No delay for refunds if e-file?

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No delay for refunds if e-file?

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Is it fair to assume I can expect no delay to get my tax refunds, if I e-file my 2020 tax? Multiply threads about backlogs but they seem related to amended taxes, or paper tax filing, etc.

Still working on my tax for 2020 and hope to file it in the near future. Expect a refund based on my current calculations. I never apply refunds towards next year's tax. In the past when I get my refunds, or IRS pull the fund from my accounts for tax due, I consider that is an indication that all is done for that tax year. ''

Now if I apply a refund toward next year's tax, how do I know that IRS has reviewed my tax and no correction is needed? In other words, how do I know that my tax is not simply sitting somewhere forever due to the current processing delay?
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Re: No delay for refunds if e-file?

Post by DetroitRick »

The answer is that it varies a lot this year, like no other. This from a slew of media reports in the past month. My anecdote of 1: e-filed 4/10/21, no amendments or issues that I can see, return shows as "still processing". A small refund is due me. My return was modestly complex, relatively.

To simply check return status, the IRS "where's my refund" tool works fine: ... status.jsp

But to see the bigger picture, including payment applications, making payments, and much more, setting up an IRS account is an easy way to go. This is what I use to make payments, see account balances, and view transcripts:
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Re: No delay for refunds if e-file?

Post by greg24 »

It is hard to project when it will arrive.

But I think it is correct to say you will receive your refund faster by e-filing over paper filing.
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Re: No delay for refunds if e-file?

Post by 02nz »

Never file by paper if e-file is an option in your situation. Between USPS delays and IRS delays, I don't know why anybody would even consider filing by paper unless they had no other choice.
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Re: No delay for refunds if e-file?

Post by MildlyEccentric »

My son efiled his return which was accepted on 4/16. He used the standard deduction, requested direct deposit and expects a modest refund. His status on the IRS "Where's my refund" website indicates his return is still being processed (today is 7/21). So, 3 months and counting on his efile. No doubt snail mail would be worse though.
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