How much do you spend on a hotel per night on a family vacation?

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Re: How much do you spend on a hotel per night on a family vacation?

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Before we had a kid, my wife and I typically paid for hotels in the $100-200 per night range since we were out and exploring majority of the time. We also constantly ate out for our meals. After we had our son, everything changed. We tried staying at those same hotels but it felt cramped and needed more space. It was harder to eat out and explore without my son being cranky being out all day.Now we prefer to just stay in and enjoy the amenities of the resort/hotel so he can play and swim. We prefer having full kitchens so we can cook our meals instead of eating out. Our price range now is about $300-500 per night and typically stay at villas in resort/spa type of places so we don't need to leave. We've gone on a 5 day cruise before the pandemic and we loved it since they typically have free daycare so me and the wife can do whatever we want for several hours per day. We don't plan on doing any international travel for a while to keep things easy and simple.
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Re: How much do you spend on a hotel per night on a family vacation?

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Petrocelli wrote: Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:50 am
Da5id wrote: Tue Jun 08, 2021 8:35 pm
As I read through this thread which ranges from hostels and motel 6 to the above and higher, I wonder what OP gets out of it?
I actually find it interesting to see how people spend their money. I usually find that you get what you pay for when it comes to hotels.
I guess. I'm more concerned that OP will get the idea that people making $X/year should stay in hotels costing $Y and keep up with the Jones or such. Use the price most people say they pay as an anchor (which is normal behavior) and let it influence them rather than just judging what makes best sense for their family.

I'm not sure you get what you pay for if you itemize things, in that I'd not probably pay for what individual hotel upgraded features are if they were a la carte. I do enjoy nice hotels, we've stayed in some nice Grand Hyatts (Kauai and Playa Del Carmen) mostly using points. I don't worry about money these days, but still wouldn't routinely stay in hotels that luxurious if paying full rate however. But then I wouldn't generally let the fact that others in my circumstances would or wouldn't stay in such hotels influence my choices either.
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Re: How much do you spend on a hotel per night on a family vacation?

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I believe there is a diminishing marginal utility (unless the hotel is part of said vacation i.e. a resort). I would rather have two cheaper rooms and/or a suite while spending more time outside of the hotel.

Learning hotwire and priceline gets me 4-star down to 2.5-star hotels; $50-$100 offpeak; $100-$200 peak. They come with "free breakfast" which ranges from elaborate buffets to a self-service continental breakfast. I prefer the latter so you know what you are eating and its almost always healthier.

Things that have changed? I refuse to stay at a motel.
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Re: How much do you spend on a hotel per night on a family vacation?

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For 16 and 2 dogs....mountains...$1000 per night in a rental
For 16 and 2 dogs....beach....$800 per night in a rental
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Re: How much do you spend on a hotel per night on a family vacation?

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carolinaman wrote: Mon Jun 07, 2021 7:05 am
RickBoglehead wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 9:20 pm Hampton is $90 - 130.
Homewood Suites a hair higher.
Embassy Suites for breakfast and reception pre Covid.
+1. Hampton Inns are consistently good and we rarely have any issues. Homewood is great for the extra room and we also like the Hilton Garden Inn. Non Hilton hotels we also like are Holiday inn Express and Courtyard.

My wife likes to splurge occasionally when we stay at a resort. The Sanctuary Hotel at Kiawah Island is fantastic. No hotel is worth $500 a night for me but the Sanctuary comes closest.
Hampton is our usual, but recently it's not $90-130. We're on a long road trip now. The lowest Hampton so far is set for Cedar Rapids IA, $142 all in. Currently at Hampton Moab UT, $321/night. I'm paying for the current stay mainly with Hilton points but that doesn't really make the price lower; if (as in the old days) it was really $90-$130, those points would go a lot farther. Part of this seems to be the surge post COVID, and also we've typically road tripped in recent years in May or Sept, ie pre/post summer season. Also it's obviously lower in places with no popular tourist attraction: Moab has a couple of popular NP's nearby so they can charge a relative arm/leg in the high season at mid range hotel chains (though this is a very nice Hampton, to be fair), in Cedar Rapids not as much.

Overall average for the trip, mainly Hamptons but also a Tru by Hilton, a couple of Comfort Inns, a Best Western, a Hyatt Place, a Holiday Inn Express, will be ~$185/night. Again, I'm not reducing that by points (Hilton/Hyatt) I'm using in some cases, that's the cash price.

We have paid much more for nice hotels in big cities US or foreign. But also if you target a particular city far in advance, it's more feasible I've found to get pretty big discounts, eg. hotels you *could* pay $500 for can come out considerably less. With domestic road trips it's a lot of different places, so a lot of moving parts, and I hesitate to lock in a complicated itinerary far in advance.
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