Buying back Bonds

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Buying back Bonds

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Hello Bogleheads,

I cashed my large FXNAX fund (in 401K) in Jan 22 when it became obvious that high inflation was coming and Bonds would take a big hit. Pretty much dodged the 13% loss for the year. I bought FXNAX back a couple of weeks ago.

Anyone buying back bonds after sitting on the sideline in 2022?
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Re: Buying back Bonds

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This thread is locked since OP has already repurchased FXNAX and is not asking for advice (not actionable). General comment threads are off topic in the forums with "Personal" in the title. See: A reminder that non-investing general comment threads are OT
- It must be personal. In other words, you must be asking about your own situation. You can also ask on behalf of someone specific, such as a family member.

- It must be actionable. You must be able to do something specific with the replies that will make a difference in your situation.
If you have a specific question, please ask directly and provide sufficient information for members to supply appropriate advice.