Tax Question: Casualty losses across prior/multiple years

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Tax Question: Casualty losses across prior/multiple years

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Dealing with federal disaster area declared Jan 2023.

I won't know actual losses for 6+ months. You can deduct losses from the previous year (2022) taxes immediately. If I find out I have more losses, must I amend the previous-year return, or can I just add more casualty losses to the current year when I file those (2023)?

In other words, can I add more losses as discovered to 2023 or must they all be attached to the 2022 once I have "chosen" a year?

(why: amending a return these days takes forever. I'd rather guess low in 2022 and true up in 2023 if I can... it seems unlikely they allow this but it also seems weird they let you deduct a current year thing in the prior year so I figured I'd ask!)
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