457 holdings

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457 holdings

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I am seeking advice for non govt 457 holdings. We are hopefully retiring early in next 1-2 years. We plan to use our 457 accounts for a good portion of retirement income for first 10 years of retirement. But will also have generous emergency cash and the dividends from brokerage account.

Currently have a 70/30 portfolio. The 457 and 401 are almost completely bonds. The brokerage account and back door roth are total stock market and its tax lost harvesting partners.

457 is currently 70% vang total bond(VBMPX) and 30% JPM US govt MM(OGVXX)

We do have ability to use Vanguard TIPS (VIPIX) in the 457.

How would you optimize the bond holdings for a 10 year withdrawal plan?

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