Portfolio advice - any pre-retirement suggestions from a tax perspective?

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Portfolio advice - any pre-retirement suggestions from a tax perspective?

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Hello, everyone.

I am trying to determine if I need to retain an investment/tax advisor before retiring to adjust the different pots my money is now in. I am 53 years old in March and am considering going part time in 2025. I would work just enough at that point to get health insurance - until I turned 59-1/2, when I plan to retire outright.

Healthwise, I will be on one medicine the rest of my life which costs about $4,000 USD a month. There is no generic, so I need the health insurance. I suspect I will not live to be 80, as no male I descend from ever did so, and my mother died at 62 (there is much cancer in my maternal lines).

My partner and I live in Kentucky. We will retire here but may travel some. I make $82,500 a year. My partner and I have always consistently lived below our means. We have no debt and no dependents.

Here is where my money is (his money is separate and not the focus here):
  • Fidelity Roth IRA: $344,719 (FZROX + VTSAX)
    Fidelity Rollover IRA: $953,167 (FZROX + VTSAX)
    Fidelity Individual: $75,002 (VYM - $37,501 + VUG - $37,501)
    Fidelity Health Savings Account: $38,691 (FZROX)
    Merrill Roth 401(k): $98,096 (VIIIX)
    Ally Savings: $50,000
    Home (owned outright): $225,000.
I will continue to max out my Roth 401(k), my HSA, and my Roth IRA - at least through 2025.

Thank you.
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