Tuscon area in February

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Tuscon area in February

Post by Wenonah »

We are considering either camping with our pop up trailer or renting an apartment or Airbnb for the month of February near Tucson. We like to hike and bike and love the outdoors, are 60-ish and retired. Deciding on where to camp or rent for a month is overwhelming because we have only been there once. Any great campgrounds that are still available (first come, first served) or even areas that you would recommend. Any areas of Tucson where we SHOULD NOT live in? (due to safety or too much traffic or too many big box stores: We like local places and real downtowns). Thanks for any advice you can give.
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Re: Tuscon area in February

Post by MJS »

The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show runs from Jan 30-Feb 14, 2021. While several shows & showcases have been Covid-cancelled, many campsite, hotel room & AirBnB will be reserved or very, very expensive within 50 miles of Tucson. The city is usually packed during the Show. Consider coming after Feb 15th thru March, instead.

Catalina State Park takes reservations, and has nice hikes.
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Re: Tuscon area in February

Post by jlawrence01 »

The LAST week of February is the Tucson rodeo. As the previous poster noted, the crowds fill up many of the campgrounds throughout Tucson. Rodeo folks are more often RVing than hotel folks.

Also, rentals are very high January - March as many snowbirds are coming in from northern regions across the US and Canada.

You would probably do better either coming in November or late March.

One more thing. February weather is a real crap shoot. I have been at the Tucson Rodeo where it has been 30F all morning long. I have also been at the UA Softball Stadium in February (two major tournaments in February) where it has been 90F.
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Re: Tuscon area in February

Post by ruhigste »

Voyagers is just off US 10. It has RV and camper slots, and a small hotel for guests. There is also the possibility of renting a park model for a month, I believe. The one's we've seen are quite nice. We've been able to see the area from there over the last few years. Most of the activities inside the park are shut down now, because of COVID. Some of the attractions around the area are also closed, but hiking and biking are always open.
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