Vanguard Income Portfolio (529)

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Vanguard Income Portfolio (529)

Post by schachtw »


Curious, has or is, anyone structured the bond component of their portfolio(s) similar to the above?

35% Vanguard Total Bond Index BND/VBTLX
23% Vanguard Total Intl Bond Index BNDX/VTABX
18% Vanguard Short Term Tips Index VTIP/VTAPX
24% Short Term Reserves VMFXX/CDs
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Re: Vanguard Income Portfolio (529)

Post by livesoft »

The Ohio 529 plan has the Vanguard Income option which might be similar. I cannot remember, but we used it while our children were in college.

But for our living portfolio, we did not and do not use it. Our living portfolio is for the next 40 years of retirement, so we do not need any cash.
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Re: Vanguard Income Portfolio (529)

Post by SimpleStupid »

I was looking at this option as well, because our horizon is 8 years, and the only other option they have is 100% Total Bond Market which skews longer term. The only thing is that I don't really want to sit on 25% cash reserves for 8 years. Was thinking it makes more sense to just go with the 100% Total Market in the 529, and then get some short/intermediate funds to offset in the taxable account (munis). Hmmm.
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