Building a new house - Successes and regrets?

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Re: Building a new house - Successes and regrets?

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We too live on a lake and have a detached garage with a pretty good slope to the Lake. Have built half a dozen houses and GC all of them myself and have flipped and remodeled others. Assuming your on a slope you definitely would want to put in a full walkout regardless if your building a ranch or a Two Story.

Make sure as the house is being built you really watch how the water flows down past the road so during the build you can put in french drains or swales where needed to run all the water away from the house on the down slope.

Back fill house for sure with alot of gravel.

With three kids if possible do not only a locker room at side entrance but bathroom and laundry.

During the build run a piece of 4" PVC pipe from below basement concrete up through the roof in an area where if you might have radon you can add the motor. I have had houses in bad radon areas that have passed just because the pipe alone would let enough rise out.

Definitely make sure all door ways, space around kitchen etc.. is designed in a way for wheel chairs access and while you dont need to put them up consider down the road where you would put grab bars etc..

Don't cheat on windows! Builders tend to tell you there using such or such a window but that company will most likely have 3 different grades of windows and you want a good grade window!!!

If you have Fireplace/TV areas make sure to run smurf tubes to run cables etc.. also put PVC pipes in other areas in the house if you think down the line at some point you might want to add something to a room.

Solid panel doors

Working with an architect is fine BUT most dont consider the build and things can end up being weird so stay practical and look at lots of plans on line of homes that have been built.

Make sure if you put tile in any rooms that in those areas they put tile the proper material down so they dont just tile over the subfloor.

Try to go at least 9' in your lowest level if not higher.

Zone heating/AC if applicable

In floor heating is by far the best and gives you the best heat. In alot of cases if you put just in basement floor you wont even need on the upper levels as the heat rises.

Switched poor for lights or Fans in the center of most every room.

Bottom line is use quality materials you dont have to buy the most expensive but quality even if you have to wait to finish some rooms.

If on a lake think about additional parking. Thats always the biggest problem at least in our area because you will probably have alot of guests.

Usually on a hill/slope you will need to think about retaining walls. Think about getting that installed early on while the lot is being torn up.

Bury all your downspouts and use PVC. Dont cheap out and use the black corrugated crap.

The list is endless and no matter how many times you build there is something you wish you would of done so because of that just leave the ability to add things.
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Re: Building a new house - Successes and regrets?

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Prewire home for alarm system, even if you don't plan to use it. Much easier to wire all points, windows, doors, potential motion detectors during construction.

Including fire alarm.

If bugs are a concern - there is "tubes in the wall" that distributes insecticides inside the walls, and also tubes in the slab that prevents termites.

I'd make sure the house is tightly sealed such that rats, mice, rodents, other critters etc have no entry points. It might not be a bad idea to talk to a reputable higher end pest control place to get ideas what can be done during construction stage to minimize unwelcome visitors.
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Re: Building a new house - Successes and regrets?

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If the area is prone to power outages, put in a generator transfer switch. If it is especially prone, stub out gas for a 15-25Kw automatic generator of the Kohler or Generac variety.

Consider a whole house surge suppressor. Cheap insurance.

If the house is multi-story with the "open concept" think about a ceiling fan to circulate air around living spaces.

I would insulate interior walls to attenuate noise transmission.

If budget allows, use composite instead of wood for decking.
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Re: Building a new house - Successes and regrets?

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Wire for Ethernet/access points. WiFi doesn’t always cover the whole house. Get an AV / network guy or simply have 2 Cat 6 run with coax cable to any spot a pc or TV might go. A wired access point will give you better speed than wireless extenders.
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