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Diehards History (--> Wiki)

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An expanded version of this page is available at The Bogleheads Wiki.

Diehards reunions/reports/pictures
Diehards 8 is scheduled to be held September 30th to October 2nd , 2009 in Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX.
The official announcement was made here.
History of Vanguard Diehards/Bogleheads
As per the Wiley website
Bogleheads came into being in 1997 when Morningstar, the mutual fund research company, established a "Conversation Forum" at Morningstar.com dedicated to The Vanguard Group. Almost immediately, the site exploded with messages from ardent "Vanguard Diehards" (the Bogleheads' official name) expressing admiration of and appreciation to John Bogle, founder and retired chairman of Vanguard.
As a fellow diehard said
The forum(s) have a well-earned reputation as one of the best investment resources on the internet because of it’s long history of attracting and helping newer, inexperienced investors. The seeds of success have grown from the fundamental teachings of our mentor, Jack Bogle. I feel our mission has been, and continues to be, to pass along the wisdom of Mr. Bogle.

For those who have never attended (that includes me) any of the previous meetings. Here's what we've missed.
  1. Diehard I - House that Jack Built - Mar 10-11, 2000 - Miami
    Mel's report - Diehard I
    Taylor's report - Diehard I
    Jack's message from Miami
    M* article - Saint Jack Speaks - Diehard I
    Miami Herald Article on Bogleheads
  2. Diehard II - Vanguard Headquarters - June 8-10, 2001 - Pennsylvania
    Taylor & Mel's report on DH II
    Diehard II reports/thoughts
    M* article - Bogleheads Transcend Cyberspace - Diehard II
    Review of DH II by Jason Zweig
    Jack's message after DH II
    The Bogle Bugle
    Pictures from Diehard II - Gail's Album [imagestation]
    Pictures from Diehard II - Gail's Album [Flickr]
  3. Diehard III - Morningstar Conference - June 25-27, 2002 - Chicago
    DH III - Recap
    Reports from DH III
    More reports from DH III
    Jack's message after DH III
    Pictures from DH III - Paul's album [imagestation]
    Pictures from DH III - Gail's album [imagestation]
  4. Diehard IV - May 8-10, 2004 - Denver
    DH IV
    Q&A from DH IV
    DH IV Reports
    More Reports from DH IV
    Jack's message after DH IV
    Pictures from DH IV - Paul's album
    Pictures from DH IV - Sunny's album

    Videos of the Q & A session in Diehard IV
    DH IV - Part 1 of 4
    DH IV - Part 2 of 4
    DH IV - Part 3 of 4
    DH IV - Part 4 of 4
  5. Diehard V - May 15-17, 2006 - Las Vegas
    DH V report
    DVD of Q&A from DH V in Vegas
    Jack's speech from Money Show in Vegas
    Jack's message after DH V
    Jack's message after DH V on his blog
    Pictures from DH V (registration required)[Kodak]
    Pictures from DH V (no registration required)[Flickr]
    Pictures from DH V - Sunny's Album

    Videos of the Q & A session in Diehard V
    DH V - Part 1 of 5
    DH V - Part 2 of 5
    DH V - Part 3 of 5
    DH V - Part 4 of 5
    DH V - Part 5 of 5
  6. Diehard VI - June 10-12, 2007- Alexandria, VA
    Diehard VI Report
    Jack's message after DH VI
    Minutes from the Diehards VI Reunion
    Pictures from DH VI - Familydoc's Album
    More Pictures from DH VI - PaulG(sddiehard)'s Album
  7. Diehard VII - September 22-24, 2008- San Diego, CA
    DH VII Announcement
    DH VII Report
    Family Doc's Album
    Rich Guerra's Album
    Reflections of DH VII by Kathleen Ryan
    Kathleen Ryan's Pictures
    Gail Cox's Pictures
Please refer to wiki pages The Bogleheads and Boglehead Convention Meetings and Local Chapters for future updates.

Edit: Added a link for DH V pictures that doesn't require registration
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Edit: Added a link to DH I article in the Miami Herald about the Bogleheads
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Edit: Added links to pictures from DH IV & V (Thanks to Sunny)
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Edit: Added links to Photos from DH VI
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