Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by LukeTheGluek »

adave wrote: Mon Jul 01, 2024 6:16 pm What do you use for home value? Zillow?
Tax-assessed Value tends to be a non-emotional figure, I find Zillow to be a little too variable and comps seem like work just trying to keep it as simple as possible.

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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by Stoic9 »

QUOTE from sandtrap ' NW is interesting in that it does not always correlate to income stream, especially when a home is figured in as the appreciative value of a home is where most/many people have their NW.

As an aside, there was a time long ago when my NW was all in R/E buildings and it was very large, but we were shopping at the thrift store for clothes for the kids. So, it's all relative and unique in perspective.'

Agree, our NW is half Rental property half portfolio of stocks. But it is our income stream of rents that improve our lifestyle in retirement until we take SS. Rents have jumped bigly the past 3 years improving our retirement. But again this is a site mostly about stock/bond investing not really NW which for most rest heavy on their 'home'.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by ChiKid24 »

Up 13.2% and just crossed $5M today! Still dual income and maxing out back door, mega back door, HSA for wife and me. Have a $7M target for early retirement, so that timeline is coming quicker than expected. Thank you Mr. Market.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by Dottie57 »

Lawrence of Suburbia wrote: Mon Jul 01, 2024 11:36 am unwitting_gulag: a possible collapse of the U.S. publics' agreement on how to proceed as a country, politically -- along with an economic breakdown. Then, one might surmise that owning foreign stocks and bonds would help keep one afloat.

Otherwise, I'm up ~6%. Woulda done massively better if I'd been most in U.S. megacaps :oops: but, I sleep better owning mostly a target-date fund with everything in it.
Agree with both parts. Up about 6%. With bonds , total ex U.S. stock and total U.S. stock.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by CletusCaddy »

$3.0M to $3.7M

$100k contributions + Robinhood transfer bonus
$300k portfolio growth
$300k home value growth
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by LFKB »

Ballpark I’m up about 11-12% YTD on my investments, excluding any new money
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by Garco »

I don't often try to calculate my net worth -- including real estate holdings. I just watch my investments and my bank account. I am retired, so I'm drawing spending money from Social Security and required distributions from my tax-deferred investment accounts. I know that my main investment account is > 3 MM. And I have no debt. If I add my real estate owned, plus my actively invested market investments, my total net worth is over 4 MM. I like that line by Alfred E. Neuman: "What, me worry?"
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by kenai »

NW up 11.6% so far.

Retired last year. No further contributions. I rent so no real estate.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by Grt2bOutdoors »

I’m up, I don’t calculate percentages as our goals don’t require a specific bogey rate, only that positive traction is made over time.

Be cognizant what the market giveth, it can taketh as well. Grateful nonetheless.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by carminered2019 »

wunwun1 wrote: Mon Jul 08, 2024 7:06 am
carminered2019 wrote: Sun Jul 07, 2024 9:19 am Retired at the end of 2019 with 52X and now up to 93X. YTD up 9.5X

X=1 year of living expenses.
93X?? Holy moly!

What is your plan with all that (almost surely) unused wealth?
I have couple charities and also trying to build a generational wealth for my daughter and future grand kids.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by APX32 »

Investment portfolio up 24.8% so far this year, after 43% last year. Did not expect this at all. After making my first million a little over 3 years ago, I’m now < $100k away from the 2 million mark. The first one took almost 25 years, so this is a bit of a shock.

Full disclosure, the 2nd million has largely been achieved by completely “un-Boglehead” means. I’ve made a number of timely trades riding the AI boom (bubble) for the past 18 months or so. It was a high risk/high reward situation that has paid off handsomely. I’m not one to push my luck, so in the last 2 months or so, I’ve significantly reduced my individual stock holdings and rotated back to indexing.

The returns going forward should be much more muted and I don’t expect this type of performance again anytime soon.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by Nivek »

Up 8.41% in my investments. I don't count our home as part of my net worth calculation.
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by AllMostThere »

We are up 9% this year. Our target AA is 60/40, but recent gains have driven it to 65/35. Thinking we'll just leave it there as the 35% in bonds is +20x of our minimum annual spend. Life is Good :beer
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by civex »

Checked after reading thread and WOW, portfolio is up 15.9% YTD! We are front loading this year for planned paternity/maternity leaves, so roughly 5% is contributions. We are around 10x currently and the increase amounts to 1-1.5x expenses. Great to see!
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by muffins14 »

Fidelity says my brokerage is flat and my Roth up 7.6%. 401k up 3%. Hooray.

At least this is from Fidelity app “your YTD cumulative pre-tax return”

Small cap value and my long term bonds have not done great since April/ May

Thank god for contributions
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by trueson1 »

8.7% Jan-June 24
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by Badger2017 »

+14.8% YTD. Could have been better but had a bit too much cash sitting on the sideline. A good reminder for myself that I shouldn't try to time the market!
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by jeremyl »

16% in invested assets.

Contributing 5% to 403b with 5% match.
Another 3% to a state annuity that can be combined with my pension or roll to an IRA at retirement.
Maxed Roth's in January and July this year.

It's amazing to watch compound interest work. All accounts except 1 are over $100k. One is almost $200k.

Like Charlie Munger said, "you have to get that first $100k. It's a b*%#$ but you gotta do it".

The account that's close to $200k has grown so fast. Amazing!
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Re: Mid-year Check-in on Net Worth

Post by JS-Elcano »

17% with contributions
12.1% w/o contributions
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