Amazon Seller Marketplace SAFE-T claim?

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Amazon Seller Marketplace SAFE-T claim?

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Hi all,

Has anyone here (who sells on Amazon marketplace) recently filed or dealt with an Amazon SAFE-T claim? I'm on the Amazon seller forum asking but figured I'd ask for input here as well just in case

Basically, I sold a tool ("Like New" but the box was sealed - I couldn't list as "New" so had to do it this way) and the buyer clearly broke the seal, opened the box, used the tool, then returned it (and without the protective packaging materials as well as the paperwork/manual) due to "better price found" as the reason. Basically looks like they bought to use for a project then returned. At this point, I'm in the process of opening a SAFE-T claim and planning to charge a restocking fee. Someone mentioned I can try to claw back the cost of original shipping too, provided I didn't ship for free.

For those who have recently dealt with a situation like this, what did you end up doing? Should I "bundle" the request for the restocking fee + original shipping together? Or should I open separate SAFE-T claims for each? I'm not a regular 'seasoned' Amazon seller but I'll occasionally list stuff up that I want to clear out or flip. I haven't had to do one of these in a long time.
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