I-Phone music recognition

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I-Phone music recognition

Post by kcannon1 »

Does anyone know if an I-Phone will recognize musical notes. For instance if I play something on guitar can it tell me the chord or note I am playing, assuming I am in tune? I could possibly use this to figure out and learn songs if so.
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Re: I-Phone music recognition

Post by crossbow »

I'm sure there is a tuner app you can download.
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Re: I-Phone music recognition

Post by sureshoe »

It does it, and they're all over the app store. Pitch Perfect is for singing. You can use your computer too:
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Re: I-Phone music recognition

Post by bloom2708 »

Shazam is built into new iPhones.

Swipe down from the top right.

Click the Shazam icon when the song is playing. It looks like an S kind of sideways.

If it isn't showing, you may have to add it in Settings > Control Center > Music Recognition
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Re: I-Phone music recognition

Post by Doctor Rhythm »

It’s not the phone but the app that matters.

If you just want to know a note, there are around a bajillion free tuner apps. Chord identification software is less common, but tools are available for this as well. If your goal is to learn the chords to songs, it might be easier to just find the chords/tab on-line.

I use Apple’s Music Memos app to record my song ideas, riffs, etc. After I finish the recording, the app analyzes what I played and indicates the chord changes and key. In other words, it does what you want but not in real-time. Accuracy is mediocre, but then again, so is my guitar-playing. I don’t know how well it can analyze complicated/extended chords because I only Rawk!, but it correctly identified one riff as based on a B-flat minor7(9).

You can also look into Chordify. It does a similar song analysis and identifies the (you guessed it) chords. Again, it’s not real-time “name it as you play it” but works off a recorded track.

Sadly, I’ve learned that Apple has pulled Music Memo from their store. However, I just found this app which claims to do real-time analysis: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chord-ai/id1446177109. I’ll try it out the free version later, and feel free to PM if questions.

Regarding other posts: isn’t Shazam just a “name that tune” song identifier? I don’t think that it will tell you the chords or melody notes, which is what OP wants.
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