Please read before posting on coronavirus/COVID-19

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Please read before posting on coronavirus/COVID-19

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From the Advisory Board,

We understand that many people want to discuss the coronavirus. However, as a primarily investment-related forum, this is not the place for medical / political / social posting about the virus. All posts that reference the coronavirus/COVID-19/pandemic must comply with all of our standard forum policies.

In particular, I would like to remind everyone that any new thread on the Personal Investments, Personal Finance and Personal Consumer Issues subforums must meet the following requirements: it must be personal, i.e., you must be asking about your own situation or on behalf of someone specific, such as a family member; and it must be actionable, i.e. you must be able to do something specific with the replies that will make a difference in your situation.

Likewise, posts on the Investing - Theory, News & General subforum must be entirely on the topic of investing. Posts primarily about general economic fallout from the pandemic or economic or monetary policy do not meet this requirement.

Note that depending on the workload imposed on our all-volunteer moderation team, we may not have time to go through the usual warning or notification procedures when dealing posts related to COVID-19 that violate our policies. In particular, we may remove posts without notifying the member. If we feel it is necessary, we may also impose 24-hour bans on logging in. Attempts to login to the forum will be blocked with a message directing you to this thread, along with a date and time that the block will be lifted. (The forum software message uses the term "banned until ...".) You will be still be able to read the forum during this ban without logging in.

We previously allowed an exception thread, Bogleheads community discussion - Coronavirus, as a place to channel otherwise off topic discussion during the confusing and often frightening initial stages of the pandemic and lockdown. However as we have all become accustomed to living with Covid-19 and any information we need is now widely available from reputable sources, we have decided that the need for this thread no longer outweighs the considerable moderator time it has required. We ask that you redirect the considerable energy that has gone into this thread towards helping members with their investing and personal finance questions. For example, we are seeing many new and existing members posting questions about financial issues related to the pandemic that could use your guidance.

Thank you for understanding and stay safe.

(This thread is in the Forum Issues and Administration forum, but appears in all forums.)