[Singapore] Stamp tax on shares (or ETFs)

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[Singapore] Stamp tax on shares (or ETFs)

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It is my first post on this forum, although I have been reading it for some time. I consider myself a boglehead.

I've just moved to Singapore, and it is hard to understand the taxes I should pay while investing in Singapore. I know it is tax heaven for bogleheads, but the stamp tax for shares is mysterious.

1. I need to move my portfolio from Interactive Brokers Hungary to Interactive Brokers Singapore. I am using manual transfer. Should I pay stamp tax on shares on this transfer?

2. Should I pay stamp tax for shares when I buy ETF (or shares) in Singapore?

I am a bit worried because I don't want accidentally don't pay some taxes and get a penalty later. Unfortunately, I could not find meaningful information for me about this case.

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