Re-Allocation Within IRAs (TIPS and other considerations)

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Re-Allocation Within IRAs (TIPS and other considerations)

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I am 60 and my partner is 55. We're trying to bring our portfolio closer in line with the 60/40 split as we get closer to retirement (both of us 67). We are very risk adverse. Our current asset mix is 75% stock/25% bonds

We plan to move funds inside our IRAs - We both have Traditional and Roth IRAs, funds are equally split. The amount is for us large ($200,000). After the move, the new balance will be 65% stock and 35% bonds.

So our questions
1. Should we do this in stages ($50,000 each year)
2. Which is better to move funds - Traditional IRA or Roth IRA? (I am thinking Traditional IRA). Sell $200,000 inside the traditional IRA and move those $$ inside the Traditional IRA into bonds
3. The funds currently inside the Traditional IRA are being held in mutual funds so we need to find a 100% bond investment. There are bond funds at the brokerage but would we better served by buying TIPs through the brokerage? And are there tax consequences to consider selling the IRA mutual funds in order to move them into TIPs?
4. Any other things to consider?
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Re: Re-Allocation Within IRAs (TIPS and other considerations)

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