Sun hoodies for hiking?

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Re: Sun hoodies for hiking?

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How is it hiking hard in one of these hoodies? Do they capture much heat under the hood?
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Re: Sun hoodies for hiking?

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Shallowpockets wrote: Thu May 12, 2022 8:12 am That said, hoodies seem to work for some people.
Basically, OP, buy yourself a brimmed hat. I have hiked in the areas you note.
I use a white long sleeve shirt such as this one from Hanes ... 138&sr=8-6

And a wide brimmed hat

Then I start my outdoor adventure at 5 AM and try to wrap it up by 9 AM during the summer heat.
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Re: Sun hoodies for hiking?

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Pretty much wear these every day for hiking and fishing: ... 9884648638

This is guide level gear.
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