Steve Vernon - Money for Life

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Steve Vernon - Money for Life

Post by bobcat2 »

Steve Vernon, who is at the Stanford Center on Longevity, has put out a free guide for retirement planning, which is available on the internet. Here is the outline of the guide by major sections.

Plan for a long life
What kind of retirement do you want?
Get the right professional help that you need
Invest in your health
Take inventory - Spend some time documenting all your financial and nonfinancial resources
Social Security basics
Strategies for optimizing your Social Security benefits
Turn your savings into income
Investing strategies for retirement
Manage your living expenses
Where will you live?
Manage your medical costs
Addressing the long-term care threat
Putting it all together
Make the numbers work

For each section there are several blog posts by Steve that address the sub issues of that general topic. This is very good free retirement planning advice IMO.

Here's how Vernon describes the planning guide.
In effect, the entire series is a free, online retirement planning book, written by an actuary with 35-plus years of experience working with retirement plans. I don't sell insurance or investments. Rather, I just prepare retirement education and research. I write this column, publish books, conduct research at the Stanford Center on Longevity and deliver workshops on retirement planning. This enables me to use my skills and experience to help you, without being influenced by how I'm compensated.
Link to Money for Life planning guide -

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Re: Steve Vernon - Money for Life

Post by nedsaid »

I have looked through some of Steve Vernon's posts in this 16 week series and thought the material here was worthwhile for Bogleheads to read. Giving a boost to Bob's thread here. Hopefully some folks will look through this material and benefit.
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Re: Steve Vernon - Money for Life

Post by arcticpineapplecorp. »

thanks for the link bobcat2
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Re: Steve Vernon - Money for Life

Post by Badger007 »

nedsaid wrote: Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:16 pm Giving a boost to Bob's thread here. Hopefully some folks will look through this material and benefit.
Nedsaid, thanks for giving this a boost and Bob for posting. I am looking forward to reviewing and anticipate a few gems that will impact decades of my life and that of generations to come.

Side note, I have had the fortunate opportunity to work rather closely with my boss’ boss’ boss who is now retiring and I respect quite a bit. A portion of his advice, after looking back on his life, was to take the long view and don’t be near sighted with decisions and priorities. I often take the long view already (with 4 young kids sometimes I have to!), but this 16 week course should be pretty perfect for helping make this longer perspective productive.

Thanks again Bob and Nedsaid.

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