Gift Card for Washington Wizards Game

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Gift Card for Washington Wizards Game

Post by pennywise »

I know there are quite a few Bogleheads in the metro DC area, and I can use your input on a gift idea for my son in law who is a basketball fan. This holiday season especially I'm trying to either shop locally or give experiences. Since they live in Vienna Va, sending them to a game may fit the criteria.

I'd like to give him a gift card generous enough to buy 2 decent seats. However since I'm completely ignorant of the Wizards, their playing arena, indeed basketball in general I have no clue how much to give. $100? $150? More?

If any Wizards fans can give me any suggestions, it is much appreciated.
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Re: Gift Card for Washington Wizards Game

Post by livesoft »

I went online to check ticket prices. I would suggest paying at least $300 per ticket in order to get close enough to the action. Plus parking though I do not know if the Metro goes to the venue.

I have received gift tickets since I used to coach youth basketball a few times. Always had a great experience.
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