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[contributions needed]

Please add here entries that explain the acronyms and short expressions that we commonly use like:

ETF - exchange traded funds
TSM - total stock market

Many of the three letter acronyms you'll see in postings will be the ticker symbols for a particular Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

You can enter an unknown acronym at the following site and get a translation:
Acronym Finder

(contributed by Cyberbob)
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the following submited by: pkcrafter

AUM - Assets under management
CMA - Cash managed account
DI - Debt Instrument

EBITA - Earnings before interest, taxes and amoritisation
EMH - Efficient Market Hypothesis
ERISA - Empolyee Retirement Income Security Act

FF3FM - Fama/French 3-factor model
GARP - Growth at a reasonable price
HmL - High minus Low (High B/P return - Low B/P return) Value Premium

IPS - Investment Policy Statement
MVO - Mean Variance Optization
RTM - Reversion to the Mean
SD - Standard Deviation

S&D - Slice and Dice
SmB - Small minus Big (Small stock return - Large stock return) Size premium
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