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Proton Calendar

Post by creant »

Proton Calendar app has just been released on iOS. Has anyone used Proton Calendar and can comment on pros/cons (vs Google Calendar)?

Considering switching but am not sure if it is an adequate replacement. Google Calendar allows multiple users to share calendars, allows multiple calendars/labels per person, and generally works well to send notifications/reminders.
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Re: Proton Calendar

Post by tm3 »

I'm shopping for a secure email provider, and ProtonMail is one that I am auditioning. I have set up a free account and have played with their calendar. To me it is very similar to the built in iPhone calendar app, which is to say that it is adequate. I have been using Google calendar as my default, as I like the look and layout better as well as some of the other features. My favorite feature of the Google calendar is looking at month view and seeing the names of events on days, instead of just a dot on a day with an event which is how Apple and ProtonMail do it. I also like being able to put color labels on Google calendar events.

Overall so far I prefer the functionality of Gmail, as well as the calendar app, Keep, Drive, Tasks, etc. The recurring question with Gmail is privacy and security. It's hard to get an accurate read as there are many opinions floated all over the place. The preponderance of evidence seems to indicate that Gmail security is robust, but there are lingering questions about privacy.

I don't know anything about this Trustpilot review site, but they have "user feedback" on email services. ProtonMail is ranked "poor" and Gmail is ranked "average" (Gmail in fact ranks highest compared to ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Outlook):
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Re: Proton Calendar

Post by MBB_Boy »

I've been using it for a while, don't know anything about the ios version.

It's adequate. It's definitely not as good as Outlook or Google calendar, but I haven't had any real issues using it. The biggest annoyance is that when you get an email with a meeting invite and click accept, it opens the calendar to do so. It's not seamless
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Re: Proton Calendar

Post by Swift »

I can only compare it to Outlook. It is not as good as Outlook's calendar, but given that it's way less prone to spying, I feel fine at the slight inconveniences. It's not bad by any stretch, just a few more clicks to do things and a bit less intuitive.
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