Buying a Basketball Hoop

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Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by davebo » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:19 am

In some ways, I wish I didn’t have the benefit of online reviews because I would just make a decision quicker and move on with my life :) I’m looking around for a basketball hoop for my house that will be used by all my kids (ages 5, 6, and 8). At first, I was just going to do a portable one because it seemed like the least amount of hassle. After thinking about it, I’m leaning towards an in-ground system because I don’t know if I’d benefit from moving it around at all.

I went to the sporting goods store and looked at all the hoops and the ones that I was considering all seemed pretty cheap to me with relatively small backboards. I am looking at a couple different ones, the Goaliath 54” hoop ($399) or the Goalrilla S60C 60’ ($799). The common complaint about the Goaliath is that the backboard shakes for quite awhile after a shot, but Goalrilla has good reviews. This is where I get in trouble because, realistically, I should just put up a basketball hoop that works. On the other hand, I feel like I’m going to be living with this for 20+ years so I might as well put up a nicer one.

My wife is ok with getting a basketball hoop, but doesn't want to spend too much. My boys do not play organized basketball, but we do shoot around at the playground and they play at gym class at school. I grew up with a basketball hoop and think it’s a good staple to have at a house for something to do when the kids are bored, plus I have a really perfect flat driveway to play on. Part of me does feel a little silly putting up an $400-$800 basketball hoop when my kids aren’t basketball phenoms, but I consider it to be a long-term investment.

Few questions:

1) Did you go with an in-ground or portable? Any regrets?
2) Given my situation, would you go entry level or get a nice one?
3) Another option is getting a very very low budget one ($80) to test the waters out a little bit. Something like the Lifetime Portable Hoop that retails for like $75.


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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by marquette » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:26 am

Spend the money on the Goalrilla if you are going to be there for 10+ years. Always something easy to play with and it will look nice too. You might not use it for a year, but then all of a sudden your kids will have friends over every day after school shooting hoops. The portables are just a hassle to deal with and aren't really safe when the kids are hanging on the rim or there is a windstorm. Just my 2 cents. My house came with a nice enough one that I can't justify a new one, but I would prefer a 60" goalrilla or similar.

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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by John Laurens » Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:29 am

I have a goalrilla and had it installed. We love it. Worth every penny. Depending on your weather, you may not be able to get installed if your average temperatures are low.

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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by squirm » Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:09 pm

Just buy one off of Craigslist, that's what I did. A lot of people buy basketball hoops, that barely get used. The neighborhood that our rental house is in is littered with them. Some short cul de sacs have three hoops.

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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by Andyrunner » Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:26 pm

1) In-ground, debated on it, but living in a windy area, we wanted it to stand up and not break. No regrets, easy to install, takes 3-4 hours tops.
2) We went with a nicer one. spent ~700. Mid-line in my opinion. Cheaper ones just looked like garbage and based on the salesman and research, you get what you pay for in quality.
3) If you go this route, buy it used on craigslist and factor in taking it to the dump after it falls apart.

Only downside is our driveway is slopped. So shooting from the perimeter feels like an 8 foot basket other side feels like 12 feet.

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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by livesoft » Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:27 pm

Portable, no regrets. It has been in the same place for about 15 years. And through two hurricanes. Cost about $200 at the time. Still in excellent shape, though new nets twice a year.

Both my kids played basketball on school teams for many years. I coached youth basketball (AAU) for a number of years, too. I also played as an adult in church leagues. So we had access to gyms for serious work. Also, we live near about 5 parks with lighted outdoor courts. My son just showed me how he can still dunk the ball a couple days ago.

Realistically, the goal in the driveway is about practicing lay-ups, free throws, and a few 3-pointers. It is not about playing full court basketball and hanging on the rim. If the children get serious about basketball, they will be playing in gyms from about age 11 upwards.

There are at least 2 kinds of portable goals:

1. Base goes back away from a straight-up pole, and
2. Base goes forward with pole going at an angle from back of base up to goal in kind of a triangle.

We have type #1 with the base+pole behind a wooden fence and the backboard sticking out over the fence onto the driveway. The base has flower pots on it, too. The rim is spring-loaded very stiffly, so it has some give if one hangs on it after the end of a dunk. We have free-throw line at the regulation distance.
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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by corysold » Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:29 pm

Maybe this won't apply, but we sometimes move our portable hoop into the garage on the lowest setting so the kids can play in there. Just did it for Thanksgiving and had a mini horse tournament with the family. Can't play a real game, but even the older kids had a blast. We sometimes move it in over Christmas break or something when we know the kids will be home for an extended time and might need to burn off some energy.

miles monroe
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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by miles monroe » Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:41 pm

ive had 3.

my first was an inground one. i paid off duty fireman who installed these as a side hustle to install it for me. it stayed behind when i divorced; i don't know how this thing is going to look after 30 years or if it is a positive/negative when resale time comes.

my 2nd was attached to the house (no pole). don't do this, if you're inside the house you'll hear every shot when it hits the backboard.

my 3rd was one of $300 plus or minus units you can get at sams/costco. you fill up the base with water or sand. i used sand, and i can guarantee it ain't going anywhere. it's almost "too" stable; takes 3 adults to move the thing. the only time i've moved it was when i had the house resided.

i'm happiest with my current setup. had i known it would have gotten the use that it does (we used it a LOT), i would have looked into one of the more expensive units (don't know if i would have gone that route). at this point it sounds like the most expensive units may be overkill for your kids.

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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by sls239 » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:00 pm

Our cul-de-sac has one portable hoop. It has literally gone from house to house as people have moved in and out or gotten more or less interested in bball.

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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by Hukedonfonix4me » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:48 pm

Had an in-ground installed in my childhood home. Don't remember the brand, but that thing was worth every penny IMO. There was a handle on the backside we could adjust the height (as children). So much better than the eye-sore portables that seem to deteriorate quickly and get much less use. After install only other maintenance cost we had (15+ years) was changing the nets every season or so....looked brand new

PS- I just TRIED to throw a wadded up paper basketball in my trashcan (relive the old days), I missed. Obviously, the fancy hoop had no bearing on my motor skills
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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by Boglegrappler » Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:20 pm

I'd make sure the kids were close to begging for it before I bought it.

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Re: Buying a Basketball Hoop

Post by MP173 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:51 am

There is nothing quite like the sound of a basketball bouncing in a neighborhood. It is a magnet to bring kids out of their houses.

My son is now in college (playing college ball) and the basketball goal has now turned into a trellis for a vine and a robin nest (on the rear).

It has been a great addition to our home.


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