Coverage for funds stolen via unauthorized transactions

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Coverage for funds stolen via unauthorized transactions

Post by docneil88 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:59 pm

I am in search of an insurance policy that will cover at least $1 million of funds stolen via unauthorized/fraudulent transactions in my accounts. I know that US financial institutions often cover such losses for their customers, but what about cases in which they, for whatever reason, do not. I want coverage for that event. I hear it's often an uphill battle to get financial institutions to cover losses due to unauthorized/fraudulent transactions. Many homeowner's insurance plans and identity theft plans will pay for "recovery services" (e.g. legal and administrative services), but cover little if any of the $1,000,000 potential theft itself that I'm trying to cover. If you know of a plan that fits the bill, please could you post what you know about it and/or provide a link? I called about eight local insurance brokers and agencies today and none of them knew of a plan that fits the bill. Very surprising given the rash of ID theft activity recently and over the last decade.

Zander Insurance Group ( ) does provide a plan that covers up to $1 million of "Stolen Funds caused by an unauthorized electronic funds transfer." If you have experience with this company or this plan, please could you share what you know. I'd prefer a plan that also covers for theft from accounts that does not involve electronic funds transfer. Thanks, Neil

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