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Contact – Investing advice inspired by John Bogle

Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. The term is intended to honor Vanguard founder and investor advocate John Bogle.

The Bogleheads® emphasize starting early, living below one's means, regular saving, broad diversification, simplicity, and sticking to one's investment plan regardless of market conditions.

This site is composed of two primary resources: our Wiki and our Forum.

The Wiki is a comprehensive investing and personal finance reference that was built and is maintained by members of the Bogleheads® community. Many newcomers find that a good way to begin is by reading these Wiki articles: Getting Started and the Bogleheads' investment philosophy.

On the Forum, members discuss financial news and theory. The members also welcome less experienced investors who have questions about investing or who need help to develop their portfolios. The most recent Forum posts are summarized below.

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1475 new posts and replies over 251 topics in last day (sorted by Latest Reply). Days: 1 2 3
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4pPublic Service Loan Forgiveness-Has it worked for anyone?13:22 Mispoken14:28 rcjchicity
87hWhy paying off loans would be better than fully funding 401k?02/11 ChinchillaWhipl14:27 Leemiller
4cSeeing Yellowstone National Park13:39 260chrisb14:27 letsgobobby
6pTalk to me about jobs with primerica13:46 RDHlooking4FIRE14:26 RDHlooking4FIRE
0pHelp with downloading Vanguard UTMA 1099-B data to Turbotax14:26 deskjockey 
389lYour USER NAME...what does it mean?2017 fishandgolf14:25 Snowjob
12hI reduced my exposure to US stocks before the correction.12:45 Brian199514:25 mortfree
0hPlease help me sensibly add EM and Dev into my portfolio14:23 WanderingDoc 
78cQuestion for music experts about musical keys02/13 azurekep14:23 bondsr4me
2cAnyone move/relocate with a large woodshop and wood inventory?13:38 Tamales14:23 obgraham
15hOver 55 does contributing to a Roth 401K make sense based on new Tax Brackets07:06 RetireSoon9014:22 FiveK
5pWhy pay off the mortgage with life insurance?13:13 KYDoc14:22 rob65
79pJob is starting to suck the life out of me.02/13 Keepcalm14:21 GratefulinNC
24cBogleheads with $100K+ MSRP cars?08:56 HardHitter14:21 darrvao777
52cAmazon Alternative02/06 darrvao77714:20 tj
32hDon't market time...i know, i know.01/26 boglemania14:17 youngpleb
5cMartha’s Vineyard: Is 2 weeks too long of a vacation there?12:21 Muri14:15 Slapshot
6cAnyone watching Ari Melber's "The Beat"?17:51 azurekep14:14 azurekep
6pHow long did it take you to get an official offer after clearing the interview process? Any delays?11:18 PlayingLife14:12 PlayingLife
15tChillin' in the BH Lounge02/16 weltschmerz14:11 ram
5cSams Club vs Costco12:32 squirm14:11 annielouise
0tCAPE 7 vs CAPE 1014:06 BuyAndHoldOn 
24pGEICO Auto Shady Practice?00:57 bottomsup14:03 Jags4186
201pHow to pay ZERO taxes in retirement with 6-figure expenses2011 livesoft14:03 ivk5
4pHSA questions17:49 mchampse14:03 nps
31tLarry Swedroe's portfolio: does the fact that SC are expensive cause a problem?02/11 Lauretta14:01 Lauretta
10pHow to qualify wife for ACA subsidy in 201808:41 RetiredInTN201714:01 rob65
9fUsing math notation in Bogleheads posts16:50 Oicuryy13:59 Mudpuppy
2pAny other 2017 tax benefits available for our child?11:01 PlayingLife13:57 Hillview
0pDownloading VG Brokerage to TT13:52 Guymond 
5576tU.S. stocks in freefall2011 Lbill13:50 itstoomuch
11hReinvesting RMDs02/17 my name13:49 Kevin M
60hSell me on the benefits of an emergency fund00:29 Salmonid13:47 JBTX
4tStock Market Trend Conspiracy Theories/Myths12:51 Alexa913:44 whodidntante
5hLarge/Small/Mid cap correlation01:33 stocknoob411113:39 patrick013
16hNew-ish Investor--Advice on strategy05/07 irl13:38 Lou354
12t"The Morning After" by Jonathan Clements02/16 Taylor Larimore13:35 JBTX
10p[Should I do a Roth conversion?]01/14 boglemania13:34 boglemania
11cVPN for account security02/02 boglemania13:30 boglemania
11hWhy not tax-exempt bonds?07:31 bertilak13:29 dratkinson
20hDoes the absence of need for a legacy affect your AA or SWR?02/16 rgs9213:27 echidna
7tpremium bonds09:51 bilperk13:25 laidback_and_re
3t6 and 12 MO CD's or Treasury Bills12:28 dollarsaver13:23 Dominic
27pSelling Timber02/17 stormswami13:21 Valuethinker
148lMaster Thread for Philadelphia PA Area Bogleheads Chapter2012 dickenjb13:20 LittleDuff
5hSpeculating on natural disaster players/sectors07:42 Bwlonge13:18 Valuethinker
9pQuestion about changes to personal mortgage deductions.02/17 Smokey2113:16 rgs92
0pGeico- big increase Bodily injury liability, property damage liability (WA)13:05 mariezzz 
11pThe Final Frontier...just did my own taxes!02/17 JaneyLH13:04 CAsage
15hEmerging Markets or Total International Market?05:33 memowsfriend13:01 lazyday
12hReviewing my Asset Allocation02/10 Calygos12:58 Calygos
5hRetired with backdoor roth quesiton10:21 Tracyfaa12:55 Tracyfaa
10hPortfolio Review02/11 aszend12:55 aszend
4tFixed Income is an Appropriate Term02/13 Phineas J. Whoo12:55 Phineas J. Whoo
1pFlorida Homeowners and Dwelling (rental) insurance09:21 Sunrise12:54 invst65
0pMy MetLife Flexible Premium Multi-funded Life experience, Did I get lucky?12:54 FrankLUSMC 
24pPre- vs post-tax saving: Am I thinking it wrong?02/16 EGARCH12:52 KlangFool
6hHSA's - invest or use for current expenses?11:28 Mistermooso12:50 motorcyclesarec
0pSetting up Solo 401K for after tax contibution12:46 amiablealien 
19tWhat is the most the stock market has ever been down in 5 year period?02/14 Aluminumfoil12:46 nisiprius
3pDid Backdoor Roth with existing Rollover IRA10:07 O2sats12:44 O2sats
19tWhat Experts Say About "Indexing"2015 Taylor Larimore12:42 Taylor Larimore
2pThird Federal Mortgage experience2016 tenkuky12:41 icefr
2hBig changes, ready to contribute again. Please advise.06:10 PR812:38 Lafder
64pAlly Bank 12 month CD now 2.00%12/19 BHUser2712:36 radiowave
25hBeginner Investor [looking for help]02/08 gscrooby12:36 krow36
1hCan I open a new individual (solo) 401k in this situation?23:33 ChinchillaWhipl12:34 Lafder
12hEmergency fund question07:28 WIRENUT12:33 chevca
18hConvert to ETF (not at Vanguard)02/14 stlutz12:31 Earl Lemongrab
3tBond Fund Distributions as Interest Rates Rise02/17 Bob12:31 Scooter57
4cExpat Living01/23 skime12:29 randomizer
76cBest plants to grow to save money for food costs02/17 Caduceus12:27 Earl Lemongrab
5hNewbie here [Where to invest inheritance?]07:12 need2know12:26 Lafder
33cSigned up for American Express - "Premium" car rental insurance02/16 dm20012:26 hightower
6tYields Spreads and the Economy02/17 BuyAndHoldOn12:21 Scooter57
8pTax Act Suggesting Married Filing Separate20:16 kriskd12:20 kriskd
94lRoll Call for the Retirement Class of 2018!07/02 NCPE12:11 Miriam2
2pUse Quicken Premier 2017 Offline?11:50 dbc4712:09 dbc47
14tTarget Retirement Fund Question19:05 BlackHat12:04 BlackHat
10hLooking to simplify International Allocation11:36 BrianMc12:01 BrianMc
36cSingle People and Retirement Question02/11 Limoncello40212:01 VictoriaF
18hExpected return of US vs International, basic question09:18 fctu11:59 whodidntante
7pTurboTax and backdoor Roth IRA error?01/23 john454611:58 jacoavlu
26p$12,000 Refrigerator? [Looking in $7k price range]02/17 dharma student11:57 Pajamas
28cused Prius (or Chevy Volt?)02/16 mouses11:54 mouses
33pThe value of car body repairs/upkeep of older cars?02/11 XDark_FenixX11:48 Nova1967
18pwhat is marginal tax rate?02/16 sksbog11:37 tadamsmar
37cCell phone service02/15 prettybogle11:36 inbox788
9lOrange County, CA chapter?2015 Clixt11:35 Mel Lindauer
17hSwitching Total Domestic/Large Cap to Small/Mid Cap in Tax-Advantaged Accounts for TLH02/17 rhodnius11:35 Nate79
23pVanguard as trustee2017 RandomPointer11:34 afan
61tI think US interest rates could drop.02/12 rgs9211:34 NYCwriter
57tThe Emerging Markets "lost decade" is over09/06 AlohaJoe11:33 Valuethinker
5hRetirement investment advice for parent04:05 jg00111:31 Peter Foley
108pWhat has been your most important skill in achieving financial independence?02/17 sonofdelrinson11:30 Tanelorn
81tRetirees: The common sense withdrawal method02/16 tennisplyr11:26 longinvest
14tVanguard REIT fund changes objective, name & index02/05 lorneabramson11:26 NYCwriter
387cWhat frugal thing did you do today?12/24 Nectarineman11:22 PopArt
4pVanguard 1099-R issue [How to file taxes with IRA contribution?]20:29 alexandersupert11:19 alexandersupert
6pWill Turbotax automatically figure out my wash sale?02/15 jacoavlu11:18 jacoavlu
17tGMO forecast02/16 Always passive11:14 Scooter57
73tA Case for Higher Int'l Allocation? Larry Swedroe article on home bias02/14 JCE6611:12 RRAAYY3
22cScottsdale, AZ - 2 day business trip02/16 Palatineman11:05 Capsu78
133pHow to get child's skin in the game for college?02/15 luckybamboo11:04 finite_differen
12hTo buy or not to buy in Boston for Investment00:32 skinhealer11:00 Jack FFR1846
6pStock donation to alma mater20:45 bogleraw10:57 Pajamas
21hHow to advise a parent02/14 Cruiser10:57 finite_differen
77cDo you think it is worth the money to travel to warm weather destinations during the winter?02/11 tony541210:46 MandyT
74pDoctor wants Social Security number05/15 Church Lady10:44 dbr
0pSams' Mastercard Cashback Check Arrive10:32 Leesbro63 
2pQuestion About The Kiddie Tax (Form 8615)06:57 Leesbro6310:31 Leesbro63
4cGood store for roller shades?15:55 yolli7110:23 3feetpete
6hHelp with streamlining investment in 401K/Roth IRA02/12 sdsu0410:21 sdsu04
1pEvaluate my pension as investment02/16 bada bing10:20 grabiner
58tWhat is the evidence against slice and dice?02/15 hdas10:19 willthrill81
5hAnyone using the Vanguard HSA?09:33 lama5510:18 lama55
31hReally need an advice: sell the house or rent it out02/17 Need_help_pleas10:13 DanL
69pEffect of spending money on appearance in career02/17 notmyhand10:11 dbr
13hShort treasuries or short term bond index fund?02/16 edgeagg10:08 edgeagg
1pWhich Version of Turbotax?09:56 uclalee10:05 HueyLD
4hTime for a short term bond etf?21:48 marinaplace10:03 dbr
10pMonthly Stipends (Now) to Future Heirs?02/17 msk10:00 vested1
43pIRA basis question2017 movingabroad10:00 retiredjg
1pHelp me Eyeball my Taxes on this sale02/17 Rajsx09:59 grabiner
10pTax question - Deceased person's final social security payment02/17 drwtsn3209:51 drwtsn32
12cIs Enterprise Architecture worth building career upon?18:47 sksbog09:50 quietseas
1hHow to figure out total amount withdrawn from Vanguard into checking?09:44 AndroAsc09:49 livesoft
32tWhich book for an 18 year old who is asking about investing?02/16 2kidsmom09:45 Kennyt7
10pForm 8606 not available according to Turbotax, but Taxact has no issues!02/05 BogleMelon09:45 neurosphere
3pBackdoor Roth Form 8606 with gSheet19:01 arjking09:43 arjking
27pLaid off steps02/16 kd200809:34 Top99%
24pSanity Check on Primary/Rental Purchase: killing cash-flow02/16 DVMResident09:34 Tal-
1pwhat tax rate do I use in calc. [Retirement calculator]22:09 bebop8609:33 dbr
1pTurbotax help, Backdoor Roth IRA but with caveats09:11 evident09:33 crit
16tNew reduced rate on REIT Dividends02/14 Spedward09:29 nedsaid
4h401k Rollover02/15 2cents209:26 2cents2
31cGood brands for Kitchenware?02/16 kayanco09:24 anoop
132pI'm Cancelling My Home Insurance02/16 TravelforFun09:22 ClevrChico
26hGenius Needed -- Thoughts on My Asset Allocation? [UK]02/07 SmilerUK09:15 minimalistmarc
18cTransition from house to apartment02/16 chabil09:11 gotester2000
549tFellow TDA bogleheads [TDA dropping Vanguard ETFs from commission-free list]10/14 John Laurens09:01 livesoft
13pHelp! Are we stuck paying the tax/penalty/interest on this 529 withdrawal?16:56 Noalani08:55 lstone19
10cVancouver Vacation (Canada)22:05 raisinsaregrape08:55 livesoft
15cHow to turn off Vanguard texting security feature2016 FiscallyRespons08:48 Investment101
30cAny Creative Ways to Cut the Cable?02/15 joo2lo08:47 FedGuy
2hQuestions on filing claims with HSA for reimbursement02/16 ChinchillaWhipl08:34 ChinchillaWhipl
2hNot receiving reports and proxies on stocks02/16 SchmendricNumbs08:33 Pajamas
14hIs a Brokerage "Redemption Fee" tax deductible?02/16 Sandtrap08:29 Wagnerjb
10hRecent Music School Grad Needing Advice02/13 Marketgarden08:27 CyclingDuo
24pRetiring abroad. Move taxable/checking accounts to Schwab?02/16 lynneny08:17 TheGreyingDuke
7hPossible messy Roth recharacterization on the horizon19:49 n00b08:17 n00b
356cNetflix, Your Current Favorite Show2016 dbCooperAir08:14 Jim85
11hFeedback on Guideline 401k10/09 mdds08:12 pepperz
67cWasher/Dryer longevity ?02/05 invst6508:11 TeamArgo
3342cWhat Movie Have You Recently Watched?2014 abuss36808:06 E5797
39cMixing fuel octanes for cars02/16 stimulacra07:52 TeamArgo
0hEuropean Expat – seeking feedback on Portfolio allocation07:41 justdoitetf 
18pWorking for a MegaCorp vs a Small Business02/17 Sockpuppet07:28 JCE66
4pAt war with the mortgage20:14 raisinsaregrape07:24 Watty
29cMinnesota lake resorts summer 201802/16 conundrum07:18 chevca
3pOne of the Best Business Books I Ever Read18:39 abuss36807:06 Freefun
19hRecommendations for Fidelity Bond Funds in Taxable Account02/17 Q's Laptop06:56 JCE66
4pProject Management - what certification?02/17 ge106:48 carolinaman
99pLive / work in California - Technology Career02/09 LiveSimple06:37 LiveSimple
21cHulu, Your Current Favorite Show01/11 pennstater200506:36 pennstater2005
70t30 yr tips auction 2/15: 1.0% yield?02/08 grok8706:09 Yukon
15tHelp needed to choose Vanguard EU based ETFS02/16 mixinvest05:44 mixinvest
22hEuro government bond ETFs vs cash, accumulating REIT ETFs?04/20 finvestor03:56 Mors
23hcybertheft from brokerage and retirement accounts after Equifax identity theft02/15 johnsmithsf03:28 jalbert
18cOlder iPhone slowdowns - tips or considering switching?02/17 ThankYouJack02:38 inbox788
7hWhen is the best time to contribute to an IRA?02/15 Livingfield02:21 Livingfield
10pCan I reverse a Roth -> Trad IRA Recharacterization?02/15 Livingfield02:17 Livingfield
46tVanguard LifeStrategy Funds vs. Target Date Funds02/16 Windylotus02:04 Johm221122
5tHelp me understand the effect of bonds during bear markets19:31 Chrono Triggere01:49 venkman
2h457(b) and healthcare 2019 questions01:07 NewMDinvestor01:49 gostars
267cDo people still use AAA?12/06 fittan01:48 Eazyndn
23tBetter not taxed now or taxed later?02/16 FlyingMoose01:44 FlyingMoose
2hCost Basis for Inherited Farm22:17 abhyasi01:22 abhyasi
7hPortfolio Review - 401k Small-value Choice02/15 MotoTrojan01:09 gostars
2hWhat is the right way to report 1099B with wrong zero cost basis (RSU)?21:24 UncleLeo00:52 FiveK
1066cBest watch for around $5,000?2008 Petrocelli00:39 millsjack
0pStudent Loan Payment Schedule00:28 rbhgncmp 
15hConfused - placing for best after tax return- 401k and Roth 401k02/14 PNW8600:21 BL
73pIs a security freeze at Innovis really needed?09/09 nomas00:07 GCD
4taccidental overweight of US vs International?02/17 bling23:41 saltycaper
11pSetting up so spouse can contribute to Solo 401k2017 lext23:40 dool34
2pInclude 1099R for direct rollover in 2017 1040?22:48 PriceOfFreedom23:12 PriceOfFreedom
223pfree dinner investing seminar02/07 pkcrafter23:06 pkcrafter
1phelp me figure out best way to deduct02/17 JGoneRiding22:49 Ace1
4tHow to invest tax refund?02/17 pepperz22:36 pepperz
103cPSA: Bank of America now charges $12/month for checking02/14 sunny_socal22:08 anoop
11pTurboTax Issue - "Foreign source amount included in dividends"02/17 spefactor21:48 anoop
5hNew to IRA02/17 Sammp21:28 mega317
43cUSAA 41% More For Car Insurance02/16 LifeIsGood21:25 Fitzhugh
1hFidelity Company Growth K vs Vanguard Primecap Admiral...or other?18:27 fodase20:59 Grt2bOutdoors
6pHSA 'last month rule'03/12 bcgreaf20:39 TIAX
12cMedical records - saved me money, time, trouble and XRay exposure :)02/16 dm20020:31 tryterry
15hRollover a Pension into Roth IRA or Traditional IRA?02/17 Jakealope20:27 Jakealope
82cHonda vs. Toyota: Which has more bang for the buck?02/14 MnyGrl20:25 Traveler
17hSubstantially Equal Periodic Payments (Funding Early Retirement)02/16 freeflowme20:23 tj
33cUsed Chevy Volt - Which year should I look at?02/13 tavore20:16 michaeljc70
7pUsing Emergency Fund to pay off loan18:07 rbslos3620:16 JBTX
9tI bonds instead of Total bond in a 3-fund portfolio?02/16 BogleMelon20:09 Clever_Username
19cRepairing Stucco: A Case of Contractor Gouging02/16 Cyclesafe20:08 Hypersion
8pCatastrophic medical insurance02/17 Serie192620:04 JBTX
6tMega backdoor: in Plan Roth to Roth IRA16:32 jb10019:55 Spirit Rider
7pForm 8606 on H and R block17:35 mrb19:47 mrb
14cIs there a way to send text messages on my computer?02/17 Abe19:31 rkhusky
2pAmended 2016 taxes applied to 2017, but not included in wired return02/16 Bwlonge19:27 Bwlonge
70cShould I be paying $1300/yr. for under/uninsured motorist protection?02/15 Small Law Survi19:18 lazydavid
127hTorn between Vanguard, Fidelity and Schwab02/05 Wezzley7719:15 MrPotatoHead
25cVacation in May. Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Ogunquit (cancelled Bar Harbor)02/15 ram19:10 fsrph
99p[New MA & VT Tax reporting]- 1099-K threshold reduced to $60002/03 jharkin19:09 bostondan
124tphilosophicaleconomics predicts 4% real equity returns02/14 getrichslowly19:07 siamond
37hWhen do IRA's stop making sense?02/16 Mistermooso19:04 Mistermooso
307lMaster Thread for Metro Boston's Chapter2014 siamond18:29 Hillview
8hIs this a MLM? American Inst of Cert Tax Planners02/16 DebiT18:17 z3r0c00l
45pReplacement for Google Finance price quote function02/02 The529guy18:14 munemaker
2hNew Job, New Accounts/Transfers, New Allocations02/17 gizmo18:12 Tyler Aspect
16pCan I convert whole life back to term?02/16 Mistermooso18:12 Mistermooso
10hNew to bond investing — should I seek more diversity?02/17 ibhhvc18:02 whodidntante
3hAnother Traditional vs. Roth 403b question02/17 Bulgogi Head17:58 FiveK
29cFolding bicycles02/09 gd17:53 DavidW
170pNumber at which to stop worrying02/12 skor9917:52 LadyGeek
40tHow many of you use the "4% rule" during retirement?02/14 22twain17:45 Matt Y.
10hbuying around dividend time02/16 stocknoob411117:32 StevieG72
7hMake sense to setup 529 for high school junior?02/17 rickatbh17:28 StealthRabbit
1pBackdoor Roth Conversion Double Check02/17 wertdaman17:27 Duckie
1pIllinois 1040 Schedule SA16:54 whodidntante17:16 Carson
4hNeed Help - Triggered Pro-Rata Rule on Roth IRA Conversion But Haven't Filed Yet02/17 Rustang Cobra17:12 Rustang Cobra
8hWhere to invest money first? Employer SIMPLE-IRA or taxable account?02/17 sonofdelrinson17:07 krow36
183tBuying and Spending Bitcoin11/16 grayfox16:57 Jonathan
3hHow to check if a 1099R was sent to the IRS?02/17 dkview16:44 celia
12hHelp choosing 401k options02/11 chrisal2316:44 ruralavalon
8cQuestions to ask a siding contractor...what are 'red flags'?02/17 JCE6616:39 StevieG72
15hBest choice of 403b companies and plans- need advice02/02 IowaFarmWife16:34 CyclingDuo
4hHelp with DIY 52902/17 Vaporvalley16:27 pillysuss
10pWash sale rule question: Are Vanguard 500 Index (VFIAX) and Small Cap Value (VSIAX) "substantially identical"?02/17 investorpeter16:18 investorpeter
62pMy Over $300K Vanguard Balance Disappeared?02/14 Shikoku16:17 Cosmo
4hUsing 529 for private school02/17 pillysuss16:15 pillysuss
9tBarron's-The Latest Casualty in the ETF Fee War—Objective Advice-Mentions Vanguard ETFs and new TD policy02/17 Paul Romano16:11 saltycaper
10t403(b) plan provisions02/15 Salmonid16:09 Salmonid
12pHow much would paying a lump sum toward my loan save me?02/16 SlowClimb16:08 Gill
2tInternational vanguard funds - why no yield % on website02/17 Kalergie15:43 MnD
8cRecurring charges after compromised card02/17 michaeljc7015:19 Hockey10
28hInvesting vs paying off debt02/16 mdjohnson1815:18 Bob's not my na
20pAmica reocurring double digit increases in homeowners insurance02/16 Matt Y.15:14 Matt Y.
18cHow to cancel TV and not Internet w/ Spectrum Time Warner02/16 ThankYouJack14:58 Mudpuppy
54pRant about relocation mortgage assistance, and a question02/15 TomatoTomahto14:52 itstoomuch
1pAutomotive UI/UIM capped! Alternatives?02/16 FWFRuinedMyLife14:41 talzara
1hInteractive Broker Insured Bank Deposit Sweep Program02/17 inbox78814:37 talzara

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