Wifi Hotspot Advice?

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Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by new2bogle2 »

I’m taking a trip next month and staying in a cabin that specifically mentions no wifi. I need to bring my laptop for a few hours worth of work over the trip and therefore am looking into a very temporary hotspot. It will be used about 10-20 hours over the course of a week and that’s all I need.

Does anyone know of any temporary hotspot options (or an alternative)?

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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by SnowBog »

Many cell phones offer this capability built in, assuming you cell carrier supports it (and isn't cost prohibitive). That's where I'd start...
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by lostcoast2023 »

It is super easy to do this with any halfway decent smartphone and cellular plan. It does drain the battery fast, so enabling USB tethering can be preferable.
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by Doctor Rhythm »

How is the cellular coverage there? For a few hours of work, I’d just tether to my phone if your plan allows it.
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by Invest4lt »

Cell phone is probably your best bet. You might also want to price a mobile hotspot from your cell provider. It would free up your cell and provide a faster connection, but could cost a bit more over time depending on your cell carrier. The monthly rates could be quite reasonable, but you might need to extend longer than your intended week.

Just took a look at T-Mobile. Their hotspot is 3.75 per month for 24 months. Data plans start at 10 per month for 2 gb of high speed data, taxes included. So, this might be a bit more than what you need.
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by MathWizard »

A mifi would work.

The hotspot would cost between $100 and $200 and you'd also need to purchase cell service for it probably from Verizon or AT&T.

The advantage of a mobile hotspot is that it probably would allow for connection of more devices that a cellphone.

If it is just for your laptop, a decent cellphone and plan would work just fine. My Google Fi and pixel phone works just fine for connecting my laptop. You can still use your phone.

My plan provides full speed (5G if available) when using it as a hot spot,but I pay $10/GB used, so I use it sparingly.

Some plans throttle hotspot speed, or limit it all together, especially if you have unlimited data plans.
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by cacophony »

A cabin that specifically mentions no wifi has a reasonable likelihood of not getting any sort of cell service. If it's important to have internet connectivity you should ask them what (if any) cell providers have a reliable data connection in the area.
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by teCh0010 »

How remote of a cabin? Key question is going to be does it have decently fast cellular data available ?

The coverage maps aren’t much help, if the owner can’t give you advice here I would plan on being willing to drive somewhere for internet.

There are a couple of places that rent Starlink for $175 a week, that’s an option if you have to have internet and you don’t know if there will be cell coverage.
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by Callisto »

You can rent devices for satellite based connectivity. Iridium Go if you are ok with dial up speeds, very cheap option. Starlink if you need modern bandwidth, price varies but on average much higher. Relying on standard cell service is a terrible idea.
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Re: Wifi Hotspot Advice?

Post by Brewman »

Try your local library. Our library has hotspots you can borrow for several weeks free. I have used these on vacation as either a primary wifi connection or as a backup in case the place we rented did not have a adequate connection. You will need to ne able to receive cell service to make it work.
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