Custom shoe orthotics mishap - legal recourse?

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Custom shoe orthotics mishap - legal recourse?

Post by abs9986 »

Hi all, I wanted to get your feedback on some issues that I am having with custom orthotics, and what options I have.

About a month ago I went to an orthotic provider and received custom foot orthotics to replace my old ones from several years ago. I wore them for about two weeks, but they were extremely uncomfortable and resulted in messing up my right foot pretty badly. Now I am having difficulty walking due to my foot not landing correctly even though I have now stopped wearing the orthotic. The provider is going to try to make me a new ones, but I am not convinced that they are competent and are going to fix the problem. I’m also concerned that my foot has only gotten a little better, and I haven’t worn the orthotics for a couple of weeks now.

Do I have any legal options? I’m not trying to be greedy I just think I probably need a little physical therapy to correct the issue and ideally the practice would pay for it instead of myself.
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Re: Custom shoe orthotics mishap - legal recourse?

Post by fabdog »

Have you asked them what they can do to help you recover? Perhaps their isn't a need for legal action just yet.

So far it sounds like they are re making the inserts, and I can understand your lack of faith in their ability to correct the previous issues. Ask them what changes they are making. Is this the first time you've used this supplier?

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Re: Custom shoe orthotics mishap - legal recourse?

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Instead of legal action, seek a second opinion from a podiatrist or ask your GP who you should see for a second opinion. Feet are important, figure out what care you need rather than looking at legal options.
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Re: Custom shoe orthotics mishap - legal recourse?

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I'd do a lot more fact finding and give it (and the orthotic provider) a little more time before jumping into legal action. Meanwhile, plenty of PT exercises and the like to be found on YouTube - you could give some of the gentle exercises a try and see if it helps. When joints and muscles get angry, they can take a while to chill out.
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Re: Custom shoe orthotics mishap - legal recourse?

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