Kennedy08:42 PoppyA
13hRoth 401k vs Traditional 401k plus taxable (need a critique of my calculations)19:55 an_asker08:40 KlangFool
8pFidelity HSA question04:26 jeremyl08:40 fishhead442
133cEngagement Ring01/19 aamr08:40 Workaholic
4hHSA contribution allowable amounts partial years 2020-202114:55 dalbright08:39 dalbright
4nAdvice on my strategy02:03 SometimesConfus08:39 krasnall
3cBest way to sell Tractor and vintage (1920s) Truck?00:37 2tall4economy08:36 Millennial
23cShould we afford a new Toyota Sequoia?18:31 TarHeel200208:32 Dave55
1pSet up HSA for Mom for Her Long Term Care?07:54 CoastLawyer203008:32 Penguin
21nHow much US stocks should international investors hold?09:06 hithere08:31 Peculiar_Invest
110t[403b fiduciary lawsuits: MIT Yale NYU Duke Hopkins Penn Vanderbilt Emory Columbia]2016 ResearchMed08:30 Monster99
6275cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:29 heartwood
97t“New Bitcoin Investors Explain Why They’re Buying at Record Prices“01/21 BogleBuddy1208:29 matt1882
51pOptions for IRA assets in estate planning01/22 Ranunculus08:26 Ranunculus
55tWhy international underperformed - it’s the earnings growth rate!10/16 kosomoto08:26 dmcmahon
79tHow to understand all that's going on with GME [GameStop]01/23 aaja08:25 cableguy
22hAnyone here incorporate Cryptocurrency into their AA?14:38 SemiRetire08:24 Oak&Elm
55tHow to profit from irrational behavior?01/22 embwbam08:22 oldfatguy
1hfees charged Raymond James, Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch ?07:59 bluegill08:20 Watty
30hCan we retire at a young age?01/23 g0ldplatinun08:19 Streptococcus
13hFor Alan S and others 2020 Covid-19 RMD06/29 pablolo08:14 LadyGeek
21hA lot of bubble talk would you invest?01/23 BNAIBOA08:12 Streptococcus
15pHouse mortgage process, seeing and offering when not pre-approved and other questions13:13 Hector08:11 N1CKV
499pThe Mega Backdoor Roth IRA2014 coolguy95408:09 corp_sharecropp
4hMid-cap ex-US funds?01:43 tomsense7608:07 whodidntante
64pAdvice for a mid-30s humanities graduate student01/23 ohthehumanities08:06 stoptothink
0hPortfolio for review, ESOP complications08:02 mizzoutiger 
135pVanguard 1099-DIV Missing a Fund01/18 Blues08:02 LadyGeek
1635pMy LenderFi refinance is going well2020 abyan08:02 cskollmann
15hAA and my Need, Willingness and Ability01/24 edan08:02 KlangFool
12hWhat to do? High fee retirement accountss20:10 Streptococcus07:55 Streptococcus
19cBest/most comfortable walking shoes?09:27 talacker07:51 bob60014
124pWhat Causes Burnout at Work?01/20 neb202007:50 LadyGeek
3hPersonal Capital - cash holdings in AA for rebalance22:11 zero707:45 GeraniumLover
4fIgnore list?2018 TomatoTomahto07:43 LadyGeek
52tDid Vanguard Eliminate Access to Financial Engines?2019 iceport07:42 Broken Man 1999
3cSolar panel recent developments09:27 Tingting101307:38 Sandtrap
20cPurchasing my first smartwatch or fitness tracker01/22 jhsu80270107:38 J295
19cWhere do you buy your pet supply?23:44 sabhen07:34 Ramjet
134lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2021!05/25 Miriam207:32 Silk McCue
48cBest State and National Parks in the Southeast01/22 ThankYouJack07:26 andypanda
4hNeed help with bond portion of portfolio21:52 Flux Capacitor07:26 dbr
182t2021 Hedge Fund Contest01/03 Tanelorn07:25 Tanelorn
44tIs Bengen’s Work Reliable?12:11 Leesbro6307:24 Call_Me_Op
7hWhat do People on this Forum Expect for Return (Basing on book, Serious Money)23:36 m224407:24 Sandtrap
5hNew investor and need portfolio guidance please.20:59 Weekend-golfhac07:18 Weekend-golfhac
18hPortfolio Advice for new Attending Physician01/23 stonksandbonds07:17 jatwell
7panother whole life insurance question16:41 sia123407:15 JoeRetire
4p403b Minister housing allowance and SS taxation14:06 curryitr07:12 Silk McCue
4pWhat retirement accounts to withdraw from for down payment?22:48 Ed_Sandwich07:00 Admiral
6tAny local financial/Investing talk shows that you love.20:17 Warsad06:57 backpacker61
98cWhat's your favorite reasonably priced gin?09/25 heartwood06:18 Taz
2544c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir06:04 abuss368
27hFidelity Tips: Building an auto-rolling US Treasury ladder for EF or HSA in California2020 mervinj705:59 mauwong
5pShort term disability insurance- let it go or keep?21:13 pepperz05:42 Valuethinker
77cGenealogy2015 Caduceus04:34 celia
59tRisk Parity ETF launched (RPAR)2019 TheJoelfather04:04 klaus14
5nUK Save into ISA or Pension01/24 GordonZola04:04 minimalistmarc
11tHow do purchases of a stock and market makers effect the float of a stock?01/24 traderlmd03:02 alex_686
31pCARES Act money from Roth 401k to Roth IRA?12/17 CrisisAverted02:58 CrisisAverted
38nGolden Visa Programs01/05 Tjb02:49 elderwise
202tSigns of Bubble logic - greed overcoming fear01/20 Valuethinker02:44 EnjoyIt
313tSimulating Returns of Leveraged ETFs2019 EfficientInvest02:36 blackswan
9hRollover 401k to convert small amount of after-tax into Roth12/15 silasmarner02:27 Eagle33
0hAdvice on my strategy02:20 SometimesConfus 
28hFidelity Just Classified Me as a Day Trader01/24 Escapevelocity02:10 BionicBillWalsh
7324tHEDGEFUNDIE's excellent adventure Part II: The next journey2019 HEDGEFUNDIE02:09 CMS_Flash
23tWhen to Defer Taxes?01/22 4a757374696e01:33 4a757374696e
10hFirst Backdoor IRA (trying) and a few mistakes already05/05 kaiak01:20 Katietsu
6hHelp setting up widowed mother's finances01/22 blaugranamd01:05 Eagle33
11hPension vs Lump Sum?01/23 alex12371100:58 Eagle33
2hKeeping money in Australian dollars/investments23:42 nimo95600:55 Watty
112tVanguard Multifactor fund VFMF has had a bad year09/18 00000:40 000
15pRent vs buy decision. Help.15:01 tRacer420100:35 babystep
56tA mean variance framework for portfolio optimization08/08 Uncorrelated00:16 jdinatale
139hAny boring investors left?01/24 Chicken Little00:06 Bungo
9pAny Other Bogleheads in Private Practice?01/23 DoveBogle23:58 cheesepep
11hAdvice with parents windfall17:00 jodhpur23:34 raiderjkwong
8lHear ye, hear ye!! [New virtual chapters based on "Life Stage"]01/22 gailcox23:32 Miriam2
3pDeduct not repay PTC overpayment w/ tax software15:59 Tejfyy23:24 lstone19
94cTransitioning from AT&T to MVNO (Mint Mobile?) - Please Critique This Plan12/11 HasHas23:01 Soon2BXProgramm
271tWhy isn't every indexer investing in small cap value index funds?01/07 QuestioningWand22:56 All Seasons
4hIs Prime Harvesting suitable for All Weather/Golden Butterfly01/20 CapObvious22:48 CapObvious
188t'The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully-fledged epic bubble' - GMO01/05 Forester22:47 Elysium
5hOverweighted in Tax-Deferred for FI01/23 FIREwalker_Fed22:43 LeeMKE
49pNew neighbor interested in buying our home too12/12 hameshatumkocha22:43 ResearchMed
2pUGMA and 529 plan15:43 neveragain22:41 DIFAR31
20cWhat advisors do you have in your life?01/23 manatee200522:38 heyyou
2pBackdoor Roth for Married Filing Jointly Couple20:57 MdRzz22:34 Lee_WSP
5hApproach on moving into a 3 Fund Portfolio01/23 Paul_3Fund22:27 Paul_3Fund
111hGood idea to hold TIPS now?07/30 mike246822:27 Northern Flicke
12pHouse Purchase - How to think about in asset allocation01/22 qwerty12322:15 Rrolack
10cReal Estate Agent vs. Redfin vs. FSBO advice?01/23 lou4gehrig22:14 Clemblack
4tAvailability of proceeds from the sale of a mutual fund11:09 Samosa2222:13 UpperNwGuy
27tBlockFi Interest Account (8.6% APY) with Stablecoin12/03 snailderby22:11 HomerJ
7pComplicated legal question regarding real estate15:34 Flextruck22:11 Flextruck
43cTown A vs Town B01/23 TheMoneyMan22:03 Metsfan91
122tTracking my ARK / Bitcoin - non-Boglehead portfolio01/18 MinnGuyInvestin22:02 HomerJ
31pHelp me stop losing my mind over California HSA?06/02 TinKnightRisesA21:59 Hector
1pQuestion about County records about Property21:07 gurusw21:53 Carefreeap
84pInvestment in Mobile Home Park01/19 MrNo21:49 Flextruck
10h529 Savings query - how much more to save11:17 sdsu0421:47 sdsu04
16tAsset Allocation, International, Tilting, and Emerging Markets.01/22 nzahir21:37 fennewaldaj
1hrussel vs s&p 500 choices in 401k20:20 loggerboots21:32 Affable at 50
25hfinancial advisor advice11:21 aussiedog21:27 nedsaid
8cAppliance for pfSense / OPNsense12/31 indexfundfan21:25 indexfundfan
112tWhat do you think about swing trading?2019 fingoals21:19 Bama12
9hHolistic Investment Review/Questions17:27 komodowhite21:15 Duckie
21pFidelity and ACH/EFT deposits01/20 duckcalldan21:12 mpsz
29cIs there a "Bogleheads" for RV's?01/24 mlagrange21:12 callouscrab
17tImportance of having an annual plan01/22 SantaClaraSurfe21:10 pasadena
32cgood duct tape01/22 egrets21:02 OnTopOfaStack
5pRetirement Plan for my business... who should I ask?19:32 newyorker21:01 Shaneman
3tGood Enough!14:13 Horton21:00 firebirdparts
4hPortfolio Analysis (Bond/Small Cap Questions)18:19 linuxology20:53 linuxology
13pSSA tells me I need a new SSN to get on-line access01/23 usagi20:50 usagi
239tWhat to pair with NTSX?01/27 siriusblack20:46 klaus14
9hViews of iShares AOR19:00 rgs20:43 Vegomatic
4hWant to rate my portfolio?15:08 Sam7189420:30 rob
32hAnyone Else Investing in SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies)?09/02 desertgoose20:28 nedsaid
35hNo Love For Vanguard GNMA Fund. Why?01/23 Van20:25 Munir
43hWhere to invest money that is maturing from CDs01/23 ramblingman120:24 annu
25hWhere to buy ITOT01/21 jackk20:22 PeterGoel
44tBitcoin ETF (GBTC): Is 17% premium irrelevant?01/03 Samosa2220:16 fingoals
19hDirect future 401K contributions to 100% bonds?01/16 PA_Boglehead20:12 KlangFool
78t[wiki] Callan periodic table of investment returns01/16 LadyGeek20:12 abuss368
40hGlobal Market Cap vs Overweighting Domestic?01/04 OutOfCollegeInv20:11 Stick5vw
6hMinimum amount to keep a Vanguard account open?15:50 burritoLover20:11 iamblessed
7hHelp with personal retirement plan11:48 tanre20:10 Nestegg_User
121pWho or what has helped the most in your financial journey?01/21 Family Oaks20:09 abuss368
73pAnother House Can I Afford It Thread12/05 socialforums20120:09 TomWambsgans
36pSecuring my accounts, what am I missing?01/22 RJ201020:09 JamalJones
41hRoth vs. Traditional 401(k) [sigh]01/24 Colleen20:07 willthrill81
20pNo term life on a visa?2019 countdrak20:01 MrsBDG
94cI just bought a Peloton - Love it!10/30 PhillyPhan19:59 Normchad
5h[Have HSA, which indexes are better for investing?]01/14 lgmalk19:58 grabiner
2hPortfolio Questions for new-ish college grad16:26 unstable_eigenv19:53 chassis
0hPortfolio Review19:53 pathanjali2007 
3hHow to tax intelligently allocation bond funds01/23 InvestUSA19:49 grabiner
10pSending sensitive information to accountant09:13 cabfranc19:47 h82goslw
126pQuicken Alternatives2018 vthokie10019:44 rgs
9pDiscount Points and Lender Credit01/20 kaptan19:41 grabiner
21hVanguard fund(s) for retiree who does not need the income01/22 intersubjectiv19:34 retired@50
23pCredit Karma Tax2019 10.06am19:33 BroIceCream
37tInflation01/22 powercherry519:24 TN_Boy
48tSneaky ways to get into closed funds (e.g. POAGX in TN 529)2018 HEDGEFUNDIE19:18 Bayside24
16cDo you have any tips for first time home buyer?12:21 Blue45619:17 oldfort
5hPortfolio Review & Questions01/23 acejacksingh19:15 acejacksingh
2hEmulate Boglhead Three fund Portfolio In 401(k)16:19 RuralLivin19:10 ruralavalon
6hLetting it ride with some actively managed funds in my 401k10:50 grogu19:01 usagi
503tMichael Saylor Discusses Bitcoin on Bloomberg's Odd Lots12/24 Enganerd19:00 NoRegret
5cSnowblower hose leak16:32 MP17318:49 MP173
48tWhat happened to BND back in March?01/23 rerod18:47 KlangFool
783cBird watchers – what birds are you seeing?03/28 JAZZISCOOL18:38 Miriam2
33hEditing my 3 fund portfolio (VG, TSP, Fidelity)01/21 tomwood18:38 tomwood
15pstrange email: what to do?01/24 peterwantstosav18:30 protagonist
4901cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt18:28 protagonist
74pIRS delays start of tax filing season to Friday, February 12, 202101/15 pshonore18:23 protagonist
34f48-72 hour waiting period for first post?01/23 F150HD18:19 livesoft
8pExpatriation Tax : How to value gain on Angel Investments?2019 bagpuss18:18 fogalog
14hSeeking AA Rebalance Advice - 47yo @ 90/1010:37 InvestorHowie18:12 geerhardusvos
8pCA Home Insurance canceled need suggestions01/23 coynerone18:09 talzara
11tQuestion for the Option Gurus13:51 PaloRojo18:06 PaloRojo
14cMacBook Air - Big Sur upgrade?01/21 TresBelle6518:06 Pandemic Bangs
2hMax out 401k & Roth IRA contributions while student loans on pause?15:57 JayAreaInvestor18:05 vineviz
5hCan you have both 529 and UGMA plan13:37 neveragain18:00 Spirit Rider
8hDitch LPL broker? Advice appreciated01/23 Harpersmom17:56 Harpersmom
22pKeeping Tax Returns10:36 Prudence17:51 sean.mcgrath
9hWant to move money from VFIAX to VTSAX (or even VTWAX)16:20 Polymer198517:46 Big Dog
14lTaylor Larimore, My Favorite Teacher2014 mlebuf17:46 Kitty Telltales
17hMove my stock index funds to cash?03/24 sonoferu17:40 Makefile
78tPSA: Fixed AA with 5/25 rebalancing works!01/10 KlangFool17:38 an_asker
15hHelp with 401(k) allocation01/23 hn7nh17:29 MrJones
8pSS Survivor Benefits Question01/24 AlmstRtrd17:23 AlmstRtrd
21cGetting Rid of TV09:25 drgenefish17:20 Hebell
33hTarget Date Funds Available in your 401k01/23 Horton17:19 Johm221122
2hDoes 529 money belong to student or parent for IRS dependent classification?16:02 womeninscience17:17 womeninscience
0pData or links to gauge min/max for 30 year no-cost refi17:15 masrepus 
18hLow Minimum Investment Account For Young Kids01/23 bmelikia17:14 BashDash
210tA low-cost 5 fund Boglehead portfolio2019 vineviz17:03 freyj6
14hWhere to put cash in 401K for one month01/22 SemiRetire17:01 SemiRetire
11pFed Annuitant COLA error?01/22 winski5817:00 winski58
31hFisher Investments - Help a family member leave2018 RetireSomeday516:57 Doctor Rhythm
15pWhat advice to give 40ish sons12/17 grandmacassie16:55 grandmacassie
75hSo you hit your number. Now what?01/21 Howie16:49 antiqueman
1hPortfolio Review15:09 Pullupking21416:48 Pandemic Bangs
21pReal estate investment with daughter01/22 Wenonah16:48 grandmacassie
10pLTC policy numbers01/23 hoops77716:44 Rex66
1hPortfolio Review15:36 Fresenius7616:41 Pandemic Bangs
326cWhat have you baked recently?2018 Elsebet16:35 JAZZISCOOL
28hEquity Bubble Investing AKA How/when to get back in?01/23 Actmck316:30 Beensabu
10hWhat to do with $150K cash?15:48 Remmy16:30 CZjc1330
2hfunds and etf's16:25 prk16:29 livesoft
1pTime Between Requesting an Extension and Filing a Tax Return to Receive I Savings Bonds?15:29 obafgkm16:26 solar99999
99tVanguard 2-factor authentication becoming mandatory and available for non-US04/29 asset_chaos16:20 oldfort
5cToothbrush question - Nimbus15:34 JAZZISCOOL16:18 hi_there
1289cWhat are you listening to now2020 Artful Dodger16:15 Artful Dodger
1pCARES Act: taxpayers with net operating losses01/24 Admiral16:09 MP123
10hDividends from Treasury funds taxable?11:17 zadie16:06 anon_investor
15pQuicken for Mac Users - Best Alternative01/23 Markwhy16:05 beyou
7nQuestion about tax on investments overseas [Denmark]01/21 SometimesConfus15:56 SometimesConfus
18lChicago virtual Bogleheads meeting05/07 HoosierJim15:49 HoosierJim
3hRMD from IRA with basis12:40 PinotGris15:46 Chip Munk
4tIs it possible to turn nominal income into Inflation protected income?01/23 Wrench15:45 Hebell
2cWinter campgrounds in Florida and Texas11:03 mcamp1815:44 livesoft
17pSchwab Bank - mediocre health rating?06/27 NYCaviator15:43 ChicagoBear7
15tAre SPACs included in VTI?01/23 nyclon15:43 nyclon
1hPortfolio Review - how to exit Advisor and be as tax efficient as possible14:45 rshocka15:35 Pandemic Bangs
4hWhat Financial gift can I give a young nephew?14:43 spm30115:35 hi_there
31pBuying a House - Should I Open a Trust First?01/19 SVT15:29 mariezzz
8htax efficient bond funds01/02 gram15:21 gram
8hIRA Account for someone who makes $15K per year in part time job11:35 aparan15:14 ruralavalon
1hTax on ADR vs buying directly on foreign exchange14:56 SometimesConfus15:08 Pandemic Bangs
0tHow much of the U.S. Manufacturing PMI's 2019 plummet have to do with the trade war?15:02 Virus4762 
1tIf an ETF holds another ETF, what is the expense ratio?14:41 stockmaster14:55 hi_there
9cRecon ranger 1000w bicycle ...what do u think?13:35 Carguy8514:53 surfstar
17hTarget date fund in 401k-what goes in taxable?01/21 csei2114:50 Duckie
6pHSA Contribution Limit Clarification01/23 Unitsmoke14:48 bluebolt
212pGot a job offer for $840k/yr. Should I come out of retirement?01/12 Lowlim14:43 geerhardusvos
4t“Iran blames 1600 Bitcoin processing centers for massive blackouts in Tehran and other cities“09:12 BogleBuddy1214:40 ohboy!
11hRolling Over Prior Employer Fidelity 401(k) due to fees01/23 AnStrANG14:39 Duckie
74pWedding01/21 bitdocmd14:37 dlrkw9mu
19hCheck-in on glide path and asset allocation01/23 berg14:34 berg
31cSlightly different keep/replace car decision2019 lazydavid14:24 Pandemic Bangs
95cWork from home getting harder01/22 Beach14:21 smitcat
4hSpreadsheet for unwinding unrealized gains01/23 barneycat14:21 MrJones
6cPaypal now requires you to give your phone number11:33 tc10114:20 TravelGeek
11cBrewsy - easy home wine making - any reviews?01/03 F150HD14:18 Remmy
2hPortfolio review and moving forward14:07 Structure14:17 Outer Marker
8hTracking HSA funds for deferred reimbursement12:29 Mttownse14:15 TravelGeek
11hIRMAA for MFJ12:03 happysteward14:08 diy60
2397pShare your net worth progression2014 techcrium14:08 Roarindino
5hInvest windfall all stock next week?13:09 setitandforgeti14:06 newfydog
0pPurchase protection14:05 THANKS 
33tTIPS and negative real yields01/22 JAM1314:04 gmaynardkrebs
2pBrokerage promotion13:36 nonamer80014:03 jhsu802701
15pHomeowners Insurance in Arizona01/23 johnsmithsf14:03 talzara
11pHSA distribution tax filing question01/23 jheaps13:56 jebmke
10hAdvice on how to invest portfolio across two 401ks and one taxable account01/01 pizzatriscuits13:53 celia
9458pRefinance Mega Thread2019 AZAttorney1113:52 dstac
491lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz13:50 Peter Foley
30tCost for mailing tax statements01/23 Oak&Elm13:49 TravelGeek
10tNancy Pelosi's husband buys stock options in Apple, Tesla, and Disney13:12 PackersFan1213:48 LadyGeek
22tShould I lower my DCA during this time?09:30 NRB13:46 helloeveryone
3hWhere to invest $125k over next two years?01/24 arivera13:32 New Providence
3pWhat paper records to keep?12:01 DocInColo13:29 Marseille07
50tNow that I'm a homeowner, how do I track my net-worth in an Excel document?01/22 TheBogleWay13:29 JS-Elcano
8hDividends & Cost Basis In Traditional & Roth IRA's12:36 Jason-Paul13:29 sailaway
4tSafe Withdrawal Rates for Tactical Asset Allocation vs Buy & Hold01/24 sbillertpa13:27 sycamore
27hDo bond funds price in market expectations like equity funds do?01/21 Sylvie13:08 lazynovice
13tRebalancing Methodology Alternatives01/23 Doc13:03 asset_chaos
6c3d Rendering of a Kitchen Design01/21 BashDash12:55 BashDash
12pTIAA Safe Estate - Online Critical Document Storage01/24 557880yvi12:51 557880yvi
15cLaptop Suggestion for Visually Impaired Age 80+ Parent01/23 HomeStretch12:48 LeftCoastIV
24tMando's Risk Parity Strategy [Hedgefundie's EA modification]01/18 Mando12:46 Mando
10cYour favorite keto recipes01/24 jaqenhghar12:37 lazydavid
1154tLifecycle Investing - Leveraging when young2019 Steve Reading12:36 DMoogle
702pRelationship mortgage discounts for moving a million assets2019 softwaregeek12:30 Bogleleg
64pMy bad financial habits01/22 tennisplyr12:06 HMSVictory
3hCan TSP RMD Payments Be Sent to Vanguard Brokerage Directly?01/23 clsms12:04 clsms
0h40 year old Investment Theory - Please comment12:01 Vinwong44 
16pPersonal Financial Adviser NEEDED01/22 tanre11:48 tanre
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