Carseats for Baby

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Re: Carseats for Baby

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leeks wrote: Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:15 pm
amindu wrote: Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:46 pm Check out the Clek Liing. We wanted something built in North America, and they are built at their factory in Canada.
Sheesh, $400!!

The Cosco Scenera is made in Indiana and our first one was literally 1/10 of that price ($40 7 years ago). Today's price is $50 on (I guess that inflation thing is real). Kid can use the same one from birth to age 3 (or more). I don't understand why many folks think the more expensive made in China ones are "better." I don't know anything about the Canadian one.
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Re: Carseats for Baby

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We bought an Evenflo travel system with base (bases in our case), car seat, and stroller. We were attracted to the price and the lightweight carrier.

The car seat and lightweight carrier were wonderful. Highly recommend lightweight carriers.

The stroller was awful, specifically in terms of compatibility with the carrier. The problem with the stroller was that the carrier didn't easily snap into it. If you didn't place the carrier into exact spot in the stroller, it wouldn't snap on both ends and then you had to pick up the carrier and retry. This was complicated by the fact that 1) the carrier blocks your view of the stroller hooks 2) Your have to lean over to set down the carrier, so your body is not in an ergonomically correct position to hold such weight and your back can pay a price while you continually attempt to place the carrier.

We visited some cousins in NY City and had a horrific time traveling through the subway where you had to frequently climb stairs which required removing carrier (w baby) from the stroller, compressing the stroller, climbing the stairs, expanding the stroller, and putting the carrier back in.

I highly recommend splurging on a stroller that is both lightweight yet strong, easily compress-able, and can connect to a carrier even if the carrier isn't well placed in the connection slot. I made the incorrect assumption that all the parts in a travel system would work well together because they would be designed by the manufacturer to do so. If I had to do it all over again, I would pay premium at a brick and mortar store so that I could test it out prior to purchase.
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Re: Carseats for Baby

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We used Chicco Key Fit infant and convertible car seats. Seemed well made, sturdy, had good ratings, and were fairly easy to install.

Try and find something that allows you to unzip the liner. Our convertible seat had that and it was great. There will be accidents, diaper blowouts, and spills, so that made it easy to clean. You can just throw the liner in the washing machine then let it hang to dry.

I agree with others that the Bob strollers are worth it. We primarily used that for most things and also had a cheap banana stroller for airport duty. There's a decent resale value for the used Bobs too, so you can get some of your money back when you're done with it.
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