European -Investing in ETF question

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European -Investing in ETF question

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Hi there

I am a young European just joined the work force- Living working in Europe and therefore earning in Euros. What is the best ETFs for me to invest in.
I want to to avoid currency conversion losses and any US tax implications what so ever. What are my safest bets. I have an account with IBKR. What is the best way forward what should I buy? thanks in advance for all your help.
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Re: European -Investing in ETF question

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you need to provide some more information in order to get decent responses, what country are you tax resident in for starters, there is no country called EU or Europe.
You should start by reading the non-US Bogleheads Wiki: ... _domiciles
There is simple format for demonstrating your circumstances so as to allow people to respond: ... ing_advice
Yah shure. | Have a look at the Bogleheads Wiki in the first instance.
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