What kind of EIN to get

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What kind of EIN to get

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My mother passed away last week. I have been the trustee of her Revocable Living Trust for almost 8 years. My understanding is that her trust is now Irrevocable, but still with the same name, viz: The Jane J. Doe Revocable Living Trust Dated February 28, 198x. I understand that I will now need to get an EIN for the trust. The on-line IRS website gives several choices for different kinds of EINs to get, including Estates and Trusts. I imagine that I don't want an Estate EIN, but rather a Trust EIN. Under Trust EINs, the IRS website gives several choices, including Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts. I am thinking I need an EIN for an Irrevocable Trust. I've asked the estate attorney this question but have not gotten an answer yet. Hopefully some knowledgeable people on Bogleheads will know the answer.

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Re: What kind of EIN to get

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Yes, you will want an EIN for an irrevocable trust.

If there are assets outside of the trust, you may need an estate EIN as well.

Depending on your situation, you can elect to file joint income tax return for the trust and estate (rather than 2 separate returns.)
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