Yet another chronic defect with the 2017-18 Honda CRV

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Yet another chronic defect with the 2017-18 Honda CRV

Post by CULater » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:04 pm

Thought another heads-up was in order regarding the Honda CRV. I just noticed the button on the gear shift handle coming loose and sticking out too far. Took it in to Honda Service and they replaced the gear shifter. Service rep told me that he had just had four CRVs in the last couple of days with this problem. Seems the plastic shaft on the button is too thin and it is breaking. Often the button has popped completely out and you are left not being able to shift gears. Checked this on and lo and behold there are numerous complaints about this issue such as the ones below:
The contact owns a 2017 Honda CR-V. while driving 35-40 mph, the shift button popped out and the shifter shaft fractured. There were no warning indicators illuminated. The vehicle was taken to Honda... where it was diagnosed that the gear shifter mechanism needed to be replaced.
The transmission shifter interlock release button broke (Honda part no. 54132-tla-A62zb) thereby making the transmission shifter inoperable including the ability to place the transmission in park position. All I did was to try to place the transmission in park and, when I depressed the release button on the stalk, it fell abart. I was not able to operate the vehicle at that point.
Can either be a nuisance, or a possible safety issue so pay attention to that little silver button on the shifter of your CRV. If it hasn't popped out yet, it might be doing it soon. If it looks like it's coming loose or sticking out more than it did, it's about to break. The 17s are now getting to be a couple years old and the problem is starting to show up frequently, so that's about the time it takes for this mis-designed part to fracture apparently.

Unfortunately, the service rep said the replacement shifters are no better so this may be a chronic problem with your CRV unless they re-design this part sometime, but it's probably cheaper for them to just keep replacing them and letting you deal with the hassle.
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