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Meet the Vanguard Diehards Bloggers

Post by Barry Barnitz »

A good number of forum members are also authors of financial blogs or financial websites. We feel that forum participants might appreciate seeing this aspect of the memberships’ interests and talents, so we will be offering our members this Topic for introducing themselves and their blogs/websites to you. Note that we are emphasizing Forum members who happen to blog or compose financial webpages. We want to be clear that this site is not to be used as a blog aggregator or listing service. To assure that the good intentions of the Topic are realized and not abused, we will be selective and will apply the following conditions for blog/webpage inclusion:

1. Members submitting blogs/webpage must have been a member of the forum for at least 30 days and must have demonstrated a willingness to contribute constructively to forum conversations.

2. Commercial blogs/webpages will not be permitted. If the primary purpose of the blog /webpage is to produce revenue for the author, or to function as a lead-in conduit to a commercial site, we will delete it. Non-obtrusive ads (such as adsense, amazon, or sponsors) are permissible as long as they are clearly secondary features of the blog/webpage and do not detract from content.

3. For blogs, we ask that the blog be active; if we find that the blog appears inactive, we will attempt to contact the author by private message and ascertain the blog’s status. If the blog remains inactive, we will delete it.

Please post in this topic by listing the name and web address for your blog and describe it in a few words ( < 50).

As an aid to readers we will provide an index of our member’s blogs/webpages as the concluding post in this Topic.

Please check out our unscreened Off-Topic post, Calling all blog and website authors for listing any of your blogs/webpages.

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Post by junger »

I run the Online Savings Blog, focused on online banking, online savings accounts and online financial applications.

Click here to subscribe to my RSS feed.


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Financial Blogs:

Post by Barry Barnitz »

I author two financial blogs:

1. Financial page, which centers around indexing, academic research, news, with an occasional analytic touch.

2. Asset Allocation which devotes itself to the art and science of asset allocation.
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Post by JLP »

I blog over at I blog about pretty much anything that has to do with personal finance along with various off-topic stuff.

I appreciate the Diehards forums, which have been really kind to me and my blog. Your support is muchly appreciated!

Oh, and if you are interested, you can subscribe to my blog using this feed:

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Post by mwgr5 »

I blog at ( I try to blog about more advanced financial concepts and also more material related to investment banking and other wall street careers. Also, I have really enjoyed reading this forum and have integrated the advice into my own investment philosophy.
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Signature Policy

Post by Alex Frakt »

Bloggers, I understand you are all used to linking to your blog in your sigs, but it is contrary to the signature policy on this forum. Please restrict yourselves to unformatted text only in your sig. Thank you.

Here's the relevant section from the forum policies.
To keep the forums readable and the signal to noise ratio high, Signatures must be free of commercial messages, short, and normal text only (no links, no images and no distracting formatting). If you wish to provide further information about yourself, including links to your website, please place it in your public profile.
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Post by tfb »

I write at I try to cover a wide array of personal finance topics including spending, saving, borrowing, insurance and investing, although investing comes up more often than other topics. The RSS feed is at You can subscribe by e-mail as well.
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My blog

Post by Petrocelli »

In Petrocelli"s Anti-Boglehead Blog I demonstrate why everyone except me is a total jackass. If you are looking for useful investing information, forget about it. ... fault.aspx
Petrocelli (not the real Rico, but just a fan)
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Wealth Management Blog

Post by LHerr »


I run the Wealth Management blog and you will see the link in my signature. The blog is designed to help the beginning investor learn how to construct and manage a portfolio. The AA-Mosaic Portfolio is a "real money" portfolio I am launching as an example.

From the site, one can find a SS that is accurately tracking all the trades and it all does an accurate calculation of the IRR -- including three benchmarks.

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The Lowest Rated Blog

Post by cfs »

Thanks for asking. Here is my blog:

The Lowest Rated Blog is about political satire, written using Sardonic style.
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Post by sewall »

I run The Incidental Economist, a blog focused on personal finance, economics, health care, and other "musings of a curious mind". I'm a health economist by profession and am following economics issues pertaining to health reform, among other things. To subscribe see my welcome post.
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