Treasury Direct Help Please

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Treasury Direct Help Please

Post by ZWorkLess »

So, y'all have convinced me that I need more bonds in my life, so I've just opened Treasury Direct accounts for my spouse and myself and will buy $10k I Bonds each this week (and then repeat yearly ad infinitem). I think I have the accounts set up correctly with us as "co owners" of each other's accounts, etc.

One thing I was looking for (that I thought I read exists) is a way to set up the accounts to allow the co-owner to transact on the bonds. Is that option tied to each bond and thus only apparent when I actually put the money in and buy the bonds? Or am I missing it in the basic account settings?

Also, even if I can't allow the co-owner to transact, is there a way to set up my spouse's account so that I can at least view the holdings when I'm logged in to my own? Or will that just happen automatically (viewing the holdings you're a co-owner) because of the SSN matching?

FWIW, I can do this on Vanguard -- so I can see & transact my spouse's (and my kids') individual accounts. I'm just hoping there's a way to do that on Treasury Direct, too. If not, no big shakes, as I likely won't actually transact more than once a year, but if I can see things all in one place, that just makes it easier to keep my eye on things.

Thanks much!
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Re: Treasury Direct Help Please

Post by fabdog »

appears you add once you have securities ... ights3.htm

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Re: Treasury Direct Help Please

Post by MrJedi »

It's not enough to just add a secondary owner. The primary owner needs to assign view/transact rights on each bond after it is purchased. After that is done, then the secondary owner can view and redeem bonds from his/her own login. They appear in a different section on the site than the primary owner bonds.
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Re: Treasury Direct Help Please

Post by SnowBog »

For clarity, you will need to set this up on every bond you purchase.

And this only works with "individual" accounts. You won't have any such options on your "entity" (trust) account.
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Re: Treasury Direct Help Please

Post by ClassOf2021 »

I just set up th accounts for myself and my spouse last week. Steps i took were:

1 opened accounts
2 purchased ibonds 10k for each transferred from checking account
3 registered each account/bond with spouse as secondary (“with”) owner
4 added transact rights for secondary owner for each bond
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Re: Treasury Direct Help Please

Post by evelynmanley »

good info about how to grant transact rights: ... irect.html
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Re: Treasury Direct Help Please

Post by pshonore »

Just placed an order today. Assume I have to wait until the purchase shows up in my account to register it? (a day or two)
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