Gabelli rights offering

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Gabelli rights offering

Post by 1030danielle »

Thanks to an inheritance, I have all sorts of individual stocks right now. Among them is Gabelli, GAB.
Vanguard emailed to inform me of a rights offering the company is … offering.
According to investopedia, doing nothing is not in my best interest.

Link to investopedia article: ... ts-issues/

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Re: Gabelli rights offering

Post by JoMoney »

Interesting, no particular opinion on the specific offer, but this is yet another good example of the complexities and (forced) decisions that come with owning individual stocks. People talk about buying a portfolio of individual stocks and then doing nothing or 'holding forever', but there are lots of corporate events that force one into making choices, essentially trades, which I view as opportunities to make mistakes (I believe most people are at a disadvantage when transacting in the market and should avoid situations that lead to trading.)
The decision I made some time back was to divest myself of individual stocks and find a low-cost broad-market index fund to put a veil over these things and minimize the impact of any individual event.
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Re: Gabelli rights offering

Post by retired@50 »

GAB is near a 5 year high.
Looks like a good time to sell and buy an index fund with the proceeds.

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Re: Gabelli rights offering

Post by backpacker61 »

1030danielle wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:05 am According to investopedia, doing nothing is not in my best interest.
Yes, don't do nothing. Your rights offering has monetary value. Either
  • sell the rights on the open market
  • elect to exercise them (and ensure you have sufficient funds in your sweep account to cover the shares acquired's subscription price)
Letting the rights expire as worthless would be a poor choice.

I elected to exercise my GAB rights, although I went back and forth on it.
I exercised a similar rights offering on GUT a few months ago.
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