Newbie US NRA investing advice.

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Newbie US NRA investing advice.

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I am from New Zealand but living Taiwan and looking to invest in Vanguard funds. I am a newbie to this so it all seems so complicated, especially since most of the information is aimed at US residents.

From this wiki page: ... x_treaties

It appears that using a US broker to invest in the most popular funds mentioned here is not the best decision as Taiwan has no tax agreement with the US and I would be subject to the 30% withholding tax.

It seems that Ireland based is a better option, but I have no idea what broker that sells those would allow me to open an account.

I have a broker account in NZ and I am thinking it might be useful. I can only purchase one Vanguard fund (domiciled in Australia) through them (ignore the minimum investment as the platform I am using allows smaller). The expense ratio is listed as 0.2 but I am not sure how it compares to the usual funds that people recommend. ... ts/9269/au

What is your advice for me?

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