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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1385 new posts and replies over 203 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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Subforum - TopicLast   
4t"Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain" (The Atlantic, Sept 2018)12:56 ResearchMed18:33 arcticpineapple
14hWhere to put the first $500012:31 drummerx13918:33 thangngo
51pWhat kind of medical events that may ruin your retirement?08/18 flyingaway18:33 drawpoker
0t2 Q's to factor investors18:33 acegolfer 
1hMore than $55,000 in 401k contributions this year ?17:57 madbrain18:31 MotoTrojan
32pPCP Wants Full Charge Up Front [Primary Care Physician]10:25 dougger518:29 simas
32tMassive small cap tilt with low equity AA - anybody do this?08/12 AerialWombat18:28 MotoTrojan
126tRemind me (again) how real estate isn't a GREAT investment?08/17 TheBogleWay18:27 BrooklynInvest
5pHow do you pay for purchase of a vehicle in retirement?08:22 Cody18:27 deikel
14hAsset Allocation (College Graduate Edition)13:26 ttpark18:27 ttpark
5tYield Plus HSA option17:43 Windylotus18:26 Hodor
19tAccording to BKM, value and small firms may do worse in economic downturn11:49 acegolfer18:25 acegolfer
4pTrying to figure out international stock allocation; something is wrong with my math09:12 abs998618:24 deikel
3pFixed Income in Fidelity Roth IRA15:40 taxck3318:22 deikel
8pSide Jobs while on Social Security?12:48 Yellowjacket118:21 drawpoker
233hVanguard Municipal Money Market VMSXX 1.39%04/05 Bimmer18:21 neurosphere
5pPaying cash for a house. Good idea?15:20 alil18:18 deikel
8hTransferring institutional class shares from 401k to Vanguard?05:19 TheGipper18:16 oldcomputerguy
40cSoap for hand washing dishes08/18 AAA18:15 jlawrence01
50pHow to Treat "Negative" Basis in Nondeductible IRA08/17 Small Law Survi18:12 MarkNYC
9hHow to Begin with 1M15:00 TylerLearning18:09 deikel
87hElderly Relative Short on Money08/16 bajdygba118:07 aspirit
6pUnequal tax treatment of HSAs and 529s10:27 nps18:02 nps
16hAdvice Request: Considering removing advisor from IRA08/16 Peppermint17:56 AllMostThere
15cSellers beware on eBay.14:48 kjvmartin17:55 whodidntante
4hFinance advice for 35 year old trying to plan ahead13:40 irishtom8317:52 NYCguy
29pMoney Market Funds vs. Online Banks22:35 John15117:51 arf30
554tIt's not enough to mumble "Stay the Course"... INT'L Investing has been a disaster!08/14 HuckFinn17:50 jeffyscott
18cSheraton Kauai timeshare08/18 squirm17:49 Mr.BB
3hRoth Recharacterization Question15:02 kappy17:48 retiredjg
1hCash Balance Pension to non-COLA Annuity15:38 northernboy17:46 g$$
4hAllocating 30% across accounts given conditions15:01 CTG17:44 MotoTrojan
6hNeed Help -- Wife's Roth 401k Contribution14:24 DRILLINDK17:36 retiredjg
30pApartment Decision After Divorce- Please evaluate my thinking08/18 Gardener17:33 MJS
10hMinimizing Capital Gains Tax When Transferring to Vanguard08/18 magnificent17:30 Earl Lemongrab
14cRecent Trip to Naples, Italy08/16 seychellois_lib17:28 seychellois_lib
67pYour major and investing/finance?08/18 acegolfer17:23 tj
775c[What TV Show Have You Recently Watched?]2016 dbCooperAir17:21 MichaelRpdx
1hQuestion about HSA from previous employer17:11 mitchconner17:18 RickBoglehead
40pTerm Life Insurance for Young Couple06/06 Championship09117:14 tj
12hHelp With 529 Plan08/18 Travis117:14 HereToLearn
49pEdward Jones rep door knocking08/18 FBN201417:13 Mursili
6hLending money to Goldman Sachs?08/18 LovingLife17:12 LovingLife
18cMy son was scammed on Craigslist- how to get money back11:01 rocdoc117:09 RickBoglehead
35cBooks - Your 3 Best - (Nonfiction, Fiction, Financial/Investing)08/13 Finridge17:06 RollTide31457
8hAggressive asset allocation08/16 milosz1917:06 milosz19
0hRecently Retired – Request Help to Simplify Portfolio, Advice on Roth Conversions, and Taking SS17:04 LovelyDay 
45hDan Wiener Independent Advisor for Vanguard Investors2013 BogleBabe10121117:04 ruralavalon
27hRetirees: Timing your withdrawals07:13 tennisplyr17:01 mickeyd
16hMortgage Tradeoffs - What Would you do?13:00 blahblahsunshin17:00 Earl Lemongrab
44cThe Fall of Consumer Reports08/17 windaar17:00 AlphaLess
23pHealth Check at 30. What Can I Do To Improve?18:55 TechGuy8916:53 AlphaLess
63tVanguard predicts 10 year equity returns08/17 miles monroe16:52 AlphaLess
74lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2019!04/18 Miriam216:50 Miriam2
2pHas anyone been bought out by a developer before?21:29 HEDGEFUNDIE16:50 Carefreeap
8cSan Diego - where to stay, what to do with 6 year old10:50 walletless16:50 BBQ Nut
73pTeachers Who Have Net Worth of $1 million +08/16 Gardner's Son16:50 bradshaw1965
3hPortfolio advice15:43 nickview16:50 ruralavalon
13hThe 1 portfolio06:56 passive-winning16:49 Sandtrap
6hWithdrawal rate and tax-adjusted asset allocation08/16 RetiredCSProf16:48 FiveK
7hTransferring Tax-Advantaged Small-Cap to another broker12:23 dual16:48 Earl Lemongrab
47hHigh tax bracket - Go 100% Roth in tax advantaged?08/15 ALostCause216:46 Earl Lemongrab
6pPlease review my finances12:44 NJ-Irish16:39 Compound
241tA Returns Spreadsheet for Bogleheads2014 longinvest16:35 randomizer
648tFidelity Files for two Fidelity ZERO℠ Funds (0.00% ER total stock and total international mutual funds)08/01 jhfenton16:33 tj
81hWhy the Yale Endowment Hate? [Request for portfolio help]08/16 mbenoit11616:26 LadyGeek
29cWhat to do in Seattle around Christmas?08/16 cuihang16:24 Xrayman69
3h529 ABLE11:31 myxlplc16:20 Jablean
3hInherited IRA - has anyone thought of VPGDX?19:03 monkeytrousers16:16 Jablean
26ppersonal injury lawsuit08/12 guliver16:04 cockersx3
5cComposite Decking Material13:38 Prudence16:04 afan
18h[How can I simplify rebalancing across multiple accounts?]08/11 RIMDBogle16:02 retiredjg
28hBrokerage Account for Minor08/10 bgyt15:48 kacang
2tPrevious 10 year returns predicitions11:33 Mr.BB15:47 grayfox
112pTake auto loan 0.9% if I can afford cash?08/15 markfaix15:42 Starfish
3657cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36815:35 GronkSpike
39hBuy back service time on pension08/10 Rogue115:35 iceport
5hWhat to use for Fixed Income allocation in 3 fund portfolio?08/17 RIMDBogle15:34 retiredjg
5hSell taxable to increase basis?12:20 deecee15:32 Earl Lemongrab
25hToday I retired [should I invest in rental properties?]08/17 peacelove15:31 Geneyus
0hThe more I learn the less I know: general checkup, lots of questions.15:28 Hermione 
26pUnpermitted structure - options?07/21 banook15:25 HRPennypacker
16tThe problem with 'saving receipts' for future qualified HSA withdrawals10:07 MrBeaver15:24 ryman554
68tThis is Unbelievable - another Vanguard customer support odyssey12/26 Chicken lady15:20 welderwannabe
12pSolo 401k vs Sep Ira vs unique solo401k08/15 jessikaur15:19 retiredjg
19hNeed advice on limited TIAA fund choices!08:19 OtterBee15:16 Tdubs
27tDo You Believe Diversification Is The Right Strategy Only If The Investment Horizon Is Long?08/18 Random Walker15:16 JoMoney
5hPlease look at my portfolio and give me advice [Norway]08/17 OkEmail15:14 Norwegian
26hTotal Stock and Total Bond Market(s) at Vanguard08/09 yousha15:12 pkcrafter
45cBest (most practical, low cost) Luggage for Airline Travel08/17 Small Law Survi15:05 GoldStar
627pPicking College and College Scholarships2016 timmy15:03 timmy
28tMutual Funds vs. ETF's08/11 yousha14:58 Earl Lemongrab
20p'Online Banking – School Me’ 203:57 Agcentral14:57 NextMil
5tTax Loss Harvesting (TLH) opportunities08/18 Copernicus14:54 PFInterest
8pNo tax on capital gain while changing country of residency?07:49 sunny_day14:41 sunny_day
5pYoung dentist seeking advice12:29 CarolinaDoc14:36 retire2044
206tTaylor's New Book: The Bogleheads' Guide to The Three-Fund Portfolio10/24 Mel Lindauer14:32 Mel Lindauer
15pOne more reason for Fidelity Visa08/17 47Percent14:29 Saving$
9pRental home and paying off debt by refinancing primary home cash out08/16 Xrayman6914:26 abuss368
14hLooking for assistance simplifying retirement accounts07/23 bradinsky14:25 bradinsky
5hNew job, recommendations?07/26 tjstogner14:20 abuss368
121cTips on Buying a Class-B RV01/31 WoodSpinner14:19 hicabob
5hCapital allocation07:38 4nursebee14:09 delamer
33pReal estate dropping like a rock in U.K. - can the U.S. be far behind?08/18 CULater13:56 Gray
27hAdvantages of I-Bonds vs CD ?08/16 kaeltor13:55 Kevin M
3168cWhat Book Are You Currently Reading? Part VI2014 Alex Frakt13:53 abuss368
5h[Thinking about a two-fund portfolio]10:25 tomd3713:49 PFInterest
4hRental Property + 1031 + Parents Retirement + Brother's Stupidity Question10:43 Spur0813:47 Spur08
7tTLH: Would you treat these 4 international funds as virtually interchangeable12/14 AntsOnTheMarch13:39 student
105cAs an American, where are some great places in the world to retire?08/14 Colorado2913:34 AlphaLess
330tInvest in Tesla?03/28 BradJ13:32 LadyGeek
38cSwitch to auto lease after retirement?08/17 dpm32113:29 TheHouse7
9pfunds from inheritance [how is it taxed?]08/18 cyber1958313:23 straws46
5hExpanding portfolio, real estate vs REITs, vs crowdfunding09:23 sasecool13:18 dcw213
22pQuant / Financial Technology Job Opportunities / companies in New York City08/16 LiveSimple13:09 AlphaLess
42tStock Buybacks as a Global Trend?05/01 SimpleGift13:00 Park
14cNew Zealand08/18 dekecarver12:59 oxothuk
55tVanguard Switch to Brokerage Accounts08/09 cowdogman12:54 darkhorse346
4cWhere to stay in St. Augustine?08/18 C4NT12:45 cashmoney
3tHow is equity/bond allocation different from overweighting sectors/asset classes?21:01 MrBeaver12:45 HEDGEFUNDIE
34pAnyone sell their car to Carmax or Rexindex12:42 neilpilot
25cCostco penny install sale & road hazard terms08/16 susa12:36 eg1
2hBackdoor Roth IRA Conversion with Possible IRA Aggregation Rule11:11 california197712:19 Compound
41cReckless driving ticket in VA-Help!08/17 andyandyandy12:18 dm200
17hI-bonds for a non US citizen2012 aceoperations12:17 silverstar3
9pCredit Card to Pay off Overpayment of Student Debt08/17 Clarice12:14 Austintatious
12pSwitching jobs: what’s your number?18:42 BradJ12:13 jebmke
14cOpinions and experiences with Verizon Prepaid?08/18 raven1511:51 BeneIRA
39pPITI 20% to 30% lower than renting08/17 KlangFool11:51 KlangFool
33cDiscarding dead cell phone without purging my data08/15 gd11:48 Bammerman
14h4-5 yrs to retirement--seeking insights on funds & priorities08/18 Rain11:43 Dottie57
2h30k in Solo 401k. Should I convert this to my Roth Solo 401k?00:03 Derivative11:35 JBTX
3hShort term bond fund for emergency fund?08:30 Deighve11:35 TheGipper
8hShort term pain, long term gain?09:31 Humility10111:33 InvisibleAeroba
30tGot a Question for the Experts Panel at the Bogleheads Conference?03/14 Mel Lindauer11:27 LadyGeek
3hHow to adjust my AA to pay for a large cash investment in 2 years11:02 Kalergie11:21 Flyer24
2223tThe Three-Fund Portfolio2012 Taylor Larimore11:16 LadyGeek
21cChevy Volt for Commute08/15 PaulAtreides11:13 WaffleCone
32pJust general comments for a 22 y/o on financial position2015 bigguy843711:13 bigguy8437
3pThe word "401k" not present on www.sipc.org21:27 gundlached11:05 Nate79
48tHow to Underperform the Market08/16 Cartographer11:05 Fallible
1tSlash your retirement Risk10:15 micknc1911:05 Call_Me_Op
7tWhich is more diversified? TSM or TSM+value?09:27 acegolfer11:04 acegolfer
66h[100% stock, uncomfortable with international]06/21 bg511:03 DeadPoets
26pHow to raise cash to pay living expenses in near term (nine months)?08/18 discman01710:58 NextMil
24tAnyone Pulled the Trigger on Global Wellington/Wellesley?01/21 cinghiale10:56 smectym
2hTax loss harvesting??08:31 Himagg12310:53 Himagg123
2hLaddered T-bills vs CDs for home purchase fund10:11 Saturniidae10:48 mega317
2tPublic REIT valuations vs. private market09:50 sillysaver10:39 nedsaid
9tPersonal Capital shows FTIPX as containing 16% Cash08/18 aaja10:35 Cheryl604
40pNegative Insurance Discount with United Health Care and Sentara08/14 almostretired1910:16 SimonJester
15cGood/Cheap Glucose Monitoring System.08/05 SlowMovingInves10:16 bertilak
46pCostco Eyeglasses - No satisfaction guarantee. Any chance of resolution?11/18 kjvmartin10:14 FIREchief
22cCar alarm '98 Camry ?08/16 dm20009:46 dm200
6pSell taxable to contribute to solo 401k nrats08/16 jessikaur09:37 mcraepat9
13cTotal Wireless v. Cricket Wireless08/18 50ismygoal09:11 michaeljc70
40cCredit Card Fraud - $30K08/18 Prokofiev09:03 danaht
1hAA in cash balance or defined contribution plan21:38 CAGR08:45 CAGR
3h401K rollover time allowed06:45 MPLSTCH08:33 BL
28cInfo on Al-Farabi Kazakh National University08/17 ChinchillaWhipl08:33 LadyGeek
11cNeed help identifying a smell08/18 URSnshn08:18 GoldStar
9pCredit Score mysteriously dropped08/17 Determined08:11 grabiner
19tLarry Swedroe: A 5 Factor Evaluation09/25 Random Walker08:06 Lastrun
13lDC Bogleheads meeting with pension expert Arun Muralidhar - Sunday, July 2907/23 bobcat207:58 Arl Lib Stk Tlk
5pLooking for best exchange rates dollars to pound21:14 outdoorguy07:57 siamond
58tBullish/bearish on GE? Make your case here - new lows today08/15 tmcc07:51 arcticpineapple
9hCore portfolio for retirement in Europe - Living in Singapore08/18 EUR-SGD07:48 ICH
16pCost of Living between NYC and U.K.?08/17 nimo95607:47 Valuethinker
39hBond funds in taxable accounts?04/12 l1am07:47 grabiner
75pphysics/math major looking for programmer/analyst job?08/17 gips07:32 bling
21pOnline Banking - School Me08/17 ddurrett89607:25 Dandy
27tVanguard Momentum ETF (VMOM). Any thoughts on it? [UK investor]08/18 steve32107:17 steve321
8hHelp me pick a TIPS fund08/18 lilgrinch07:12 abuss368
240t"Don't Obsess About Expense Ratios"08/06 Taylor Larimore06:58 NYCguy
13htIRA bond fund(s)08/17 BeWyse05:08 BeWyse
17cFitness band with excellent Android syncing?08/18 nisiprius04:12 Youngblood
48tFidelity 401(k) millionaires hits record high08/16 JoMoney01:59 Engineer250
33coil pan threads stripped - pan saver okay?08/17 GuySmiley00:00 Beehave
2pAMT absorbs Premium Tax Credit (PTC) repayment08/18 libralibra23:45 FiveK
5pSelling Dental Practice and Office Question08/15 Vanguard Fan 1322:50 Vanguard Fan 13
2p[Military] Service Members Civil Relief Act2012 bigb22:45 krafty81
0tTD-Ameritrade Investment Las Vegas Conference22:42 pc95 
10pcontract to FTE - what to ask?20:48 postcryptoafter22:41 HEDGEFUNDIE
0cweb login required22:40 mouses 
28p401(k): Roth vs Non-Roth08/16 CrownVic21:42 FiveK
15cCannnot send a message to Vanguard.03/30 Hef Saf20:54 LadyGeek
4tMatter/Scatter part 8: Small-caps08/12 nisiprius20:53 deikel
480lPost your Financial Milestone Announcements Here01/09 Alex Frakt20:48 Random Poster
13tDiversification08/18 yousha20:48 acegolfer
4hHelp with taxable account04/11 Txsman20:26 abuss368
18hIs it a good time to invest in Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond fund?04/10 billo4320:24 abuss368
13pCheapest Home Insurance ?08/16 confusedinvesto20:21 deikel
1141tThe Final, Definitive Thread on Brokerage Transfer Bonuses2016 Earl Lemongrab20:15 SlowMovingInves
15tAustralian Superannuation Funds with Index Investing: Costs and Choice07/25 asset_chaos20:11 asset_chaos
14tWorkers on Corporate Boards - Principal-Agent Problem08/16 zmaqoptyxbglp20:07 Nate79
90tSchwab Intelligent Portfolio vs. Schwab Target Fund03/07 lhwerdyt*1791c20:04 retiredjg
17pA little guidance welcomed07/09 Crazyhats519:51 Crazyhats5
29hConverting existing potfolio to 3 funds - novice [help with 401(k) choices]2017 morpheus195819:33 morpheus1958
17hBetter Behavioural Finance Books?08/16 Expro19:19 2015
5hPortfolio review request08/18 digitalcheese19:16 retiredjg
0pFidelity's Future Path planning tool19:09 drawpoker 
25tCapital Gains on an Index Fund08/18 bgyt19:04 Earl Lemongrab
12pPay off personal loan at house closing?08/17 drealbmw18:48 drawpoker

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