New California Middle Class Tax Refund

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Re: New California Middle Class Tax Refund

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Received my debit card yesterday
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Re: New California Middle Class Tax Refund

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fareastwarriors wrote: Wed Nov 23, 2022 12:41 pm Received my debit card yesterday
Congratulations :beer

Hopefully we receive ours soon
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Re: New California Middle Class Tax Refund

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Does anyone know a good way to drain the debit card without fees? I've never had one before. Thanks
I haven't received one yet, but you may be able to login on the debit card site and transfer the balance to your bank account.
My wife received a debit card from CA for paid family benefits for both of our children. It was through Bank of America, you set up an account specific for that debit card, and could easily transfer the balance to another bank account. I imagine this is likely a similar case for this one.
Unlike the last one from CA where I could fee-free transfer the funds to my checking account, (I was at the bank), this time my bankteller could not tell me whether that was the case. The card is provided from a different company and arrives with a statement of all the fees. What a farce I have to say.
I had to go the website and search for ATMs with no fees. In my area they were at Ralph's, CVS and Walgreens. I took the card into Ralphs wanting to withdraw the $350 and the machine could only give me 20s. I'll bet you the remaining balance that none of their machines dispenses 10 dollars.

No idea whether there's a fee if I use it as debit card at a store. I don't use debit cards as a rule.

These kind of nickle and diming fee-based, so-called conveniences really rile me. I'm an able-bodied, mobile person. Elderly persons, those with mobility challenges...just send a blasted check or direct deposit!
Thanks for sharing these details, much appreciated. Ugh I agree very frustrating.
It is Thanksgiving and I for one am very thankful that we received a debit card worth $700 a couple days ago.I am very happy to go to the grocery store or whatever store and get some free groceries or items.
We finally bought a new microwave with it.
No fee to use it at stores.
Why they just don’t do a direct deposit I don’t know, but happy for this terrible inconvenience :moneybag
The funny thing is I had no idea we were getting anything and I thought it was one of those advertising gimmicks and almost tossed it when my wife asked what is this? easy to say so difficult to do.
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