Another Mini-split [Air conditioner] thread.

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Another Mini-split [Air conditioner] thread.

Post by PinotGris » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:11 pm

My apologies for starting another one I feel my issues are not getting any clearer from the other threads I have perused.

Out 2 story house is heated with hot water boiler. No forced air or ducting for central air. Location is Northeast, very cold winters. 2700 SF, and a sunroom.
We have been using window AC units in the 5 bedrooms, and one through the wall unit (12000 BTU) for downstairs which actually kept the entire downstairs comfortable. The front half faces north and the lot is shaded so it stays pretty cool downstairs well until July/August. Our 2 children are married and live plane rides away, so it is only the 2 of us.

The AC downstairs quit finally and now that was removed and we have a hole in the wall barely covered with plywood. We are having a hard time finding a replacement for it now, a 12000 BTU running on 120V, many places are out of stock.

I have been looking at mini-splits and it really appeals to me. Our sunroom is adjacent to the Family room which we use a lot. I don't care I have no AC there, but I would like heat for the shoulder season. From what I have read here on BH forum, it may cost us about 14K. I am not worried about ROI, just do what is comfortable for us, and maybe it will make the house move faster when we are ready to sell.

Right now it is just the 2 of us and I think we need a 4 zone unit - the FR, Sunroom, our bedroom, and the office. Our adult children visit us, but I expect it will be less and less as the grandchildren grow and it is only in the hottest summer months that we need AC if they visit. We can always lug one up from the basement on those occasions.

My husband is reluctant - the money but also the newness of the concept - and thinks we should just continue as before, pay someone to get the window units off and on as we do now. Close up the hole for winter if necessary, and shop again in spring when more units will be available. He still thinks we can find one and get it installed before it gets too cold. He cannot see why I would want to have just 2 rooms conditioned. He think we should do the whole house or nothing.

What would you do if you are in the same situ.? Ok, I am looking for some arguments to convince my husband. :mrgreen: Or convince me that he actually has a point :annoyed

Thank you.

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Re: Another Mini-split thread.

Post by delamer » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:31 pm

Your subject line is confusing/misleading.

Suggest you change it to refer to AC.

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Re: Another Mini-split thread.

Post by forgeblast » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:50 am

We live in a modified A frame, no windows in the upstairs. We had to use a Mini Split system. We were able to get all three bedrooms done, with ac/heat pump. The heat pump saves us a ton in the winter. We went with the ... index.html

We live in NE PA, and have cold winters. Not having to lug Ac conditioners all over the place is a joy!

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Re: Another Mini-split thread.

Post by Magruder » Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:18 am

We live in NH's White Mountains. 1800 sq ft home all on one floor. Installed a Fujitsu 12RLS three-four years ago for about $3200, primarily for heat during the shoulder seasons, as our radiant heat in the concrete slab is too slow to take the chill off on cool mornings. Found that it costs less to heat with the mini-split that it does to run the boiler; even given the low price we pay for propane under a 235 home HO Assoc contract! We now heat exclusively with the mini-spit until about Christmas before going full radiant, and then back to the mini-split in March. We do run the radiant zone in the master bath starting about now to keep that room a tad warmer since it as as far from the mini-spit as it can be..

The single unit handles our a/c needs nicely, altho porch roofs on both sides of the house limit direct sun through our windows. I would be surprised that you need a four zone system for just the first floor! Like you, we used to cool the whole first floor with a 12,000 btu window unit!

Efficiency drops with a mini-split if it is sized to big!

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Re: Another Mini-split [Air conditioner] thread.

Post by LadyGeek » Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:27 pm

I retitled the thread for clarity.

Here's a previous discussion: [Small, Portable, and Ductless Air Conditioners]
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