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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1838 new posts and replies over 228 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
30pIs a New Car Okay if Driven 15+ Years?09:56 Keppy01:48 Nestegg_User
1p[Germany] New to the site - something I've been looking for long time. How to proceed?12/10 jkovacevic01:43 Delawarean
2hInvestment advice for stocks?00:32 starrynight4001:37 starrynight40
8tWhat types of jobs do Bogleheads have?20:42 BeanCity01:33 fennewaldaj
20cGuitar Players -CAGED system12/08 MP17301:31 Hyperborea
38c[Anyone drop cable for YouTube TV?]12/10 dmk39501:27 catdude
7pStock acquired - How much tax will I owe?12/10 fsrph01:27 SoAnyway
3pSide Hustle? Passive Income?23:07 BeanCity01:19 HEDGEFUNDIE
27hAdvice for older and younger person saving for retirement?12/09 starrynight4001:12 starrynight40
7cHow to tell if online watches are legit?17:02 mc200:56 sfinvestornoob
14cShould this doctor pay damages for malpractice?18:38 jwblue00:51 Erwin007
1hInvestment restriction00:12 stocknoob411100:51 Dale_G
17pHiding Identity of Trust Owner: Registered Agent Services Needed?12/11 Cruise00:44 Cruise
11hAny way to display the old design on the Vanguard website?18:39 Daitokuji00:41 Gnirk
5hAny Book Recommendations on General Financial Management and Planning?12/11 amodoko00:39 Misciagno
9hIs it worth doing a Roth conversion now to avoid future backdoor pro rata headaches?11/16 greenwood00:32 letsgobobby
228pWhat percentage of your net worth is your home equity?12/11 Ed_Sandwich00:32 Gnirk
45hVanguard Wellesly Income12/08 WaldenAshes00:23 Jerry55
11hShould I replace PIMCO Income Fund with an intermediate-term Treasury fund?12/04 megaroth00:23 CRTR
17cVolkswagen Reliability16:56 monkey_business00:18 jumppilot
100hFor those waiting for a 'correction' ...10/25 livesoft00:18 Spinola
1p401k in-service distribution/withdrawal/rollover23:15 Tamales00:12 Spirit Rider
3tWhy some larger stocks are classified as mid-cap?22:32 greenhill00:12 Beensabu
3tHow does negative interest rate work?21:13 HenrySouthernCa00:02 AlohaJoe
19hNon-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Distribution Election12/11 PowderDay923:59 PowderDay9
39pHow Much Is Enough?07/23 capitalhockey23:57 Finridge
153tWhat Happened to you during the Financial crisis of 2007–200812/11 AllStarDaniel23:53 MisterMister
38cHyatt Legal Plan for Will and Trust12/11 KlangFool23:51 jackholloway
0tVanguard Charitable Website Improved23:49 TierArtz 
57cLyft driver got into an accident, but denies it03:43 madbrain23:49 Finridge
18tEarly retirement mistakes???09:57 Cleverusername23:49 MisterMister
0pAgriculture Tax -- Using 401k's and Futures Contracts23:24 beefey 
21cWhere does one purchase correctly-sized petite trousers?16:18 InvisibleAeroba23:23 InvisibleAeroba
5cBuying used car17:06 Moore0223:17 monkey_business
49tVMVFX (Global Minimum Volatility) as core equity holding. Your opinion?12/11 vwgrrc23:14 vineviz
15hIn order to not receive a dividend, what date do I need to SELL a mutual fund on?12/11 slamfire22:57 PalmQueen
88tThe S&P 500 Goes Supernova11/30 Random Walker22:54 raven15
25tRecession Coming15:36 Time2Quit22:51 delamer
6t"How NOT To Beat The Market"19:47 Taylor Larimore22:46 marcopolo
5hPot Stocks18:59 brownbox122:46 Blake7
20tSo Much Red [in cost basis of taxable accounts]09:54 PinotGris22:45 WanderingDoc
106lSeattle Area Chapter Meetings - Master Thread2015 delconte22:44 Elsebet
36hGreat Personal Loss – Guidance and Financial Questions12/10 northernboy22:42 MisterMister
7cStartpage VASTLY different from Google12:00 kayanco22:42 JoMoney
4tSchwab Distribution11:32 JFanni22:37 tindel
102cElectric bill with LED12/09 dmk39522:37 Smoke
7hMLP's19:49 Wezzley7722:34 Doom&Gloom
5pWhich Turbotax12/11 dpm32122:33 PinotGris
7tNPR On Point: Stock Market Distress Signal: How Low-Cost Index Funds Are Taking Over19:17 Cruz22:33 MJS
25tIs there any market that is not inflated?06:05 InvestInLife22:28 alpine_boglehea
1pMegacorp Interview Advice22:02 skinsfan22:23 tony_roach
27pNew job, sales at Subaru12/09 emanuel_v1922:22 Nissanzx1
40cTrip to Italy12/11 ThebakerandtheC22:22 Hyperborea
3pUber Cash Discount12/11 SlowMovingInves22:17 Startled Cat
3h$10 million family trust - Vanguard PAS?11:04 trustquestioner22:16 bsteiner
3096pWhat's Your Credit Card Rewards Strategy?2016 guitarguy22:15 ResearchMed
10pNon-taxable investment income in order to qualify for ACA subsidies?10:18 GR8FUL-D22:11 marcopolo
21pReceived IRS letter - be proactive or sit back?09:23 ParlayBogle22:07 BolderBoy
25pWant to help me figure how much I can convert to Roth?12/10 FOGU22:07 sawdust60
5hTLH Help13:07 poker2722:04 poker27
7cApple Store For Vets & Active Military12/09 rvflyer21:55 abonder for small business 401K?2016 fpricke121:54 MotoTrojan
2tIs Vanguard Advisors Fiduciary? Fiduciary Rule is dead?18:43 andysnp21:52 venkman
34cDesktop Computer. All in one or separate? And which one?12/11 fortfun21:51 spefactor
6pHome improvements and taxes12/11 Xrayman6921:49 adamthesmythe
28lDecember 9 DC Bogleheads Meeting with Stephen Goss, Chief Actuary of Soc Security11/08 bobcat221:47 UpperNwGuy
33hWhy I use Roth for bond instead of stock. Please correct me...12:48 vwgrrc21:45 terran
2tVTAPX Short Term TIPS down .79% today. Why?21:17 Kalo21:37 Kalo
374lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond21:36 siamond
11tCAP Gains Wellington12/11 dcop21:26 grabiner
1h457 or 401k with Roth Conversion for early withdrawl?20:53 fortfun21:23 StoopieHippo
13pBathroom scale07:20 B4Xt3r21:23 2015
720cMy 2017 CRV is a victim of the dreaded oil gas-dilution issue03/14 CULater21:23 thelimocat
3hGetting started, looking for advice08:27 zeal21:19 naturedude
4tETF price when dividend is paid14:02 AerialWombat21:18 grabiner
2pMedicare deducted from SS check?20:41 gutrageous21:17 gutrageous
4hWellesley end of year cap. gain distribution12/11 HJG098921:15 HJG0989
16pSetting Up Accounts For Minors12/11 bogledesk21:11 bogledesk
4tRebalance market timing - a good idea?18:34 JustinR21:09 MotoTrojan
8hExceeded the Social Security Income Limit12/11 FlyLegacy50021:09 grabiner
11pFidelity HSA - Account Closed (Risk Department)09:30 Atgard21:09 TropikThunder
6pIf You Knew Then What You Know Now11:46 Chindsey21:09 2015
350pWhat are your property taxes?06/30 Raybo21:04 snackdog
13hBeing locked out of my account and "research team" will contact me in 72 hours18:45 wangarific21:00 wangarific
14hTax Loss Harvesting - When to do it?10:26 jboverholser20:57 jboverholser
6hConverting portfolio from equities to 3-fund11:26 KingRiggs20:46 grabiner
42tOur mentor [Jack Bogle] advises to "buy bonds" for protection in current market09:19 CULater20:46 Fallible
4hTaxed account12/11 Cterrell16.ct20:44 grabiner
18hCorporate Bond Investing Strategy15:24 glossolalia20:41 BSBHead
12hSeeking Advice as I Turn 3012/12 financesenterin20:41 PQ12$
4hVASVX Capital Gains Distribution - when to sell12/12 OldSport20:39 grabiner
10tIs there value in these books?11:34 kayanco20:38 alex_686
3hBackdoor Roth IRA logistics17:53 Lessenmacher20:31 GoldStar
8546tU.S. stocks in free fall2011 Lbill20:23 nedsaid
2cAny states not required 150 credit hours to be licensed as a CPA?18:39 Clarice20:21 ObliviousInvest
1536tQSPIX - thoughts on interesting fund2015 Yesterdaysnews20:08 Random Walker
3hVCAIX to VCTXX14:59 kmn9919:59 kmn99
10hHelp with Roth Conversions11:50 Milujo19:56 Milujo
10hSuper IRA account08:30 Patch8719:54 Patch87
62tWhere do the losses in HY show up? [High Yield bonds]11/29 restingonmylaur19:51 Kevin M
484t2-year CDs at Vanguard and Fidelity Today04/05 Kevin M19:42 Kevin M
6hMom's Retirement Portfolio12:29 workingonit19:38 Peter Foley
11tOk to invest in an LLC?12:36 boglerocks19:33 Bruce T
25cReplacing a gas furnace and electric AC: when and how much?07:42 Calico19:27 UALflyer
7hDividend Reinvestment Messed Up Tax Loss Harvest12/10 Soup Nazi19:27 grabiner
46tVanguard Individual 401K now offering Admiral funds11/22 RickBoglehead19:20 White Coat Inve
2h34 year old doctor needing help with 401k fund selection17:33 russiandoc19:19 White Coat Inve
11hI'm going to do it?17:54 kdhrrsmth19:10 KlangFool
69hVanguard Junk Bond fund05/15 mikebee19:07 averagedude
22tIn defense of Hedge Funds09/19 hdas19:01 averagedude
70cBest headphones under 500 bucks10/08 am18:59 onourway
2hDeferred comp question12:32 beezquimby18:57 TxInjun
21plearning excel12/11 1year2318:55 averagedude
10pPension service credit purchase12/11 tibbitts18:40 tibbitts
8pMoved to new state for final month of 2018 - Roth conversion opportunity?12/05 gatsby1118:33 gatsby11
2fHoliday Card14:32 yousha18:31 livesoft
5pCapital losses and income taxes17:56 effillus18:27 JediMisty
10pProperty tax assessments in California (assessors questionnaire)12/11 Wannaretireearl18:22 SR II
3hInvestment Advice for Amateur Investor12/11 Mama_AE18:20 Duckie
5tLarry Swedroe: Best Behavioral Finance Books10:47 Random Walker18:02 Fallible
2hTax Loss Harvesting as a Married Couple17:38 kora87018:00 livesoft
4hWhich is more valuable? Roth conversion or 0% capital gains?11:17 naturedude17:58 naturedude
0hHas anyone with HSAs with HSABank tried rolling over to Fidelity?17:47 musicality 
154cBest values at Costco? Honestly, a little disappointed...12/02 fortfun17:37 Broken Man 1999
14cFax without a telephone line12/11 edvest17:34 smackboy1
52tUpdated Vanguard Estimated Year-End Distributions (Div & CG)12/10 One Ping17:30 Indianrock
84lNew Columbus, Ohio Chapter2017 RetiredMarine17:28 DA200
13pCOBRA dental coverage03/16 Earl Lemongrab17:15 scrabbler1
25hMy PenFed 5 yr CDs are maturing12/11 Hayden17:07 glock19
2033tWhat are you up YTD? [Year To Date]2014 InvestorNewb17:01 Andrew321
657tRumor mill - Fidelity starting individual HSA's Nov. 15th11/11 liberty5316:57 hoppy08520
159tDo long-term bonds belong in one's portfolio?12/08 CULater16:55 vineviz
4hAnother Newbie Question [IRA fund selection]10:59 Accord16:54 billfromct
47cRoot Canal - dentist or endodontist12/07 curious george16:51 curious george
109cTo each his own ( I guess ) [Opinions of traveling in retirement]12/10 Indianrock16:44 Starfish
4tPitfalls of Backtesting14:54 jalbert16:37 jalbert
22hLost value in 529 savings11:17 johnpau16:32 MathWizard
10pHow to calculate the value of a Forever... [investment]12/09 sillysaver16:30 sillysaver
3hShould I move to Wells Trade or Vanguard?15:52 13toGo16:22 mhc
84cDonate to homeless?12/11 snackdog16:20 LadyGeek
27tVangurad's 2019 Economic and Market Outlook12/11 garlandwhizzer16:20 WhiteMaxima
8cThe red tide in Florida [algae bloom at Florida coast]12/11 pablolo16:20 tennisplyr
2hI think I messed up asset allocation....13:31 MJBogle16:19 livesoft
3tWhich Vanguard California Muni fund?12/11 bluquark16:03 Cyclesafe
20hTaxable or Tax-Exempt Bonds12/09 mailman78116:03 exigent
6p4% APY credit unions08:26 BogleMelon15:55 patrick
8cNEW CAR anyone w/ experience buying police, SSV or taxi package?12/12 Bongleur15:55 sport
103cNespresso?08/03 NextMil15:50 ResearchMed
24hMotley Fools is now for fools only?.....RIP12/11 Rus In Urbe15:45 travelogue
2hQuestions on Roth conversions...14:30 kolea15:40 kaneohe
24hHigh Expense 403B12/10 idealtrucks15:38 krow36
29tWhat should a new investor being reading?12/08 eddyphamelin15:37 Robert Whitfiel
525cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman15:34 SuperGrafx
1pExpat ETF Investment Portfolio [Australia ex-pat in Singapore]12/10 Potatoman515:33 Peter G
13fHow do I delete my account?12/11 pejp15:20 LadyGeek
75pRoth IRA for kids01/26 newbie00315:20 GCD
8hTax Loss Harvesting Questions/Plan09:10 Mavmoses0715:20 go140point6
12h[Bond returns are currently negative. Why should I buy bonds now?]12/03 teartags15:18 Cody
1pNanny Tax Forms at End of the Year14:51 ThankYouJack15:17 Darth Xanadu
23pNot accepting Medicare benefits12/11 Wricha15:17 GrowthSeeker
59hDoes it ever make sense to invest in ROTH IRA before maxing our 401K?11/27 Jesteroftheswam15:12 Admiral
2hVehicle for pre-tax contributions from company severance plan?12:25 Minerva9015:12 pkcrafter
16hReview and Question regarding ROTH Conversion12/11 Crazylegs15:08 FiveK
19lForming new chapter-Virginia Beach2016 seanmerron14:57 LadyGeek
2p401k strategy in last year of training (MD)14:31 MrsBDG14:57 White Coat Inve
38p"Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card Now Lets You Choose Your 3%(=5.25%) Category"12/10 b0B14:53 go_mets
49cTeachers, Professors, and others with lots of vacation days: what do you do in the summer?12/09 Fm201814:46 frugalmama
7hDrastic change in asset allocation?12/05 sellthesedownfa14:44 Chip
8hT-bill auction orders at Schwab without available balance?12/03 hindex14:39 rasta
3hDid Vanguard correctly apply the wash sale rule?12:10 grp2c14:37 grp2c
12hHAINX - Harbor International12/10 btenny14:31 Electron
11hRMD Question10:55 Oak&Elm14:11 Oak&Elm
26cWhat is a lemon? 2018 Outback Infotainment issues03/29 htdrag1114:10 RobLyons
127cLED light bulbs2017 gac197914:05 NHRATA01
14hCD's safer than Bond Funds?12/11 MikeT13:59 Phineas J. Whoo
45cNeed recommendation for new washing machine12/10 Kennedy13:54 bloom2708
4pconversion of 'rolled over' 403b and 401a to roth IRA12/11 Steven2813:43 Steven28
6pdownsizing-/-capital gains?08:53 shell92113:36 shell921
8pChase Ultimate Rewards Points Questions12/11 eimaise13:32 GeraniumLover
23cBuy Lexus CPO now or wait until end of Dec.?12/11 yolli7113:28 jabberwockOG
59tTips breakevens and illiquidity premia12/06 grok8713:20 Doc
19pLayoff coming in 3-6 months, questions about preparing12/11 Lynx31065013:08 CyclingDuo
16pFeedback on Guideline 401k2017 mdds12:57 z0r
59tArticle: Your love of index funds is terrible for our economy12/10 mptfan12:50 Jeff Albertson
1pStock/Securities Backed Loan12:09 cyfairslam12:43 jminv
4pRecharacterizing Roth to Traditional-good move?12/10 Latestarter6212:31 Latestarter62
6hPortfolio for a military lifer, too conservative?!?12/11 brandonp31112:22 brandonp311
26hCan I transfer 2019 IRA money to Vanguard right now so I can put it in Jan 2?12/07 720pete11:48 Longdog
5pPension being sold, advice?10:03 investingdad11:38 PVW
12cHealth insurance outside Obamacare exchange12/07 andyandyandy11:21 Rupert
16hVanguard lists my cost-basis (cost per share) the same for all lots01/23 dancecore11:19 oneleaf
17hTotal Market Index or S&P500 index?12/11 Trobins4411:16 ruralavalon
90cCertified Used BMW, Audi or Mercedes01/28 Buster6511:01 ssquared87
17treasons to avoid indirect HSA rollover?12/11 exigent10:58 SuzBanyan
19hNew Retiree Investment Strategy12/10 jereece10:49 PaulF
551lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt10:48 ruralavalon
10h[Help with my wife's retirement plan]12/10 reeko053010:30 ruralavalon
13tVanguard Automatic Transactions for 12/06/2018 delayed a day (with backdating)12/07 EyeDee10:25 RadAudit
19cRental car totalled - amex insurance issue12/10 ag110:22 michaeljc70
19tFidelity Rep: Don't use target date because you can't time the market.12/10 fortfun10:20 adamthesmythe
9pneighbor wants to purchase our 1 acre property adjacent to their property07:49 Heidi110:19 Mike Scott
5hRate my projected 2019 porfolio06:04 dentite10:11 tea_pirate
406tU.S. stocks continue to soar!08/27 GoldStar10:04 willthrill81
10hROTHs and 5-year Penalty12/11 StretchNM10:00 StretchNM
27pHas anyone been able to execute a Power of Attorney with Vanguard?12/11 Broken Man 199909:55 Broken Man 1999
3tCD vs Treasury Spread07:07 aristotelian09:53 aristotelian
29tShrinking dividends?12/11 Kenneth Almquis09:52 Scooter57
18hPortfolio review for 29 & 30 year olds.12/09 tsmothers09:48 auggiedoggies
12pAnyone upgrading to sapphire banking at chase?11/04 am09:37 4th and Inches
216hHSA... any receipt savers?2015 packet09:26 UpsetRaptor
86cRetired in your late 40s or early 50s?12/02 blahblahsunshin09:18 Calico
7pUGMA best way to open my childrens' savings accounts at Ally?12/10 fortfun09:12 Toons
1pDentist payment question09:05 CWRadio09:12 c1over8
2hSmall Cap TLH12/11 ziggny08:56 ziggny
3hAnother comingling and mega backdoor Roth question12/11 sun2508:42 sun25
3pTax Expert: Charitable Donation Allowed?08:00 J29508:41 J295
412lSuggestions for the Wiki2008 Barry Barnitz08:24 Angst
4tJohn Bogle Talks About His Best & Worst Financial Bets12/11 tvinayak08:13 Carlos Danger
19cXfinity Mobile ?02/24 sixtyforty07:46 BeerTooth
131t[New Vanguard website layout starting Saturday, August 11]08/11 am07:46 RickBoglehead
1t401k setup confusion07:32 HonoluluGator07:36 livesoft
9tCurrent Drawdown Scorecard11/20 hdas07:30 hdas
41cRecommend dish drainer (rack)12/05 AAA07:02 TomatoTomahto
4hVTSAX or VLXVX?04:05 fung06:27 rkhusky
212tVanguard New Factor Funds Portfolio Statistics03/08 jhfenton05:36 gtwhitegold
3hTax gain harvesting methodology12/11 isotherm04:42 triceratop
49cportable jump starters12/06 go_mets04:10 Eureka
59t"The 10 Worst Places To Get Investing Advice"12/08 Taylor Larimore03:09 saintsfan342000

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