My error with EIN on W2. Stand alone or IRS fix?

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My error with EIN on W2. Stand alone or IRS fix?

Post by LeeMKE » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:45 pm

I got a phone call from Social Security. It seems I used my SS# in 2016 on the W2 forms I sent in, and should have used the EIN I got for this purpose.

We had 2 household workers helping me at home when I was laid up that year. When I did the research of how to pay and report their earnings, it was confusing. I got an EIN, but later read that I should use my own SS# instead for household workers. So, I have no doubt the agent from Social Security is correct. In 2017, I filed correctly for the W2 worker I had at home.

The agent asked me to fax a "standalone W3c" to her. Which I did. I just printed out the form from the internet, filled it in and faxed it to her office.

ACTION NEEDED: The IRS website instructs me to file a set of forms, which were required to be mailed to me -- copies printed from the internet would not scan in their system properly. The forms arrived today. So, I'm wondering whether my filing the W-2c and W-3c are necessary or might interfere with the W-3c I already faxed to Social Security.

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